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just like how inspirits are able to give you strength, you’re able to give us so much more.

happy birthday, lee howon ♡

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What if Saruhiko secretly had a pet snake, and one day one of the alphabet boys notice a little head peeking out of his collar, and it turns out Saruhiko walks around with a white corn snake wrapped around his arm. Cue the boys wanting to pet it and Saruhiko being all protective of his precious snake friend. What if Misaki knew?

I forgot I had this ask when I answered the one with the vet!AU a couple weeks back, Fushimi had a precious baby snake there too XD Maybe he rescues this one from an owner who’s a Strain, Fushimi has no real intention of keeping the snake but like all animals it is instantly attracted to him. Fushimi’s initially just trying to get it to go back in its cage so he can hand it over to animal control or whatever but instead the snake slips inside his sleeve and wraps itself around his wrist all warm and cuddly. Fushimi glares and starts to pull it off when the snake looks up at him with the saddest little snakey eyes ever and Fushimi just sighs and figures well, as long as it’s not bugging him he can just transport the snake back to headquarters this way and then find some way to get it to another owner. Instead he finds himself taking care of the snake, telling himself that of course he’s not going to keep it, he doesn’t want a pet and it’s not like he can take care of one anyway. Say this is post-ROK and Fushimi’s been slowly working through his issues and that’s part of what ends up getting him to accept that he’s keeping the snake, like here’s another step towards recovery – trying to take care of something else, holding something precious and getting himself to believe that he’s not going to fuck up and kill it. Fushimi ends up doing all this online research about snakes and soon he’s set up his dorm as the perfect snake paradise, his snake has a nice cage and a heat lamp and everything though its very favorite place to curl up is around Fushimi’s wrist. Fushimi ends up even removing the hidden knives from that wrist because he’s afraid of hurting his snake, he finds it oddly soothing to have the snake there with him at all times, being so totally content and trusting with him.

Fushimi doesn’t tell anyone about his snake except maybe Munakata, since he figures he’ll need permission to keep a pet on Scepter 4 grounds and he doesn’t want to get attached to something only to have to give it away. Munakata doesn’t mind at all of course, in fact he’s very pleased and a little charmed by the fact that Fushimi-kun has found something to love. Fushimi grimaces and claims that he doesn’t love the snake he just doesn’t want to be bothered finding a home for it but of course Munakata can see that Fushimi totally loves his new snake friend. Even Munakata doesn’t know that the snake spends all its time around Fushimi’s wrist, he kinda suspects (since Fushimi noticeably doesn’t use the knives in his left sleeve anymore) but he doesn’t say anything, only smiles cryptically every time he sees Fushimi reaching a hand inside his left sleeve and patting something inside. The alphabet boys find out one day when Fushimi’s berating Doumyouji about an unfinished report and suddenly this tiny head pokes its way out of his sleeve. Doumyouji flails for a moment thinking that Fushimi-san is so scary he can summon snakes and Fushimi facepalms and mumbles that it’s his…pet. The other alphabet boys are like wait you have a pet and soon everyone’s crowded around wanting to look at the snake. Fushimi finds himself being very protective of his snake, he glares at everyone and tells them to stop crowding, it’s just a snake, but of course he’s really just worried that all this fuss will upset his snake. The others think it’s really cute, like Hidaka and Akiyama exchange this smile because they both realize what this behavior means for Fushimi’s general recovery more than anything and they’re both really happy that Fushimi’s found something to protect and care about for no reason other than because he wants to.

Yata would probably think it’s awesome, like Fushimi meets him for drinks one evening and as they’re hanging out at a bar together Yata suddenly spots something small and white sliding out of Fushimi’s sleeve. For a moment Yata thinks someone slipped a poisonous snake in and dives forward, thinking Fushimi’s about to get bitten by this random snake someone released inside the bar, and Fushimi immediately intercepts Yata in order to save his snake. Yata’s all confused until Fushimi finally kinda looks away with a slightly red face as he mutters at Yata to stop causing a scene, it’s just his pet. Yata’s confused for a moment and then he just gets this big smile because aw Saruhiko has a pet. I think he’d be really happy for the same reason as the alphabet squad, Fushimi reaching a point where he wants to care for something all on his own is big step (especially if this is a scenario where Fushimi actually reached the point that he was able to explain the anthill incident to Yata and now Yata knows exactly what a big deal it is for Fushimi to willingly get a pet for himself). I think Yata would find the snake kinda cool and especially the way Fushimi carries it on his wrist all the time, Yata’s probably trying to convince the snake to wrap around his wrist and is a little disappointed when it just curls all comfortably inside Fushimi’s sleeve and stays there.

In lieu of Park Jinyoung possibly deleting his Instagram account, I have taken it upon myself to save all of his videos and pictures from Instagram and store it in a google drive folder shareable to all. I will be updating the folder if he continues updating his Instagram. Anyways, enjoy while it lasts:

PEPI_JY_’s Instagram Videos + Pictures

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"have you ever met someone whose smile looks like it could make flowers grow?" kakashi has. it's you, tenzo🌸. please stop smiling🌼 there are flowers 🌺growi🌺ng in my hair🌷 now, there are flower🌻s growing up the w🌻ind🌻ows tenz🌹o plea🌸se i am b🌷🌺🌻🌷eggi🌻🌷ng yo🌸u🌺


     he’s still fourteen, he thinks, when he gets curious and decides to creep into one of the older boys’ stashes of alcohol. it tastes bad, and at first he doesn’t see the appeal, but without any supervision there is no one to stop his experimentation. he keeps drinking, a lot and quickly, thinking he doesn’t feel the effects. and then, well he stands up, the world spins horrendously, and he giggles

     it seems to take a tremendous amount of effort to make his way to kakashi’s room, but he suddenly has to tell the older boy how much fun he’s having rightnowimmediately, so he remains unbothered by the herculean undertaking of keeping from knocking himself out on a wall. when the door is answered, he reaches up and cups kakashi’s cheeks in his tiny hands, forgetting the unofficial ‘no touching’ rule settled between them in his inebriation. he giggles again, and suddenly the entire room is alive with plant life, twirling vines and blooming flowers. he’s never seen kakashi jump so high, which in turn makes him laugh more, which makes the plants writhe with their own brand of botanical joy. 

           s-sorry,     he gasps through his laughter, in a tone that implies he isn’t sorry at all.      i don’t want to tell them to stop. ’     there are tears on his face from all the snickering he’s doing, and isn’t that a novelty.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: Before the new Beauty and the Beast movie started, there was a movie trailer that started with what looked like a kid in the dark playing with little Cogsworth and Lumiere toys and was pretending that they were fighting but when the figures got close it looked like they were going to kiss but then the lights came on and it turned out that the whole thing was an ad for The Boss Baby and that the Boss Baby was the one playing with the toys like I appreciate Alec Baldwin almost making my ship happen but why the heck would I want to see this movie like what kind of a movie title is The Boss Baby anyways like wtf

And you managed to do what everyone wants: to get a role on Skam! How did that happen?
That’s because Henrik, who plays Even, is my buddy!  We played in the Revue three years ago, and he tipped them about me and then they called me, so … !