anyways as you can see here i made a thing

Pennywise Headcanons

Ok I’ve never made a headcanon list but this got so long in my brain u had to get it out??
Anyways, here’s the menstruation HC’s I was talking about earlier @pennywise-can-dick-me-down :

- First time he’s around you when you’re on your period is when your first waking up and it’s a “surprise bitch!” period and he’s freaking out bc there’s blood all over the bed and he wasn’t there to see it happen?? Also where is it coming from?? What???

- You explaining the whole thing about menstruation to him and he’s sitting there kind of lost but oddly intrigued with this dumb expression on his face and a little bit of drool coming out of his mouth bc what?

- First time period sex he’s nearly crying bc he’s been putting off eating in front of you but this is like the Freshest Most Nutritious Blood™?? He’s questioning if he should even eat anything else tbh??

- the C h u n k s are like c a n d y to him

- He’s totally in awe at how sensitive you are?? He’s like “I’ve barely touched you and you’re flushed and sweating and bleeding excuse???” ((I know I’m super sensitive when I’m on my period))

- He definitely spreads it all over in more of a state of curiosity that morbidity (but also it’s blood and this is Pennywise so)

- Since he can def change around his genitalia etc. he decides to try it out and realizes his Big and Painful Mistake

- You tell him what a menstrual cup is and offer to save all the blood and whatnot in a jar for him for later (SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS)

- Him bringing you your fav foods etc. bc life sucks when you’re bleeding constantly

- Him also bringing you supplies if you need em (I use a cup so idk what he’d get then??)

- Literally ALL THE B L O O D Y P E R I O D S E X

lol that’s all for now hope y'all like my sin.

Kevin, “Trans with Privilege”.

“I am a doctoral fellow here at UNT, teaching in the art education program. I’m a 45-year-old man of trans experience. I used to be the director of Denton Transendence, which is a support group for trans people, family, friends, and allies, so it takes a hollistic approach to trans support.”

Could you tell me about your experience?

“Well, my book title is Trans with Privilege, and it’s one of those things I was thinking about the other day, that there’s this sort of narrative that goes around about being trans as if it’s this homogeneous experience without taking into consideration intersectionality and how privilege can happen within the trans community. I have to take into account the great privilege I have now walking through life as a heterosexual white man who’s highly educated, as opposed to friends I have who transitioned in different ways to where it actually deprivileges them. One of the young adults in my family is a trans woman, and so I have to think about even within my own family, both of our positions have shifted, with me being read as male, and my niece going from male to female. With similar family, neither of us are treated well, but even within that, they’ll be more cautious about how they disrespect me, as opposed to how they disrespect her.

Lately I’ve been reminded of this story where in 1993 my motorcycle broke down on the highway off I-35 & Rosedale in Fort Worth in the middle of the night. I had to try and find a payphone to call some friends to help me out. Walking around at that time & place, alone in the dark, as a fairly small person, being read as female, it wasn’t the safest place. When I found a payphone, I realized I had no money. I saw person coming from around the corner of an abandoned building. It was this very tall women in tall heels and a green dress, in the middle of the night, on Rosedale. Sure enough it was a sex worker, but also a trans woman of color. At the time I thought ‘I don’t want this person near me.’ I had a lot of assumptions. They asked me if I needed help, and even though I insisted I didn’t, she knew I was scared, and she even knew I was scared of her. She pulled some money out of her purse, and I was able to call my friends. I told her I was fine and she could leave, but she knew things about the area I didn’t, and wanted to make sure I was safe while I waited. When my friends pull up, I went to talk to them, and when I turn around, she was already gone. I think she was worried, knowing if I’m afraid of her, who knows what my friends are like, and there’s more of us and there’s just her. It’s interesting to think when we look at trans people, I have what’s called 'passing privilege’. Most people have no idea that I’m trans without me telling them. There are so many people who may or may not have passing privilege, which can make things dangerous, especially when sex workers are already targets for violence anyway, and the highest rates of violence are against trans women of color. We often hear about trans people as victims, and here was this woman who stepped up. Didn’t know me and made sure that I was safe.”

What were some changes in privilege you noticed before & after your transition?

“Oh wow, let’s see! I’ve been a professor for several years, and when I started to transition, I did a little experiment. I was getting emails that were really hostile over little things, and they always start with Ms, Mrs, my first name, or just Hey. They would be really demanding emails, saying 'You need to do this…’. Whatever I wrote back, no matter how professionally written, I would be perceived as a bitch. I changed my name on Blackboard, and started replying to emails as Mr. Jenkins. After about a week, even within the same semester and same group of students, about 80% of the emails changed completely in tone, saying 'Mr. Jenkins, if you get a chance…’

On the other hand, around the same time, I took a night class at TWU. I was walking along the sidewalk after class, a million things going through my head, not thinking of my surroundings, except noticing a girl walking a bit in front of me. I was only 8 months into my transition, and after 42 years of thinking I need to bundle up next to somebody at night for safety, I wasn’t thinking about how there was no one around us and I’m walking in pace right behind her. I notice her keep looking around. I thought 'I wonder why she keeps looking over her shoulder like that?’ and it suddenly hit me 'Oh my god, it’s me! I’m like the creepy guy walking too close!’ So I stopped to tie my shoes and let her go on. Those are things I had to stop being aware of. Not that I would do anything, but that’s the perception, that I could be that guy who might do something.”


so i’ve read everyone’s messages and it means a lot to me that anyone cares about my life or what’s going on. i just want to say thank you to everyone for all the love and support.

having said that i don’t really feel like i belong in this community anymore idk. nothing about it really makes me feel happy and i was mostly hanging on to his blog because of my characters and the little friends i had left. i haven’t had any real inspiration to do anything for a long time and i’m sure anyone that’s been following me for this long has picked up on that. nowadays i just post for the sake of keeping my blog active and staying in the loop. also i feel like i almost let this blog take over and control my life because for a long time it became my only priority which is pretty sad if you think about. i just want to get back into having a normal life apart from this and finding new hobbies that i can enjoy. they say every 5-7 years you become a new person with new interests and outlooks on life so maybe it’s time i practice that.

anyways. i’m not going to delete my blog because there’s way too many memories for me to just abandon it like that but i will most likely be taking an indefinite hiatus. i don’t know when i’ll be back or if i’ll even care to come back but maybe in a few months when i can get past some things i’ll feel a little better.

if anyone wants to keep in touch i’ll be on my personal blog @est09 and that’ll be the best place to reach me because i won’t be signing into this anymore.

anyways, thanks again for all the love, notes, questions and comments throughout my time here. it’s really made the experience memorable ✌🏽

Hello, my name is Alex, and I have sensory processing disorder. Here is a link to a post I made about what that is. Anyways, I have a headcanon, that Tony Stark has sensory processing disorder, which can cause people to become overwhelmed with visual stimuli (See above), as well as sound, touch, smell, and probably taste. He finds the moving ornament (visual stimuli) too distracting to properly hold a conversation. 

External image

Now there’s a seemingly, kind of obvious rebuttal for this headcanon. The loud music Tony listens to in the lab. However, loud music can drown out repetitive noises made by hammering, and other things, and keep you from hyperfocusing on small sounds in the area.  I listen to loud music when trying to do homework because the squeaky noise pencils make on paper sometimes sets off my SPD.

This headcanon is obviously a big deal to me for personal reasons. It’s nice to see a character I can identify with. And Tony is not the only MCU character I view as having SPD.

When Tony asked Peter how he saw out of the goggles, Peter said that his heightened senses made it hard to focus and the limited vision provided by the goggles helped. A sentence that I have always related thoroughly to because of my SPD is “Sometimes I can’t do all of my senses at the same time they are too much much… I had to plug my ears to look at it, I had to close my eyes to listen.” (Andrea Gibson.) I feel like that’s what Peter is experiencing, and that the goggles help because they block out some of the stimuli. 

I wrote a fic a while ago, and posted it here, but I’ll link it Here again. 

I have some pretty strong feeling about these headcanons, they’re important to me. 

the avocado man

snippet of a short fic coming in the next few days!

“Liam!” Louis yells, bursting into the bathroom, laptop in hand. “Liam, we’ve got a problem.”

“Louis!” Liam screeches through the shower curtain. “I am in the shower.”

“Yes, I can see that. We’ve still got a problem.”

“You can’t just come in here like that. What if I was wanking?”

Louis rolls his eyes. “Good thing you’re not, then. Anyway, we need to talk about this Craigslist post you made.”

“What about it?” Liam turns off the water, and his hand shoots out to grab a towel from the hook on the wall.

“You do know what M4M is, right?”

“Yeah, it’s for guys looking for other guys. It’s a men’s jacket, so I figured—”

Louis wants to knock his head against the bathroom cabinet. Repeatedly. How is Liam real, honestly.

“Liam, honestly, sometimes I wonder how long and I have been best friends for so long. M4M is for sex! You posted in a sex forum about your missing jacket.”

“It is not for sex!”

“It is. Trust me.”

Liam tugs the curtain back, metal rings scraping against the shower rod, and he steps out with a pout on his face. Louis barely notices that he’s dressed in only a towel. Liam is quite fit, like, objectively, but never in his life has Louis thought about him sexually.

Well, maybe once when he was very lonely and wanted a good snog. But they were both drunk and nothing happened. It doesn’t count.

“Well, if it helps me find my jacket then I don’t really see why it matters. Besides, someone already texted me about it. This Styles guy’s coming over in a few hours to get it.”



“You invited the avocado man to come get his jacket at our flat after posting on a sex forum. Do you see where this is going?”

“I really don’t.”

“Someone is going to have to have sex with the avocado man!” Louis screeches, and Liam covers his ears.

I'm gonna write my own scenes from the pilot script since the writers didn't show up tonight
  • Clarke: Stop! The air could be toxic!
  • Bellamy: *WOW. SHE'S CUTE. SHIT. SHE'S REALLY CUTE! not cute enough to derail my plan of being the supreme dick of this ragtag bunch of losers but still....CuTe* If the air's toxic, we're dead anyway.
  • Clarke: Do you think we care who's in charge?
  • Bellamy: *You will when I get you into bed*
  • Finn: does some amateur parkour shit. calls Clarke princess. All around average douche.
  • Octavia: Let me go for a walk, that'll be the craziest thing I'll ever do.
  • Wells: Purest of all souls.
  • Murphy: Can't spell but wait till you see my character development.
  • Bellamy: I hope I don't run out of hair gel.
  • Clarke: actually wants to help these morons.
  • Jasper and Monty: What can we smoke down here?
BTS reaction to their S/O being discouraged after a hick-up in their idol career

requested by anon 


Jin would be very understanding of your situation. I think he would support you no matter what you decide to do, but he would also encourage you to fight for your dreams.

“I know life isn’t always fair. But it will never be. No matter if you decide to leave or not. So I think you might as well fight for what you love.”

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Yoongi would be very adamant to keep you from quitting.

“You have been given such a big chance. And you should make the best of it, for yourself and everyone else. There are hundreds of people who would give anything to switch places with you. So please think about it before you do anything rash.”

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Namjoon wouldn’t be ashamed to bring up his own past to help you.

“There have been times were we couldn’t eat properly. All of us have been through a lot. But it’s always darkest before the dawn. So don’t just walk away. Just remember that we’ll always be by your side.”

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Hobi would be very surprised to hear you talking about giving up. 

“But this is what you’ve always wanted. And now you are discouraged by what some unimportant people have to say? This is your life, ok? And you have to live it for yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do.”

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Jimin would support you no matter what, but he would want you to be absolutely and 100% sure before you make a decision.

“If you want to quit that is entirely your decision. There is no use in forcing yourself to do something that is painful for you. But remember that you are eliminating all chances of it getting better by just quitting. You will never know what could have been if you just leave.”

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Quitting wouldn’t be an option for Tae. Instead on dwelling on the past he would encourage you to continue living your life with a lot of pride and to focus on the bright side of things.

“I know that you are stronger than this. And we can’t change the past anyway. So let’s focus on making the future a brighter one. I know that we can do it together!”

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Even though he is the youngest, Kookie would be surprisingly mature about your problem.

“All of us had to give up important things to be here. But we all made the decision that it would be worth it. And we all did it for different reasons. You’ll have to see if your reason is enough to keep you going.”

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-Admin Krümmel

Valentine's day starters! (SFW)

“Hey I got you some chocolate.”
“Where’d you like to go to dinner tonight?”
“No gifts. I mean it this time.”
“You know I’m going to get you a gift anyway.”
“Let’s just stay in tonight.”
“What’s your favorite movie?”
“Candies and dinner. Got it.”
“Here, put this on. Dinner’s at eight.”
“Let’s just roll around in the snow instead.”
“My friend wants to double date. On Valentine’s day.“ “I made breakfast. That we can eat in bed. Hell yeah.” “It was the last box of chocolates.” “I know we’re friends but I need to look like I’m with someone… You in?” “I got reservations at the _________.” “What movie do you want to see?” “I got all of your favorite things.”

#wearethecrankycrew: Community Meetup Event!

Hey everyone, guess what? The crankgameplays community meetup is officially underway!!! :D

And before I get out the info out I just want to say that not only without Ethan this wouldn’t be happening, but all the support you guys brought out to help me with this is so amazing. Thank you all so much!

Alright so I don’t have the biggest plan for this for today but let’s make the most of it while we are all here :)

This is a celebration for not only Ethan closely reaching 300k subscribers (even though it’s most likely happening next week haha whoops..)

But it’s just an all around celebration for this awesome community over here on tumblr! This is going on from Friday through Sunday like I said in my last few posts. I got different things planned for everyone to join in so hope you guys enjoy that!

[[I could go on with this but I got limited time right now unfortunately to actually be here. I’m not disappearing but there’s a chance I will not be available for the next hour or two ;-; I might have to ask for admins to check out the tag so nobody is missed btw.]]

Anyways let’s do this!

So, first thing today is post a picture of yourself or make a post with fan art you have made or any edits that you would like to use to introduce yourself!
Remember to use the tag #wearethecrankycrew so I (and any admins) can see it!

Add your name, when you joined the community, how long you have been watching Ethan, etc. And make this post your own!!

Hope that’s enough to do for the rest of the day, and feel free to tag me in the post as well!

Thank you for reading an boosting this, let’s have some fun. <3

I’ve been thinking about the clip today and the little smile™ yousef and sana exchanged but looking deeper into that bc you know you can’t just watch the clip once pshijkldls

Anyway… as you can see in the photo above this was when sana had just asked what was going on and made herself visible to the group. And there’s yousef (who she’d been more than likely looking directly at) who turns singularly, when all his friends are talking around him, and he just turns to look at sana and smile at her. I may be slightly sidetracking here but it slightly reminded me of the Evak thing they’d greet each other and then they’d greet each other again privately and I feel like the smile yousef and sana exchanged was kind of a private greeting, as the rest of the squad had acknowledged her presence and moved on but yousef had to smile at her, he had to give her a second greeting.

Main Reason I'm Team Sucy

Hi it’s me. I love Sucy x Akko.

So the main reason is episode eight (if that’s the wrong number I mean the one where Akko goes into Sucy’s mind and they just yah you know??). Because that whole episode just gave us so much potential. which was sadly never followed up on but like if diakko ain’t canon idk what is

Anyway we’re here to talk about my otp not Diakko. Basically we’ll start at the cinema. You know when Akko goes to the cinema with the other Sucys and they’re playing back memories?? Yeah so we see Sucy playing tricks on Akko and in general, it’s kinda funny.

Akko is at first a little miffed but starts to laugh. Note how most of these memories include Akko.

Then we get to the big part. Akko’s confused and asks one of the Sucys what’s going on. And that Sucy acts happy and is like “Oh it’s always playing, I love it” ( or close enough to). So basically, the memory of Sucy meeting Akko is always playing. She just keep remembering it.

And can we appreciate how the style of the tv thing changes to be so much nicer, obviously how Sucy sees it. And all these parts of Sucy just sit watching it play and they all love it. You know what I’m getting at?? I mean like, this is the girl that tried to sacrifice them to get a chicken feather. If this ain’t something idk what is

And then we get to the kiss part. (can we appreciate that Sucy was in room 666 tho? I mean I haven’t seen much on that and it’s honestly the best ).

So the kiss. I mean like I understand Akko was under pressure but even she could have though to idk maybe pour the potions in Sucy’s mouth?? Because that’s the logical thing?? But no. She was like no I’m gonna kiss her. Which take anyway you want but yeah. You see.

Also, the dragon creature. It actually stopped and started like fangirling because Akko was going to kiss Sucy. Hahaha so funny, it’s us fans idk. But really if you look into it, I do think it implies Sukko.

Because no one can deny that that dragon wanted Akko to kiss Sucy. And this dragon is made up of parts of Sucy . So basically it’s parts of Sucy wanting Akko to kiss her.

Also (here comes the sadder part), this creature was made out of the Sucys that were going to be killed. Sucy was killing these parts of her off to survive but Akko saved them.

So basically this was Sucy killing off the parts of herself that want her to kiss Akko, to survive. And that just gives me feels.

Also the kind!Sucy was a part of this. Sucy was killing off the part of her that was kind. Why? She’s not a horrible person, she really cared about Akko and Lotte. So why?

Because this part of her, the nice part, was getting feelings for Akko. And she was getting rid of it.

The court scene shows that it wasn’t even up for debate. Kind!Sucy must die because Sucy needs to survive. Funny? Was it really? Or did it have a deeper meaning? Hmm….. (also Akko being protective over the kind side of Sucy, just fuck me up down and sideways)

Also I like to think these feelings remained because we never saw if the dragon died. Or what happened to those parts of Sucy. So for all we know they survived and so did these feelings.

Well that was my thoughts ^-^ Team Sucy ftw

Captain Swan Pillow Talk 3 - Home

Killian Jones Appreciation Meme ~ Day 6 ~ Favorite Location

Written in my CS Pillow Talk universe, Killian and Emma discuss their favorite place they’ve been together.  Again, written very last minute, in a very short period of time, and totally unbeta’d. 

ao3     ffnet


“This is my favorite place, of all the places we’ve ever been together,” Killian told her. He was on his back, left arm behind his head, right arm around her.

“What do you mean? Places we’ve been together, or places we’ve…  been together?” Emma asked coyly. She was gathered in his arm, where he held her tightly against him. Resting atop the sheets in bed, legs intertwined they were enjoying the afterglow of an evening alone.

He chuckled at her cheekiness. “Every place we’ve… been together is my favorite darling.” He kissed her temple. But in all seriousness Swan, of every location we’ve been to, right here in our home is my very favorite.”

“I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about it. I love being with you no matter where we are. It’s not as though we’ve really vacationed or honeymooned, so there really aren’t a ton of options.”

“On the contrary, shall we start from the top?” he asked smugly, as though he’d already proven her wrong.

“Ok, enlighten me,” she grinned at him as she carded her finger through the hair on his chest.

“Well, we met in the Enchanted Forest, we climbed a beanstalk, we ended up back here in Storybrooke. That is three so far. We travelled to Neverland, I came to New York to find you, that’s five. We’ve journeyed aboard the Jolly several times, then we were written into Isaac’s version of reality, and let’s not forget Camelot, that’s eight. Then of course you rescued me from the Underworld. If we count my old place at Granny’s and the different places we landed in time and place of the Enchanted Forest we’ve almost reached a dozen, love.”

“We would’ve reached a dozen if I’d been invited travel on the Atlantis with you, or Agrabah, or even the land of untold stories. I guess you just enjoy adventuring without me sometimes,” she joked.

“You wound me Swan, will you not let a man be more than his mistakes?”

“Oh quit being so dramatic, you know I’m joking with you.” She leaned over and kissed him as a reassurance.

Killian kissed her lovingly, knowing she’d fully forgiven him, but still feeling the need to atone. He pulled her fully on top of him, and encircled her body with both arms. “Aye, I know. So where is your favorite, love?”

“Before I tell you, I want to know why here in our home is your favorite.”

“Aside from the obvious reasons-”

“I want them all-,” she interrupted.

“Demanding this evening, Mrs. Jones. Alright then, obviously it is where you, Henry, and I call home. It is where our family was born, and will hopefully continue to flourish. It’s the first place my heart has felt contented in over a century.”

She stopped him there, interrupting to kiss him again. “This is my favorite place too, for similar reasons, and one more.”

“And what’s that?”

“It is the first place that has ever felt like an actual home. I lived in orphanages, group shelters, and houses growing up, home was a myth. Then I met Henry, then you, and you both became my home. Once you picked this house for us, this became the first place I willingly shared with loved ones. We made this home, you, me and Henry.”

Killian flipped her to her back, “Emma,” he whispered, running a hand through her golden hair, sweeping it away from her face so he could admire her beauty. “I love you.”

“I love you, Killian,” she pecked his lips, “sorry I interrupted you. She grinned sheepishly at him, “You know me, if I don’t blurt it out I end up saying it wrong or not at all.”

Killian chuckled at his wife. He didn’t mind at all, especially when it came to these private discussions they shared in bed. It’s where some of their most important conversations took place. “No apologies,” he murmured pulling her mouth to his.

Emma broke away panting a little as they’d started to get a little heated, “Wait, you still have to tell me your other reason.”

“My last reason isn’t as happy as the rest,” he said, searching her eyes to gauge if it was okay for him to continue.

“Tell me anyways, I want to know,” she assured him. Her eyes were bright as she waited for him to speak.

“You have seen me at my very worst here, Emma. I made several bad choices here in this home that affected you, and you still chose to see the best in me. You loved me through the darkness, through mistakes from my past, and through some old habits of self destructive behavior. All of that happened here, and that is why my favorite place you and I have ever been together, is our home.”

“Killian,” she whispered, “the same thing can be said for me. I haven’t made the greatest decisions either, and you’ve always chosen me.”

They rested their foreheads together, letting the unspoken love and apologies flow between them. The time for talking was over as they physically showed each other everything they felt in light of this newest discussion.

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I just have to say this. I was considering suicide tonight and saw ur vague au comic. I thought itd, like, push me over the edge or something but i read it anyway bc yay suicidal tendencies.But it actually helped me? seeing Alex thinking the same things im thinking.. it made me scared, like don't do it! And it got me thinking if someone saw me like i am rn, theyd be thinking what im thinking about Alex. They wouldn't want me to do it. That doesn't rly make sense. But i just wanted to say thanks.

oh my gosh..Can I say that I literally cried as I read this. 1st off I want to hug you so tight right now, and I’m glad that you didn’t do it and came here and sent me an makes me feel honored that because of the comic you are still here. i don’t know if I’m making sense either but I just can’t comprehend how happy I am that you didn’t continue and is still here..i really wanna hug you

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Hi, how would drift, crosshairs, bee, and optimus react to having a chubby s/o that surpisingly likes to work out and doesn't eat a lot (I got the crap end of genetics so losing weight is harder for me, but I don't like to stop though)

(Combining the two, I think it’s the same anon anyway. I think I literally just did this here, kinda???)


  • Drift really likes to praise is s/o, so if your chubs and feeling down about it, he’ll always say ‘you look nice today, small one!” or something cute that that.
  • Anyway, with the whole workout thing, they’ve probably found some equipment or made some makeshift stuff for you to use.
  • He sees you doing it, and thinks maybe it could help him??? how do you feel when working out?
  • he might start joining you, not just to see if it can help him control his anger, but he does enjoy spending time with you in general, so that’s just a bonus.


  • He will tease you about your weight.
  • but, if it does bother you, he might feel bad and apologize.
  • Anyway, he doesn't actually care if you’re not some hot human chick.
  • If you’re into going out to actually do stuff with him, that’s his shit. 
  • He doesn't like being stationary, so an s/o who’s up for something that involves moving and taking a few risks would be someone he’d genuinely consider dating.


  • *poke*
  • Bee, I swear to god.
  • … 
  • *poke*
  • Bee, I Swear-
  • You ever just see those satisfying videos on youtube??? some of them have like,,, slime or something???
  • it’s like holding a tity, you’re just so smol and round like.
  • it’s kinda really cute.
  • He likes to watch you when you workout, he thinks it’s hot.
  • he’ll join you when he can.


  • Again, he doesn't care if your skinny or chubby, you’re still human.
  • go check the link above.
  • the goods lie there.

My head hurts a bit since.. a few days ago? so I’ve been postponing writing replies to asks and messages in general. I’m sorry ;v; If you sent me something and I didn’t reply yet it’s not about you, it’s about me. I would like to reply back when I feel more energetic/capable of writing the best I could, when my head’s heavy I can’t do that so well and I feel I can’t do justice for the msgs right now haha;;// Sorry I’m like this and thank you for your patience!

Meanwhile, it’s been a few days since my submission for the countdown got published on the DRV3 countdown blog so I guess I’ll be sharing some progress shots! Thank you so much for letting me participate, there are really good works I’ve seen in that project and I got a lot of insp? also rly looking forward to the works that’s yet been revealed because I see some familiar usernames and I’m sure their works would be so cool!! ‘v’)bbb check out that blog if you haven’t yet, I’m sure it’d be worth looking!

and also tysm for the lovely tags on this drawing earlier..!/// I read them and it made me really happy. I’m sure anyone would be from seeing such sweet comments, they give me life!! Ahh I look forward to the days when I get better and make something even more pleasant to share in the future!

hey, so i realized a lot of people liked the neko atsume bgc cats!! so i made a freelancer version. ((tex is sleeping through the drama lol))

thank you so much for all the nice things that were said in the tags, they really brightened my day up… so thank you very very much my friends.

anyways, if you have not seen my bgc cat drawing, it can be found here

thank u for your lovely words,,,, if you want to see more pls ask

Alright guys, another vent art. Yeah, I know. I really don’t want to bring like, personal problems on here cuz everyone came here to have a good time! So I won’t go into the details other than the fact it’s family problems. There are people who go through far worse so I won’t complain. I usually don’t remember what I’m upset about anyway if you give me like, half an hour.

 But here, have a John Laurens. I was actually trying to attempt a colour palette thing yesterday too with Laff but I couldn’t get over how weird everything looked in that colour. So this one is sorta to make up for how much I failed yesterday. As you can see, I got over the fact that I have to use unconventional colours and I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out. Though I also kinda unintentionally made Laurens into a turtle with the colour choice. =w= But yeah, I’ll get back to drawings requests soon!