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Today is... My Birthday! :D

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(soundtrack - though probably obvious. :P)

Another year lived! Another year ALIVE. These days I don’t think so much about aging; I think about surviving. It’s been quite a year for me (and maybe eventually I’ll go into detail, because I do think there’s value in sharing), but I’m in a much, much better place than I was on this exact day last year. Here’s to another year of moving forward. To living, to being alive. :)

hello yes @ emmerdale if u need any ideas i have some #soft things i need to see from aaron and robert on screen and i have put together a handy list for you

  • forehead kisses. theres no such thing as enough forehead kisses.
  • just like a lil hug from behind
  • i want a boob squish esque cuddle where robert just buries his face in aaron’s stomach/shoulder/idk what part of his body just have rob be all small and need a big ol hug thanks
  • did i mention forehead kisses
  • i’d have a heart attack if we saw them like randomly in the background of a scene walking through the village holding hands
  • f o r e h e a d k i s s e s
  • more cheek kisses those are cute as heck
  • like a nice sofa cuddle?? you feel me?? just them chilling on the soft having a cuddle
  • spooning. just a glimpse of spooning pls 

I contemplated on whether or not I wanted to do the tag. I don’t particularly have high self esteem or confidence in myself but y’all are like family to me.

The picture on the left is the most recent selfie I took btw lol long haired me is no more lmfao.
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I’ll tag whoever I can think of right off the top of my head. If you anyone wants to do this and I didn’t tag you, please tag me! Also, I know some of you guys already did the tag so I’ll leave out anyone who I remembered did the tag already.

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That’s right. This is Yongguk and Yongnam’s triplet brother, Bong.guk. Bongguk has been trapped in TS’s dungeon for the past 15 years and has just recently emerged as a free meme man. Rumors have it that he has the voice of a feral rabbit… If sighted, approach with caution‼️⚠️‼️🚫⚠️‼️🚫 Fellow Babyz, feel free to take/submit pictures of Bongguk so we can keep tabs on where he is and just what exactly he’s up to!!!!!!! 👁📸✌👁📸

Riverdale Photo Crackcap 112

Subtitled: In Which “Dude, Guess We Screwed the Pooch Framing Your Dad and Stuff. Can You FIFU? Not That We’ll Ever Apologize, Tho…”

Wake up dude, I wanna talk about my manpain from fucking you and your dad over!!! I mean it isn’t even my fault—-Ronnie said she’d blow me if I helped. IDK what you’re mad about, your dad’s a serpent so he must’ve murdered somebody, sometime and everyone knows poors are bad, subhumans anyway!

Yes, mom…I carried on like a sleazy, smarmy ho in front of the school, enraged Betty and Jughead and framed an innocent man because somehow that’s gonna keep YOU from going to prison. I mean, you heard how shitty we sounded, right? Gotta play to my strengths or people will know how much Douchie and I suck!

I am sooooo proud of you, my bby!!! Tomorrow’s lesson is “Ponzi Schemes for Dummies”. Gotta keep the cash rollin’ in until SoDale SoPale, with views of FP’s Prisoner 98745′s Historic Trailer is up and running!!!

Sooooo yeaaahhhhhh, Mommmmmm…..V and I totally framed Jug’s dad and now I need you to fix it AND cut my meat for me, since you’re in town. And don’t yell at me!!! Like I told this poor sitting next to me, I got a BJ outta it!!! My integrity and ethics for a blowie seems like a pretty rockin’ trade, no???

Your soul is as twisted as my plastic surgery….

YES, Betty….I might still love you AND be completely furious that you kept this from me. AND worried about my dad!

Sooooooo…..maybe a burger later at Pop’s???

Cause we all know ILY back (at this point probably more) and you didn’t tell me about the smarmy sleaze-storm that is our “best friends/disgusting assholes” V&A? And I kinda can’t go on without you?

So yeah, here I am with these two jackholes, one of whom framed my dad, one of whom is the son of the guy who probably DID the actual torture and murdering…..but I look hella good, amirite???? Is everyone enjoying looking at me/appreciating that I am seriously talented??? Yep. Knew it.

But they need to write in more scenes of me making out with my girlfriend. Cause those are the literal best. Enough angst RAS…

I don’t understand why you won’t just confess, Lackey Roscoe!!! We all know the Blossoms made you do it. I mean, look, my mom’s in her jammies, once again a fancee event was fucked….we both wanna go back to tapping our respective Jones men…but first you gotta confess so FP can be sprung and Juggie will speak to me again.

My mommy and I have needs, dammitt!!!

anyway like yes i loved the supercorp scene and like what really gets me is that kara just came there to listen to lena talk about how she was feeling and make sure she knew she wasnt alone and when lena admitted she was afraid of what she would turn out like, kara reassured her right away that she would be there for her and help her through whatever happens next i’m going to die

welp,  this was bound to  happen.  and explains why  my theme  and pages are  literal shambles  right now.  anyway,  yes,  an  ACTIVITY  NOTICE.  woo!  those are always  fun.  so I have  three papers  coming up  soon,  all three  hours long  and in the  span of three  weeks…  my university  really loves the  number  three,  huh?  anyways,  this means  my activity  will be  cut down  severely.  please  don’t expect  any  replies from  me for awhile  as I’d  be spending  majority of my night life  in the  library !


There was someone in my inbox talking about hair-down Kuroo and the first thing I thought was “it’s been a while since I’ve last made Bokuto feel gay over Kuroo’s hair hasn’t it”


At the end of everything, hold onto anything.

Night in the woods, the game


All I wanna be
Is somebody to you

Happy birthday @hchano! I tried to make a short lyric comic with kind of civilian Ladrien (AU?maybe?). I took shots of the video cause i dont know how to fashion ^^’ 

Also i noticed very late that in this video appeared Laura Marano…who sings the English dub of the Miraculous intro song hehe. So like…a funny coincidence there.

Hope you like it!