So this is something that occurs to me from time to time, and I was reminded of it by @polydactyl-orion‘s icon post earlier today.  It’s just a little thing, but I always found it kind of intriguing.

At the end of DD&MD, there’s that sequence where they’re all talking and Ford makes that frowny expression (downthread), and I remember seeing someone say he frowned when Mabel said “fun for ages 8 to 80, or a million, or however old you guys are”, and Ford realizes how old they seem to her.  But to be honest, I never thought that was it.  I think it’s the most unique frown we ever see on him (look, I have made somewhat of an obsessive study of all of Ford’s facial expressions, okay?), and I think it’s an interesting reaction to something else.

Mabel: “… Man, that WAS fun for ages 8 to 80…”

Mabel: “… or a million…”

Mabel: “… or however old you guys are.”

Even after Mabel is done saying that, Ford is still smiling at her.  It’s not until a moment later, when Stan gives one of his characteristic “hehhhhh” sighs before starting to speak, that Ford’s expression also changes:

This is where Stan starts to say “Y'know, I’m sorry for making fun of your game, kiddo” to Dipper.

The thing is, that this is not Ford’s standard “startled owl” expression, so even though there are some similarities (in the raised eyebrows and the start of the frown), it’s not the same sense of sudden surprise.  For comparison, some classic startled-owl looks from the ep before:

We don’t get to see Ford wear that expression above for very long; the camera shifts off him as soon as Stan kneels down to talk to Dipper, and we don’t see Ford’s expression again until after Stan is done.  For the record, here’s Stan’s whole speech to Dipper:

“Y'know, I’m sorry for making fun of your game, kiddo. Sure, it might be too nerdy for me, bust it’s just the right amount of nerdy for you and my brother. If you two wanna hang out sometimes, I won’t get in your way.”

I wish we could have also seen the way Ford’s expression shifts as he’s listening to that.  By the end, when Grenda is talking about watching the second showing of Ducktective, Ford is back to happy and smiling:

But let’s go back to this for a moment…

What always struck me about this expression is that it’s not a full frown, and it’s not really surprise.  Without looking afraid, to me, it looks sort of pinched, and apprehensive.  Since Stan sighing is what causes the expression, and since Ford is focused on him, I’ve always assumed that it was Ford remembering what happened just before Probabilator showing up – that he and Stan were arguing like kids, and here, Ford is worried about what Stan is going to say now that the danger is over. (Danger that Stan so pointedly said he did NOT want the kids exposed to because of Ford and the stuff he messes with.)  

What I also found interesting is that, if that’s what this is (a sort of “oh yeah, where were we… oh right” moment), this expression also is not anger.  We’ve seen in the past (just the last episode, ATOTS) that when Stan messes up or seems to be the cause of a problem, Ford does get angry at him.  Given Ford’s resentment towards Stan at this time, you might expect Ford to be angry at Stan for starting the argument, for grabbing the dice bag, and for throwing the dice, thus summoning Probabilator.  We can argue against each of those points  being Stan’s fault (or solely Stan’s fault), but my point is that at this stage you’d almost expect Ford to blow up at Stan for his carelessness, getting them into all this trouble, whether it’s fair or not.  Not to look apprehensive about what Stan is going to say.  It makes me wonder if Ford expected Stan to give him a verbal slap-down for interacting with the kids and putting Dipper in danger, and to renew his ban on the kids interacting with Ford at all.

As I said, though, I wish we could have seen Ford’s reaction to Stan’s speech to Dipper.  Because in it, Stan immediately apologizes to Dipper, and also reverses his earlier decision that the kids must stay away from Ford.  And from Ford’s point of view, how revelatory must that be?  We also saw in the past that Stan wasn’t usually quick to apologize for things; instead he had a tendency to bluff his way out of blame, or try to turn the subject around so whatever it was didn’t seem that bad. But here Stan is, being a model parental figure.  I always appreciated that not just for itself (he and Mabel really DID owe Dipper an apology for teasing him, because as many of us know, being teased about something you’re passionate about when you’re young can hurt deeply), but for the way it allowed Ford to see a side of Stan that perhaps he hadn’t gotten to see before, or hadn’t for a very long time.

So, um, anyway.  I love this episode, like, a lot.


SPN Challenge - Day 2: Fave Episode? [3/5]: 11.20 - Don’t Call Me Shurley

“Okay, yeah, please. All the kneeling and stuff, it’s always made me deeply, deeply uncomfortable. Just don’t use the G-word okay? Just-Just call me Chuck.

Why Reign Storm Is My Favorite Episode

I’ve gone on record saying this multiple times. Reign Storm is, in my opinion, the highest point of the entire Danny Phantom series, as well as my personal favorite episode. While this is hardly an unpopular opinion, I do still think it’s worth discussing why I feel this way. Why do I like it so much more than other great episodes and other double length specials?

A lot of my reasoning is about personal taste and experience, but there are a lot of things that I think the episode does well, and even better than any other episode in the series. So here we go.

Let’s start with a trip down memory lane.

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crazy ex-girlfriend rewatch >> 1.09 i’m going to the beach with josh and his friends!

though rebecca is obviously saving face and framing her story in the most socially acceptable way possible, this is the most honest she’s been with herself and the people of west covina – possibly ever. she doesn’t actually love josh. she’s in love with the idea of finding happiness with him.


100 EXO Questions: 9. Favorite EXO Showtime episode?
EP 07 - Chinese Members Exploring Seoul

When Sora Leaves the Group

Ever since I wrote an essay about Yamato leaving the group, I’ve wanted to do the same for Sora. Now that I know people who just rewatched episode 22, it’s the perfect time!

I remember that when I watched episode 22 three years ago, I felt very emotional about these children leaving each other. I asked myself, “What are these children really thinking?”, since we only see this chapter from Takeru and Tokomon’s perspectives.

This episode fascinates me but it also frustrates me, because I do think this episode is extremely important to Sora’s character development, but we don’t see her perspective. Instead, Sora’s actions are a mystery until episode 26, when we finally learn her backstory. But it is so important that Sora is the first person in the group to leave!

Contrast this with Yamato. We learn about Yamato’s difficult family situation as early as episode three. Later, during the Dark Masters arc, the writers show us many scenes of how Yamato is feeling before and after he leaves the group. We also see how the children react to specifically seeing Yamato leave the group. Therefore, the weight of Yamato leaving is heavier to the viewer than the weight of Sora leaving, even though I believe that these actions are equally important, and we all know that these two actions parallel each other.

So yes, let’s talk about Sora leaving the group!

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Umm! Can we talk about how stoked I am about the Starlight episode that came out today??

Okay so first of all, my body is ready for that sweet, sweet internal conflict between Aph and Aaron. Clearly Aph’s idea of who Aaron is has changed because of her perception of werewolves. And Aaron is taking offense! He doesn’t find it cute that she is stereotyping him; he’s annoyed! For the first time in their adult relationship, Aaron is annoyed by something Aph does! Huzzah! They have taken a really important step in becoming a realistically written couple! AND THEY AREN’T THE MAIN FOCUS OF THE EPISODE! They are a third of the episode! They give way to other plotlines that are also interesting! Characters that are also going through problems and revelations and changes! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Then we have drama with Katelyn and Travis! And it’s not comedic drama where Travis hits on Katelyn and Katelyn literally just hits Travis. We are getting realistic dialogue (though Travis’s monologue was a little over the top, but I will gladly forgive it because of the subject matter). We are also getting a softer Katelyn and I’m so excited about that! She’s so much more real now that she has a consistent softer side.

And YAS the Kawaii~Chan/Zane plotline! (I put a “/” instead of using their ship name because, while I really like that ship, I don’t want to assume that’s where Blue Jay is going with it.) I’m just so stoked that Zane has a close companion who is NOT Aphmau! It really allows other characters to shine and it doesn’t have to have literally everything centered on Aph all the time. We get to see more characters from the amazingly colorful and interesting cast!

And I love that the writing isn’t shying away from more serious topics as well. While we aren’t dealing with magic and evil and blahdy bloo, we are dealing with REAL stuff and I’m so stoked about it! (Don’t get me wrong, I love where MCD is going, but I’m really into the psychology of real world relationships.)

Anyway, I absolutely loved the episode from today and I’m really excited about this new direction Blue Jay is heading in! I’m really looking forward to seeing how these three plotlines progress!

flufy07  asked:

I've got this feeling that if Sam is serious about working with the bmol and this isn't just some kind of scheme... Sam told Mick to give him time to convince Dean... That just awfully reminds me of s4. Sam making a decision behind deans back and we as an audience know that in this instance Dean is the one who is right. Well at ledast this time he isn't alone he has cas and Crowley and Rowena probably too.

Anonymous said: So I really hope that Sam knows what he is doing and kind of wants to infiltrate the bmol because otherwise I’m getting some s4 vibes over here. Dean against tje rest of the world actually doing the right thing but no one listens to him. At least this time around he has cas and Crowley right?

^ I am so amused. You two should be friends.

Are we just getting season 4 vibes because that’s the biggest example of Sam working behind Dean’s back? In that case it was so absolutely wrong of Sam and he couldn’t SEE it because he was in a horrible descent arc where Ruby was corrupting him, mind and body, and feeding his powers. Season 4 was so awful for Sam as Sam I don’t really ever want to be light comparing Sam to it, because he REALLY learned.

I was thinking it’s more like season 10, where Sam goes behind Dean’s back to save him, but mostly because Dean’s given up as he thinks. He knows Dean could be argued around to it if he was just regular old Dean and thinking clearly about wanting to live, and makes the choice he thinks is best for his brother even if it means going behind his back. If he IS serious about this and has bought the sales pitch rather than doing it for infiltration/Mary protecting reasons as people are speculating, then he thinks the pitch about saving them from their own awful lives is a good one and Dean would like it too, while he ALWAYS knew it was wrong working with Ruby and from 4x01 he’s worried about telling Dean, lies about it, and withholds stuff for most of the season. 

With the BMoL if he’s serious, he said already that he thinks Dean can be persuaded to go along with it and that he’d want it - his sense of right and wrong told him the demon blood thing was too awful to share, but in this case Dean’s already seemingly grudgingly accepted MARY’S choice to work with them and it’s just whether Sam can convince him to JOIN the BMoL rather than go through another round of having accept his family is working for them but not join himself. Like, there’s already a line here that Mary crossed, and seems to have been forgiven. (Although it’s more that she lied to them, and Dean doesn’t know half the stuff Sam does after that episode and we don’t know if Dean would be told about the Colt between episodes or if that’s a reveal for him too - considering Sam cried over seeing the Colt again, you’d think we’d need at least half a weighty scene for Dean finding out…) 

It’s the smart choice instead of the heart choice thing, but applied in a way which is too removed from the emotional situation. Everyone’s pointed out for weeks how Sam should be most hurt by Mary’s choice because the BMoL tortured him, and so he’s far more the one who stood to be personally injured than Dean. Of course Sam compartmentalised all that in the fight and was the one to give Mary a chance first. And I think he may be misinterpreting Dean saying he doesn’t like Mary’s choice to thinking Dean’s made a choice with his head not his heart here and is going to be more reasonable. Dean always acts emotionally but he doesn’t want to fight with his family and he still thinks this is wrong and the season can’t really have Dean give in now Mary AND Sam are working with the bad guys because we need balance and a POV character NOT doing it so I suspect Dean will stick his ground and not join them or Cas is going to come back like

Originally posted by miss-malaphor

So yeah, Dean and Cas and probably Rowena and maybe Crowley if the whole Lucifer thing doesn’t get in the way, are gonna be the obvious resistance to the BMoL while Sam and Mary are going to be on the inside… 

But I don’t think Sam not being able to convince Dean will be like, the sort of split that season 4 caused, even if they’re now misunderstanding each other’s motives if Sam is genuinely set on joining the BMoL. Dean’s forgiven on a family level, the personal stuff, wit Mary, but it’s not like he’s warmed up to the idea of working with the BMoL, he’s just not actively disowning Mary for doing it. Sam tends to think things through from so far outside the box (where the box is his own feelings) he can logic his way through like, an entire obstacle course without thinking he’s taking any emotional damage, although I really don’t think this can be healthy for him :P His repression is very different from how Dean bottles up emotions because Dean still feels them, just tries not to express them. Sam tries not to feel them at all. I think this is what Dean was telling him about picking a side - he wants Sam to get angry and feel something about it. Sam goes to feel out Mary’s side of it, and then literally picks a side, which even seems to go against his own stated feelings on the matter (he says hunting is his life to Mary at the start, and while it was magnificent bullshit on one level either way you look at it, I think he did also agree with what he was saying in the cops and robbers speech to the Alpha because holy crap that was good). So again he hasn’t picked a side INTERNALLY he’s picked one EXTERNALLY by thinking it might be the smartest choice after all even if it didn’t feel good in many ways to him and the BMoL have represented themselves as an enemy in his head all season.

(This all seems to be addressing Sam’s way of doing this head on so maybe we are getting a storyline to belatedly make up for Sam working with Lucifer without more than a few worried side-glances at the end of last season)

Anyway I love Sam and this episode made me love Sam more than I ever had before, so I absolutely can’t see how this is as bad as him working with Ruby because we’re with him here. I mean we’re not WITH him with him, but the story is showing us Sam’s internal processes in its own way where Sam doesn’t really reveal those to us ever, and I have honestly never found him more fascinating or compelling, because these decisions are BAD but they’re not BAD DECISIONS if you know what I mean? I mean, not in the scale of a guy who drank demon blood for a year and started the apocalypse :P