This should go without saying, but this will contain spoilers lol

And you guys have been great! I never thought I’d get thousands of notes on my posts! Feel free anytime you’d like to add on, point out something i missed, please do!

Anyway, this was a great episode. I love when we get Gem Lore, and boy, we got a lot 

First off, and what I’m most excited about, ROSE 100% IS NO WAY PINK DIAMOND! 

Jasper: “after what you did to my Diamond…your Diamond”

Steven: “Yellow Diamond?”



We don’t know exactly what happened but we assume Rose killed her.

EDIT: as pointed out to me, we don’t know what happened to PD as Jasper just said “What you did to PD” that could mean tons of things.

Ok, let’s breakdown what we learned:

  • Jasper served PD first
  • Jasper only started serving YD after PD was gone
  • SMOKEY QUARTZ, they’re so awesome!
  • ITS FUCKED UP  that Jasper fuses with corrupted Gems, they can’t consent. 
  • Wait til Garnet finds out, she’ll hate Jasper even more.
  • Steven gave Amethyst a good pep talk, hopefully she feels better
  • Apparently you can catch corruption, like a virus, from fusing with corrupt Gems
  • Jasper has caught Corruption 

I’ve never really liked or disliked Jasper, but man she needs help. I stand on Jasper the same way I do with Bismuth, I don’t agree with them, but I can see why they choose the things they do. Bismuth, because she was tired of seeing her friends die and wanted to shatter HW Gems and the Diamonds for payback, but that doesn’t make it right. Jasper, because she had to fight because of the Rebellion and Rose killed her Diamond. ‘an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind’ being blinded by revenge is a terrible thing.



EDIT: I really hope whenever Jasper comes back (the show doesn’t just throw away a character, we finally got closure on Centipeedle) that her and Amethyst have a sisterly bond…after Jasper is done being cray cray 

EDIT #2: as pointed out to me, we don’t know what happened to PD as Jasper just said “What you did to PD” that could mean tons of things.

the adventure zone ~ the crystal kingdom

this is.. the.. observable universe.

this is everything we know, everything- every place we’ve ever been, every person we’ve ever met, every- every place anyone’s ever been! uh, is in here. but, but, more importantly so are the immutable rules that govern the people, places, and things inside of this universe, things like gravity and thermodynamics and arcane interactions. and all that stuff, all that matter and energy and the rules that govern it, comprise this: our universe. you guys are just a handful of people that have ever seen the observable universe before, so.. it’s pretty cool right?

Imagine Woozi getting embarrassed when he finds out that you were binge-watching his predebut videos.

the adventure zone ~ the r a v e n and the r a m

“I have one last request for you: are there other objects in this world that are as powerful as this belt? don’t let this happen again.

and then you are blinded by another flash of light, an explosion of force that sort of throws back some of the water in this pool back on your face. and you’re blinded for just a moment, but as your sight returns, you realize you’re being buffeted by this thick whirlwind of these light pink petals. and they settle somewhat, and the wind settles somewhat, and thousands of these petals are floating weightlessly through the air. and you can see, in the middle of this pond, a beautiful towering cherry blossom tree has appeared. it’s where these petals are just sort of flying off of, and as far as trees go it’s the prettiest one you’ve ever seen. and at it’s base you see these roots and knots that are forming two vaguely humanoid shapes. one is sort of a shorter figure, lying in the embrace of a taller figure. and on the ground, in the water in front of them, you see a r a v e n mask and a r a m mask, and tucked neatly in between the two of them, you see the gaea sash.

The Loud House - Young Amore

Ronnie Anne and Lincoln Loud from The Loud House
sadly I was making a video of how I drew this , but by the time I finished recording , an error accrued and the video was stuck on first frame , I tried to fix it , but it couldn’t be fixed ! :( … bummer … and it would have been posted on my youtube account :(
next time I’ll make sure to make it right ^^;

anyway …. I totally loved that episode “ save the date ” … it was so lovely and full of Kiddie Romance ! :D
so I decided to make this drawing about it :D

spaztaslemon  asked:

Not really an ask but just wanna say those peridot animations you made are the cutest things in the world! But my favourite is the Lance and Shiro one you did

eeeeeeeee thank you so much! animating takes a lot but i really do enjoy it (at least as long as i keep em’ short and sweet haha) peridot is one of my favorite gems to draw but i can never get her right! at least she’s cute to someone! i think my favorite is still that lance and shiro one too, it came out way smoother than i expected especially for being such an early attempt (i think it was like…my 9th time animating? i did i ton of tiny attempts before it, it was the first thing i fully finished) it was a fun thing to animate, just them having fun and messing around. dad shiro…god i love these characters. the only thing that might fare against that as a favorite of mine would be allura’s finger guns, but i might be biased because i love allura so much. what can i say, im gay…

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Will someone please help me?

I cannot for the life of me find a cast list for @kingfallsam and whoever plays Sammy sounds a hell of a lot like @iamzachvalenti (though my bet is that it’s not him, probably) and it’s going to drive me up the wall until I can figure out who the fuck it is!

i just screamed ‘ i love yukino aguria so much ‘ cause i thought i was home alone and my mom yelled at me

ok so..i just listened to “greensboro” a week late and here are all the thoughts i wrote down

  • “candidate is very funny” - me every time isabel lovelace says anything or rachel while interviewing isabel lovelace?? you decide
  • i want rachel to throw a barrel at me killing me instantly
  • every time lovelace makes a joke about overthrowing the company i both gain and lose 5 years of my life
  • “i wanted to play basketball” i love my gay mother
  • “get off my case”

[Fanart] Ava’s Demon

This is very quick drawing so not good enough but I kanda enjoy this.

Anyway I really love Ava’s Demon and especially latest episode is super pretty and cool!! I can’t wait next episode…

So guys I was watching NCIS’ 1x08 Minimum security and I noticed something...

When they’re about to go in, Gibbs tries to stop Kate so that they won’t get seen through the window. But while filming this, Mark accidentally touched Sasha’s boobies.

And what did she do? She grabbed his hand!

I don’t know why I got so excited, it was probably my kibbs side showing…anyway I love the fact that this stayed in the episode and the scene wasn’t reshot. Maybe the director was a kibbs fan too.

This is a present for you @onekisstotakewithme ;)

tardisesrcool  asked:

How did you feel about last episode? The thing that really bothered me was how he just expected Vex to be ok be he needs her to be "the strong one". She's not allowed to be weak because that scares him. It still feels incredibly selfish and I really want someone to call him on it.

I take it the exact moment you’re talking about is this one, yeah?

“It’s all an act dear.”


Well, it kind of depends on how you decide to interpret it.

He could genuinely think that she is stronger than him, acknowledging the fact that she doesn’t think so, and is actually trying in his fumbling way to let her know that she is much stronger than she gives herself credit for. A wordsmith, our dear Vax’ildan is not.

Or, as you said, he’s unable to come to terms with the fact that his sister is not, in fact, the physical manifestation of perfection itself, and instinctively lashes out at anything that puts that into question. Even if it’s Vex.

If the first, then what he says is just Vax being typical and stumbling his way awkwardly through yet another important conversation. Well-meaning, but entirely counterproductive to what he’s trying to accomplish.

If the second, then Vax isn’t letting Vex be weak because she can’t be weak. Vax draws his strength from Vex’s confidence and to be faced with the possibility that Vex has her own share of crippling insecurities just like he does? He can’t come to terms with that so he pushes what Vex is saying aside so that he can remain in a world where his sister, his confident, amazing, perfect sister, is always there for him to rely on.

If the first, Vax has been spending too much time with Keyleth. What he needs is to pull a Percy and think before he speaks.

If the second, Vax needs to pull his head out of his ass, stop being a selfish prick and think before he speaks.

Either way, our boy’s got to fix that mind-to-mouth filter that’s been broken since post-Vasselheim.