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I've got this feeling that if Sam is serious about working with the bmol and this isn't just some kind of scheme... Sam told Mick to give him time to convince Dean... That just awfully reminds me of s4. Sam making a decision behind deans back and we as an audience know that in this instance Dean is the one who is right. Well at ledast this time he isn't alone he has cas and Crowley and Rowena probably too.

Anonymous said: So I really hope that Sam knows what he is doing and kind of wants to infiltrate the bmol because otherwise I’m getting some s4 vibes over here. Dean against tje rest of the world actually doing the right thing but no one listens to him. At least this time around he has cas and Crowley right?

^ I am so amused. You two should be friends.

Are we just getting season 4 vibes because that’s the biggest example of Sam working behind Dean’s back? In that case it was so absolutely wrong of Sam and he couldn’t SEE it because he was in a horrible descent arc where Ruby was corrupting him, mind and body, and feeding his powers. Season 4 was so awful for Sam as Sam I don’t really ever want to be light comparing Sam to it, because he REALLY learned.

I was thinking it’s more like season 10, where Sam goes behind Dean’s back to save him, but mostly because Dean’s given up as he thinks. He knows Dean could be argued around to it if he was just regular old Dean and thinking clearly about wanting to live, and makes the choice he thinks is best for his brother even if it means going behind his back. If he IS serious about this and has bought the sales pitch rather than doing it for infiltration/Mary protecting reasons as people are speculating, then he thinks the pitch about saving them from their own awful lives is a good one and Dean would like it too, while he ALWAYS knew it was wrong working with Ruby and from 4x01 he’s worried about telling Dean, lies about it, and withholds stuff for most of the season. 

With the BMoL if he’s serious, he said already that he thinks Dean can be persuaded to go along with it and that he’d want it - his sense of right and wrong told him the demon blood thing was too awful to share, but in this case Dean’s already seemingly grudgingly accepted MARY’S choice to work with them and it’s just whether Sam can convince him to JOIN the BMoL rather than go through another round of having accept his family is working for them but not join himself. Like, there’s already a line here that Mary crossed, and seems to have been forgiven. (Although it’s more that she lied to them, and Dean doesn’t know half the stuff Sam does after that episode and we don’t know if Dean would be told about the Colt between episodes or if that’s a reveal for him too - considering Sam cried over seeing the Colt again, you’d think we’d need at least half a weighty scene for Dean finding out…) 

It’s the smart choice instead of the heart choice thing, but applied in a way which is too removed from the emotional situation. Everyone’s pointed out for weeks how Sam should be most hurt by Mary’s choice because the BMoL tortured him, and so he’s far more the one who stood to be personally injured than Dean. Of course Sam compartmentalised all that in the fight and was the one to give Mary a chance first. And I think he may be misinterpreting Dean saying he doesn’t like Mary’s choice to thinking Dean’s made a choice with his head not his heart here and is going to be more reasonable. Dean always acts emotionally but he doesn’t want to fight with his family and he still thinks this is wrong and the season can’t really have Dean give in now Mary AND Sam are working with the bad guys because we need balance and a POV character NOT doing it so I suspect Dean will stick his ground and not join them or Cas is going to come back like

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So yeah, Dean and Cas and probably Rowena and maybe Crowley if the whole Lucifer thing doesn’t get in the way, are gonna be the obvious resistance to the BMoL while Sam and Mary are going to be on the inside… 

But I don’t think Sam not being able to convince Dean will be like, the sort of split that season 4 caused, even if they’re now misunderstanding each other’s motives if Sam is genuinely set on joining the BMoL. Dean’s forgiven on a family level, the personal stuff, wit Mary, but it’s not like he’s warmed up to the idea of working with the BMoL, he’s just not actively disowning Mary for doing it. Sam tends to think things through from so far outside the box (where the box is his own feelings) he can logic his way through like, an entire obstacle course without thinking he’s taking any emotional damage, although I really don’t think this can be healthy for him :P His repression is very different from how Dean bottles up emotions because Dean still feels them, just tries not to express them. Sam tries not to feel them at all. I think this is what Dean was telling him about picking a side - he wants Sam to get angry and feel something about it. Sam goes to feel out Mary’s side of it, and then literally picks a side, which even seems to go against his own stated feelings on the matter (he says hunting is his life to Mary at the start, and while it was magnificent bullshit on one level either way you look at it, I think he did also agree with what he was saying in the cops and robbers speech to the Alpha because holy crap that was good). So again he hasn’t picked a side INTERNALLY he’s picked one EXTERNALLY by thinking it might be the smartest choice after all even if it didn’t feel good in many ways to him and the BMoL have represented themselves as an enemy in his head all season.

(This all seems to be addressing Sam’s way of doing this head on so maybe we are getting a storyline to belatedly make up for Sam working with Lucifer without more than a few worried side-glances at the end of last season)

Anyway I love Sam and this episode made me love Sam more than I ever had before, so I absolutely can’t see how this is as bad as him working with Ruby because we’re with him here. I mean we’re not WITH him with him, but the story is showing us Sam’s internal processes in its own way where Sam doesn’t really reveal those to us ever, and I have honestly never found him more fascinating or compelling, because these decisions are BAD but they’re not BAD DECISIONS if you know what I mean? I mean, not in the scale of a guy who drank demon blood for a year and started the apocalypse :P


Last time I was late with this.. now I’m writing this earlier than ever ;) 

A list of the things I enjoyed having in the fifth episode:

- Eremika (Eren x Mikasa) <3

- Marco ;;

- EMA trio <3 I missed my babies <3 

- Winter training and those winter clothes <3 *wants to cosplay* 


- Yumikuri (Ymir x Christa) scenes <3

- More Ymir x Christa <3 

- That new version of an old SNK OST when Ymir jumps and turns into a titan <3 

- How they used the female titan theme when Ymir was fighting titans <3 


- Ymir titan’s voice *_*


- Mikasa <3 

- Mikasa saving Christa <3 

- SC arriving.. how epic <3

- Eren <3 

- Eren’s first kill as a scout <3 

- Yumikuri moment in the end of the episode ;; <3 It was too beautiful..

The last one will have spoilers for those who haven’t read the manga. 

You’ve been warned!!!

This is just something that makes me so sad and heartbroken after the episode ;; So I want to talk about it..


Ymir has just been confirmed dead in the manga.. I hoped that she’d still be alive but Galliard seems to have eaten her since he has her memories ;__; </3 The scene in the end of this episode.. reminds me of a death scene but she survives that because she’s a titan shifter. Is it ok to wish that she would have died in that moment.. being with the one she loved? In reality she died.. being far away from her love ;_; 

I’ll most likely make another post of this because this is really something that came to my mind while watching that beautiful scene..

Ymir was and will always be my fav titan shifter. I loved her titan so much and she’ll always be one of my very fav girls in the series.. I loved her story and character and she gave a lot advice to my life :c

Rest in peace </3 ;-;

Anyway.. I loved the episode <3 


13 Weeks of Enlisted #2  ➤   Week 3 - Pete’s Airstream

‘’I thought the most important thing was hanging out with my brother. Pete’s the strongest soldier I know. But every once in a while,  even the strongest soldiers  will go through some stuff. Right now, he might not want us there with him. But we’re gonna be there for him.‘‘

This episode is a master piece. Joss, Lionel, and John working together, there’s Zoe, there’s Root. Harold shows off his amazing skills, Root shows off hers.

I have got a weird feeling about Alicia Corwin, though. There is something about her character missing, and it makes her not staying on my mind — I keep forgetting about her. Just like Will Ingram. They seem to be important characters, but I keep forgetting them.

I’m too exhausted to focus or sort my thoughts out. I’ve written an analysis about Root as Caroline Turing, but I haven’t posted it on this blog yet. Anyway, I love this episode.

anyways much as I loved this episode I’m really over every single female character being tortured and traumatized over and over again but hey at least we have a hot new episode of canon lesbian Alex Danvers being kidnapped, tortured and almost killed coming up to rectify that

“Rediscovering Balance”

Man oh man, I had this sketched out 3 weeks ago and just now got the chance to color it! *shakes head in disappointment
But anyways, I loved this episode so much (the hug!!!) and hopefully I’ll have time to do some more art for Rebels!

…How come Saturday seems so very far away. :(

Review Thingy: Doug Out


But anyway, I really loved this episode! Connie’s dad is such a dork,, I love him and I’m glad we got to see him again haha
Also I loved Steven dressed as Mario and Connie as Carmen Sandiego (I’m guessing that’s what it was supposed to be lol)

And holy shit the clifFHANGER
I love seeing new gems!! I’m so excited for tomorrow aaaaaa

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i dont know how many of you know what wow wow wubzy was but it was a childrens cartoon that i loved

anyways there was one episode where one of the main characters got seasick(?) and everyone laughed at him for it (?) and it HAUNTED me because i wanted to rewatch it (i was a curious baby) but it never came on again. it was a character little 7 year old me had a crush on too

So, I was watching the Richonne movie and I see this parallel/foreshadowing. It’s amazing. I think most Richonne shippers already know this and analyze it already….but I’m pointing it out anyway!

 I love this episode, After 4x09, because of Michonne’s flashback and seeing more of who she is and was. In the flashback we meet Mike (boyfriend), Terry (friend), and Andre (son). She had a boyfriend and a son and it’s like Rick and Carl fill in the those spots now. 

The parallel I noticed is that someone is asking her life questions and Michonne have to figure out her answer. Also from previous seasons, it’s like a continuity with Michonne wanting a place to live than to just survive.

After 4x09

Terry:  I don’t think that we should stay at the camp.

Mike: No. I’m not taking my son out there. I don’t know if this place will work out, but I know it won’t if we go out there. Does it even matter anymore? Are we just kidding ourselves?

Michonne:  Okay. All right, I see what this is.

Terry: Really? What is this, Michonne? I mean, you’ve gotten good with a sword. You know how valuable that is now? You know what that makes you?

Mike: For what? What are we going for? Where’s the happy ending here? This isn’t life. This isn’t anything close, okay? Not for me, not for us. And for our son. What’s the answer here?

Terry: Well, what is the damn question, Mike?

Mike: Why?


Michonne: Mike. I miss you. I missed you even when I was with you. Back at the camp. It wasn’t you who did it. You were wrong. Because I’m still here. And you could be, too. And he could be. I know the answer. I know why.

- (the episode ended with Michonne finding Rick and Carl. !!!

(knocking) (cocks gun) (chuckles) 

Carl: What? 

Rick: It’s for you.

6x08 Start to Finish

Michonne: The plans that you gave Rick… I’ve been looking them over. I get it. They could work.

Deanna: Even now?

Michonne: Even now.

Michonne: The Latin in the margins, what was that? 

Deanna: It was something Reg used to say when things went really, really badly. I’m lucky, Michonne. Working with my family towards a better future is– it’s all I ever wanted. That’s what I got. I got to do what I wanted… right up to the end. What do you want? 

Michonne: I want this place to work.

Deanna: Yes, but what does that mean for you? What do you want for you?

Michonne: I don’t know.

Deanna: You better.


Deanna: Dolor hic tibi proderit olim.

Michonne: What does it mean? 

Deanna: “Someday this pain will be useful to you.” Go. They need you. 

Michonne: Thank you. 

Deanna: For what? 

Michonne: For believing. 

Deanna: I still believe. I cocked it all up…but I figured it out. What do you want? Now you figure it out.

Michonne:  I will.

Deanna: Good. Give ‘em hell.

Thoughts on Girl Meets STEM

Okay, so I watched the episode and I’m really happy with it. 

First of all, AVA IS AWESOME!! I don’t know how people can not love her! Kid knows what’s what in this world. I love how she’s indignant that she busted her little behind scoring 29 goals just so they turn around and give  Auggie the exact same trophy just for showing up. 

But she also doesn’t want Auggie to give up, she wants to compete with him when he’s putting on an effort and doing his best. 

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Now, I just love how Lucas is just resigned to Maya falling asleep, he got the timing perfect on when to reach out to catch her. Then, later, he can’t help smiling when he wakes her up. Like he can’t stay mad at her. 

Originally posted by menqlu

And the whole bit where they yell at each other from across the class room? I LOVE THAT. The implication being, they work together all the time. :D

And, finally, I LOVE this!!

Lucas gets sassy patting the seat again, and then grins and does the little gesture with his head, like saying “you love me” and maya just grins like “I do” and sits down. 

Okay, okay, back to the important stuff. 

I love how they put emphasis on both the girls and boys attitudes. The girls were okay dropping the marble because that’s the system they had been taught. Riley wasn’t because her mother is freaking Topanga Lawrence and she knows better. I LOVE how prominent Topanga was in this episode. 

Also, I love how Riley tells Maya “it’s going to take the rest of our lives” and Maya answers “Why does it always have to be the rest of our lives?”. It acknowledges that the battle is never ending, and that WHY does it have to be like that. That it sucks but it’s what you gotta do. 

The Riarkle stuff was nice, and the whole boy-girl dynamics, like what Riley said: it was easier to see that our guy friends were pretty awesome before we bought into the boy-girl dichotomy, when we just saw each other as people. I hope this comes up again.

(SIDE NOTE: I think that in general as a culture, the reason why we are having so many problems with stuff like Rape Culture all over the world is that we start just being, kids and then one day we are split in Group Boys and Group Girls and stop seeing that we are all going though the same stuff, and that once we were actually friends. Sometimes it’s “Oh, there is girl stuff and there is boy stuff” and other is “Girls are inferior to boys” and both are very dangerous).

I like that it was a male science teacher who does the experiment. Because it shows that WE ALL have to get involved. Men and Women, for this to work out. That he encourages the girls not to give up on science. He not once tells the boys to do the science, which is far better than what I encountered when  I was studying. 

Like teachers that thought it was okay to tell us girls to wash the material because we had experience washing dishes, or like my fourth grade teacher who used to dock points off my homework because my handwriting wasn’t ‘neat and girl-like’ while giving higher grades to boys with unintelligible handwriting just because they had done the assignment, regardless of if they had done it right.

I actually had pretty awesome male teachers too, who treated us all equally and expected us all to work our asses off for our grades, those are the ones I remember fondly. 

And now I teach science and I bust everyone’s asses. 

Circle of Life. 


Yup, I loved the episode. As a girl and as a science teacher. Stuff like this is important.