Because I still live in denial, I’m still looking for a way for him to come back.

And because I can’t stay serious too long, bonus pic:


We are back. just for you. We’re here for you. Featuring Guest host Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak!!! (pictured above)You may of heard of a little band they’re in, The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die and One Hundred Year Ocean oh did i forget to mention they are also the mastermind behind Broken World Media one of my favorite labels currently? You would think i could keep up a sense of professionalism but in true dxggertooth fashion i manage to fuck everything up. True story i started listening to TWIABP cause my ex said she loved them and i checked them out so i can make fun of her pleb taste and i ended up loving it! jokes on me i guess. Anyways in this episode we talk about ice cream, recording a new TWIABP album, touring with really good bands, eating good food, shitty two piece bands, AV club nonsense, King of The Hill Episodes, and burritos. Special thanks to Derrick and Katie for chatting for a bit can’t wait to bring them back on!

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you know, i’m honestly really okay with them spoiling all three kisses in the promo. the thing that excites me about watching the episode for real is finding out the circumstances behind them all and finding out what they SAY to each other before and after they kiss. i’m literally more excited than ever after that promo.

plus i’ve got three beautiful otp kisses to stare at until sunday 💏😍

tanya wants to know *everything* im thinking as I watch daredevil, so here is a a summery of my first impressions after the pilot:

  • I love charlie cox (now this is not news to me, I saw stardust 5 times at the cinema and i’ve followed his career) but its super weird seeing him flouted as some kind of “sexy-bad-ass” character, I am so not used to it and it might take me a few more episodes before I accept this side of him
  • Why is a grown ass man called “Foggy?” 
  • I appreciate how much they’re focusing on Matt Murdoch rather then his alter ego - what annoys me about a lot of comic book adaptations recently, is that they’re brushing aside the alter-ego in favor of just the superhero. Now, to me that is complete bull shit. The human ramifications of a superhero life is really freaking interesting and there is so many dilemmas it brings up and I hope to god Daredevil doesn’t do an Arrow and have everyone in the entire city knowing who he is by the end of next week.
  • The fight sequences aren’t impressing me so far. Stylistically I feel like its been done before.
  • I loved the very vibrant colours in the neon signs of his apartment at night. It felt very stylized and “comic book” but still held a gritty reality to it and It was just a beautiful couple of scenes.
  • Matt/Karen/Foggy are my ot3 I hope they get lots of scenes working together.
  • The whole “Karen is set up for murder because of a pension embezzlement scheme” plot felt very contrived and just didn’t make sense to me.
  • BUT I adore Karen. She is so amazing, deborah ann woll is bringing it! She got a crazy storyline but she still  managed to inject it with so much emotion. She felt like the most fleshed out character in the pilot actually because she was strong and vulnerable and suspect but endearing all at the same time and all in the same person. I just loved her! She better continue to get good screen time. I fear for her. Knowing that she is Matt’s main love interest in the comics makes me nervous. She better not just get shoved to the side and given trite “love interest story lines “ that all relate entirely back to the protagonist. I will be pissed.
  • also wat @ all the writing and directing credits being all male on this show (i just googled this) that is not cool

overall im giving the pilot a c+ 

~Dancing with the ones you love~

Seriously this won’t end. I’m pretty darn sure that I love this episode too much…. ANYWAY discord said to pinkie “Got to be ready to do alot of dancing tonight!” and though we didn’t get it, here is what we hoped for. I guess I might have to draw a Dislestia pairing of them dancing at the gala… BUT I will have to think about it

also, GAWD WHY ARE DRESSES SO DIFFICULT!!! also… THEY ARE ADORABLE!!! ok I’m finished :3

characters and clothing belongs to hasbro
art by me

I’m conflicted man. In one way I love how Eddie told Iris about her feelings for Barry but in another way like I hated it!

I didn’t like because I feel like people are always trying to control Iris and tell her what to do and tell her how she feels and I feel like my bitch is a grown ass woman like just leave her to her. But I loved it because Eddie was right to finally speak up on something he’d been feeling for a while. He shouldn’t stay in a relationship with someone knowing they have feelings for someone else even if that person tells them they love/choose them.

Anyways, I really loved both of their performances in this episode and it honestly made me love Iris more because even though people always trying to tell her about herself she had enough strength and courage to let my nigga Eddie go. Like I can just imagine how hard it would be to let go of someone that you’ve spent incredible spans of time with and developed a true bond with, how hard it would be to let go of that level of steady ground and comfort and simplicity. Shit bout to get hella complicated with Barry. eek.

Anyways, touching episode. Predictable as’f. Squad goals as’f. Got to see my boo Weather Wizard aka Mark aka Mardon aka Liam McIntrye wait wut?? But they need to chill with this Green Lantern shit. All these fucking references man! When they gone bring in my bae Hal?

Why the fuck did I think starting to watch the entire Carmilla series agaiN at 2am would ever be a good idea

Tbh I found that dancing Delena scene a bit weird. It felt like a part from Dancing with the stars. I know what it meant, the whole parallel thing. But it was a little too much. I’m an extremely Delena fan and I ship them so hard, that’s why I was expecting something different, more emotional. Anyway totally loved the episode and cried a river during it all.

anonymous asked:

Sometimes my shipmates embarrass me man idk why you seem to always get the whiny CS anons like the one earlier, you seem pretty awesome and you shouldn't have to deal with unnecessary messages like that (wtf does meeting Sean have to do with CS anyway) as a CSer I loved the episode and I loved the CS scenes, but that "gloating" anon made me feel disgusted and embarrassed for my entire ship and I just feel the need to apologize for the dumb annoying people like that.


I appreciate this message like crazy!

Some people just enjoy being asshats. There are asshats in every fandom, unfortunately.

Thank you so so so so much for this I really love shippers like you <3

The Flash 1x21

So I finally had the chance to watch the last episode of The Flash. And the more I watch it the more I think that the Flash is how you make a superhero show respecting the source material, so Guggenheim should really pay more attention to what happens in that show.

Anyway. I loved Iris. Whoever says that she was a whiny bitch in this episode and that she hasn’t the right to be mad at Barry or Joe ( and trust me I’ve read plenty) is an idiot. Iris was right to be mad at them. And finally someone said what we all think about the “ I lied to protect you” argument. It’s crap. Iris was looking into The Flash and she was in danger cause people knew she was looking into him, Barry’s enemies had the ability of finding out who he is, just like every superheroe enemy seems to do, and Iris is in danger even is she doesn’t know. But knowing and working with them she could be prepared. And seriously Barry lying about being the Flash is not even close to lying about some feeling or some thought that she isn’t even completely aware of having. In the end thought she reacted in a very mature way, she was mad, she told them she was mad, but she helped she was there to rescue them, she didn’t yell to much she didn’t hold a grudge, she was just there. I’m very happy that she knows. Her scenes with Caitlin and the way Caitlin immediately accepted her into the team were amazing.

Eddie. My poor Eddie. I know that Wells periodically checks that nothing’s changed in the future, but the truth is that in the future he lived he didn’t go back in time, and his presence here surely changed something, maybe nothing big, but surely something. Barry became the Flash sooner so couldn’t it be that now that Barry is the Flash him and Eddie will end up working together and Eddie’s will be remembered as a great cop, but Wells doesn’t know because that didn’t change anything major in his story with the Flash? I know it can’t be but… I just don’t want Eddie to become bad. I don’t. And anyway if he does it’ll be about Iris and not about being remembered, because it was clear that he didn’t give a crap about not being remembered and Wells used Iris to break him. So no. I don’t want this to happen. I really don’t.

I loved the episode. It was nice to see the Team working without Wells. It was a nice calm episode. I guess the clam before the storm that will be the last two episodes.

so it’s midnight and i still haven’t written a single sentence for my rough draft oops just like two weeks ago haha this is the third essay in a row

anyway i watched a few steven universe episodes today and i love “full disclosure” i love the songs in this show

also “wailing stone/lapis lazuli” is a great song i love it

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i finished my third playthrough of life is strange episode 2 and i had to let kate die this time and that fucked me up a lot i love her so much

anyways. now im ready for episode 3