Protip for stimmers

As you get older (high school and college) more of your friends and classmates will have anxiety. They might not really recognize it, they may just feel like they have nervous energy or get stressed.

If you bring a stim toy with you to school/hanging out, you will not be judged. Everyone will want a turn, I guarantee. How do I know? This has happened to me on SO MANY occasions. It’s becoming really popular right now to have a fidget toy, like those cube things. Most people I know love to mess around with them, and they have so much stress too that all you have to say is that it helps you to keep calm cause you get anxiety and bam! Instant relatability. People totally understand being stressed in general. You don’t have to go into specifics about your diagnosis or your neurodivergence, cause they probably won’t follow anyway. Just say it’s for anxiety and offer them a chance to try it out. They might end up wanting one for themselves! Just be sure to say you need it back soon or they might walk off with it, sometimes to show other people.

But seriously, don’t feel bad about your stim toys. Even the chewy necklaces and stuff (though I wouldn’t share those lol). Tons of people bite their nails or chew on stuff, just say you do that and are trying to stop by replacing it with the necklace. When in doubt, look to their natural responses and find something common that relates to your stim. For instance, I stim by singing when I drive. I tell people it just distracts me and keeps me calm, and I try to play music that they know so they can sing too! People love shit like that.

Right Now

A/N: I only had one official request for it, but I kind of wanted to do it anyway. A follow-up to Accidental Snap. ;) @coveofmemories @sweetg 


You’d decided on seven o’clock. That’s when you’d drive over to his place. Considering your clothes weren’t going to last very long anyway, you decided against them, instead draping a knee-length black trench coat over the deep pink-trimmed sheer lingerie you’d decided on.

Should you snap him? There were risks.

Once you took a picture, it had the opportunity to be out on the internet forever. But Spencer wasn’t the type to do anything with it. Honestly, he probably wouldn’t even know how to screenshot anything. Technology wasn’t his forte; he preferred the analog. 

Screw it.

Before leaving the apartment, you opened the front of the trench coat to reveal your outfit in the mirror. Taking out your phone, you snapped a picture of yourself and sent it to Spencer, with the caption: “Do you like what you see?”

You’d barely closed up your coat and walked down the stairs when he snapped back. “Oh, dear god.”

Within 15 minutes, you’d arrived at his apartment, walking up the stairs on black-strappy heels and already ready for him. He’d said he’d wanted your mouth on him first - and you were more than happy to oblige. 

Knock. Knock.

“Hey,” you smiled, looking from side-to-side to make sure no one was there and opening your coat. “Do I look better in person or in the picture?”

Without a word, he pulled you inside, wrapping his arm around your waist inside the coat. Immediately, his lips found yours. You assumed you had your answer as his breath floated over your neck, the heat from him warming your cooled skin. “I thought you said you wanted my mouth on you first,” you cooed, gently nibbling up to just behind his ear. “I’ll gladly get on my knees.”

He grunted as you pushed him up against the wall and pulled down his pants in one quick movement. “To be honest, last night, this was the first thing that came to my mind,” you said, looking up at him and wandering dangerously closely to his arousal. “When I had my fingers in my pussy, I thought about having your cock in my mouth.” A satisfied thud resounded throughout the apartment as Spencer’s head fell back into the wall. 

“Oh, god, Y/N,” he moaned. As his breathing became more labored, you skirted your hands around his member and near the top of his boxers, gently pulling them down as your mouth followed the movements of his undergarments. His boxers made their way down his legs, painstakingly slowly for him, and you looked up at him the entire time, until a soft thud alerted you to material hitting the floor. The image of the strained muscles in his neck was enough to cause wetness to pool in the boy shorts you wore.

Reaching inside to your slickness, you allowed it to coat your fingers, using it as lubricant. Gently at first, you wrapped your hands around his length - one at the base and one at the top, slowly gliding them both up and down in a fir grip. “Faster,” he whispered, barely audible above both of your labored breathing. As he asked, you picked up the pace, adding the occasional swipe of your tongue into the mix - each time causing a groan of pleasure to erupt from Spencer’s throat. Who knew the Boy Genius from the BAU could look so dirty? Now, you did.

When you felt him surge, you slowed your movements to a near standstill, waiting to get his attention again. He looked down at you slack-jawed, his face filled with a blush not normally worn by him as he tangled his fingers in your hair and brought you closer to where he wanted you. Although you wanted to devour him, make him scream for you, you took it slow - it was time for delicious torture. 

Your thumb began to draw circles at the head of him while your tongue tasted the pre-cum that was dripping from him. “Delicious,” you said with a smile, his hands still in your hair. “More?”

“Yes…please,” he choked as his head fell back into the wall. By degrees, you sheathed him in your mouth, first bobbing up and down on the tip, and then taking more and more of him, until you nearly had all of him.  You were about to pull away, start the process all over again, but instead, he subtly pushed your head forward, as he moved his hips forward. 

For a few moments, you let him take control, thrusting inside of your mouth over and over again. “Oh my god. Holy fuck.”

“Is this what you were picturing last night?” you asked as you removed your mouth from him, stroking him instead with your fingers. “Were you picturing your cock sliding in and out of my mouth? How hard did you come when you thought about me?”

Although he tried to speak, no words came out. With a chuckle, you took him in your mouth again, bracing both hands on either side of the wall as you pushed yourself further onto him. Each movement brought a new feel, a new taste, until you were so overcome with your own pleasure that you allowed your right hand to drift beneath the scrap of material you were wearing. 

When Spencer looked down, he could see what you were doing, simultaneously pleasuring yourself and him, and it nearly brought him over the edge. “Oh god, Y/N,” he grunted. “I’m going to…I’m…”

“Mmmhmm,” you mumbled, his cock still sliding in and out of your mouth. You wanted him too. It was what you had been thinking of last night and now it was your reality. With increased pressure, you pressed your fingers to your center, falling over the brink as you sheathed him entirely, his come rolling into your mouth in waves. 

As you came to stand, you licked your lips, cleaning up the remnants of your act. “Delicious,” you said for the second time this evening. “Care to taste me now?”

“God yes,” he said, picking you up and carrying you to his bedroom. “Right now.”

~I’m back bitches~


Yep! That’s right! My inbox and drafts are completely empty and that means I’ll be accepting headcanon requests again! 

But first, some great news! While the box was closed, this blog reached 420 FOLLOWERS! (blaze it). Consider the askbox reopening as part of the celebration, I don’t think I can handle another mini fic ask right now haha. 

Anyway, I would like to thank you all for your patience and sticking with me for so long. I’ve made some wonderful friends along this journey (*ahem* @elvhenyoung) and I hope to make more!  I plan on sticking around for a long time and I can’t wait to see what the future holds us. You’re all wonderful, beautiful people, there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for following me and reading my posts. 

That being said, SEND IN YOUR ASKS! I won’t answer them right away since I’m going to bed now, but I will get to them first thing in the morning! 

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MARLEN HELP!! i've been on tumblr hiatus for a few weeks bc school sucks ya know but anyway what. The hell. Is going. ON!?!? first of all, i agree with u it'll be Sana's season. Second of all, WHERE DID THESE PICS COM FROM OH MY GOD?! And third, who and what is Mikael? I NEED ANSWERS I MISS SKAM ALSJDJA ๐Ÿ˜ญ

okay we’re going mental bc of some behind the scenes pictures that were leaked haha. well people saw that they were filming and took them, some of the girl squad, and one of just (?) isak and even. mikael was even’s friend in elvebakken and there was a new facebook profile (which has been deleted by now) where he and yousef appear and also even. mari followed this profile so i’m pretty sure it’s/was legit. anyway we’re all freaking out haha same i miss skam so much but i’m extremely excited right now

alright well i know people do the whole photo promo thing, but let’s be honest here i can’t make a promo. how do you guys even do all that so well? anyways, most people celebrate their next 100 followers but fuck that. i’m going to celebrate 100 mutual followers.

yay woooo! here’s a shout out to a few people i rp with and if you are not following them, then you should.

@fluorvte ( this lovely human right here. good shit )
 @mortuarism ( dis ho bag. she ight i guess. jk she the best )
  @paperjoon ( joonie, good shit. good forehead shit )
  @tcwkio ( jake from state farm. holds the key to jihoons nasty heart. follow them like now )
@planetei ( who was the inspiration for sung. where would i be without you now =o )
@stxckinoxryxuth ( so nice! much love <3 )
@cosmileu ( this little shit. never gave me any wings! but ya’ll should follow anyways )
@expletiives ( i am pretty sure ya’ll follow them becasue pfft legit shit here )


Seriously, I’m not going to tell anyone who this person is. You can find them yourselves pretty easily. Don’t attack them. They look young as fuck. And saying anything won’t change their mind. You cannot deal with these idiots. They will probably grow up and hate themselves for this bullshit anyway.

But if you, the person who made the video about Amy and why shes “bad for Mark” are following me- fuck right off. Unfollow me right now. That goes for anyone who wants to destroy the relationships the Mark and Jack have. They deserve to be happy. Not pawns for your own fantasies. Newsflash, they do have lives of their own!!

I ship septiplier to a degree, I will be honest. I’m not trash about it, however…. Obviously.  I think it’s cute, but I don’t give a shit if it’s ever real because I know it won’t be. They are both straight. There is nothing more to it. It’s just for fun because of the bromance they have. And jesus fuck I have seen gayer straight dudes… lmao

Like said earlier, Amy is precious. Mark is precious. Signe is precious. Jack is precious. Let them live their lives and be happy. It’s their lives. Not yours. You have your own.

thank you.


I was going to wait till I had the Hard Sciences all finished to post these… but I am an impatient person. So here is Part IV (out of V) of the Hard Sciences! 

If you’re a more recent follower you may not recognize the style, but I have an ongoing series of illustrations called The Disciplines which is going to be an extensive series of Art Nouveau style women portraying various fields of study (after sciences is going to be the Social Sciences, The Humanities, The Arts, and the (also) halfway done Mystic Artes). 

Anyway. I’m trying to drum myself some motivation to work on these a little more diligently. I’m hoping when I am done with all 64ish (for all of the Disciplines total) I’ll be able to compile them into some kind of art book! (Right now I sell them as prints and stuff at cons if anyone is curious). 

Anyway. Here’s Arthropodology, Meteorology, and MicroBiology! Let me know what you think! 

The Discipline Directory

The Sciences: 1 2 3 4 5

The Mystic Artes: 1 2

The Arts: 1

So you’d like to buy a science?

Over 100 Followers!!

Gonna get a little personal right now so if you want to keep thinking of me as just a piece of meat, feel free to ignore my post. I seriously understand. But anyway.

I started this blog as a way to boost my confidence. Even if no one liked my pictures, I was going to post them because I liked them. So when I started getting likes and followers and messages, I was beyond thrilled.
I know 100 followers isn’t a lot compared to most of the other Tumblr babes but to me it’s more than I ever thought I’d have. And for the most part, you have all been so nice and considerate. And I just want to say Thank you!
Thank you for helping me feel sexy and wanted and desired because I haven’t felt that way in a very long time. I appreciate all the kind and naughty words and all the pictures of your cocks getting hard for little ol fat me!!
Thank you 💚

End of rant 😘😘


I hate to do this - considering i moved not long ago. BUT. My notifications are broken and currently read NINETEEN DAYS AGO - which means I have no doubt lost drafts over the last fortnight that i hadn’t put in my thread tracker. Also all my tags are broke and things keep going missing and to put it lightly this blog is a mess with constant changes and the like.

So for that reason the blog can now be found HERE. All drafts here are nearly done and I am WORKING on finishing them off. At the same time as getting the new blog finished. Right now it’s still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. But soon it will all be done and everything on this blog will be done. Including the last of my drafts POSTED out of queue.

Anyway hope all of you follow me over there and make things as lovely as its been here (minus tumblr being a dick )

Hi hi everyone~ I’m sorry I’ve been MIA this past week. School really just kicked me to hell and back so I haven’t been able to update. I just set up a queue so fics should be coming out for the next 24 hours! I have not had a chance to get to everything though, which means there are still fics that aren’t in the queue quite yet. I’m also driving back home tomorrow for spring break so I won’t be able to get to them until I get back home :/ But I figured I’d at least update since it’s been exactly a week since I posted anything OTL. Once again sorry for the lack of updates and thanks for sticking around! (Also thank you to the new followers even though there haven’t been any updates. I was very much amazed lol) Anyways, I am super sleep deprived right now so I should go sleep. Good night and thank you all <3

Hey guys! I just wanted to 1) Thank all you guys who are following me and 2) tell you guys how amazed I am with all these asks????

There are more than 130+ asks right now, but don’t worry I’m not going to close the askbox! Even though I may not be able to answer every single individual one, I still love seeing all your questions!

So keep those questions coming!

Make You Happy (jealousy): a playlist with ups and downs about two idiots who want the same thing but never fucking talk to each other

Decided to make another sanuso playlist because they’re all I think about anyway and I heard a song on the radio that prompted this. I won’t go into depth about every aspect of how I ship them right now, but to me, most of these songs fit certain HCs of mine, so that’s just me! So this may have a tad more angst that my Valentine’s playlist did. Hope y’all like it! (Also, again I’m sorry it’s a Spotify playlist, I wish 8tracks didn’t suck ass now)

The lovely cover art is property of @liskosaurus! Please go give them a follow!



10,000 Emerald Pools / BORNS // Sidekick / WALK THE MOON // Jealousy / Robert DeLong // 2 Heads / Coleman Hell // Buzzcut Season / Lorde // Sun / Two Door Cinema Club // Adventure Of A Lifetime / Coldplay // Play Date / Melanie Martinez // Lies / Marina and the Diamonds // Soon We’ll Be Found / Sia // From Eden / Hozier // Who Is in Your Heart Now? / Studio Killers // Love Me / The 1975 // Make You Happy / MIKA

Thanks for listening!

Did everyone see how isak is on the edge? He couldn’t even think straight. And How Even hesitates while he speaks and he waited to smile and see isak smiles and then he smiled. Did everyone see how vulnerable my babies were? Isak almost cried and Even doesn’t know what’s going on. I just wish he follows Isak when Isak goes…

Anyway at least they talked a little bit. And Even is sure something is so wrong right now…

Very lazy preview of what the gang is going to look like for this thing. Left to right: Gunther, Leif, Eyre, Casimir, Adahlen.

They’ll be around a lot so if you want you can ask them something or send one of those OC meme things or whatever.

For now, let’s play a game of match the quote to the character!

  1. “I think we should all walk in a line and I’ll be at the front and you can all follow behind me like ducklings. That’s how people will know I’m the leader.”
  2. “I killed a cow once. I was trying to hit a demon and sort of - missed. That poor sweet cow exploded. All I could smell for weeks was a Sunday lunch. And it was delicious. I cried about it for a month.”
  3. “I don’t like the desert. Too hot. Don’t like the mountains. Too cold. Don’t like the country ‘cause it’s too quiet. Cities are too crowded. Don’t like lots of people. Don’t like not enough people, either. Don’t want to travel by myself but also don’t really want to travel with these guys.”
  4. “Every morning I eat an entire partridge. You don’t get a body like this with no protein. If there’s no partridge some quail should suffice -  maybe seven? Or eight? Sometimes I like to stuff a partridge with some quail. Then stuff that in a goose. Goosridgail. Delicious.”
  5. “I’ve seen forty-three murders happen in front of me. One guy, had a sabre tusk stabbed right through his eye and came out the back of his head. Fatal, of course. Just gone and killed him, completely. Really dead. Blood everywhere. That’s one of my fondest work stories.”

Hazard a guess?


Enid in every episode - No Way Out

You were right. So I’m here now. And I’m going out there and I’m helping you. We have to get her off that platform. She’s hurt. She needs help getting over the wall. I can climb up the gate. You can distract them. We do it together. I’m just gonna follow you, anyway. You keep looking for the Bible Glock. I’ll make her something to climb down.

about what’s going on on twitter right now

5sos posted a snapchat of them singing a rendition of heavydirtysoul where they replaced the lyrics with “can you shave, can you shave my, can you shave my hairy sweaty balls” followed by this photo:

then, 21p fired back with this video of them singing you look so perfect with their own lyric changes

even though 21p essentially just… fired back.. with another joking snapchat… like pals do… twitter fandom lost their FUCKING SHIT at 5sos:

anyways twitter clique fucking sucks lmfao

*sorry for crappy edit i cant do this*
If you didn’t know i just reached my first hundred and I’ve always seen everyone do these so why not. ^_^

First of all i would like to acknowledge my baes joy256 and madhatterhemmings because they’re awesome so go follow them right now.

Yea so I’m just gonna list a whole bunch of people that i would like to know more and I’m in love with their blog so here goes nothing.

tyleroakley (duh, how could i not)

And thats it. Im sorry if i forgot anyone or anything but yea. As listed above, these are my favorite people in tumblr probably. Enough of this mopey dopey thing, i need to get back to wasting my life on this website. Again, GO FOLLOW joy256 AND madhatterhemmings BECAUSE THEYRE AWESOME OK BYE