anyway work with those writers were amazing


With nobody else but me
I wanna make up my mind
But I don’t know myself
No I don’t know myself

I’m still so hooked on music video to Genghis Khan [x] by Miike Snow that I /had/ to make someone to write this Steve/Tony au for me. RBB was such an amazing opportunity!

I got two amazing writers, go and read their work!
Carlen, @captrogers-carter was such a delight, she wrote a big angsty, but oh so good. Read it on ao3: This Thing We Keep
and Amonae@amonaewrites! Such a wonderful person, her ff made me giggle so many times! Read it on ao3: Nobody Else But Me 

[the first two drawings are supposed to be memories, that’s why colouring is different]

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If I had the money and CCC had the time, I would PAY her to write a Narnia Support Group verse.

#I’m thinking roxy was in Cyberspace #or wait maybe Tron #hmm neither of those quite work #im not the writer here anyway #the betas totally had to have had adventures of their own when they were kids #we all know who jade was #rose could be coraline maybe #hmm ANYWAY

Oh my god you are so sweet, thank you. <3 If I had the time I would write it. Because a Narnia Support Group sounds amazing. Somebody get on that.

I would read the hell out of a series about an extended group of misfit friends who all found each other one by one because they’re dealing with the fallout of lots of different crazy fairy tale adventures. Or, you know. Even just snippets of the other kids. I like your ideas for Roxy and Rose.

Now I kind of want to think through all the kids. Hmm.

…Hokay, I’mma try! :D


Jade - the Wizard of Oz!!

Rose- The Cat Returns. You’d think it would be something dark and scary but actually she just went off to cat world and helped out some cats. With her cat. It was intense and yet adorable.

John - Little Nemo—dream world thing? I just like the idea of John spending his adventure in footie pajamas. X) …Or he could do the plot from Little Monsters with the under-the-bed world, I guess.

Dave - He didn’t have any adventures. Growing up with Bro was his adventure. Because he had the kind of childhood that nobody believes actually happened. :|

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They say you should never meet your idols, but as far as fanfic authors are concerned, this fandom has blown that theory right the hell out of the water for me.  

Like I said when @xfilesnews interviewed me, I’ve been writing fanfic for over twenty years, but until recently, it was always a private thing, more of an exercise, something I did for myself and no one else.  Not even my husband had ever read any of it- I was that insecure about letting anyone see it.  In fact, when I first started writing, I didn’t have regular internet access and was completely unaware that other people wrote fanfic, too.  I didn’t even know it was called fanfic.  I never read anyone else’s fanfic, either.  I can’t really say why I never sought it out.  It definitely wasn’t out of a sense of snobbishness or “Oh, I don’t read things like that.”  It just… wasn’t on my radar, I guess.  To be honest, during the show’s original run, I wouldn’t have even known where to look.  I was not exactly internet-savvy.

Then, this past spring, re-energized by the revival and reading everything TXF-related that I could find, I followed @thetvmouse to tumblr after getting addicted to her “Times Mulder and Scully Should’ve Made Out This Week” series.  One of the things she’d shared was a little blurb, something I now know is called a “ficlet,” written by @all-these-ghosts as part of her “If I Am Hopeful” series.  I read it… and I fell in love… and I followed the link to AO3 and started reading everything else I could find with the Fox Mulder/Dana Scully tag.

The talent.  Oh my God.  I was absolutely blown away.

My husband will tell you that I didn’t look up for three solid months while I caught up on all these amazing, incredible stories.  And then I figured out more about how tumblr worked, discovered that most of these writers I was obsessed with had accounts, and followed every last one of them.  At the end of June, the “Things You Said” prompt list started floating around, and I thought… why the hell not?  I didn’t have any followers.  Nobody was likely to read what I posted, anyway, so if it sucked, no loss.

But, eventually, people did read it, and people even shared a lot of it.  And some of those people were the very same ones whose works I had been re-reading over and over again for months.  I described the feeling to my husband as “…having Michael Jordan stop by to watch your pick-up game and complimenting you on your jump shot.”

But here’s the thing about these authors whose works I’ve been obsessing over: they have, every last one of them, turned out to be the kindest, sweetest, most supportive people imaginable.  I have been literally moved to tears by some of the things they’ve said to me (really, the comments in general have been amazing; I now have a face my husband immediately recognizes as “someone just said something nice about my writing”).  For someone who was really, really nervous about sharing her work, the support has been incredible, and I just wanted to make sure you all knew how much it’s meant to me.  This fandom is amazing.