anyway im actually ok with how this looks???


a quick lon’qu study so i can get comfortable with fanart again. (it has been…so long…) i got a lot of inspo from @apple-melons lon’qu’s cuz thats my favvvvv


‘  in my defense, i really am the dumbest bitch alive.  ’
‘  i’m permanently emotionally damaged but it’s chill, i’m chill.  ’
‘  i should have an oscar for pretending to be straight all those fucking years  ’
‘  i just love sleep so much….. like u just close ur eyes and ur gone bitch…… brain logged the fuck off….. powerful.  ’
‘  how could you NOT fall in love with the glow of the moon and stars, the warmth of the sun, the ancient life within the tress, and the sweet melodies of the winds?  ’
‘  this MIGHT have something to do with me being gay, but i think women look better in suits than men do.  ’
‘  cancel all my meetings for today. slender aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl.  ’
‘  not dating me? sad. tragic. for you at least.  ’
‘  it really be light outside until 7pm now, goodbye seasonal depression u dumb bitch.  ’
‘  me? choosing the self destructive path instead of doing the right thing??? u know it  ’
‘  are you even gay if you don’t take extremely long naps at inconvenient times  ’
‘  at some point y’all gotta stop shading each other online and all that nonsense and just meet up, fist fight and move on.  ’
‘  true love is in friendship remember that.  ’
‘  is he cute or is he just 6’5… this essay i will  ’
‘  there is no reason to not love with your whole heart.  ’
‘  from the icons that brought you dancing in a haunted asylum comes ordering pizza in a demon house.  ’
‘  what should my next mistake be  ’
‘  as soon as you think “maybe i can get up early and just finish it tomorrow” you’ve already lost.  ’
‘  there are people you haven’t met yet who will love you.  ’
‘  me @ me 24/7: are we really doing this rn  ’
‘  i love talking to myself she gets me.  ’
‘  sorry if it seems like i want attention i just want attention.  ’
‘  Bug-Free™ season is over and i am Afraid.  ’
‘  pay close attention to who checks up on you and who doesn’t.  ’
‘  if you could only love enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world.  ’
‘  i really, truly, hope you’re happy now. i hope everything works out for you.  ’
‘  people? caring for me? loving me? sticking around? sounds fake must be after something.  ’
‘  what, from the bottom of my heart, the fuck.  ’
‘  you inability to learn complicated handshakes is tearing this gang apart.  ’
‘  when u tryna be cheesy but everyone around u is laughtose intolerant  ’
‘  ‘i don’t care,’ i say, caringly, as i care deeply  ’
‘  my life isn’t in a very good state right now but at least i can proudly say that i don’t ship gaming youtubers  ’
‘  if u think i’m cute send me money  ’
‘  one day i will take a really good selfie and you will be sorry….. you will all be sorry  ’
‘  omg another exhausting day of doing the bare minimum  ’
‘  not a day passes where i don’t embarrass myself but it’s ok because i’m on the path to destroy my ego so i won’t be embarrassed anymore  ’
‘  “oh ok” actually means my heart just got ripped into a million pieces but i won’t tell you because you wouldn’t care how i feel anyway  ’
‘  good news everyone. i’m beautiful.  ’
‘  there are 7 wonders of the world and i am 3 of them  ’
‘  i may seem like an angry person on the surface but deep inside im actually angrier  ’
‘  you think you want me to shut up? i have to listen to myself even when i’m not talking  ’
‘  ah, looks like another 100% chance of me being petty today  ’
‘  you may be evil, but i’m a bitch. and bitches always win  ’
‘  i only argue when i know i’m right which is why i’m always arguing  ’
‘  i like a boy and it’s ruining my life goodbye  ’
‘  you can order These Hands™ for one easy payment of $Try.Me  ’
‘  there’s this thing u should try it’s called stop ignoring me  ’
‘  i’m dealing with my shit the way i’m dealing with it. are my methods unhealthy? yes. are they effective? no. am i going to change what i’m doing? no  ’
‘  i hope everybody is doing their best even tho we’re all doomed  ’
‘  on the bright side, at least my crippling fear of abandonment will never leave me  ’
‘  rumors of my heterosexuality have been greatly exaggerated  ’
‘  highest form of art: girls  ’
‘  the best kind of alcohol is a lot.  ’
‘  5 years ago i was a fucking mess and now i’m a fucking mess but at peace with it and with a cooler fashion sense  ’
‘  napping together is an important part of a relationship  ’
‘  life is so hard when you have twenty tv shows to watch  ’
‘  intuition really is a superpower  ’
‘  he’s lying sis  ’
‘  if a demon possessed me i’d just b like ok take it from here good luck man  ’
‘  nothing like a nice murder to cheer me up  ’
‘  i just want to say from the bottom of my heart i didn’t sign up for this shit  ’
‘  ‘i expected better from you’ well that was your fault i got nothing to do with that  ’
‘  well i already know i’m going to hell. at this point it’s really go big or go home  ’
‘  the struggle not to roll my eyes at people when they talk  ’
‘  destroy the idea that i will ever calm down  ’
‘  honestly i don’t even play an active role in my life shit just happens and im like oh this is what we’re doing now ok  ’
‘  i use the word fuck so excessively i sometimes forget it’s a swear word  ’
‘  y’all are so excited for the aliens do you realize they’re gonna kill us all?  ’
‘  if i ever get killed i hope you all assume it’s because i knew too much about aliens  ’
‘  dinosaurs are a social construct. the government planted the bones for us to find.  ’
‘  what, with all due respect, the absolute fuck  ’
‘  if u listen closely u can hear me not caring  ’
‘  no logical decisions. we die like horror movie protagonists.  ’
‘  the more you roast each other, the stronger the love.  ’
‘  i wonder what it feels like to know what the fuck is going on  ’
‘  you fools, that’s not bigfoot screaming in the woods, it’s me having an existential crisis  ’
‘  if socrates can make a career out of telling people they’re stupid then why can’t i  ’
‘  what, pray tell, the fuck  ’
‘  i relate to the phrase ‘chillin like a villain’ because it shows that i’m calm but also ready to sin  ’
‘  i’m such a sarcastic bitch. it’s beautiful.  ’
‘  i hope no one lowkey hates me. highkey hate me. hate me with every fiber of your being. go big or go home.  ’
‘  yes ur allowed to have other friends, u just have to love me more.  ’
‘  do u ever just look at someone and get annoyed  ’
‘  anyway i’m beautiful and radiant and hilarious and witty and perfect. what’s up with you guys  ’
‘  you would not believe your luck if i gave a flying fuck  ’
‘  you ever meet someone and just know….. u just know… they’re a lizard  ’
‘  the spell can only be broken by true love’s high-five  ’
‘  i need a fightbuddy. which is like a fuckbuddy but instead of banging, you fight. no strings attached. just text me lemme know when it’s going down.  ’
‘  i would follow you to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining  ’
‘  today’s schedule: suffer  ’
‘  if you’re not into some dumb embarrassing shit you’re not living your truth  ’
‘  imagine being able to handle things. that’s wild.  ’
‘  how do i un-know people  ’
‘  sexting? nah. i’m into spexting. spooky texting. ever seen a ghost? hmu.  ’

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im so,,,, people are actually using my ship name!!! makes me happy!!! anyways: conman hc: connor likes to paint rlly intricate designs on jared's nails (he does r2-d2, game controllers, a bathbomb one time just to tease him one time) and jared cries bc connor looks so Soft and Concentrated

dndjsjsjs YES ok

jared pretends he hates it and complains the whole time (“DUDE, this takes forever to dry!” “connor that’s COLD!” “connor i smudged it fix it :(((”) but he secretly thinks its So Cool how connor can put this….tiny art on his gross, bitten-down nails and make them look pretty.

after a few times of sitting cross-legged on connor’s bedroom floor with his hand in connor’s slightly cool ones, jared stops looking at the nails and starts looking at connor. the way his eyes narrow when he’s trying to keep the polish even, the way his thumb idly strokes the back of jared’s hand while he paints, the way his eyelashes fan against his cheeks, the way connor’s tongue slowly darts out to lick his thumb so he can wipe away a stray bit of polish on jared’s skin (jared thinks a lot about this one).

the thought that connor is pretty strikes him one night, and he nearly passes out.

he chips off the nail polish during the week (not before uploading gratuitous pictures to instagram, of course) so he has an excuse to have connor paint them again. he watches hours of nail art tutorials so one night he can surprise him by asking if he can paint connor’s nails.

his hands shake and he gets bright pink nail polish stuck in connor’s cuticles, but he still sees it on connor for a whole week.

one night, connor is trying out a new technique on jared’s nails when jared just. sits up on his knees and kisses him. his hands move to connor’s long hair, and they both forget for a moment that jared has wet nail polish on, letting themselves have a moment with the smell of nail polish and acetone lingering in the air.

when connor wakes up the next morning and finds his hair congealed with nail polish, he almost gets annoyed.

but jared shifts at his side, pushing his face into connor’s chest and curling a polish-smudged hand into the fabric of connor’s shirt, and he can’t find it within himself to be upset.

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Seven and Leptosome, AKA: do you think seven has abs or are you a tummy stan?

  • Leptosome: How is their body image?

HE IS SO HUMBLE ?!?!??!??!?!!?!?!?!?



..get a grip Kristan

He has abs. He has abs for days. Weeks. Months. friggin YEARS. boi IS PACKIN IN SEVER A L WAYS 

OK im biased but also not wrong……anyway 


He never knows how he ended up with such muscles because most days he does the bare minimum and eats junk but when he does move it is intense physicality. 

Let me ALSO POINT OUT that if he ever had a tummy I would love him just as hard because I’m equally obsessed. It aligns more with canon that he actually has insane fucking muscles 

But when he quits the agency and like eats damn chips and gains a tum tum I am loving him so DAMN HARD 

forever and always  I love all of it 

Tho I will be cooking yummy healthy food and I hope he would think of his health and eat that T-T

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ok so am i reading too far into it or is keith's ear purple??? like i'm p sure it was episode 4 or smthn when he was talking to allura,,, like it could've been a shadow but he was purple

omg do you mean this scene??

i had to look this up because i didnt even remember this scene lol anyway hmm im not sure!! tbh to me it just looks like the color of the shadows like you know how people (that are actually good at art unlike me) use different colors for shadows because of lighting and everything? thats what that looks like to me^^; but idk does anyone else think this too :0

Person: "Actually you're wrong."

Gemini: ???? Whaaaat no way. Well ok. But what if im right anyway

Virgo: I dont think so *is shown facts* Well I didn’t actually get it wrong. Just misinterpreted facts. Thats all. I. Am. Not. Wrong.

Sagittarius: WELL if you look at it from MY perspective i am indeed right checkmate

Pisces: uhhh but its right in my mind….??? if its right to me how am i wrong.

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OK IVE BEEN WANTING TO ASK THIS FOR A WHILE BUT LIKE.... how do u pronounce ur username i talk about how much i love ur art in streams and i feel like im making myself look like an idiot to the people of the internet

why does anyone talk about me wtf

okay uhm. anyways. i really don’t mind how it’s pronounced, but my username is a very broken vietnamese translation of 3(ba) and 1(một), which are pronounced as “bah” and “mo’oht” respectively. hope that helps

ok so ive from the floofy snatcher that people constantly see, he is not actually the offical one 100% he’s from an unnamed AU i created that is code named G-Verse for reasons anyways i want help on it, i want other characters to be apart of this. but the beginning and endings differ from the main but i kinda want to more with it. but i can’t think of anything for other characters so i need help on that, so im asking those who have the free time in their hands to maybe think of or maybe design how other characters would look in this universe but there are limits. THEY CANNOT BREAK THEIR CANON PERSONALITY TOWARDS HAT KID AND MUSTACHE GIRL> so hopefully y'all can submit it to me, if you can’t ill fix it just message me. have fun and a good day/evening

did someone ask for one denny boy?


well here it is anyway

( kinda inspired by @glass-soda - )

( ( here’s the w.i.p. as well i guess - ) )

how to make your fursona look even more furry: put it next to your human

some good stuff

you know, im always yelling-into-the-void about how awful things are but i never remember to say about good things when there are good things and tbh thats probably pretty crappy for friends and just like general followrs of this blog. anyway although i have been feeling bad, i have actually been ok in the last few weeks, so:

-  bought some new clothes that actually fit and look ok

- mostly been keeping on top of the washing up and doing better than i was at housework

- one of my favourite game genres is the tycoon-style management sim, and two new ones that are pretty much the first good new ones in a decade just came out (i shit you not i played megaquarium for 6 hours solid a few days ago)

- new season of venture bros and new season of bojack horseman (though bojack is starting to feel a little stale), and yeah ill admit it i cried at the end of adventure time

- showering and brushing teeth a lot more frequently and consistently

- im starting to remember and recapture what was good about my previous lets play style (also resumed after a technical-issues hiatus instead of just stalling forever from lost momentum)

- ive stalled a bit on painting miniatures but a couple of them look pretty alright actually, especially Premium Spookman the cairn wraith

- ive successfully been limiting portion size and calorie intake (after years of disordered overeating) for about a month now and in general been eating a bit healthier and getting more exercise

- it rained a lot lately

- finally finished watching cowboy bebop, only took me what 14 years?

anyway im gonna go make a weeks worth of pasta sauce and freeze it catch you later

soywings submitted:

aaa hi hello! so i drew Nollie!! im sorry they don’t look actually v right, their hair isnt floofy enough :(( um but!!! time 2 be a disgusting sap lmao, idk??? idk!! your artwork and your humor and just how kind you are in general is the best yOU’RE THE COOLEST ;0; anyways! ok!! time to go, thank u for everything you do

lov, Rilo

OMGG THIS IS LITERALLY THE SWEETEST THINGG YOU DREW THEM SO CUTE thank you for drawing nollie!! j___j You’re so sweet as well! thank you soo much TT__TT You’re too kind aaahhh/////

Okay, I know it’s a couple days late and all but Merry Christmas!  I was actually suppose to be here days ago but my flight was delayed quite a bit. As beautiful as New York is during the winter, the snow only causes tons of flight delays. Kind of disappointing, actually. Not to mention blizzards in a city really suck. Makes just about doing anything really complicated. Really ruins the magic of Christmas sometimes. Either way, though, the house looks absolutely beautiful. Sorry to say that all i’ve got as of gifts is a box of candy canes from the airport and the last Morgan puzzle piece. How was your holiday?