Worm Liveblog #24

UPDATE 24: The Life and Times of Gregor the Snail

Last time the fifth arc, Hive, had ended. Now it was time for an intermission before the sixth arc starts. Five arcs done, twenty-six left. Not too bad of a pace, right? I think I’ll be done in…a year and half, perhaps? Anyways, interlude 5, go.

Hmmmm…well looks like this interlude won’t be like I expected. I had thought it’d be some sort of reaction from the ABB or the superheroes about what had happened during Arc 5, but looks like that’ll be left for…later? Hopefully? For now this is a rather normal scene, just receiving stuff given to him by a teen. The character of the day is Gregor the Snail. Not the first character I’d have thought of, that’s for sure! I wonder why Mr. Wildbow chose Gregor as the focus here? Hm…

As pretty much everyone may have guessed, a character whose name is Gregor the Snail because of his appearance and abilities isn’t exactly supermodel material. There’s a rather detailed description, I can imagine how the guy looks like…it’d certainly be unnerving to look, at least until one gets used to it. Gregor’s skin is encrusted with snail shells as if they were barnacles, golly.

Turns out Gregor can’t simply wander into a convenience store and buy stuff. Yeah, no surprise there. That’s why he hires errand boys, and apparently he pays them quite generously. The teen here asks for how long he’d have to do this. “Until I called and you were unable or unwilling to run my errand.  If this happened more than once, or if the reason was not good, I would find someone else, as I did with the last individual.” That sounds ominous. You didn’t mean to make it sound ominous, right, Gregor? It’s just an errand boy. Nope, apparently the guy just decided to stop doing this for Gregor, nothing more than that.

It does sound like this is a wholesome deal. Nothing illegal, just everyday stuff. “So you call me, I run out and grab you groceries, or clothes, or take-out, or shampoo, or whatever, and you pay me three-” No, not shampoo, but yeah, that’s the gist. There’s always a chance someone would try to reach Gregor through his assistant, but it’s not likely. All in all, it sounds like an easy job, and for good money, too. This is the classic ‘sounds too good to be true’ thing. The worst part is that I’m not sure I’d reject such offer just like that. What can I say, it does sound like a simple enough thing to do, and the ridiculous amount of money for that is quite an allure.

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Wreathed in Smoke, Wound in Heather (Chapter 10/?) - Interlude
by seimaisin and blindvogel
By Organization for Transformative Works

A Perc’ahlia Beauty and the Beast AU.

Everyone knows a beast lives at Whitestone Castle, a beast that has stolen souls from the town for many, many years. Should the beast claim one of yours, they say, you take the compensation left on your doorstep and thank the gods it wasn’t you instead.

When her brother runs afoul of the castle’s monster, Vex'ahlia does the unthinkable and trades her soul for his. The bargain introduces her to the beast, and to the man still living inside of the monster. Now a prisoner at Whitestone Castle, Vex must find a way to stay alive, and perhaps a way to save those trapped with her - even the beast himself.


Interlude, in which Keyleth worries, and Vax makes a couple of new friends.