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the 4 stages of listening to someone who’s bullshitting you


Hakuouki Sekkaroku Episode 6: Dance of the Snowflakes

All infamous fan smacks aside, I actually feel that this conversation is a good deal more entertaining overall. At the very least, it provides one more canon interaction between Kazama and Sen for me to use as reference, and I’m always down for more of those.

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I'm still in a mindset of bumbling-accident-prone-prompto-trying-to-prove-himself and I was wondering if you could write something in that vein, like he's trying to impress Noct and messes up in crownsguard training, but he still likes him anyway, or something to that effect? (you're still one of my fav writers by the way. I can only dream of being as good as you.)

Author’s Notes: Thank you so, so much. I’m really glad you like my writing. <3  I hope you enjoy the drabble, and sorry it took so long. orz




Okay. Okay, he can do this.

So what if it’s his second day in training?

So what if he can barely hold the practice sword properly?

So what if Noct just casually announced that he was going to swing by and watch Cor put him through drills, like it didn’t strike Prompto through his very heart with terror?

He can still do this. He’s going to be on the Crownsguard. That makes him like an honorary badass already, right? He’s got to be, if he doesn’t want to mess this up.

The Crownsguard. Gods. Him.

“Argentum,” says Cor, tone flat and unreadable.

“Yes?” squeaks Prompto.

“Relax. Shoulders down.”

Prompto tries. Really he does. But it’s hard to practice the same block, over and over again, without his brain picking apart every little thing he’s getting wrong. When it’s done ripping him to shreds, it takes off running down a path five years from now, when Crownsguard Argentum, or whatever the hell his title will be, inevitably drops the ball and get the prince he’s supposed to be protecting killed.

“Argentum,” Cor says, with a sharper inflection this time.

“Sorry,” says Prompto, and tries to relax his shoulders.

Only somehow, when he relaxes his shoulders, he relaxes his whole arm. The grip on the handle of the practice sword falters as he brings the blunted blade down, and he can feel his grip slipping in horrified slow motion.

He watches the thing Cor swore should become an extension of his arm as it springs from his fingers. He watches it clang to the ground with a clatter of metal on stone that he’s sure he’ll be hearing in his anxiety nightmares for months. He watches Cor’s face, hard as granite, disapproval creeping in around the edges.

He can’t bring himself to look toward Noct.

Prompto dives for the sword, like if he’s fast enough he can erase the last fifteen seconds from existence. When he comes up, he knows he’s blushing like crazy. Even his ears feel hot.

“Uh,” says Prompto. “Just the shoulders next time. Got it.”


Two hours later, he’s sitting on the bench outside the training hall, hoping one of the gods will have mercy and strike him dead. He’ll take a lightning bolt from Ramuh. He’ll take a blizzard from Shiva. Hell, he’ll even take Bahamut’s whole arsenal if it means he doesn’t have to look up and see the disappointed look he’s sure is on Noct’s face.

“See?” says Prompto. “I told you, dude. Guys like me aren’t Crownsguard material.”

“The hell’re you talking about?” says Noct, and slides down onto the bench next to him, so close they’re touching at the shoulders.

“That,” says Prompto, with a vague gesture back toward the training hall. He’s blushing again. He can feel his face slowly going red.

There’s silence for a long moment, and Noct shifts. He’s got that look fixed on him, Prompto’s sure – that long, searching kind of look that always feels like he can see something hidden under Prompto’s skin.

“Quit that,” says Noct, at last.

“Quit what?” says Prompto. “Sucking so hard? Believe me, buddy, I would if I could.”

“That,” says Noct. “It’s your second day. You’re gonna make mistakes.”

“In front of Cor the Immortal,” says Prompto. “And you,” he thinks, but doesn’t add it.

“Cor’s been training new recruits for years.” Noct reaches over to nudge him with an elbow. “I guarantee, whatever dumb rookie slips you make, he’s seen dumber.”

“Great,” says Prompto, burying his face in his hands. “Thanks.”

But actually, when he thinks about it like that, it kind of helps. In the grand scheme of things, maybe he’s a screw-up. But he probably won’t be the biggest screw-up.

Noct leans into him, and the weight’s solid and warm against his shoulder. “Now quit worrying and let’s hit the arcade,” he says. “You still owe me a couple rounds at that new zombie shooting game.”

Prompto’s lips tug up into a grin. He stands and stretches, and he tells the worries running through his mind that they’re going to have to sit in the back seat for a while. “You only want to play cause you think you’re gonna beat my high score.”

“I know I’m gonna beat your high score,” says Noct, and unfolds himself from the bench with lazy grace.

Prompto flashes him a sidelong glance – falls into step as Noct heads toward the door. “I hit two million, dude. You got a long way to go.”

“You’re joking,” says Noct.

Prompto grins wider. “Not a chance.”

“Huh,” says Noct. There’s a weird inflection to it, kind of level, kind of thoughtful. He’s got Prompto pinned with a searching sort of look again.

Prompto squirms. “What?”

“Nothing,” says Noct, and starts walking again, with a shrug. “Just remembered something I wanted to talk to Cor about. That’s all.”

*whispers* series 3 is the best RTD series…

Emotional Characteristics

Desiree Harlow // Daria Belmont

How does the character deal with anger: In a word? Poorly. Her life has never been anything less than volatile; the few blissful moment she receives that aren’t filled with rage of some kind are treasured more than a dragon hoards gold. Outbursts are common, usually inflicted on the innocent who have done little to end up on the receiving end of that inferno. She is known to lash out and attack when things get very bad, oftentimes turning to the beast within to help quell some of the anger. The worgenness handles anger much better than the woman, albeit bloodier. 

- With sadness: Never one to let this feeling in, when it hits, the waves will drag her under. She lingers on the cusp of it often; haunted by memories of a life never quite lived. Most times, when she succumbs to the depths of sadness, she turns to drinking or somehow transforms the feeling into anger so that she had a reason to pick a fight and shift. 

- With conflict:  All the time Desiree is surrounded by conflict. Every waking moment there seems to be something that grips the woman, dragging her back into the fray. Whether it be a tiff with her headstrong husband or an all out war with a neighboring company, Desiree thrives on the high that it brings. To some, it would seem like she seeks it out. Perhaps as a coping mechanism to distract herself from the reality of her own life, perhaps just an unlucky trait. 

- With change: From the moment she was drug into war in Gilneas, her life has been centered in change. For yeas, there was no constant in her life save the ghosts of her past. She clings to them for dear life, and it is clear that she does not take to change well. Desiree is not one to adapt to her environment easily, and can be described as “difficult” and “stubborn for that reason. If you were to confront her on it, you might meet a snapping remark. 

What frightens your character: The loss of her family. After suffering the loss of nearly everyone in her life, she fiercely protects those who remain. Her younger brother and her husband are those who stand forefront in her mind. Though arguably those could be changing with the imminent arrival of her children come spring; just don’t bring up her idiotic escapade to Argus while carrying them. 

Is your character judgmental of others: Absolutely. A proud Gilnean, anything that is not like her is wrong in some way. As many of her kin, she is wary of other races and doesn’t quite accept them in the same way she would another of her own kind. Not only that, but a stiff-backed, traditional warrior like Desiree will often look down her nose at those who don’t make wiser choices in life. Blind to her own misgivings, Desiree is snarky and rude to those she hardly knows. 

Is your character generous or stingy:  Someplace in between? Desiree is a cool neutral - no particular leanings unless you’ve done something to capture her attention one way or another. Though, if you were to catch her on one of her better days, the woman could be inclined to giving you a raise for work that wasn’t yet done. 

Is your character generally polite or rude:  Desiree is unfortunately another mild mixture of the two. Raised in nobility, she has ingrained manners that aren’t so easily disrupted. However, she is brusque and her formal greetings can be stiff and insincere. That doesn’t mean that the Gilnean isn’t capable of politeness; rather, it depends on the mood she is in prior to your advance. It’s safe to say that a stranger she has no affiliation with will be greeted with a polite advance until there is reason to pull out the attitude. 

Optimistic or Pessimistic: Anyone who knows the woman can outright say she is one of Azeroth’s biggest pessimists. 

Introvert or Extrovert: True neutral for this. There is no open answer either way; her voice can snap across rooms and her laughter can peel out from the city as she engages in conversation with those she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t readily open up either. Rather make small talk, or something based on a trigger she might notice, especially if there is a business deal in the makings. 

Daredevil or Cautious: Bullheaded and nonsensical when she sets her mind to something, Desiree is without a doubt a daredevil. Before the conception of her twins, it wouldn’t be unheard of her for to pick random fights to prove her own worth or rush headlong into battle without a second thought. She speaks her mind freely and without a filter, even if it does cost her sometimes. 

Logical or Emotional: Logical… and stupidly emotional.  Desiree pushes her emotions down with an iron fist until they are forcibly pulled up from the hellish depths in which they reside. She looks at every situation with the eyes of a soldier - unless that situation had something to do with her image or the safety of one she loved. Then all reservation is out the window and you’d best prepare yourself for a fight. 

Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat: Methodical and neat. Desiree’s entire life is chaotic at best, but she does her best to organize the trauma into neat drawers, opening and shutting them as she sees fit. That’s not to say that a certain pup won’t trounce all over her neatly folded memories and string them about the room, but after some time, she will always clean up her messes.

Would they rather be working or relaxing: The word best used to describe Desiree, thought it may not be safe to say it to her face, is a busybee. She doesn’t often sit idly, and even great with child she still will run about her business, risking her health and safety just so she doesn’t have to sit around and anxiously watch as that certain pup makes a mess of her neatly organized life. 

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Just a note if you are here looking for wax/wane: updates are most likely going to be biweekly from now on. In the meantime, here’s some fan art…Myka’s season 4 hair is surely a creature all on it’s own, no? (That stylist really didn’t get her hair at all…)