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Hakuouki Sekkaroku Episode 6: Dance of the Snowflakes

All infamous fan smacks aside, I actually feel that this conversation is a good deal more entertaining overall. At the very least, it provides one more canon interaction between Kazama and Sen for me to use as reference, and I’m always down for more of those.


11:49am 10/23 II this week’s bujo spread was filled with mail from my bff, jonghyun, and other things that make me happy :D


songs that speak to me // not spring, love, or cherry blossoms - high4 & iu

Just a note if you are here looking for wax/wane: updates are most likely going to be biweekly from now on. In the meantime, here’s some fan art…Myka’s season 4 hair is surely a creature all on it’s own, no? (That stylist really didn’t get her hair at all…)

I honestly wasn’t intending to make a post about how many followers I have but I really wanted to do a follow forever kind of thing because I never did this and it’s high time y'all got the appreciation and love you deserve. So I decided to make this the reason for my official shout out post. The first 9 are my “tumblr crushes” and the rest are in no particular order. You should totally follow these guys because they’re wonderful people and they’ll make your blog awesome

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 Thanks to you guys who cracked my up on a gloomy day with you stupid memes and made me feel better with encouraging and motivational messages. Thank you for sharing things that opened my mind and gave me a new perspective on things. Thank you for making me feel like I had an open space where I can rant and talk about the things I am passionate about without feeling shut down or rejected. The love that I have for you guys is indescribable and I really wish you all the very best in life.