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Update about Travellers

Hey guys!! this video is taking a bit of time because I haven’t been able to work a lot on this video because of work, I attented a convention last weekend in paris and I am working with a TV screen because the screen of my laptop is not working… so… yeah… lol

Besides, I had to pick another song because it seems that 4 minutes are not enough to explain this story hahaha so now it’s 6 minutes of Lena, Kara, Clarke and Lexa trying to save the world together.

I have managed to finish the first part (3 minutes) and fixing the last part with the new song I have chosen after spending 3 hours looking for the right one,

hahahaha… kill me.

Anyway if this heat doesn’t melt my brain, I will work every night on it. Thanks for your patience guys. But the part I am working on is quite hard due to aaaaall the manips to fit Kara in Polis and lexa’s bedroom, so… trying all my best working with the two programs at the same time.

hahaha kill me again please….

you are the best and thanks for your constant support. You are giving me so much guys… so so much… I can’t believe it yet how your words make me more creative and all of you are making me feel this enthusiam for creating a lot of new things for you guys.

Love you all!!!

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Phanprompt where Dan gains a lot of weight maybe from meds or hypothyroidism and Phil comforts him?

Genre: smut, fluff, angst???(if you squint)

Word count: 900ish.

Warnings: dysphoria, body worship, comforting!phil, insecure!dan, handjobs, rimming,,,,,,


Looking at himself in the mirror, dan let out a sigh. He was sick of looking fat, just because he wanted to be healthy. It was only three months ago that phil had convinced dan to go to the doctor to get some sort of medication for his recurring migraines. They worked, but now dan had gained almost 10 pounds and he was panicking, I mean how much weight could he gain before phil stopped finding him attractive and he left him?

As dan poked and prodded at his tummy and thighs, phil walked into their bedroom looking for his laptop charger, and overheard dan’s grumbles. Curiously, he walked over to the bathroom door, and looked through the thin crack of an opening, to see dan looking sadly down at his tummy. Phil scrunched up his nose, he had thought the little bit of fat on dan had been quite appealing, especially his thighs that now jiggles when he rode phil, but what if dan hadn’t felt the same?

“Dan?” Phil watched Dan flinch before dropping his shirt and spinning to face Phil, blushing and nervously twisting his fingers.

“Oh, uh hey, didn’t see you…um how long have you been standing there?” He whispered the last part but phil heard it anyways, stepping forward and wrapping his arms around dan waist.

“Long enough. You know I think it’s sexy.” Dan scoffs as if to say, ‘yeah right’, but Phil is having none of it. He grabs onto Dan hip roughly and pushes him into the bathroom counter before picking him up and sitting him on it. Pushing between his thighs, phil grabs ahold of both in each hand, “You’re fucking thighs, Jesus they kill me, make me so flustered when you ride me, the way they bounce, fuck, Dan, you don’t even realize do you?”

Dan’s blushing a red hot and Phil is nuzzling his neck, “Not to mention your tummy, so cute when I fuck you, love your little rolls and love tickling you, giving you kisses.” His hands grip the hem of Dan shirt, tugging lightly in a form of asking for permission to take it off and dan nods quickly, whimpering. He steps back and dan whines but phil just pushes off his own shirt, stepping forward again to press their now bare chests against each other hotly, his hands roaming to dan lower back, “Your hips and little love handles are so adorable, Dan, make me want to touch you all the time, love marking them up and knowing I’m the only one who can see them, shit.” His hands flutter to the button on dan’s jeans, looking to himself permission before popping it open and unzipping them, pulling them off with his briefs.

“Love your arms too, Christ, when I cuff you to the bed frame, they look so good, fuck, pulling at the restraints trying to touch me like it’s all you can think about, gets me so fucking hot.”

Dan finally breaks, moaning wantonly, “C’mon phil, please, bedroom now.” His fingers threaded in Phil soft hair, gripping tightly and thighs hooked around his hips securely.

“Yeah baby, I got you. Gonna make you feel so good, sweetheart. You want me to make you feel good?” Feverishly, dan nods, a whine ripping from his throat.

Phil pushes Dan back onto their shared bed, discarding his own pants and boxers, before joining him. Reaching into the bedside table drawer, he pulls out a bottle of lube, popping open the cap and squirting some onto his hand before loosely taking hold of his own member and dan’s in one hand and pumping them together. Dan’s whimpers become high pitched moans and he arches into phil’s tight fist, “So good, Phil, g-gonna cum. P-please, can I c-cum?” Phil shakes his head, pulling from his own hold to lower himself to Dan’s thighs. He bites into dan, licking over the mark before licking and sucking a trial to dan’s entrance.

“Not yet. Hold it for me.” Dan nods, but seems reluctant as Phil’s tongue meets his throbbing hole, lapping wetly at him before prodding gently with the muscle.

“Can’t, can’t hold it anymore please.” Phil pulls back to grab his pulsating cock with dan’s again in his fist, quickly tugging them both, kissing at dan’s neck and groaning out his release as dan convulses under him, their cum collecting on his hand stickily as he works them down.

Rolling off of dan and out of bed, phil grabs a warm washcloth and comes back to find dan with tears rolling down his cheeks, he comes over quickly, “Hey, baby, you ok? What’s up?” Dan curls into his arms, “Just love you, fuck these meds are screwing with my emotions too, I’m sorry, I’m just, thank you, Phil.” Scrunching his eyebrows, phil kisses Dan’s forehead.

“What for?”

“Doing this. Taking care of me, affirming me, making me feel sexy.”

Phil laughs, “Dan! You are sexy, you don’t need me for that. I just couldn’t help myself.” Giggling Dan nuzzles Phil nose with him own, kissing him sweetly before taking the clothe and cleaning them off, throwing it somewhere on the floor. Phil scoops dan into his chest, and dan pushes his face into Phil neck, before they both doze off, not ready to ever leave this feeling.


Sorry this took so long! Hope it’s what you wanted though.



here are quite a lot of very self-indulgent and excessively poetical cyborg AU vs. medieval AU thoughts.

…………..I was writing a raymanthia AU and thinking about universe swaps (because of a certain SOMEBODY you know who you are).  So I was thinking idly about how maybe they have magic in Raymanthia but their tech is basically nil and their medical/scientific skills aren’t the most advanced and their wars are fought differently and etc. etc. etc. 

And then I thought about the different burners switching into their places in the realm and I have a lot of thoughts about Mike seeing the army his other self leads, the men who respect and admire him, and getting really emotional!   BUT THAT’S NOT THIS POST (mostly)

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Alex + Magnus things
  • It’s a well known fact that Magnus can be an absolute idiot sometimes, so he literally ignores his giant crush on Alex until it makes life impossible to live with. 
    • Like, he’ll walk into a room, see Alex, and promptly walk out. 
    • He’s watched Alex fight and forgotten that he’s a part of the team, too, and gotten all his teammates killed. 
    • He also asked Alex to “help him make a vase for his cousin.” Yeah, sure, Magnus. Make a vase for your cousin. Like that’s not a thinly-veiled “SPEND TIME WITH ME PLEASE”. 
  • Anyway, one day he’s sitting in the library or something and Halfborn, Mallory, and TJ sit down and are like, “Magnus, we need to talk.”
  • Sam’s there, too. Just, she’s pretending to mind her own business.
  • Anyway, “Magnus, we need to talk,” happens. And all of them are like, “Go ask Alex out. You’re killing us here. LITERALLY.”
  • And Magnus is like, “What? Me? Have a crush? IMPOSSIBLE.”
  • And Mallory’s like, “I am not dying for this one more time. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of the headaches caused by arrows in the eye? I didn’t think so!”
  • So Magnus loses and “has to” ask Alex out. 
  • So he walks up to Alex, who is sitting in her room doing pottery, as usual, and is like, “DoyouwanttogooutonadatewithmebeforetheworldendsorsomethingbecausemyfriendsthinkI’mliterallykillingthembywatchingyoufightandnotlookingwhereI’mpointingmyswordandIkindofthinkthiswouldbeforthebenefitoftheNineRealmsorsomething.”
  • Alex is obviously confused. What the hell? Was that even English? It didn’t sound like Old Norse.
  • And because Alex pretty much says whatever comes to mind, what comes out of her mouth is, “Was that English?”
  • So Magnus has to slow down and repeat everything again.
  • Cue the appearance of Sugar Glider Alex, who comes up when Alex gets nervous. 
  • And Magnus is like, “Wave your tail once for yes, twice for no, like a seance.”
    • Alex turns back into Human Alex and gives him the best “What the fuck is wrong with you?” face she can possibly muster. Obviously it’s a yes, the question was just a little sudden.
  • And so Magnus spends the next week stressing about what he’s going to wear and where he and Alex should go, and “Are first dates ice skating and holding hands or sledding and knocking each other into the dirt?”
    • Mallory: “It’s summer, idiot.”
    • TJ: “I don’t think Alex ice skates.”
    • Halfborn: “There’s dragons on Thursdays!”
  • Magnus and Alex end up going hiking, because both of them like hiking. And then they end up at Hearth and Blitz’s place for a movie. Kind of like a double date with Magnus’ adoptive parents but… not?
  • Alex and Hearth get along really well. Alex asks Hearth to teach him how to swear in ASL, and Hearth is more than happy to oblige. Blitz and Magnus then make it a competition: Who can come up with the most outrageous sentence in ASL?
    • Hearth. Hearth can. No question. Hearth is the master of sentences that should never see the light of day. And he thrives on the light of day. 
    • But Alex’s sentence isn’t bad. It’s definitely not something you’d say in front of polite company. Or company at all. 
  • Magnus walks Alex back to his room, because that’s the sort of thing you’re supposed to do on a date, right?
    • Wrong. Alex turns right around and walks Magnus back to his door. Because he honestly doesn’t think Magnus won’t fall over his own two feet or get hit by a dragon. (See, Magnus? When you act like an idiot for weeks, everyone starts thinking you’re a disaster waiting to happen!)
  • And then there’s the whole bit of whether or not they should kiss at the door, because it’s just a first date and all that. 
    • Alex decides yes. Magnus decides yes, too. 
  • TJ, Mallory, Halfborn, and Sam have all gathered in the hall and are exchanging bets. 
    • Magnus slams the door in all of their faces and Alex has the last laugh when Halfborn trips on his way back to his room, taking Mallory, TJ, and Sam down with him. 

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Klance + Nightmares Or just you know, lance angst

Whoops sorry this turned out to be more Keith angst than Lance angst. It is nightmares though. Hope you enjoy anyway ^^

           His own shriek woke him up as he sat up violently, breathing hard, sheets twisted around his legs, his t-shirt soaked with sweat, his hair falling into his eyes, his hand scrambling to find the knife, usually kept under his pillow, but there was nothing there. He cursed, squinting through the dark to try and find it, still not fully awake, when the door slid open.

           “Keith?” Lance said uncertainly. The dim hallway light outlined his silhouette in the doorway, barefoot and dressed in the blue pajamas he’d somehow found on board the ship. He yawned. “Are you okay?” he asked. Keith took a deep breath, trying to calm his heart rate.

           “I’m fine,” he said tersely. He felt more than saw Lance’s tired eyes squinting at him skeptically.

           “That’s the third time in a row I’ve heard you screaming in the middle of the night,” he said. “Ever since you were with those Marmora guys…” The memory hit Keith like a jolt – that’s why his knife wasn’t under his pillow anymore. He didn’t want to accidentally turn it into a sword in the middle of the night and stab himself through the neck in his sleep. Lance was waiting for an answer. Keith shrugged, not even sure Lance could see it.

           “It’s just nightmares. I’m fine.” Lance didn’t move, the skepticism rolling off of him in waves. “Really, Lance. Go back to sleep. I appreciate the concern, but I’m fine.”

           “Are you going to go back to sleep?” Lance asked. Keith shrugged again. He wouldn’t, he knew – he’d probably go hit the training deck, take a shower, and go back to his room before any of the others woke up, and then come back out and join the rest of them at breakfast – but Lance didn’t need to know that.

           “Yeah, yeah. I’ll get back to sleep eventually,” he said, waving him away. Lance stepped into the room instead, the door sliding closed behind him. “What are you doing?” He heard him crossing the room, feeling his way through the dark, heard him bang against the edge of the table, before suddenly a big weight dropped onto the end of Keith’s bed. “Lance. What. Are. You. Doing.” Something heavy and hot stretched itself out beside him.

           “Scooch over,” Lance muttered sleepily. “I’ll fall off the edge.”

           “Good, get off my bed,” Keith said, shoving at him, but Lance’s limp weight was heavy and stubborn.

           “Not till you sleep,” he mumbled, burrowing his face against Keith’s pillow. He shoved back, managing to push Keith towards the wall enough that they were more or less centered on the bed. “C’mon, lie down. ’Scomfy.”

           “Lance,” Keith groaned. “Can’t you leave me alone for one night?” Lance pushed himself up onto his elbows and looked at him, little more than a shadowy outline in the dark.

           “How much did you sleep last night?” he asked. Keith shrugged, looking away uncomfortably.

           “I dunno, same as you I guess. A little less, maybe.”

           “No, because after I woke up to you screaming, about three hours later, I woke up to you showering, and when I checked the gladiator logs from the training deck you’d been there for three hours in the middle of the night. So then I checked the night before, and you’d done the same thing. And I’ve heard you wake up yelling sometimes even before you went to the Blade of Marmora.” Lance pushed himself back so he was sitting cross-legged, facing Keith from the end of the bed, and crossed his arms. “You need to be getting sleep, Keith. We all do.” Keith felt himself go red and was glad that it was too dark for Lance to read his face.

           “I’m fine,” he insisted. “I just don’t sleep a ton, is all.”

           “Yeah, but you need to,” Lance insisted. “We’re about to try and take down Zarkon. We all need to be ready for the fight of our lives.” Keith looked down.

           “Do you even trust me to be on this team anymore?” Lance was silent for a beat.

           “What do you mean? Of course I do,” he said.

           “But I’m Galra. Part Galra, anyway.” Keith dropped back onto the pillow, legs still folded, and stared at the ceiling. “I keep having nightmares… The Galra taking over Earth, the Galra taking over the castle, the Galra killing…” he swallowed, “killing you guys, or my… my dad… and… I’m helping them. I’m one of them.”

           “You’re not, though,” Lance said. He lay back down beside Keith, on his side, his face just inches from Keith’s ear, and spoke softly. “You’re part Galra, but you’re not one of their soldiers. You’re not part of the Empire. You’re Keith. You were the best in our class at the Garrison, you spent a year in a desert tracking down Blue, you rescued Shiro, you flew through an asteroid field to rescue Blue when Rolo stole her, you took on Zarkon all by yourself… Okay that last one was pretty stupid, but still incredibly brave. That’s you, Keith. Not some faceless purple soldier.” Lance’s arm swung up and draped across Keith’s stomach, making him suddenly very aware of how it rose and fell with his breath. “You’re brave and cool and I— I—” Lance’s words were interrupted by another yawn. “You’re just as much a part of this team as anyone.” Keith lay still and quiet, listening to Lance’s breath, hyper aware of the heat radiating from his body just inches away. For a minute, he thought he had fallen asleep, until he heard him sigh and say quietly, “If you really want me to go, I will.” Keith didn’t answer. Lance sighed again, and the arm disappeared from Keith’s stomach. He felt him sit up, and suddenly his hand shot out and he grabbed Lance’s arm.

           “Stay,” he whispered. There was a pause, and then Lance lay back down next to him.

           “Okay,” he said. He dropped the arm back over Keith’s stomach. “Is this okay?” he asked. By way of answer, Keith scooched down and turned on his side so Lance’s arm was draped across his shoulder, and they were practically face to face. His left arm he folded back, pillowing his head on the crook of his elbow, and the other, he hesitantly draped over Lance’s side. He could see Lance’s eyes in the dark, searching his face, but Keith just closed his eyes and breathed evenly, Lance’s warmth comforting and solid against him.

           “Okay,” Lance whispered. “Sweet dreams, Keith.”

           He slept until morning for the first time in weeks, but when he woke up, Lance was gone.

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Markiplier Resident Evil 7 Sentence Starters (Part I)

  • “I’M A BRAVE BOY!”
  • “Stop twitching, you are goddamn weird.”
  • “That’s so sweet, that’s so lovely.”
  • “It was a bit overcompensating in the love department.”
  • “That looks pretty legit out there.”
  • “We’re in the future, where graphics are GREAT!”
  • “Ah, locked I see, excellent. Just testing your security!”
  • “Well, let’s find a dead body!”
  • “Who’re we talking about here?”
  • “I was in the middle of having an existential crisis!”
  • “Well that’s definitely a swamp.”
  • “Is that a pair of pants or is that a dead body?”
  • “Ohhh I should’ve looked to the left at the flesh monument!”
  • “I should probably go home at this point.”
  • “I mean, the decorative buzzsaws are definitely an addition.”
  • “Nah, I think I’ll stay crouched.”
  • “When things are covered in strange black substances, it’s usually the best thing that could happen.”
  • “Oh I definitely don’t like that.”
  • “Maybe I could warn myself about the things that I choose to do when I choose to do them!”
  • “Sorry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be intruding.”
  • “Why would anybody live here?”
  • “Is the finger still in the drawer?”
  • “That is a less than reassuring thing.”
  • “Bing-bong, bring it on!”
  • “Maybe that dead body is actually my body.”
  • “I’m ok with underwater monsters so long as they don’t fart up against my leg.”
  • “Yeah, sure, this seems like a good idea.”
  • “Yeah I can definitely confirm now that this was definitely a bad idea.”
  • “I’m not here right now!”
  • “Ok, how about no?!”
  • “I got stabbed in the shoulder and stabbed in my fucking hand!”
  • “I didn’t want to be a part of this!”
  • “Um yes, hello, I just killed my ex-wife.”
  • “Oh fuck, she did get away.”
  • “At least I have an ax.”
  • “Anyway, I splashed some goop juice on me and hopefully I’m a little bit better.”
  • “I know she’s my wife and all, but do I really need to do that?”
  • “Let me slap my goop hand on there.”
  • “That was obviously something bad happening.”
  • “I don’t trust you. I see that knife.”
  • “What the fuck, I just lost my arm.”
  • “I know how to count to two!”
  • “Just going to carry my wounded ass over here.”
  • “Well I shot her enough, I think.”
  • “Why do they need twenty pet collars?”

all the reasons Fitzherbert P.I. ROCKED MY WORLD!!!

  • What is it with eugene and leaning against something while holding an apple??
  • The lil’ arm touch Rapunzel does when she stands next to eugene to look at the painting of robin the 11th!!!
  • ‘hold the pastry’
  • the pAIN IN HIS VOICE WHEN HE SAYS ‘so you guys AGREE with Cassandra??’
  • ‘I am capable of being more than a handsome, devil-may-care rogue. IN FACT, I can be a handsome, devil-may-care anything I want!’
  • *smugly* ‘math’
  • *later, angrily* ‘gah, math!’
  • The fact that eugene goes through every job on the job advertisement board without losing heart I mean what a guy
  • ‘impressive cobblery’ OKAY! So can we talk about the fact that eugene has talent as a cobbler and was only fired because he’d robbed the cobbler in the past…?
  • Eugene terrifying pascal awake from his nap was adorable
  • ‘no one calls me ‘genius’ and gets away with it!’
  • Literally any time eugene demonstrated his skills – cunning, agility, speed, strength, thinking outside the box/thinking on his feet… and my heart leapt <3
  • Acknowledging that he has issues with authority \o/
  • The fact that as soon as he decided to try and be a guard, he went to go and discuss it with Rapunzel! I just love their supportive relationship oh my gosh ;-;
  • The cass/eugene banter in this episode is NEXT LEVEL
  • ‘I was great in school. Easiest three days of my life!’
  • Eugene’s expression when he lines up for guard training???? The lil’ smile and the wide, hopeful eyes…………..…. I need a minute
  • ‘you’ll be sweatin’ tears and crying SWEAT’ oh my god
  • Also the green/grey (??) shirt thing that trainee guards wear? Oh gosh GOLLY does eugene look good in that
  • Just. Shorty. That is all
  • ‘You know, I’ve never said this to another man… but you have handsome teeth’ EUGENE WTF?!!?1 I am in love with this line
  • Eugene doing one-armed push ups while winking *fans self*
  • Cass and max exchanging impressed looks during eugene’s training <3
  • Cass and max getting lowkey annoyed when the captain wasn’t being fair !!!
  • Eugene doing push ups with the BIGGEST GUARD on his BACK *fans self all over again* dat boi strong af
  • Cass getting EVEN MORE ANNOYED when the guards kept playing ‘pranks’ on eugene
  • Arianna being her amazing self as usual
  • Okay but how sad eugene was when he thought he didn’t have a chance of passing the final? Like he REALLY wants to prove that he’s useful and can still DO THINGS and just… I wanna give him a hug in that scene
  • ‘you know, for someone who spent most of his life breaking the rules to get what he wants, you’re having an awful lot of trouble dealing with someone who is breaking the rules to get what he wants’ Cassandra you absolute BABE
  • Max being SUPER HAPPY when eugene sasses the captain
  • The way he dealt with those three guards at the end of the obstacle course??? Indiana jones much??
  • Ohhhh bless those other two trainees celebrating eugene’s success uwu
  • Cassandra actually looking impressed!
  • The height difference between eugene and the captain…. Wow
  • Eugene blowing off his dungeon duties (because ‘math’) so he can go visit Rapunzel ^.^
  • ‘heeyyy blondie, I see you went with the simple choice of . . . beautiful’ (and how happy that made Rapunzel!!)
  • ‘I worked it all out in the old brainium’
  • ‘why don’t you drown your sorrows in a yam’ that part KILLED me
  • ‘who wants to be a guard anyway???’ sour grapes eugene!!!!
  • Shorty just… pulling a fish out of his beard
  • Cass being on eugene’s side and deciding to help him
  • Please give me more of eugene, max and cass busting criminals together bc I loved every second of that
  • The suave af way eugene saved the painting while saying ‘YEAH, baby!’
  • ‘his Italian was TERRIBLE! Subject-verb agreement was way off!’ EUGENE KNOWS ITALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Honourable Professor Fitzherbert
  • I am so incredibly happy with the fact that he gets to teach ‘thinking like a thief’ to the guards and pass on his knowledge and skills and just!!! Yes!

tl;dr wholesome episode 100/10 have already watched twice

more foreteller headcanons because my brain cannot create anything else also, they’re fun

  • Ira: “when have I ever led you guys astray?” Gula: “would you like a list? it’s alphabetized”
  • Aced: “there shall come a day when the strength of men fail… But it is not this day!” Invi: “you’re going to ask ira to let you lead group training this isn’t a final boss battle”
  • Gula is The Prankster™
  • Ask him to help you get back at someone. No questions asked just “yeah sure do we need the saran wrap or the flamethrower”
    • Him and Master would pull the stupidest things lemme tell you
    • That time they replaced all the curtains with aced’s underwear
    • The time they switched out all of invi’s books with childrens picture books
    • Luxu once woke to find every single one of his souvenirs had been moved to separate shelves
    • related to this, they once switched everything in invi and ava’s rooms (which were across the hall from each other) while they were sleeping. how’d they do this without waking either up. no one knows.
    • That other time they replaced all the curtains but this time with sequins
  • Oh but if Gula’s the prankmaster
  • Invi is The Blackmailer™
    • You need something to make Ava blush for an hour straight? The third bear incident. Something to stop Aced from ratting you out to Ira? Remind him of that time he wore high heels and managed to break three stairs and a door
  • Luxu probably hoards photos. He’d be the best scrapbooker you’ve ever seen. No one knows why.But he has at least fifty candids of each of them, even of Master. Invi probably teams up with him for incriminating photos.
  • people try to keep secrets in the castle but like?? they never stay secrets
  • Invi knows about it like immediately, either from deducing it or because someone told her (they all tell her like everything) and no one knows how but Gula knows, and Master probably knew even before it happened. Luxu will figure it out sometime after too
  • Faced with seemingly impossible circumstances:
    • Aced grits his teeth and inspires himself with some impassioned speech and does it anyway
    • Gula rolls his eyes and walks away
    • Invi had already prepared for this what are you talking about nothing surprises her
    • Ira panics internally but comes up with a plan
    • Luxu probably sighs because again, Master, why did you leave me alone with the giant monster again, but doesn’t back down even as he’s freaking out
    • Ava probably calls for help and in the 0.5 seconds it takes for the other Masters to show up she’s probably already killed it (oh, sorry, guess I didn’t need the help but thanks anyway guys! You’re the best!)
  • Ava: “You’re smiling. Did something happen?” Gula: “Can’t I smile just ‘cuz I feel like it?” Luxu: “Aced tripped and fell in the parking lot.”
  • Master, at some point: “No instructions, you die like men.”
  • you know the part in the movie where Invi’s like “no, let me do the talking” to Ira? Yeah, that’s not because he and Aced would butt heads. No, it’s because Ira is really bad at subtlety. Like, really bad. he couldn’t be subtle if his life depended on it. Can’t keep secrets. you know the parks and rec scene where it’s “look behind you but don’t be obvious”? yeah, him obnoxiously obviously turning around is Ira to a T

thanks for listening to me ramble about these kids

Title: Prodigium

Pairings: Prinxiety (interaction) and Moxiety (familial)

Fandom: Sanders Sides
[Thomas Sanders]

A/N: This is set in an alternative universe where the sides are their own beings and not parts of Thomas’s personality. Also since we don’t know Anxiety’s name yet, he will be called Angelo here.
Not beta’d please forgive the errors


This was the fourth.. No. The fifth town they moved into in only a course of three months and he was getting pretty sick of it.
This town was near a beach and he and his brother managed to get a secluded place by the ocean.

It was admittedly a beautiful place, the sound of waves crashing to the shore was very calming and the air was a cool salty breeze.

No use getting attached to the place though, they’ll end up being ran out by an angry mob in a week.

“Don’t be so negative.” His brother scolds him in a gentle voice, “things will be different this time. We just have to be careful.”

“No matter how careful we were we always end up being found out” he scoffs, “why don’t you just kill me and rid yourself of this misery.”

“Angelo,” his brother’s voice was soft.

“Please don’t talk like that”

Angelo breathes out a defeated sigh, “I’m tired Patton.” Another sigh, “I’m so tired of hiding and running”

Patton sits next to him proceeding to pull the younger man into him.

“I can’t begin to imagine how hard things are for you” Patton speaks running a hand through the other’s hair, “but all I can give you is this. Fingers soothingly massage scalp ” just me being by your side.“

Angelo closes his eyes allows that to be enough.

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Deadly Secrets

(gif credit to the creator)

Part Ten

Master List

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Word Count: 1,144
Warnings: language, murder, homicide, murder-related details
A/N: This is the final part, my loves! Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for all of your love and support with this story, it means the world to me. Italics are flashbacks. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is crucial! :)

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Imagine #10 Charles Xavier (Logan Howlett?) - Part 2

Requested by Anon: Hi love I just found your tumblr and its amazing, and I was wondering if you’re planning to write a part two of the Charles Xavier imagine where the reader has siren powers? 💗

 Requested by Anon: Hii could you do an imagine where you have the ability to make everyone horny who touches here (like Alisha in Misfits if you have seen it) and she is barraly 18. she has a thing for for Charles and Logan and yeah… I love your blog ❤ 

Originally posted by xavierstea

 Not my gif

Words: 2181

Warnings: Swears, fem!reader, angst-ish, typos

A/N: Well, both these requests are from months ago and I am really sorry! I’m also sorry for not uploading in weeks. I’m really busy right now with my brother moving in and my other brother behaving like a twat, uni is killing me and I have a date tomorrow, which is probably going to be a fucking disaster, since I have neither confidence nor social skills. Also, I have no idea, why every Part 2 to whatever I write turns into angst. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! xoxo

Part 1

You could see the mansion from all the way down the street, its roof peaking through the scanty green of the early April trees. You hadn’t been here in a long time. And if you were completely honest, you had to admit that the way you had left hadn’t exactly been the behaviour of a young, well-mannered lady. The past years you had been trying to blame it on your mutation, but at least saying goodbye wouldn’t have hurt anyone, that you couldn’t argue with.

Seriously though, you thought, as your reluctant steps brought you closer and closer to the last place you wanted to be, what were you doing here again? You had always hated confrontation, nothing had changed about that after you had left Charles and the others. But you had also never in your life felt as bad as the months after you had disappeared without notice.

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Shifter / Part IX

Summary: Raised as one of Hydra’s experiments, the reader has the abilities of a shapeshifter. Once rescued by the Avengers, the reader lives and grows up among them. However, as the events of Civil War begin to unfold, Y/N becomes ill. She is left under Tony’s care but Tony has recruited a new member – how will this affect the reader and the rest of the Avengers, and where will Y/N end up?

Author’s note: Okay, so I know last part killed a lot of people (one of my best friends told me I’m ‘dead to her’ for the cliffhanger so…) But yeah! There will probably only be about one or two other parts to this, as we are coming to a conclusion of this story arc – maybe in the future there could be a Sequel Series?? who knows. Anyway…. Part 9! Enjoy. (also, i was going to use this gif, but I decided your hearts didn’t need more breaking <3 so i used a partially less soul destroying one.)

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight || Part Nine || Coming soon!

Peter Parker x Reader

   The sight of the HYDRA scientist makes your body freeze in place, ice running through your veins, and your assured grip on your ‘gun’ starts to tremble. You can tell Peter recognizes him too – the way his hand comes up and holds your shoulder, partially steadying himself, partially comforting you, and when you glance back at him you can see the anger in his eyes. You start to shake your head, slowly, your jaw clenching. “What did you – How?” You manage, but your voice comes out strained.

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I would like to publicly apologize to @itsfridaysomewhere and @gypsyscarfwoman for being annoying grumpy and moody earlier. It’s the hormones; it’s not me. You know when you get to the point where you hate everything and not even your favorite ship can make you feel better? Yeah. Exactly.

So please accept this offering as an apology.

“Just… just hold still for a moment, will you?” Kurt said, the annoyance evident in his very word.

“I can’t hold still when you shoving me like that!” Jane answered, just as annoyed.

“So it’s my fault now?”

“Well it’s certainly not my fault!” Jane replied, “but yes, it’s a little bit your fault!”

“Oh, so I’m responsible for a state wide power outage now?” Kurt huffed.

“No, but you may be slightly responsible for the building generator not working,” Jane relied.

They were stuck in the blacked out locker room. Literally, stuck. They been taking off their gear when the power went out and in their misguided attempts to move around, they bumped into each other. Somehow, their vests were now tangled together, the velcro working like a mysterious bonding agent and they just couldn’t find a way to untangle from each other.

“Oh, really now?” Kurt said, “and how is that?”

“You’re the assistant director of the FBI aren’t you?” She answered.

“Yeah, but maintaining the building generator is not part of my job description,” he replied.

“Well you would’ve screwed it up anyway,” she mumbled, “ouch! That hurt! Will you stop trying to untangle us in the dark?”

“I can’t,” he said, “this is very uncomfortable.”

“Oh, so being close to me is uncomfortable now?”

Oh, and after three months of dating, they were having their first big fight.

“That’s not… that’s not what I meant,” he sighed, “I’m literally bent over here. My back is killing me. So will you stand still and let me fix it!”

“Just give it up, Kurt,” she said, “you can’t fix everything!”

He stopped moving when she said that. Completely froze and went silent.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean that.”

“It’s ok,” he said, “you’re right. I can’t fix everything.”

She felt his arm go around her waist, but as shocked as she was, she said nothing. She felt him move them around slightly and then he was sitting down on the bench, pulling her down with him and onto his lap.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered against her hair. They were still awkwardly tangled up together, but somehow in this new position it was more intimate rather than awkward.

“I know I can’t fix everything,” he said, “I’ve learned that the hard way.”

He felt her nod, her forehead brushing against his chin.

“I know,” she said, “and I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say-”

“But,” he interrupted her, “there one thing I’ll never stop trying to fix.”

He felt her turn her head towards him, and even though they couldn’t exactly see one another, they could.

“I’ll never stop trying to fix us,” he said, “I hate that we’re fighting. I hate this. And I want us to fix this.”

“Me too,” she sighed, “I hate fighting with you. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, too,” he said and tightened his hold around her. She let her head drop against his shoulder and they sat like that for a moment.

“Now, do you think you can sit still for just two minutes so I can figure this out?”

“I have a better idea,” she whispered against his neck, “we stay like this until the power comes back on.”

“What if it takes hours to come back on?”

“That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”


Part 1 | 2

“Are you trying to tell me you’ve defeated Pariah Dark but you can’t make a basket?”

“Hey, Pariah was… 9 feet tall… and… five feet wide! That’s a much… bigger… target.” Danny was panting, wasting energy on pointless maneubers. He made another feint for the ball, but Wes saw it coming, not even flinching and leaving Danny shifting awkwardly to no effect.

“I’m six foot six and you can’t even touch me!” Danny finally made a lunge, which Wes dodged, seeing it coming a mile away. The hero was getting tired, his movements getting progressively sloppy as the match progressed.

“You sure… you’re not… going… intangible?” Danny panted, taking a break with his hands on his knees. Wes didn’t stop dribbling.

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Decoded (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 5~

Originally posted by dylvmas

I made my way in through the hall and into Stiles’ bedroom, crossing my arms as I reached his open door.

“I see you got an upgrade,” I commented as he set up a clear board in the middle of his room.

“Yep, it’s a new and improved Detective Board,” he simply answered, standing back to take a look at his work.

“And you already started placing some of the pictures into place,” I said, making my way next to him.

“Yeah. The Walcotts,” he began. “They were the firsts. At least the first that we know about.” Stiles gripped at the red tape built in on the side of the board and taking up a picture of a teenage boy. “Formers: Sean, his brother, and their parents.”

“They were the family murdered by the axe murderer?”

“Yeah, make that a professional assassin called the Mute,” he continued placing a drawing of the axe murderer next to the pictures of the Walcotts. “Weapon of choice: a military tomahawk.”

“You make it sound like I asked for a debriefing,” I chuckled as I looked to him. He smirked slightly as his eyes flickered onto my own.


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GOTG 2 fix-it fic scrap 4

Previously (these are not being posted in chronological order, by the way)

It took another goddamn hour - and Drax physically removing Rocket from disassembling one of the medical machines while Peter hopped around nursing scratches on his shins after attempting the same - to kick them out of the goddamn room. And Peter still managed to get in a sing-song  “Hope you get better soon, Dad” as a parting shot as he swooped out the door.

“Krags. Kill me now. I’m beggin’ ya.”

“They been waitin’ to see you since you came outta recompression,” Kraglin said, pushing off the wall and sauntering back to his previous position next to the bed. “Can’t blame ‘em for getting excited.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Yondu fixed him with a glare. “And why’re you on their side, anyway? Plannin’ on switching captains again, huh?”

Kraglin’s flinch this time looked a lot more genuine, even for a man who had his rightful captain’s deadliest weapons carried hostage over his heart. Stupid, traitorous, sentimental motherfucker. But where in years past he might’ve cringed out of Yondu’s line of sight, muttering apologies and sirs, now he took a deep breath, visibly squared his jaw and fixed Yondu with a glare of his own.


Now You See Me, Now You Don't. (Daniel Atlas x Reader Fanfiction)

A/N: Sooo this might be a new fanfic that I’m starting. Hopefully it all goes well and I don’t give up after 5 minutes of writing the next chapter :)) Oh and I’m not too sure about the title yet, this is just a quick title that I thought would be appropriate but I may be changing it if I come up with a better one or if you lovely people have a better idea, then please tell me. Anyway, I’ve never really posted an imagine/fic like this so please go easy on me and don’t kill me with fire, yeah? Cool then, I hope you enjoy, feedback would be appreciated. :)

Chapter 1/Part 1 

The young magician appeared from nowhere in particular, just casually walked into the bar and started doing some tricks with a deck of cards. I stared at his hands whilst he was shuffling them, but that didn’t last very long as he caught my eye and gave me a shy but mysterious smile that I returned kindly. 

After a few seconds of shuffling he was suddenly showing off his magic skills and all the ladies were completely wowed by him. And I have to admit, his tricks were impressive. He then proceeded to ask for a volunteer for his next trick and even though every single girl in the room was putting her arms up shouting for her to be picked, he looked at me and I was picked. 

The trick itself didn’t seem too difficult to perform but it was astounding how smoothly he executed it. He basically asked me to pick a card, show the rest of the audience and then put it back into the deck. The magic man then picked out a card out of the deck at random and asked me if it was my card. It was not so I shook my head, but immediately after receiving my response he flipped another card from behind the card that he was holding and asked confidently, “Is this your card?” I nodded slowly, trying to hide the fact that I was fairly impressed. 

The illusionist performed a few more tricks and then was heading for the exit, but he stopped abruptly as he saw me. “Hello.” he said innocently. 

 "Hello, Mr. Magic Man.“ I replied. 

 "Oh I rather be called Daniel, Daniel Atlas. But you can call me Danny.” he smirked. 

 "Well then, hello Danny.“ I said,slightly embarrassed for calling him ‘magic man’. 

"Would you mind if I bought you a drink?” he asked out of nowhere. 

 "Yeah sure. Would you mind if I bought you a drink?“ I asked, somewhat ironically. 

 "I sure would mind that. Drinks on me tonight." 

 "The way you said that sounded as though there will be another time where we’ll be drinking together." 

 "We never know. There might be another time, if you let me.” he smiled nervously, fearing rejection. 

 "We’ll see about that, Magic Man.“ 

We continued talking, drinking, and getting to know each other a little bit. Eventually Danny asked me, "Do you wanna go to my place?" 

 I was hesitant, as I’ve only met this man not so long ago but I said, "Yeah, why not.” And smiled at him, genuinely. I wasn’t sure why but I really trusted Daniel, I was curious about him and wanted to see if he was curious about me.

Nohrian Festival: Leo and Niles Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

I really do like the relationship dynamics between Niles and Leo. Niles genuinely cares about Leo; more than anyone else unless Niles acheives an S-rank with somebody, and Leo also cherishes Niles as his retainer and friend. 

This conversation is a pretty serious one, with Leo and his childish ideals and Niles with his street smarts shoving the truth point-blank into his liege’s face. It’s not the fluffiest conversation, and there’s little to no humor in it, but I’ll bet that you will smile in the end. 

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anonymous asked:

Yea I didn't believe it at first. But seeing him in person he's changed. He seems kinda closed off? Not his usual bubbly self. I know it took him a while to move on from you and his last gf cheated on him so that may be a factor. But anyway figured you should know as he was a part of your life.

He was a part of my life for like 6 months? Didn’t want me, used me, cheated on me, lied to me, embarrassed me? I have a suspicion this is him anyway.

It took him a long time to get over me yeah? This has bothered me now so I’m gonna write how I feel about that. I gave that boy everything I could at the time. He didn’t respect me, he treated me like I was shit on his shoe. He let his friends and his little work crush abuse me to the point I tried to kill myself??


He’s made mistakes he’s going to have to live with. I moved on a long time ago and I couldn’t be happier that I have. He means nothing to me. Please at least have the balls to come off anon, Lucas.

É isso aí - Part 2

So here we go again.  É isso aí.

 You can say I’m really enjoying writing Simbar fics. Yeah I’M LOVING IT.

 Started writing É isso aí during a road travel with 6 hours of duration, maybe I was doing to kill time, anyway it grow on me. Now I just wrote this and it’s 2500 words which was definitively not planned, the length made insecure about it. I just wrote what I felt was needed. 

Thanks Miranda for helping me with it, otherwise I hardly would post it that way.

Said that to the second part of É isso aí. 

Thanks if read it. Tell me your thought about it. I would appreciate the feedback.

First part here

——————- 💛——————-

   We reached a park by sometime. It was dark and windy there and beautiful, through the dim I could see flowers on both sides of the path. Some wild ones broke in the middle of the path. Nature can’t be timed for long. 

   The migraine I had appeared to be a long time ago.

   We were walking for 40 minutes, just some words were said to assure the other still there , some looks exchanged and sometimes my hand rubbed against his making me smile.

    - What are you smiling about? - Simón asked grinning. Damn, think quick! Our steps seem to have the same rhythm. That’s it, pretty lame, but can work out.

    - Our steps are in the same beat. - I said looking at our feet, soon Simón started switch his steps and I tried to follow. - Stop! - I pushed him laughing. - You’re ruining our harmony.

    - Oh yeah? - He stopped turning to face me laughing too. - Do you think we can stop here? Or 40 minutes was not enough walking yet?

    - Already tired, Simón? - I mocked walking toward a bench, sitting on the part you’re suppose to lay your back. - You are a skater. Shouldn’t you be more resistant? - Simón set beside me but on the right position.

    Looking him in the moonlight was weird, I never could imagine him with me anywhere that wasn’t the rink, not that I am complaining. He is turning around now. I need to pretend I’m not staring. Look at your feet.

    - And you are not? - He said raising his eyebrows at me. I waved disagreeing, not looking at him yet. - You are on heels. How you can do it? Does it not hurt? 

    - I am used to it. - I answered rotating my feet, he look at me doubtful. - Just a bit, but it really doesn’t bother. - I looked at his eyes trying to make he see it true. I couldn’t keep it and turned my gaze to my heels again. Sure, it hurts but it’s a small price of staying pretty.

   - You don’t need to do this. - Simón put his hand on my right ankle, I pulled away shocked. I wasn’t expecting this. We gazed at each other, my eyes wide and his serene. His hands went around my ankle again, this time I kept my foot froze.

    One more thing to the stuff I am curious about tonight.

    List of things I’m dying to know:

* Pictures and videos from the party.

* Gaston’s aunt full reaction.

* How did I got under the tables.

* Simón’s company.

* What the hell I did last night?

* Simón.

   I doubt I will ever be able to fully understand the last thing, but at least for now I want know as much as I can about it. 

   Simón took my heels off. I was embarrassed, my feet are not exactly beautiful things. And I am overwhelmed by Simón’s touch, I know it’s such a small matter but it feels so… intimate. Not another careless touch or diary action.

   - What? - I was so got up in though I lost track of Simón’s words. He grinned still eyeing my feet, I bit my lips to contain a sigh. - Stop inspecting my feet, weirdo. What is this? Foot fetishism? - Said trying to break the awkwardness I was feeling. Simón laughed shooting his head back and closing his eyes. Just like I said, he did stop staring. I rule him. - Oh. Thank you for quit looking.

   - Anyway. - He shook his head. - I was telling you that your pain is unneeded. You don’t have to be in pain to… - He paused choosing the correct words. I could almost see gears working in his mind. - Why did you keep the heels on? - That was unexpected. I took my time think on what to answer: the truth or some bullshit. Whatever, I had nothing to lose. 

   - I did for staying pretty. - Saying it out loud made me see it sounds stupid. Simón was quiet, waiting for more, he wasn’t satisfied yet. I shut my eyes not knowing how to proceed, I let out a breath. - I couldn’t let it go. Heels makes me prettier and elegant. Things that are expected for me. - I opened my eyes keeping my gaze lost in somewhere above the trees. - And I have to stay up to the expectancy. - I finished turning to Simón. 

   - No one cares. - Simón blurted instantly. I looked at him in unbelief, he looked back with wide eyes, opened his mouth about to say something, then he closed it. - No one cares, Ámbar. - He repeated, I was getting mad at him. Why is he telling me this?

   - Cool. So no one cares, right? - I shouted intending to stand up. He took my wrist before I could move, I froze.

   - Ámbar, I will not apologize. You can be mad all you want, but it’s true. - He told me grave. - People do not care if you are on heels. Even more when it’s on a party in Gastón’s house. - I face the floor while he was talking. My eyes burned with tears. He just telling me the true.

   - No one cares, because I’m not popular anymore. - I whispered with my voice creaking, the first tear running down my face, soon many more were running down too. 

   - No. - Simón said in despair. - You think no one cares about you? It was not in that way. They don’t care about your heels. - He shook his head and sighed looking to arrange the sentence in the best way. - You are beautiful. It’s not your shoes that make you pretty. You could be in heels or flip flops, nothing would change. - I faced him, he raised his hand and hesitated before touching my cheek, almost asking permission to touch me. I closed my eyes feeling his touch and leaned into his hand. - You know in that party there was just the Roller and Jam group, right? If you showed up in your pjs, we couldn’t care less. - I shot my eyes open waiting for the rest. - We were just happy you showed at all.

   I couldn’t help but disbelieve the party part. Everyone at Roller & Jam must hate me by now. I knew it when I went to the party, I valuated this before. When I was evaluating about the party, I counted how people would treat me and I how I would feel with people around me and being how it would be to be on party, place where human interaction are supposed to be the main, so couldn’t ignore everyone like I was doing in Blake. Even after all, I believed the party was worth it. And I was craving to get out of the mansion at least for a night. Remember how it was to feel the Ámbar-before-Sol.

   - You were? - I asked frowning at him and grabbed Simón’s hand from my cheek. 

   - Yes. We made a party worth Ámbar Smith’s. - He said mockingly smirking. I gaped and slapped his arm, but still grabbing his hand. - Okay. I was glad you come. - He watched our hands and started playing with my fingers, I smiled. I can’t believe he said it. I am little freak out now, through I’m not letting him see it. 

   Today I am pretty and a pleasure to be seen on a party. 

   I kind of already knew it, but come on, hearing this from this cute boy with brown eye is so much better.

   Maybe I’m little bit obsessed with those eyes. Bad thing!

   - And now ‘The sun goes down The stars come out And all’… - I had to sang it, but it was not good idea. I couldn’t resume it. ‘And all that count Is here and now’ it’s to admit and clarify to Simón that I’m into…

   I’m not. A night, it’s a brief amount of time, so I can be falling for him, in development of in fact been in love, but already into him isn’t possible.

   - ‘And all that count Is here and now My universe will never be the same’ - Simón sang the rest. All my hesitation in confess what I’m (not) feeling turned to ashes. Who cares if I am in love or not? Not me, now. I can just own this for a while.

   We kept eyeing each other, taking that moment and feeling it. The world could freeze or burn to the ground and I wouldn’t had felt or cared it in anyway. I got lost in looking how his iris are dark and I couldn’t help but feel like I was being drag into it. 

   The day gave his first signs of coming and the sun starts to appear and some sunshine to illuminate. In a mute deal, we turned to watch the sunrise in horizon. Somehow, we grown to get closer together, Simón’s head was in my lap, our hands intertwined, my other hand playing with his hair and his free hand on my foot.

   He didn’t answered about the foot fetishism, nor it’s necessary by the way. Weirdo.

   Adorable, but still weirdo the most.

   About what he didn’t said, there is something more I have to question.

   - Simón? - I called and got his attention. - So what about telling me what happened last night? - He grinned at me.

   - Never. If you can’t remember anything, I’m not the one telling you. - He is unbelievable. Why he is telling me?

   - You’re refusing to a girl what happened while she was drunk. I can only assume the worst of you right now. - I mocked him on false disappointment. - Shame on you, Simón. What a terrible person.

  - I am a terrible person now? I took care of you and I’m a terrible person? - He asked in disbelief. 

   - You took care of me? - I repeated to assure I heard it right.

   There’s a important info in what he said. He took care of me? I must be a mess while drunk for a person to have to be responsible for me and even with someone attending I ended sleeping on the floor under the table. 

   Not only this but also he stayed with me the last night and still here. Does Simón realize this is a big thing or is it a random kind act for him? Because for me it’s not some meaningless thing. He stayed. He could had turned away and he had nothing to do with me, no one could blame him if he kept partying instead of babysitting a drunk girl, yet he stayed.

   - Yes. - Simón answered hesitantly and blushing. It was hard to tell in the dark but Simón is definitively blushing. And that smile. I wished I could be the reason of that many times. He couldn’t even keep his eyes on me, he might be really embarrassed (which was not needed). Simón hinted to take his hand of mine and I hold it tightly. 

   Self-control, Ámbar. Just cute boy doing his stuff. Get your shit together. I sighed and freed his hand a little, I still unable of let it go completely.

   - With your babysitting, I slept on the floor. - I tell him trying to make Simón feel lighter. - My fault or yours?

   - Yours? - He uttered unsure still a little flushed, I raised a eyebrow at him. Is he really blaming me? - Ours. - He changed his answer quickly and I laughed at him. - You really forgot everything about last night? - This question carried a bit of hurt, sadness, sorrow, something that weighed and made clear it was not a simple ask. 

   - I know how I got at the party. - I said. It was true. I tried to search for things so I could give Simón a better answer than just ‘No’.

   - Only? - He eyed me while asked. His eyes were hopeful. I closed my eyes extending my search.

   - I come through the open door, people watched me while walked into the living room, some waved to me, none intent of truly speaking to me. I found a corner to watch the teenagers interaction, Jazmin and Delfi were dancing and laughing with Pedro, Matteo was being the third wheel of Nina and Gastón, or maybe Nina was the third wheel, anyway Matteo went away when Luna started yelling calling players for some game while she was standing on the top of the table. What a night to that table by the way. 

   A flirting couple decides to settle down next to me. Annoying. So I choose to give them some space. I thought about going to the mansion, it wasn’t like I was doing something in the party. But it’s 11 pm. Too early. - ‘To come back to the cage.’ I paused, I didn’t realize I was thinking out loud. I was telling him everything on my mind without filter. Simón was hearing. Yeah, I gave him something satisfying than ‘No’. Now I have to control the rest. - I.. I went to the kitchen and someone handed me a bottle. My sweet escape from being a outsider in a bottle. Then it’s all a mess, only flashes.

    ‘My sweet escape from being a outsider in a bottle.’ Filter! The last was to be a consciously say. It sounds as self-pity. What a shame. What the hell?

    - Okay. - It’s all he said. I couldn’t look at him. - Are telling the rest of the night? - I asked in last try.

    - No. - I had to look at him and frown. - Don’t worry nothing important happened. - Simón comforted me. - You’ll be fine without it. - I needed to know. And I couldn’t tell him I needed to know why he stayed and slept with me, cared for me, accept the walking, the reason he was being kind with me. That I needed to know what changed during the night. - It’s morning already. I think I have to take you home. - I blinked in shock. The sudden change of subject got me surprised. Did I forgetting made Simón mad?

   - Did something wrong? - I burst when he got up. He turned to me softening his feature.

   - No. - He answered calmly frowning. - Why do you ask that? - For… - I couldn’t tell him. - Nothing. - He didn’t believe it I could see it. As well, with that shit answer. I need to repair this. - I can’t put away the feeling that something important happened. - I told the truth. Not all of it but still truth. He got closer put a hand on my cheek and kissed my forehead. 

   - Ámbar, it’s okay. Nothing to worry about. - He comforted me again and took his shoes off.

   - What are you doing? - I questioned confused.

   - If I am walking you home, you have two options. - He said placing his shoes next to my heels. - We can do the walk of shame together or you can wear my shoes. - I smiled at him.

   - I will take the second one, please. - I choose and put his shoes.

   - Ready? - Simón asked taking my heels and when I nodded he offered a hand, which I took without a second thought.

   Once again this night, we walked together.

   But this time, toward the mansion.