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If you knit or crochet or know someone who does please read this

My mum works at this great little shop called Little Red Mitten here in Canada but they need more international (especially American) customers. They have a site to buy online and it’s all Canadian dollars so it’s super cheap! They’ve got stuff for people who weave and spin too. Anyway yeah I just wanted to put that out there. Please reblog this if you find the website and store as cute as I hope you do. Plus the lady who owns the shop is adorable. Her name is Joan and she just loves knitting and owning a shop so much. Thanks for reading this darling 😚

Happy Birthday to Kana- Eisuke fluff/smut (RATED M)

I’m sorry this is a day late, some stuff came up after I got home last night! However, better late than never, right? <3

Once again, happy (belated) birthday to Kana! otomegameslover

Hope you enjoy ;)

“Do you plan on singing happy birthday for me?” she giggled on the phone with her boyfriend. 

“In your dreams. Anyways, I hope you have fun tonight.” Eisuke replies formally, checking the time on his watch.

“Yeah… thanks.” she mumbles and then the line goes dead. 

Honestly, Kana was feeling rather upset that he wasn’t able to be there to celebrate with her. Instead, work got the best of him and he was visiting a rival company to talk about a deal. Meanwhile, Kana was doing her hair with a small from on her face; she was preparing to go out with her friends to a local dive bar. 

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Hope it works! One of my favourite Dob fanvid from one of my fav. vidders out there. Her “stiles said he’s okay” one is just amazing. Anyway we need more Dob related stuff lately more than ever to lift the mood, yeah? Well until the next amas update with his beautiful self. Sending you guys good vibes till then!!!~

God bless you Nonnie for today you have done the Lord’s work! I’m smiling to big, thank you!
From the 30 day OTP challenge!! Day 1

Yeah so I finally got something out of my head, it’s not a prompt though, but I am working on them, and hopefully i’ll get some written this weekend. Anyways, I hope you guys enoy this small piece :3

Holding hands

When Sherlock started showing up at her place she didn’t think much of it, she knew he’d never admit it, but he seemed lonely after John was sometimes busy with his wife and child. They still went on cases, but only when they were a seven or over, otherwise Sherlock had to take them on his own.

He hadn’t only started spending more time with her in her flat; he also seemed to be around more at Barts. It seemed to her that where ever she was, he was, but she didn’t mention it, knowing she was silly for even thinking so.

Soon he started dragging her along for cases, and it really was dragging, he’d brush into her flat, take her hand, grab her coat from its hook, and pull her out the door. He didn’t let go of her hand before stepping out of the cab, but again, Molly thought nothing of it.

Then he started holding her hand even when they walked to the crime scene, earning weird looks from everyone there. Lestrade sent her a confused look, and all she could do was shrug. One time she woke up, and he was next to her, his fingers entwined with hers in a tight grip, she’d smiled slightly and had returned to sleep shortly after, just missing the smirk on Sherlocks lips.

When he’d taken her hand as they walked out of Barts, and started walking with her, instead of with a confused looking John, Molly breached the topic. ‘Sherlock’ she barely got the word out of her mouth before his was crushed against it, shutting her up effectively.

‘Explanation follows, but not just yet,’ was Sherlocks answer. Molly rolled her eyes, of course he’d known what she’d been about to ask him, typically him. He grabbed her hand again and continued to lead her on the way to her flat. Molly was still confused; more so than she’d been before, but she trusted she’d get an explanation.

And right now she really was happy walking through the noisy streets of London, hand in hand with her consulting detective.