anyway yeah i guess this is the first comic i draw for this au


Anon said: i love ur fusion art!!!! if u have time/want to you should do a bakushima fusion

You’re not the only one that asked, but actually I already did draw it! It’s the first one I’ve drawn haha I felt like drawing it again tho, so here’s a doodled comic of the first time they fused accidentally ✌️


A little more Youtuber AU where Uraraka gets excited, Bakugou is surprised, and Kiri looks amazing. Plus texting.






Guess who stays up late and draws art for her own damn fic series? Yeah, it’s me. This shit is totally worth it though, I’m lost to my story right now.

Which, if you aren’t following here or haven’t caught up on AO3, is my Temper the Blade Series, which right now I’m only in part one. It’s an AU where my Corvo obtains the twin-bladed knife because that thing was way too cool for the dude who used it in the dishonored book. Spoiler alert, Billie WILL end up with the blade eventually still, but that’s way far down the line. Corvo has to deal with the ins and outs of this dangerous and semi-sentient weapon first. >:)

Anyway you all should now go read and kudos and comment on my fic haha BYE.

First Date, First Kiss

1,500 words of Katsuki and Izuku on a cute little date for @sansapphy. Enjoy! 

(I also made it more of a modern high school / no quirks au, hope you don’t mind!)

“Um, can I get a hot chocolate?”

“Whipped cream?”

“Yes, please,” Izuku smiled awkwardly at the cashier.

“And I’ll have the chai tea,” Katsuki chimed in over his shoulder.

“Oh? Same order?” The cashier looked surprised, and so did Izuku.

“Yeah,” he nodded, pulling out his wallet.

“You don’t have to–”

“It’s fine, Deku. I know you’re broke.”

He nodded, blushing, and let Katsuki pay. Once they’d been given their drinks, they sat down at a small table right by the window and started to drink. It was nice, because they could look out at the street and people-watch instead of making eye contact, but could also see a reflection of the other person in the glass if they concentrated. A few minutes were spent in awkward silence like that – not so surprising for their first date – until Izuku started to talk.

“Um. This cafe is pretty cute. I’m glad you suggested it,” he said.

“Mm. I like the mugs they use,” Katsuki shrugged.

“Yeah, they’re nice and round, so they fit right in your hands!” Izuku smiled, and the comment draw Katsuki’s attention down to his mug. Izuku’s hands were wrapped around it, fingers barely poking out of the long, floppy sweater he was wearing.

If the cafe was cute, Izuku was ten times cuter.

“The cocoa is good, too. Nice and rich,” he said absentmindedly.

“Mm,” Katsuki nodded, more on instinct than anything, since he’d never actually had the hot chocolate. His eyes wandered back to the window and quickly found Izuku’s reflection in it. He was looking the other way, and brought the mug up to his mouth to take a long drink. He had to angle it pretty high now that he’d drunk so much, and when he brought it back down Katsuki couldn’t help but notice the obvious spot of whipped cream on his nose.

“Deku…” he chuckled, eyes flicking so his real face.

“Hm?” Izuku looked at him wide-eyed.

“You got some whipped cream on you,” he said, reaching forward and gently picking it up with his pointer finger, making Izuku flinch adorably. “Idiot.” He smirked, sucking it off his finger without a second thought to the fact that he didn’t even like whipped cream. Izuku made the faintest involuntary sequel and turned red, making it all the more worth it.

Needless to say, their date was going great.

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Ok, let`s jump in to it!
AU, where Butters is an actor who temporarily takes therapy from a psychologist - Kenny. And all was going well until Kenny got up too painful memories….and it cost him life. He was eaten. Yeah, Butters is a cannibal.

And ofc Kenny reborned. At first he wanted to hand him over to the police, but at the end only paid a fine for perjury. And was back on the plate. (oopsie) Butters doesn’t remember how Kenny manages to escape every time, but he understands, that his memories of shoots Kenny - false, for satiety and some other evidence indicate, that dinners did take place anyways. He tried to pull the truth from Kenny, but Kenny keeps his secret just to annoy Butters :) And Kenny’s getting more and more aware that he’s caught up in Butters` personality and can’t give up. And won`t give up.

Kenny: I’ll solve your problem! /after some month/ Kenny: I didn’t solve anything and now I have a problem. (also, Kyle and Wendy are psychologists too :))))) )

This idea came to my mind when I just took a teaspoon and thought it would fit an eyeball. And I wanted to draw it. but didn’t know with who. AND IT’S COME TO THAT I guess my brain just missed drawing guro. i`M idiot

this was really impulsive

happy birthday to me

yes, hi, birthdaygirl here! (i know i’ve been pretty absent but hear me out) in my 23 years of living i’ve learned a thing or two, and one of those things is that as fun as it is to get presents on your birthday, it’s always more fulfilling to give something in return. so.

some of you might remember me mentioning something about a new solangelo au story. many of you maybe remember the prompts i did a while back, especially how many of the prompts i did turned out to circle around the idea of nico and will being childhood best friends.

see where i’m getting at?

no, you’re not getting a whole fic today. but, BUT! i’ll give you something! i’ll give you a sneak peek, like i did once before with my high school reunion au

this story will have maybe five chapters. CHAPTERS, wow, i know! it’s something of a childhood best friends au meets high school au, i guess, and it’ll go back and forth between parts of their childhood and senior year of high school. and maybe some bits and pieces onward, we’ll see.

(btw, if someone would be willing to help me with some facts about senior year in american high school, message me! i’d be forever grateful.)

ANYWAY. as a birthday gift from me to you, have a small bit of chapter 1 of my coming soon story, phoenix and turtle, just under the cut! hope you like it!

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anonymous asked:

I really really really love your art! Please draw a jealous Kirishima, he’s jealous because of Camie!

Thanks!! And I dunno, maybe in the future? Don’t promise anything tho, sorry

Anon said: Hi I really love your art! You’re my favorite Bakushima/ kiribaku artist! How do you feel now that Kiri dragon is canon and also the fact that kiri is the only who’s seen Bakugou room! The light novel is a bless.


Yeah I’ve heard!!!!! Everything I’ve head up until now about the novel is just so good honestly ;O; <3<3 and to think Horikoshi actually co-authored them #forever blessed

Anon said:  All of your Bakushima art is v important to me

SOB thank you so much!!! <3

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Because of a bet... - chapter 1 -

Greetings my cubs! X3 here is the first chapter of my first (not official) request! It’s a Brohm/Brycewrecker ff and I hope you have fun to read it as much as I had fun writing it^^ oh and btw a new friend of mine (@skaisummers) helped me to get rid of pesky spelling and grammar mistakes(thanks again😉)
this story is an AU, because…duh…never gonna happen in reality

~ ~ enjoy 😄


P.o.V.: Ohm

So… I just might have a small crush on Bryce. Just a little one. Ok, so I may have fallen in love with my best friend. No one has to know, right?

Today, I feel like playing some Uno with the gang. Delirious, Cartoonz and to my utter happiness, Bryce agree. It is Delirious and Cartoonz versus Bryce and me. Per usual, Delirious is up to his tricks.

“Take this you son of a bitch! Boom! UNO!” Delirious insanely laughs as he places a ’+2’ card on top of the deck.

“Noooo!” Bryce yells playfully as he is forced to draw two extra cards. His outburst is followed by his trademark giggle.

So cute…

“How could you Delirious? I thought we were friends!” Bryce screams comically.

“No! We only have each other!” Cartoonz interrupts.

“Yeah!” Del agrees. "We only have each other, brother!”

“Oh, yeah? Well then…!” I exclaim.

I pause for a moment for Bryce to play his next card.

“Bryce, you got me?” I ask.

“Yeah Ohm!” He confirms.

“UNO BITCHES! WE WIN!” I yell with excitement.

"YESSS!” Bryce yells in victory.

“NOOOO!” yell the losers.

I barely hear the resounding “no” from the other team, I’m too busy focusing on Bryce.

My Brycie-poo is happy that we won~

“Of course I’m happy that we won! Uno is so fun!” Bryce giggles for the third time.

God, he’s so adorable!

I wonder what expression he’s making right now? I wish I could see him, instead of having to wait for his uploads. His adorable face. His giggling face. His “o” face…



Let’s save those thoughts for the bedroom.

“Ohm, are you happy about your precious ‘Brycie-poo’?” Toonz mocks and I feel the heat creeping up my face.

“Um.. yeah,” I say still embarrassed at how good his guess was.

“Ohm, are you guys fucking again?” Del asks egging on my embarrassment.

Oh shit! Okay, play it cool Ryan. Use this opportunity to flirt with him!

“No, but I’d love to feel ‘dat ass in ma’ hands!” I say with conviction.

Though it’s not a lie.

“Yeah and 'dat ass on your d*ck!” Cartoonz yells mockingly.

“How’d you know?” I joke back.

Ok, it’s cool. I’m making them laugh and I get to flirt with Brycie~

“Ohm, no! Just no!” Bryce says giggling.

“Ohm yes!” I nearly moan. “That’s how you’ll sound all night!” I say and start laughing because I cannot control myself.

“I’m uncomfortable. I need an adult. I need an adult!” Bryce exclaims and laughs.

Bryce is so innocent. That’s what I love about him. I laugh and tease him more until I’m sure he’s blushing on his side of the screen.

“Ohm seriously! Stop!” He yells.

I laugh at how he tries to end the flirting. Still, I can’t let it end here now can I?~

“Why? You don’t like me talking about our sexy times?~” I ask teasingly.

“I-“, Bryce starts but he is cut off by Delirious before he can reply.

Damn, just when we were getting to the good part!

“Well, Luke and I are having a sleepover tomorrow, so good night you two!” Del says, followed by Cartoonz.

“Yeah, good night you fuckers!” I reply jokingly.

I love those guys.

“And have fun with that 'sleepover’,” Bryce adds, putting emphasis on the last word mockingly.

Del and Toonz say their parting comments and get offline.

Yeah, I really do love those guys. But not as much as I love Brycie~

theladyragnell  asked:

Somehow no one has yet managed to do a Daredevil space AU! Maybe they are lawyers for Starfleet, or Matt is a Jedi, or Foggy's family always wanted him to fix spaceships but he went into the law instead.

Okay but Comics Stick is absolutely everything terrible about traditional Jedi training and this is PERFECT.  I can’t decide if I want Matt and Elektra to be little baby padawans together (SO CUTE), or if Elektra was one of Stick’s regular little baby padawans and then he had a BIG DRAMATIC BREAKUP with the Jedi Council and wandered off to like live in a bog or whatever as Jedi do when they storm off, and then found Matt and was like “Hmmm, you’re super Force sensitive but also full of emotions and Too Old For Jedi Training, IDK” and eventually DID train him but was also, like, hey, stop having emotions.  Guess who can’t stop having emotions?  SPOILER IT’S MATT AND ELEKTRA.

ANYWAY Stick leaves and Matt pretends to be A Normal and goes to space college and meets Foggy and they’re gonna be space lawyers because hey, even space has laws, but Matt is still secretly Forcing around and…I guess he probably doesn’t have a lightsaber, IDK where he would get one, but anyway he’s like “Foggy, let’s stop being regular space bureaucrats and join the Resistance and be RESISTANCE bureaucrats” (please don’t ask me about the timeline of this AU, I acknowledge it makes no sense) and Foggy’s like “Okay” because that’s what Foggy does when Matt asks crazy things.

Actually I think this AU works out pretty well for them because I’m pretty sure Leia takes one look at Matt and is like “Yeah, you’re Force sensitive and you’ve got some Jedi training, here’s one of the like three lightsabers we have, don’t cut anyone’s arm off, you’re on Rey’s squad.  You with the hair, you’re with me.”  So Matt’s running around with Rey and Finn (and probably fighting SITH ELEKTRA and being very sad about it but then she’s like “Fuck it, I’m not Sith anymore but I’m not a Jedi either, I’m just doing me now” and ninjas off into space) and Foggy’s trotting around after Leia, his hair in ridiculously elaborate braids, informing her that everything she’s doing is probably illegal but VERY COOL and can she please be his new mom?

(Karen and Brett are pilots.  Claire is a medic.  Ben runs the, like, Resistance communications whatever.  Marci is a First Order bureaucrat who basically quietly sabotages shit for them all the time because she thinks Foggy’s cute.)

Anyway someone draw bb!Matt with a padawan braid plz.