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A few things you can do to be a good ally for your trans friends:

Things like ‘don’t misgender them’ go without saying obviously, this is more about some things in social settings with other people. Of course, everyone is different, so you should ask your friends how they feel about these things.
- try dropping their pronouns to new people before they can start assuming. Because if the correct gender is already rooted in their brain, they’re at least a little less likely to assume something else. It’s easier in german cause it’s such a heavily gendered language, but it’s definitely possible in english too. For example, if you introduce someone, just add “he/she/they is/are from/does/works for…”, just anything along those lines. The content doesn’t really matter. (Even better if you can drop the pronouns before the new people even meet the friend or partner - this worked super well on my family tbh. I have a really big family and not a single one of them has misgendered Noll so far, as far as I know, cause they knew he was a guy months before they met him).
- if that’s impossible/your friend isn’t comfortable with it/they just get randomly misgendered, correct that person. But not in a “MY FRIEND IS TRANS AND THEIR CORRECT PRONOUNS ARE” way, cause chances are, they’re not super comfortable being outed to random people, just very clearly refer to them with their correct pronouns or be like “Oh, “he/she/they is/are a man/woman/NB person”.
- I’ll emphasize again: don’t out them to other people. Unless they’ve specified that they’re cool with that but yeah outing people without their consent is rude and unnecessary. So don’t do that.
- don’t pretend you understand some of their struggles. I catch myself doing that sometimes and I need to stop, but yeah don’t be like ‘Oh I understand, I experience similar things sometimes” etc - showing empathy and trying make them feel less alone with their shit is good but only up to a certain point. Because there are some things that a cis/not-trans person simply can’t understand that way because we never experience it. So don’t pretend you do & instead listen, give them the space to talk and make them feel appreciated and loved.
- depending on when you meet them, they might have already transitioned - if so, don’t pressure them to tell you about the time before. Don’t ask about their deadname (what would you wanna know it for anyways?), don’t ask for pictures. If they want to show you, they will probably just do it in the right context, but chances are that they’re rather uncomfortable with the way they looked so yeah. (I saw a Q&A video of a cute trans guy the other day where someone asked him why he never posted comparison pictures from before he transitioned and now like a lot of trans people do and he said that it makes him sad to see those pictures from before he transitioned because that person was really sad and that he’s just uncomfortable with it so yeah keep that in mind).
- someone is being a transphobic jerk/making jokes w/e? call them out. stand up for trans people, especially when there are no trans people around, because being an ally doesn’t stop when no one is around to give you a cookie for it.
- if you mess up and do something that hurts or offends them - give them an honest apology, hope for their forgiveness and then do better next time. Same as with cis friends.

these are just some things off the top of my head. If you have more stuff to add, please feel free! (or if you disagree with something, also feel free to discuss that with me. I’m not trans myself so if I used wrong words/language or something on this post is simply wrong or a bad idea, please tell me.)

  • Names of the German NT pronounced by
  • robholding

okay, I hope I didn’t spoke too fast & I hope this will help you :^)
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The names (I just took the list from the official homepage and added some other players):

Bernd Leno, Manuel Neuer, Marc-André ter Stegen
Jérôme Boateng, Yannick Gerhardt, Jonas Hector, Benjamin Henrichs, Benedikt Höwedes, Mats Hummels, Joshua Kimmich, Shkodran Mustafi, Antonio Rüdiger, Niklas Süle, Jonathan Tah, Erik Durm, Matthias Ginter, Per Mertesacker, Philipp Lahm
Karim Bellarabi, Julian Brandt, Emre Can, Julian Draxler, Serge Gnabry, Mario Gomez, Leon Goretzka, Mario Götze, Ilkay Gündogan, Sami Khedira, Toni kroos, Max Meyer, Thomas Müller, Mesut Özil, Marco Reus, Sebastian Rudy, Leroy Sané, Andre Schürrle, Kevin Volland, Julian Weigl, Christoph Kramer, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Miroslav Klose, Lukas Podolski

  • John: They don't lock up a child because a dog goes missing.
  • Mycroft: Quite so. It was what happened immediately afterwards.
  • Me: Okay I guess that makes sense...
  • *after finishing the episode* Me: Oh, so the dog was a human child... Who Eurus murdered... And they didn't lock her up... until AFTER she burnt down her house......... hmmmmmmmm...... hhMMMMMMMMM.......
  • *through clenched teeth* I GUESS THAT MAKES SENSSSSSEEEEEE........

me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]

I was as pure as a river
But now I think I’m possessed

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even now i’ll sit back sometimes (like.., today) and reflect on the fact that alphys - the exact sort of non-protag whose narrative would 9 times out of 10 shaft or diminish her or carelessly impinge on realizing her potential bc she’s not ~The Right Type for that - not only got a sympathetic portrayal that alternated between funny and sweet and sad and thoroughly gut-wrenching, it’s also super easy to make the “meatiest and best-written character in the whole damn game” argument for her

like. i’m so used to characters like alphys being relegated to joke and plot device status and yet here she is in ut, being complex and fleshed-out and integral and getting the girl holy shit. she’s not let down by her narrative and that still makes me ridiculously happy

Emergency Dance Party

         Nursey walks into the Haus to a familiar, but still strange, occurrence. Loud music is being blasted from somewhere within the Haus, and typically, during kegsters or when Bitty is baking, this would make sense. But it’s six in the afternoon on a Tuesday and Bitty is visiting Jack in an impromptu I-need-cuddles-from-my-boyfriend trip. So there is, logically, no reason for incredibly loud music to be playing right now.

         Nursey follows the sound of Adam Levine’s voice singing about sugar up the first flight of stairs to the attic. He knocks several times, but the music is too loud, so he assumes that nothing obscene is happening behind the door. He really doesn’t think that Ransom would allow Holster to put on Maroon 5 when they fuck, so he hopes it’s safe (of course, that’s also assuming that they’re fucking, but like half of Nursey’s life is based on assumptions so).

         When he pushes open the door he finds a sight he never could have dreamed of. All the dirty laundry, discarded papers, and stray objects in the attic have been pushed to the outskirts of the room to create, what seems to be, a dance floor. And utilizing that floor is none other than Ransom and… Dex.

         A dance party has broken out in the Haus attic, including Ransom, the typical stressed out ecosystem who definitely has a test tomorrow, and Dex, resident poindexter. Like, literally. And not only that, but the playlist seems to consists of mostly fast-beat pop songs and angry teen music. He’s pretty sure he heard some Black Parade on when he first walked into the Haus. Now he’s drifting into thoughts of Dex wearing eyeliner and ripped black jeans and… what was happening?

         Oh yeah, freak event dance party.

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“I asked for a hero. I got a six foot tall puppy.”
“I asked for a hero. I got an angry teen with hedgehog hair and no social manners.”
“I asked for a hero. I got a pesky matchmaker thief.”
“I asked for a hero. I got an ambiguously gendered small pacifistic Forest kid.”
“I asked for a hero. I got an womanizing asshat with great hair.”
“I asked for a hero. I got an ambiguously gendered sociopath with a tragic past.”
“I asked for a hero. I got a mam bear with great calves.”
“I asked for a hero. I got a sassy fashionista.”
“I asked for a hero. I got a wild girl who bites people.”
“I asked for a hero. I got an extremely annoying short kid with impossible hair.”
“I asked for a hero. I got a hero, but he’s always sick.”