anyway ya i hope you guys like it c:


I changed my character thing once again, sorry if I change fast, I just kinda work that way??? Hard to explain, anyways I also changed the…I don’t know, I’ma call it a signature for my art?? Eh, either way I changed it and I hope you guys like it.
Can someone please make me an icon? Sorry if I seem rude or something for asking but eh, I don’t know, send something in my inbox or message me if you want to. :/

Anyway, I hope you guys liked the Black Siren video. I saw some of the tags you guys wrote in your reblogs of it and it made me happy. Ya’ll are great. I’ll probably soberly glue myself to tumblr for an extended period of time tomorrow night, so if you’re up for a chat then I’ll see you guys tomorrow c: