anyway ya i hope you guys like it c:

Hello everyone 😊 So it’s been a while since I haven’t had post any new content , and I’m really sorry for it . It’s simply because I’m out of time with all that school stuff , like , ya know , preparing for exams 😂 Anyway , I need to say that this blog will be inactive for some time , even though I feel so sad about it :c Also I’m sorry for not being able to make all of your requests . Sorry guys 😣 I hope when I’ll have more time I’ll do it . But right now I wish to ya’ll to stay positive and healthy 🌿 Thank you so much for all the support I receive, sweethearts . It means a lot for me . Love you 💖💖💖

chantheookamiqueen  asked:

Pfft hey! Person from Tsubasacon that met ya guys and was way too excited XD I'm the girl who was in the Assassins Creed outfit. But anyways, just wanna say it was amazing to meet you man! XD so fun to meet you and Alaina. In person no doubt! Y'all are nice people c:

OMG YOU ARE SO CUTE ! I clearly remember you and it was so nice to see such a passionate person in front of your booth ! I really hope that you enjoy tsubasacon smiles like yours really warmed up ours days ! Stay amazing !