anyway what a good episode


Rhett using Link to steady himself

my wishlist for BBC Les Miserables:

-is literally a live-action English-speaking Shoujo Cosette

I mean not to be dramatic but if berringer dares to look at max one more time the next thing he’ll be seeing is me reaching into his chest and pulling out his heart with my bare hands ha ha hHA H hah aha :^)

Ever been so sexuallly frustrated you burnt down Paris to get a girl ?


imagine if you will a toilet that has two seats like those two-scoop ice cream cones.

i’m considering not watching the last episode of Bon Voyage so I can just pretend the whole thing never ends and BTS (with Namjoon of course) continue traveling together forever in their lil camper car  - just 7 bros out there in the world losing shit, finding themselves and having new adventures every day.  


the cottonball flies out of his ear

I canno t handle the myst erious woman

Episode four: in case you don’t remember what happened at the end of episode three, don’t worry, there’s a flashback for that.

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