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Support (Harry Styles Imagine)

Warning: swearing 

I’ve finally done my dream imagine! I’ve been wanting to write a dramatic imagine for a while now. Thank you to those who voted for this and for those who even personally messaged me. I really do appreciate the help.

It took me quite a lot of time to finish this because I had a lot of scenarios in mind. Sorry for the delay. Hope I didn’t disappoint.

Anyways… Hope you guys like it! 

Feedbacks are very well appreciated.



They say that after the honeymoon phase comes the biggest bump in one’s relationship.

For four years now, I’ve been Harry Styles’s girlfriend. I met him when I started working for Lou as her assistant stylist for the Where We Are Tour. At first, I was adamant to do it. But with a little push from Lou, I finally agreed. I’m glad that I agreed. Each passing day on the road, Harry and I grew closer until he finally asked me to be his. And I said yes.

Throughout the course of the On The Road Again Tour, I was asked yet again to join the crew. But this time, no decision was needed to be thought out. I was going to be with the love of my life 24/7 and that was enough reason to agree once more.

 I was with them when they had to perform for the first time without Zayn in Manila. Nerves were wrecking around backstage about who’ll sing Zayn’s part in which song and what’ll happen to their positions onstage with one member missing. I was even there when Zayn officially said goodbye.

I was with Harry when they announced to the public of their decision regarding the hiatus. It was hard for the lads to end up with that decision, but they all knew that it was for the greater good of the band. They knew that if they went on with a heavy heart that they might end up resenting what they do or worse, each other.

 I was there during their last show in Sheffield. Hugs were given as soon as the show ended. Tears were pouring everywhere. I have never seen Harry cry so hard before. Even I shed a tear or two. Of course, I’ve been with these people for two years now. I’ll miss seeing them everyday. But whatever happens, we all promised to support one another in any way or form.


Now, it’s been a few months since the hiatus started. Harry and I decided to go home to Holmes Chapel to unwind for a few weeks. Anne was kind enough to have accommodated both of us. Gemma even stopped by everyday to chat with us. It seemed like I was in a normal relationship and not in a relationship with a superstar.

A few weeks after that, Harry was casted for Christopher Nolan’s new movie Dunkirk. To say that I was proud of him was an understatement. In the midst of shooting the movie, Harry asked me to join him because he was feeling lonely. With a smile on my face, I gladly joined him. Plus, Cillian Murphy was another reason to drop by. (wink wink)

After the movie, Harry decided to start writing for his first solo album. I was so happy that he’d be back in the comfort of his beloved studio where I knew he was genuinely happy. He decided to take a small trip to Jamaica, which was such a breather. It was away from all the flashing light and spying eyes. Harry’d spend his time in the studio with Jeff and Mitch. While I, on the other hand, started drawing my dream fashion line.

Every since I was a kid, I have loved dressing up. And finishing my degree in fashion designing really was a dream come true. Dressing people up like how I did with the lads on tour was not the job that i was expecting but it was a great experience. I’m much more interested in designing my own fashion line and flaunt my designs on the runway.


One normal day back home, I got a phone call from the biggest fashion company in London. They heard from Lou that I was a fashion major and wanted me to send drafts of my designs for their upcoming fall collection. I was beyond ecstatic.

This is it.

 My dreams are becoming a reality. I immediately called Lou and thank her over and over again. I then excitedly told Harry and he was so proud of me. That night, me, my family, friends and Harry went out and celebrated but I noticed that Harry wasn’t into it. My best friend even asked if he was ill. It was like he wasn’t even there. I just took it as stress and agreed to go home earlier than expected.

The day of his album launch came. It was a whirlwind of emotions. I was so proud of how people responded to Sign of the Times, but the response to the album was much better. Knowing how hard Harry worked for it and how much people appreciated it made me so happy for him.

And to add to that happiness, pieces from the collection that I sent was chosen for the London Fashion Week Fashion Show a few months from now. I had already told Harry the night before about it but he just nodded and told me he was proud.

Maybe he’s just tired? Or maybe he’s just nervous for the launch the next day? I thought. 

His entire team went out to celebrate that night. Of course, I was there during dinner with his family. I told Gemma about the the fashion show and she promised to be there to support me. Anne even let out a sound of excitement and kept on hugging me, making me feel how happy she was for me.

The dinner ended quickly, so they decided to have a few drinks. Me, on the other hand, had a very important meeting with the company so I had to be presentable and hang-over free.

 “Love, let’s go?” Harry asked.

 “Babe, I have that meeting tomorrow remember?” I asked, with a ‘duh’ tone.

 “What meeting?” He asked. I was shocked. His facial expression really showed no signs of him knowing what was going on.

 “The meeting for the fashion show?” I asked, hoping that something will spark up.

 “You got the job?” He asked.

 “Harry, I told you that last night.” I said, a small frown now starting to form on my face.

 “Ohh yeah. That.” He said. I was kind of disappointed that he forgot but I just shook it off.

 “Anyways, it’ll probably be best if I head home first. Go enjoy the night.” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

 “You sure?”

 “Of course.”

 And with that, I left him and went home.


The meeting the next day went very well. I met with the tailors who’ll make my designs a reality alongside me and explained to them how I wanted it to turn out. They were nice enough to have understood my worries and assured me of my creative works. The models were also chosen and among those are some of the most well known models. The feeling of Cara Delevingne wearing my work was unbelievable.

I went home that afternoon with a tired body, yet a big smile on my face. Harry was in our bedroom getting ready to go out and celebrate with his friends. I quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek and a quick ‘hey babe’.

“Love, go get ready. We’ll meet them at five.” He said, buttoning his shirt.

“Babe, is it ok if I pass tonight? I’m so tired and I just want to lie down and relax.” I said, slumping my body in the bed. His face showed how much he wanted to go. “Go on without me. Enjoy babe.”

“Don’t you want to celebrate the success of my album, love?” He said with pleading eyes. Of course I want to but having sewed a few pieces myself, I was exhausted.

“It’s not that babe. It’s just that… I’m so tired.” 

“Oh. Ok.”

What’s with his attitude? I don’t know why his tone suddenly sounded like he’s implying that I didn’t want to go just because I don’t want to go.

“What’s with you?” I suddenly asked. I don’t know what ticked inside me, but I had a feeling that me asking that question will lead to a fight.

“Nothing. It’s just that I feel that you’re not happy for me.” He said while fixing his not-so-long-anymore hair.

“What are you saying? Just because I don’t want to go out tonight doesn’t mean I’m not happy for you.” My voice started rising.

“Then make me feel it! All you care about is your stupid designs.”

Oh hell no. 

“Excuse me?”

He’s gotta be kidding right now.

“I said it! All you care about is your stupid runway fashion show. You never support me in any of my works. It’s like I don’t even have a girlfriend who supports me. All we talk about is how excited you are for the show and how happy you are that YOUR dreams are coming true. What about me, huh? Ever thought about me? My album? My dreams?”

 “Oh for fuck’s sake Harry. Don’t you ever say that I didn’t support you. I spent two years on the road with you… two years which should’ve been spent on designing my OWN fashion show. I’ve been beside you through all of the rumors, the hiatus, and now your solo career. So don’t you dare point a finger at me and say that I don’t care about your dreams because I do.” I said. My blood’s now boiling that I don’t think it’ll be enough cooling off just for tonight.

 “Then make me feeling like you care and join us tonight.” He shouted.

 “Why are you so fucking selfish? Can’t you see that I’ve been working my ass off for MY dream? All I ever thought about for the past few years was you and your damn career. Can’t you think about mine? All I’m asking is a night in tonight. Heck, I’m not even asking you to stay with me!” Harry was about to say something but I cut him off.

 “You know what Harry? I realized now… All I ever did in this relationship is give, give, and give. And I’m getting tired.”

 Flashbacks of how Harry reacted with me getting the job came to mind… he didn’t even care. Heck, he even forgot that I told him about me getting it. I’ve talked about this with a friend of mine and what she told me really hit me.

 “It sounds to me like there’s only one person in this relationship.”

“Love, I’m not saying that your dream is not that important. It’s just that -” he said, but I cut him off.

“You feel that your accomplishments are far more important and extravagant than mine.” I said in total realization. No words were needed, his facial expressions were enough to assure my assumption.

“I can’t believe you!” I shouted. “A relationship between two people is about trust and support, and you can’t even support your girlfriend of four years? Your girlfriend who was beside you, supporting you since who knows when!” I started crying.

 “Love, it’s not like that…”

 “Then what is it like Harry? WHAT?” My head started to ache and my breathing started to quicken its pace.


 “You know what? You’re not the Harry that I fell in love with anymore. You’re just a big-headed pop star who only cares about his fame.”

 “You’re not the girlfriend that I used to know as well. My girlfriend supports me in everything that I do.”

 “And my boyfriend also does the same.”

 “I’m still that person!” He said in exhaustion.

 “No you’re not.” I said with tears now streaming down my face.

 “Then what are you implying?” For a split second, I saw the man that I fell in love with - the man who’d swim the oceans just to make me smile.

 “I’m sorry but if you’ll continue, it’d be best if I left.”

 “Love, no… Don’t do this.” Desperation was very well heard from that one sentence.

 “I’m sorry.”

 I grabbed my bag and with that, I left the man who still had my heart.

They said that there’s always a rainbow after the rain. But with this kind of relationship, seeing a ray of light might be impossible.

the meaning of “love myself, love yourself” - when namjoon almost fucked up and told us about the new album

“Many people mention this a lot these days so I feel as if the words have lost their original meanings. Anyways, this is the remark that supports me the most and I really wanted to say this. To myself and to my fans, and those who saw us for the first time. I thought it would be nice to think about what it’s means to love myself and to love others. So I added that to my speech.”

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Nah, probably not, it happens all the time with other tumblrs, so I think it's that. Dragon!tony is unbelievably precious, can you tell us more about how thor taught him how to fly?

Thor is horrified when he learns that Tony can’t fly. The way he tells it, dragons where he comes from are born being able to fly. Everyone’s pretty sure this is a gross exaggeration but Tony is enamored anyway. Thor sets out to right this wrong considering no one else will be able to, and he talks about how much he’d loved teaching his brother to fly. Thor didn’t talk about Loki a lot, but when he did, he sounded sad. Tony decides he’s going to try very hard, not just because he wants to fly but also because he wants Thor to be happy again.

Thor starts him with exercises to strengthen his wings. Tony hates them but he does them anyway. He’s sore and tired all the time now. He doesn’t understand how Steve and Bucky can do this every day because they want to. Still, having company while he does something he hates is kind of nice. It’s not like he’s not appreciative of the view. (Sometimes Steve and Bucky take their shirts off in the heat of the day. Those are good times, even if they do get offended when Tony asks about their boobs. How was he to know that men didn’t have boobs? Steve’s were– “THEY’RE MUSCLES, TONY. FEEL THEM. NOT WITH YOUR CLAWS OH MY GOD.” He’s right. They don’t feel like Natasha’s boobs at all.)

Once Tony’s strengthened up all the muscles he’ll need to fly, Thor has Tony practice the motions of flapping his wings, watching him carefully to correct any improper posture. Once he has those down, and has lifted his feet off the ground a few times, Thor teaches him how to take a running start and leap into the air. Tony face-plants into the dirt immediately. He’d probably take a while to mope about failing but Thor butts his snout against his rump to get him up to try again before he can dwell on it. Every time Tony stumbles or falls, Thor is there to urge him back up. When Tony finally, finally gets into the air, he whoops and hollers and then promptly forgets what Thor told him about landing and does a pretty impressive somersault before slamming his head into the ground so hard that it shakes the foundation of the castle. Everyone is struck silent in horror at the sight.

But Tony pops back up, mud and dirt and some clods of grass all down his chin and neck, and gallops over to Rhodey. “Rhodey, did you see me?! I was flying!” “You were!” Rhodey answers brightly, more out of reflex than actual joy. “I flew!” “You did!” “Rhodey, I was in the air! My face hurts but I wanna try again.” Rhodey frowns a little. “Can’t it wait? You hit your head really hard, buddy.” “AGAIN!” Tony shouts, wings flying up with excitement. “You should wait,” Thor cuts in. Tony’s wings droop immediately.

He sneaks out at night to continue practicing and takes out a grand oak tree.

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wait so what happened?? did someone steal your art??

I mean,  people repost my art with out my permission all the time but that’s another story

 what happened today :  So when I posted part one of Dandelions I had a lot of people ask if they could turn it into a fic. I politely told them all I wasn’t comfortable with that but I kept getting those kinds of messages. I finally got tired and typed up a rant as to why I didn’t want people making my comic a fic (you can read the rant here!

so fast forward and I post part 2 of dandelions. Literally the next morning I wake up to someone in all caps saying if I wasn’t going to make it a fanfiction (which it already is, its just in comic form) could they write it. 

already having dealt with constant messages like this, the all caps intensity of their message, and the fact that I had literally JUST woken up:  I fucking snapped. 

I was a little harsh but how they retaliated was completely inappropriate. hours later they proceeded to send me multiple messages, one after the other, pretending to be a bunch of people ganging up on me. Most of the messages I didn’t answer, a lot of them containing all kinds of insults from name calling to saying I mistreat my followers (which, oh god I hope not.. please let me know if I seem to not treat anyone well! I do have a busy schedule and I’m sorry if I don’t get to someone if they message me!).    They said I was over reacting and they were going to write the fic anyway because “its not like I could stop them” 

I have a feeling I know who this person is though, they harassed me when I had my ask blog. And I knew it was just one person because as soon as I blocked the IP address and refreshed my blog, ALL the terrible messages in my inbox vanished!  

I hope that all made sense. I’m still all shaky because of what all happened. Today has just been a shit day 

Manga Character! Jihoon [3]

A/N: well well HELLOO it’s been a good while since I’ve continued me series for manga jihoon and i’ve been wanting to write and continue it but school has got me wrapped around their finger with all these tests smh. 


i want to thank my friend who gave me an idea about a certain part of this chapter [can i call it a chapter? LMAO] but yeah! I hope yall enjoy it because i’m planning on ending it in like 1 or 2 parts! 


  • “jihoon what is all this ramen, eggs, and toast for”
  • “Y/N i’m just thanking you for not kicking me out these past two weeks.” 
  • “by giving me food we’ve been having for quite a while now?”
  • you pause and sit down in front of all the food at the table before giving a smile towards Jihoon,
  • “you know me too well.”
  •  he laughs before you both start digging into the food laid in front of you.
  • “so did you find the magic to getting back into your manga? I don’t want you to-”
  •  you look up to see that Jihoon has disappeared from his seat 
  • so you just shrug and carry on eating 
  • but after that it seems like Jihoon is always and I mean ALWAYS disappearing once you mention the manga. 

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Young!James Potter Imagine Part 2

First of all, I’d like to apologize to whoever requested this. I am so, so sorry for splitting this in two parts, it was NOT my intention, but it happened. And second, I’d like to apologize that it took me so long to write this. So here is part 2 and I hope you like it, and if you don’t, please tell me! My ask box is always open.

Anyway, I love James, he’s currently my favourite! I also adore Sirius, who’s my number one and of course Remus is a cutie too. Okay, it feels kinda creepy to talk about them like that, they’re fictional, but sometimes I read such good imagines (I will reblog those who I adore) that it feels like I really know them.

Ok, whatever! Have a nice day!! And request!


James Potter was a wreck. His life broke in a million pieces, when you sent him out of your room. It was around midnight and he couldn’t sleep. His best friends were all asleep, dreaming their wildest dreams, but he couldn’t. He cursed himself for what he did to you, to your relationship and basically himself.

It was complicated, he knew. If it was any other girl that he kissed, not Lily, you’d probably listen. Of course you would be mad, but you would know that it wasn’t him who kissed the girls. With Lily, it was a totally different story. Before there was you and him, he liked Lily and thought he was in love with her. When he asked her out for the first time and she rejected him, he thought he was broken, but in fact it was his pride that was hurt. Him and Lily were totally different. She barely laughed at jokes, while he was full of them, her quiet and serious persona was a total difference to his wild one. Sirius knew that, Remus knew that before anyone else and you knew that as well.

And you were friends with the Marauders, never with the quiet Lily nor her friends, but with many other people. Just like James you were witty and funny, very kind and nice. You loved Quidditch, just like him. It was funny how you and James didn’t get together before your fifth grade, when James saw you at the party and started paying attention at you. As soon as he talked to you, his ‘‘Lily-flower’‘ was gone. You were perfect for each other. You even found out that your mothers were best friends in their Hogwarts years.

You knew, just like everybody else in Hogwarts, that James liked Lily, so you were confused when he asked you out. However, you were not blind and realized how James didn’t even look at Lily when she came his way, nor did he talk about her. Suddenly she was out and you were the only girl he had eyes on. James became nervous around you, some days he didn’t even know what to say to you, he couldn’t focus in class, because all he could think about was you. When you finally said yes and you idiots realized that you were meant to be, then everything fell into it’s place. The world was fuzzy and full of misunderstandings, but with you, James felt calm, yet so alive.

And now, he was laying in his bed, while rain was making the only sound that was heard in the room. He cursed the moment he picked up the firewhiskey he intended to drink with Sirius, and made his way to the empty common room. He was waiting for Padfoot who was, meanwhile in some girl’s dorm, asleep. So e had one glass and after one, another and so on. He felt a little tipsy and his head started to hurt. He wondered where were you, when Lily entered the room. Her eyes lightened up when she saw him, her cheeks turned a little red, but he didn’t all. He had another glass, as she sat down next to him, his eyes fixed on the fire in the fireplace in front of him.

She gulped, as she noticed how her presence did not have any effect on him. “How are you James?2 she asked in her sweet voice.

James chuckled as he replied with a boring “fine.” It was obvious, he was quite drunk, since he had no energy to do anything, but look at the fire.

He did not return the question, which made Lily even more nervous. The moment she saw that James was not interested in her anymore, and that he was hanging out with another girl - you, she started to look at James differently. She always thought he was attractive and handsome, but there was so much more that she did not knew of him, and you did. Lily was surprised when she heard from Marlene that you and James began dating, her eyes almost fell out when he kissed you in the middle of the class. She overheard him talking about you to his friends one night, and she couldn’t help but be jealous of what you had. Lily envied you, that’s why she couldn’t say anything but a simple hello to you. You understood, you were no fool, even a blind man could see that Lily was uncomfortable around James and you.

Out of the blue, she kissed him. It was an act of despair and weakness. She didn’t know what else to do, how to make him look at her, how to tell him, that she is in love with him. A few months ago, James would kill for that kiss, but that was past and just past. He tried to tell you that, but you didn’t listen. He confessed, that he kissed her back, but regretted an act in a second.

Tears slipped from his dark eyes on the pillow, below his head. He closed them and covered his body with a blanket. James Potter, always on the top of the Marauders group, the baddest prankster in Hogwarts, the notorious rule breaker and joker, was now a complete opposite. He was hurt and angry, vulnerable and powerless, something he hadn’t felt in years. But you made him feel like that and he couldn’t do anything to fix this mess.

“He’s sorry, (Y/N).” Remus’ voice filled your head. You two were sitting in the Great Hall at breakfast, a few days later after your big fight with James.

“I know he is. But that still doesn’t change the fact of what he did.” You snapped back, while looking in Remus’ eyes.

“You don’t understand,” Remus chuckled bitterly, “he’s barely eating or sleeping, he hasn’t told a joke in ages, he’s constantly occupied by his thoughts-”

“What a poor guy he is, right? Remus just leave it. We broke up, now he can be with that Lily of his if he wants.”

Remus shook his head in annoyance. You were always understanding and reasonable, but when it came to your problems, it’s like you were completely blind. Some people told you, that Lily asked James out and you were logically anticipating that he said yes. He’s finally moved on, you thought. Not that you weren’t hurt, of course you were, but…if it was meant to happen, you wanted it to be done as quickly as possible. There was no night that you fell asleep without crying, no morning without a bitter realization that you can’t run up to James and kiss him.

“He doesn’t want Lily, for Godric’s sake! Why do you have to be so stubborn?” Remus got angry. A few people around you, looked at him and he blushed a little at the realization, and continued calmly,

“Look, that’s life (y/n), I’m sure you’ve already figured that out. Bad things happen, worse things than that one with you and James. And it’s James. You know him as good as I do, maybe even better and you know that he’s really sad.”

Your eyes looked at your feet, as Remus tried to drift your mind to a realization. “But he’s going to be alright. He’s going to move on, we both know that. He’s funny and friendly, that will be no problem to him. I’m not telling you this to hurt you in any way, but I don’t want you to lose him. And I don’t want him to lose you, because of one mistake that he didn’t even make. I’ve never seen him this sad, but I know this will end after some time. And after some months, he will be just a stranger to you. Do you want that? Because he loves you (Y/N), and moving on will be the hardest thing he will ever have to do.”

You teary eyes looked at Remus thankfully, as you gave him a soft smile and got up. You didn’t know what to say and stood there awkwardly. At what he just said, you realized he was right and that stupid fight was not going to break what you had with James. “He’s at the Quidditch pitch.” he answered to your questioned, you never asked.

You ran to the pitch, tears slipping out of your eyes and drying in the cold wind.

“James!” you called out, as you saw a familiar figure looking up in the sky, playing with a quaffle.

When he heard your voice, he turned around. As you got closer and looked up at him, his face revealed dark circles under his eyes as he smiled weakly at you.

“What are you doing here?” he asked you in a low and gentle tone, one you weren’t used to. He was trying to smile, but he failed, his lips made small curls, but his eyes were missing it’s usual spark.

“I came to see you.” you said to him.

He was looking at you and again at the quaffle, nodding a little as he didn’t make a word.

You studied his whole being for awhile. And at what you saw, your heart broke in a million pieces. James looked exhausted and depressed. His messy curls were flying up and down his forehead, carried by the wind, when you put your hands on his strong arms. He immediately looked at you, his eyes full of scare of what you are going to do next. “I’m sorry.” you blurred out, as tears streamed down your face. James hurt you, but you hurt him as well, wen you pushed him away from yourself.

“What are you sorry for (y/n)? It was my fault, not yours.” he said, as you squeezed his arms.

“No James. I know the truth, please just forget…I can’t stand you like this..” you confessed.

“Like what?”

“So’re not yourself. And I love you, I love you so much it-”

His lips were suddenly crushed on yours with such force, you almost fell on your back, but James’ arms caught you in his embrace. You could taste the saltiness of his tears, melting on your lips, as he kissed the pain away.

OKAY! So I hope you liked this, I really do, because I love James and well, I hope you do too!!!

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Franny i have so many emotions right now please help

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anon how can I help if you don’t tell me what the emotions are about, tho!!! (are they about the tododekus because if so same rip both of us)

Anon said: I LOVE MIDORIYA AND TODOROKI SO MUCH. This fight was so good so emotional. I’m not crying you are dammit

ANON HOW DID YOU FIND OUT yes I’m crying rip character development once again reducing me to tears what’s new even 

Anon said: U are amazing precious bean that deserves all the love and all the happy

THANK YOU OMFG!!!!! So are you, anon!!!!!! *O*

Anon said: Oh my gosh. That fantasy AU is perfect. Seeing Kaminari all flustered is great. I especially love the way Kirishima and Bakugou call each other by their given names, and how Bakugou openly states Kirishima is really strong.

I’m happy you liked my take on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m still working with that AU under the belief that Bakugou and Kirishima have known each other their whole lives, so the first names! Also Baku has no problems admitting Kiri’s strong in canon too, so!!!!! He’s a supportive bf, isn’t he haha

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Speak (Jeon Wonwoo Imagine)

A/N: So this is my first imagine/post…. Yay! I really hope you guys enjoy and if you do like it, feel free to request for any group of your choosing and I’ll do my best to deliver :)

Originally posted by imaginetheseidiots

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Why do you further the cliché that sangwoo is into forcing Bum to crossdress? I thought the manwha made it clear that it was the logical consequence for him to wear sangwoo's mother's clothes because he didn't have any himself and sangwoo's didn't fit him due to the size difference. It's not a kink and shouldn't be portrayed as one. It was a disturbing solution to a clothing problem. Stop romanticizing this manwha and the abuse in it.

Oh sweet anon, if you want to have a proper discussion with me I’ll gladly have it with you but not if you feel the need to hide behind your computer/phone screen. But for now I’ll just try and clarify, not because I owe you anything, but I like clearing up misunderstandings and preventing more from happening.

I don’t know if you just don’t read Op’s tags or you just skim past them or whatever, but this, and all my other “shippy” fanart for that matter, is in an AU where they are both healthy people, no mental disorders, abuse or anything else from the original manhwa.

If you really want to think about it, the clothing size difference is not enough of an excuse for Sangwoo not to give Bum his own clothes. How many people do you see wearing over sized shirts and belts exist for a reason. I’m not saying Sangwoo has that kink, but come on, he did that on purpose. 

Relating to my own mini comic that I just posted, which I’m guessing is what you’re referring to, Sangwoo isn’t forcing bum into anything. It’s a silly dare that Yoon Bum could easily say no to. Except in my AU Bum actually likes cross dressing, a lot of people do and there is nothing wrong with it. I like drawing boys who cross dress, because guess what, they’re just clothes. They don’t define anything. You’re welcome to not enjoy cross dressing but that is your own opinion that I never asked for. 

 I will never romanticize the abuse that’s in killing stalking. There’s nothing cute or sexy about people harming others or holding them captive. The only instance where inflicting pain on others would be acceptable is in cases where it is consensual, such as BDSM, but I am no expert in that area so I can’t comment much on it either. 

All I’m saying is, this is a completely separate world from the original. I love the characters and their designs and I love exploring different ideas and scenarios with them, that’s the whole purpose of having an AU. Again, you’re welcome to disagree, and if you don’t like it, please ignore it. Sorry if my art rubs you the wrong way, I can’t please everyone. I make art for myself, and I love and appreciate all the people that enjoy it with me. Feel free to block me or whatever you need to do, but in the future please try and refrain from sending negative messages to people, they do more harm than good.I hope you have a nice day anyway and thanks for giving me an opportunity to clarify my stance once more. 

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Hi! How are you? I was wondering if you could share some of your favourite fanfic writers :)

Oof, nonnie, you’re calling me out. I haven’t had the time to read any fic for weeks and I’m so behind and I’m so tired of saying that and apologizing, but I feel like I’m disappointing the authors I normally comment on and engage with a lot :(

But anyway. Here’s a (partial!) list of authors I’m subscribed to and behind on and have a lot of feelings about:

@wolfofansbach // Ao3

@bettyl0vesjuggie // bettyluvsjuggie on Ao3

@jugheadszombie // ItsAriyanna on Ao3

@soulsofstarsliveinyourveins // citrusmuppet on Ao3

@jugandbettsdetectiveagency // Ao3

@mistressofmalplaquet // Ao3

@knittersrevoltfic // PopsAfterDark on Ao3

@lessoleilscouchants // singsongsung on Ao3

@sylwrites // Ao3

@lusterrdust // Ao3

@lazydaizies // LazyDaizy on Ao3

(boy I hope I got all those links right)

And I’m good! I think I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is the stress-locomotive of my life. I hope you’re having a nice day too :)

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Top 5 fav blogs and why

Thanks for the ask, nonnie! There are so many blogs I LOVE, I’m still trying to make more connections but I’m kind of the worst at communication.

1. @paperbacktrash - Becca is super sarcastic and witty, her posts are always on point. If you need a good laugh, you’ll find it there. She’s also pretty rad outside of Tumblr and someone I consider a close friend.

2. @darlingfireheart - Aly is unfailing kind and inclusive. I like how I just get random messages every once in a while - I often suck at communication but she never fails to reach out anyways.

3. @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos - I am actually super new to following this blog but the content found here is incredible. I’ve also not had the pleasure of having one-on-one conversation yet - I feel terrible because I don’t even know your name haha. But this blog puts Game of Thrones/ASOIAF together with ToG and ACOTAR and those are my three favourite things so each day I find so many more things I love posted here.

4. @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks - I’ve admired Bianca’s blog from afar since I started here and I just love the diverse content. She seems really nice but I’m actually just generally a shy person who can’t think of things to say - but I see the group of friends she’s got on Tumblr and they’re #squadgoals / #innercirclegoals haha.

5. @aelin-and-feyre - Also new to following this blog, but I listened to her talk about Rowaelin as her favourite ship the other day and it makes me super stoked to see another Defender of Rowan with Aelin haha. I love the Preferences and these ToG re-reads are my lifeline right now. The content here is also awesome, when you follow a lot of blogs that follow each other, you often get a lot of the same content in your feed but this blog is pretty refreshing.

Frankly, I’m still discovering a lot of blogs and I enjoy interacting with everyone that I can. So send me messages, asks, recommendations, anything! I’ll do my best not to suck at talking! <3

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I've been on here for 3 years straight whether Tay's been on break or not and she's never noticed me at all. 99% of the time I'm happy anyway cuz I like her company on here and likewise for all the nice swifties, but sometimes I have those days when it just hits me out and I feel sad. Like I'll get negative thoughts in my head saying that Taylor doesn't care about me, how can she when she doesn't know of my existence. It makes me feel so insignificant and excluded since I love her so much...

Taylor is only human my friend. And I know it can be frustrating at times, especially when it seems to be the same people who are noticed. Taylor is like us, we all have certain people, certain blogs that we immediately check out upon logging in, and that is totally fine. However, I do know for a fact that Taylor does see more than she lets on. She sees everything, just because she doesn’t click that “like” button doesn’t mean she doesn’t see your post and acknowledge it. Taylor does care about you buddy, she cares about every single one of us, and whether she clicks that like button or not, I think they very fact that she is choosing to spend time with us on here speaks volumes. Just have fun on here buddy, and keep being your lovely self. Taylor tends to notice when you least expect it :)

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So I've scrolled though your feed and I've seen what people have asked you and I just wanted to say that I really agree with all of those people. You seem really really nice and it really is lovely how you welcome new simblr's to the community, it really makes me feel included. From what I have seen of your blog it is amazing so keep up the good work! I just wanted to say thank you so much!!

cont: Oh and I forgot to say that your editing is really beautiful, what program do you use? Anyway have a nice day and I really love your blog❤️

awh dear!! this really warms my heart that you spent the time to look through my content ahhh && thank you !! i 100% understand how the new simblrs feel especially since i was one 2-3 months ago so i want to try to spread some positivity around to everyone & community cause it gets tough but i want to remind y’all that you’re all special in ur own little way :+) if i have time, i try to send msgs to random simblrs! & i use photoshop cc 2017 on my mac & i hope u have a wonderful day/night too!

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I feel stupid for asking you this, but do you know why baekhyun-fansites are closing down? On instagram a lot of fans are talking about not believing in rumors and to leave nice comments on baeks pictures, but I haven't heard any rumors? I feel like I'm missing something??? Anyway I hope our smol bean is okay

Ahhhhh I don’t think we really knew but it’s either because there was some stupid rumour that came out with Baekhyun having a kid (which obviously ended up being fake) or because some of those were inactive fansites that decided to close down on that day. Still not sure why but my baby deserves more fansites

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We all love hearing about your stuff. Don’t ever say you should stop talking about it.


Honestly I feel like sometimes I talk too much or make too many personal posts when this is supposed to be an art blog, at least the majority

And then I remember “Oh hey yeah lol this is MY blog I can do whatever I want with it”

So for those of you who have stuck around this long and enjoy seeing me shout about Senyuu one day and Kingsman the next and Kingdom Hearts the day after that, ya’ll are super cool and I love you ❤️

anyways im gonna basically move all my personal posts onto here and make my studyblr super de-personalized….sigh i remember those days when i had the chasingcollegedreams url and i was a senior in hs and ppl would send nice supportive messages but now i keep getting annoying anons?? like why do u care so much abt which schools i’m trying to transfer into or about my opinion on mit lol im gonna keep anons turned off for a while

anyways the good thing is i have like 92 followers on this sideblog and 2200 on findx so i can say how i really feel on here, while i feel like i have to keep things diplomatic on the other one since so many ppl who know me in real life follow me on there

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Congrats on that 12 year mark!! That's so incredible and I wish you many more years of happy times. Something romantic i have always had a soft spot for: people in love playing with/doing each other's hair. I just think it's one of those types of soft intimacy along with putting a blanket over someone you love if they fell asleep or brushing teeth together, yanno? Anyway, have a nice day!

Thanks so much!  We are stupidly in love with each other, it’s wonderful.

OH, hair play is my legit ASMR trigger so I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU, especially because I bet Taako’s hair is really nice and well managed, and Magnus’ big old hands trying to hold something so delicate is SO GOOD..  Feeling comfortable enough with another person to touch their hair is so sweet and lovely and aaaah… Little things like this are what really get me!!!

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Hello Peter! You probably get this a lot but your work is absolutely stunning! I have been following your work for a while now and been eager to ask you questions but kind of was a bit hesitant because you probably get those questions a lot anyway. Your work is always captivating. I try to make good work but it seems like my ideas lack luster or they may not be interesting to others. Or some days I have nice work and some days it looks bad, how do I over come that?

Any appearance that I don’t have bad days or don’t feel my work is boring is entirely a front. The emotional ups and downs of being an artist are a universal part of the experience.

Lean into feeling bad about your work when it happens. Hidden in there is some insight into how you can improve.