anyway this was really fun to colour!


A thing I randomly made! :9 I had fun with this, If you use! It would be cool if you tagged it “AU Palette” so I can see what ya made! Have fun!


Cookie Cat!! He’s a pet for your tummy! Cookie Cat! He’s super duper yummy! Cookie Cat!! He left his family behind! Cookie Caaaaaat!!
Now available at Gurgens off Rt. 109

Anyways, here’s those cookie cats I made!! They took me forever to make but it was definitely worth it - they were almost too cute to eat tbh

Here’s the recipe I used too if any of you wanted it.

jd week day 3 - Jobro Dio

“We shan’t be too reckless. They were regarded as GODS, Dio.”
“Hm? And what are gods to a non-believer, dear Jojo?”

more details on the “kind of battle tendency jobro dio au” under the cut

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anonymous asked:

So if Widow still has her normal skin tone in her new event skin, how recent do you think her kidnapping and Gerárd's death was?

I lost my first reply to this when my computer crashed, fml. 

First of all, we know that when Widow returned to Talon after killing Gerard, her physiology was altered to get her central cyanosis and make her blue (as implausible as that is). Given that Gerard is not in Uprising (he was important in Blackwatch), he was probably killed not very long before this. The Widow’s Talon skin is probably either from slightly before he was killed, )eg, after her reconditioning and before she returned to Overwatch to ‘pretend’ to be free and kill him) or maybe afterwards, after she’d returned to Talon but before her physiology was altered. 


Look, central cyanosis where the person goes fully blue is pretty rare. You do get blue-tinged skin, and lips, tongue and fingertips can go blue, but in my (admittedly) limited experience with hypoxic light-skinned folk, they first tend to go a sort of unhealthy yellow colour, then their fingertips, nose tip and lips go purple and maybe slightly blue… but the yellow and purple is a definitely progressive presentation of central cyanosis and hypoxia. 

I had trouble finding pictures, so apologies for the random foot, but here: 

and now look at Widow: 

Idk, she could already be slightly hypoxic? There’s something really unhealthy about her skin tone, it could be limited perfusion. Although it’s hard to say because it’s a cartoon, and also because apparently going blue-purple is reasonable and it’s possible for her to still be conscious even if she was that poorly perfused in her other skins, so…  

(or, I mean, it could just be that her hair colour is so unsuited to her that she looks unhealthy with it, but idk, someone chose that washed out, slighlty purple skin tone for her so maybe it’s worth reading into it?)

Anyway, it’s fun to come up with theories, even if it’s probably Blizzard just going “it looks way eviler if she’s super pale and a bit purple already”. 


Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K+

Summary: In a world where meeting your Soulmate is what brings colour to your world (quite literally), Lucy is an anomaly. She is very much in love, and very content, but can see only in greys.  That is, until someone else does colour her world. A Nalu not-quite-a-Soulmate-AU Soulmate AU one-shot.

Genre: Romance, hurt and comfort

Notes: A.k.a where I continue indulging in my guilty pleasure of messing around with popular tropes. A super big shoutout to @x-benihime for her support and all her Post Its (I’m keeping ‘em)

‘The sky was a wonderful azure, one as clear as her beautiful auburn orbs.’

Lucy stifled the need to roll her eyes. Again. 

What did azure or auburn translate to anyway?

After pausing a beat, she quickly stole a glance of the sky outside the window of the train she was in, before mentally telling herself off for actually checking. 

It had been as it always had - a nice, light, calming grey. She hadn’t met her supposed “Soulmate” yet, after all. 

Not that she really cared. 

Lucy smiled softly at that thought. She didn’t really care, because she was in love anyway. And while she couldn’t see greens and yellows, he had brought colour to her life in every other way that mattered.

She was in love, and she was loved back. 

‘Natsu,' she mused, absently toying with the fairy shaped locket around her neck. 

Their first meeting was rather unceremonious. They were classmates in college, and that had been the only thing they had in common. They were in different groups of friends, different clubs, even had different ideas of what was fun. 

They had absolutely no reason to actually meet. 

And so they didn’t – not really. 

Not until they found themselves landing the same internship. She to report, him as the cameraman - the both of them began bonding over their cranky boss and a shared determination to tell stories, and tell them well. 

She began packing him lunches when he couldn’t afford food from the canteen.

He would ensure he dropped her home on particularly late nights. 

Before they knew it, they were best friends. 

She knew his tastes, could predict his change in mood and was the only other person his pet cat Happy got along with. 

He knew her routine, her favourite books and just how she liked her coffee depending on the time of day.

They quit the internship together, helped find each other new jobs.

She was there for him when news of his missing father having passed away reached him.

He was the person who helped her run away from her abusive home. 

Moving in together seemed natural - as very platonic roommates of course. 

Though somewhere in all the making and cleaning messes, playing with Happy, cooking together, tucking each other in bed and winter-time cuddles, their feelings changed, evolved. Platonic didn’t fit anymore.

One night, sitting on their balcony and under the stars they realised why. 

“I think I love you,” he had said, as soon as the thought occurred to him.

The clarity those words brought was everything Lucy’s heart had been searching for. She thanked him for it with their first kiss.

It wasn’t short, nor very gentle. And when they parted – only for need of air – Lucy found herself lost in his wide eyes. 

Wondering just what colour they really were. 

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anyways fuck cringe culture up the ass w/ a tire iron,keep making your self inserts,your ‘mary sues’ with bright colour schemes,your op characters who can knock enemies out with a single hit,your characters that you ship with canon ones.making characters and stories is nothing more than a fun activity and if youre really so pretentious and snotty that you genuinely think your boring,“complex” character is better than a 10 year old’s alicorn OC with a black-and-red color palette just because /your character/ has a name like Rutherford then youre definitely the cringy one in this situation and you need to do something other than sitting at your computer all day and making fun of innocent kids who are just trying to have fun on the internet

Bait- Part 3

Pairings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Word Count: 1215

Warnings: date-rape drug, guns

A/N: I think the beginning might be a bit confusing, so it starts off in Y/N’s POV as she’s just waking up in the car, and is pretty disoriented still from the effects of the roofies. I hope y’all like it, and I’m sorry the updates aren’t super regular and quick. I’m prepping for a final exam right now and really pressed for time. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and please feel free to message me with your reactions! They’re so fun to read and really put a smile on my face :)

P.S. @winchesters-favorite-girl READ MY SHIT ASS STORY OH MY GOD

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anonymous asked:

here’s one ive thought about a couple times- ive been dying my hair for years so my hair is practically permanently dyed this colour. so whenever i tell people it’s naturally a different colour it catches them off guard. i tend to get responses like “wow I could NEVER imagine your hair like that.” pretty simple but how’d you think zenyatta/genji/hanzo react to their friend/crush explaining (colours are your choice ;^))

I can really relate to this one, this’ll be fun! Hope you enjoy!

Zenyatta (this is my first request for him!)

  • Doesn’t really get it at first
  • He’s not human and he doesn’t have hair and monks probably don’t usually care all that much about hair anyway
  • But then you show him pictures of you as a kid with your natural hair color
  • And he’s stunned
  • Because a) you’re an adorable kid and he’s trying very hard not to fawn over you
  • And b) your hair is COMPLETELY different
  • You went from a little kid with midnight black hair to a beautiful adult with shining gold hair
  • Like he can vaguely see the similarities in your facial structure but he could almost believe the picture you were showing him was another person entirely
  • Looks between you and the photo several times
  • “I believe they both suit you, but I quite like the way your hair is now.”
  • Rubs a strand of your hair between two fingers while he says this
  • From anyone else you would think that was a flirtation tactic
  • But he genuinely means it and you’re pretty sure you just fell in love with him again


  • DEMANDS to see pictures
  • Gushes over how great you look in both hair colors
  • “Ooh they both look amazing. Your natural brown is beautiful and I think this black really works with your eye color.”
  • Asks you if you do it yourself or if you get it done professionally
  • “You know…I’ve been thinking of dying my hair again too.”
  • You offer to help him dye his hair that bright shade of green he had in his youth
  • Takes like a thousand selfies with you afterwards
  • Probably sends some to Hanzo who probably also groans and goes back to bed
  • When you dye your hair again he wants to be the one to help
  • “You know…you would look stunning with some green highlights.”
  • Actually that would look badass
  • You should probably do it


  • Literally cannot fathom you having a different hair color
  • Your hair was blonde????
  • But all he’s ever seen is your red hair and your striking red hair is one of the things that drew him to you in the first place
  • Tilts his head as he tries to picture you with blonde hair
  • He has the grumpiest looking thinking face
  • It’s cute actually
  • Eventually asks if you have any pictures and STILL stares at it and you for a long time
  • Probably starts calling you “kinpatsu”
  • It confuses literally everyone else
  • “But….your hair is red…..?????”
  • He’s always loved your hair though so if you ever want to dye it a different color he’s gonna spend like…hours running his fingers through it
  • He’s got that thoughtful look on his face again
  • “…Should I dye my hair?”
A-Z Book Challenge

I decided to take on the A-Z Book Challenge by @macrolit 

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe- Benjamin Alire Saenz; this is definitely high on my list of favorite books!

Butcher Boy- Patrick McCabe; I read this for Eng. class and the narrator is a young Irish boy and he’s a really unreliable narrator. He has some form of mental illness, it’s not said explicitly in the book because we see his POV but I believe it’s schizophrenia and it’s a really sad poignant read. 

Crooked Kingdom- Leigh Bardugo. Currently reading so jury is out on it so far!

Duchess of Malfi, The- Christopher Marlowe. This is just gas, and really everyone doing a drama course or English lit course should know it.

Everything Leads To You- Nina Lacour; this is honestly one of the most beautiful books i’ve ever read and it means a lot to me. Lacour has a really soft, honest way of writing that I appreciate a lot.

Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell; I like this as a light fluffy YA read. 

Good Omens- Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman; I mean everyone loves this. C’mon.

Harry Potter- J.K Rowling; I think that POA, GOF and OOTP all tie as like my favorite but also I really love PS and COS because nostalgia <3 fun fact, I bought my Deathly Hallows in an airport in Hong Kong and it’s my only hardback of my series. 

I’ll Give You The Sun- Jandy Nelson; this is a change-your-life kinda book and everyone should read it.

Jerusalem- Jez Butterworth; this is actually a play and I hope to direct it in the future so keep your fingers crossed for me! It’s dark and fascinating and you should all read this too actually. 

Kings of Clonmel, The- John Flanagan; this is book 8 in the Ranger’s Apprentice series which I read when I lived in Australia but never got to finish and they’re too expensive to get over here so they’re my ultimate goal to finish reading!

Les Miserables- Victor Hugo; Confession; I haven’t read this fully, only the first like 500 pages or so. But I plan to finish it!

Midsummer Night’s Dream, A- William Shakespeare. We got to fuq with this in a module in semester 1 and you haven’t seen AMND until you’ve seen it done as an acid trip or a hipster poetry recital. We also saw Lyric Hammersmith’s production and it was groundbreaking. Breathtaking. Flawless. Hysterical. Crazy. Just… so, so good. 

Narnia, Chronicles of- C.S. Lewis; did y’all think i’d choose one?

Oedipus Rex- Sophocles; I do 3 subjects in college. I’ve studied this in 4 subjects in college. Yeah you read that right. 

Perks of Being a Wallflower, The- Stephen Chbosky; will hurt you in a good way.

Queen of Shadows- Sarah J. Maas; honestly i’ve become a bit disenchanted with Maas’s writing but this was the only Q book I could think of. 

Raven Cycle, The- Maggie Stiefvater; This definitely isn’t cheating shh. I love these books so much I reread them the most frequent of what’s on my shelf and i’m going to annotate them the next time I read them!

Secret History, The- Donna Tartt; This was so good when I read it first that I just have to reread it this summer c:

The Time Traveller’s Wife- Audrey Niffenegger; this is so so so so so good like I know people brush it off as airport reading or whatever but honestly! so good and it can be found literally everywhere for so cheap!

Upside of Unrequited, The- Becky Albertalli; this is on my to-read, I can’t afford it right now though.

Vicious- V.E Schwab; on my TBR.

Wonder- R.J. Palacio; kids in first year of my old high school read this and I think it’s a very good lesson to have at a young age. I’ll always be bitter I have the blue copy and not the red one, I love the red one’s cover illustration.

Xylophone… no really im stuck sorry

You mightnt believe it but im stuck on this one too!

Zen colouring books lol (Also stuck)

Guys this  was fun and really difficult everyone should do it! I’m gonna tag @bookishbae, don’t feel obligated though!

[DRABBLE REQUEST] Soulmate!Jeonghan

Request: Soulmate!Jeonghan AU
Requested by: @keshuasd
Word Count: 2,622
Genre: F L U F F
Warnings: None!

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to write, school work has really got to go man. Anyway, I hope you like it cause I had loads of fun writing this one! Enjoy!


Originally posted by wonshi-17

That section of your hair wouldn’t stop glowing. It started of as a faint shade of red, but within the last hour, it had turned a bright red colour, and it wouldn’t fade at all.

“Wow, your soulmate must be pretty worked up over something.” Your friend commented, taking a sip from her iced latte.

The two of you were chilling in the cafe that you frequented. You initially planned to talk about your school work with her, but eventually the two of you got distracted when your hair started to glow.

It was a magical thing, this whole soulmate business. You found it absolutely fascinating that there was someone out there who was made for you, and you found the fact that you could actually see how they were feeling fascinated you even more.

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anonymous asked:

can u do a color tutorial cuz im dying squirtl thankx

hi so i dont have a “process” i can make a guide to as much as i have a bunch of Colour Thoughts that i put into practice when i draw. i can talk a bit about some of the decisions i made in the hiveswap pic though

hs and hiveswap are pretty fun to build palettes for because characters usually have strong associated colour schemes to play with, so its a great way to work on limited palette skills. never underestimate the power of grey either cause it RULES as a way to fill space and to emphasise other colours. or in joey’s case, putting grey next to green/blue hues made it look reddish and warm without breaking the colour scheme! cheats!

anyway i’ve talked a little bit about colour before (1, 2) and i guess im just not in the zone today but i can always recommend brushing up on colour theory, playing with hue/saturation/luminescence sliders, building your own palettes, doing colour studies and thinking critically about all of it. you’ll get your own understanding of colour theory and it’ll rule and colours are really fun so you’ll have more fun because you’ll get a chance to show off how good you are (i am not there yet because i am lazy)

anonymous asked:

not 2 be this heaux but phil do u have Thoughts about ragnarok and would you Share them?

AHH;;;;;; so my Thoughts are apparently v Controversial bc everyone seems to think ragnarok was the best ever marvel film & thats fine theyre allowed to think that obviously???? and ofc all this is predicated by the fact that theres a different between an entertaining movie and a good story, imo, and for me, a person who goes to films for the character content and emotional narratives, the Outlook is gonna be different than for someone who goes to superhero movies solely for some bomb explosions and a Good Time

anyways. brace urselves, bc Spoilers and also im gonna talk for a while

my Thoughts are that if u were going into ragnarok expecting nothing but a REALLY FUN TIME, u would come out satisfied. the comedy was excellent, never missed a beat, the colours were beautiful, the aesthetic poppin, the action lit. the characters were fun as hell, and i loved their different vibrant personalities and their hilarious and pure interactions. thor himself, as always, was a Favorite, and valkyrie is my own love for whom i’d die. the sibling dynamic between thor and loki was amazing and beloved and jeff goldblum was literally iconic and corg the rock dude deserves an oscar just for his delivery. and ofc, heimdal was. a revelation.

as an emotionally gripping and coherent story, though, with like. an actual arc. in my humblest opinion it had very little substance.

dont get me wrong – it alluded to substance. it paid lip service to a few vague points. but. all in all? nah

which was unfortunate, bc i really do know that taika waititi as a director can pull off some phenomenal arcs (hunt for the wilderpeople for example is a masterpiece of storytelling and narrative). 

the thing is, like – people up here saying that hela is the best marvel villain ever, and tbh? cate blanchett is a masterful actress and performed well of course, but the character, her motivations and backstory and introduction and interactions with thor? they had very little emotional depth. even putting aside her motivations and complexity as a character in her own right, her connection to thor ran very superficial, despite the fact that they were relatives, and if you compare the way ragnarok communicates the High Stakes to the audience to like, how homecoming communicated the Stakes, or even guardians vol2 communicated the Stakes, its very weak. in both homecoming and guardians 2, very little emphasis is put on the fact the the villain is gonna Destroy The Whole World. thats secondary. but the reason youre so shook by what the villains do is because their actions directly effect the main hero(es) in a deeply emotional way – peter (the child) bc it throws into sharp relief what hes been struggling explicitly with the whole film, ie what his responsibility is to doing the right thing relative to his responsibility to himself as a kid and how to balance that; and peter (the adult) bc its directly connected back to his mothers death and his unresolved issues surrounding what family means and how and who to love and trust, and what life means, among many other nuanced character things. 

ragnarok’s villain didnt do any of this for thor. the extent of hela as a tool for thor’s growth was her questioning his powers, which he drew on because of odin, yes. so it wasn’t COMPLETELY lacking in some Background and Meaning. but ultimately that background and meaning was a footnote, an additive, and not the main course. the journey of the film didnt take the time to spell those thoughts and feelings out for the audience, not even in a way that had it buried beneath a thin surface of humor such that if u pulled a top layer away you’d see that beautiful, coherent arc. 

it just. was a patchwork mess. 

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