anyway this was really fun to colour!


A thing I randomly made! :9 I had fun with this, If you use! It would be cool if you tagged it “AU Palette” so I can see what ya made! Have fun!


And with that I have successfully completed Inktober and now have 31 drawing laid out on my hideous carpet!

For me it was a huge success because I just learnt SO much. Not only did I rekindle an enjoyment for drawing on paper, something I hadn’t really done for 6 years, I ended up drawing things I didn’t even think I /could/ draw. Over all I feel like my skills improved a lot over the month and I just had so much fun!

Anyway, I’m actually writing to cover a couple things that I would love opinions on:

1. Is anyone interested in a PDF of all the Mob Psycho drawings, traditional and digital, I did during October?

2. Out of my Inktober drawings, which one would you like to see reinked and coloured fully digitally?

3. I’m nearing my 2000 follower milestone and would love to do something to thank everyone. Suggestions?

4. I have tomorrow off and it’s still kinda Halloween, I wanna do a Mob Psycho Halloween pic! Any requests on what to draw?

Please totally feel free to reply to any or all of these, I would love to hear feedback. Now I have to collapse into bed and embrace glorious sleep!

[DRABBLE REQUEST] Soulmate!Jeonghan

Request: Soulmate!Jeonghan AU
Requested by: @keshuasd
Word Count: 2,622
Genre: F L U F F
Warnings: None!

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to write, school work has really got to go man. Anyway, I hope you like it cause I had loads of fun writing this one! Enjoy!


Originally posted by wonshi-17

That section of your hair wouldn’t stop glowing. It started of as a faint shade of red, but within the last hour, it had turned a bright red colour, and it wouldn’t fade at all.

“Wow, your soulmate must be pretty worked up over something.” Your friend commented, taking a sip from her iced latte.

The two of you were chilling in the cafe that you frequented. You initially planned to talk about your school work with her, but eventually the two of you got distracted when your hair started to glow.

It was a magical thing, this whole soulmate business. You found it absolutely fascinating that there was someone out there who was made for you, and you found the fact that you could actually see how they were feeling fascinated you even more.

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43 days to EOYs - {18/09/16} 
‘with shortness of breath, i’ll explain the infinite. how rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist.’

mY SEPTEMBER SPREAD!! yup… another late monthly bujo spread i know im sorry?? green was the theme of this month… september’s goals were plentiful tbh most were about academics which i kinda achieved kinda didnt?? also gearing up for the exams which are at the end of october (yup i started my counter im so scared) my holidays start in a week…. i really gotta study hard then… anyways i really had fun making this spread?? i wasnt really sure of the colours but it turned out pretty nice tbh!!

the pic on the bottom right corner was taken by my amazingly talented friend @seigakun aka kou @studykouffee!! tysm for letting me use your pic kou ily!! 

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Virgo!Lafayette from the Horoscope AU. Which is by @avenoire and @drawinggheys .

NGL I am super anxious about posting this. I wanted to do a background and get into more detail on the colouring but my muscles and joints are kinda hurting now so i just. Gave up. Which i honestly did when i already came to drawing the flowers tbh. 
ANYWAY. I really love the designs for this AU and I’m very interested in it?? Just thank you for creating this we deserve p horoscope au.


This is long overdue, (and I really apologise for that, @j-peters0n ! ), but I just had to finish this piece I started half a year ago. It took me nigh 6 months just to colour in the last piece because I barely survive every night I come home from work. I hope you like it, and guysss you really should read J’s fic, Technicolor.

As an artist, I hope that any nuance I add to a picture can be understood the people who see it, but anyways. The idea was that when they kiss Anna’s colour leaks to Elsa’s previously dull and dreary world. That’s why Anna (as seen in Elsa’s PoV) is monochromatic, and why Elsa (as seen from Anna’s PoV) is so rich in colour. And I really love this concept, as it gives me a chance to play with super bright and fun colours. Added quotes from the original story, repurposed to fit in this short comic strip version. =D



back to obscurity for me.

Like- oh my god
I can’t believe I messed the colours up SO hard!!!
Here we have…caaaaake…
He’s an over emotional, masochistic glomp child.
Have fun…
(Will be changed when I’m not overly depressed over the colours anymore) (IT’S REALLY MAKING ME CRY OMG)

Ahh I did the steal other artists style meme =w= this was a lot of fun trying to figure out how other people draw xD oh goodness Im sure I butchered all your colouring styles im sorry ^^;

anyways, I tried to do the artist that styles I really admire! (I hope none of you mind) I tried the lovelies n-a-d-h-i-e , easyminds , nalutbh, shandisworld, luciasatalina, and kkumri ;D


Spoilers! speed painting video :) 

I really don’t know what I am doing there. I tried this first light and shadow-then colour-RULE, but I don’t know. I don’t get it. I understand the point, but I don’t know if this will be a thing for me. Maybe in a few months. :D Anyways! Have fun. :) 

bruhccellati  asked:

First of all, congrats on 1k followers! Your art is lovely and you definitely deserve it <3 Also, can I request a Gyro since I've just started reading sbr (and he's awesome af)? Have a nice day!!

Thank you!! :> i dont think ive drawn him before, so this was really fun! (thats a little weird tho cause hes my favorite from sbr??)

anyway without further ado:

I saw a post that mentioned what will Finn wear in VIII now that he has a choice and just-

Give me a Finn who, after being forced to wear a uniform for his entire life, wears the most colourful and unique pieces of clothing. He doesn’t have to wear the black and white stormtrooper gear anymore. I want to see him have fun exploring how to express his individuality more.

Finn collecting clothes based on textures and patterns that he likes. Wearing things that look good to him and feel good to him. And sometimes they really clash but he’s happy and confident so it all looks good anyways.

Just. Finn. In mismatched outfits. With his beautiful grin. Happy and comfy and /his own person/.


Equius Appreciation Night 

lizardlicks hat geantwortet: equius bench pressing sveral trolls at once

Equius doing some bodybuilding with Karkat as an instructor apparently. I wonder how long Equius would follow his orders though. The rest of them also decided to hang out. (sorry Tavros, that does kind of look uncomfortable

10 facts about me
tagged by : @softellie thanks Em!!

-I have red hair but im dyeing it yellow!

-Ellie from TLOU is my favorite character!

-im 5′6, so im not really tall at all

-I love spring and autumn, summer is great too, I hate winter a lot

-i love going exploring and taking pictures when the weathers good!

-if im not painting im probably drawing!

-im trying to learn how to play the guitar

-im really good at running and doing track!

-i nap all the time anywhere i am if im tired enough

-i love the rain and the sunshine but i hate cold windy weather 

I tag: @elliewilliams @thestarryskiesofpalaven @fortzancudo @plutohtml @chaseprice

Here is my late Lapidot Tuesday piece for the prompt “candlelight”. I did it based off of my Disney AU, but I drew this kind of quickly, so there is no shading or rendering (just flat colour. I’m working on another project with more priority atm, so this is just a quickie. I don’t know what’s up with the background either. I’ll make a fleshed out, rendered pic of this AU someday when I have more time). 

Basically Peridot is showing Lapis some fun, harmless magic with the floating candle, and letting Lapis hold it while she stares at it in awe. Peridot is basically wooing the princess with her magic tricks, but Lapis wanted her to show her anyways (so really this is just an excuse for them to get closer, hehe ;3).