anyway this scene is perfect and will probably be giffed numerous times just so you know

anonymous asked:

How do you know CS is TL, or endgame? Or why do you think it is? I'm a little newer around here, and I see people iffy about Emma and Hook getting focused on this season, or some fretting that Emma/Regina will become a thing, but then I see people that aren't worried at all, that are so sure of CS, and that "swanqueen isn't a factor. I'm in the middle and would like to be a bit more on your side of things.

Hi anon - hope you’re prepared to do some reading!

I’m going to lay out a few basic ideas and give you some links to follow with some of them :)

Captain Swan is the only relationship on the show we’ve seen unfold completely in real time.  

We’ve watched them every step of the way as they fell in love - not in flashbacks but in the present.  We saw their first kiss, first hand holding, first argument, first date - everything.  And we got to experience it through both of their points of view.  The way this story has been told and the time the writers are taking with it is SIGNIFICANT.

Their relationship strongly parallels the ULTIMATE True Love Couple - Snowing!

There are just so many parallels in these two love stories. From their first adventure - to the love triangle - even the dialog.  We even got a whole 2 hour season finale focusing on our ship having an adventure in which they PARTICIPATE in Snowing’s love story. And the episode culminates with the two of them finally getting together.

I’m sure you’ve seen the gif sets showing the similarities. But here’s a video from one of the best in our fandom that beautifully shows the parallels between Emma’s love story and that of her parents.

Like father Like Son (in-law)

And here’s a post I made about the parallels in their wardrobes (X)

The Charming family motto is “I will always find you” and…

(you can read about why that scene in Going Home was the moment i knew beyond a doubt they were endgame here)

but Hook also found Emma in the EF of the past.

and don’t forget that the deleted scene when Emma asks Henry how he found her and her replies “Hook”.  

Like Snowing these two will ALWAYS find each other - in any realm, in any time, and with or without their memories!


Everything about this episode screamed endgame ship.  From the music, to the cinematography, to the contrast with Emma’s first love that broke her heart - and all the parallels with the Snowing “I met her on a journey” adventure in which they fell in love.

I could go into details here, but gentlesleaze wrote this fantastic meta on why this episode was THE classic Romantic Adventure Trope. It’s incredibly detailed and very long but well worth a read!

Lastly, Hook was written specifically FOR Emma.

The writers have said it was ALWAYS the plan for Hook to fall in love with Emma.  And that they are so lucky that the chemistry between the actors /characters worked out the way they’d hoped it would. 

I’ve written on this subject numerous times and in various ways. So I’m going to link you to some of those metas:

Four Clues Hook was always intended to be a Hero (hook wasn’t turned into a love interest for Emma - he was written to be one)

All the things she never had (how hook fills the holes in emma’s heart)

How I know CS is Endgame  (what sets it apart from rival ships)

What does Emma Swan see in Hook anyway? (how he is the perfect match for the character of Emma. it was turned into this amazing gif set by the incredibly talented onceland)

What does Hook see in Emma Swan anyway? (what characteristics first attracted him to her - has links to how good emma has been for Hook)

Four Kisses before they got it Right (why SB + CS = Happily Ever After)

These are just a few - if you go to my CS meta tag (you’ll find it in my sidebar) you will find tons more to read if you are so inclined ;)

Hope that brings you to “my side of things” anon!  If you aren’t convinced Hook is Emma’s True Love after reading and watching all of this stuff them you probably never will be - until we finally get that TLK of course!

(none of these gifs are mine)

Scandal Review: Where The Sun Don't Shine, Episode 409

Wooohoooo! Well hell I enjoyed the hell out of that episode!

It was crazy of course, but crazy in a way that at least made sense!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

What I Hated

1.  Seriously, do you even need to ask at this point?

Jake, I always hate Jake. I hate his mouth, I hate his voice, I hate his hair, I hate the fact that his character stays flats as fuck, I hate the fact that he’s still being forced on us, and I hate the fact that he’s part of the worst triangle on TV. Yep, the Jake Hate is real people, and the first person who tries to defend him to me will be blocked posthaste.

2.  Olivia and Mommy Dearest.

Ugh, really, what was the fucking point in bringing her out of the hole? Maya proves over and over that she will always be the worst mother ever.

3.  That B613 agent trying to kill Jake and failing miserably.

Dude, you had one job. How terrible are these agents? The man had his back to you, Man. Ugh.

4.   Jake Dancing

5.  It looks like The Worst Triangle In Television History Is Here To Stay.

I can’t.

What I Loved

1.  The montage at the beginning of the episode was great. The CIA operatives hunting for Rowan, Olivia reflecting  with her father. Also, there’s something about the music that was playing during Cyrus’ sexual assignations being discovered by the world, that I loved.  

2.   “Chief of staffs”

That headline was hilarious. Poor Cyrus. Ok, maybe not.

3.   “America loves a love story. America will forgive anything for love.”

Interesting. Foreshadowing maybe?

4.   “The sun went down a long time ago and it’s not coming back up”

Yesssssssss! Let’s hope that fucking term will now be laid to rest permanently!

5.   Endless Love playing while Abby was putting a knife to David’s heart and Charlie and Quinn fighting each other after she discovered he was supposed to kill her was genius. Hat tip Shonda. This scene was brilliant in every way, and the irony was not lost on me. 

6.   “Songs In The Key of Life”

I don’t know anybody with any taste in music who didn’t have this album.

7.0 Olivia and her father.

Man that was some dysfunction. Joe Morton’s acting when Rowan realized that his daughter was going to shoot him was awesome, he’s such an amazing thespian.

I’m so over Eli Pope, but dammit, I felt just a tiny bit sorry for him when he realized that Olivia pulled the trigger. To be honest though, he must have had his doubts because he took the bullets out in the first place.

8.  "The only life you have is the sad, twisted one that you have here"

I saw people reflecting that Olivia was talking about herself during that tense conversation with Rowan, and some of what she said might apply to her, but the main difference is, Olivia is loved. Olivia is loved by Abby, Huck, and Quinn. They’d voluntarily go over the cliff for her and they’ve proven that. She is also loved by Fitz and The Vibrator. Rowan is loved by no one.

The people who go over the cliff for him have been coerced into it, and they would leave if they could. So yeah, I reject the notion that Olivia is just like her father. She’s a mass of dysfunction and complications because she literally has the worst parents in the world, but Olivia feels love, and she is loved. Despite the monsters that her parents are.

By the way, who didn’t know that Olivia would pick up that gun, and that it would be unloaded?

I blame Jake the Snake for Olivia even touching that gun.

I knew he’d never harm her, Rowan and his Vagina Policing ways loves his daughter to death. God I fucking hate Jake. I blame him for the rain, and anything bad that happens to farm animals. Including pigs.

9.  Cyrus handing his resignation to Fitz.

All. The. Feels.

I love that I can hate Cyrus as much as I do, and still feel so sorry for him. Then I remember that he tried to kill his husband and I go back to hating him.

10.   Olivia and Cyrus

Man, I loved this scene, I cried watching it the first time, and cried when I rewatched it. Kerry was amazing throughout the episode (At last a credible Emmy-worthy submission) but this scene just had me all up in ma feels, and I forgot for a moment that I generally hate Cyrus as a matter of course.

11.   “I’m thinking Europe. They have a long history of accepting failure and disgrace.”

Oh the freaking shade.

12.  Granny Fran.

I don’t know why, but I loved this piece of information that Charlie had obviously shared with Quinn when they’d been together before.

I loved their Mr and Mrs Smith-esque scene. Loved it. Yes of course it’s another scene full of dysfunction, but it was my kind of dysfunction. This is Scandal people, you either embrace the madness or you go crazy.

13.   Abby and David

Oh dear. I’d lament about David’s damned bad luck, but that would indicate that I gave one singular fuck about him so…no. I’m fully on board the Ableo/Labby ship. 

14.   Cyrus entering into a marriage of convenience to save his career.

Seriously, the amount of karmic retribution involved in this made me get up and dance. I’m here for Cyrus suffering. I still recall how much I hated him in season two.  Him showing up at Liv’s and betraying both her and Fitz, so yeah, I’m bitter, and what?

15.   Huck and Kim.

I hope they can have some kind of resolution, but I’m not sure that Kim is going to feel any better about a crazy talking Huck who kills people. Maybe that’s just me though. I have been told that my standards are a tad high.

16.   “It just makes us both at risk for the same STDs.”

Mellie discovering that yet another man in her life prefers another cooch to hers.

That poor bitch stays losing, and I ain’t even sorry.

17.  Mellie and LizzieBear’s confrontation.

I was here for Mellie reading Liz for filth, that line about sharing stds made me howl. She took the betrayal well considering he was the first man in 15 years who’d voluntarily climbed between her thighs, and she seemed to have a real emotional connection with him.

Was I the only person side-eyeing the fuck out of Mellie telling Lizzie that she’d been sleeping with Andrew? Like, what? So these kind of secrets that would have once torn down the White House are being shared like confetti at a wedding?

I’m here for her going to war with Lizzie, until I remember that Mellie is all hair and teeth, and no substance. She’ll probably end up needing to be rescued by Hank The Dog, seeing as everybody else will be busy looking for Olivia.

Anyway, I got the feeling that this was Mellie announcing her intention to run for president after Fitz. Good luck with that Boo.

17B.   Olivia seeing Fitz, Abby and Cyrus looking happy and choosing to leave them be for the moment.

Loved this scene. She knows how much Abby has been struggling, so I felt like she didn’t want to interfere in her moment. It was a lovely scene. Unless you hate Olivia and choose to see everything she does as an affront to humanity.

18.   “You can dance with me, or you can get off my dance floor. I’m fine dancing alone.”

Olivia dancing! Oh man I loved this scene. And yes, of course we’ve seen it before on Grey’s, but when it brings another dimension to my girl, I’m going to appreciate and love the fuck out of it. 

By the way, for the first time in Scandal history, Scott Foley finally delivered a line well. His “Man do I love you” wasn’t terrible. There, I said it. I’m here for people loving my girl, I’m just not here for them being pointless annoying characters. 
And Jake is a pointless annoying character. Forever and ever, Amen.

19.   “I’m choosing me”

Olivia chose herself. Yes, she did. She chose herself.

I saw some people whining that she didn’t really choose herself because she was going to have sex with Jake on the piano. GTFOH.

I know that none of the folks who felt like she didn’t really choose herself because she was still with Jake would have said a damned word if she’d been laying Fitz horizontally over her piano. Seriously, stop with the faux Olivia concern. I hate Jake with the passion of a thousand burning suns, but until Fitz exits left out of his marriage, he is just not a fucking option. Olivia deserves better than to be a side-piece relegated to the shadows. Fuck that. I’ll say it again, Fitz needs to shit or get off the pot.

20.  Olivia goes missing just before we’re subjected to sex-on-the-piano between her and Jake.

Well, erm, you know what I mean. Of course it’s terrible that she’s been abducted, but guys, we were spared an Olake sex scene, so silver linings and all that…

I did not see that coming though.  And neither did you people until Jake started back to the lounge. You, like me probably thought that all your dreams were about to come true and Jake was about to feel the caress of a bullet to his brain, but nope, those hopes were dashed in seconds. Shonda hates us.

I saw a few people saying that they’d predicted this so it was boring. GTFOH. You people predicted that Olivia would be kidnapped in season two and season three. Hell, even I predicted that it would happen in season two. Yes, it was always going to happen, because it’s an obvious plot device and one that has been used endlessly by numerous shows over the years, but in my opinion, I think the timing of it was perfect. Not only that, but if done right, it could be fantastic.

Anyway, whatevs, I was totally here for it, and somehow it gives me so much hope that this may well be the catalyst for Fitz to finally pull the curtains on his terrible marriage.

Random thoughts:

Tony Goldwyn did a great job directing. It had a movie-type feel to it, and I loved the way everything was filmed and how amazing Kerry looked in every shot. 

Fitz stays having the worst VPs in political history. He should have listened to Olivia. The man screwed his wife, now he’s screwing him.

Portia has definitely abandoned that terrible southern accent. So glad about that. Some people can mimic the southern accent perfectly, Portia honey, you’re not one of those people.

I knew that that car bombing was a set-up. I called that last week.

I don’t want to see Mama Pope again. She literally brought nothing to this episode, and until we can see an actual civilized conversation between her and Olivia, she can just burn in hell for me.

I love how much we’ve gotten back to this show being about Olivia Pope again. 

As an Olivia Pope fan, when she’s the center of everything, I’m good.


I only have one prediction


Divorce will be announced in season 4b. I really believe that. I mean come on, they will have thirteen episodes left to play with. That’s a lot of episodes to fill without tackling the Grant divorce.

Anyway, we now have two months to wait until the winter premiere and honestly, I’m excited. I really am.  This half of the season has been pretty fantastic. Better than anything that came in season 3, that’s for sure. Some of you might obviously disagree, but alas, tis life.

No gifs of Claire and Jamie this week, it was all good and everything hurt in the right way. So I’ll leave you with Olitz scenes instead…

Surfbort. Lol.