anyway this is the girls in 2x08

nell411 replied to your post “i’m not bitter,” i said bitterly with a bitter sneer”

So I mainlined Merlin for 2 months because I kind of got very obsessed with Katie McGrath after 2x08. I mean it was happening anyway but 2x08 kicked it into high gear and after Gilmore Girls was a disappointment I guess I felt like I needed to be let down by another show? One of my friends even told me exactly how the show ends and I still decided that Katie McGrath was worth it (she totally is. You can really see how she grows as an actor and it’s amazing). 

 Anyway the point of this ramble (besides why I should never post after work) is that Morgana in season 5 is definitely a different level than season 4 but there is more stuff with Morgana and Gwen. And I would kill for Morgana, any season, anytime, she deserved better and I still want to punch Merlin in the face.

oh god ok you’ve convinced me I’LL FINISH IT. JUST FOR THE GIRLS.