anyway this is one of my favorite pictures of misha ever


Yep, another picspam review. I mean, with this episode, how could I not? I was broken for a full two days, so of course it warrants me repeatedly smashing my face into the keyboard… which is pretty much what this entire post is. Face smashes and screencaps. (And boy howdy, do I mean screencaps. There’s a LOT. *rolls around in all of the caps*)

I actually did not have all that much time to get online yesterday, so this time around I don’t believe I’ll be unintentionally quoting any of you guys. \o/

First, I will share this… I get my legal digital copies from Google Play (I have Android everything, including a fucking television that’s running Android… of course I use Google Play and also ‘cuz fuck a whole lot iTunes). Someone at Google knows exactly what they’re doing because THIS is the picture they decided to use as the thumbnail of this episode. And I am DYING because this exact moment is when Cas says, “get out” and Sam is just staring like, “omg mental note do not fuck with Cas right now.”

Yah, that’s perfect. YOCKEY: I am Cas. Get the fuck out, you broke me. I am also Sam. I cannot believe you just did that jesus fuck.

(Side note: that picture is taken with my Android phone of my Android TV.)

That said.

Number of Obligatory Dean Wall Slams: TWOOOOO!!! Yockey, you speak to my heart.

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Southern Style

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 1,069
Warnings: none
Song: Southern Style - Darius Rucker
A/N: Here is my entry for @impalaimagining‘s 1K Follower Challenge! My prompt was the gif above along with the song Southern Style by Darius Rucker. Italics are a flashback. This might be one of my favorite things I’ve ever written so I really hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Rebound girl // Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: ~5000

Warnings: Anti Danneel (for the purpose of this fiction she had to be a b*tch, but she is not his wife and they don’t have children for this fiction!), language and maybe it’s a bit angsty-ish? but I guess this is it If I’m missing something please let me know!

A/N: This is my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou ‘s 1k follower challenge, my prompt was “Wait… You think I’m pretty?” (it’ll be bold in the text) and it’s also my first piece of fiction I’m posting here on tumblr! 

A/N 2: Part 2 (and other stories of mine) can soon be found on @not-moose-squad

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Jensen’s POV

Being with Danneel was tiring. She wasn’t the woman I fell in love with two years ago. 

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You're my home/Part 3

Warnings: Reader is a young single mom. Sad conversation(?) and i guess a little (just a little) bit of smut…

Notes: Here it is the 3 part, i hope you like it! Sorry for not posting it Saturday, i had to finish some details that took more time than i imagined. The girl in the gif is Paige from Scorpion, and she’s a waitress but unfortunately, the gif don’t show her uniform. -Sigh- Anyways, i will probably post the requests next week, because i’m having tests in my school. -Sigh-(Again). Wish me luck…

Part 1 Part 2

“She was crazy, man, I’m telling you!” Misha said talking about one fan that went in his photo Op. This was the last day of convention in that city, and in the morning, they would have to travel to another one. Everybody was laughing while they were in Cliff’s car to go to a restaurant. 

“Okay guys, but we still need to decide where we’re going.” Cliff said and immediately, something came up in Jensen’s mind.

“What about that pasta restaurant that (Y/n) also told us about yesterday?” He suggested and everybody, expect for Misha, smirked. “What?” Jensen asked when he saw the clever smile on everyone’s faces. “You’re like fucking teenagers!" 

"Nobody told me this story!” Misha argued and Jensen rolled his eyes, he felt like he was back in college. 

“(Y/N) was this fan that we met yesterday, she has a daughter, and we offered her to stay in the backstage because the little girl was sleepy and grumpy. Jensen was totally crushing on her.” Jared explained making Jensen roll his eyes again.

“Hmmm.” Misha said with a giant smirk making everyone laugh.

“So we’re going to the pasta one?” Cliff asked and they all nodded. This night, only Misha, Cliff, Gen, Jared and Jensen decided to go have dinner outside of the hotel, everybody else was tired and didn’t want to come. 

“Be good to your nonna okay, Tom? I love you.” Gen said in the phone to her little son, who stayed with Gen’s mom for the weekend. “Okay, I will pass it to him.” She said looking at Jared. “He wants to talk to you.” She said giving the phone to her husband.

“Talking about kids, you and Vicky are trying again, right Misha?” Cliff asked to Misha when they got out of the car, entering the cozy restaurant. 

“Yeah… Vicky is pretty excited about having another kid.” He said smiling and Jensen suddenly felt dislocated. This wasn’t the first time he felt this. Everyone talking about their children and well… everyone having someone to make kids with. He was the one who always wanted kids. He usually didn’t fell like this, but when a situation like that happened, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking. He hadn’t had anything serious with someone since his last girlfriend cheated on him. Nothing he wanted to remember. 

“What do you want J?” Jared asked when they all were already in the table, with the menu in their hands. 

“I think I’ll go to with the spaghetti.” He said and Jared nodded calling for a waitress, apparently everyone had already chosen it and he hadn’t even noticed. They talked about random stuff when waited for the food. 

“I will go to the bathroom again.” Gen said seeming a little annoyed while getting up. “I hate this part of pregnancy.” She said and everybody laughed. 

“I’m excited for the next convention, it is going to be really big.” Jared said looking at some fan messages in his phone and all men agreed.

“C'mon, lets take a picture.” Misha said taking his phone out of the pocket. They smiled and Gen arrived seconds later after the photo was taken.

“You won’t believe what just happened!” She said excited and Jensen frowned, she was looking specifically at him. “I was getting out of the bathroom and I found (Y/N)!” She said smiling and Jensen felt his heart beat faster. What the fuck? “Apparently she’s a waitress here.”

“(Y/N) as in ‘the fan Jensen was crushing on’?” Misha asked before Jensen could even open his mouth. 

“In the flesh.” Gen said. “Coincidence? I don’t think so." 

"C'mon guys.” Jensen said with a small laugh seeing his friends open smirks and malicious faces. “She was the one who suggested this place, is it really that surprising that she works here?” He said not really believing his words. 

“Yeah, actually.” Jared said “I will look for her, and maybe, this time, our dumb friend here will have the courage to ask for her number.” Jared continued messing with Jensen, who just rolled his eyes. 

“Oh don’t worry, I already called her.” Gen said smiling. “She said that she needed to finish serving a table and then she would come here to say hi.” She said when the orders arrived. 

They quickly changed the subject, but Jensen started to get anxious. He really wanted to see you again, like, really. He cursed himself the entire day for not getting your number last night. He was single, he had the right to ask a beautiful girl out, didn’t he? Jared noticed how his friend was a little off all day long, and he mentally swore that he would find a way to get in contact with you, for Jensen. But now he wouldn’t need to, you were there! This certainly was not a coincidence. 

“(Y/N)!” Jared said suddenly looking behind Jensen, who slowly turned around and sighed upon seeing you smiling and being hugged by Jared and Cliff. You were in the restaurant uniform, with a high ponytail. Jensen stood up smiling and hesitated for a moment before pulling you in for a hug. 

Of course, you just melted in his arms. You just couldn’t believe you got to see all those guys again, especially Jensen. You were really scared for a second, thinking this could be a dream. This was probably the best thing that ever happened to you. After Lottie. 

“We don’t know each other, but I have already heard a lot about you.” Misha said opening his arms to you, and you started to fangirl again, you didn’t see him yesterday, which was a shame because he was one of your favorite characters. 

“Heard a lot about me…?” You said with a small laugh after separating from him, not really paying much attention to this. You had just hugged the cast again, and Misha Collins for the first time, so you were still a little awed. 

“After all, we came here because of your suggestion.” Jensen said with a smile before his friends could open their big mouths to say that Jensen couldn’t stop thinking about you. 

“And are you guys enjoying it?” You said seeing that they were still eating they orders, smiling when they nodded and started to praise the place. “I’m glad then! Hm…I will let you guys eat, it was a pleasure to see you guys again.” You said waving a goodbye and turning around. Jensen didn’t even see his friends’ faces before getting up and holding your arm to stop you. You turned around a little confused, but felt your heart explode when you saw that it was Jensen. 

“What time does your shift end?” He asked and you raised your eyebrows.

“In an hour and a half.” You answered and he smiled softly. “Why?”

“If you don’t mind, I would like to wait for you, and maybe we can talk for a bit.” He said and your world simply stopped. Wait, what? Jensen Ackles was asking you out? Really? You? 

“Hm… Yeah, I would like that.” You said still a little lost and finding it hard to process what just happened. He smiled like he was relieved and you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling too. 

“Great, then I will be in the table waiting for you.” He said and you nodded. He came back to the table, and to his surprise, nobody asked anything or even stopped what they were talking about when he sat again. Good for him.
Dinner ended surprisingly fast, after lots of talking and laughing. The restaurant was practically empty by now, and although Jensen said that they could go rest, Misha decided to stay and wait for you with him. Jared and Gen had to go because Gen was starting to get nauseous, another symptom of pregnancy she hated, and Cliff took them to the hotel.  

“So she has a 3 year old daughter?” Misha asked. When the others left, he wanted to know more about the girl that made his friend finally ask a girl out again. Jensen was a little, hm…how could he put it? Traumatized after his last serious relationship. 

“Yeah, she’s the cutest thing.” Jensen answered with a smile. But before they could continue, you got out of the kitchen, stopping in front of their table. You changed the uniform for your normal clothes, and even though you were just in dark jeans and a blue shirt, Jensen thought you were beautiful.

Cliché? Maybe. Whatever.

“Hey.” Jensen said smiling, getting up. “You’re ready to go?” He asked and you nodded with a smile. 

“Okay guys, i will take an uber to the hotel, you want a ride somewhere?” Misha asked while he unlocked his phone and you twisted your lip. 

“My house is literaly behind the restaurant.” You said already a little scared that Jensen would want to cancel the ‘date’. Every guy that you dated in the past was gone the minute they learned you had a daughter. Okay, Jensen already knew about Lottie, but you couldn’t avoid that feeling. “And I have to go home, because Lottie is staying with my neighbor, and she’s crying… I just have to put her in bed and then we can talk. Is that okay?” You asked a little anxious and Jensen smiled. 

“Definitely.” He said and you sighed, relieved. “Let’s go?” 

“Well, I hope you have fun, my uber arrived.” Misha said waving and heading in a different direction. You and Jensen turned to each other, smiling as he extended his arm to you. You twined you arm with his and started walking away from the restaurant and in the direction of your apartment.

“You didn’t mention that you worked in the restaurant.” Jensen said looking at you with a small smile, and you were trying your best to act normal and ignore the fact that Jensen Ackles was going to your house.

“It didn’t really matter yesterday.” You said struggling and continued. “I mean, I didn’t actually think that you would go to the second restaurant suggestion I gave you.”

“Why wouldn’t I? We loved that sushi one yesterday, and I don’t even like sushi” He said and you opened your mouth in indignation.

“What? Sushi is the best food ever!” You cried opening the door to the little building you lived in. It had just four floors and two apartments each. 

“Oh… I didn’t think it was that close to your house” he said when you entered the lobby.

“I told you.” You said with a smile while clicking the number '2’ in the elevator. "But really, how can you not like sushi?“ You asked and he laughed struggling.

"I guess I don’t like eating things that are alive.” He joked and you giggled rolling your eyes. The elevator stopped in your floor, and he followed you to your neighbor’s door.

“This is just gonna take one second.” You said and he nodded, you knocked on the door and after a few seconds Mrs. Alba appeared, a sweet old woman that took care of Lottie when you couldn’t. Mostly just after seven o'clock, the time she arrived from her work at her flower shop.

“Hey (Y/N)! And…. Well, I’ve never seen you around.” She said with a smile to Jensen, that copied her action.

“I’m Jensen, I’m (Y/N)’s….” He hesitated a second, looking at you and you twisted your lip not knowing what to say. What could you possibly say? He’s my favorite actor? “Friend.”

“Oh, pleasure to meet you.” She said shaking his hand and turning to you. “Lottie is already sleeping, she got tired.”

“Oh….” You said and Jensen noticed how your face fell. He imagined how it must be hard for you, working so hard that you couldn’t even put your 3 year old daughter in bed. 

And he was completely right. 

“Okay, I will get her.” You said entering the house with Jensen behind you.

“You want me to carry her?” He asked when you stopped in front of the sofa she was sleeping in, hugging a teddy bear. 

“No, it’s okay.” You said a little surprised and in love with how sweet he was. “If you can hold my purse…”

He immediately took it out of your arm, watching you gently lifting Lottie and putting her in your arms, her head on your shoulder. 

“Thank you so much, good night Mrs. Alba” You said and after a “no problem, good night.”, you got out of her apartment. 

“Make yourself at home, I will just put Lottie in her room.” You said when you entered your apartment, disappearing into a corridor. He put your purse in the sofa and looked around. It wasn’t big, but it was wide and cozy. It was a nice place to live. After a few minutes you came back without Lottie and you smiled at each other.

“She’s okay?” He asked pointing at the corridor and you nodded entering your open kitchen.

“Yeah, she’s a heavy sleeper. Lucky me.” You said with a little laugh and he laughed too. “Wine?” You asked lifting a bottle.

“Course.” You put the wine in two glasses, extending one to him, and you two went to sit on your balcony. You two started to talk about everything and anything, and after a while, he seemed like an old friend and not your favorite actor, who by fate’s weird ways was in your house on a Saturday night. He told you so many things about his life, his career, his fears, cravings, and well…

“I really though she was the one. All my friends were getting married… Hell, Genevieve was already pregnant. I wanted that, you know?” He said talking his last girlfriend and you nodded. “I wanted a family with her, and she just… Cheated. Except from the long distance, nothing was wrong in our relationship."  

"But shouldn’t you be relieved for not having started a family with her? Imagine how hard it would’ve been going through a break up with kids, how hard it would’ve been if you were married.” You said and he gave a small relieved laugh.

“Yeah, I always think about this. I was blind with…. I think it was pure lust. I was in a rush, because all my friends were starting their families and I wasn’t. I was in love with the idea, not with her.” He said seriously. “She wasn’t a good person. I thank god for not having proposed.”

“You did right Jensen.” You said squeezing his hand, which was already too close of yours. “I made this mistake once.” You said referring to the fact that you had Lottie with a despicable man. “And I learned that this stuff… No matter how old you are, just do it with someone you are one hundred percent sure you want to spend the rest of your life with, someone you know won’t let you down.” You said and your looks connected and this time, he was the one who squeezed your hand.

“You didn’t talk about that part of your life, and I understand if you don’t want to. I don’t know what happened, but I just wanted to tell you… You’re fucking amazing.” He said so intensely that you didn’t doubt his words for even a second. “You didn’t have any support, and raised a kid at the age of nineteen.” He said what you had already told him and you opened a shy smile, making him smile more. “You’re amazing.” He repeated, this time in a lower voice, and suddenly your faces were just inches apart. His hand was on your cheek, and the glasses of wine were left forgotten in the little table. 

You took a deep breath before he gently pulled your face and glued your lips together. The kiss started slow and you were just… Exploring each other. But after minutes, with no warning, the kiss started to grow hotter, and before you knew it you were sitting on his lap, your hands on his scruff. His large hands were squeezing your thighs, and his teeth bitting your lower lip. You could feel the bulge in his pants brushing in your center and when his right hand entered your shirt and squeezed your breast, you couldn’t help the moan. He started to kiss your neck and you began to do circular movements with your hips, making him moan. He was about to lift your shirt when you suddenly backed away with a concentrated face. 

He frowned and you looked at him and sighed, leaving him more confused than ever.

“Three…” You started. “Two…”

“Mommy!” A little voice screamed somewhere inside the house, and you two gave a small laugh with the interruption. 

“I didn’t listen to anything!” He said a little surprised and you struggled, giving him one last chaste kiss before getting up.

“It’s my job listen to her steps.” You said smiling before entering the house. He smiled when he thought about what had just happened, but frowned when he looked at the sky and saw the…sun? He quickly got his phone and saw that it was already five in the morning. Fuck. His flight was at 8.

He entered the apartment, seeing Lottie lying on the sofa watching a cartoon and you in the kitchen with a baby bottle in your hands. 

“(Y/N), I didn’t realize it was already morning, my flight leaves in a few hours…” Jensen said to you and you gave him a yellow smile.

“Yeah, of course.” You said putting the bottle in the sink and going in the direction of the door. 

“I wish I could stay for a few more days.” He said, a little guilty that he was leaving that way. You told him about the lame excuses the guys gave you to leave because of your daughter. He surely wasn’t doing that. But he knew you were thinking that about him. “(Y/N)…”

“Thank you for tonight, Jensen. I had a lot of fun.” You said opening the door, not even looking at his face. He sighed and squeezed your hand. 

“Me too. I have your number now, I will call you.” He said stepping out of your apartment, remembering a moment in the night when you got each other’s number. “I mean it.” And for the first time in a long time, he really meant it. You weren’t just a one night stand for him. He didn’t want you to be just a one night stand.

You smiled, still not believing his words. Could he blame you? This was what always happened to you. For god’s sake, he was a millionaire actor, of course he wouldn’t be different. You were the fan of the night. 

At least you thought so.

“Take care.” And with that, you closed the door. And for a weird and undeniably cliche reason, he went to the hotel with his heart small and the thought that he really didn’t want to leave your small and cozy apartment. He really didn’t want to leave you.

Part 4

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Actors that have been in at least 2/8 of my favorite shows OAT

Alaina Huffman as Dinah Lance/Black Canary (Smallville) & Abaddon (SPN

Amy Adams as Maggie Murphy (Charmed), Beth Maclay (BtVS), & Jodi Melville (Smallville)  

Emilie de Ravin as Claire Littleton (Lost) & Belle (OUAT)

James Marsters as Spike (BtVS & Angel), Professor Milton Fine/Brainiac/Brainiac 5 (Smallville), & Donald Stark (SPN

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Sam Ryan (Angel), John Winchester (SPN), & Negan (TWD)

Jensen Ackles as Jason Teague (Smallville) & Dean Winchester (SPN)

Mark Pellegrino as Jacob (Lost) & Nick/Lucifer (SPN)

Mark Sheppard as Arnon (Charmed), Graham Tanaka (Dollhouse), & Crowley (SPN)

Misha Collins as Eric Bragg (Charmed) & Castiel/Jimmy Novak/Himself/Leviathan/Lucifer (SPN)

Norman Reedus as Nick Parks (Charmed) & Daryl Dixon (TWD)

Rob Benedict as Jape (BtVS) & Chuck Shurley/Carver Edlund/God (SPN)

Sebastian Roché as The Sorcerer (Charmed), Balthazar (SPN), King Stefan (OUAT)

Tahmoh Penikett as Vince Davis & Wes Keenan (Smallville), Paul Ballard (Dollhouse), & Ezekiel/Gadreel/Gadreel’s vessel (SPN)

So, there’s probably more “crossover actors” with these shows up here, but A. I’m too lazy to research it all - B. I ain’t got that type of time - C. My memory is the size of an egg. I mostly used actors that had a lead(ish) role/fan favorite in one of the shows. Except Amy Adams. But she was in 3/8 so she excelled. She had to be rewarded, obviously.

*Note: Tahmoh’s two characters from Smallville weren’t related in anyway, so I put pictures for both characters on there. Also, yes, I know he looks like a thumb in the far left one. What do you want? He was in the hospital the entire time.

*Note: I did one of these for Joss Whedon’s recycled actors, so yes, I could’ve done Eliza Dushku or Alexis Denisof but A. I already used them for that post - B. They’re only in the realm of the Whedonverse (as far as my favorite shows go).

*Note: This isn’t every role they’ve ever had, obviously, and some of my favs are left out as well as other shows I found okay but wouldn’t consider to be my favorites. For example, Firefly isn’t on here, but Mark Sheppard was in it. However, I don’t consider Firefly a favorite show, ergo, it isn’t here.

First Impressions and Second Chances (part 5)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,619

Misha x Reader

Warnings: none

Notes: Enter Jared and Jensen! This part is more of a filler for the next, but I hope you guys still enjoy it. Next part has been drafted and will be posted mid next week, so you won’t have to wait as long for this one! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

Your name: submit What is this?

You were fiddling with the picture in your hands when you saw someone’s feet approaching. Looking up, you saw Jared standing in front of you, a smile on his face.

“Hey, you ready?”

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The Contest- Part 5

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Nursing Supervisor Anne, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Misha are both divorced.  No hate please! I’m sure Gen and Vicki are lovely!

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

It took a minute or two for Jared’s words to sink into my alcohol-soaked brain.  When they finally did my eyes shot to his in surprise.  Did he just say what I think he said?

“Okay then…” I muttered as I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and yanked him to me, slamming my lips to his in a blistering kiss.

We finally broke apart when the door slammed open and Nikki stumbled out supported by Misha.  She did not look well.  Jensen, Briana, and Jason were behind them. 

“This one can’t hold her liquor.” Jensen said to me, only slightly slurring his words. “She’s flagged.”

 “I’m only 4 foot 11!  How much liquor do you expect me to hold?” Nikki demanded drunkenly before she threw up all over Jared’s and my shoes. Perfect!

 Jared jumped back and away from me.  So much for us having a moment.

“Things are definitely going to be interesting with you around, Y/N.” Briana said with a laugh.

“Sorry Jared. I wish I could say this is the first time Nikki has thrown up on me but sadly….”

Jensen and Jason though this was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing.

“Dammit, Nik! These are my favorite boots!” I said with a sigh.

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Surprise - Part 1 (Dedication for Rob Benedict’s Birthday Today!)

Pairing: Rob Benedict x reader
Word Count: 3,498
Warnings: fluff, drinking, surprises, smut
Authors: Sam, @totallysupernaturaloneshots​ (Becca), @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll​ (Caitlyn)
Request: This anonymous request was passed onto me by @totallysupernaturaloneshots​ — reader is Rich’s sister and has known Rob for a while. One night after a party at Rich’s, Rob confesses his feelings for her and it ends up in some cute smut ;).
A/N: I was so excited to write this! It was a lot of fun! There will definitely be more parts to this!

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More than Perfect

Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 2,112

Warnings: Language, Cyber-bullying (not okay kids, do not do it! It’s mean and hurtful and if you do it to someone you don’t even know that makes it worse on them!)

Request: @huntershelper666 - Cyber-bullying is going to far and the reader gets comforted by her boyfriend (I’m so sorry it took me this long to get it out!!!) 

Special thanks to the babe @oriona75 for betaing!! :*

Originally posted by constiellation

It’s been one year. One year now since you got together with your loving boyfriend Jensen Ackles. You both lived on the same street when you were younger and you had always harbored a large school girl crush on him. So imagine your surprise when a year ago he comes back in town for a family reunion, sees you out walking your dog down the same street as always and then asks if you would like to go to dinner. You swore your heart was going a million miles a minute as you agreed. That first date turned into three more that following week and then the rest is just history.

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Moments (Part 5)

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Anon Request: Hello, I was wondering if i could request a Jensen x Fan Reader fic were they meet at a con. There they keep running into each other. Thank You.

Summary: Attending a convention has always been a dream - and that dream is now a reality. Little did you know a clumsy run-in would lead to meeting one of your favorite actors. Who knows what the weekend will hold.

A/n: Cussing. Fluffy feels.

I consider this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic. This is completely a work of fiction, and I wouldn’t want his reality to be any different, this is purely for entertainment.

Catch up here: Moments (Part 1), Moments (Part 2), Moments (Part 3/Drabble), Moments (Part 4)

Originally posted by jensencrush

“He who leaps for the sky may fall, it’s true. But he may also fly.”  
 ―    Lauren Oliver, Delirium   

You sat in the ballroom waiting for the panel to start, absentmindedly scrolling through your phone. Suddenly, applause erupted throughout as Osric appeared from behind the curtain to announce Rob, Rich, and Matt. You realized that Y/f/n still wasn’t back from the restroom. As you stood clapping, you glanced around and towards the entrance looking for her. You sat back down and were just about to text her asking if she fell in when she plopped down on the seat next to you.

“Sorry.” She said breathlessly.

“Took you long enough!”

“Yeah… nothing. It’s nothing.” She said with a smile.

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Castiel Wardrobe Upgrade Petition

This project was inspired entirely by this post.
When I drew how I thought Lucifer!Cas might change his wardrobe, I just had ideas pop and pop in my head faster than my snail-speed rehabilitating drawing skills could manage.
First, I thought “well, if Lucifer!Cas (in my mind) has a black, double-breasted, long, billowing trench coat, a good excuse is just to have Cas keep it when he comes back, right?”:

If everyone’s all about the little “Winchester plaid” lining in the collar of the current trench coat, why not just give him a Burberry plaid tie, maybe as a gift from the Winchesters? (Also, because it seems Misha likes Burberry? He has a few shirts from them, from what I can gather from Con pictures.)

Well, if the Winchesters ever let him live in the MOL bunker, they just might try to have Cas adjust to a Hunter’s uniform…

I thought he might hold on to the white shirt, like “Yes, I’ll wear your ‘uniform jacket and denim’, but I’m comfortable in this shirt.” (Anyway, it shows the tie that the Winchesters *in my mind* gave him better.)

OR, a leather motorcycle jacket?

The lapels of this jacket are similar to Cas’s first trench coat, so I think it’d suit him well. The epaulettes (the ornamental shoulder pieces) would add extra dimension in close-up shots.
Other variations of Cas in leather:

Ver. 2′s leather jacket’s shape is more similar to what Misha owns, and I again went with Burberry plaid rather than traditional plaid.
Ver. 3, honestly, I just wanted to draw Cas in a heather grey henley. I was going to go with a reddish-brown leather jacket, but in the limited spectrum of colors I have at my disposal, I couldn’t find a color that would work. I went for a less traditional light grey leather jacket, because… did I tell you I think Misha looks stunning in heather/light grey?

This is where I was about a week in pulling all-nighters in the sketching phase for this project, and my brain started to just go “Hey, what about that outfit?” (This is also where the crucial colors of my Copic markers died in the coloring phase, so I am bummed I can’t bring this to you in color.)
Here’s Cas in a variety of Star Wars costumes (special guest Sam):

Okay, please allow me to take my rare opportunity to brag: I’ve translated for Mr. Harrison Ford before! (a little bit before he signed for Star Wars: The Force Awakens) He was extremely respectful of others, patient, and so good, we actually wrapped early! I’ve worked with A-listers, but he is the one that really made an impression on me. Such a gentleman. So yeah, of course I had to draw Cas in Han Solo’s costume!
Back to the subject: since Jedi robes were, in part, inspired by kimonos, my mind initially wanted to draw Cas in a kimono, but my brain worked kimono= Japan= anime, and went “You know, Attack on Titan(進撃の巨人) has a great uniform.” Then I had to stop because this was getting out of hand, especially when I knew I was out of ink.
As an ending note, I drew my favorite outfit other than the first trench coat Cas has worn on the show and added my personal assessments from this project:

I was still bummed because I had finally pushed myself into coloring-mode and couldn’t color these in what I knew would work. I kind of panicked, and I looked at what colors were available to me, and as BBC SHERLOCK’s Dr. John Watson would say, “I’M MAKING DO!” (3x02), and well…

Sick!Cas was what I could do with the colors at my disposal. I’m not sure this would qualify as “Twist and Shout fan art”, but if I may be so bold as to tag it just in case…

This has been one hell of an unintended, grand art therapy project.

Please don’t repost this as your own, and, again, more importantly, I don’t want to fight. Please don’t reblog if you’re going to use this as ammunition for a fandom war.
Please be kind to one another. *fandom hugs*

Bitter Betrothed

Member: Taehyung

Type: Hopefully Bomb ass story just for my Bestie!! Angst, Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 3559

A/N: Hello Bestie! I know this took forever but I wanted it to be perfect! I hope this is good enough. I love you <3 @look-its-a-nunn 



Today is the day.

You slide on your purple bridesmaid dress with dissatisfaction. Mock bouquet in hand, the day is about to start.

The commotion can be heard from 3 stories up in the attic guestroom, where you are examining your figure in the dress. 

Men are ushered out of the house as people begin to swarm her. 

The bride.

Though she isn’t quite blushing she is loving the attention. “Mother, I told you the makeup won’t hold unless you use MY setting spray. Don’t put an ounce of makeup on me until you get it.”

‘God it isn’t even 9 am yet and she is making demands.’ you think.

The bridezilla screaming a floor below you is your best friend, Hei. You use that term loosely in this case. And though her name implies grace you can assure anyone that is confused she is far from it.

Her appearance is admittedly breathtaking. She had always had men falling at her feet. But she is like the Cerbera Odollom, a relationship with her can paralyze your heart.


Groaning, you ducked under a rafter and followed the voice to Hei’s room, seeing her being worked on all at once. Legs being lotioned, Hair being curled, makeup being applied. Right now she was Queen of being pampered, not that she was a stranger to it anyway. “Why does that dress look so horrible?”

You narrowed your eyes. “I don’t know, you picked it, ChiChi.” She huffed at the nickname. You have called her that ever since she tried some experimental face scrub back in 7th grade and her face swole making her look like a Monchichi.

“Don’t call me that today.”

But there was another reason a wedge was being forced into your already challenging friendship.

His name is Kim Taehyung.

The man with the voice like honey and face like heaven. He had walked into your lives 3 years ago through vocal lessons.

This was during Hei’s “I want to be a singer, Mother” phase where she somehow convinced you to come with her. 3 lessons in, she had had her fill of another useless thing at her parent’s expense. But Taehyung remained. She boasted privately that he stuck around for her but really he had stayed in touch for you.

It began with plans for the two of them and him asking if you could come along. Then inseparable days of just the three of you. Soon it became you and him sneaking kisses when she was in the restroom or complaining about her incorrect order at her favorite salad bar she dragged you to. The link between the two of you was unexplainable and immense.

Which is why the news of them dating was such a shock.

You approached the situation every way you could and still had no idea how they ended up together. It wasn’t until a few weeks after, during a night at Hei’s home, that you learned part of the story. Hei droned on for an what felt like an eternity about how she “gathered the courage to say how she felt about him.” and how “at first he seemed shocked but admitted to his attraction”.


The kicker to her tale was the remark at the end.

“For a while I was scared. I thought he had a thing for you.” she cackled. “I don’t know why I was worried. After all you’re a foreigner.” Of course your face showed your offense but she quickly added bullshit about the language barrier between you and him.

You held your tongue for the night, knowing it was better to keep some choice words in your head.

He had avoided you well for a whole year.

It wasn’t until they announced their engagement that he even spoke two words to you: “Pardon me.”

And that was it. Two words hastily said as he passed you and another 7 months of not seeing him and suffering through wedding plans.

Now here you were, enduring more of Hei’s criticism just hours before she married the man you loved.



Hei finally reached the point where she was tired of insulting you, sending you away to have your makeup done.

“Excuse me.” Someone called to you in the swarm of people. You noticed one of the caterers trying to get your attention. ‘Yes?”

“Ms.Mei’s mother requests you in the garden.”

You nodded before thanking the woman and rushing off. You knew if you kept Mrs. Choi waiting there would be hell to pay.

The Choi family garden was an awe inspiring place. However the foliage was tall and for unfamiliar visitors it was somewhat of a maze. It took a while for you to find your way around when you were younger but now you could find the dandelions without even turning at the roses with your eyes closed.

Wandering further in after no sight of Mrs. Choi, you reached the center of the garden.

All that stood was the fountain.

As you admired the structure you felt someone’s hand on your shoulder. Naturally, you were frightened and jumped before turning to see Taehyung.


He was all decked out in his blue accented tuxedo. “To match the blue in my bouquet” Hei had told you.

“Wh-” You went silent when his hand stroked your cheek. Your confusion partially melted as you leaned into his hand, tears pricking your eyes for no particular reason.

“I am so sorry.”

And just like that his hand was pulling away and he was disappearing behind one of hedge walls leading back to where his limo was waiting.

Well that was anticlimactic.


“I believe we’re ready.” Mrs. Choi announced, clapping her hands to gather the bridal party for a picture.

The other bridesmaids forced smiles the same way you did. All questioning how they even began to tolerate her. Which you always found funny because a few of them were stuck up and rich just as she was but even they couldn’t stand the woman.

After the picture, her mother ushered you all into the white limo. As you climbed in last you saw her mother send you a look.

Though you weren’t sure what it was you were terrified because the main emotions you had seen the woman express over the years were fury and drunken happiness. She wasn’t drunk, yet, just a little “warm” from the flask she kept in her clutch so you assumed the strange look was building anger that was for some reason directed at you.

You looked away and slid in next to Hei.

Despite the morning of Bridezilla anger, she smiled at you with childish glee as she squeezed your hand.

An easy moment in a friendship of struggles.


“Look, sir.” you said through gritted teeth, accenting sir. “If I don’t get a drink now I will set this whole place on fi-”



You turned, ready to death glare the caller until they burst into flames but you relaxed at the sight of Jimin and Jungkook.

Jimin was Taehyung’s best friend and Best man. He was always the one at Tae’s side trying not to flick Hei in the mouth.

“Guys, shouldn’t you be in prepping?”

Jungkook snapped his fingers and the bartender poured him a glass of Bourbon. Your glare to the bartender was cut when Jimin grabbed your arm. “Shouldn’t you be stopping this damn wedding?”

“Hyung.” Jungkook said, not stopping the glass from coming to his mouth.

The older man sighed. “Fine. Taehyung is getting cold feet. Personally I think you should run away with him-”

Jungkook cleared his throat.

“BUT” Jimin continued, eyeing the maknae. “We don’t know where he is.”

“How do you know he has cold feet if you don’t even know where he is?” you asked, taking Jungkook’s drink and downing the rest in one strong go.

Jungkook took the empty glass from you. “Because it’s Taehyung.”

You nodded, knowing that was a perfectly valid reason.

When things became too much in reality, Tae preferred to be by himself and try to find some sort of grip on it. When there were no cartoons around of course.

You were about to ask what they expected you to do about it but they walked away. You shot the bartender a pleading look for more alcohol but he simply turned away.

Groaning internally, you went to find the missing groom.


“Kim Taehyung” You whisper yelled. Finding him before anyone else noticed was priority but you didn’t think you should be doing so. Frankly neither would Hei.

At the giving up point you sighed, about to turn around when someone pulled your hand into a room.

Pushing roughly in the direction of your attacker you almost yelled. “This is not a good day for me so unless you’re ready to get your ass whooped-”


His soft voice immediately calmed you. And confused you. And made heated nerves rise.

“Taehyung, you’re supposed to be with Jimin and Jungkook.”

He turned away from you, unsure of how to approach what he was about to do. You took the opportunity to look around the room.

It was much smaller than the others. Obviously a prep room. The building was filled with them. Huge rooms for ceremonies and smaller rooms for getting ready.

“Don’t make me do it.” he was facing you again.

You shook your head. “Taehyung, you did this when you proposed.”

At this he scrunched his face and pushed away from the wall in frustration. Like there was something he needed to say but couldn’t. “You don’t understand.”

“Understand what?” You stepped closer to him. “I need to know so I can help and you can go. I’m pretty sure you should be at the altar by now.”

“No!” he shouted, causing you to shrink away from him. He noticed, backing away as well. “This isn’t what I want.”

Crossing your arms with mounting frustration, you ask. “What do you want then?”

As if some desperate cliche response, he takes a large step toward you and pulls your face to his, connecting your lips.

The feel of his lips on yours had you giving an instantaneous response, falling into sync with his so easily. Almost as if hadn’t been nearly two years since you had last felt them.

After a second you remembered what was happening soon just outside the door and tried to pull back but his hands kept you to him. His fingers sliding back to feel your smoothed back hair under his fingertips.

After a moment more he pulled back, breathing as heavily as you. Your hands never left his sides as they turned into fists, grasping more of his dress shirt in your hold.

You looked to search his face and he was already doing the same with a forlorn expression.

You weren’t sure if what he was feeling was what you were hoping he was but there was no time to read into it.

He moved back, pulling off his jacket, intensely staring at you. He threw it to the side before approaching you again. His desperation working in his quick movements.

Everything in you was screaming to continue despite the voice way in the back whispering promises regret.

It didn’t matter. Your mind was made a long time ago.

It was obvious by the speed of four hands that neither of you were wasting time. Years of wanting this made goosebumps rise on your arms and you could feel his rapid heartbeat against your own chest as he brought you flush against him to grasp your ass with his lips to your neck.

He mumbled something against your skin that you didn’t catch before pulling up your dress. His hands squeezed at your waist, fabric resting on top of them. Feeling his hands gripping your skin was nice but it wasn’t what you needed.

Squeezing your hands between your bodies, you popped his trouser button. He moved back a bit to give you space as he smoothed his fingers across the hem of your panties.

You unzipped his pants, pulling the dress shirt out of the way and reaching into his blue boxers to pull him from his pants. His cock was already hard but you smirked and headily smoothed your thumb over the tip. He shuttered, eyes closing and grip returning tightly to your hips. “This isn’t how I imagined this happening anyway so please no teasing.”

Nothing would have excited you more than Taehyung begging for you but you knew you weren’t going to be able to keep that up long. You moved your thumb away to pump instead and leave a kiss on his neck. He took the hint, running a finger down across your covered slit.

You barely let out a breath before he moved your panties to the side. His knee went between your legs to push them further apart as he moved your hand away from his length. Replacing it with his hand to guide himself to your entrance, he locked eyes with you. You stared back, letting out a light gasp as he ran his tip over your clit. Though the situation was…less than ideal and more rushed than either of you would have preferred, his stare was something more than hungry lust. Taehyung’s gaze had you entranced until he began to slide into you. His nails dug into your skin. “Did you stay this tight for me?” he asked lowly.

You gripped his shoulders and nodded. “I didn’t want anyone else. I still don’t.”

He had no set pace, trying to gather his restraint. “Did you see anyone else?”

You whimpered at his ever changing thrusts.

“Amisha.” a demanding tone accompanying a snap of his hips that sent a cry tumbling from your lips. “Yes!”

A rough hand came to lift your thigh as he sped up. He pushed himself into you more, leaning his forehead to rest against the wall behind you. “Did you think of me while they did their best to please you?” His free hand found its way under the fallen side of your dress to rub your clit. “Did you think about how much better I could fuck you? Make love to you?” he whispered almost possessively in your ear. His tone no longer reflected his movements. Slowing down, he moved his face back to look at you again before softly meeting your lips. Gentle passion guiding his lips. You parted your lips for more but he pulled away. “Please.” you begged.

Another pace change coming as he thrust quickly. You didn’t fight to contain your moans, mixing curses and “Taehyung, more” into your loud cries.

Your hands slid up to his neck, your finger tips running over the hairs at the nape of his neck. An obvious fire built quickly in your stomach as he continued to rub your clit while his cock never let up.

His high came first as his hand on your thigh lifted higher for a deep thrust. His deep voice emptied breathy profanities into your ear. He continued to move, knowing you were on the edge. It didn’t take much more. His finger flicked your clit before gripping the upper part of your other thigh. “I feel you, baby. It’s ok to let go.” his words aided the feeling. His lips crashed against yours once more while you clenched around him before your mouth was falling open to cry out his name. The waves of satisfaction jerking involuntarily as he allowed you to ride out your high. It became too much and your hand gently pushed at his hips. He pulled out and stepped back, eyes admiring your fatigued form as he readjusted himself.

It wasn’t long until guilt took over. You turned away from him to fix your underwear and straighten your dress. “We, uh, we should get to the main hall. You need to be at the altar before she can throw a tantrum.”

His face dropped and eyebrows furrowed in confusion, face overall hurt. “What do you mean? You want me to marry someone else? Even after what we just did?”

“What we just did was betray someone.”

“She betrayed you first!” he semi yelled back. “Now you want to go in front of all those people and lie?”

You caught something he said“How did she be-”
There was a knock. “Taehyung?”


Eyes not leaving you, still shocked, he answered. “I’m coming.”

Without another word, he left. Still not looking away until he was out the door.


After pulling the make up artist to the side for a touch up, you got into line next to Jimin. He glanced at you with a knowing look but overall frown. You knew what he was thinking but looking ahead.

The moment you heard the music begin it was as if your heart was being squeezed so tight you couldn’t breathe. Jimin sensed this, whispering a soft “It’s alright.”

If someone heard him they would have guessed it was from nerves but you knew by the sound of his voice that he meant something else. You glanced over to him, seeing a smile smile sitting on his subtly makeuped face.

When it was your turn to walk you held Jimin’s arm tightly. As you split to stand on the opposite side of the groomsmen you tried to calm yourself. You looked up and met Tae’s eyes for the split second before the organ began with ‘Here comes the bride’.

The whole ceremony was a eye stinging blur. Until the question was asked.

You knew it was coming and your eyes shifted to Jimin. His eyes were urging you to act.

“-Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Gripping the bouquet tighter your breathing picked up. You watched Jimin’s eyes widen at you as if he were ready to scream.

Everyone tensed.

You glanced out at the guests, all waiting to see if something dramatic would happen. You looked down to prepare for the ‘I Do’s.

“Then if no one objects-” You noticed her mother breath a sigh of relief from the corner of your eye.

Until… “Really?”

Everyone’s head snapped to the bride. You couldn’t see her face but you recognized that tone.

She was annoyed. That she is getting married?

Your expression mirrored everyone else’s.

“You would really go through with this?” her voice was momentarily softer. She spun around and locked eyes with your wide ones. “What are you doing?” Confusion stared back at her. “You missed the ‘if anyone objects part!”


She sighed, shoulders sagging. Carefully lifting her overly puffed out dress, she stepped down to stand face to face. “I have done some terrible things to you and said more insensitive things than anyone else has been able to tolerate without being completely fake.” she shook her head, seemingly thinking back on all the terrible things she had done to you. “Yet you are still my friend. The best friend I’ve got. I don’t know know how but you are still with me.”

“Hei.” you begin, still so confused.

“I can’t do this to you.” her eyes are glassy now. She turns to the attentive guests. “I’m sorry for leading everyone on but I can’t do this. My mother pressed me constantly to marry someone. Someone good looking and sweet to make our family look even better. To please her and avoid her disowning me, I pressured Taehyung into being with me but I can’t. My family is far from fine and I can’t fix those cracks in our image by betrayal.” She glanced down at her surprised and furious mother. “I didn’t make those cracks, Mother. I don’t have to cover them.”

She shot the woman a disgusted look before pulling you over to Taehyung. “I ruined a perfectly good relationship but now I want to fix it.” She took your mock bouquet to slide hers into your hand. You stared incredulously at the beautiful purple bouquet with it’s lone yellow flower in the middle as you fought back tears.

“NO!” her mother shot up from her seat. “I paid for this wedding and I won’t allow them to use my money!”

“Actually it’s my money.” Hei’s father said, walking over to his crazed wife. “And I say they can do as they please.”

Her eyes widened. “Honey what’s mine is yours.”

“Not anymore.” she stepped back. “It never had been.”

Humiliated she fled the ceremony hall. Hei’s father turned to face the three of you. “Would you like to continue?”

You looked from him to Hei’s encouraging smile to Taehyung.

He held both of your hands, smiling sweetly. “I still love you as much as I did before if not more. I want to do this if you do.”

Your mind went into overdrive. Though you felt somewhat rushed, wondering if you needed more time to be with him, you thought back to all the sneaked kisses and late nights at his home goofing around or listening to music all night. Something said no but your heart took over your lips to say “Yes.”

Everyone rejoiced and Hei took your former spot as the ceremony continued.

“We should honeymoon near Donghwasa.” he whispered as you waved from the limo. You stopped and looked back at him, staring for a moment before smiling.

Love can begin at anytime but it never stops.

Actors Part 2

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1367

Summary: Misha, Jared, Genevieve and Mark all work to help get the Reader with Jensen.

Link to Part 1. Also, @Y/T means your twitter, just fyi.

Here we go, part 2! This one is my favorite out of the two, because of the interaction between the reader and other actors. Hope I did well enough on portraying the actors. Anyways, enjoy!

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steve rogers: tumblr king of 2k15

So Steve Rogers doesn’t actually become a Tumblr icon overnight.

There are those in Tumblr, ancient and wise and bearing scars from all the infamous fandom wars, who still shudder at the mention of He Who Must Ever Be Named in Ever Changing Variations of Benadryl Cabbagepatch or the Great Apocalypse of Misha, for example.  And of course, there are other celebrities and personalities who are regular fandom favorites.

So, over the decades, there’s always been this generation who sees Steve Rogers out of the Captain America helmet/cowl and realize, Holy shit that is one good-looking hunk of American roast beef straight out of Howard Stark’s hottie machine (actual quote). 

Before Tumblr, Steve’s pictures, especially the ones of him in regular Army dress uniform, were carefully kept in locker rooms, pressed in textbooks and notebooks and wallets. 

Naturally, this being Tumblr, that’s how it starts - Steve’s old pictures being posted and reblogged.  Once he’s discovered and rescued from the ice, then it’s the newer ones and once more, America falls in love with its Oldest Sweetheart. 

It’s not just the pictures of Steve being all big and handsome that are popular.  There is a very significant part of Cap’s fandom that is all about bitty Steve Rogers.  Someone - actually one of Jim Morita’s many grandchildren - found a rare photo of tiny Steve with his crooked grin, in khaki, white shirt and suspenders and posted it.

(The picture had been taken by Bucky Barnes and he’d left a couple of copies behind that were found later.  He’d taken one into war, wrapped in plastic and tucked carefully into a shirt pocket.)

Pictures are one thing - there’s a lot of celebrities and well-known handsome and beautiful personalities out there.  What really gets things going are the stories.  Not fan fiction, but actual anecdotes about Steve Rogers.

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Okay so I really want to share this religious experience with y'all bc why not? Well I had been rehearsing for months what I was going to say to the guys and I was thinking about hugging the crap out of them! BUT when I was in the line, one of the first girls who got to take a picture tried to hug one by one before leaving but the staff didn’t let her do it so she only hugged Mish and Jared’s arm and she touched Jensen’s arm as well. I felt really frustrated because I really wanted to hug them!?? Anyways the line was really fast and in a blink of an eye It was my turn and I was going insane!( I mean, in the picture I look cool and okay bUT I WAS DYING INSIDE!!) I walked towards them and they smiled and Jared just turned me around and they all hugged me but they did it so fast that my hair ended up in my face so Chris (the photographer) was like ‘wait, fix your hair’ but I couldn’t!!! They guys wouldn’t let go!!! So I struggled to put my hair back and he took the picture. I turned around and I saw Jared and my mind went blank (hE IS FREAKISHLY TALL???) And before I even realized I said ‘I love you’ and he just smiled and gave me hug like a reALLY GOOD HUG HE SQUISHED ME AND HE JUST SMELLED SO GOOD AND OMG I AM A CRYING MESS AGAIN! And after that I left and I started crying like a loser in the restrooms! But after I processed everything that happened I felt like shit! I mean I was really happy but I didn’t payed attention to Jensen and Mish and I really wanted to tell them that I loved them too but Jared?????? He was just???? So perfect??? Everyone always talk about how sexy and good looking Jensen is and how you melt when you see him and all if that but no one ever talks about hOW FREAKING GORGEOUS AND HANDSOME AND ADORABLE AND PERFECT JARED PADALECKI IS!!! I mean I didn’t knew that I had a bigger crush on Jared until today! I have always said that my favorite were the three of them!! But I am a 10000% ready for the next HousCon and this time I will get separated photo ops with the three of them

anonymous asked:

Hi again, Jared kept unbuttoning Jensen's shirt?? Can you please tell a little more about that if you can remember, as in why he was unbuttoning his shirt and how Jensen reacted? Was there any cute little moments between them? (And also, I hope this doesn't sound creepy, but you have a really adorable face and I really like your eyebrows).

Thanks, that’s very kind of you! It’s a long story, but cute. Like I said, it goes really fast and they keep music blaring so no one monopolizes their time by talking. I’m herded in their like cattle, my turn comes up, and Cliff (their body guard) stops me. Jensen needed a quick break. So I was lucky in that I got to stand there and stare at him for much longer than intended. :)  That was euphoria. Next was Jared. He and I were acquaintances in high school, but I knew his cousins more so. He went to a rival high school and I competed a few times against him in UIL. We got to briefly chat, threw up the “5″ for the championships of our Spurs, and I got moved out of there by their handlers. 

By the time I got to get my pic with all three of them, I was exhausted. I’m not patient, and I hate tons of people in one place. Anyway, seeing the three of them was overwhelming and I had no idea how to just go up and take a picture with the three stars of my favorite show. Jared, I’m presuming, had assumed I’d stand between him and Jensen. Walking up, Misha threw out his arms to give me a huge hug because, it’s Misha, and he wanted to make me feel comfortable, so I stayed between him and Jensen. Jared joked that he was hurt about that, and Misha told him to deal with it. I’m standing there flanked by the boys, not fully understanding the gravity of the situation, but trying to do my best to not look ridiculous in the expensive photo op I paid for. As the photographer counted down for the pic, Jared unbuttoned one of the buttons on Jensen’s shirt. The photographer goes, “really, Jared?” Jared stays silent and Jensen buttons his shirt, shaking his head. Then, the photographer counts down again, but this time, Jared goes for like three buttons, which was when I finally noticed what was going on. Jensen told him he was going to whoop his ass later, and Jared said, “I have no clue what you’re talking about.” All the while, Misha still has his arms around me, oblivious to the boys screwing around. I’m just relishing in my extra time. Third try for the picture, and when I see the photographer drop the camera, I look over, and Jensen’s shirt is halfway unbuttoned, Jared is laughing like a kid. After that, I think the photographer was like, “screw this, I have like 100 others to take pictures for so if this is shit, it’s on them”, and took the picture. Unfortunately, by then, Misha only had one arm on me. The first few takes were a full on hug. Anyway, it was an awesome memory I’ll keep with me forever. It was great to see Jared again, and amazing to meet Jensen and Misha. Misha really is everything everyone talks about. He is the warmest, most approachable human being you’ll ever meet. I highly recommend going to a Con if you ever get the chance. The photo op with the three of them is definitely worth the price. 

“So how’s the saving the world thing going?”

“I’m helping build a school, Jensen. It’s not really saving the world.”

“I don’t know … you’re missing out on turkey and stuffing to help people.”

“That doesn’t make me some kind of super hero. Besides, I don’t have the build to pull off tights.” Misha smiles into the phone, trying not to move at the risk of aggravating his already aching muscles. It’s times like these that he really feels his age.

“I disagree.” Jensen laughs and it makes Misha’s smile grow.

“I don’t even want to know what perverted fantasy just popped into your head.”

“Oh, you’d like it” Jensen purrs, and Misha can all but see the man leaning back confidently in his seat.

I’m sure.” He bites his lip and gives that image a thought, shaking it out of his head just as quickly and deciding that he should probably change subjects now, or risk this phone call taking a very weird turn. “How are you doing? How are Dani and JJ? Are you guys all stuffed?”

“Fat and happy, for sure. Dani made this glaze shit for the turkey … I swear to god, if I wasn’t already married, I’d marry that glaze. It was fucking fantastic.”

Misha hums and nods, just imagining the meal Jensen probably had—and the thought instantly gives him a little stabbing pain between his ribs. He misses Vicki. He misses the kids. He loves what he’s doing here in Nicaragua but … that doesn’t make it any less difficult to be away from his family during the holidays. It’s a selfish feeling, he knows; but it’s one he feels he’s earned this last week.

The silence he’s leaving obviously isn’t sitting well with Jensen, judging by the sudden change in his tone. “You okay?”

“Yeah … just a little homesick.” Misha looks down at his watch, focusing on the date and checks off one more day in his head. Just a few more and then he can finally sleep in his own bed. He can get kicked by Maison and harassed by West. He’s sure he’ll miss this place during those crazy moments, but it’ll be a hollow want. All he ever truly desires is to be in that crowded bed with his little, insane family.

“I’m sorry, man. I was thinking about sending you a picture … but then I thought that it might not be the same since you can’t send one back.”

Misha comes round to their conversation fully now, remembering a moment later what hasn’t popped into his mind at all today—their tradition. Every year on Thanksgiving, basically since they met, Jensen has sent him a picture of one of the dishes Danneel made. Then Misha will respond with a dish being prepared at his house. Soon, they’re both sending dozens of photos, trying to one-up the other with various types of delicious food. It’s frivolous and pointless, but it’s happened every year, and every year he can’t help but laugh himself to tears with how competitive Jensen becomes. It’s truly one of his favorite things about this day.

He supposes it makes sense he wouldn’t think about it now—he had no big meal to remind him, and Jensen is usually the first to send a picture anyway; so he had no reason to recall their yearly battle. But now that he does remember, he’s homesick all the more. “Yeah, I don’t think that that would have helped. I honestly forgot all about it until you said something just now.”

“Mish! I’m hurt!” Jensen is all jokes and love, but Misha’s following grin is hollow. He misses him.

“Sorry. It’s been a crazy week.” He really can’t blame himself though, he knows that. He’s been worried about construction plans and gas lines and funding—not the childish games he plays with his best friend. “We’re doing a make-up Thanksgiving when I get home, maybe we can try it then?”

Jensen sighs and Misha feels a little guilty, even though he knows he shouldn’t. But acting like a stupid kid with Jensen always makes the guy so happy, and Misha always wants him to have a smile on his face. “Well, you’ll win because I won’t have anything to battle with. My dinner is already over.”

Misha huffs in response, knowing that the fun is not going to be there after the fact anyway. “Yeah …”

Jensen chuckles and Misha can hear him shuffle against the phone. “Hey, it’s cool … I’ll just have to whoop your ass twice as bad next year. I’ll see if we can do like three different types of turkeys or something.”

Misha laughs and rolls his eyes. “Isn’t that a bit excessive?”

Maybe … I dunno, we’ll donate the extra to a homeless shelter, but still—they’ll be delicious and they’ll beat the crap out of any meal you all have.”

The warmth that fills his chest makes his heart swell and beat faster with the heat. “You’re on, Ackles.”


The house smells like stuffing and turkey and that delicious pecan gravy Vicki always makes—coming home has never felt better. Misha’s arms are already full of messy headed children the moment he walks through the door, and his wife’s soft smile carries him quickly towards the kitchen.

“It smells amazing in here” Misha says, bending down to give Vicki a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you—and you’re just in time. The potatoes need peeling.” Her devilish grin brings him back to their high school English class. She’s still that wicked little girl that stole his heart all those years ago.

“I don’t even have my coat off and you’re already putting me to work?”

Vicki grins again and returns to stirring that addicting gravy that’s making Misha practically drool down the side of his face.

He sets down the kids and whacks their butts—sending them off running back to the living room so they can continue destroying whatever they were destroying before he got here. It looks like today’s havoc means they’re finger painting in his dictionary—awesome.

With a sigh, he turns back to head across the kitchen and grabs the bag of potatoes off the table. In another moment, he’s got the peeler in hand is on route to the backyard. It’ll be easier just to grab a stool and peel the skins directly into the compost heap—no need making a second trip with a garbage bag. Just as he situates himself on the stool from his work bench, potato already in hand, and peeler in the other—his phone sings out a short little tune, implying that he got a text. With a grunt, Misha sets everything down again to fish the phone from his pocket. It’s probably his agent, or someone from Random Acts with another question about the school project … or it’s something completely unrelated with very bad timing and dead set to bring him out of his momentary bliss. All his woeful scenarios fly over the fence however when he opens the text to find a picture of brussle sprouts, steaming with speckles of seasoning, resting in a fancy dish.

“What the –“

Another texts beeps in and this time, there’s an image of a pot of what he thinks is mashed potatoes, getting stirred by someone’s hand.

Misha creases his brow and stares at the pictures a little longer, wondering why Jensen is sending these now … did he take them on Thursday in preparation for their yearly war?

“What are you doing?” he texts back, too exhausted from his long flight to be more specific with the question.

Winning” is all Jensen replies with and Misha has to laugh. Of course he’s getting only one word answers in response.

“I mean, why are you sending me your pictures from Thanksgiving? I thought you wanted to wait until next year.” Misha pauses a moment, forgetting about the potatoes as he anticipates Jensen’s next short reply.

“They’re not from Thanksgiving.”

That message is shortly followed by an image of a fairly brown and juicy looking turkey.

“I don’t understand.” Misha really hates that Jensen isn’t a more descriptive texter. He tried explaining to the man before that he probably ends up texting more because he keeps on having to send more messages to explain his one word answers to people’s questions. Jensen didn’t agree.

“Making another dinner.”

“Another Thanksgiving dinner?”


Misha sets down the phone a moment, staring at a rotting lemon at the top of the compost heap. Why the hell would they make a second dinner? “Why?” seems like the only logical question after that.

“How else am I supposed to win this year?”

Another, disbelieving laugh bursts through Misha’s lips as he rubs the back of his neck with his free hand. Surely, Jensen isn’t putting Danneel through another giant meal just for their stupid yearly competition, is he? “Seriously?” Misha shoots back, almost mad on Danneel’s behalf. Jensen has to be joking; maybe he just googled pictures of Thanksgiving dishes and he’s sending them to him now to fuck with him. He did know that today was Misha’s make-up dinner, after all.

Jensen’s reply comes in the form of another photo—this one, of him and Danneel smiling at the camera while Danneel holds a Martha Stewart-quality turkey.

Misha is dialing Jensen within seconds of seeing the image, still not sure if he should really trust his own eyes.

“Heya, Mish” Jensen chirps happily after only one ring.

“Don’t heya me, you are not cooking a whole other Thanksgiving dinner!” Misha isn’t sure why this is getting under his skin so much, but it is—he can’t fathom that their game would make Jensen go to such great lengths.

“I am … well, Dani is. But I peeled the potatoes.” Jensen’s voice is full of light and laughter and Misha has a hard time staying frustrated once he hears it.

“But … but, why?”

A small sound carries through the phone and the background noise gets quieter—Misha thinks that Jensen might be walking into a more private place to talk. “Cuz, you were homesick, man. You missed Thanksgiving.”

Misha closes his eyes and wonders out loud, groaning to the orange sky above him. “Yeah, but I’m getting a do-over, you knew that.”

Jensen chuckles, tickling Misha’s ear. “Yeah, and that do-over wouldn’t be complete without all the traditions.”

Another sigh allows Misha’s head to fall against his hand, rocking it back and forth across his own fisted knuckles. It’s true, Jensen is doing a whole other meal just for him—he’s not sure if he should feel special or if he should scold the man for being so extreme. Sure, Misha was homesick, but even Jensen has to see that this is a little much. “I can’t believe you” he whispers, shutting his eyes to the chilled air outside.

“Well, believe it.”

“Really?” Misha asks again, still hoping for the got’cha to come around. “You are seriously doing a whole ‘nother dinner just because I missed our silly competition?”

His friend sighs, curving the sound with a laugh and it eases Misha’s shoulders a little. “No man … it’s not all for that, but—it did give me the idea.”

Misha finally lifts his head again, staring back at that rotten lemon on top of the heap, noticing how it somehow smells sweeter now, even though its insides are all brown and crusted. “What idea?”

Jensen clears his throat and more shuffling can be heard through the silence. Misha imagines the man is starting to feel too vulnerable, fidgeting with his other hand in his pocket. “Well, you missed Thanksgiving because you were doing something good—something for other people; and here I was, just wanting to send you pictures of all my kick ass food. I felt sorta selfish, ya know? So, after I was joking around with you, and said that I’d donate the extra food next year, it got me thinking—why not this year? So, I spoke with Danneel and we decided that we should cook again but give this food away. People aren’t only hungry on Thanksgiving, after all.”

Misha only notices his own beaming grin when it begins to hurt his cheeks. Jensen isn’t really doing this for him or for some silly need to compete … he’s doing this for others, and that makes him miss the guy all the more. “That’s … that’s amazing, Jen.”

The dismissive grunt that Jensen gives makes Misha practically feel his shrug, and he has to laugh because he knows, Jensen must be blushing right now. “Whatever—I mean, the real important thing is though, I’m currently kicking your ass because this meal is fucking awesome!”

Misha rolls his eyes again, cheeks still bunched up in a grin. The potatoes remain on the ground next to the stool as he rushes back inside. Vicki gives him a knowing look as he crowds in beside her, reaching over the multiple simmering pots to snap a picture of them with his phone. She rolls her eyes at him too, but scoots over to let her husband have his fun. “You’re so going down, Ackles!” Misha hollers, loud enough for Jensen to hear even though the phone is away from his mouth.

“Game on, Collins!” Jensen yelps back.

“You’re both idiots” Vicki giggles, and Misha can only nod and give his wife another kiss on the cheek.

Falling For You (Part Four)

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared, Richard, Mark, Misha
Words: 2014
Read Part One Part Two Part Three

Summary: The reader and Jensen join the rest of the cast at Comic Con for some awesomeness. Then back to work on the show. But when Jensen doesn’t show up after shooting all day, the reader gets worried and has to call Jared.

Author Note: I know it’s been a while since I posted in a series. And I still have to finish this one and the others I have started. I’m just trying to keep up with requests. I just didn’t want to wait for this one anymore.

          You looked out at the crowd of people as cameras flashed and videos were being recorded. You couldn’t believe you were actually at Comic Con for the first time. You hadn’t even been before you were part of the show.

           “A little overwhelmed?” Jensen asked, holding your hand.

           “It’s just a little crazy to think that they want to see me here too,” you said, “They love you guys.”

           “They love you too, Y/N,” Jared said, leaning over.

           “Alright, let’s start with some questions,” Richard said, getting things going, “Who wants to go first?”

           Everyone went crazy and they had to figure out who would be asking the questions and in what order.

           The first questions were mainly about the show and what we were going to be doing in the next season. They wanted to know about the characters and why things happened the way they did. It was fun and I was really getting into it.

Keep reading