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Clumsy Little Thing

Sumary:  It was Valentine’s Day, and yet, you would have to stay inside the Avenger’s Tower. But would you be alone, though?

Pairing: Natasha Romanoff X Reader

Word Count: 1,139

Warning: Fluff! Broken leg, Mentions of pain, cursing. 

(A/N): Yeah, you read it right. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO OUT ON VALENTINE’S DAY. BUT MY LAZY ASS NEVER FINISHED IT. Therefore, the idea came out with the help and for @fangirlandnerd, she was with a breaked leg and it was supposed to be a gif, but guess what? It never appeared to the sun when she still had the plaster on the leg. But oh well. (btw, this is my first Nat x Reader)


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It was Valentine’s Day and you were able to break your leg as soon as you stepped out of your room.

“You are one clumsy little thing, Y/N.” Doctor Banner said, making your cheeks heat in shame for having to keep him there when he was all dressed up to a date

“I’m sorry, Doc.” You mumbled with your jaw locked, trying to ignore the pain and what pain. He smiled after patching you up, grabbing some pain relief pills from the shelf

“Take them at every 6 hours and get some rest, yes? It won’t take long for your body to heal, since you have the serum and stuff.” As you nodded, a redhead busted through the door, looking as pale as she has ever been

“What happened? Steve told me you were on the nursery?” Natasha got next to the bed you were, looking at your leg and frowning her brows like she was in pain, that made you giggle and feel a warm wave be send through all your body with the thought of Nat being worried about you. Her hand found its way to yours and you almost purred when she started to make gentle circles on the back of your hand with her thumb.

“I just broke my leg.” You took your time to study Nat; she was looking gorgeous – like always –, and as soon as you realized that she was also dressed to go on a date, your smile died, the feeling of your heart sinking made you gently slid your hand out of hers

“She can’t get out of here for the next hours.” Bruce said as she frowned her brows with your action, nodding with her head while you sighed, thinking how you would be easily bored as soon as they get out.

And, you being bored wasn’t something safe, your broken leg was a prove of it.

“I’ll stay with her; you can go to your date, Doctor.” He snapped his head from his clipboard to look at Natasha and back to you

You maintained in silence, it’s not like you wanted her to go on a date, anyways.

“She needs to take those pills at every six hours and try to make her stand still the best you can.”

“Hey! I’m not that hyperactive!” They sarcastically hummed in agreement and you rolled your eyes, trying to reach to the pills and to the cup, before you could stretch yourself even more, Natasha grabbed them and handed to you, flashing you with a smile that made you forget the pain for a second

Bruce left after smiling at the sweet scene, everyone knew you both loved each other and they were okay with that, but they were getting tired of asking to one of you told the other how you felt, since you two would always deny.

They just wanted to see you two together ASAP.

“Do you want to go to your room? So you can stay more comfortable?” She used her hands to brush your hair with kindness, looking at you with a lovingly stare.

“I thought Bruce said for you to keep me quiet?” You couldn’t help the chuckle to come out before you sighed and leaned your cheek more into her hand, almost as an involuntary act, that didn’t stop Natasha from almost falling on her knees with the sight of you

“He did, but we’ll use a wheelchair. I want you to stay comfortable and I’m pretty sure that at this hour you would like to be watching a stupid romance, crawled under your cushions, wouldn’t you?” It was ridiculous how good she knew you, the only thing you were able to do was nod with your head and grin sweetly at her.

Minutes later, you were laying on your bed with Natasha awkwardly standing and checking her wristwatch, as if she had something to do and expected you to sleep soon, sighing in disappointment, you mumbled

“Hey, if you have a date… You can go… I’ll just lay down and watch something”

Her head snapped at you, confusion and something else trespassing her eyes

“Are you trying to get rid of me, love?” Your cheeks heated with the petname “I don’t have a date, so you don’t have to worry… I’ll be here with you. That is, if you want to.”

That was the first time you saw Natasha asking for something without actually doing it, since she was the kind of woman that would just Say it.

You felt the wave of relief pass your whole body, not being able to control the smile as you patted the place next to you on the bed, calling her to sit next to you.

“Come here, if you are staying with me, at least get comfortable.” Natasha smiled, taking off her high heels and laying by your side, snuggling you under her arm.

“You know you’ll probably sleep because of the pain relief, right?” You nodded, throwing your good leg over hers and hugging her waist while watching the movie start. Her hand caressing your hair while you kept backing your eyes at her cherry lips, when you looked sleepy, Natasha turned off your TV and started to sing a lullaby in Russian. Her sweet voice filling the air as you stroked her hip, feeling her lips on your hair.

“You scared me, my heart almost stopped when I heard you were in the infirmary.” You chuckled at her mumble, hugging her tighter and closing your eyes ready to sleep, after a couple minutes, you heard her soft whisper: “And you just had to break your leg right when I was about to call you on a date, didn’t you?”

Your face snapped so quickly at her that it made her lose the air out of the longs, surprised that you were still awake.

“Say that again?” Natasha looked around the room, searching for any excuse, starting to get out of the bed when you made extra-effort to get up, sitting on her lap with your legs at the sides of her thighs.

“You’re going to hurt your leg even more, moya lyubov’!” Grinning, your cupped her face, leaning down and kissing her like you wanted for a long time.

Natasha, a trained assassin, one of the black widows, trained by the red room/KGB, with amazing reflexes, was frozen.

You took her by surprise, but she was quick to recover and kiss you back, her hands caressing yours and feeling that same bubbly sensation on her stomach.

She backed away slightly, giving time to breathe while resting her forehead on yours.

“I would love to go on a date with you.” Natasha smiled at your whisper, leaning in to kiss you again and she knew.

It was the second kiss of many to come.

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sometimes i just think about how alone isak was in s1 and s2? he broke up two of his best friends because he couldn’t confront his own feelings - or had confronted them and was too scared of what he found. his best friend, his main source of support, was the very person he couldn’t get support from. and that must’ve been horrible for a teenage boy trying to figure himself out. but in s3 skam gifted us with isak expanding his friend group, and i’m s o proud: 

  • mahdi didn’t really have a role other than fun weed bro at the beginning of s3, but he was immediately supportive of isak’s coming out! he even brought up pansexuality, which helped diffuse the tension and educate them all. here was isak with his “maybe i’m a little gay” and mahdi jumps in with yeah there are more sexualities and that’s cool and it just?? reminds everyone that heterosexuality doesn’t have to be the default. 
  • magnus started out as kind of annoying and tone-deaf (tbh i def see him as the vilde of the boys), but then he encourages isak to reach out to even, in the best way possible, without lecturing him or making it into a Lesson. after a weekend of research into bipolar disorder, he needed someone with actual experience with it to put it into simple terms, to remind isak that what he said to even in the kitchen was right. only even can feel what he feels, and isak should actually talk to him instead of believing his ex because…WOW….wow
  • and JONAS. that coming out scene almost made me cry, because sure, isak has moved on, but he’s always looked up to jonas, they’ve been best friends for so long. if he didn’t get jonas’s support, he’d be crushed. at this point, i’m sure jonas starts to have his suspicions about isak’s old crush on him, but you know what?? he doesn’t do shit about it. because it’s over, it’s done, and sometimes being Bros means one bro might like-like another bro. and that’s okay! traditional standards of masculinity are a prison anyway.
  • and the Boys are so supportive of even. there’s no awkwardness of like “haha how do we interact with our friend’s boyfriend is he our bro too” nah it’s chill. i’ll never forget when even gives magnus love advice and the guys are like “….you know i never thought of that but you may be right.” and it works!! give me more of even coaching magnus through his relationship with vilde. jonas and mahdi need way less help than magnus, but sometimes they probably text even too like how did you get up the courage to talk to someone you really like but has never noticed you before.
  • the answer is that you lowkey follow them around everywhere and steal away their basic right to dry their hands after using the restroom which maybe isn’t the most helpful advice but it sure worked.

basically this friend group is pure as heck and i’m so blessed that this show doesn’t need to fuel unnecessary drama. i’m glad that we’re allowed to like these characters, no matter how flawed they are. 

How teen wolf deals with it's shit writing and inconsistent storylines

Jeff: okay so how do we confront the whole stalia breakup aftermath situation?

Angela: a 3 month time jump to skip over the whole thing duuhhhh

Jeff: alright, now how to we get stiles and Lydia alone together?

Will: we can have Lydia run off and Malia not follow her even though she would normally run after her friend if she thought something was wrong

Jeff: how do we make it seem like stiles wasn’t really in love with Malia and the whole relationship meant nothing?


Jeff: GREAT! Now how do we get Malia out of the way so she doesn’t see a problem with stiles and Lydia loving each other?

Will: erase her memory of him

Jeff: and what about Lydia? She showed interest in other people like Parrish. And we had the whole banshee hellhound connection thingy, how do we get rid of it?

Angela: BITCH TOSS IT. It’s gone with the ghost riders

Jeff: I love this! Now how do we make it seem like Lydia loved stiles the whole time?

Angela: make her cry about him a lot to show her feelings. Oh! And just use the panic attack kiss😏make her the cliché girl who doesn’t know her true feelings for someone and doesn’t show them at all until they’re gone

Jeff: Lydia needs to look like she cares the most about stiles

Will: okay. Write her to be the only one who believes in him for the first half of the season, make her the misunderstood one who is in fact right about stiles. Malia and Scott. Stiles’ girlfriend who he loved very much and who would do anything for stiles. Stiles’ best friend since childhood who??

Jeff: okay. Now when the pack re-unites with stiles, how do we do a stalia scene?

Will: a what now?

Jeff: well, she is his anchor and loves him very much, should they have a reunion scene?

Angela: anyways…stiles and Lydia need to be together for half the episode and not help the pack at all because that would mean less screen time for them alone

Jeff: now how about a reason Lydia opens the rift?

Angela: just…oh! Just say her and stiles have the strongest connection even though there is nothing to prove it

Jeff: okay. Now Malia might have stuff to say to stiles, what do we do about that?


Jeff: *scribbles in his notepad* this is fucking genius. I don’t know how I do it sometimes. Now get this shit on screen!! we have ratings to drop, characters to regress, and shows to kill!

Stop Looking at Him

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Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2135

Author: The one who is completely obsess with Peter, Kate

Warnings: Um… Kissing? There’s a fight scene…

A/N: HECK YES GUYS!!! First, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to ‘anonymous’ for the PROMPT and requesting this fic! It’s my favorite one that I’ve written. Anyways… Guys! Can’t you tell how much better my writing is when I have a prompt? AND it’s not so fluffy that you’re suffocating in all the fluff… Okay, sorry, sorry go ahead and read the fic now… 

“Y/N!” Peter whispered. You were both in History class, in the computer lab, working on a research project that you had paired up with your best friend, Peter Parker for. Well, you were supposed to be working on the project, anyway. 

“What?” You breathed back through the pen that you were subconsciously chewing on, your eyes still focused on Daniel through the monitors. This was the only class you could secretly spy on your semi-crush without anyone catching your gaze. Unfortunately, Peter knew you better than anyone, sometimes even your self. And, he was also slightly jealous that Daniel was getting more of your attention than he was. A few months ago, he had started developing feelings for you, but then he got bit by that spider, and he couldn’t tell you. He just couldn’t put you in that danger of being in a relationship with a superhero.

“You’re doing it again!” Peter said, looking at you exasperatedly. You looked at him, biting your lip. You could stay on track most of the time, but you had completed today’s work yesterday, while Peter was out of class, for some reason. 

“Doing what?” You asked guiltily, knowing perfectly well what Peter was accusing you of.

“Y/N, you’re staring at Daniel! And we’re supposed to be working!” Peter looked at you with round eyes. You bit your lip harder, trying to contain a blush. You didn’t think that Peter would be watching you. 

“I’m not looking at him!” You insisted, cringing at your high-pitched voice. It always was higher when you were lying or mad. Peter titled his head to the side, laying on his unbelief very heavily. You huffed, and went back to your computer, checking that all your deadlines for the project were set. Finding nothing to do, you opened up the school newspaper online. Your article came up first under the title New York’s Very Own Masked Hero. Peter looked at your screen disinterestedly. ‘Another one?’ he thought. For weeks, he had been trying to dissuade you from following Spider-Man so closely, seeing as he loved you too much to put you in that danger of knowing that your best friend was the one under the mask. He wished he could tell you, but he wouldn’t until it put you in more danger to not know. 

Growing bored with your article drafts, you started zoning out, taking a peak around your monitor every once in a while to sneak another look at Daniel. Peter noticed your frequent head movements, and grew more frustrated with your behavior.

“Stop looking at him!” His tone caught your attention right away, it was full of annoyance at you, and it was quite obvious you were daydreaming, as normal.

“Peter, we’ve already finished our wor-”

“You like him, don’t you?” He asked, accusingly. You stuck your tongue out at him. Peter cracked, and a smile shone through his annoyance. You turned back to your computer, trying to focus and actually get this survey up online. Slowly, so you wouldn’t notice, Peter slipped a black notebook from your backpack. Though he wasn’t supposed to know what it was, Peter knew it was full of all your writing prompts and fanfics. On more than one occasion, he had found stories of Spider-Man saving you, and it had always helped him focus during long nights of stopping crime. He just wanted to check one thing. If you were having difficulty analyzing a situation, or you were very emotional about something, you would often write stories from multiple different viewpoints to help you calm down and remember exact details. He opened to the last entry he had read, and flipped through a few more of the pages. Just skimming the pages, he saw titles for ‘Daniel and the Dinosaurs’ which was apparently another one of your nightmares that “dream” Daniel had saved you from. There were also imagines about movie nights, and just becoming closer to Daniel. Peter mocked the name in his head, feeling more down by the second. He wasn’t included in any of these stories, where as before, he normally had a 1:3 ratio. 

‘Maybe she would like me better than him if she knew I was Spider-Man.’ Thought Peter, as he saw yet another Spider-Man fan page. He slipped the notebook back, and rested his jaw on his crossed arms, trying to ignore his thoughts of revealing his secret.


Finally, school was out for the day, and History class had been moved to the black depths of your memory. You skipped up to Peter’s locker, a pencil behind your ear, and your notebook in your arms. 

“Hey, Peter! Guess what!” You laughed ecstatically. He looked up from his backpack, which always seemed to be stuffed, even on the days you didn’t have homework, and smiled. Your conscious noticed the smile didn’t nearly reach his eyes, like they normally do, but you shook it off.

“What’s up?” He asked, focusing back on his locker.

“I totally nailed our Algebra test!” You grinned. “Guess all that tutoring paid off, huh, Parker?” He smiled an answer, and this one was sad, too. You were about to ask what was wrong when your phone beeped an alert from your police scanner app.

“Armed robbery on 13th.” You read out loud. MIdtown wasn’t far from there, and if your hurried, you might be able to get some pictures of Spider-Man in action.

“I’ve got… I’ve got to go.” Peter sputtered, pulling on his backpack quickly.

“Yeah, me too.” You clicked your phone off.

“Y/N, don’t go to the robbery.” Peter said quickly.

“And why not? What if Spider-Man is there? I can get some great pic-”

“Just… don’t. It’s dangerous. What if you get hurt?” You didn’t get to answer; Peter was already gone.

“Spider-Man will make sure I won’t.” You smiled, pulling a battered camera out of your backpack. You tried to run fast through the streets, bumping into multiple people who threw dirty looks at your back. Slowly and cautiously, you rounded the corner of 13th, and snapped a few shots of the police barricades. You continued round the mob of people, and surreptitiously slipped through the police. The bank came into view, and you heard a loud voice echoing through the building. You silently slunk through the doors, and squatted, your camera at the ready. 

“So, Spidey, looks like your all webbed up.” A coarse voice laughed. Again, you moved silently closer to the action. You expected to see the burglars stuck in webs, as was normal. Instead you saw your hero plastered to the wall in a net of webs that looked significantly different from the formula that you had spent months memorizing. Spider-Man was stuck. You gasped, and 3 men wielding guns and daggers turned at the sound. The eyes on Spider-Man’s mask widened with the proportion of his actual eyes. 

“NO! Y/N GET OUT OF HERE!” Peter yelled, his chest rising rapidly. You turned to run, but the biggest man with a dagger caught your arm, and twisted it painfully behind your back. Your eyes filled with terror as you felt the cold metal of the dagger push your throat. Peter was going berserk. He twisted back and forth through the web, trying anything to get to you, to save you.     

“Look at that, boys. Spider-kid has a girlfriend!” The robber laughed, pressing the dagger even tighter against your throat. Your breathing was uneven and shallow as you felt the skin break underneath the pressure.

“Please, please don’t hurt h-her. Do whatever you want-t to me, but don’t hurt her.” Spider-Man pleaded as he saw a bead of crimson blood roll down your snow white neck. Peter searched his mind frantically for anything, anything that would help. If he tried to cut open the web, you would die. If he tried to web the dagger, you would die. An idea came to him as he saw a tear roll out of your crystal blue eyes. He had installed that frequency emitter next to his web shooters. It would emit a sound frequency that would shock the villains into a neurological stupor until the police came, and he could reach it the button. He looked at you again, and realized it would affect you too. And he had never tested it before to see if the effect was permanent.

“WHY YOU LITTLE BRAT!” The villain holding Y/N screamed. You had twisted your head to bite his arm, and you also stepped on his foot to try and release his grip. He loosened his grip slightly, and you twisted out of his arm, but his dagger caught the flesh underneath your shoulder deep. You tripped, and one of the other robbers caught you, pressing his gun into your cut. Tears filled your eyes as the gun rubbed the wound. The man you had bitten pulled out a pistol, and aimed in straight at your forehead.

“Hope you don’t mind, Spidey, but I’m going to have to kill the girl.” He said, cocking the gun. Peter slammed the frequency button, hoping against hope it would do something. Time seemed to slow as Peter watched the trigger being pulled, and then everyone collapsed in their spots. Peter cut the web, and fell on the floor, terrified to see what state you were in. You were sprawled on the ground, a tear still midway down your cheek. Peter anxiously held you to his chest, checking your forehead for any wounds. The trajectory of the bullet had been messed up when the robber fell, and had grazed the skin just above your right eye, but it wasn’t deep. Peter breathed for the first time in a minute, and picked you up like a baby.


You woke up suddenly on a small bed. Your heavily bandaged arm ached from the muscle spasm of regaining consciousness, and you felt extremely dizzy sitting up. You fell back onto the bed.

“Y/N. You’re awake. Thank goodness you’re awake.” A blurry version of Spider-Man’s mask swam into your eyesight. You mouthed a question, but no noise came out. 

“Y/N. Y/N. Do you remember me?” Spider-Man asked in a very familiar voice.

“How-how do you know my name?” You asked, your head throbbing. That was Peter’s voice, but he couldn’t be Spider-Man. You were just hallucinating. 

“I-uh. I’ve read your articles about me.” The hero obviously lied, turning his head down just like Peter normally does. You looked around as your vision cleared. Peter’s room. You were in Peter’s room on his bed. Why would Spider-Man be in Peter’s room? You reached up to the mask with shaky fingers. Peter instantly froze at your touch. It felt like a zap of electricity through the mask. You bit your lip, and pulled the mask off. Your hand fell back to your side as Peter’s face was unveiled. A thousand, no a million questions raced through your mind as gibberish stumbled out of your mouth. Peter’s eyebrows knit together in guilt.

“Peter? You’re Spider-Man?” You croaked. He nodded solemnly. You started laughing as it all came together. The missed classes, the sad smiles, the dog-eared Spider-Man fics in your notebook, the secrecy…

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Peter was very concerned at your abrupt laughter.

“Ugh. I feel so stupid! Please tell me you weren’t the one that was reading my Spider-Man stories! Peter!” You giggled at his smile. 

“You, you’re not mad that I didn’t tell you?”

“Peter, I’m so mad that I could kill you, but can we save that for later when I have full use of my arms?” He smiled, and your melted at the sight of your protector. Your Spider-Man. Your Peter. Your best friend. All the same person, the boy that stole your heart. 

Neither of you could say exactly what happened in that moment, but your hearts started beating as one. 

“Peter, I think I love you.” You whispered. Slowly, Peter leaned closer to you, until his breath tickled your lips, his arms supporting his weight of either side of you. You tilted your head up until your lips connected. Peter melted into your touch. His arms wrapped under your back, and you felt his biceps flex as he sighed against your neck. 

“So, do you like me better than Daniel?” He mumbled. You didn’t answer until he lifted his head to look into your eyes. You sighed at the sight of his warm brown eyes so close to yours.

“Remember when you told me to stop looking at him?” You asked him, and he smiled, awaiting your response. “Well, I guess you were right, because I like looking at you a lot more.” He leaned in for another kiss, and your lips smiled against his. 

Believe It or Not. Part 5.

Summary: y/n has taken it upon herself to make it noticeable how done she is with the boys… And they’re noticing.

Content: fluff(;

(Based off 1x05 “The Tell”)

She got out of the shower and pulled on a blue hoodie and gray joggers for the night.

The house was still empty and her mom wouldn’t be home until morning probably, all she was working lately was night shifts.

She slowly walked towards Scott’s room, not surprised when she found no one there. She signed and walked down the stairs to the kitchen where she poured herself a glass of water, then made her way to sit criss-crossed on the coach before turning on the tv.

The news was the first channel that popped up, and usually She would’ve skipped right past it but Y/n saw the sheriff in the back standing by Jackson.

The headline read out, “rabid animal attacked two teens, one man dead.”
It looked like they were at a movie store. So now beacon hills has crazy animals on the loose?
- - -
She made her ways through the hall silently, just like the rest of the school. I mean of course it was noisy with teenagers talking, but the taking fades out and you don’t really hear the words anymore.

On her way to class she passed by Scott standing with Allison at her locker, it must have been her birthday because she could see balloons peeking out from the inside. Usually she would’ve said hi, but this time she just settled for one greeting.

“Hi Allison,” she waved to the girl, “Happy Birthday.” She added as Allison waved back and said thank you, returning to her conversation with Scott.

I showed up and took my seat in front of Stiles without making any eye contact with him what’s so ever.

“Hi, y/n.” He attempted. He knew it was a bad attempt, but he did it anyway.

All she did was open her book and pull out a highlighter, and began reading the assigned chapter.

Disappointed, Stiles did the same and started to highlight every line of the textbook like his life depended on it. Which didn’t go unnoticed to Mr.Harris.

“Mr. Stilinski. Try putting the highlighter down between paragraphs, it’s chemistry, not a coloring book.”

Y/n laughed at the comment that embarrassed the boy. Stiles just kind of glanced at her but she still hasn’t looked at him once, he figured he was better off just leaving her be at this point, so he turned to talk to Danny. Quietly so y/n wouldn’t hear, at least he hoped.

“Hey, Danny, can I ask you a question?” He whispered to the boy.


“Well, im going to anyways. Um, did Lydia show up in homeroom today?”

Y/n rolled her eyes. Of course, he’s asking about Lydia, she thought.

“No.” Danny finally looked at Stiles.

“Okay, can I ask you another question?” Stiles pried. The girl was now fully focused on the scene in front of her.

“Answers still no.”

“Does anyone know what happened to her and Jackson last night?”

Now Stiles had both Danny’s and Y/n’s complete and undivided attention.

“He wouldn’t tell me.” Danny whispered back.

“But he’s still your best friend, one more question.” Stiles moved his stool a little closer to Danny, causing y/n to lean over the table.

“Do you find me attractive?”

Y/n couldn’t believe she actually liked this boy, yet she laughed quietly to herself anyway.
- - -
Y/n went through her next classes not seeing Scott or Stiles anywhere, were they seriously ditching school now?

She ran home quickly to grab some dinner, when she got home there was pasta on the stove and not from her mom that read out, ‘off to parent conferences early to get Scott’s done. Text me when you’re on your way.’

She quickly ate and grabbed a bigger jacket since it was starting to get dark outside and made her way towards the school.

Her conferences went really smoothly, all her teachers could tell her mom was that she’s an amazing student and they never have any problems with her.

Y/n and her mom were standing out in the hallway so Melissa could call Scott, because he hadn’t shown up yet.

“Where the hell are you? Get to the school now.”

Melissa hung up the voicemail she left and turned to y/n.

“What’s going on with your brother?” y/n just shrugged, “I wish I knew.”

Y/n and her mom ran into Allison’s parents and found out that they both had skipped the day together. Mr. Argent was accusing her mom of bad parenting, so y/n jumped in.

“Sorry, Mr. Argent, but how do we know skipping class wasn’t Allison’s idea?”

Everyone just kind of stopped walking and looked at the young girl, Chris opened his mouth to say something to her and then a car pulled right in front of them blinding them with the headlights.

Both Scott and Allison got out of the car. Once they were close enough every parent broke out into a fit of complaining that y/n couldn’t even keep track of what they were saying. Stiles walked up then looked as if he wished he would’ve stayed away.

“It’s not his fault,” Allison interjected, “it’s my birthday, and we-”

She was cut off by a mountain lying sprinting across the parking lot and scaring the shit out of everyone. Scott grabbed Allison and his mom pulled them behind him, y/n was a little further away however and no one knew what to do considering the animal was staring right at her, baring its teeth.

Y/n’s eyes widened in terror, she was frozen. It took one step towards her and that’s when she felt a pair of arms pull her away just as the rabid animal began to leap towards her. Y/n heard a gunshot ring out, and after it did no more screams or feet running could be heard. Her eyes were shut, but she assumed the animal was dead. She realized she was still lying on the ground, so she opened her eyes and saw that she wasn’t lying on the hard concrete because she was laying on top of Stiles. She looked at him and his eyes immediately caught hers.

“Are you okay?” He asked while trying to stand up and bring her with him. He kept his hands wrapped around her arms so he could hold her in front of him.

“Im okay.” She nodded, seeing the genuine worry in his eyes.

“Are you sure you’re not hurt?” He asked again, checking her up and down to make sure there were no cuts and bruises. But she truly was fine, so she grabbed his hand causing him to look at her in the eye again.

“Im okay, I promise.” She re-assured him. He gave her a small smile before wrapping her in his arms in a hug. He felt so much relief in that moment. And she felt safe.



Of all the things I was annoyed by in the revival, upon my 548th rewatch, there’s the constant mention of Lorelai’s happiness. Throughout AYITL Lorelai gets asked if she’s happy or asserts herself that she’s happy. Jason asks her if she’s happy, she tells the therapist that she’s happy, Emily tells her she looks happy.
Good God.

At first I found it extremely odd, like why would anyone ask a woman who’s literally just lost her father if she’s happy? Who does that?

But now I can see the bigger picture. The master plan. Boy, can I see it.

Allow me to explain.

Lorelai’s life is not exactly perfect at the beginning of “Winter”, her dad has recently passed away, Sookie has upped and left making all the Inn’s responsibilities fall on her shoulders, her daughter is all over the place (quite literally) and things are not exactly great.
And yet Amy makes sure the viewer never questions, right from the start, that Lorelai is, indeed, happy. 

At first I found it redundant, anachronistic at best. I wouldn’t expect her to be happy given the circumstances. Not really. Like, It’s okay if she’s not breaking into a song or a dance number every other scene. We weren’t exactly expecting her to anyway. It’s cool.
She’s also the only one whose happiness is of Amy’s concern in the revival. No one asks Rory if she’s happy or Emily or Luke. And why would they? Richard has just died. They’re all in mourning.
So why is Amy so hell-bent on making sure the viewer knows Lorelai is happy? The last time I remember any character asking about Lorelai’s happiness was in “Norman Mailer, I’m pregnant”, when Rory and Lorelai were on the phone. So, yes a long time ago. In the revival Amy did everything but have Lauren Graham appear on screen with a big bright yellow neon sign attached to her forehead that spelled h-a-p-p-y. Why?

I didn’t understand it really. And I just added this whole Lorelai happiness subplot to the list of superfluous things I could have done without in the revival. I didn’t get one “I love you” exchange between Luke and Lorelai, but they made room for three “Lorelai is happy” scenes. We got it, she’s happy.
* eye roll * 

I must admit I’ve struggled a bit with Luke and Lorelai’s storylines in the revival. Please, don’t get me wrong.
I was bawling my eyes out sputtering ”M-M-Mah b-ba-babies!” through hiccups watching the wedding right along with you all, I was just unimpressed with almost everything leading up to that moment. When the revival starts they’re living together, have been together for nine years, as far as the Gilmore Girls fan was concerned I had already hit the jackpot. But my hardcore Javajunkie shipper wasn’t exactly satisfied and things only got worse from there: the idiotic surrogacy storyline, the lack of communication between them, the absolute zero growth as a couple, the what’s-mine-is-mine-what’s-yours-is-yours attitude, the dealing with the same issues over and over again. I could write about each and every one of these things for the next three hours, but I’ll spare you.
I was disappointed, plain and simple. I didn’t necessarily need them to have children or be married in the revival (although THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE!), but I certainly didn’t need to see them regretfully weighing those options nine years later either. Like, you could have thought about this a tad sooner, guys.

But hey! Lorelai is happy! It’s all good. *eye roll*

And why is she so happy anyway, Amy? What is it that makes her happy exactly? 

And then, just like that, right in the middle of yet another inner monologue about AYITL I had an epiphany! It was all clear as day. How could I have not realized this before? Silly me! It all makes sense now. Amy, you genius!

What is that makes Lorelai happy?

Lucas. Freaking. Danes.

You guys, it was that simple!

In AYITL everything else was falling flat in her life, but it’s when things with Luke hit a rough patch that Lorelai finally decides to go on her Wild journey and sort of reassess. And what is the first thing she does when she comes back? Does she go straight to Rory or Sookie or whomever else?
Nope. She goes home. To Luke. Because that’s her happy place.

Allow me to make my case.

Exhibit A: The therapy session.
What does Lorelai say to the therapist? “We’re happy. Luke and I, we’re happy.” Because her happiness depends on him, and vice-versa. It’s the togetherness that creates the happiness.
Exhibit B: Emily and Lorelai’s last scene.
Emily doesn’t ask Lorelai if she’s happy, she simply states, “You look happy”. It’s the week of her wedding to Luke, Lorelai is basically radiating happiness at that point, if she grinned any wider she’d start throwing up rainbows.
Exhibit C: post-funeral reception.
Lorelai is holding two glasses of scotch when Jason asks her if she’s happy. Odd question to ask to somebody who’s just laid her father to rest a couple hours ago. Lorelai says yes, in general she’s happy. And then what does she do? She walks right over to Luke and hands him one of the glasses. And what is Luke doing in that scene? Fixing a screw loose in the heating vent. Because that’s what he does, our dear old Luke…he fixes things and he fixes her. Always has. He screws her life back in its rightful place whenever things start going bad or simply get loose                                          

                               I REST MY CASE.

The fucking symbolism, people!

We didn’t need any I love yous or big love declarations with fireworks going off in the background. This is better than any I love you we could have ever gotten. Every “yes” to the simple “Are you happy?” question is Lorelai’s I love you to Luke, because he is her happiness. And Amy makes Lorelai say it time and time again, not to Luke, but to us, to the viewers. 


The only two times we’ve heard Luke and Lorelai say I love you to each other were in the second half of season 6 and we all know Lorelai crawled into Christopher’s bed approximately five minutes and thirty seconds after saying the words, so yeah…we don’t have exactly fond memories of Martha’s Vineyard and the infamous Ultimatum outside the diner. As shippers we haven’t had the greatest luck with I love yous in the past. But what says I love you better than “you make me happy”? Honestly.

When Rory speaks on the phone with Lorelai in season 5 and Luke bumps his head while trying to fix her oven and Lorelai laughs, Rory asks her mom if she’s happy and she says, “I am, kid.” That’s when Rory realizes her mom truly is in love with Luke, that she’s in for the long haul.

When Rory goes to Christopher’s to tell him to stop calling Lorelai and asking for her help, she doesn’t say Lorelai is in love with another man or whatever. She just says “She’s happy.” Which was just as good as saying, “her heart belongs to someone else now.”

When Emily goes to Luke’s to tell him to go back to Lorelai and get back together, there’s no mention of the word “love” whatsoever, but guess what is mentioned? “Lorelai has her own ideas about what she thinks will make her happy. She wants you, Luke.

And what does Luke say when Lorelai thanks him for throwing Rory a Bon Voyage party? Does he tell her that he loves her? Does he tell her that he can’t live without her?





I don’t know why it took me over a month to realize this, but I finally got here and it’s beautiful and ASDFGHJKL!!! Just bury me here, okay? 😭 😭 😭 (Please send screwdrivers in lieu of flowers) 


I don’t say anything for a minute, because I’m scared. This is a moment that could break our friendship forever – or maybe not. I hold onto whatever positive thoughts come to mind, because I need them. My body is practically screaming at me to stop – don’t tell him, you are going to ruin everything. But I open my mouth to tell him, anyway, because I can’t keep living with this secret.

“Marco?” Jean breathes finally, his voice sounding worried.

“I’ve been hiding something from you. I just… I need a minute to say it, okay?” He doesn’t say anything, so I decide that it must be okay to continue. “You’re my best friend, and I understand if this makes you uncomfortable. I’m sorry if it does. I just really… I need you to know.”

It’s silent; I take in one last breath for courage.

-As much as I ever could 

I promised shingekinoboyfriends to draw a scene from amaiec and I did (wow progress)

I loved this fanfiction so much when I first read it and I still do :)

so thanks Annie and Katie for writing such a beautiful story

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52 "I think I'm in love with you and that scares me half to death" for prompts?

Okay so I’m really happy with this one. This takes place when Simon was following Baz around during fifth year. It’s loosely modeled after a scene in the book. Anyways, enjoy!


It was exhausting trying to stalk someone. Simon, thankfully, didn’t have much prior experience in the area, but he was trying his best to follow Baz around however he could. At 15 Simon felt giddy with the thought of exposing Baz as a vampire, thought it might make the Mage proud
There was another layer of excitement that Simon tried very hard to ignore, a part of him that was enjoying unraveling Baz’s secrets. For instance, Baz had a tendency to tuck and re-tuck the too long hair on the left side of his face when he read. Simon also noticed that when Baz did math homework by the pitch he would sometimes bite his lip in concentration. The best discovery is that Baz ate a lot of mint chocolate areo bars…like a lot.
Simon shook off these thoughts as he quietly made his way down in the crypt. He stepped his way into the bottom most level of the eerie building, looking for a ghoulish image of Baz feeding on helpless human children or flapping around as a bat. Instead he found Baz with his head in his hands, his back resting against his mother’s grave.
“Honestly Snow, what are you even looking for at this point?”
Simon jerked back in surprise, not understanding how Baz knew he was there.
“I…I’m trying to protect the students.”
“I’m a student.”
The words came out somewhat breathless instead of sarcastic, Simon’s heart stuttered.
“I’m here to find out the truth.”
Baz raised his face, blood dripping down his mouth. His fangs were out in full show but they weren’t what Simon had expected. He had thought they would look monstrous, a symbol of what Baz really was. Instead they looked elegant, even beautiful, on Baz’s angry face.
“The truth? I think we both knew I was a vampire. I don’t think you had to follow me around all year to prove it to yourself. Or come see me like this.”
Simon swallowed, his heart pounding fast, but not from fear. He should have been scared; hell he wanted to be scared.
“I…” Simon faltered uselessly.
Baz rose, looking more ruthless than he ever had. Simon may have had more muscle, but suddenly Baz looked like he could cut through an entire army.
“That, however Snow, is not the truth.”
Simon shook his head, confused.
“Yes it is…I can see your fangs.”
Baz laughed, sounding manic.
“Yes Snow! I’m a fucking vampire. But you already knew that! That isn’t what you came here for. That’s not the truth.”
Simon felt vulnerable, like he was exposed, naked in full light.
“I don’t know why you’re acting like this but I should leave-,”
Baz’s face went cold. He rushed up and slammed Simon into the wall, fangs dangerously close to his face.
“No. No. You came for the truth, you’re going to get it.”
Simon swallowed, heat coursing through his body. It didn’t make sense, none of his reactions made sense. Except, in one way they did, and it was the last thing Simon wanted to accept. Baz was his enemy; he was here to reveal him as a vampire, nothing else.
“I needed to know why you were acting so strange, why you were always leaving a room randomly or sneaking out at night. And now I now.”
Baz’s eyes cut to Simon like a blade.
That is not why.”
Simon didn’t see any other way out except the question that would probably ruin everything. It was obvious to Simon that he had miscalculated. That Baz had figured out why Simon was actually following him, why Simon’s breathing was erratic and his gut felt like it was on fire. Baz would kill him for it but not before he humiliated him first.
“Then why Baz? Why am I actually here? Why have you been avoiding me?”
Baz closed his eyes, as if he were in pain.
“I think I’m in love with you.”
Simon froze; this was not what he had expected.
“I think I’m in love with you and it scares me half to death.”
Simon blinked, trying and failing to process Baz’s words.
Baz made a noise and threw himself away from Simon.
Say something.”
Simon felt his control cracking.
“You hate me Baz.”
Baz nodded.
“And I want to kill you. And I’m stupidly in love with you. And I want you. Right now.”
Simon’s head whipped up and he stared at Baz, an angry and beautiful boy standing three feet away.
“So punch me in the face or tell everyone I’m a vampire. A gay vampire. The Mage would just love that.”
Simon shook his head.
“Fucking say something Simon!”
“Kiss me then.”
Baz froze, his expression a mask of shock.
“Kiss me Baz.”
Baz jerked back, like Simon had actually hit him.
“Please. I want you to.”
Baz took a step forward, watching Simon warily.
“Don’t trick me.”
“I’m not. Kiss me.”
Baz rushed forward, his speed dizzying Simon. And then he was kissing him, dizzying him even more. Simon murmured a noise of satisfaction and pushed his hands into Baz’s hair, enjoying the way it slipped silkily through his fingers, smooth as it had always looked. Baz opened his mouth and Simon, who had forgotten about the blood, almost stopped. But then Baz was kissing him deep and he didn’t care anymore. It was probably messed up, but everything was already messed up in Simon’s life, so he kissed him back. Baz moaned quietly, curling his fingers in Simon’s shirt. Simon, feeling daring, curled his tongue delicately around one of Baz’s fangs, tugging lightly.
Baz threw him off, panting.
Simon fell backwards and sat, not having the energy to stand anymore. He tasted blood, whether it was from Baz or was his own, he wasn’t sure. But he was turned on, and he felt too happy, like he was high off of the kiss.
“That’s why I’ve been following you.” Simon blurted.
Baz shook his head, trying to gain composure.
“I’ve been wanting you to kiss me. That’s why I’ve been following you. That’s the truth.”
Baz nodded, and then he was back, already leaning down.
“Take off your cross.”
Simon did so, throwing it on the ground.
“You terrfity me.”
Simon smiled.
“I know.”
Baz kissed him again, and Simon realized that the truth was so much better than he thought it would be.

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[dissolves into a puddle]

but no it was a beautiful scene.


There’s usually a moment where you have that sudden feeling of “I ship it!” that just hits you. And for Nick and Judy, it was these two scenes in the movie. :D They were amazing.

You know… I went into Zootopia expecting to simply enjoy it. I loved it and it has since become my favourite animated Disney film. X3

I was aware of the WildeHopps ship. Heck, it’s a rare time that the shipping starts BEFORE the movie was released. I was pretty sure I’d come out of it saying “Oh yeah, I see why they ship it. It’s cute. Eh, whatever.”

Not. The. Case.

This is the rare time where I was genuinely praying that two characters would end up together in the end. The one time I was sure the Disney formula would kick in and I’d be more than happy about it. I was hoping…

But sadly, that didn’t happen. However, it’s okay! The fact it’s building on them becoming best friends first is a great way to go. X3

So anyway, it was these two scenes that sold me on the ship. Nick opening up to Judy and showing how much he trusts her… Then Nick forgiving Judy for the previous altercation they’d had. Awwww… <3

I ship them SO hard and I never looked back. ;w;

Everyone has said it, I have said it, but I don’t think I will ever get over how phenomenal Skam really is. All the seasons have been superb, but man, season 3 is a work of art. The ability the writers have to take something as life altering as coming out and dealing with mental illness and turning it into a soft portrayal of two boys falling in love? Priceless. I have watched a lot of things over the years (good, bad, great) but I have never once witnessed acting as raw, open, and vulnerable as this. Each scene is so short, and yet every one leaves an impact. First kisses, snuggle seasons, and Eskimo kisses are all woven into a story that at its core is about acceptance. Accepting who you are, faults and all. Learning from your mistakes and growing as a person. And then finally accepting that someone might not be perfect but that’s okay. You will love them anyway. Henrik and Tarjei are without a doubt two of the best actors of our time. And skam will forever be my #1 favorite show.

When we had our first big fight, you asked me if I had watched that movie and if I knew that scene - you know the one - where the broken up couple who hadn’t seen each other in years finally reunites and the girl realizes her mistake, and all the lost love, and all the regret. Anyway, when you and I finally made up, you said that while we weren’t talking you kept picturing me in it. It was the first time I knew you were in love with me. Okay this is what I’m really getting at here: I know we haven’t spoken in some time now, and I know it’s for the best, but I’m just wondering if I still star in the movies in your head. You still star in mine. Last night I was Rachel and you were Ross. The night before it was Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. I can’t stop replaying the ways we could find each other again. Look, I know this is hard and I don’t want to make it harder but I just want to see you. We can make believe just for one night. Me, Allie and you, Noah. You, Gatsby and me, Daisy
—  anne, the balcony scene

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What are good words to use instead of punch? I know that strike and blow can be used, and describing the move like a uppercut works as well, but are they're any other ways to write them?

Have you seen this List of Fighting Words? And there’s a list of every type of punch on the Wikipedia article for Punches. We also have a whole tag for fight scenes which might interest you.

I have a quick thing to add here as well, if you don’t mind!

I think this depends a lot on the voice of your viewpoint character, the tone of the scene, and your own style. For example, these descriptions of the same action feel very different:

  • I punched him in the face.
  • I hit him as hard as I could right in his stupid face, but he barely winced. Worse, he smiled.
  • I struck a powerful blow to the corner of his jaw, crushing the joint and bringing him to his knees before me.
  • I whacked him right in that big mouth of his. I had blood on my knuckles again, and I won’t pretend I didn’t like it. 

I’m applying my own style and interpretation of a character’s voice to a description of action. If the point of view is third person, the character’s voice, how the character would describe his own actions, becomes less important than it would be in first person, but you get the idea. 

Words like punch, strike, blow, whack, pound, clobber, slug, clock, smack, and on and on are great, but you’ve got to work with them in the scene to learn how to use them effectively. Ideally, each word should generally advance the scene as well as contribute to the scene’s tone, develop the voice of the character, and communicate your style to the reader.

That’s a lot to ask, I know, but no one said writing was easy.

Know that you can edit. The scene isn’t carved out of marble. You can write the whole scene using the word punch thirty times, then go through and edit to work in some more colorful descriptions.

Sometimes punch will be enough. That’s okay, too. Punch is sort of like said in that it’s pretty vague and when you use it, everyone knows exactly what you mean. Sometimes it’s best to go with the simple approach. Your instincts for these sorts of things sharpen over time as you write.

Anyway, thought this stuff was worth mentioning. 

Thanks for your question, and I hope this helps!


  • the-brit-git added: Another alternative not featured on the list of fighting words is “Decked”, an informal term for a straight punch, typically to the face (unless specified) e.g. “I decked him with a single punch”.
For a very long time.

TITLE:  For a very long time.


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: fluff / romance / 

FIC SUMMARY: OC asks her best friend, Tom, for advice on what she should wear to her date.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: AHAHAHAAHAH i watched ‘The F Word’ and i cried a bit at this scene. Tell me what you think.

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“zero fucks given. next please.” with E/R tho

“zero fucks given. next please.” enjoltaire

Grantaire was about to turn speed dating into sound barrier dating. After all, he had technically dated 7 people already, though their heart wrenching love stories, their star crossed lover’s tale had only lasted 5 seconds each. Better than nothing. He would invent the names later.

The deal was simple. He would go speed dating if Eponine did. So they both begrudgingly sat at a table and let the suitors trickle in and out. It was an excuse, really.  Eponine was serious: if neither of them were dating by the time they were 35, they would get married to each other to enjoy the financial benefits.

Now he couldn’t let Eponine endure that, could he?

Guy n°8 sat in front of him. Not his type.

“Hi! I’m Lionel, I’m-”

“The forecast for today announced zero fucks given. Next please!”

Okay. That was a little harsh. Very harsh. But thinking about it, he was saving that guy some precious minutes of his life. He wasn’t interested, and the guy surely wasn’t either.

Guy n°9 sat in from of him. His type. Grantaire, for the first time in a while whooping 15 minutes, remained speechless. N°9, on the other hand, was quite the talker, though a stern one.

“Okay, let me set the scene for you,” 9 said. Grantaire stared at his lips. “See the curly haired guy above my shoulder? Yeah, that’s my best friend. He dragged me here to hook me up with someone-”

“Someone is my middle name,” Grantaire smiled sharply.

The guy frowned and looked confused for a second, before continuing.

“Anyway. You and I are going to talk for 5 minutes. I’ll pretend to laugh a couple times. You’ll look interested. When the time is up I’ll shake your hand and tell you it was nice to meet you but we’re just not meant for each other. Deal?”

Grantaire pushed his weight against the back of his chair, amused.

“You’re not even going to give me a chance, Apollo?”

“Not if you call me like that, no.”

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For the anon sad that the fandom is shrinking: I am a member of the "why stay here" mindset, so a few reasons from me personally. Here's the thing, Shirley's right, even though I liked 9-10 they were not high points and s11-12 ARE trying to make up for that. But here's the thing; in my mind, it's too little too late. I keep seeing people praising season 12 but like...I'm pretty bored. Why? Because I'm still Cas-starved, the family issues that existed in s1 are still absolutely there, 1/?

And I still don’t feel like I have representation. Couple that with “monsters” (read: fucked up humans) that are kind of not interesting (if I want to read stories about assholes I’ll pick up a newspaper) and I feel kind of like one of those people who are sure the illuminati exists, combing through each frame for scraps of meta/parallels/character development, and once I find that I feel like I have to present it as if I’m giving a thesis. Frankly it’s exhausting and not worth my time. 2/?

PLUS ALSO, I have no place to speak because I am not a writer, but as an audience member I can say that the overarching season story is ?????? I just don’t care about it, because they don’t make me care. In earlier seasons it was like a prominent plot point, but in the later seasons (starting maybe as early as 6 but I would say 8 definitely) the writing is like B at best, and the main storyline is broken up in such a way that I forget to care about it until that one scene where they go“OH ALSO A THING, REMEMBER?“ 

(Sorry Shirley I’m not done yelling but I have to break for a sec. be back soon!)

-after a brief interlude- okay so anyway yeah basically I’m just bored and the individual episodes this season are amusing, but they don’t make me care what happens next. I’m still in the fandom as far as reading fic and stuff, I just don’t find the show super engaging right now. Now I’m done!

Hahaha! Let it all out, dear. :p 

I’m passing it on to the anon, but I also wanna say that once again the issue that basically comes up is one of the main reasons the show can’t grow or evolve; they absolutely /refuse/ to change the formula. We had this discussion when Mary left abruptly, we’ve had this discussion about Cas, but also about Kevin/Charlie, etc. Because nobody gets to stick around because they refuse to change the formula at all costs.

Not changing the formula also is the main reason for your complaints about the main plot; Every season there has to be a X number MOTW episodes, putting the main plot on hold for random reasons until suddenly three episodes later; oh yes, this thing is also still happening. But it doesn’t feel urgent or pressing at all, because hey, they barely mentioned the thing for weeks now, it can’t be that concerning huh? 

Add to that your remark about being Cas starved; this show actually has plenty of interesting characters that are easy to like, but the problem is (again, because the formula mustn’t ever change) if the character you’re most invested in isn’t Sam or Dean (whether it’s Jody, or Donna, or Claire, or Cas, or Charlie back when they hadn’t killed her off yet), you’re pretty much gonna be starved for the entirety of the show.

Most shows that I watch have like 3-4 leads who are all equal when it comes to screen-time/importance, but also like 6-8 main characters to back them up who are around for most episodes, and who all interact with each other on a regular basis. This is what keeps shows interesting, because even if you don’t like every relationship that’s formed on the show (whether it be friendship or romance), there’s always going to be another one that you /are/ invested in, and seeing as on most shows all of these relationships frequently get their day in the sun, that’s what keeps people around; there’s something there for everyone.

Yet here you are looking at the same main relationship for 12 years now, no one is allowed to get in, not really, and it’s only logical that a lot of viewers eventually get tired of that and lose interest in watching the same two people fight and make up again for 12 seasons straight. 

Even if seasons 11/12 are better than what came before that (which most fans agree they are), watching only one relationship for 12 years will get repetitive to even the most patient viewer, so it isn’t any wonder that the fandom (at least online) is slowly getting smaller and smaller, because if they don’t change a thing, time is their worst enemy; more and more fans will inevitably get bored and look for other shows/fandoms to put their time and energy into. 


Let’s just say that I understand why people are looking around and slowly falling in love with other shows or fandoms, and there is no shame in that. Although it’s also a little sad, because even though SPN is 12 years old already, some minor changes to the original formula to switch it up a little would probably be enough to let the storylines and characters develop in a more natural way (go where the story takes them, so to speak), and to keep more fans around and interested in discussing the show online. 

Ah well, c’est la vie. :p

Shipping Deconstruction: Rivamika & Aruani

Two ships for the price of one! Levi/Mikasa, and Armin/Annie.  Where to begin? Let’s start with Levi and Mikasa.

First off, Mikasa isn’t even half Levi’s age, the relationship is a blatant violation of military code, not to mention, there’s that pesky incestual element. But what really bugs me is…why? Why pair Levi and Mikasa? When have they ever shown each other any kind of romantic attention?

They don’t exactly trust one another (thought honestly, this is mostly on Mikasa’s side, due to immaturity and her infamous protective streak), and seldom show anything remotely close to their admittedly stunted versions of affection towards each other. Besides, that’s exactly my point: Mikasa IS immature, and Levi’s more or less committed to his duties as Captain of the Scouting Regiment/Legion, much as Hange is married to her job, or Erwin to his. They’re adults - they don’t have time to screw around, no pun intended.  

But I can think of a couple scenes that exemplify the dynamic between them. The one from chapter 30, when Mikasa and Levi are chasing the Female Titan, and the talk they have in the wagon on the way to rescue Eren from Capt. Ackerman and Rod Reiss.

Let’s take a look at the first scene I mentioned: in the Forest of Giant Trees. Read it over once, then read it again, and pay extra attention to Mikasa’s face, her words and her reactions. Then do the same for Levi. 

External image
External image
External image

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Jack Gilinsky Imagine

Okay now. This is like my first legit imagine y’all, it took me like two days to write lol. I hope it’s gucci enough for you. A small part of it is based off this scene from Degrassi aka one of the best shows ever okok. Anyways, enjooyyy woooooo

(tbh i’m kind of scared to post this but whatever)

p.s. the imagine is a little bit long??!?!?!?!

“Come on y/n, try it!” Jack urged, holding the freshly lit joint between his fingers as he sat nonchalantly in the backyard grass.

“No, I told you I’m not going to.” I tell him, standing behind the screen door.

“Why? Nothing bad is going to happen.” He says, still trying to convince me.

“I just don’t want to okay?” I say staring at the floor, trying to avoid eye contact.

“You’re just scared, huh?”

“N-no..” I utter, still looking down.

There was a moment of silence before Jack spoke up.

“Come here.” He says soothingly.

“What are you going to do?” I question.

He raises his eyebrows as if he were asking “You don’t trust me?”
I hesitate to do as he says, but eventually oblige.

I open the screen door, the warm midnight air hitting my skin, walk over and sit down next to him. He pulls me into his lap in a way that so that I’m now straddling him.

“Inhale.” He says quietly while looking at me before taking a long drag of the marijuana. Jack gets within centimeters of my lips and blows the smoke slowly towards my mouth.

Despite being terrified, I almost immediately breathe in the secondhand smoke releasing from Jack’s mouth.

I look directly at Jack while I hold my breath.                                               I only managed to keep the smoke in my mouth for a few seconds before I was interrupted by a fit of coughs, freeing the smoke that was trapped in my mouth.
Jack laughs as he watches me recover.

“You get used to it.” He says as he takes another drag and exhales.


“No, no. I’m fine.” I reply quickly, still trying to regain myself.

Too sluggish to get up and walk back to the house, I peacefully stay in Jack’s lap, and rest my head on his shoulder as he the finishes the roll.

About ten minutes pass by before the comfortable silence between the two of us is broken.

“I really like you.” Jack tells me.

I sit up, lifting my head off his shoulder, and laugh, knowing that he’s now slightly high.

“I really like you too,” I say, still laughing at him before leaning in to kiss him. 

His mouth tasted like the terrible weed I had just tried 20 minutes before, and his lips were slightly chapped, but I didn’t care. He held my waist tightly, while my arms draped around his shoulders, as we kissed perfectly in sync. It had not been long before his tongue glided across my bottom lip begging for access. I refuse his request, and teasingly bite his bottom lip. 

Jack’s large hands began to travel down my sides and stop at my butt. He playfully squeezes it and I jump, backing away from his lips.
He lightheartedly chuckles but suddenly stops and looks straight into my eyes.

“I’m hungry.” he says almost inaudible.

“Why don’t we go inside and get you something to eat?” I ask between giggles while I get off his lap and stand up.
Jack nods his head eagerly and gets up as well, and we go inside to make some yummy nummy sandwiches.

wow, I take two days to write an imagine and I still can’t come up with a good ending 😂

tell me whatchu thought, you’d be da mvp 😎😎