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My wonderful fellow space nerds, I’ve been pretty busy on Redbubble and I had quite some fun coming up with new things. Of course, most of them are space related because spaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

Anyway, here are some of the new designs :)

NASA Insignia with the Helix Nebula

Space Queen: Meatball Style 

Space: Meatball Style with the ‘Thor’s Helmet’ Nebula 

USS Voyager  #01   #02   #03 

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What I think about their blog: Zuzu you’re one of the people I’ve been following for a looooong time too. I remember when you joined tumblr with this account, and I think I followed you because of a promo thing.. Anyways, I’m really really happy that I did follow you then, because I’ve only gotten great things from it. Other than your blog being perfect and super pretty, you’re a great person and so pretty too. I have not even once regretted that I followed you, back when I did, about 100 years ago ♥


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What I think about their blog: Chi is the first friend I made after comming back to tumblr. I’m really happy that I started to talk to her, and even tho it’s actually not even been two months, it feels like it’s been years. Chi is such a nice and great person, and I’m happy I came back, so I got the chance to become her friend. Other than being great, she also makes the prettiest graphics and I love all of them with passion! 


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What I think about their blog: Another great graphic maker. I think the fandom is blessed to have graphic makers like Saje, because she’s so great at what she does. We haven’t talked a lot - only shortly - but from that short conversation, I already know that she’s a great person too. I like her blog a lot! 


I’ve been wanting to do this for a really long time so sorry if this doodledump looks messy ^^;

Anyway, little things about Yellow!

  • Yellow is basically the negative that balances Jack’s positive.
  • Unlike most Anti’s, Yellow is more of a conscience type of being. He represents certain qualities like “Materialism” and “Order”, and frequently voices his opinions (which Jack would hear as that little voice in his head) instead of bottling them all in.
  • Yellow is a neat freak and PROUD OF IT. Just as long as, you know, you don’t phrase it as OCD because it ISN’T really though it probably is
  • His ashes infuriate him to some point as well, but it doesn’t last long since they disappear a few seconds after.
  • Yellow leaves said ashes only when he floats, which he always does.
  • Yellow loves Jack.
  • He can’t take off the smiley pin, but it could fall off on its own. When it does, he panics.
  • When things start to levitate around him, run away. If he’s smiling with his eyes as well, run faster.
  • Sam can see him but Jack can’t.
  • Yellow can’t fly. Only float, but nowhere too far away from Jack.


Harry didn’t understand why Slughorn had placed him by Malfoy’s side of all people. He had a grumpy Ravenclaw girl by his other side, and Malfoy had Hermione. Harry sometimes shared looks with her, but since she was sitting by Ginny’s side she didn’t seem all that uncomfortable with the arrangements.

Slughorn was talking to some Hufflepuff boy about Ministry connections, and all Harry wanted was to go back to the Gryffindor common room and play chess with Ron. He didn’t want to hear Slughorn tell them the same story about how he meet the French Minister for Magic in 1971 and rub his stomach saying happily “Those were the days, kids! Those were the days!”.

He felt something on his left hand. That was weird. The person on his left was Malfoy, and it couldn’t be Malfoy trying to touch him. It must have been the fabric of the chair, or something like that.

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i feel like the narrative on women and makeup has become so muddled and confused and misguided. there is honestly an industry at this point based on denying that makeup has anything to do with patriarchy in any way, shape or form. despite the obvious fact that, no, the vast majority of men do not wear makeup–and yes, we still consider many of them beautiful without it, and without even thinking about it. 

the beauty industry has become attuned enough to the change in culture and women’s increasing liberation over time that they can no longer get away with marketing all their products as “fixes” for your “flaws.” no, they’ve actually co-opted feminist/activist rhetoric to sell their products to you. this imbues their product with a significance and a weight that, without this language, it simply does not have. sadly a lot of this language is similarly used by makeup blogs/vlogs/instagrams/etc without understanding that the capitalist machine has pushed this nonsense on us for years to dupe us. let’s actually take a look at some modern advertising in the beauty industry:

wow! it’s almost like “having it all” sounds familiar? hm, where have i heard that?

this is just one of dozens of products that compare their makeup to a revolution.

the beauty industry has been steadily using rhetoric to suggest that cosmetics bring women power and the like, such as:

but when all else fails, don’t convince women that beauty products will empower, change, enliven them, or make them assertive. just tell them it’s a part of who they are!

because how could the real you shine through without the help of some new foundation or lipstick?

there is such an absurdity to these slogans and such a sexism to the idea that these products are going to change women’s lives, bring them confidence, give them power or anything else. these products, nine times out of ten, are going to paint women’s faces in order to make them more appealing to the patriarchy.

it’s even gone far enough that women online have recently created a hashtag #thepowerofmakeup (?) to insist that makeup is not due to insecurities or a desire to please boys, but simply a personal choice and pleasure that exists in a vacuum and has nothing to do with anything else ever. this is the extent of the brainwashing. i don’t condemn these women in any way because their lack of understanding is not their fault and is a product of growing up in the society they have. to make myself perfectly clear, i do not condemn any women who wear makeup in any context. however the hashtag creator’s notion that “nowadays…it’s almost a crime to love doing your makeup” is literally baffling. makeup has never been more popular or beloved than it is right now, and the small group of people criticizing its misogynistic origins are nothing compared to the millions of women who feel compelled to spend hundreds every year on these products. it’s incredible to see women who do wear makeup portrayed as the outcasts, while women who don’t wear makeup know that they’ll have a tougher time getting jobs, be consistently assumed tired/upset/having a bad day, and be generally considered less desirable and inadequately feminine on the whole. 

speaking of the growing prominence of youtube channels, instagrams, tumblrs, etcetcetc centered around makeup and makeup products, i want to make a point. can makeup be art? absolutely! can makeup be fun? absolutely! can makeup exist totally separate from male dominant spaces? i’m not positive, but i think it’s possible. however, it is the dominant culture’s obsession with and need for these products which is harmful to women and girls. many will proclaim that, “i like how i look without makeup too!” and “i can still leave the house without it!” but, as someone who once constantly reiterated these phrases, unfortunately i know them to be denials in many many cases. i felt myself, over the years, insisting that i could leave the house without makeup, yet found myself doing that, at most, five times in an entire year. i told myself i liked how i looked without makeup, yet after two days in the house without a drop, i looked in the mirror and felt ugly, dirty, incomplete. and i know i am not alone. sure makeup makes you feel beautiful, but why?

if we want to talk honestly about makeup and the enormous influence it has on women and girls, we have to rid ourselves of patriarchal notions and delusions that makeup “just makes me feel good!” and embrace the idea that we can feel good, all the time, be beautiful, all the time, no matter what we look like, without makeup in any form. our choices do not exist in a vacuum, and there was a reason i cried hysterically to my mother at 13 for not being allowed to wear mascara. all women are beautiful, all the time. it’s okay that women wear makeup. we just need to start examining why we want to, and patriarchy’s role in that “choice.”

Lazytown Christmas

(Yes I know it’s a day late but have it anyways)

> both Sportacus and Robbie are woken up by their five kids tackling them awake, five little voices screaming “it’s Christmas wake up wake up wake up!!!”

> Robbie has to have about nine cups of coffee because it is Way To Early For Him

> the kids love their gifts they’re completely preoccupied with them for most of the morning

> Robbie makes pancakes and bacon

> Sportacus begs him to make blueberry pancakes and because it’s Christmas Robbie (reluctantly) does

> the kids and Sportacus all banded together to get Robbie an actual bed

> he doesn’t even notice at first he just plops down in his usual spot

> when he notices his husband and kids grinning wildly at him he’s all confused

> then he notices and he’s so happy because he doesn’t have to sleep in that chair anymore!!! Yay!!!

> there’s mistletoe everywhere so almost every two seconds Sport and Robbie will kiss

> they go ice scating

> none of the kids, except for Stephanie, can skate all that well but even Stephanie has to do that “step, step, step, glide” thing

> look over at Sportacus and he’s pulling Ziggy in a sled on the ice with one hand, Stingy gripping tightly onto his other hand, and Trixie gripping his pant leg tightly

> Pixel is scooting along the ice on his butt

> “I’m good with computers, NOT balancing acts!!”

> Robbie is skating circles around all of them. Literally. Sometimes backwards. Also sometimes with the occasional spin thrown in.

> they also go sledding

> Pixel and Robbie make ramps out of snow together

> “Robbie! Pixel! Stop that’s dangerous!!”

> It ends up being not dangerous at all and even Sportacus enjoys the ramps

> on the way some SOMEBODY (who’s def. not Trixie) throws a snowball

> it turns into a snow ball fight with teams and everything

> “Robbie you and Pixel can’t be on the same team!”

> “Yeah but you’ve got Trixie!!”

> they all come home with snow in their hair, noses and cheeks red, and big smiles on their faces

> Sport and Robbie help the kids into their pajamas and sit them in front of the fire with blankets and hot cocoa before going to make Christmas dinner

> “Alright kids, dinner is ready. Who’s going to help set the table?”

> *five hands shoot up in the air* “ME!”

> “Stingy stop hoarding all the good china” “But its MINE” “No it’s not!!”

> after dinner they all curl up in Robbie’s new bed

> “You brats aren’t staying here. This is for your bedtime story and that’s IT”

> all seven of them end up falling asleep in the bed anyway with lots of blankets and the fire keeping the whole lair warm

Merry Christmas!


Starting November 10, 2016 you can read all main stories, epilogues, sequels, and substories from games SIMILAR to these pictured above for FREE!!!

OK let me explain a bit about what I mean.

Voltage inc has made a series of game adaptions intended for overseas users VERY similar to these. Everything from the plots, to the characters resemble the original. Yes, there are some differences but considering that you will be able to soon play them for free I think that it’s a small sacrifice to make.


Voltage will soon be removing these selected game adaptions from their database on December 31, 2016 and they decided to make all the content from these selected games free to those that have the games already installed on their mobile devices. (They are going to remove them from the Google play store and itunes (I think that’s what it’s called) on November 7, 2016 so you have to hurry and download them now).

Here is a list of the voltage games above and their Voltage Entertainment USA adaptions;

-Office Secrets -> Intimate Business

-Seduced in the Sleepless City -> Glass Stilettos in Manhattan

-10 Days with my Devil -> My Killer Romance

- A Knight’s Devotion -> Knight of my Heart

-Love Letter from Theif X -> My Lover’s a Theif

-My Sweet Bodyguard -> To Love and Protect

- My Forged Wedding -> White Lies and Sweet Nothings

Now remember, if you want to play these classics all you have to do is

1) Download the apk’s from your mobile device’s app market now before they disappear on November 7th

2) Wait until November 10th

3) Play all the title’s content for free in these select games until December 31st


Voltage policies STILL apply to these titles which means that even though it’s 100℅ free, you are not allowed to record the stories or share them with other people. I know it’s tempting to want to keep these stories forever when they are going to be shut down so soon but please refrain from doing so. Instead, support the game by buying the original story from the original title where you can read it again and again.

The last thing I want to say is that I have all the android APKs files saved and because I know I made this post so late I will be happy to share them with you until the 10th. So if they are gone from Google play store you can just shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to send them to you in an email.

Have fun playing! :)


So I gotta talk about Promnis after Chapter 10 up to Chapter 12 cause man I got a lot of feelings. Under the cut cause it’s spoilers.

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ok we all know how íþróttaálfurinn is an elf, yes? well let me just tell you this, icelandic elves are not like what u see in movies. like no. 1 rule about icelandic elves is don’t fuck with them or they will either make u go insane or steal ur babies. they might do it anyway even if u do nothing. also don’t mess with the rocks or the hills where they live or ur cursed for life. if an elf tells u to do something u better do it bc u’ll get a reward and everything will be good but if u don’t…. hoo boy u gonna regret it

honestly i’ve already sold my soul to this show but if they state explicitely that helen is bi… do you get how important that would be since we NEVER get explicit bisexual representation and here we have a strong woman who’s a sheriff and who doesn’t take shit from anyone, and on the top of that she’s married to a man and her being bi would be incredible because that would show that yes !!!!! bisexual people can marry someone who’s not the same gender as them and it doesn’t make them any less bi !!!!!! like do you see how amazing that would be…..i’m tearing up just thinking about it anyway helen is bisexual :)

Dragon Age OC Ask Meme, the sequel.

Send me a material + a character and I will answer the question associated with it!

You might also enjoy my herbs ask as well.

Silk :: Does your character have something or some kind of hobby that’s completely frivolous but they keep anyway out of pure enjoyment? What is it?

Blue Vitrol :: If your character has to impress a complete stranger, how will they go about doing it?

Deepstalker Hide :: If your character stands in total darkness and lets their imagination run wild, what do they see, how do they feel, what do they fear?

Dragonbone :: What will those who fear your character have to say about them, and to whom will they express their opinions?

Bronto Hide :: What is the single stupidest, most bullheaded, “milord no; MILORD YES” thing your character had ever done up till now?

Obsidian :: In their moment of darkest selfishness, what was it that your character thought about? To whom was their resentment or otherwise negative feelings directed?

Quillback Leather :: What is something your character’s closest people find extremely annoying about them?

Stormheart :: How close does someone have to be to your character in order to tell that they are hiding something at a glance?

Dragon Scale :: In what ways do your character inspire those who depend on or follow them?

Serault Infused Glass :: If somebody wants to court your character, what three gifts and/or deed must they obtain in order to woo them?

Royale Sea Silk :: What are the three strongest, most honest, most flattering adjectives one can use to physically describe your character?

Ok but about that last reblog, just Aaron and Alexander as college roommates and one day Aaron mentions a crush he has on a TA for one of his classes, Theodosia Prevost, and Alexander is just like, oh, hey, a girl Eliza in my class knows Theodosia and they are always hanging out. We should do a double date with them. And Aaron tells him no but of course Alexander asks Eliza anyway, and Eliza says yes.

So Alexander goes back to the dorm and tells Aaron and Aaron is real pissed at first cause he isn’t ready for a date but Alexander drags him to the restaurant anyway cause hey, if Aaron isn’t excited, Alexander still wants to get to know Eliza.

But then yeah the thing happens where throughout the day Aaron slowly realizes that Eliza and Theodosia are dating, but Alexander is still oblivious. So Aaron had to subtly text Alexander that they made a mistake. But Alex doesn’t check his phone, so Aaron just has to say really loudly, “how long have you two been dating?” to Theodosia and Eliza and Alex practically spits out his drink.

And then Theodosia and Eliza ask about Alex and Aaron’s relationship and Aaron is about to come clean but Alex just reaches over and takes his hand and starts lying and Aaron has to go along with the ridiculous story.

Afterwards Aaron and Alex think, okay, whatever, it was one awkward experience but they won’t have to worry about it again. But then the next day all of their friends are coming up to them and yelling and asking why they never told any of them that they are dating.

Cue fake relationship trope and slowly falling in love.

Ok but an analysis of some of Maggie’s faces throughout this episode.

Originally posted by ainokiseki

Maggie Mild Social Anxiety Sawyer.

She is unfailing kind, unfailingly friendly, but she is also stunned, also slow on the uptake, nervous. Nervous, nervous, nervous. About seeing Alex, yes, but also about meeting the people that get to see her, make her laugh, work with her, touch her, know her, every single day. She’s heard of James and Winn from Alex, knows little stories about them, but also knows Alex isn’t out to them yet. She doesn’t want to say too much, do too much, in front of them. She trusts them because Alex does, but she’s wary – and anyway, she’s on a mission – and doesn’t speak beyond a smile to them.

But Kara? She hears the significant lilt in Alex’s voice, and she looks at Kara then like she’s seeing her for the first time. She has to stare at her for a moment before she finds her words, because she has none. She has the things she wants to say to Alex rehearsed and ready in her head, but she never imagined meeting Kara for the first time – the girl she’d seen stumbling out of the bar with J’onn and Alex the other night – with this much tension in her stomach, this much anxiety, from not hearing from Alex, not knowing if she’s okay. Not knowing if she hates her. So she takes a moment, a noticeable moment, to register Kara’s existence, Kara’s significance: a moment that she’ll reprimand herself for later.

(And a moment of silence for Alex’s subtle gulp at Kara and Kara’s chugging of her beer before she knows Maggie’s eyes would fall on her; even though the beer doesn’t affect her, she mildly wishes it would right now, as she sets her beer down with a “that’s right I’m her sister and you broke her heart and I’m a really kind person but you should watch it because when it comes to protecting Alex, I have my sister’s ruthless streak” smile.)

Originally posted by alyciadubnamcarey

More on the evolution of this face because needs.

The smile reaches her eyes, now, as she starts acclimating to the proximity of non-Alex people, as she takes in the combination of kindness and coolness in Kara’s eyes. She knows, just from looking – she’s an excellent judge of character, usually, which is why she doesn’t trust most people, care for most people – how much Kara loves Alex, and Maggie wants Kara to know – with her smile, with the way her lips caress Alex’s name, that Maggie cares for her, too. She keeps Kara’s eyes with her own the entire time she speaks, even though her body is wracked with nervous energy and shifting every which way. Openness is hard for her, but she wants to be open with Kara – full eye contact, full smile, letting Kara see the joy in her eyes at memories of talking with Alex, learning more about who Alex is and who she loves – because of how close the sisters are.

Originally posted by ivyism

Maggie What Is Even Life Right Now Sawyer (almost wrote Danvers).

Her training is battling with her trust in Alex, the bond she feels with her. The way she’s become impossible to replace; the way she’s become such an important part of her life; all that is fighting with her desire to do things the right way, with actual justice in mind, not locking people up against their will and planting things on them (things we’ve heard Maggie disdain in the past). ‘Okay, but someone’s killing people; I need to know why you’re taking away my best lead at stopping them without offering more help’, her face wants to know; but she trusts her, she trusts Alex.

And yet she’s not feeling that trust back from Alex; more like a business deal.

She runs her eyes back and forth at nothing in particular; she’s juggling multiple conflicts in her head, in her body, at once.

Not acknowledging how quickly her heart is racing that Alex Danvers is standing right next to her, talking, but talking strangely, like there’s a distance between them, even though she said they were friends. “Of course,” she’d said. And that is the part Maggie’s having most trouble figuring out, even though they’re not yet talking about them, just a case.

Because Alex isn’t leaning in conspiratorially; she’s not flirting; she’s not giving Maggie all the juicy DEO details of the case. She’s distant, she’s different, and Maggie is nervous, trying already to figure out what she’s done, what she missed. What bomb is dropping next.

You can see it in her eyes, in her mouth, open to speak but at a loss for words that will make sense.

Originally posted by alexdanverygay

And now for my personal favorite. The one that might just have killed the fandom.

Maggie Full On Puppy Face Sawyer.

Let’s talk about this because Alex opens the door and Maggie knows exactly what she wants to say. She has it all down, she’s probably practiced the damn speech, and she’s also fully prepared for Kara or someone that is not Alex to answer the door (she knows where Kara lives and that Alex is there because… NCPD and also she already tried Alex’s place?), so she’s also got that ‘I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited but can I talk to your sister please I promise I won’t hurt her I just love her so much and she’s not hearing me whenever I try to tell her’ but then Alex opens the door and all that practice, all that mental prep, all that steeling of herself, all that confidence and coolness and training flies straight out the window.

Because Alex opens the door, and steps right into Maggie’s heart. She doesn’t have words, she doesn’t have anything but a small, hopeful and sad smile that can’t help but light her face when she sees her, but just briefly, because she’s terrified, terrified, of losing one of the only people she’s trusted enough to let herself care about; petrified of making Alex’s pain worse; agonized that Alex doesn’t understand, doesn’t hear her, when she says that she didn’t turn her down because she doesn’t want her – Alex didn’t hear her when she said that was not the reason – and for all her DEO training and innate genius, she can’t for the life of her figure out that Maggie wants to be her everything, because Alex is already becoming hers.

But Maggie doesn’t want to take away the opportunity Alex has to experience the world as a Single Queer, as a Dating Multiple Women Queer, as a woman in her own space and time figuring out what life and sexuality and love really mean to her. But it is so, so painful to resist, and then to be misunderstood because you’re just trying to do right by this woman who’s got you enraptured; perhaps, we can guess, it’s one of the hardest things Maggie’s ever endured (and we can tell she’s had to get through some pretty painful experiences). And all that love, all that pain, it reduces Maggie (elevates her) right down (up) to the absolutely uncertain mush that Alex had been until now. Role reversal extraordinaire.

And all of that?

All of that vulnerability and surrender?

All of that passes through her face, right here, in this moment when the door opens and floods Maggie’s heart with multiverses of possibility.


…I can’t see a thing because my eyes are closed. All I care about the cosmos is happening here on this roof. I think how to respond so his hand stays on that lever, so he remains this close to me, so close I can feel his breathing on the back of my neck. If I say yes, he’ll probably step backward. If I say no, maybe he’ll adjust the telescope again and we can stay like this a minute longer. “I don’t think I see them,” I say, my voice rough, unsteady. This was the right answer, because he says, “Okay, here,” and he does something that brings not only the stars but him a breath closer. 

My heart stops beating.

Another coloring before the exams ヽ(◕◡◕❀ฺ )ノ It’s more fun than I thought at least while I have that art-block

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Playing with Gabriel's wings as he moans and writhes around beneath me.

Oh, Hell yes…

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Playing with an Angel’s wings in one thing… I have this headcanon that their wings have those sweet spots, like when you rub a dogs belly and their leg starts happily thumping along? Except for angels it’s much more intense, and far more intimate.

Gabriel was never shy about letting people touch his wings, those who could truly see them anyway. He’d preen and puff up, smirking at the awe and wonder in people’s eyes.

But then you came around… 

The first time it happened you were merely relaxing together, fingers absently running through the soft feathers. You’d reach, curl your fingers and drag downward, letting the feathers glide easily between your fingers as he lay beside you.

 It wasn’t until you reached a little farther that you felt a shudder ripple through him and you hesitated a moment. He froze as well, the feeling clearly having caught him off guard as he looked up and searched your gaze, as if you’d worked some magic upon him.

Tentatively you tried again, leaning in to touch in that same spot when the first sighs of pleasure slipped from his lips. Hearing an angel moan was like no other sound you’d heard before, like something between a purr and a contented groan. The sound vibrated his chest as he squirmed against your touch, rolling and arching his body into it. 

You could have spent hours this way, watching him writhe under your careful hand, his face alight with a euphoria he had never known. But suddenly he’d stop you, clasping your hands in his and it would be evident by his expression that your touch had put other things on his mind…

anonymously confess a fantasy to me


Taiwan headcanons!

1. She’s a huge fan of cats, and often visits cat cafes. 
2. She does buy high end make up brands, especially if she can get pretty nude colours.
3. Think pink. A lot of pink. it’s her staple to dress rather feminine and wear light pink clothes. 
4.Taiwan has a large manga collection. She keeps them safe and very well preserved, and often rereads her favorite ones.
5.One of her favorite modern things are Polaroid pictures. She loves to take them, and always keeps them safe in her home.
6. If she indulges in something, it’s cute stationary. 
7. She’s short, but she always struggles to wear heels, so she opts for cute flats.
8. Come every summer, she puts up wind chimes. It’s a habit she picked up from Japan, and she still indulges in it. If there’s no sound of wind  chimes in the background then summer really isn’t here, for her.
9. Taiwan travels a lot. If it’s either to visit her numerous brothers and sister, or to just go and visit friends from all around the world. She often travels and therefore is super quick at packing. Not so quick in unpacking however.

Salty headcanons about APH girls.

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do u have any fav fAnmeet pics of youngjae from recent if yes show them!!

Hi dear, 

Hmm, my fav pics of Youngjae from the recent fan meet? Well, all photos of Youngjae are my favorites.LOL I just love him so much so everything about him I love. kekeke I’m crazy, right? Crazy about Choi Youngjae. hihihi 

Anyway, these are some photos of Youngjae that I like ( a bit more). Enjoy! 

First, let’s start with Malaysia fan meet. The day I finally met my sunshine Choi Youngjae & GOT7.  (≧◡≦)

and this is definitely my favorite…  (≧◡≦) ♡

Move on to Singapore fan meet 

I always love Voice Factory’s photo of Youngjae. 

and can I put these as well as my favorite? because I love markjae, i love what happened in these photos & I love Youngjae’s expression…hahaha 

Next is Cebu fan meet, 

Youngjae beautiful side profile  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

His magical laugh…

Okay now onto Manila fan meet, 

Not so much HQ on this FM but I’m still waiting for this HQ

Last one would be Taipei fan meet

That gorgeous smile which can melt hearts 

Pouting Youngjae is so adorable  (*¯ ³¯*)♡

and of course his beautiful laugh…HQ please 

I hoped you like them.  (◕‿◕)

let me tell you the story of jacob and peter. i’ve blurred their faces because i have no way to get in contact with them to ask for permission to show their faces, i saw them on the He Will Not Divide Us stream and all i know is their first names. so anyways

this is jacob on the left and peter on the right. jacob was standing alone with his coffee cup when peter came up. peter greeted jacob nicely then started talking about the stream. he asked if the footage went to internet. jacob said yes then explained what the stream was. peter started making bad jokes about trump supporters then said something along the lines of “ya know, this stuff goes all the way to space before you see it anywhere else. isn’t that wild? imagine if aliens saw it.” jacob seemed uncomfortable and just kind of nodded politely while peter kept talking about how radio waves also go into space. then peter nodded, said “i’m gonna get a smoke, nice talking to you.”, and walked away leaving jacob.

jacob stood there for a long time tapping on his coffee cup. he seemed really thoughtful, like he had a lot on his mind. then he started slowly pacing back and forth, tapping on his cup, and every time he got close to the camera he’d almost whisper “he will not divide us.” at this point i was kind of moved and he gave me some hope. it was quiet and solemn, almost peaceful.

but not for long

some guys rolled up in there car and said “he will not divide us!” to jacob while playing presidential music from their car. jacob kind of smiled and bobbed his head while peter walked back up from getting his cigarette and went “ALL THE WAY TO SPACE, BABY!” it’s the most oddly inspiring thing i’ve ever seen.

here’s the last part of the story.