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(I usually just use the Queue for Aes. posts so that the blog isn’t completely dead if I am not on it for a while. Even though, sometimes I run out of those posts. lol XD Anyway… I’ve realized that I should use it to schedule replies to my RPs. *slaps forehead because duh* That way I don’t have to worry about spamming the dash with replies because I like to finish a bunch at once. Instead I just do them, then get them all nice and cozy to post an hour apart from each other. I’m going to create a queue tag so it is clear which posts are me posting at the moment, and which ones are being dropped from the Queue. :3 )

🎉🎈 Fleuriah’s Birthday Awards 🎈🎉

Hey love bugs!! I decided to host my very own Birthday Awards in honour of me reaching 20 years old on Sept 30 (I feel old already saying 20 like wth lol)!! Anyways, if you’re interested in joining (which I hope y’all are *wink*), check out the info below:


  • Must Be Following: @fleuriah
  • Qualify: Reblog, Similar Blog Styles
  • Disqualify: Deleting the text, self promoting, or commenting


  • Featured: On a Page  *Under Co.*
  • You Get: Queues, A New Friend … Duh


  • The Birthday Banner - Best Urls (2-4x)
  • Party Hats - Best Icons (2-4x)
  • Streamers/Decorations - Best Posts (2-4x)
  • Party Music - Best Playlists (2-4x)
  • The Birthday Cake - Best Themes (2-4x)
  • Birthday Confetti - Nicest Bloggers (2-4x)
  • Birthday Balloons - Best Colour Schemes (2-4x)
  • The Birthday Candles - Blogs Worth Following (2-4x)
  • The Birthday Presents - Best Blogs Overall (2-4x)
  • Making A Wish (Blowing Out The Candles) - My Favourites (2-4x)


  • Banner: @fleuriah
  • Choosing: September 30th, My Birthday
  • Want to get noticed more? 
    • Reblog this post often
    • Have a perf blog; make it slay
    • Reblog posts and posts that I’m hosting
  • Any Questions? Message me

Thats All Folks! Happy Reblogging, and Good Luck!

Love, Bianca