anyway this is a list of songs i listen to

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do you have any song recs? I'm traveling by train next week and i need new music to listen to

  • way down we go (stripped) by kaleo
  • all time low by jon bellion
  • renegades by x ambassador
  • i found by amber run
  • house of memories by panic! at the disco
  • emperor’s new clothes by them as well
  • genghis khan by miike snow
  • say it by tove lo and flume
  • when it’s all over by raign
  • sex and candy by marcy playground
  • ain’t no rest for the wicked by cage the elephant
  • come away to the water by maroon five
  • it will come back by hozier
  • me and the devil by soap&skin

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你好! I was wondering if you know any good Chinese songs. I have a found a couple, but I would love to find some more to listen to. Any genre is fine by me n,n

thanks so much for the ask!!

first i want to just direct you to my music tag because it’s bound to have a wide variety of stuff in there

i also want to point you in the direction of @fyeahcindie they post a wide variety of indie music so there’s definitely something there for everyone

but i don’t want to just leave you with that, so i also put together a short list of some songs/artists that i really love

苏打绿 (Sodagreen)

五月天 (Mayday)

苏运莹(苏苏)(i really really love her)

  • 萤火虫
  • i would list more but it would be useless 
  • just listen to all of her music
  • i love her

宇宙人 (Cosmos People)

  • 右脑 (right now) this is their latest album. i think it was released like two weeks ago? anyways, it’s a great album and (like almost all of the music on this list) it’s on spotify for free so definitely give it a listen if you have time

Astro Bunny

阿肆 (A Si)

and here’s something a little different as well:

i’ll also mention that artists like lu han and kris wu are pretty popular. i personally don’t like their music that much but you should definitely check them out if you’re interested

anyways, i hope you find something you like on this list!

naive - peter parker x reader (part 3)

w/c: 971

warnings: mild angst i guess?

sorry this took so long but here it is! the final part :’) shoutout to everyone for liking, reblogging, and commenting on this fic and sending me asks or messages about it!!! it made my day every time and it warms my heart 2 know that people enjoy my work. 

by the way? the title is a reference to the song naive by the kooks and if you’ve never heard it before i recommend you go give it a listen! 

anyway i hope you all enjoy this! and here i will put my (first ever!!! aahh!!!) tag list: @devilsdaughter1225 @samsfabuloushair @emily-ily2


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You bounded down the stairs as fast as your legs could take you. You saw Ned and MJ together at the bottom and shouted, “Have you seen Peter?”

“I’ve given up on trying to keep track of him tonight,” Ned said lazily. “Last I saw him, he was going to find you and Flash.”

“Oh, and he ran outside a few seconds ago,” MJ added, not even bothering to look up from her book.

“Agh, thank you,” you huffed, giving her arm a friendly squeeze before running off.

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Could you make a post on little things you can do to be happy? I just got evicted and my mental state just went down a lot. I find happiness in small simple things but I can't think of anything right now. Sorry for being annoying. thanks.


Here are some sea cows to make you feel better ; u ; I’m so terribly sorry about your situation. Do you have a safe place to stay? If you set up a gofundme or youcaring account for us to donate to, please send it my way so I can share with everyone! I can’t imagine how hard it must be right now, please hang in there. This might be a tough situation but I believe that you’re tougher, especially with some help from friends who care about ya! I love you so so much. Okay anyways onto the list. 


weave silk into cool patterns (artsy and easy to use)

mood boost!!! (get flattered by a computer)

strangers give you hugs (videos of strangers offering hugs)

look at cute animals (blog of baby animals!!!)

1 correct answer = 10 grains of rice (help donate rice to feed the hungry) 


1. Make some slime!!! {here’s how}

2. Try out one of eighteen different facial masks {diy recipies here}

3. Here’s a playlist of popular songs but in musicbox form. It’s nice to just listen to it while laying down {click for link}

4. Take a nice bath with oatmeal lavender soak in it! It’s easy to make!

 1 cup Epsom salt 

1 cup quick oats

 1/2 cup baking soda

 5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil 

10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 

15 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Grind up your oats in a food processor and mix all this stuff together, store it in a big jar or gallon sized plastic baggy. It should be good for about 4 baths! The oatmeal will soften your skin and the lavender’s aromatherapy properties will help calm you down!

5. Take an epson salt bath. You can buy a big bag of it from Target for about $5 and you’ll have enough for A LOT of baths!! They come in different scents like tea trea/eucalyptus/lavender/etc and are all pretty darn awesome for calming down any muscle tension. Light up a few candles and relax. Bonus Points if you do it after a nice workout/neighborhood walk. 

6. Have a laugh. Listen to some Louis CK stand up performances while laying on the couch or sitting outside. It’s even more fun with friends {click for comedy}

7. Make a bonfire with friends. You don’t even need a beach or woods to do this. Just find someone with a firepit, go to the backyard and burn some wood when it starts getting dark outside. You guys can roast marshmallows and sing karaoke together. It’s a cheap way to make sure everyone has a relaxing night, just make sure you’re safe around the fire (keep a gallon of water nearby just in case)!!!

8. Bake some sugar cookies and decorate them with friends. A pack of sugar cookie mix is like $2 and you can form them into funny shapes or cover them in sprinkles/frosting. You and your friends will have fun making a mess in the kitchen. Plus they taste awesome. 

9. Snuggle. A pillow. A pet. A friend. A lover. A family member. Build a fort of pillows and blankets to snuggle in, grab your buddy, and go go go. Snuggling is great when you feel like poo.

10. If you’re not a touchy person with others, try spending time with a pet. If you don’t have one, find a friend who has one and see if they’re cool with you sliding by. Tell them you wanna take their dog on a walk even and see if they’ll let you. Or brush their cats. Or pet their rats. Or lizards. Feed their fish. Cute animals just make everyone feel a little better ahhaha.

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would you mind doing some more song suggestions? you have good taste in music!

  • blood by algiers
  • eyes on fire by blue foundation
  • running up that hill by placebo
  • take it all by ruelle
  • btsk by ms mr
  • whatever it takes by imagine dragons
  • east of eden by zella day
  • perfect places by lorde
  • the louvre by lorde
  • 16 shots by stefflon don
  • earth by jesper kyd
  • the born king by daniel pemberton

Rules: list the top 10 songs you have been listening to lately and then tag 10 mutuals
// tagged by @darlinghongin​ so I’ve decided to turn it into a gifset bc why not

shes done, Veronica out. time to pretend she never murdered anybody and watch a movie with Martha. then move on and work on stealing everyone’s girl. bye.

Brother reacts to: BMC song titles

(So along with reacting to the characters, I made him react to the song titles without context and see what story he came up with. Why? Boredom, but it was fun. Some songs are missing on the list: because he listened to it or didn’t want to give thoughts. Anyway, here we go).

More Than Survive: Everyone singing about wanting to survive high school and life. Just the biography of teens in the form of song..

I love play rehearsal: Chloe’s song to Christine. Notices that she likes plays and stuff, so she tries to wow her.

Do you wanna ride?: Jenna flirts with Jeremy and tries to get him to go with her on a date. And success it works.

A guy that I’d kinda be into: Michael’s first solo. He sings about his boy Jeremy in a homo way.

Upgrade: Chloe successfully gets with Christine. Getting out of the friend zone is the upgrade.

Halloween: Halloween party with people either drinking or doing the do.

Do you wanna hang?: Everyone’s singing about doing the do. That’s it.

Michael in the bathroom: Michael had no date or a relationship so he’s lonely. Sad song. Rollercoaster of emotions that’ll probably make people cry.

The Smartphone Hour: Michael sad song part 2. He’s trying to text his boy on a phone for an hour, but he gets no response. Very sad.

The Pitiful Children: Everyone probably hated the party, and the doing the do wasn’t that good so everyone’s now miserable.

The Pants Song: Jeremy feels bad for the way he treated Michael, so he takes him to Walmart to buy him a new pair of pants.

(You..haven’t mentioned Rich and Jake for awhile.)

They’re just side, side characters and were created to fit the requirements of a musical cast.


Fine, okay. So Rich and that tall guy are also at Walmart in the background making seductive eye contact.

The play: A musical within a musical. Musical ception.

Voices in my head: No resolution! Everyone is full of regret.

(You need to resolve it)

Okay fine. So..Jeremy and Jenna breaks things off and Michael gets with his boy.

Rich and Jake did something illegal at Walmart and are now on the run. Moved to Cincinnati, Ohio probably. Chloe and Christine are happily together. They kiss and that’s the end of the show.

Bonus: Yay! Now we’re done.

(But where’s Brooke..?)

She died.


Somewhere in the middle. Died and you didn’t notice because she’s that forgettable. How she died is unknown. 

And that’s the beginning of Riverdale.

❧ l.wz | roommate!au

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pairing; seventeen woozi x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!woozi, humor, fluff

✧ a/n; i wrote this with @kpop–fics again, i honestly love how she starts these aus

  • you were the first one in your shared room 
  • and as a normal human being, you did what was most important first-
  • diBS ON THE BIG BED !!
  • ok honestly they weren’t much different in size but one was visibly bigger
  • you were almost done unpacking after 2 hours and you hear a soft knock on the door 
  • “hello?” a soft voice says from the other side
  • and you honestly thought it would be a girl bc the voice was so timid?
  • you opened the door and 
  • before you was standing the fluffiest human bean you had ever seen 
  • ,,,it was a male
  • and he was super smol.
  • all you wanted to do is hug him ;;;
  • but nah 
  • that would be weird… 
  • right? 
  • right.
  • you just met him. 
  • don’t be a creep, y/n.
  • you realize you never said anything back to him yet.
  • ehem. 
  • talk about awkward.
  • “oh! um, you must be my new roommate! nice to meet you, I am y/n, come in!” you rambled hastily 
  • he was pretty quiet, which was a plus 
  • i mean, your previous roommate talked the ears off of your head, so..
  • after you unpacked all of his stuff (yeah you just helped without asking, he looked like he could need a hand) 
  • you learned he majored in music and composed songs 
  • and he had a couple finished songs on his laptop
  • so you try to convince him to let you listen 
  • to which he keeps saying no 
  • ..the damn bastard
  • one day you just stole his laptop and listened anyways 
  • i mean you were stubborn as hell and you knew it 
  • when he found out you listened to his tracks he just stared at you in disbelief
  • like
  • yOu tRaItOR
  • I trUStED yOu
  • but ok he wasn’t mad
  • surprisingly
  • so now music sundays were a thing 
  • in which he would just put on his list of newly composed songs and you sat together, enjoying each other’s company 
  • and ngl
  • his songs were on pOINT
  • they ?? were ?? so ?? full ?? of ?? feel ??
  • like he had a mix of sad and upbeat songs
  • so you switch them up depending on your mood
  • and woozi says he gets inspiration from things around him
  • so you were just like
  • “so i have to be inspirational?”
  • and he just laughs and
  • “no, just be yourself, silly.”
  • his laughter and his smile is a adorable-st thing ever
  • and despite being kinda introverted
  • he cares for you like a second mother 
  • he goes from soft to demanding asf in 0.001 seconds
  • “y/n, did you eat?”
  • it was honestly hella funny to you
  • and he has a short temper 
  • but that is something you like about him  
  • because it makes him really protective in a sense??
  • like
  • he won’t stand anyone hurting anyone close to him
  • and that includes you
  • so whenever you come back to the dorms with a unhappy look
  • he literally brandishes his knives and gets ready to kill whoever made you upset
  • like ok although this guy was small
  • yOu dOnT fuCK wiTh HIM
  • bc he can literally stab you with one finger and you’d bleed to death
  • so ya everyone in school actually knows that they should steer clear of him
  • except for his group of friends, of course.
  • and you somehow came up with a nickname for him — ‘fairy’.
  • you didnt know why but you associated him with fairies so much
  • maybe it’s bc of his constantly changing cute hair colors
  • and woozi was not a big fan of that nickname
  • “why fairy (o_-)”
  • “just because :D”
  • but he lets you off with it bc whenever you call him fairy you start laughing and he finds it cute
  • and also bc you know your limits
  • and you won’t publicly call him fairy
  • you only do when you guys are alone
  • yeah so that’s woozi as your roommate :p 
Sonny Carisi / You’re Enough

Imagine comforting Sonny after the events of “Mood” (S19 E2)

I’m about to start calling this the “Sorry Sonny” series with how many traumatic moments he has. 

This is for @ohbelieveyoume and also for myself, since SONNY DESERVES MORE. Damn it, they are putting him through too many traumatic experiences. First they almost let a man shoot him and now this? What is this?? Anyway, i hope you all enjoy! 

This is also the song i listened to while writing this:

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

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I haven't read the Book yet and I'd love a list of the differences between book and musical squip :)


little premise, I’ve just listened to the songs and didn’t watch the full musical so my conception of it could be completely wrong, anyway here some things I’ve noticed about the squip in the book.

also there are spoilers below and the book and musical are really different even in major points in the plot so if you don’t want spoilers you have been warned

1 He is an actual computer.

The squip feels a lot more like a computer in the book than he is in the musical (for obvious reasons). He’s extremely analytical when talking and everything he can do is explained in a more or less scientific way. In the musical he seems more like some supernatural, almost alien entity while in the book is actually more similiar to a more evolved siri.


The squip job is to help Jeremy, to be his adviser, to help him reach his goals, and guess what? That’s what he does. In the play the squip manipulates Jeremy to make him do what he says telling him he’s whortless and he’ll never be anything if he doesn’t listen to him. In the book he doesn’t say those things not even once. He just tells Jeremy he’s there to help him reach his goal that in that moment was to be Cool (with the capital C), and he just follows his advices, not because he’s been manipulated to do it but because he actually wants to.

3 He can be turned off temporarly or permanently.

Inb the play once you have the squip it can’t be turned off even if you drink the red thing, he’ll always be there in your head. In the book you can temporarly turn it off simply thinking “shutdown” and you can permanently dissolve it by drinking the red thing.

4 He cares about Jeremy.

He’s still a machine, he does not care about him more than he’s supposed to because of programmation but he acrually tries, he tries so hard to help Jeremy and even apologize to him when his prediction aren’t right and he’s willing to listen to him and adjust his route to Jeremy whatever Jeremy desires. At the end there’s this huge mess with Christine and the squip proposes to Jeremy to do a data dump (the book) and give it to Christine to explain everything, but after the data dump the data will became corrupted and the squip will have to be terminated qith the red thing and he’s willing to help Jeremy even at those conditions.

5 Jeremy and the squip develop a special relationship.

Again, the squip is a machine and he probably doesn’t feel nothing for Jeremy out of obligation but Jeremy actually grow fond of the squip. Somethimes the squip even tells some witty jokes, the passive aggressive jokes you don’t mean for real and only tell with friends. Also after the fire at the party the squip, even tho not being able of conforting Jeremy still tries to, the only purpose was to accomplish his programming goal but you get what I’m trying to say. Jeremy itself says that he feels bad for the people who don’t have a squip and don’t have someone to talk to everytime they want to. Also Jeremy is sad to know the squip will be gone, the book ends right before they start to write it (how ironic) and right after the squip tells Jeremy he’ll be gone. All Jeremy does is thinking a “oh.” to the squip and start laughing first in his head then outloud with Michael.

anyway these are my considerations hope I was clear about them. I have so many more, expecially about Michael but for now have the squip conclusions ^^

\o/ I finally made it! Big ol’ mix of songs i collected for swindle and blurr, no real theme or organization just lotta music

You can listen to it on:



Top 10 best songs for trans guys

  1. YMCA by Village people ( Throughout the entire song they call you young man and it’s just so nice and gender affirming…
  2. The Village by Wrabel ( I’m like 93% certain this is specifically about a trans guy. It’s also really pretty and makes me want to cry because it’s so validating and just I love it
  3. Little game by benny ( this song is about gender roles and how harmful they are and it always reminds me that I am man enough so I love it.
  4. You’re a man now, boy by Raleigh Ritchie ( It just calls you a man over and over again so yeah I love it.
  5. What if I by Meghan Trainor ( Meghan Trainor is a trans icon as I have stated before and this song is one of the reasons why. In it she is singing a song to a boy who she says isn’t like other boys and tells him not to be nervous. so I just relate so much to the guy in the song. It just makes me feel really good.
  6. I’m a Boy by The Who ( In this song this poor kid keeps trying to tell everyone that hes a boy but no one is listening to him. Very relatable in my opinion.
  7. spectrum by BoyInABand ( This song is just so awesome I can’t even explain just listen to it and you’ll see.
  8. The End. by My Chemical Romance ( I know, I know. I’m an angsty little 15 year old so who can blame me for loving this song especially when it talks about self hatred and feminine things. I love it. Sue me.
  9. Fuck You by Lily Allen ( Overall just a great song for when you’re sick of transphobic or homophobic bullshit
  10. Take me to church ( Even though I know this song is about gay guys, I still think if you listen to it with the right mindset, it can really sound like a song about a trans guy.

Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed this top ten list from me! if anyone has any more songs they think are good for trans guys to listen to, go ahead and reblog with your favorite trans guy songs. If you wanna see more songs, check out this playlist i made on Spotify:


disclaimer: i’m not turkish, so i don’t know if anyone seriously listens to these songs or not, but i just chose my favorite/the most popular artists. also, if you don’t like obnoxiously fun, bright pop music this list isn’t for you. anyway, enjoy!


ayşe hatun önal


derya uluğ 

demet akalın 




serdar ortaç

sinan akçıl

Listen to My Life

Hey guys, I was on the tube and bored so I decided to go through my music library and create a playlist that loosely told my perspective on my life up to this point.

It was super nostalgic and satisfying and I think a lot of people might love it, both to do for themselves and to hear other people’s lives for a few hours. And find new music. Anyway, @fitmunk agreed so here we go.

Here’s my list of 52 songs that loosely (sometimes abstractly) tell my story so far. Listen if you want/can.

1. “Some Nights Intro” by Fun.
2. “Some nights” by fun.
3. “Nature Boy” performed by Gaga and Tony Bennett
4. “Moonage Daydream” by David Bowie
5. “She’s A Woman” from The Kiss of the Spider Woman
6. “15 minutes” by The Yeah You’s
7. “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics
8. “Gods and Monsters” performed by Jessica Lange
9. “Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore
10. “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen
11. “Crazy” by Diana Salvatore
12. “Americano” by Lady Gaga
13. “Boys boys boys” by Lady Gaga
14. “Youth” by Troye Sivan
15. “Without You” by David Guetta feat. Usher
16. “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding
17. “Close” by Nick Jonas feat. Tove Lo
18. “Honey, I’m Good” by Andy Grammar
19. “The Wolf” by Miniature Tigers
20. “The Greatest” by Ellie Goulding
21. “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry
22. “Just Give Me A Reason” by P!nk feat. Nate Ruess
23. “Please Don’t Leave Me” by P!nk
24. “Sorrow” by David Bowie
25. “Heartbreak Down” by P!nk
26. “Send My Love” by Adele
27. “Water Under the Bridge” by Adele
28. “Another Lonely Night” Adam Lambert
29. “Pretty Hurts” by Beyoncé
30. “Grigio Girls” by Lady Gaga
31. “The Lucky Ones” by Val Emmich
32. “So What!” By P!nk
33. “Gypsy” by Lady Gaga
34. “Elastic Heart” by Sia
35. “Sinner’s Prayer” by Lady Gaga
36. “Fame” by David Bowie
37. “John Wayne” by Lady Gaga
38. “Masterpiece” by Jessie J
39. “Who You Are” by Jessie J
40. “Midnight Decisions” by Sia
41. “Wild” by Jessie J
42. “Starman” by David Bowie
43. “Yoü and I” by Lady Gaga
44. “Stay With Me” performed by Meryl Streep
45. “Don’t Let Me Get Me” by P!nk
46. “The Winner Takes It All” performed by Meryl Streep
47. “Try” by P!nk
48. “Alive” by Sia
49. “Liability” by Lorde
50. “Audition” performed by Emma Stone
51. “Flight Plan” my original poem, performed by Sam Baker Jones
52. “Moon River” performed by Audrey Hepburn

Don’t worry I know it’s not very cool but it’s me.

I tag @eternal-nova, @fitmunk, @theothersamsmith, @deammo, @theitalianpolak, @livelegatolagrange, and @eluspacer to make their own posts like this.



So, as most of you know, it was confirmed tonight that both Matt and Shiro graduated from the garrison together on the same year, and this comes for celebration!

Even though we are not considered a “shaladin ship”, we have still gotten hate because it has been labeled as pedophilia. By the confirmation that Matt graduated the same year as Shiro, we now know that Matt is, or is most likely, very close in age to Shiro.

When I found this out, I impulsively made a decision to make a…


The playlist is growing and growing, but please give me suggestions on what songs I should add!! Btw, its best if you listen to it on shuffle

also please don’t ask about the username its a joint youtube account from a while ago, its not a roleplay acc or anthing I fucking hate hetalia its a long story ill explain it if im asked about it,,


Since we’ve been talking about the Game of Thrones soundtrack (composed by Ramin Djawadi)/Jonerys themes, here are some of my favorite Jon and Dany music pieces from seasons 1-6. If you haven’t heard them before I highly suggest you listen to them because the music of Game of Thrones is stellar.

Season 1:
Goodbye Brother (Jon)
Love in the Eyes (Dany)
Jon’s Honor (Jon)
The Night’s Watch (Jon)
Finale (Dany)

Season 2:
Mother of Dragons (Dany)

Season 3:
Dracarys (Dany)
You Know Nothing (Jon)
Wall of Ice (Jon)
Mhysa (Dany)

Season 4:
Breaker of Chains (Dany)
The Watchers on the Wall (Jon)
The Real North (Jon)
The Children (technically an Arya song, but I had to put it on the list anyway because I love it so much)

Season 5:
Blood of the Dragon (Dany)
Kill the Boy (Jon)
Dance of Dragons (Dany)
*Hardhome Parts 1 and 2 (Jon-not necessarily two of my personal favorites but I put them on anyway because Hardhome is such an important moment in the series and the music is definitely worth a listen)

Season 6:
Blood of My Blood (Dany)
My Watch Has Ended (Jon)
Khaleesi (Dany)
Reign (Dany)
Trust Each Other (Jon)
Winter Has Come (Jon)
The Winds of Winter (Dany)
The Tower (Jon)

Not a complete list, but these were a few I thought of off the top of my head

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

Tagged by @youngwildmildlyinsane . Don’t know who’s really interested in what I listen to but let’s see anyway. xD;; Using spotify cuz it’s been a while since I transferred any new songs to my phone.

1) Howl - Marina and the diamonds

2) Oh No! - Marina and the diamonds

3) Party in the CIA - Weird Al Yankovic (I was going to skip this if it turned out to be another Marina song. 8′D )

4) Caramel Heaven - Last Note (Vocaloid song)

5) The Mind Electric - Miracle Musical

6) Perfect - Rob Cantor

7) Can’t Pretend - Tom Odell

8) Who Will Save You Now - Les Friction

9) Lullaby for a Princess - Ponyphonic (MLPpppp)

10) Black Smoke - Ann Sophie

Surprisingly no musical songs. : O

Welp, that’s it for me then. I don’t have a lot of mutuals on tumblr, so…do this if you want! I tag all of you!

Songs for Middle Earth Pt.1

So, I thought someone could like this. I honestly always need a music inspiration when writing or drawing and I have this list of songs I like to listen to when dealing with Middle Earth and its characters. Some may not fit 100% into Tolkien universe and others maybe reference to real world places, those tough are the one that I think could totally fit in a LOTR or Hobbit fanfiction. I want to share this list with you, hoping you’ll find it useful. Feel free to suggest titles in the comments if you know others, I will do a part 2 anyway (part 3 and 4 probably) and I’ll add your suggestions too. Feel also free to tag writers and artists who could be interest and let me know if you want to be added to the tag list for the other parts :)

The Soul of a Hound - Hagalaz’ Runedance  

When I found you I wandered dreading for the day to come
Our years went past; your life went fast,
Forever you’re leaving me now

We are off to a great angsty start with this one. I think it would be perfect for a funeral, it’s basically a mourning song. The lyrics part is short and only at the beginning, the rest is chorus of female voices, a lament that I find really inspiring and 100% in line with Middle Earth.

Mordred’s Lullaby (TOL mix) - Heather Dale

Hush, child
The darkness will rise from the deep
And carry you down into sleep

This one actually reference to Arthurian legend, but the singer never references to any of the character so I think it could really fit in Middle Earth. It’s basically a creepy lullaby, I onestly love it so much and it’s pretty inspiring. I don’t know if there’s is an actual character that could fit the song because the lyrics are very specific. But I feel it have a dark elf feeling to it, I could totally imagine this sung by a Mirkwood elf.

Diese Kalte Nacht- Faun

öffne mir, lass mich hinein (Open up, let me inside)
dein Liebster steht im Mondenschein (Your lover stands in the moonlight)
diese Nacht ist so kalt (This night is so cold)
so öffne mir (so open up)
denn morgen wird’s zu spät sein (For tomorrow it’ll be too late )

I discovered this one long ago, the sounds are maybe a little too modern but with a stretch of the imagination it could really fit. Of course the whole song is in German so if you want to make a character speak German for whatever reason this one could be the right one, or with another little stretch of immagination, you can pretend it’s another Middle Earth’s foreign language.

The Parting Glass - Cara Dillon

Of all the money that e’er I had, I spent it in good company.
And of all the harm that e’er I’ve done, alas it was to none but me.
And all I’ve done for want of wit, to memory now I can’t recall.

Traditional parting song. This one is really fitting and I just love it, it’s perfect for a character that is leaving and salutes everyone else, or just as a song to sing at the end of a gathering. Being traditional, is been sung by other authors too if you’d like another version or another singer. (Here you can find some examples)

False, False - Cara Dillon

But I would climb a tree that is too high for me
Asking fruit where there weren’t any growing
I was lifting warm water from beneath the cold clay
And against the stream I was rowing

Oh, look, another angsty one. This reference to the end of a relationship. It’s sad and the music tears my heart apart, I also love the lyrics I posted up here, I think they perfectly convey the meaning of the song.

Firebird’s Child - S. J. Tucker

I am the firebird! 
I am his daughter! 
I am the firebird’s child! 
I am a firebird, the boldest song you’ve ever heard 

A fire dance song. This one is almost ritual, it’s perfect if you want someone to perform some kind of mystical (almost shamanic) ritual around the fire.

Brother Stand Beside Me - Heather Dale

Brother, stand beside me
Brother, lend your arm
The land below lies stricken
And this fight has nearly come
Let them sing our praises when we’ve gone

Oh, this is my favorite one. It’s a song before the battle and it can be sung by basically any character that goes into battle in both LOTR and The Hobbit. (Eowyn yall, this is Eowyn’s song 100% don’t  fight me on this!)

Adrift - Heather Dale

Lover, dear lover, I’ve had a fell dream
My mother’s adrift on the sea!
My brothers have left her alone in the gale -
There’s no one to save her but me.

Even tough the lyrics mention Oisín, which is the main character’s name of the legend the song talks about, it’s mentioned briefly and it could be easily changed with another name, a term of of endearment, or another word at your choice. Aside from that the song is beautiful and here you can find the summary of the original story.

Fisherman’s Boy - Heather Dale

Fisherman’s boy with a bucket of water
Goes walking each day on the shore
Looking in tide-pools and crannies
For fish that were stranded
Sure-handed he’d gather them all
Throwing them back to the ocean
Back to the living once more

Honestly I think this one would be perfect for just one character of whole Middle Earth and it’s Bard. Of course talks about a Fisherman’s son, the tune is pretty and the story is so cute. Here you can find the complete lyrics, go read them if you like Bard and want to awe for hours.


GUYS!! HI HELLO!!! I have an amazing post for you today! I recently received a copy of A MAP FOR WRECKED GIRLS by Jessica Taylor and absolutely devoured it! I had been looking forward to this book since early this year, after a member of my book club linked me to the summary on goodreads!! It was so magical and lush and full of everything I have ever needed and I am so happy that everyone gets to experience it!

That being said, I knew I had to be part of the blog tour! Immediately after agreeing to do it, I decided that I wanted a playlist from the author! Learning what songs inspire certain books has always been intriguing to me so this is one of my favorite features to have on the blog. Out of the many playlists, I can say with assurance that THIS is my favorite book play list of all time. Not only does it make me love AMFWG even more but it also kind of makes me want to be best friends with the author, Jessica. (JESS IF UR READING THIS, ILY LETS BE FRIENDS, OKAY? I MET JACK ANTONOFF ONCE SO BASICALLY WE ARE ALL THREE BESTIES) 

Anyway, I have added all of the songs from the playlist to a Spotify Playlist, which you can listen to here.

Check out Jessica’s song choices and reasoning below!!!

From the author:

Some writers start with plot. Some start with character. For me, all my stories begin with a few images and songs forming flashes of incomplete stories in my head. As I struggled to fill in those gaps and write what eventually became A Map for Wrecked Girls, it was always music I returned to for inspiration.

1. In Undertow – Alvvays

The whole of Alvvays’ sophomore album is perfect writing music, but I love this song in particular. The opening of the song works for Emma, the protagonist of AMFWG, on more than one level—“You find a wave and try to hold on for as long as you can. You made a mistake you’d like to erase and I understand.” The chorus of the song also makes for an easy tie in—“There’s no turning back after what was said.”

2. Hate That You Know Me – Bleachers

I’ve been a fan of Jack Antonoff for a few years now. I love that the new Bleachers album goes to a slightly darker place than the Fun years. Hate That You Know Me is about a destroyed relationship and hating that the person you’re estranged from knows you so well. That’s the place Emma’s in for much of AMFWG.

3. Hurricane (Johnnie’s Theme) – Lord Heron

Much of Emma’s headspace is dark, but the dynamic between Alex and Emma allows for some bright spots on the island. This song was something I listened to when I wanted to let Alex and Emma explore their feelings for each other and let go of the past.

4. Carry On – Fun.  

Clearly I needed more Jack Antonoff in my life when I was writing this book. This song is a much-needed reminder to keep going no matter the obstacle.

5. The Belle of the Boulevard – Dashboard Confessional

This song always operated for me as kind of my theme song for Henri, Emma’s sister. She’s not an easy character to understand or be around, especially not for Emma, but she’s also one of my favorite kind of characters, the tragic kind. This song helped me get in touch with Henri when she was at her worst.

6. The Funeral – Band of Horses

This song was on my mind when Emma and Henri’s story first started coming together, even before I knew the island would play a part in their story. Later, the first line of this song, “I’m coming up only to hold you under,” took on a new meaning.

7. You Are a Tourist – Death Cab for Cutie

Since Henri had her own song, Emma had to have her own as well. Much of the book deals with Emma’s guilt over a betrayal. The following part always felt in line with Emma’s mistake and the feelings surrounding it:

“'Cause when you find yourself a villain,
In the story you have written
It’s plain to see
That sometimes the best intentions
Are in need of redemption
Would you agree?”

8. Taylor Swift - This Love

While I think Taylor Swift meant the romantic kind of love, I always felt that the love she speaks of—a love that was both good and bad and had to be set free—could apply to Emma and Henri.

9. Bloody Mother F*cking Assh*le – Martha Wainwright

Sometimes Henri is exactly this. When I needed Emma to get angry and stand up to Henri, this song was on repeat. A tip: if you need to relieve a little tension, I highly recommend taking a long drive and screaming these lyrics.

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