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some (random) kleinsen hcs:

➢ jared is a sucker for buffy the vampire slayer. he knows basically every episode by heart, and he loves that awful praying mantis one. rewatching with evan, jared’ll sometimes say, like “hey, maybe we should skip this episode bc of [xy]” (bc, e.g., hush would probs make evan quite anxious), and he fills evan in plot-wise, if they do decide against watching it. obviously, xander is his favourite member of the scooby gang; evan really likes willow and, later, tara

➢ at one point, before they reconciled, jared listens to the only hope for me is you by mcr on repeat for like three hours. it’s a bit (very) dramatic, he knows - but you cannot stop him.

➢ evan has this Giant world atlas with like maps that unfold and stuff; he got it for his ninth birthday from heidi. sometimes the two just leaf through it for hours, dreaming up trips they’ll take and things they’ll do: cross the alps or ride an ostrich in south africa or bathe in hot springs in iceland or do a canopy walk in the amazon rainforest or see the hachiko statue in tokyo

➢ since evan forgets to eat, they’ve kind of made it their thing to cook dinner together. jared’s mum always buys those cooking magazines and when she’s done with them, he nicks them, and him and evan will try out as many new recipes as possible

➢ evan loves ikea and all the neat, fake rooms; he always has to walk through it all, (“… why can’t we just go directly to the lamps, evan, we don’t need anything else” - “this is more than just buying stuff, this is an experience, jared”). anyways, you know how you somehow always end up with a Bunch of knick-knacks? yeah, jared is the one putting all kinds of crap in their cart, so evan has to be the voice of reason (“we have to put at least two-thirds of that back”), but of course, it’d be rude to just drop the things anywhere, so they have to go all the way back to put everything, where it belongs

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On Light ‘proving he’s straight’

It’s been bugging me for a while now how many posts there are going around stating something like ‘knowing he was observed, the first thing Light does is prove he is straight’ and I’m kind of like… proving he’s straight is not the point?

Light doesn’t just go ‘gotta act normal here, better be straight’. Being straight has nothing to do with it. Acting normal also only has to do with it tangentially.

I’m not sure if people are genuinely forgetting this or choose to ignore it for humour’s sake or a mix of both, but the looking at porn is not Light’s version of acting unsuspicious per se. He wouldn’t do it at all if it wasn’t to ease out a suspicious thing he already did.

Checking if someone was in his room. Now, only people who have something to hide do that. I would guess that porn magazines are actually the most stereotypical thing to hide in a room that isn’t truly scandalous. 
Everyone understands that people don’t want others to know they look at porn - but he’s not gonna get disowned for porn owning either, really.

Okay so, he fakes normality with the porn situationally, I will accept this.

But specifically proving heterosexuality? I struggle to see this as something that even crossed Light’s mind (after all he’s never been under suspicioun of being gay canonically anyway, why would it be something to consider?).

My point is: I think someone who wants people to think he’s definitely, definitely into women would at least try to look enthusiastic about boobs.

I mean, obviously the ‘authentic’ teenager porn experience would require jacking off and it’s obvious why Light can’t do that - he’s watched.
But still, he doesn’t go out of his way to fake even the slightest bit of interest. If anything ‘tricked by the cover again’ just seems to imply he regularly gets disappointed by female porn. (I am not fully sure if this is like that in Japanese but I see the phrase contains ‘ また’ which is ‘again’, so it should be?)

I don’t see how Light is attempting to prove any sexuality by putting this for show. If he had his mind set on seeming straight, at least some interest would be in order, wouldn’t it? So I don’t see this as any indicator of him covering up for homosexuality either - he’s simply not putting any more than the barest minimum of effort into seeming like a sexual of any sort. Light isn’t this halfhearted when he is really going for proving something.

yes, that sure is a titty right there… -_-
Light Yagami, presumably

WINNER: "We live in airports"

YG new boy group 8 years after BIGBANG is still pre-debut, but has gain lots of interest from international fans since they took part to BIGBANG Dome Tour some months ago. Now, they’re guests for 2NE1 AON Tour which apparently forced them to live in airports.

“No, we don’t go back home. It may look like it, but we just stay in airports all the time,” says Kang Seungyoon, leader of WINNER. “And I mean all the time. We just hide in the bathrooms or things like that so the fans think we went home, but we just stay there. We live in airports as of now and we don’t do pretty much anything else.”

But how is it possible? And how’s life in airports? We’re curious to know the answer, since the group should supposedly debut by the end of the month, so how do they practice and record their music?

“I don’t actually remember how a recording studio looks like,” admits Nam Taehyun, main vocal of the group. “Sometimes I buy those cheap toothbrushes from the vending machines in the airport toilet and I pretend they’re microphones, but that’s pretty much it.”

“Of course we do dance practice. Sometimes airport staff allow us to do that in gates where there’s much more space, but most of the time we have to do that in the toilet,” explains Kim Jinwoo, who doesn’t look too disappointed. “Which it’s okay for me, because I know exactly where toilets are, and I never get lost.” he proudly adds. 

“It’s not easy to practice Just Another Boy in the bathroom,” admits Lee Seunghoon. “Also we kinda got tired of singing always the same songs so we changed the lyrics to Just Another Toilet, since it’s where we live anyway.”

WINNER seems to get used to this new lifestyle, but what about their upcoming debut? Some months ago YG Ceo, Yang Hyun-Seuk, said to be anxious about such an important debut. Does WINNER share these feelings?

“Debut? Is that something you can eat?” asks Song Mino, and all the other members seems pretty much confused about it too. “I never saw "Debut” on the airport minimarket shelfs, but they have other good things to eat.“

Okay, we admit the situation got a bit weird after that, but we went on with our questions and asked the boys what do they do all day in airport when they don’t have to take a flight. 

"Oh, there are lots of things to do and it’s never boring!” assures Kim Jinwoo. “For example yesterday was really fun, Mino had diarrhea all day and we had to tell everyone the toilet was out of service.”

WINNER is still currently living in an airport, waiting for their next flight. I guess they don’t do anything else as of now, so all we can do is enjoy the airport pics, which is all we have anyway.


And of course, the whole kpop world is still waiting for their upcoming debut.

(If it does exist.)

cr. Yang Troll-seuk magazine

trans. blockblicious

Preference #10 Things You Do That He Hates

I am so sorry this took so long, I’ve had this request for what seems like forever, but here it is! I hope you enjoy, please give feedback(-;

Cal:“No! Forward, forward! I told you to play forward!” Calum shouted, but his voice was waving with giggles as he pressed numerous buttons on the PlayStation controller. “Dude, I’m goalie, how the fuck am I supposed to play offense?” Luke chuckled from beside him, Luke too, vigorously messing with the buttons on his controller. I laughed from my place in the kitchen, almost feeling like the mom of three teenagers. All of the boys besides Ashton were here, enjoying their day off with a game of FIFA. Ashton couldn’t go more than a day without his drums, and since he didn’t quite like FIFA, he headed down to the studio to work on some new beats while the rest of them mooched off me for food and company. “Awe, how the hell did Michael win?” Calum whined, looking over at the Lilac head, who was grinned and yelling in excitement. He beat both Luke and Calum, which was a pretty good accomplishment considering the pair practically dedicated their lives to the game. “Hey, babe?” Calum called, and I turned my attention away from the magazine I was flipping through, looking over at Calum who was turned over to look at me over the back of the couch. I raised up my eyebrows in question, not wanting to speak with my mouth full of fruit that I had been munching on. “You wanna play? There’s another controller.” I shook my head, swallowing my mouth full. “I’m not a big fan of FIFA,” I shrugged, which received a synchronized gasp from all three boys, now all of them staring at me with wide eyes. “You don’t like FIFA, Y/N?” Luke asked, appalled. I laughed. “Not really.” Michael exchanged looks with the others. “She’s like another Ashton! Where is your purple shirt!” Michael faked panic and the boys laughed. “What’s the big deal? I’ll suck at it anyway.” Calum jumped over the side of the couch, walking up to me with puppy dog eyes. “Why don’t you like it, baby? What are we supposed to do on our lazy days?” I shook my head with a smile. “Cal, it’s a video game. Why are you getting so worked up over it?” Calum shrugged. “I don’t know, it’s like my seconds passion. I just like when you enjoy things that I do.” I closed the magazine, standing up from the table and kissed Calum quickly on the lips, ignoring the calls form the boys who had started up another game. “I love that you love it, and I like watching you play because it makes you happy. I just don’t want to play along. I will if you want me too, though.” Calum giggled, kissing me again. “I finally found something I don’t like about you.” he said with a smile, but I was taken back by his words. “What?” It hurt, but I knew Calum had meant more to it. “Well, everything about you is perfect besides you don’t like FIFA, which I can handle.” Calum gave me a look at which I knew he was joking around, snatched a grape from the bowl on the table and kissed me once more. “Your lips taste like strawberries!” He said as jumped back onto the couch, causing me to laugh and turn my attention back to what I had been doing before.

Ash: Of all people I knew, Ashton was the most secure. Anybody could tell, the way he carried himself was all confidence. He liked it that way, he couldn’t stand why people got down on themselves because he viewed people in such a way that it was almost weird to think of yourself as imperfect. That’s why me and Ashton were always bickering, because I had to whine or complain about something nearly everyday. Whether it be the way I looked, or just how I acted, I was the most insecure person, and Ashton knew that. He hated it. “I can’t wear this.” I muttered, sucking in my stomach as I stood in front of the full body mirror in our bedroom. Ashton sighed, shaking his head. “Why not? I like that shirt, it brings out your eyes.” Ashton followed me into the walk-in closet, leaning against the door frame as I scattered through the racks of clothing I spent nearly all my money on. “Yeah, it also brings out all the pimples I have right now. I need something more busy, so people pay more attention to my clothes than my face.” Ashton rolled his eyes, I saw it through the mirror that was hanging on the mint colored wall. “What? Am I complaining again?” I sounded whimpy, which I was, but I didn’t like to admit it. I didn’t try to whine, but seeing myself in the mirror made me think nothing but negative thoughts. “Why do you care so much of what other people think of you, babe? We’re just going out to lunch, you look beautiful, as always.” Ashton smiled, exposing his two crater like dimples. I blushed, even though I didn’t believe his words. “You’re just saying that because you’re hungry and you want to leave.” I said, my arms falling limp at my sides. The shirt I held crinkled as it touched the floor, only one of my fingers holing onto the hanger. “Well, I am hungry, but I’ll always wait for you.” I was the one who rolled their eyes at that one. I could tell Ashton was just trying to get me to hurry up, and I felt bad that he felt the need to do that, but I wasn’t going out looking like a mess. “Why can’t you just be honest with me?” I mumbled. Ashton closed his eyes in annoyance before opening them, along with his mouth. “Why do you have to contradict everything I say? I hate that about you. You’re so hard on yourself, when really, you’re perfect.” If he hadn’t said the word, ‘hate’, I would have felt better. But now my stomach just ached. I didn’t hate anything about him? Sure, I got frustrated from some of his decisions he made, but I didn’t hate anything about him. “You hate that about me?” I asked, twirling a loose thread from the shirt in my hand around my finger. Ashton shook his head, walking towards me. “Baby, no, I don’t hate it, I just strongly dislike it. I just wish you would see what I see.” Ashton leaned down and pressed his lips to my cheek. taking the patterned shirt from my hands ad hanging it back up. “Now, because I would never lie to you, I’d like my natural, beautiful, girlfriend to come with me to get Chinese food.” Ashton took my hand I smiled, not looking in the mirror this time as I followed him out of the room. I felt confident with Ashton, I didn’t need a mirror to tell me otherwise.

Luke: “Honey, we have to go!” Luke stretched out in a whine, slugging his shoulders as he stood in the doorway of the bathroom. I stood against the counter, leaning over the sink as I layered my eyelashes in mascara, my mouth partially opened as I perfected my lashes. “Luke, I’m almost done.” I said, pulling the wand out of my face and blinking a few times, checking to make sure there were no clumps. “You always say that, and we leave a half hour later.” Luke mumbled, closing his eyes and leaning back against the wall. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t see why he wanted to leave so early, the party that we had been invited to didn’t start for another hour, and it wouldn’t take very long to get there.That was if we could find some back roads to avoid the traffic. Luke hated being late for some reason, which was shocking, because he used to be the one who spent an hour trying to perfect his hair. “Oh shush,” I said, lightly slapping his chest as I dug through my bag of makeup, spotting yet another blemish that I didn’t want to be seen. “You always take so long to get ready. Why can’t you just do it in the car?” Luke asked, opening one eye tiredly as he looked up at me. “Because we’re constantly stopping and starting in L.A. traffic, and I don’t want to mess it up.” Luke chuckled, shaking his head and running a hand through his hair. “I don’t wear makeup, be like me.” I knew he was joking, but I decided to poke fun at him anyways. “That’s because you’re naturally pretty, I’m not, so I have to fix all this,” I waved my hand obnoxiously around my face, which I saw as a major flaw, but Luke didn’t, “Up.” I finished, turning back to the mirror. “Whatever you say sweetie pie, whatever you say.” his voice was sour and full of humor, I could tell he didn’t want to get into any arguments about stupid stuff like this before a party, that was supposed to be rather fun do to all the celebrities that were supposedly going to be there. It was quiet for a while, Luke being tired and in need of a buzz, and be trying to focus on my skin that I desperately wanted to fix. “Luke?” I asked, sliding my lips across each other. “Hmm?” he didn’t open his eyes, assuming I still wasn’t done. “Does it really bother you? That I always take a long time.” Luke opened his eyes then, letting go of the lip ring that was in his mouth. “Sometimes. But it’s not bad, I understand.” he smiled slightly, taking me all in. “You look very pretty by the way.” he said, looking almost embarrassed to have said it. “Thank you.” Luke nodded, kissing my hair and pulling me to his side. “Let’s hope we don’t see that celebrity crush of yours, I might lose my baby girl.” I giggled, apologizing once more about taking forever, which Luke shrugged it off. “I love you anyways. Even if you do take 900 years.”

Mikey:  I sighed, taking in a deep breath. Sweat tricked down the back of of my neck and even down my chest, giving me that gross feeling that only a shower could take away. I wiped the line of sweat away that streaked across my forehead, climbing up the stairs which made me feel dizzy. Working out at home always burned more calories rather than the gym because I hated getting excessively sweaty and into it the video when I was in front of other people, even though they were doing the exact same thing. I wiped more sweat off my face as I made my way into the bathroom, turning the shower on and standing tiredly with my hand held out, waiting for the water to get just a tad warmer. I checked my phone to make sure I had no sudden messages before stripping down to nothing and climbing to the stone worked shower. There was nothing better than a good workout followed by a cool shower to wipe away most of the fatigue I would definitely be feeling in the morning. I scrubbed my scalp for what seemed like most of the time, making sure to get the sweat and grease out before making it down the rest of my body. “Y/N, are you hom-” Michael’s voice was cut off once the bathroom door opened. I couldn’t see him due to the immense fog that clouded up the glass doors, but I heard him groan from outside. “What?” I giggled, thinking that he was taking off his clothes to come join me, but what he said erased that fantasy from my mind. “You’re just like Luke! You get water all over the place!” I couldn’t see him, so I didn’t know if he was mad or not (or nah). I held the soap to my chest, peaking out the door of the shower. “Are you mad?” I said softly, seeing his colorful hair before his face. He didn’t look mad, just slightly annoyed as he stepped over the puddles I somehow created. “Babe, why would I be mad?” he chuckled, not knowing that I was watching him pull his shirt over his head. I nearly squealed, his chest getting even more toned due to the fitness plan we had both been following for the past month. “I’m coming in with you.” he said as I heard his belt buckle hit the tile floor. I giggled, stepping further back in the shower. “I’m sorry I made a mess!” I shouted over the jets. Michael laughed. “We can make an even bigger mess together,” he growled, stepping inside with me. I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck and tangling my fingers throughout his fluffy hair. “I hate that you do this every time,” he whispered, beginning to leave kisses down my neck, which would only lead to even more puddles of water.

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click here for my master post about all this drama:

Update: some people think I’m lying! I am not! I saw this thing that said they were sued. Maybe that resource is lying. BUT I AM NOT. I DON’T LIE. PERIOD. I’m just trying to relieve the fam. If this is fake, don’t blame me I’m just trying to spread the word. If it ends up being fake, then I apologize okay? But I have an entire Master Post dedicated to the bullshit of article so it wouldn’t matter anyways.

UPDATE #2: ROLLING STONES WAS SUED FOR A FAKE MICHAEL JACKSON ARTICLE AND A COMPLETELY INVALID ARTICLE ABOUT RAPE. SOURCES SAY THAT THEY MAY HAVE BEEN SUED FOR THE 5SOS ARTICLE BUT IT IS UNSURE. I KNOW FOR SURE ROLLING STONES HAS LOST THEIR CRED, PROVING THE 5SOS ARTICLE TO BE INVALID AS WELL I will continue my research and apologize for misleading anyone. UPDATE #3: MULTIPLE SOURCES SAY DIFFERENT THINGS. THE MAGAZINE WAS SUED OR IT WASN’T. HOWEVER, I KNOW FOR SURE THE ARTICLE WAS MANIPULATED. I’m sorry if I initially mislead anyone. I had good intentions but I have discovered new things. I’ll try to keep you updated. UPDATE #4: To clear up confusion, I saw a source claiming the magazine was sued BECAUSE of the 5sos article. I have recently found new information saying that the magazine was sued twice for 2 OTHER inaccurate articles of theirs and the the same COULD have happened with the 5sos article. I’m not sure which source is credible but I am still researching. However, whether the article was sued for the 5sos article, I do know the article about them is manipulated and invalid. I was mislead and I’m sorry if I mislead anybody else. I am looking to find the truth and have currently changed this post so that others aren’t confused as we were. If you see these changes, be sure to tell others as well. Thank you! I take full responsibility for jumping to conclusions before seeing the other resources, however since we were all surprised to see more information, please don’t bully or send hate to anyone. UPDATE #5: While I have spent time researching about the article and proving its inaccuracy in this post and the master post (link above), it would still be nice to have the boys speak about it head on. However I don’t necessarily need them to, because I believe in the research I’ve made and matter of factly, I believe in the boys I love.