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can you believe there are people who think blood sweat & tears is a song about a girl when the only mention of anyone else at all in the song/video were

  • namjoon’s narration, which uses specifically male pronouns
  • “he too was a tempter”
  • gender neutral song 
  • jin kissing a male/androgynous statue 
  • which was strongly implied to be a stand-in for taehyung, aka a man
  • that moment of softcore porn on the mama stage
  • seriously
  • how are you all this determinedly heterosexual 

Egotistical emo kid promises to bind today. Then forgets…

i have a really vivid memory from when i was like 14 i started babysitting this little girl who’s older brother happened to go to school with me and the one day in class i heard him telling his friend that his mom got a babysitter for his sister so he could go out now and the friend was like oh dude is she hot ;) and and he was like nooo….LIKE I WAS SITTING RIGHT THERE???? anyways i’m a sensual goddess of light now and he’s in jail

Under the read more is #152 [ 100 x 100 ] gif icons of KIM SEOLHYUN aka Seolhyun from AOA

  • None of the original gifs belong to me, I’ve only cropped & resized them❣ All credit goes to full owners.
  • If you see one of your gifs and would like specific credit or for me to take it out just throw me a message❣
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Goodmorning Tumblr!

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My “30 Days of Eva” challenge officially begins today. I plan on posting some more #eva x mono content and Mari Makinami time loop theory stuff. Alas, the heavy Eva content will have to wait in line behind Psycho Pass.  

Someone asked me about the shows that consistently portray female characters as well as Rei Hiroe does in Black Lagoon. For me, the obvious answer was GANGSTA, but I’m mulling over other examples in my head as well. 

I’ve been meaning to write about Alex Benedetto being the ultimate “anti-fanservice” pinup girl for a long time, but every attempt kept getting derailed by ask box trolls and a certain shounen fandom’s melodrama haven’t had enough time to rewatch all of GANGSTA or catch up on the manga to be confident that I was accounting for all the examples for her amazing characterization. Fortunately, with my newfound vimeo superpowers to put something quick together that broaches the topic of my thesis today. Bear in mind, she’s not the only female character that I find to be as well written as Rei Hiroe’s female characters. It’s obvious that Gina Paulklee is partially inspired by Balalaika. I sincerely triple double dog dare anyone to try and convince me otherwise!

Speaking of strong female characters, I’m going to follow up on the polls for the RyuMako ship interpretation discussion I posted last week.

But before all that, I have some poll results to post on the @sindria-no-bouken blog. Parallel panels are still on the back burner because I haven’t even read the spoilers that came out yesterday because I honestly didn’t have the time. 😓 1,001 pardons for that one @sinbad-ai m(。≧ _ ≦。)m

Lastly, look forward to a bit of Gilgamesh content that I’m kicking myself for not finding until today. While trawling for omake and tegaki for @sindria-no-bouken relevant content, I discovered a treasure trove of Fate/Zero extras that would have been perfect for Trashy Aunt Tuesday and Valentine’s Day. Anime Valentine edits are still filling my dash, so I figure some belated Trashy Aunt Tuesday Valentine’s Day related content is still fair game.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Goodnight Tumblr!

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It’s been a pretty great day on the blog, if I say so myself. I really enjoyed having a chance to include a bit of relevant Magi content on the blog. Many thanks @ivoryrosewood for helping elevate the discourse and foster true shonen manga comparative analysis.

 I got a very interesting tidbit of inside information about the RyuMako/IraMako controversy from a Kill la Kill anon that I’m looking forward to posting to tomorrow. 

I’m absolutely chomping at the bit to respond to @ronriii‘s fantastic response to my KnK Future Gospel clip. If I get carried away writing about anything tomorrow it will probably be about that. 

Scout’s honor I’ll finally be posting my SnB/Magi parallel mangacaps on @sinbad-devotionals tomorrow.  m(._.)m

You can expect some eva x mono content and a detailed explanation of my Mari is an AsuShin time loop baby theory over the weekend.


I’ll do my best to be worthy of your patronage and do what I can to liven up everyone’s dash. ^_~