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Hugh Dancy, the P word & love in Hannibal

Okay, so I’ve had a couple of days to mull this over and I’ve come to a few conclusions that I’ll share here if you’ll bear with me.

First of all, we all know that it’s absolutely canon that Hannibal is in love with Will. Bryan has said so, Mads has said so… dogs on the street have howled it loud and long. So I’m not going to go into that here.

But what about Will? Is he canonically in love with Hannibal? YES! Apart from the fact that it’s demonstrably obvious from at least partway through Season 2 that Will is falling HARD for the great conversationalist with the nice suits and hair and the great kitchen (thank you, Hugh), Bryan AND Hugh are both on record as having said it.

But then why does Hugh keep using the P word to describe Will and Hannibal’s love? Well, based on past interviews I would say that Hugh doesn’t mean platonic as in non-romantic. That would make no sense at all, given the many, many comments that have been made to the contrary. I think that what he, Bryan and Mads are trying to say is that Hannibal and Will’s love  - up to the end of Season 3 - is so deep, so true, it’s almost BEYOND sexual. That isn’t to say it will never BECOME sexual and certainly the events at the end of TWotL point towards it evolving in that direction. But sex is incidental to the bond these two share. There almost seems to be the sense that categorising their relationship as sexual would trivialise it. Mads has referred to Hannibal feeling that Will is his ‘soulmate’ - a state that transcends sexuality. And Bryan has used similar language when describing the relationship.

Hugh also seemed to cause a bit of consternation by suggesting that Will isn’t the killer that Hannibal thinks he is. Well, I agree with him. Yes, Hannibal KNOWS and SEES Will - his empathy and his POTENTIAL as a killer. But WIll ISN’T the killer Hannibal is. They are ‘identically different’, not ‘identically identical’. Interestingly, both Mads and Hugh have described Will and Hannibal as ‘two sides of the same coin’ - being different in certain ways, they are essentially still one. And I think it’s perfectly possible for Hannibal to SEE Will and still misinterpret certain facets of his character. When it comes to Will Graham, Hannibal is, as Mads has said, ‘blinded by love’. He sees what he wants to see - just as Will does in Season 1.

For those of you asking about his marriage comment, that was made in reference to Will and Molly. Hugh never imagined them having a full-on wedding - he thinks it would have been a registry office do.

The other thing that unsettled people was the revelation that Will only realises late in Season 3 that Hannibal loves him (and that he loves Hannibal), primarily because Will ‘never thought of Hannibal as being capable of love’ and had put love ‘on a kind of pedestal’ as a ‘more perfect thing’. Will’s ‘Is Hannibal in love with me?’ question to Bedelia leads to the revelation not only that yes, Hannibal IS capable of feeling love, but also that what Will feels for Hannibal is also love. This appalls him - he sees it as ‘dirty and awful’ because of the terrible things that Hannibal has done and the terrible person that he is. Well, seriously, we can’t argue with that, can we? Hannibal, by anyone’s standards, IS a terrible person: his response to Bella’s dying wish is to toss a coin; his reaction to his boy’s betrayal is to cut the throat of their murder daughter. But he’s also terribly charming and he’s played by Mads Mikkelsen, so we love him anyway. Surely Will, though, can be forgiven for not jumping up and down in glee at the realisation that all these complicated feelings he’s had stewing inside him for years boil down to him being TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY IN LOVE with a cannibalistic serial killer?!

Finally to the question of whether WIll is going to give himself over completely to the Dark Side in Season 4. The answer seems to be not permanently. Or, at least, not completely. Will wouldn’t be WIll, according to Hugh, without his empathy. So ‘Hannibal’s always going to have to fight for him’. Am I the only one who actually finds that really romantic?

Before I end this, I’d just like to say that Hugh came to his Q&A on Saturday after an absolutely exhausting morning of photo shoots and autograph signings. I was stewarding in the room where the photo shoots took place and it was relentless - hour after hour of non-stop standing, posing and smiling. He was PHENOMENAL throughout - cheerful, enthusiastic and generous. And then he had to go and do signing. And THEN he went to do the Q&A and found himself alone with the mic for an hour before Bryan, who was supposed to be doing it with him, finally appeared (because Bryan, bless him, doesn’t know the meaning of the word speed and wanted to give everyone he was signing for equal and significant attention). So, as he himself confessed, he was making a lot of what he said up on the spot. Let’s face it, it’s been years since they finished making the show and I highly doubt he sits rewatching episodes. In fact, I’m fairly certain there are some episodes he’s never even seen! I think, therefore, it’s likely that he filled in some replies with stuff he’s said in the past (eg. the chess metaphor) without thinking ‘oh, hang on, that only really applies to Season 1’, etc. So maybe we shouldn’t be too hung up on the answers he gave at RDC3.

I’ll give the last words to Hugh and Bryan - comments they’ve made over the years which serve to illustrate some of the points I’ve tried to make in this post. Thank you for reading and forgive me for rambling!

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Muse - “You’re Going Places”

what is UP you guys WOW
thank you SO SO much for the support i can’t tell you how unreal it is to receive praise from you guys i love u with all of my heart and soul
i’m hoping i don’t disappoint u
ANYWHO here is the next part to the muse series (part one and part two)

i live 4 the slow burn and i do not apologize for it but feel free to roast me

summary: wow! u got his name! what a name for such a cutie! let’s hope he calls…
word count: 4506 I AM SO SORRY
warnings: swearing is a given because i am too expressive, also i gotta warn you there is #texting and nothing is fucking harder to format than TEXTING IN A FIC so good luck pals i love u i’ll see you on the other side

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Smooth - Johnny [3]

A/N: Sorry for the delay guys! I’ve been having some writer’s block and I’ve been busy with school but here it is, part 3! Hopefully part 4 won’t take as long… Lots about Johnny’s background in this chapter hope ya like it :)

-Admin Kay

Pt 1   Pt 2          Pt 4   Pt 5   Pt 6

Part 3 - Johnny

Genre: Informational, Subtle Fluff

Rating PG

(slight language)

Word Count: 2,590

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Thanks to the anon who requested this, sorry for the wait! I hoe you will enjoy, I’m posting a longer one tonight! xx

Y/N knew she shouldn’t be here but she still was because she had no where to go, nothing else to do. It was incredibly late and they were probably asleep but what was she supposed to do? She couldn’t sleep on the floor, her body was weak, she was starving and exhausted for the 2 hours drive from Brighton to London. But it was 3:43 in the morning, would they even hear her knocking? She knew it was a lost cause but she had to try. She needed them. She needed him. She took in a shaky breath, fighting the tears pooling in her eyes before knocking on the door softly. Her bag was on the floor and she waited for about 5 minutes but there was still no sign of them. She knocked a bit louder, feeling bad for probably waking the whole floor up but no one in their flat seemed to be up.

She turned her to the wall and let herself slide down to the floor, her tears finally scrolling down. She couldn’t control her sobs. She jumped slightly as she heard some shuffling from the other side of the door and she flinched. Someone was up. She looked up as the door opened and her eyes felt on him. His eyes were half closed, his hair as messy as ever and the bags under his eyes were probably falling to the ground. And he stared down at her, blinking slightly to adjust to the light. It didn’t took long for him to register who it was and he hurried down to her. “Y/N? What’s going on?” Jack asked, concern quickly growing in his chest as he noticed how sad her eyes full of tears were and the bag at her feet. He helped her up and she immediately wrapped her arms around her twin brother, letting all of her emotions out. Jack was confused and worried but he stood there, holding her as tight as he could. Once she was done, she pulled away and met his eyes. “Let’s sit down and tell me what happened, okay?” Jack proposed and Y/N nodded, bending down to take her bag before walking further into the apartment. She stepped into the living room where Conor and Josh were gathered, arms crossed, waiting. She immediately went up to her older brother, Conor and hugged him before moving to hug her their roommate Josh. “What are you doing here?” Conor asked as he sat down on the couch. Jack walked up to them and sat next to her. “Um, I kind of..” She started, thinking about a way to explain what had happened. “Kind of what?” Josh wondered as they all watched her intensely, waiting for the explanation. “I don’t have any place to live anymore.” She blurred out, staring down to her lap. “What? How about James? Where is he anyway?” Jack rambled, anger growing in his veins. “He, um, kicked me out. We’re done.” Y/N admitted, the tears forming back in her eyes and Jack flinched. He was incredibly protective with his twin sister and he had warned him. But he fucked up and he would truly make him pay for that. “What do you mean?” Conor said, his voice growing in volume, the anger running through his veins as well. “That’s not it, and you have to promise me to stay calm?” She suggested, watching her brothers and they both exchanged a look. “Depends on what you’re about to say.” Jack said firmly and Y/N sighed. “Guys, please. I really need your support right now.” She said, her voice breaking as she thought about what she was about to say. Jack’s expression softened and he reached out for her hand as he noticed the tears falling back. “Okay, we will.” Her twin stated as he watched Conor who nodded at her. “He’s been abusing me. James has been abusing me.” Y/N managed to get out and all of the boys froze.

Jack got up, his hands on his head, trying to take in what she had just admitted. “For how long?” The ginger one spoke softly as he leaned in closer to her. “About 2 months. And tonight he kicked me out.” She said, her voice barely audible. “Oh my god, are you okay?” Conor walked up to her, checking down her body and face for any sign of pain. “M'fine. I just want to forget about it.” She spoke, shrugging her brother off. “What do you mean forget about it? I’m going to tear his head off, the bloody bastard!” Jack snapped, not caring about the fact that it was now 4 am and that people actually sleep at night. “You promised to stay calm!” Y/N snapped back at her brother.

They went on and on for a few minutes, snapping at each other because Jack was pissed and Y/N wanted to calm him down which she managed to do a bit later on. Josh and Conor were now back to bed and Y/N and Jack were in his room.

“I’ll go on the couch.” Jack said, smiling softly at his exhausted sister and he was about to turn off the light but her voice stopped him. “Jack?” She whispered, looking up to him. “Yeah?” He replied, his eyes falling back on her. And she didn’t have to say anything, he could read her like an open book. He felt his heart break as she started to cry again but a lot less than before. He lay down in the bed, opening his arms for her to hug him and she did, her head pressed against his chest. He was rubbing circles on her back to sooth her down. “I’m sorry.” She whispered and Jack frowned at the words. “What for?” He asked, confused. “For showing up at your door so late. For not telling you. For trusting him.” She explained, letting her eyes fall close. “You have nothing to be sorry for. Don’t apologize.” Jack admitted, kissing the top of her head. He cared about her so much. “Thank you for being my life support.” Y/N said softly and Jack felt his heart shrink because it meant so much to him. These kind of moments where their bond would grow stronger as they would both grow up together. She simply meant so much to him. “Always.” He whispered back and they both quickly feel asleep.

Who needs a stupid boy in their lives when they have family? Nothings can betray family, after all.

anonymous asked:

Any chance for an extension on the super sweet run down you did for holster and his sisters about his huge bi crush on ransom? Like about what happens when they do get together and there's so much teasing! Or just like how rans and holster actually get the to getting together point !! Or maybe what about ransoms family? Like what if there was a mass birkholtz and oluransi family thing for graduation and all the siblings bind and concoct a master plan ?!? 😊😊


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Lucky Part 30

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,
Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24, Part 25, Part 26, Part 27, Part 28, Part 29

Wow…..30. Can not believe this guys. I am so honored and blessed to have awesome fans like you guys. I think about you all the time, I’m determined to get my writing done everyday because I don’t want to let you down. I love you all so much!

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Fallout 4 Sentence Meme.

I’ve been crazy obsessed with this game, and got bored enough to make a sentence meme out of it. There is SO much dialogue in this game that I’m sure I missed HUNDREDS of really good quotes. But yeah, this is a pretty long one, so most of it is hiding underneath the cut. Most quotes are from companions bc they are the best. I’ll probably end up making a part 2 to this if I decide to gather up more quotes. 

  • “War never changes.”
  • “I can’t wait for the world to end!”
  • “I’ll find who did this. And I’ll get [ name ] back. I promise." 
  • "I’m calling it right here. This world can officially bite my ass.”
  • “I woke up, and the world still sucks. Today’s been great.”
  • “It was just me and a thousand guinea pigs. They turned… carnivorous." 
  • "Here’s your story: ‘local man/woman says "no”.  
  • “Oh, I woke up here. Just me, my underwear, and regret.”
  • “[ name ]! It’s me, your old pal, Shamus / Marie McFuckYourself!”
  • “Next time I have to watch someone’s life story, I want popcorn.”
  • “God damn it, you mercenary mother fucker, Where. Is. My. Son/Daughter?!" 
  • “In a hundred years, when I die, I hope I go to hell just so I can kill you all over again.”
  • "Ready to fuck some shit up?”
  • “As long as it doesn’t involve petroleum jelly and rubber gloves, I’m ready.”
  • “Uh, I’m here to pick up an order. Two large pepperonis and a calzone. Name is 'Fuck You’.”
  • “Look dumb ass, that’s not how baseball was played.”
  • “Drink. Some. Water.”
  • “You think I inject myself with all that shit and drink myself drunk because I’m a "tough gal/guy?”“
  • "Heh. I dunno. Seemed quite the performance from where I was standin’.”
  • “Rather be off murdering a pint, but this’ll do.”
  • “We’d move faster if you’d keep your eyes on the road and off my arse.”
  • “Only thing better'n gettin’ pissed is pickin’ a fight. Am I right?”
  • “Aww, and here I thought you wanted to snuggle. ”
  • “How can something this beautiful exist in such a fucked up world?”

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[Au Series] L.H. Mr. Hemmings Part 5

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3* | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

The very next day a very furioused looking Luke came stomping through his office. Your face scrunched as you heard whispers about this and that. “Have you heard last night?” It was from afar yet you heard it crystal clear. Oh no, do they know? “I heard Mr. Hemmings and Louise was spotted having a late night date last night.” Louise? Who is Louise? “Wow, gossip!” Gina chortled at you, “It’s like that here, you’ll get used to it,” she explained and you just nodded. “Who’s Louise?” You asked a bit curioused “That’s one of his exes,” she nonchalantly replied and your face scrunched.

That was his answer; you expected this yet you’re here sitting like your soul had floated away from you. You should’ve seen this coming soon. You were just another fling. How a day could change a relationship so fast. What relationship even?

“A long day to have,” you sighed and Gina nodded and went back to her desk to work. It was like every other day that you were just filled with typing files away and occassional phone calls.

It was now midday when a woman in your age came walking on the floor and you were sure Luke didn’t have any appointment. Not that you know of. “Miss, do you have an appointment with Mr Hemmings?” You asked nicely and she looked at you as if looks could kill. “No, but now I have,” she replied and opened his door and semi-slammed it in your face.

You sighed walking back to your desk “That’s Louise.” Gina crept making you a bit startled. “Oh, could’ve guessed,” you stated and she laughed “You like him don’t you?” She whispered making you blushed “That’s cute, don’t worry everyone in here has at least a lil crush on Mr Hemmings,” she chuckled and you nodded.

You and Luke did not interact for the rest of the day. He and Louise came out, his hand draped over her shoulder, you glanced a bit hurt and as if he knew you were watching he looked over at you. Your face scrunched what was he trying to prove? You turned off everything and fixed your desk. “Oh, Y/N I forgot, there was ‘some’ files I need re-doing and I kind of need it for tomorrow would you be a ‘dear’ to redo it for me?” Why was he being mean to you?

“Sure thing, Mr. Hemmings,” you complied and turned on your mac again and head through his office to get the files he was talking about. It wasn’t ‘some’ it was a pile! Is this how it is? Not that you weren’t used to doing overnighter but it was childish of him.

You retyped the files and edited them. You had finished re-editing 3 files by 8 and you were in dire hungry. Some of your colleagues were doing overtime too but you knew they’ll be going home soon. You head down to the ground floor to buy some dinner across, Michael was there.

“Michael?” You approached him “Y/N hey,” he grinned, “What’s up?” You asked “Cee insisted that I should make sure you get home door to door until she comes home tomorrow,” he explained, Clara actually drives you home, you can’t drive besides that’s the only thing Michael let her do since he knows who she’s with; he’s a bit tad overprotective. “Oh my god, really?” You gasped at him, “I am doing overtime today, just grabbing some dinner, you don’t have to drive me home tonight, I’ll be late,” You explained to him. “But…” he was whipped. “You’re whipped, has anyone told you that?” You joked, “Cee and the ‘boys’ mentioned it once or twice,” he laughed. “Then let’s grab you some dinner and then I’ll drop you back here so she wouldn’t kill me, yeah?” He suggested and you nodded.

“How’s fast food? Do you even eat fast food?” You asked him and he laughed. “Of course now, I do, Cee’s favourite I kind of got used to it and it’s lovely anyways different from fine dinings,” he blushed he was definitely whipped and so in love with her. You went to Maccas and ordered some chips and burger and so as he and sat down on an empty table. You two talked to each other you took silly pictures together and sent it to Cee who called you immediately, “You’re man’s whipped,” you giggled to Clara and she laughed, “Is he now?” You nodded and mentioned about this and that.

“Alright thanks Michael for the company,” you smiled at him as he walk you to the Hemmings building. “No problemo, do you want me to talk to Luke about your work hours?” He asked. “Oh Mikey, no, he doesn’t know we know each other… don’t mention it to him,” You laughed and he nodded. He pecked your cheeks as he bade goodbye, you were close with Michael like best buds.

You head back up to your floor. “You aren’t going home yet?” Your colleagues asked and you shook your head and they went ahead. You were in the middle of typing when your phone dinged indicating there was a message. ‘Unknown’ you read the sender’s name nevertheless opened it. ‘You haven’t opened the envelope I had sent you’ that was written on your phone and you scrambled on your desk and got the unopened folder from the other day.

You opened it and the moment you pulled out the content you dropped it and gasped. It was photos of you on where you were and went. You being paranoid yesterday wasn’t a coincident. Someone was literally following you. You cringed and gathered the photos and put them back locking it to your desk.

You were being followed. You became cautious of everything. You tried typing here and there but couldn’t focus, your thoughts floated with what ifs and whatnots that could happen. The work that was supposed to be done way before midnight had now drag to dawn. You were still retyping at 5AM.

It was now 7AM when some of the early workers came. “Y/N,” you heard someone call you and you wake at your position. “Oh…” you adjusted your eyes from the brightness “Did you slept here?” She asked and you nodded giggling trying to lighten the mood. “That’s a secret,” you shushed her and nodded laughing.

In the end, you managed to finish retyping the work but still haven’t left the thought of being horrified last night. You received a message from Cee that she was heading back in town.

You weren’t bothered to go home and change your attire. You went down to get coffee only to find Michael talking to the receptionist a bit furious. “Michael?” You called. “Y/N, you’re here?” He exclaimed relieved in his tone. “I was calling your flat and no one was answering,” you laughed, “Is it ordered from the queen?” Jokingly you said and he nodded, “Were you here all night?” He looked at you now finding the answer.

“I am calling Luke to excuse you for today’s work,” He announced and you scrunched your face. “Mikey! You can’t do that!” You exclaimed at him but he was pulling out his phone when Luke walked into the building. “Maybe, I don’t need to call him.”

Michael approached Luke “Michael mate, what’s up?” Luke greeted, “I am taking Y/N–,” you cut him through. “Mr. Clifford was just heading off, he was supposed to drop a message to you,” you kept your reasoning simple and Michael gave you a confused face and you shook your head to him. “Oh, right I was just uh- going to say that there will be a dinner on mine next week,” he came up and scratches his nape. You mouthed a ‘sorry’ to him and he rolled his eyes.

“I’ve done retyping and editing the files,” you told him. He scrutinised over you. “Did you stay here all night?” He asked with concern in his voice. You literally don’t understand the swing of his mood. Annoyed? Furious? Nice. What? “Yes.”

You were to walk away when he grabbed your wrist “What?” Confusion in your face “Why did you stay here alone? Something could’ve happened to you,” You sighed. “You firmly said to redo those files, and I couldn’t focus last night so it dragged till dawn, good thing though it’s finished,” You answered him and unclasped his hand from your wrist. “I will just head home and change alright?” You announced you had a change of heart. “Oh, shall I put your dinner over at Michael’s on your schedule?” You uncosciously called Michael’s name. “I mean Mr Clifford?” You corrected.

“Y/N. He’s a married man,” he stated the fact and your face scowled at him. “I do know that, what are you implying?” You were infuriated, does he think you are having some sort of affair with him? “I saw you with him…” he reasoned and you shrugged and rolled your eyes. “And you concluded that we’re having some sort of things that shouldn’t happen? Well if we’re in some kind of things like that, it’s purely my business not yours.” You once again turned your heels back at him and walked away.

You just can’t believe he’d think of you like that. You decided to get the bus to head home. Soon you arrived at your flat. Upon unlocking the door envelopes were at your floor. You flinched. You had the hunched of what it is already.

You opened it and as you suspected it has the same content with the other envelope. Photos of you with Michael and Luke as well as when you’re in public. There was a small note, ‘You don’t know me but I know you, I had been watching you for a long time’ You had some psycho following you! A creep… you put the envelopes on the coffee table beside Cee’s folders, and you took a shower to refresh yourself.

‘What do I do?’ You think to yourself, was this a harmless threat and stalking or not? You decided that if this continued you’d have to do something actually, but right now you pushed aside the thoughts.

You returned to your workplace and immediately went to your desk to see ‘your’ favourite flowers and some wrapped gifts, your eyes squinted, way past valentines and a long way to your birthday. “Hey, some admirer you got,” Gina joked and you laughed as you approached your desk, you saw the same envelope. Your phone dinged and you took it out your pocket. ‘Unknown’, ‘I hope you like my gifts, I am watching you’ This was overdoing it. It wasn’t a once in a while creep it was following your every move.

You speculate the whole room and approached Gina. “Who sent this?” You asked worriedness hinting in your voice. “I don’t know, deliveries were just put down to someone’s desk,” she replied.

You decided to put them aside and type some files away and Luke came out of his room darting his gaze towards you and soon landed on the gifts and such. “Miss Y/L/N, may I talk to you?” Luke demanded and you stood up walking to his office. Upon closing the door he immediately pinned you down and you could feel his breathing. “Mr. Hemmings…” you uttered as you look timidly up to his gaze. “You’re mine,” he whispered, you want to be angry and pushed him down and scream at him for being with his ex but all you could do was be drawn back to him. You were tied to him.

He leaned a rough kiss and let it all happen. You let your guard down, letting it crumble before you. “Lu… Luke… stop,” you gasped for air to breath upon and pushed him lightly. “We can’t keep doing this,” you cried. “I want more but you don’t want any more than what we are now,” you reasoned. You wanted to be secure on what you’re actually is to him. “I… I don’t know when or how it happened but it hurts… it hurts that I can never be more to you,” you wiped your tears and starred down at your feet. “I… I can’t do what you want…” he uttered this was it your final rejection… you somewhat know now what your relationship to him; employee. “I need time alone,” he ordered and you nodded wiping your tears and left.

The moment you left his office you left a huge sigh and walk to the restroom immediately. You locked yourself and cried. After having a couple minutes of time alone you braced yourself. You went back to your desk and continued working. “Hey Y/N, we’re having a drink down the pub t'night, wanna join?” Gina offered, you contemplate a bit but actually you have nothing to do. You need to actually forget things… everything was just too overwhelming mostly because of Luke and your pyscho stalker.

“Sure, I have actually nothing to do tonight,” You tried to sound enthusiastic. It was a long day and yet again after that talk with Luke, you never had interaction with him for the rest of the day. “Shall we head down?” Gina along with a few more colleagues grouped near the lift and you nodded. You grabbed your things with you. “How bout your gifts and such?” She eyed them and you just shook your head.

It was actually refreshing to have a night out. You guys were chatting and it was your 3rd shot of tequila. “It burns my throat,” you giggled and so did others. You talked until later. “We should get home.” Gina giggled you all were a bit tipsy. “Yeah…” You had a laughed and stood up wobbling and you felt someone snake their hands to your waist. It was another one of your colleague Brent, he was nice and handsome lad. “Thanks,” you huffed a smile at him. “I’ll take you home, Danny’s taking Gina and the others weren’t as tipsy as you two,” he explained but all you heard was the part where he takes you home. Your subconscious reminded you about Clara. Oh shit. “No… actually am good, my best friend is picking me up.” You held up your phone as you and him got out of the place. “It’s already near midnight, are you sure your friend will come and get you?” You scrunched your face, “Oh… yeah…” you giggled at the point.

“Why don’t I take you home?” He suggested, “No, really maybe my best friend will take me home actually, I’ll try.” Before he could protest you speed dialled Clara… that’s what you thought though (you forgot that you changed ypur speed dials). The third ring ‘she’ picked up “Cee… do you mind picking me up,” You being you, you dragged every syllables talking to her. “I am at the pub down town or uhh are you sleeping with Mr. Heaven?” You laughed, “I told you your best friend might be alseep,” Brent said and draped his arms around you, you got quite uncomfortable with it. “Who are you with?” A stern voice demanded, “Who’s this?” You answered, “For goodness sake Y/N, who the fück was that person you’re with.” Oops. You hang up and looked at whom you called… it was Luke.

“My best friend’s coming in a minute… you should head home.” You were tipsy but you’re a bit conscious of the world. “I insist, I can’t leave you alone in here,” he insisted. “I’ve liked you for sometime now,” he blurted “What?!” You were quite shock, “I… I am sorry,” you replied knowing still you’re in nowhere near moving on from Luke’s rejection. “Oh c'mmon…” He was leaning towards you and no you aren’t having any of it. “No, Brent I am so sorry,” you pushed but struggled “Move you ärse,” one minute Brent was in front of you and now he’s on the floor with a very furioused looking Luke. “Mr. Hemmings…” Brent uttered. “Get lost in here,” he demanded and Brent walked away.

“What the hell, Y/N?!” In rage he yelled. “I am sorry I dialled your number I thought I pressed my best friend’s number,” you countered “No, I am actually glad you accidentally dialled my number, what could’ve happen to you?” He ran his fingers through his hair. “That’d be none of your business,” goodness you hated fighting with him. “It’s my business, you’re business; you’re mine!” You scoffed. “I am not your possession Luke; I am your business yes, I work for you that’s all but I am not yours.” You turned your back “Don’t you dare walk away from me,” he commanded. “And what Luke? What do you want?” Now you’re crying and he pulled you in his embrace but your punching his chest lightly. “I am sorry, baby,” he cooed, that hurt.



Swan Queen Week - Day 4 - Losing Henry

“Hello, who is this?”
“Shouldn’t I be asking that? You called me. How’d you get this number?”
“I—my son. My son had it in his things before he—I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called.”
“What’s going on? Are you alright?”
“N-no, not really.”
“Are you sure this is the right number? I’m Emma. Emma Swan. Do I know your son?”
“I—I think you may have given birth to him.”
“Ms. Swan? Are you still there?”
“I, um… yeah. Still here. Are you… are you saying adopted my kid ten years ago? How did you find me?”
“I am. I know it was a closed adoption and I know I shouldn’t have called I just—“
“—are you crying? What’s going on?”
“He’s dead. Henry’s dead. He had your number and I just… I knew he was obsessed with finding you but I never… He left home in the middle of the night and he… a drunk driver, I—”
“Oh, god, I… I’m so sorry.”
“No. I’m sorry. I never should have called you. I’m not trying—I don’t blame you I just… no one in this town cares what I’ve lost. I don’t have anyone to… no one wants me to… I’m sorry. I should—”
“—Hey, it’s alright. Tell me about him? If you want to, I mean.”
“I… do. He… he’s such a smart little boy. All of his teachers love him. Loved h-him. He managed to track you down online all by himself, you know? Rebellious, but he always means well. Just the other day he brought home a little birdhouse from class for the apple tree. He doesn’t really like birds, but he knew there was a squirrel so he made the door big enough and I—so many years of memories just… gone. He loves reading, and clocks, and hot chocolate…”
“Me too. With—”
“—with cinnamon.”
“Even when he was mad at me he… he always had something to give. He knew how exhausting my job was. He made everything brighter. I thought it was just a phase, hating being the Mayor’s son, spending all his time in his room with this storybook he found. I never…I never thought he would actually try to r-run away. He had the book when… he was bringing it to you when he… when—”
“—I… I’m so, so sorry. I don’t know what to say. Thank you, though. Sounds like you gave him a life I never could. He sounds like a wonderful kid. Big imagination. I was always the practical sort. No clue what I’d have done with someone… creative.”
“Would you… would you like to come? To the funeral? I know you never met him but…”
“I probably shouldn’t. I’m sure people who knew him better would rather I—Where do you even live?”
“Storybrooke. In Maine. The information he dug up on you says you live in Boston—it would only be a bit more than two hours to drive.”
“You would want me there?”
“Please come. Henry… You were his dream. Part of me always knew he was too obsessed with you but I never wanted to admit it, to admit I couldn’t be everything he wanted. I underestimated him. I should have helped him, but it’s… it’s too late. Even if you never met him, he’d want you here. It took me a month to… to decide to call. The service is tomorrow night.”
“Tomorrow? That’s my birthday.”
“Oh. My timing is just exquisite.”
“I’ll do it. I didn’t have plans anyway. I—I wish I could have met him, yeah? Even if I did give him up, I just… I wanted him to have a better chance.”
“So did I.”
“Sounds like you gave him a hell of a lot more than I ever could. I… I’ll be glad to meet you. Will you tell me more, about his life, his friends? I always thought I wouldn’t care, but I never… I always wondered where he ended up. If you want someone to talk to…”
“I’d… I’d like that. It’s been so quiet, even before the accident things were just…different.”
“Another banner year.”
“I—Nothing. Are you gonna be alright until tomorrow? I—I can still hear you crying. It’s getting late.”
“Sorry. I’m a mess, but I’ll be fine. Just… trying to fall asleep is always a disaster.”
“I can stay, if you want? On the line? ”
“Oh, no I—would you?”
“Sure. I’m getting ready to turn in, too. Goodnight…um… I don’t think I ever caught your name.”
“Goodnight, Regina. I’m glad you called.”
“You know I… I am, too. Goodnight.”

You’re Just A Number 6/?

Summary: AU Some say it was fate, others say luck, most say it was just a wrong number (basically Caroline and Stefan meet over a text sent to the wrong number) 

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) 

Right now her house was not her house, it was a landfill. In every room spreading in every corner was some item of clothing or an item of make up or a pair of shoes thrown on the floor in a moment of madness. With only 3 hours left to get ready and no idea on what she would be wearing or how she would style her hair, Caroline was damn right stressed. After the passing of her first aid course she had been invited to a small graduation ceremony to accept her official certificate, stating that she was qualified, and for her and the others to let off a bit of steam. With 3 exams and extra classes, after failing her first attempt, the last two weeks had been extremely busy. It had been too long since she had done this with the last time being when she got out of her face drunk and Stefan had called her a cab home. Stefan. That was it that was the answer. It took a matter of 5 seconds for her phone to make an appearance before sending him a very desperate text, they had been talking now for over a month so it wasn’t unusual for her to ask him for help. In fact he did it often too, asking her opinion and for instructions.

999 what’s your emergency

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Houston Con yo!

I wrote a MARATHON post up about DallasCon in Septemeber when I attended that, but this one won’t be as detailed, probably, since I only went to Houston for like.. a day and a half. But even so, and even though I only went to Houston for a day and a half, this is still pretty long! I have NO idea how I find ways to be this long winded every time, but here we are.

I had some fun stories to share so, if you’re interested check out my SPN CON EXPERIENCE 2.0 under the cut! :D

Caution: mild ridiculous fangirling below. 

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Moving (Luke Imagine)

Summary: You moving on a new neighborhood and Luke helping you settle down

Requested: Yes

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you?”

“Yes mom, I can handle it.” You replied before you give her one last big hug and a kiss and continued your way to the drive the moving truck that has all of your stuff inside. You give your mom one last wave before going off.

You reached your new home within an hour, you got out of the driver seat and fished the keys out of your pocket too open your new place. You went inside and had a look around, you still have to paint the walls, that’s for sure, you went out again and went to the back of the truck to open the massive doors, you got in and rolled your sleeves and grab one of the boxes to put inside. This will be a long day, there’s a lot of boxes inside, you shouldn’t have declined your mother’s offer.

After transferring 4 boxes, you were actually getting pretty tired already and you’re not halfway done. You picked up another box that was named ‘Books’. Uh oh. For a bookworm like you, this box surely has big books in it, you let out a sigh since you know you won’t be able to carry this box all by yourself so you tried pushing it, kicking it even, so it just can slide down the ramp. You kicked way too hard and the box opened and the books came tumbling down, you should’ve taped this boxed closed. You muttered a 'fuck’ under your breathe before going down again to pick up your now scattered books in the road.

You heard someone clear their throat behind you which made you jump a little.

“OH MY GOD. You scared me.” You admitted then letting out a low chuckle after. The tall boy just smiled.

“Well, I didn’t mean to, I just heard a crash so I looked out my window and I felt like you need some help?”

“Oh, um.” You looked back to the truck to see you still have lots of boxes to move and most of them, you can’t even carry yourself. But you feel a little hesitant since you don’t want to bother this cute boy.

“Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” He smiled.

You smiled too. “Um… Sure, I guess?”

“I’m Luke, by the way."He stretched out his hand.

You took it, "I’m Jenna.” You smiled.

He helped you put all the books back to the box. “Um, you can start by carrying this.” You pointed to the book box.

“Uh, sure.” He effortlessly picked up the box and went inside your house. You went back again to the truck and went picking small boxes, you don’t want to make a mess again.

After almost 5 hours of moving the boxes and unboxing the important things. You were now very sweaty and in need of a shower. You were now chilling, at the floor in your living since you still need to order a couch and other chairs, sipping lemonade you made with Luke.

“Um, I just realized, I didn’t thanked you properly for what you did today, you are a savior.”

“Your welcome, I can still help you unpack tomorrow if you want.”

“Well, I don’t wanna cause you any more trouble so.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t have a lot of things to do anyways.”

You thought this was just gonna be a short conversation but now it’s almost 10PM and you just spent the last 3 hours talking to Luke and you didn’t even realize it and now you were at your doorway saying goodbye.

“I’m glad you moved. It was getting pretty lonely here.”

“I am glad too.”

HMFTOW? (5/?)

Description: Dan is an omega; he was born into suffrage with an omega mother and beta sister too young for work. Dan’s family often found themselves with pennies and dollars to get by on.That, of course, is until Dan makes the decision to sell himself to an Alpha sex ring.Things won’t be too bad with his new owner Phil, right?

Tags: Phone Sex; DraMa AF; Riding; Blowjobs; Secret-y Secrets Spilled; Facial

AN: Hello hello! (intentional fnaf reference) nothing really to put here. School ends soon and I am v v excited for it to end so I can focus on the things I actually like! I’ve got a poem one-shot planned because I am a nerd w/o a life.

<= Chapter 4 - Masterpost - Chapter 6 =>

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