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Robbie being unintentionally good at dealing with the children’s flaws.

Stingy claims everything as his? Robbie figures he’d never had something that was truly his and helps him make his own clothes. That are his only, have only ever been his and were made specifically for him.

Trixie causes trouble left and right? She needs attention, she is bored. So he entertains her and puts her in charge of something so she can feel important.

Ziggy is obsessed with sweets? Let him eat all the candy he wants. After a day of stomach pain and nausea he’ll never want so much candy again. Some things you have to experience to know they’re not good for you.

Pixel doesn’t like social interactions and sometimes spends hours playing video games right until the next morning? Robbie teaches him ways how to cope with being an introvert and feeling overwhelmed by sensations and explains things to the other children so they can be considerate. As for the gaming, the power goes out suspiciously often lately…

And what about Stephanie? Well, sometimes she can be a bit forceful and stubborn and can’t see other people’s side of the argument. So Robbie, simply by telling her no and annoyedly pointing out the things she missed/ignored, helps her be less narrow-minded.

And he does all of that unintentionally. He just does it without second thought, as if that’s normal and obvious while Sportacus stands flabbergasted and very much in love.


every mitch outfit: ptxperience edition (part one) // (part two)

good things that happened today that prove life may not suck so bad after all:

• had a fancy bread for breakfast this morning. it had assorted fruit and some kind of cream on top of it and it tasted suuuper sweet and delicious
• told my little sister on the phone that i was coming home this weekend and she immediately screamed in excitement. it made me smile a bit
• caught up with some of the care e-mails @whelvenwings has been sending me. may or may not have laughed/cried throughout the whole process
• watched a lot of videos by my favorite youtubers that i’d been missing out on
• told some friends about my recently diagnosed mental illness and informed them about quitting med school soon. they responded (surprisingly) very nicely?
• one of them even offered me a position in his team for a neurological research that im not entirely oblivious about. thanked him for his offer and told him i might consider it at some point
• had noodles for dinner. it was the right amount of warm and spicy and it sat very nicely in my tummy
• spent 2 whole hours browsing through memes like The Cool Kid™ that i am
• realized that i’ve done a lot of things i should be proud of this week by putting myself first, for once
• you done good, citra
• you done good

listen idc if this is an unpopular opinion but every cis person who’s ever gotten offended when someone asked for their pronouns owes me and every other trans person $500

look i know there’s been some back and forth about will’s sexuality, and while i have several feelings about that, i want to mention the most important thing that happened (for me at least) in season one.  the few times where will’s sexuality is brought into question, the idea of him being gay is very clearly shown to be a negative thing (troy calling him a “fairy” and lonnie calling him a f*ggot).  BUT what matters SO MUCH to me are the other characters reactions, mainly Joyce and the kids.  when Hopper asks Joyce if Will’s gay, she doesn’t say “of course not!” or act offended by the idea.  instead, she simply yells “does it matter?” and goes back to the problem at hand.  Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are clearly pissed off when Troy and his groupie are making fun of Will (at his fucking memorial service, jfc, these kids) but they NEVER ONCE jump to “shut up, don’t say that, he’s not gay,” or anything along those lines.

even though gay is used as an insult against will, his friends and family don’t ever try to defend him by reaffirming his “straightness.”  they defend his character and his worth, because that’s what matters.

Clay Jensen rant

Did ??? People even read the book??? Listen I hate being one of those “if u dont read the book u cant even comment” bc thats bs but series Clay isnt much different anyways. If anything more attached to Hannah but…. he didnt do anything wrong??? Like he did (the picture he leaked of the stalker and all bc of his anger) but not to Hannah. This is a guy who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and whose best friend just fucking died and to some extent I bet he blamed himself when he thought he allowed his friend to drive drunk. Obviously when Hannah said leave he would leave bc SURPRISE people with anxiety fucking hate confrontation and if someone u really care about screams to you “GT THE FUCK OUT” his reaction was obviously gonna be to leave, let her cool, and try to talk later. Bonus points for him if he tried to avoid the screaming afterwards and at least try to pretend things were better with her because thats REALISTIC FOR PEOPLE WHO SUFFER FROM REALLY BAD ANXIETY. All he did was never truly confess his feelings because damn she was never just a friend. He always liked her. And confessing feelings is never easy especially for people who suffer from anxiety. Hence why he would push her away from time to time and doubt whether she wanted her to be with him. Not because “Hannah’s fault” or anything but because people with anxiety are constantly doubting people’s love and intentions for them. Always doubting whether others actually care or if they got bored with them. So yeah. Maybe Clay could have stand up for her and take more action. But from his PoV things werent that bad for her atm and he couldnt mentally do it. So many of you say “he redeemed himself” no he didnt. Theres nothing to redeem for tf?? Him feeling guilty is the fucking worst bc he truly does not deserve to feel guilty when hes mot guilty of shit. Yes the sings are clear but that doesnt mean people are always able to do. From someone who has been depressed and has dealt with depressed people around her, sometimes we just dont know what to do and the only person able to save themselves once depression hits you is the person itself. Once Hannah was bad because of all the things that happened to her, Clay or anyone noticing might have call a professional but the only person who would truly convince her to live would be herself. Stop. Blaming. Clay. Depression and suicide isnt black and white and isnt always someone’s fault. The whole point of this show and book is to show that is a bunch of stuff accumulated and how we deal with them.

Clay not noticing she was depressed doesnt mean he killed her. Clay not going against her wishes of being alone doesnt mean he killed her. Clay not wanting to talk about his best friend’s death (something he prob feels partially guilty for until he found out the truth) (plus also lad at the memory of him) and lashing out on her doesnt mean he killed her. Him not noticing doesnt mean he killed her. It means he liked her so much, even loved her. But he was also going through his own shit. And if hannah never talked directly to him how was he supposed to know?? A best friend’s death isnt a little deal. Is a big fucking deal. He suffers from anxiety and panic attacks (mental disorders my people) and his best friend fucking died. Thats traumatic af he saw his body there. And even before that, he was getting to know Hannah so is not like he would not whats her usual behavior and whats not. Yes he could have done something if he had realized. But him not realizing didnt kill her. Hannah even said so herself.

So stop saying he redeemed himself or that he did take part into her decision of killing herself or he was also at fault. He wasnt. Even Hannah knew that. Stop romanticizing his anxiety and self-blamed behavior bc if anything all this unjustified guilt was driving to the place Hannah was. So liking or thinking he deserved all that guilt is literally 1) not getting the show/book and 2) romanticizing his bad mental health and paranoia

Looking at the TG Spoilers on Reddit

I swear to the great lord above,

If Ishida forces Touken into being canon, I will drop this series like it’s hot.

Stop trying to recreate Anteiku, please. It just doesn’t work anymore. He’s made me despise Touka now, so please stop trying to recreate Anteiku and please stop trying to recreate Arata. I get that it’s his story, but he’s starting to force the characters on paths they didn’t grow to go towards, and it’s frustrating to watch everything deviate from what it was leading up to just to let Kaneki and Touka bang and get everyone’s jollies off.

I’m going to trust in his writing a bit longer because I know he’s good at it, and especially because I love this series so much and I don’t want to drop it. But I’ve forgiven enough forceful plot, and this horny Touka bullshit is getting cringe-y and ridiculous.

i talk a lot about how my favorite missing moment in the hp series is the one referenced when harry mentions umbridge and sirius says “you should hear remus talk about her” but like, here is the reason for that.

remus spends the whole series speaking so cautiously, hesitating before he talks, choosing his words so carefully; something i think about a lot is the rarity with which he uses contractions in his speech, i.e. its always “he will” instead of he’ll,” etc. what that says to me is that he speaks slowly, he thinks before he talks, he is measured and careful in his speech. everything he says out loud he has already gone through in his head.

and there’s a reason for that, yeah? he does this on purpose, he does it because he has to maintain this exacted control or else people are going to be afraid. if he loses it, it is going to scare people. anger from remus – a raised voice, an aggressive movement, anything – is going to be perceived as corroboration of every stereotype and prejudice that he encourages people to resist with his constructed performance as a Good Werewolf. he can’t afford to trust that he can drop that emotional wall, because the reality of it is, maybe he can’t. maybe he drops it and people say “here it is, here is the proof that he is a monster, and now we must do what has to be done to monsters.” and so through the entire series, remus is characterized largely by his restraint: what he does not say, what he does not show, what he does not let himself feel.

twice harry (and the reader) sees remus lose control: when dumbledore dies (triggered by grief) and during their fight in grimmauld during deathly hallows (triggered by shame, fear, anger, self-loathing – a lot of things). extreme situations and emotions are the only things that shake him, right, thats when he breaks, that’s when he drops that shield: when he himself is so broken that he does not have the strength to keep it up any longer.

but here is the point in the long-winded rant where i wrap myself back around to the point:

whensirius says ‘you should hear remus talk about her,” there is (to me, anyway) a clear implication that when remus talks about umbridge, he’s pissed. he’s angry. he gives himself permission to be angry around sirius and that is important to me because it means that he trusts sirius. he trusts that sirius knows who he is, and he trusts that around sirius he does not have to maintain this constant charade of being a Good Werewolf. he can be angry, and sirius will think no less of him.  

there is trust there, and that’s important to me, to know that remus does trust sirius again. it’s not a shipping thing or whatever, it’s just, the fact of the matter is that remus does not perform this self-protective act around sirius. that means there is one person who remus trusts himself with, and he needs that, and he deserves that. and i’m glad that it was sirius, for a very short period of time. i’m glad that they had one another back again, that they both had somebody who understood them fully again.

and that’s my piece about it, y’know, i don’t expect everyone to care that much about this one-off line, but for me it’s important. take it or leave it ya feel me?


James Flint/Thomas Hamilton Appreciation Week

 Day 1 - Why do you ship them? 

Rather extensive gushing over the two under the cut ~

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ok , so i’ve been out of the game for like … two years soon ? and by that i mean , i havent joined/created any rps ( except uk trolling bc im a fucking asshole lol ) . and like , whenever i check the rpt tag i get fucking emo as shit bc like . where are the good rps @ . where is the desire to WRITE , to create ORIGINAL plots , to focus on roleplays lasting rather than a fast af dash . look , i dont wanna blame twitter rps but like .. someones GOTTA . i used to be really anti them and then uk , apathetic bc aint none of my business . but when y’all create APPLESS TWITTER RPS .. you’re making it nearly too easy & you’re really losing a huge aspect of rping which is WRITING . appless rps are fun adn they aren’t all bad but most of ‘em don’t last that long bc people ain’t bothered with playing their muses for an extended amount of time . y’all create one dimensional connections and don’t bother discovering different layers of your plots nor your charas which is so mcfreaking sad LSDGHSDG . on top of that, y’all always act so mf chummy ooc for .. like a week or two and then you ditch rps and find somebody else to befriend for however long that rp lasts . as someones whos been in the rpc forever i can safely say that rps dont fucking last unless everythings gucci ooc ! unless the people behind the charas become a huge part of yalls lives , then u aint gon be bothered to keep an rp alive ??? idk how to fucking format this , but like . ..  YALL MAKE ME EMO AIGHT . i got an rp thats lasted for nearly 2 years in a couple months , ive got a friend group thats fucking a1 to the point where we can talk to each others fams , ive got plots that have developed throughout the years and shit aint a dictatorship when it comes to the rp – its a democracy & our friendship is the dam basis of everything . POINT IS , if you want rps to last you GOTTA know your members beyond who they play , you gotta have a platform where really discovering your chara and their connections is POSSIBLE beyond a mf tweet . anyways im Tired ™ and i have replies / like 20 uncharted 4 chapters to play so ..  wtvr gotta blast , this been a rant 

anonymous asked:

You heard of Katieaegi from Instagram? That bitch stans/protecting EXP knowing good and well that Koreans don't like them and she uses her Korean boyfriend as an excuse. Anyway, she still ranting on Instagram bout how "racist" people are to EXP. then she brought a black gg kpop group and was complaining that people wasn't complaining bout them either. Personally I didn't think it was a good idea either but she's only bringing them up because they're black

thats funny…because if i recall correctly, black people in kpop, and in Korea in general do get a lot of shit. Alex from Rania got so much backlash because she wasn’t Korean, yet no one said anything about the other foreign members like the Chinese girl, or the countless other non-korean members in other kpop groups. Alex gets treated like dirt even by her own company and it’s no doubt because she’s black. The problem people have with this Exp bullshit is the fact that these guys have no experience with Korea or kpop culture, they didn’t have to experience the rigorous process that trainees had and still have to endure, and they don’t even speak the goddamn language and its frustrating how Americans, especially white Americans can just see something and just feel entitled to take it just because they want to. They get the funny glamorous parts of kpop but they don’t get the criticism from Western cultures or the hard work that goes into it.

So to make a long story short: Fuck anyone who defends this bs

made a new icon to honour yumikuri and pay a tribute to ymir, who deserved the world
rest in peace and join the crew of my dead favs~

i really hate those posts that go “its so creepy seeing 18-20 year old girls dating men in their 40s like why cant they get a girl their own age.” because these are adult women who are able to make their own decisions, if they want to date someone 20 years older, let them? have you ever thought that maybe these 20 year olds are attracted to people older than them? it just really makes me angry when people see a younger girl (thats at least 18) with someone much older than her and they automatically assume that the guy is some evil manipulative pedophile that’s only attracted to her because she’s young. its shocking, but some girls are actually interested in people older than them!! its almost like… maybe they…. are the ones that go after older men sometimes?? wow… crazy…. anyways let legal adults do what they want with each other as long as they both consent

What, from the bottom of my camren heart, the actual fuck?

What’s with the double standard lauren’s pulling? Lauren went apeshit on those hardcore shippers who celebrated her breakup with lucy awhile back (this is still not cool tho guys, seriously chill. Lucy is smokin’, so why the hell not?) and now shes putting on calm demeanors in response to those who’s basically calling her a side hoe?? 

The rumors are pretty demeaning, especially to someone who claims to be a feminist. Stealing another women’s man? Not at all cool bruh. So why did she say nothing about it? And why did she let the rumor spread like wildfire? What’s so bad about being rumored with camila to the point that it even made her sparing her precious time to once again make it clear to the world that they were never real.. ever? (Lauren, have you seen Camila Cabello? I personally wish someone would just spread a rumors about me hooking up with camila. Oh well that’s just me then) Meanwhile with this Tyren rumor theres no in/direct callingout or even a lowkey rant from Lauren? Zero, nothing, nada? Well i’m disappointed, cause I’m low-key waiting for drama. It’s amusing, so sue me. 

If the rumor is indeed true, yea yea I know she has the “freedom to love” but why for the love of god, why must it be with Ty$ (I dont fucking know how to write his name so I assume thats how it is)? Why not Big Sean (god i love him)? 

Anyway, all I’m saying is this is just an unfair treatment. 

 At this point I have honestly given up the idea that Camren is/was ever real. You cant always get what you want guys and it’s okay. It’s alright, cause they are real and will forever live on in this magical land called wattpad. 

 Goddamn I need to calm tf down. 

 The end of my rant.

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You know, re-reading that got me thinking again about the other thing that really got me about Satya’s comic. It’s just a thing about Vishkar, but it’s what really stuck with me and made me hate their damn guts. It’s this:

The only time in the whole thing that they show Satya their true colors. 

For context, this is after they had her break into the slumlord of the area they want to control (Calado) instead’s building to try and find information that could destroy her. There were guards inside, but Satya refused to kill them.

Ostensibly, the reason they blew up the whole building was this: There wasn’t any information that could ruin Calado, so they needed to destroy her in another way. 

But throughout the entire comic, Vishkar (and Sanjay) take great pains to convince Satya that they are in the right here, that they are helping the people there (they actually want to hurt them, of course).
Satya was taken by Vishkar when she was very young. She was raised and schooled by them, and kept as isolated as they could possibly manage. Satya is a genius, and they want to control that skill, but they knew that she would never cooperate if she knew their true intentions. 
Every step they took in the comic, things were always kept from Satya, or twisted, or she was outright lied to. Every Vishkar member she spoke to was assuring her they were doing the right thing, that she was saving people. That it was just that people didn’t understand yet, so she had to keep working and saving them. This careful illusion to control her is always shown to be the utmost priority to them. Except there.

It would have been beyond easy for them to whisk her away before doing the dirty work and killing all those people she just saved. And not doing so actually went against the extremely careful lengths they’ve gone to to keep her in the dark, especially since the falling building caused all that damage to the people and buildings below!

And that’s just it. 

Making sure Satya thinks they’re doing the right thing isn’t the most important thing to Vishkar. The most important thing is actually making sure that she feels like she can’t ever disobey, no matter what she thinks of them. Even above trying to get her willing cooperation, they want her to feel powerless to do anything else.

Later on, after the fire, they would clean her up and reassure that it was for the best, the “price of rebirth”, once everything was settled. But not in that moment. They let her spare all those people, and then killed them right in front of her eyes. Satya may “not kill if she doesn’t have to”, but those people will be killed anyway. That’s the message they wanted to give her. That her refusal to murder for them meant nothing.

That no matter what she does, things will always end how Vishkar wants them to.

me,  seeing rumors of dove cameron,  chloe grace moretz,  or kiernan shipka playing sabrina spellman in riverdale: