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She found herself in an abandoned warehouse just a few blocks from the run down apartment her father had rented until he gathered the insurance money from their original apartment that had burned down days before. [Y/N] sat with her feet dangling over edge of the catwalk, her body facing the industrial sized window that overlooked the dirty and deserted streets of the city. 

Looking down, she pulled out the pill bottle from her hoodie pocket. Running her fingers over the label, she fought back the tears. Closing her hand over the prescription bottle, she looked out the window and mustered up the courage to uncap the poison in her hand. 

Just as she was about to swallow all the pills, she jumped at the sound of glass shattering below her. She cursed as the oxycodone fell from her fingers and onto the warehouse ground. Standing up, [Y/N] peered over the catwalk and noticed a figure struggling to stand. Her eyes strained to adjust to the dark. Gasping when she caught sight of the famous red and blue, she scrambled off the catwalk and down the stairs to the first floor. 

“Oh my god.” She panted as she made it to the figure. Slowing her steps, she assessed the situation. It was definitely Spiderman, that she knew. What she didn’t know was why he was covered in enough blood to fill up a bathtub. Shrieking when he collapsed onto the ground, she ran to him. 

Kneeling on the hard ground, she propped him up on her knees. She looked down at her hands that were now covered in sticky, wet blood. “Oh god.” [Y/N] shuddered, she hated blood. Clearing her throat, she gently tapped his masked face, “Hey? You with me?” She scanned over the rest of him, her eyes widening at the ripped suit and exposed torso. Her heart rate increased, he wasn’t just covered in blood, it was his own blood. 

“Holy shit. Hey, hey, hey!” [Y/N] shook him slightly, “We need to get you to a hospital!” She pawed at him, struggling to find a cellphone. Finally finding one, she cursed loudly as it slipped from her hands “I need you to stay with me!” Trying to unlock the phone with her blood soaked fingers, she screamed when he grabbed her forearm. Leaning down, her brows knitted together at the muffled sounds coming from where his mouth was located. “What? I can’t, I don’t know, I can’t understand you.” He continued to mumble with her still unable to understand him. 

Taking in a deep shaky breath, she set down the phone away from the spreading blood puddle. “I can’t understand you with your mask on,” [Y/N] said gently. Biting her lip, she reached for the bottom of his mask. “I have to take your mask off, okay?” Not waiting for him to answer, she gently and slowly revealed the face that laid underneath. [Y/N] gasped softly when she finally removed the cover, her heart sped up even more. How was this possible? 

“Peter?!” [Y/N] cried out. Spiderman was a kid, a teenager? More importantly her lab partner in Chemistry. So many questions rolled through her brain but was quickly cut short when she remembered that she needed to call 911. 

Peter’s eyes fluttered, his mouth moving but very little sounds coming out. “Call Tony, not 911, please.” He croaked out. 

“What? Tony?!” She yelped, who the hell was Tony? “But, you need help!”


[Y/N] started to shake, she could feel his body temperature start to drop. Struggling to find this mysterious Tony number, “Come on, come on. Yes! Okay, come on, please pick up….pick up, come on.”

“Listen, Parker. You better have a damn good reason-”

“-Oh my gosh! Thank god, um, Peter told me to call you. I don’t know why, I should be calling 911. He’s bleeding out….there’s a lot of blood. I don’t know what to do. We need help! Why am I calling you instead of 911, oh my god, I’m so stupid. He’s probably going to die because of this phone call. Oh my god.” 

[Y/N] leaned her head against the frame of the window that showed Peter sleeping soundly in his hospital room. Her hands and arms were free from his blood but the reminder of almost seeing him die in her arms were still soaked into her clothes. 

“Here you go, kid.” 

Standing up straight, she looked up to see Tony hand her a fresh set of clothes. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he gave her a pressed smile. “You can get changed over here.” Patting her back, he calmly spoke. “He’ll be here when you get back, I promise. Come on.” 

Reluctantly following Tony, she thanked him and closed the curtain to change. Wincing as she peeled off her clothes, she looked around to find a spot to place them.

“There’s a little washing station off to her left there.” 

Following his direction, she sighed in content to know that she could wash the rest of the blood off. “Um, thank you.” 

“Yeah, no problem.” Tony twirled around, his hands clasped behind his back. “So uh, Peter’s never mentioned you before. Are you two friends?” 

Running a wet towel over her torso, she shook her head even though she knew he couldn’t see her. “No, not really.” Running it over her legs, she sighed again. “We’re just lab partners.”  


Quickly changing into the fresh clothes, she slid the curtain open. 

“Much better?” He smiled as she nodded.

Guiding them back to Peter’s room, he slowed his steps as he got to the window. It was a close call and Tony was so unbelievably thankful that he made it. 

“He saved me once,” [Y/N] said softly. 

“Hm?” Tony asked, distracted from his thoughts. 

She motioned towards Peter, “He saved me, about two weeks ago.” Hugging herself, she bit her lip. “My apartment building caught on fire and I was stupid enough to go back up the six flights to get something and just as I was about to go back down, the stairs collapsed on me.” [Y/N] met Tony’s eyes, “I never got a chance to thank him and for the past week and a half, I’ve been sitting next to him.” 

“I’m sure he knew,” Tony reassured. Following her gaze to Peter, he frowned, “What were you doing at that warehouse anyway? Seems a bit morbid to be a teen hangout spot.” 

[Y/N] inhaled slowly, “I lost my mom during the battle of New York. We were on our way to see a movie when everything hit the fan. Our taxi got flipped over on its side and the doors were jammed. So, my dad kicked the window out and threw me. I broke a few ribs and my arm but I didn’t feel it at the time because all I could focus on was the fact that there were aliens swarming the city. My mom had suffered a concussion from the wreck and was fading in and out of consciousness so my dad climbed out first to get better leverage. He was a little shaky from it all too so he lost his footing and fell to the ground. I just remember standing there in shock and in panic from it all that I almost didn’t notice the gas leaking from the other cars. I screamed for my dad to hurry but the taxi blew up before he could even stand up to try.” 

Tony stood in silence, his heart breaking. He felt responsible for everything that had happened in New York. And it hurt even more to be standing in front of someone who had lost so much during it all. 

“You asked why I was in the warehouse and the reason was that ever since that day, my dad was never the same. And to a degree, I changed too but he just became so cold. Every time he looked at me, I could see disgust in his eyes. I reminded him so much of the woman he failed to save that he couldn’t even bare to look at me. Abuse isn’t just physical, Mr. Stark. It’s verbal too and every day since then, that was what I had to deal with. Him degrading me as a person, making me see myself in a way that my mother would never let me see myself as. I went to that warehouse tonight to be reunited with my mother. To be reunited with the one person who would have loved me no matter what.” 

Tony inhaled sharply. Nodding, he placed a warm and firm hand on her shoulder. “I tend to be hypocritical at times and this is one of those moments when I say I believe in fate which I normally don’t. But, had you not gone to that warehouse, Peter would be dead. Instead of ending a life, you saved one.” 

Peter’s eyes fluttered open, groaning from the pain, he went to raise his hand to his head but immediately regretted his movement. It felt like he had been hit with a train ten times over. Blinking, his eyes adjusted to the girl sitting in an arm chair with a Chemistry book in her lap. 

“[Y/N]?! What are, what are you doing here?” Panic started to settle into his bones. 

She looked up from her textbook, untucking her legs from underneath her, she set the book down. “You were involved in a serious car accident-”

“-wha?” Peter tried to recall this accident but all he remembered was being seconds from being ripped apart. 

“Peter! You’re awake!” 

“Aunt May?” Peter exclaimed, completely dumbfounded at what was going on. “I don’t understand.” 

Aunt May started to sob, “Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re okay! I was so worried about you.” 

[Y/N] stood up, grabbing her backpack, she smiled. “It’s okay if you don’t remember the car accident, Peter.” Walking over towards him, she gently patted his hand. “You were walking me back to my apartment after our study session when you pushed me out of the way of a speeding car. I can’t thank you enough for saving my life. Hopefully one day I can return the favor.” Just as Aunt May wasn’t looking, she winked and motioned a phone signal with her hand and mouthed call Tony. Turning towards Aunt May, she smiled, “If it’s okay, I’ll leave Peter’s schoolwork with you.” 

Aunt May nodded, tears soaking her eyes. “Of course!” 

Handing it off, she looked at Peter. “I’m glad you’re okay. I’ll see you around.” 

Peter still dumbfounded, nodded. “Yeah. uh, see you around.” 

Once she left the room, Aunt May wiped away some tears. “I know you’re in pain and everything but she’s cute!” 

What We Created (8)

Sebastian Stan x Reader (pregnancy series)

Summary: A one nightstand with the one and only Sebastian Stan changes your life and his forever

Word count: 2,406

Warning: fluff, a whole bunch of fluff to make up for the angst :D

A/N: A better and longer part lol.. sorry the crap that part 7 is. The part where Sebastian and the reader kiss in bed is totally from a Stalia scene. I couldn’t resist! It was so cute! 2 parts left!

What We Created Masterlist 

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Ok I had a thought. I don't know how this works cause locker rooms and all that but WHAT IF the reason dex is so against sharing the room is because he's trans and he really wanted his own space where he didn't have to hide? (also cause he's into nursey but that's a whole 'nother thing) Just thought I'd share my little trans!dex headcanon!

Ooh a Dex headcanon! (I’m such a Zimbits persons that this is a rarity.)

Fic below the cut.

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Our True Love - Chapter 4

A/N: Here comes the fourth chapter! Thank you again for the likes and reblogs of my previous chapters. I do hope you guys continue to enjoy my stories! If any of you would like me to tag you for the next chapters, please inbox me. Enjoy!

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 2,771
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

My heart is full of glee.

Richard is going to be my date to this dinner party at the Avengers Headquarters in celebration of its anniversary. After Sharon’s birthday party, we kept in contact, setting time to meet and go out whenever we can. I enjoyed every moment I spent with him.  

Rosaline would often pelt me with questions on how things are with Richard over text. I told her that we are just friends and hanging out with each other. I do like the fact that we share a lot of things in common, but, I was yet ready to fall for another man at this point.

I give myself a spin in the bathroom mirror. I’m finally wearing the silver top navy blue dress I received as a birthday present from my parents. I had it sitting in the closet for years, but now I finally get to wear it.

I curled my hair and braided it into a waterfall braid. It was a miracle that it even looked decent enough. The cherry coloured lipstick I’m wearing is a little nod to Richard’s nickname for me. I hope he keeps his promise to wear that dark green tie to match my nickname for him too.

I hear my phone ring from outside. I rush out and quickly pick it up.

“Hey, Cherry Princess. I’m at your door.” Richard’s voice from the other line calls out to me. I giggle.

“All right, Crocodile Prince. I’m coming.” I slip on my high heels and grab my small handbag. I give myself one more spin before exiting out the door.

“Whoa! Look at you go, girl! Give Falcon a spin!” Sam calls out while holding my hand. I laugh and give myself a twirl around for him.

“You look fine as hell!” He says again before pulling me into a quick hug.

“You look great yourself, birdbrain.” I say. He gives me a spin himself before two thumbs up.

“A man gotta look good for this kind of event. Gotta attract them ladies.” Sam winks at me. I slap his arm playfully.

Richard had given me a small crown of jasmine flowers before we came here. I must say, it added an elegant touch to my outfit. He even keeps a small bunch of jasmine flower in his suit pocket to match. It looked a little out of place with his dark green tie and silver suit, but he still looks breath-taking nonetheless.

“And you, Mr. Crocodile Hunter. You look good too. Even your tie matches your favourite reptile.” Sam shakes Richard’s hand. Richard only lets out a small laugh.

“This will be the norm from now on, huh? I probably shouldn’t have told any of you guys about my love for crocodiles.” He jokes. I wrap an arm around Richard’s.

“Awh, but it’s adorable to see how passionate you are about them.” I say. Richard gives me a loving smile. His gentle green eyes makes my heart flutter. I blush at the sight before looking away.

“Y’all enjoy yourselves. Now I gotta go and find some ladies to hang around. Maybe Wanda and Natasha.” Sam winks at me again before disappearing out. I search through the crowd to find anyone I’d recognize.

At the back of my mind, I hope to see Bucky somewhere. I always loved seeing him in his suits. He looks really good in them. My eyes light up when I see Steve talking to Tony among the crowd.

“Hey, there’s Tony!” I say to Richard. He is also looking for someone in the crowd. He turns his head to look at me before nodding.

“Tony! Steve!” I call their names. Both of them turn to look at me with smiles on their faces.

“Hello there, Stardust. Fancy seeing you here.” Tony says reaching over for a hug. I return it before giving Steve one as well.

“You look beautiful, Y/N.” I blush at his comment before smiling.

“Thank you. And you guys look excellent too.” I say. Richard taps on my hand before leaning in to whisper into my ear.

“Y/N, I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” With that, he disappears out into the crowd. I blink. My eyes follow Richard until I can no longer see him. Tony fixes his tie.

“Yeah, well you saw me like this a lot of the times anyways.” He says.

“And every time you look great, Tony.” I grin. Tony chuckles.

“Where’s Sharon and Pepper?” I ask trying to look next to them.

“They are here, somewhere in the crowd.” Steve says as he turns his head around to find a glimpse of his own wife.

“Gossiping among other women, I bet.” Tony takes a sip on the wine in his hand. Steve chuckles.

“Not every women are like that.” I say. I look through again.

“Have you guys seen Bucky?” I ask.

“Oh yeah. I saw him earlier when I arrived. He’s somewhere around here.” Steve says.

“Right here.” A voice from behind Steve. I turn to look and find Bucky walking towards us. My heart stops when I see him in his black suit and blue tie. He yet again looks very unreal. Like he is from a world within a painting. His metal arm a little too bit for his suit jacket, but seems to fit in snugly anyways.

“Hey, Y/N.” He says to me. I blink my eyes before clearing my throat. I reach in for a hug.

“Bucky! You look amazing.” I say as we hug. The cologne on his suit gives me a sense of familiarity. His wedding. He wore the same one during his wedding ceremony. I smile to myself; how sweet.

“You too, Y/N.” We pull away from the hug. I can smell a bit of his cologne transferred onto my dress.

“Where’s Rosaline?” I ask looking behind him. His blue eyes staying on me.

“She’s with Jane right now. They’re talking.” He says, running his hand through his hair.

“The girls are getting along nicely, aren’t they?” Tony says again. “How are things with Rosy?”

“We’re doing… okay.” Bucky says simply. I glance up at Bucky. There is something wrong with that tone. Even Steve caught that.

“Yo, Mr. Stank!” Rhodey’s voice erupting from the nearby crowd. Tony laughs before shaking his head.

“Excuse me, gentlemen, lady. Have fun tonight, guys.” Tony nods at the three of us before walking over to his friend.

“Is your sleep pattern acting up again, Buck?” Steve asks straight on. Bucky looks at him before letting out a sigh.

“A little. Not a big deal.” He says. He’s not telling the truth.

“You have the nightmares again?” I ask, concerned now. I examine his blue eyes, trying to find the answer in them. Yes, he is. I can see the lines on his face and the exhaustion in his eyes.

“No. I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.” He says, looking away. I let out a sigh before looking over at Steve.

“Well you can ask for more lavender from Steve. He grows them for you, you know?” I say. Bucky chuckles while wrapping an arm around Steve’s neck.

“Yeah. You really shouldn’t have done that, Steve. I’ll manage.” He says giving Steve’s shoulder a squeeze. Bucky mumbles something underneath his breath. I didn’t quite catch what he said. Steve raises an eyebrow.

“Friends look out for each other, you know?” Steve says petting Bucky’s back. I smile at them. They have some kind of sparkle when they are together. Their friendship and brotherhood is really beautiful.

I feel a pair of arms wrap around my shoulders. I let out a gasp and turn to look who it was. It was just Richard.

“Sorry, love. I had to see someone real quick.” Richard says pulling me towards him. My heart race and I can feel my face warm up quickly. I place my hands on his arm to pet them gently.

“It’s all right. I was just talking to Bucky and Steve.” I say gesturing towards them. Steve has a smile on his face, but Bucky’s expression was… unreadable.

“Hey Steve. And hey James.” Richard says, shaking their hands but still keeping his left arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“James, have you seen Rosy? I haven’t seen her since last week.”

“She’s over there. You can go and see her by yourself.”

My body tenses. There is some kind of strain in their voices. It makes me really uncomfortable. Richard gives Bucky a smile, but it wasn’t his usual sweet smile. A clouded one.

“I think both of us will go and see her, right, Cherry?” Richard asks looking at me. I blush and nod at him.

“Yeah, I want to see her.” I say genuinely. Bucky lets out a grunt. I raise an eyebrow at his sudden change of attitude.

“Let’s go then. See you later, Steve. And James.” He says. Richard wraps his hand around mine, pulling me away from them into the crowd. I quickly yell out to both of them.

“Steve, Bucky, I’ll see you guys later!”

The last thing I saw was Bucky’s death-like stare at Richard.

We left the event at around midnight. It was very lovely. I haven’t talked to Bucky since we saw each other earlier. I did see him from far though, talking to different people. After we left both of them and found Rosaline, I realize that there is something going on between her and Bucky.

Even though she was beautiful in her little white dress, she isn’t sparkling like before. She lost a bit of her shine and she looks really tired. Richard and Rosaline talked in Russian most of the time, so I didn’t know what is going on. Though, both of them look rather upset at something.

I wait outside by the front entrance. Richard had given me his suit jacket since I was cold. He has gone to get the car to send me home. I check my phone for messages. The crickets are giving me a peaceful feeling.

“It’s a little cold tonight.” Bucky’s voice coming from behind. I turn to look at him.

“Bucky.” I say before nodding. “Yeah. It is.” I pull Richard’s jacket closer to me. Bucky’s eyes drift down to the suit around my body. His expression changes again, but he turns away before I could even read it.

“You’re very beautiful tonight.” Bucky says. My heart race in my chest. I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“Thank you, Bucky.” I say looking at him. He still keeps his head looking away into the small woods in front of the headquarters.

“How are things with… Richard?” He asks, a little strain in his voice. I chuckle.

“They are nice. He’s such a romantic.” I say while putting my phone away. I look up at the sky. It is a cloudy night, not a hint of stars in the sky.

“You are dating him then?” Bucky asks. His voice a little broken. I look at him surprised at the sudden change of tone.

“N—” Honk. Honk. I turn to look at Richard. He exits the car and make his way towards us.

“Let’s go, Cherry Princess.” He says holding his hand out for mine. I look at Bucky one more time before reaching out to accept his hand. But before I could even reach for it, Bucky’s hand grabs mine, pulling me away from Richard.

“I’d like to talk to her for a moment.” Bucky says darkly at Richard. Richard’s brows furrow as he exchanges glances between the both of us. Richard scoffs.

“It is late, James. I need to send her home. You never know what kind of men will come out during the late hours of the night. Men who can’t control themselves from beautiful women regardless of her feelings.” The last sentence came out like a sharp knife. Even Bucky jerked back slightly at the statement. My heart beats against my chest, still feeling Bucky’s grip on my hand.

“Its men like you who she needs to stay away from.” He says as he lets my hand go and pull off Richard’s jacket from me. He tosses it back towards Richard. I look at Bucky surprised.

“Richard, just give us a moment.” I say while looking at him. I grab onto Bucky’s arm before pulling him away a bit far from Richard. I can still see him, but he is not within earshot.

“Bucky, what the hell is going on?” I ask him, feeling a little confused. Bucky lets out an angry sigh.

“Why are you getting involved with the likes of him, Y/N?” He asks. His dark blue eyes staring right into me.

“He’s just a friend, Bucky. We like spending time with each other. But that’s not the issue here. Why are you so cross with Richard?” I ask again.

“Because the thought of him with you is pissing me off.” Bucky answers, his tone of voice getting angrier. I don’t know what he means by that. I shake my head.

“I’m a grown woman. I can take care of myself. My question is why do you dislike him? He’s your brother-in-law for goodness sakes. You shouldn’t treat him like that.” I say getting angry myself now.

“At least find another man to hang out with. Not him!” He shouts angrily. I back away, blinking. His burst of temper scared me. Bucky seems to realize it himself. He turns away running his hands through his hair. I sigh out, reaching over to touch his shoulder.

“Bucky, what’s going on between you and Rosaline?” I ask. He jerks his shoulder away from me. For some reason, that gesture made me feel like as though Bucky just shoved me down to the hard cold ground. And he did regret it. His expression turns into a saddened one when he turns to look at me.

“I… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” He says while turning back to face me. I remain quiet, holding my hands together against my chest. My chest tightens with worry as I continue to search the features on his face.

“Things haven’t been going well with her, isn’t it?” I ask again. A flash of hurt in his eyes. I was right. Something is going on between them. He shakes his head in denial.

“Bucky you can talk to me about it. I’m here for you.” I say, still afraid to reach over and touch him. Just like that, I feel another sense of anger boiling inside of him.

“Before you haven’t, now you suddenly want to? Why have you suddenly start to care again?!” He shouts at me. I take a deep breath, backing away. Tears clouding my vision. I blink it away.

“Bucky, why are you—”

“Save it. Go and have your own fun with Richard. I don’t care.” He says as he turns away to walk back inside the building. I was left alone there, cold, confused, sad and angry all at the same time. This situation all too familiar.

Richard walks over to me. He wraps the suit jacket around me before pulling me into a hug. My heart feels like its breaking again.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Bucky is like that around Rosaline too. His temper spiralling out of control at any single comment.” He says, stroking my hair. Tears spill from my eyes as I bury my face into Richard’s chest.

I know now. Richard dislikes Bucky because of the way he is treating Rosaline. That’s why they were tense with each other. Rosaline lost her shine because she must be tired of dealing with Bucky’s nightmares and temper. This reminds me of the time when I first met Bucky. His temper was similar. Bursts of anger follows right after sleepless nights.

Things improved after nights of me and Steve taking care of him when we lived together in the tower. Bucky just needed the comfort of someone there with him to be able to sleep properly.

With Rosaline in his life, I thought things would improve even better for him. That his nightmares would no longer disturb his sleep since she’s there with him. Despite that, his terrible sleep patterned had returned.

Richard leads me into the car and start making our way towards my home. Even with Richard’s cologne on his suit, I can still smell a hint of Bucky’s cologne on my hands. It must’ve been when I pulled him by his arm.

The smell unwraps the scars in my chest little by little.  

★ ★ ★

A/N: I rewrote this chapter completely. I had another situation in my mind, but I’ll save that for the next chapter instead. I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless! Let me know what you think about the story so far and if you like it or not. Thank you very much for reading! 

Next chapter coming soon! 

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Needed You {Kylo Ren x Reader}

Request~ Kylo Ren having one of his temper tantrums and all of a sudden hugging the reader then kissing the reader!

A/N~ Okay so I kinda changed this up a little. It still follows the basic gist of the request but its probably not what you were expecting. I hope yall enjoy  it anyway! Im sorry if this is trash im still trying to get back into the flow of things. Thank you all for reading and don’t be afraid to send in some requests of your own! much love! ❤︎

Warnings: Choking, and Crylo Ren

It wasn’t unusual to be called to random locations on Starkiller for ‘Undisclosed Purposes’. Other officers would cringe in fear at those words knowing that whomever received them would likely never be heard from again. You on the other hand couldn’t wait until the next time you’d be summoned, because typically it ended with the commander’s lips on you, and not always in a chastely manor.

You were wandering down the corridors with your data pad opening files and sending them off to their designated destinations. You had nearly all the files cleared and were working on the last one when the screen notified you of a new message. Putting the current task on hold, you switched over to your message board. ‘From: Lieutenant Gilwen’ the screen said with the date and time stamp underneath. The name wasn’t familiar. You hardly ever received messages from lieutenants. Most of the time they came from your supervisor or the increasingly frequent ones from Kylo Ren. Part of you hoped it would have been the latter. 

You tapped the message and it opened revealing fewer words then you had expected. The message simply read “Your presence is required in Sector C-19 Room 147 for Undisclosed Purposes”

‘Undisclosed Purposes.’  you read again. The only one to ever send that to you was Kylo, so why would a lieutenant you’d never heard of before request you for such reasons? You start off in the direction of sector C-19 confused about the contents of the message. Various reasons played in your head of what it could mean. What if its something bad? What if they were finally doing away with you? You pushed those thoughts from your mind. They couldn’t possibly be getting rid of you. You’d done nothing wrong. Well, nothing anyone knew about. Your relationship with Kylo wasn’t exactly following the guidelines but no one knew about that. Right?

As you neared room 147 you found the halls becoming less populated only a couple stormtroopers lingered and even they were working their way in the opposite direction. With every step you took the atmosphere seemed to get thicker, heavier. It almost made it hard to breath. Ignoring it you moved closer to 147. The corridor was eerily quiet not a soul in sight. A feeling of unease creeped up your spine. 

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After leaving her babysitting job, Teresa decides to visit Anitra and meet her nephew. Anitra answers the door and the two of them hug. 

Teresa:  *steps back and gets a good look at Anitra* You don’t even look like you just had a baby.

Anitra:  Thanks, but I definitely feel like it. 

Teresa:  Did it hurt a lot?

Anitra:  Oh God!  People say you don’t remember the pain afterward, but I sure do!  Anyway, come meet your nephew… he’s in the bedroom. 

Teresa follows Anitra to the bedroom and walks over to baby Richie’s crib. 

Teresa:  Oh my goodness!  He’s so cute!

Anitra:  Thanks…you can pick him up.

Teresa picks Richie up and cradles him in her arms.

Anitra:  I’ll leave you two to get acquainted!

Teresa:  Wait!  Don’t leave!  What if he starts crying?

Anitra:  There’s a bottle right there in his bassinette…I’ll be right back. I haven’t had a moment to even pee since Richie left for work. 

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imagine the haus secret santa. 😁

A/N: There’s a couple of easter eggs in here from other fandoms. Extra points to those who catch them. ;-) Also, there is a read more at the end, but it’s hard to see on mobile. JUST SAYING. This is about 5k, so.

Growing up, he hated crowds. They made him uncomfortable, being packed in by people he didn’t know. Unfortunately, he grew up with a lot of crowds. A side effect of being the son of a hockey legend, you see. Growing up, he never once thought he’d be at home in a house full of people. Growing up, he never thought he’d have this—he hadn’t wanted to. All he’d wanted was to play hockey. He never gave much thought to anything else. Then Eric Bittle happened and his life…turned into this: a four bedroom house in Providence that he shared with his two dogs and husband who is currently hosting a party for every single person he ever cared for. And he’s completely fine.

Smiling to himself, he finishes putting the last touches on the eggnog the way Eric likes it and heads back out into the crowd. He finds Kent and Tater by the Christmas tree slipping in their Secret Santa gifts to the pile and talking with Marty. Most of the Falconers are here, actually. So are some of the Aces since literally everyone loves Bitty.

“That is a fancy little drink you got there, Zimms,” Kent chirps him and Jack rolls his eyes. You make a bad cosmo once and you’re ruined for life.

“Fuck off, eh?” he makes a big show of handing a cup to Tater while giving Kent’s to Marty. Kent bares his teeth at Jack and before coming in for a hug. Kent feels soft in a way he hasn’t in a long time and Jack’s glad they’re okay. Kent is barely out of his arms when he gets ambushed and lifted off his feet by Tater. Jack laughs in surprise and hugs him back.

“Merry Christmas, Zimmboni. Is nice party. Where’s little baker, huh? Not see him.”

“Bitty’s with Lardo, I think. He wanted to show something to her.”

“How is she?” Kent and her have always been close…r. Jack had walked into Kent, Lardo, Shitty and Derek chilling out and he’d walked straight out. It’d felt like he’d walked into an alternate dimension.

“Very, very pregnant.” Something he’s never really thought he’d say about Lardo, but she seems happier than he’s ever seen her before, so he can’t really complain.

“Poor Lardo.” Tater sighs. “Pregnancy is hard.”

Marty nods with him. “I used to stay up massaging Carrie’s feet. I felt so bad for her, but there wasn’t much else to do.”

“Well, I’m gonna go find her,” Kent declares, finishing off his drink. “Say hi. You coming, baby?”

Tater shakes his head and kisses Kent’s cheek. “Is okay. I stay here. You make her feel like princess, okay?”

“Pretty sure that’s Knight’s job, Mashkov,” Kent calls out as he weaves through the crowd.

“How’s Shitty doing?” Marty asks after Kent leaves.

“You mean how much is he freaking out,” Jack asks wryly.

“It’s tough the first time. Let him know that he can come to me if he has any questions, yeah? I mean, I told him, but he might actually believe me if you say it.”

“Thanks, man. I’ll let him know for sure. How are your kids?”

“Good. I just took Anna to the rink last week for the first time.” Marty grins proudly. “She’s pretty good for someone who doesn’t know what she’s doing. She was standing by herself by the end of the day.”

“You get video?” Tater asks.

“Yeah, man. Carrie got the whole day on camera.”

“That’s amazing. But you go easy on her, know?” Tater chirps. “You tell her she come to Uncle Tater will teach her proper hockey.”

“Oh, please, I’ll be teaching her to win, Mashkov,” Marty chirps back.

Justin groans. “Unfortunately, I’m not even kidding. I mean, who does that? Let me tell you, this is not the reason I went to med school.”

Carrie wrinkles her nose while Adam chortles beside Justin, an arm around his waist. Jack pats Adam’s back and smiles when he exclaims and hugs him with one arm.

“Is it the carrot story again?” Jack chirps Justin with a hip check and a hug. He hadn’t had a chance to say hi to them since he’d been with Snowy and Swoops when they showed up.

“Ugh, dude, I’m traumatized for life.”

Jack snorts. “Clearly, man. I would be too.”

“Thanks for hosting us, Jack,” says Carrie. “It’s really nice of you and Eric. This is amazing.”

“Oh, please, you guys are practically family. Besides, Eric’s the one who put this all together.”

“Bro, that is not what I heard.” A teasing smile appears on Adam’s lips and Jack can’t stop him before he turns to Carrie and goes, “Jackiepoo, here, helped with all the decorations and the cooking.”

“That is so sweet, Jack! You have to teach my husband some things,” she chirps, smiling widely.

“Hey, from what I heard, he’s pretty good on the grill.”

“Eehhhh.” Carrie imitates a balance scale with her hands. “He makes up for it in other departments.”

Adam and Justin groan while Jack rolls his eyes at her. He’s pretty desensitized to Carrie at this point.

Carrie laughs. “Alright, alright, I’m gonna go catch up with Miranda and get a refill. You boys behave, alright?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Jack salutes as she walks away.

“She’s really nice, man,” Justin observes.

“Yeah. Marty got lucky.” Jack claps his hand on Justin’s shoulder. “So, how are you two doing? How’s everything coming along?”

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Request: Can you do a one-shot where the reader walking in on damon ‘beating the meat’ to the reader and because of life pls put some smut in, chow - Anon

Character: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warning: Smut (M), Swearing

Word Count: 1217

It had been weeks since you were last at home in Mystic Falls and it was so hard being away from Damon for so long. Hours felt like days and days felt like weeks as you desperately craved his touch. The closest you’d been to Damon since you left was a few late night phone calls that somehow always lead to an intense phone sex session.

Your trip was unexpectedly cut short, which you were thankful for. You weren’t necessarily hyped about visiting multiple states just to attend conventions for a university course you didn’t even want to study. The last convention was cancelled at the last minute, meaning you’d be arriving home two days earlier than planned. You were just about to hit send on a text to Damon: Convention #5 cancelled - coming home tonight!, when an imaginary light bulb sprung from your head. You imagined the priceless look on Damon’s face when you surprised him with your early return, soon biting your lip after you thought about how happy he’d be to see you.

You sent a text to Stefan, letting him in on the plan. He told you that he’d make sure Damon stayed at home so he was there for your arrival. You smiled at yourself, growing more eager to see him every second.

At 11pm you received a text from Stefan: Damon is in bed asleep, plan still in action?

You replied: Almost home, open the door in 10. Plan still in action. :)

The 10 minutes had passed and you arrived at the Salvatore boarding house to be greeted silently by Stefan. He let you inside and whispered, “He went to bed around an hour ago, I’m not sure if he’ll still be up”. “Thanks anyway Stef”, you whispered back and hugged him goodnight. You tip toed upstairs, first to your room to set your bags down, then to Damon’s room to surprise him. You crept down the long hallway in darkness, accidentally bumping into a few things along the way. A voice echoed into the hallway from Damon’s room, it was low and quiet. You turned the door handle ever so slowly and peeked into the pitch black space.

You saw nothing but instead heard Damon quietly moaning your name, followed by what could only be described as a wet, slapping type of noise. You pushed the door open further to witness Damon’s head cramped up against the headboard, his left hand gripping the sheets and his right hand rubbing furiously against his erection. He was going so hard out that he didn’t notice you were standing at the door until you muttered, “Damon?”.

Immediately, he pulled away from his pleasure and threw the covers over himself. “Baby!”, he panted, wiping sweat away from his forehead. You walked to the bedside table and turned on the lamp, catching a glimpse of all the sweat that he had worked up from jerking off. “Is this what you do while I’m away?”, you questioned. “It’s the only thing I can do while you’re away, I miss you too much”, he calmed his breathing. “So did you miss me, or my mouth?”, you crawled onto the bed, removing your shirt. “A little bit of both”, Damon replied as he narrowed his eyes and watched you pull the covers away from his still so visible erection.

“Good”, you whispered as you slowly positioned your mouth on the tip of his cock, maintaining eye contact with him. You stroked and sucked simultaneously, starting off slow and building up speed; just the way he liked it. By now you almost had his full size in your mouth, gagging a little with each motion. You watched as he closed his eyes and flung his head back into the pillows, then felt him forcefully grab a handful of your hair for support. Hearing his moans turned you on, so much so that you could feel your wetness soak through your pants. You felt Damon start to twitch in your mouth and instantly pulled away, “You know better than to tease me like that”, he growled.

You smiled and before you could even say a word, Damon flipped you over and planted himself on top of you. He began trailing sloppy open-mouth kisses from under your ear to your collarbone, making you moan loudly. “Say my name”, he demanded, you moaned his name with pleasure as he kissed your inner thighs and licked your entrance through your panties. “Already so wet for me, baby”, he commented as he pressed his finger against your throbbing core. “Please, Damon”, you sighed, yearning for him to touch you. “Patience, princess”, he said as he removed your panties unbelievably slowly.

He spread your legs gently and leant down to caress his finger against your entrance and deliberately tease you with his tongue. Moving his tongue into the right spots and adjusting the speed in which he pumped his finger in and out of you. You begged for more but he wouldn’t give in, he intended to tease you just as you teased him. He began sucking on the sensitive ball of nerves and entered a second finger inside of you. “This feels so good”, you cried and Damon picked up the pace. You bucked your hips to his movements but he held you down with his hand on your stomach. You began seeing stars and felt your stomach tense up, just before you let go, Damon cut off all contact. “Wow”, you said sarcastically but in all frustration.

“Here’s what you’ve been missing so badly”, he muttered as he lifted your legs over his shoulders and thrusted into you with great force. You screamed at the sudden invasion but soon began panting with each thrust. The angle he positioned you at made him able to drill into you harder and deeper than any time before, bringing you closer to an orgasm so much faster. “Fuck, Damon!”, you screamed as you came with him. You rode it out until you were both out of breath, “I should go away more often”, you laughed. Damon pulled out of you and collapsed at your side, “No, you should catch me beating my meat more often”, he said jokingly.

The two of you cuddled together under the covers and closed your eyes but just before you drifted asleep, Stefan burst through the door. “You guys are aware that it’s midnight, right?”, he huffed tiredly. “Your point, brother?”, Damon replied. “You’ve woken up just about the whole neighbourhood, keep the noise down or the sex to a minimum”, Stefan grunted before shutting the door. Damon looked at you and laughed then you laughed along with him. “Haha, hey why are you laughing? You’re the noisy one”, he smiled. “Am not!”, you defended yourself, “you’re the one who can’t keep his mouth shut” you added. “Please, Damon! Oh, it feels so good! Fuck, Damon!”, he mimicked you word for word. You blushed, “At least you didn’t walk in on me jerking myself off, you’re a mess without me!”, you laughed. “Okay, okay, you win. Although you have to admit, it was kinda hot”, he smirked. You turned on your side and placed your head on his chest, “Yeah, it was”, you agreed quietly as you drifted off to sleep.

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Bechloe Oneshot based off of #25?

  • 25. “Did I do that? I didn’t do that. Did I?”

[Thanks for the ask anon :) so boom here goes. As always sorry for any grammar errors.]

Pack your bags:

“Pack your bags everyone! We’re all going to vegas so I can get married!” Flo shouted enthusiastically. The news of Flo’s sudden marriage came as a surprise to the Bella’s but they could see why she wanted to do it and they supported it anyway. So, of course, they all prepared themselves for a trip to Las Vegas.

Around eight hours had passed. The girls had now arrived in vegas. “I can’t believe we’re actually in Vegas!” Chloe exclaimed with excitement “Who would have thought  that letting the Mexican join us would have been a good thing” Fat Amy said casually . Chloe turned to Flo and smiled “It sure was nice of you to cover all of our plane tickets Flo” Flo chuckled nervously “No problemo!” ‘Hah.. covered, sure, they were as fake as the chicken they used to sell in my country. Whatever it was, it wasn’t chicken’.

“So who’s the lucky man?” Emily asked she was gawking at her surroundings. “Oh, I don’t know him, I just want my green card, but y'know, you’re my girls! My only family now really, So I want you to be there” Stacie raised her eyebrows “Whatever makes you happy Flo” Flo smiled, “Saves me from getting deported!”

The girls all finally reached their hotel, so they all headed inside. “Crazy Youngster hotel huh? What a name” Cynthia Rose commented as they walked in through the doors. “Did you seriously only just read the sign?” Stacie asked rolling her eyes. “Well it’s kinda hard to see signs when yo booty’s in front of my face, it’s distracting, not that I’m complaining,” she said clicking her tongue. Stacie just huffed.

They had already previously checked in prior to arriving so they all got the lift up to the third floor, they then followed the seemingly never ending corridor down to the very end. Flo came to a stop “This is our room right? I didn’t really pay attention.” “Yes! now hurry up and open it, Flo, we can’t miss the party tonight!” Fat Amy said eagerly “Party?” the girls all exclaimed in confusion “Um duh, there’s no way y'all Pitches are coming all the way out to Vegas without having an epic party! I got us into a really awesome place too! so cmon let’s go get ready!” Fat Amy said as she grabbed the card key from Flo and swung the room’s door open.

They all entered the room. They had two big suites that had a door that lead into each other. The Bella’s hadn’t yet graduated, but graduation and the Worlds were fast approaching and this was stressing Chloe out. “You know what girls, I could do with cutting lose! This ginger needs her jiggle juice, I think we should do it” she said cheerfully “Of course, only once we’ve gotten Flo’s green card” she added, the other girls agreed and started getting ready to head out

Beca was just laying on her bed, typing away on her laptop “Becs!” Chloe said cheerfully as she perched herself on the bedYou’re coming right” she winked. Beca didn’t bother to look up, she just continued typing away “C'mon your mashup can wait can’t it? it won’t be any fun without you there” Chloe said with a slight pout. Beca finally glanced up at her before she knew it the rest of the girls were staring at her too. It felt oddly familiar. “Okay,I’ll come,” she said rolling her eyes as she shut the lid of her laptop and got up. “If I know you guys at all, then you’re not taking no for an answer” Chloe smiled happily and got up off of the bed.

“Alright nerds, let’s go,” Beca said as she headed towards the door. “Aw yeah! The big BM’s joining the party” Fat Amy said enthusiastically as she downed a cocktail. The group of ten girls headed back down to the hotel’s lobby, they were dressed and ready to party! well, ready to party once Flo had taken care of her business.  

They were all in an unfamiliar place so they were following a map that Emily was holding on to “Okay guys, so the office should be straight ahea–” Fat Amy quickly snatched the map from Emily “Straight to the left!” Fat Amy practically shouted over her. Emily stood there shaking her head, she felt powerless against Fat Amy “I’m going to pull tonight” Lily whispered quietly which Emily was able to hear “Oh? good luck Lily!” she said cheerfully “The new girl can hear me… I must dispose of her corpse” Emily gulped “I… Heard that too” Emily said uncomfortably. Lily’s eyes widened as she stared at her before she suddenly  started running ahead of the group leaving Emily even more confused.

The group upped their pace and followed, Lily ran straight into the club that Fat Amy was talking about. They all then went in after her “Party time!” Fat Amy shouted as she ran to the dance floor which is what she called her ‘run’ but it was more so a fast paced walk. The club was spacious, there were a lot of people about and the vibe was good. “These speakers are awesome!” Beca shouted enthusiastically, trying to speak above the music “I can feel the vibrations on the floor!” she added as she looked at the huge speakers in awe. Chloe could just about hear her, she smiled, she loved how passionate Beca got when it came to music and anything related to it.

Chloe leaned close to Flo in order to speak into her ear “Flo, are you okay with this? didn’t you want to sort your marriage thing first?” she asked sounding worried, she didn’t want the others to ignore what Flo brought them here to do. “No, no, it’s okay! we can party first and go after” Flo said enthusiastically she was always so cheerful “Now c'mon! lets party!” she said grabbing Beca and Chloe by their hands as she led them towards the bar.


By now  few hours had passed it was fair to say that the girls were more than a little tipsy. Chloe was on the dance floor with Stacie and Fat Amy was surrounded by her own crowd of people “Who wants me to sign their chest!” she could be heard shouting numerous times. Flo dashed over to Beca she had drunk a lot, but wasn’t really affected, she had a high tolerance level for alcohol, Beca, on the other hand, was now pretty drunk. “Becaaa! everyone’s so busy dancing, will you come to the office with me?” Flo asked with a pout, she didn’t need the pout, Beca was pretty upbeat about going “Hell yeah dude! should we go right now?” she said excitedly as she downed another drink “Whoah” she stumbled slightly. Flo raised her eyebrow “Are you okay?” “Okay? dude, I’m awesome! now let’s go!”

It took them around ten minutes but they finally made it to the office. “Heeey! So like, I want to get married, do you have one of them forms?” Flo asked the man at the desk, he seemed pretty lifeless and care-free, he clearly didn’t want to be there and really didn’t ask much. He just slid over the form towards Flo and went back to looking at his computer screen. “Dude! can I have one too?” Beca asked. The lifeless man just casually slid over another form as he yawned. Beca was completely out of it, she wasn’t sure why she wanted a form, but she began filling it out anyway, once the man looked away she did a second signature. Flo was too invested in her own form to notice what had just occurred.  The girls both gave the man back their forms.

“Congratulations” he said in a dreary voice. Flo squealed excitedly as she went and hugged her so called lover “Thank you so much! now I can’t get deported” the man leaned in for a kiss which Beca quickly intercepted “Dude no.” Beca said as she pulled Flo away and dragged her out of the building.


The morning had come. And Beca awoke with a pounding headache followed by an angry Chloe which was only making it worse. “Beca! what the actual fuck Beca slowly opened her eyes to find Chloe standing over her “Ow, how much did I drink?” she grumbled as she slowly glanced up to see a clearly angered Chloe. “What are you so mad about Chloe?” she asked whilst squinting her eyes “Mad? oh, you little! I have every right to be mad” Chloe snapped as she paced up and down the room.

Beca watched her in confusion as she began ranting  “Y'know Beca, most people would take someone out on a date, most people would at least kiss the person first, but not you Mitchell, not you, what part of this do you think is okay!” she snapped again, “Dude, what the fuck are you on about?” Beca said in a slightly annoyed tone of voice as she staggered out of bed and to her feet to confront whatever was up with Chloe.

Chloe walked back down towards her and stopped in front of her. They were now face to face. “I’m talking about this Beca! don’t tell me you don’t remember how convenient is that” she pulled out a legal document and held it out in front of her “We’re married” Beca took a step back and looked at Chloe as if she was crazy “Huh? what? dude, no we’re not–"That’s what I said, but it’s true, you forged my signature! I don’t even know how you managed to get away with this” she shot Beca a glare “You went ahead and just married us Beca!” Beca’s jaw dropped, she was at a loss for words, her eyes scanned the room, she didn’t know where to look anymore

She began to speak out loud to herself in a quiet and confused tone of voice “Did I do that? I didn’t do that. Did I?” “Yes!! you did Beca!” Chloe said close to tears “We’re not even dating, I really like you okay, and you’re always sending me mixed signals and now this” Beca stood their frozen “I can’t do this anymore, so please, just leave me alone” Chloe turned and stormed out. Those words killed her to say and killed Beca to hear.

Beca stood there as she watched Chloe leave. She didn’t go after her, how could she? she wanted to go, but she knew that right now nothing she could say would help. ‘What have I done…’


Three days had passed. The Bella’s were back home and Flo was safe from being deported. The tension was high in the dorm, Chloe wasn’t as cheerful as before and the rest of the Bella’s were worried. In the three days, they had been back Beca and Chloe hadn’t spoken a word to each other. They didn’t even sit next to each other on the flight home and Beca didn’t come back to the dorm, In fact, they had heard that Beca was staying at Kimmy Jin’s even Beca herself wasn’t sure whether she was truly welcome there or not, but Kimmy Jin seemed to tolerate her.

Finally, Fat Amy had, had enough, the Bella’s were all in the lounge relaxing, they were quiet, too quiet, so Fat Amy decided to break the silence. “Chloe, I don’t like all this fighting. It sucks! And it’s kinda gonna get in the way of our choreography. And I hate choreography, but I love performing with you girls” Fat Amy said sounding genuinely concerned, she knew she wasn’t the only one thinking it. “I mean what’s the big deal? You like Beca anyway don’t you?  And if not why don’t you just get a divorce, I mean, it’s not like you actually consented to this whole marriage nonsense thing”.

Chloe sighed  she didn’t really want to discuss it but it was killing her knowing that she and Beca hadn’t spoke.“Yeah, you’re right, maybe I was a little hard on her. She was drunk, and if anything I guess it’s kinda cute that she was thinking of marrying me whilst off her face” Chloe smiled slightly when she just realised what she had just said.

 'She was thinking of marrying me whilst off her face’ “Thank you, Fat Amy, you’re surprisingly good at pet talks” she said jumping to her feet with a smile on her face ‘I know what I have to do’ “Thank you, that’ll be uh $20” she said awkwardly and yet casually as she held out her hand “What?” “Nothing, I’ll er just take it from Beca’s purse given that what’s hers is yours and all that married couple rubbish"Huh?” Chloe looked at her with even more confusion“Nothing!” Fat Amy said quickly as she got up off of the sofa and darted for the stairs.

Chloe stood up “Well I don’t know what that was all about, but Fat Amy’s right. I need to go and talk to Beca. We can’t keep ignoring each other like this, and well the worlds are coming up, so for my sake as well as the sake of the Bella’s I’ll go and talk to her, wish me luck” Flo and Emily let out a cheer “Finally!” they said in unison.

 “At last one of them caved, I mean I knew it’d happen sooner or later but finally!” Emily said enthusiastically “I must say, I’m impressed you two love birds lasted a whole three days apart from each other” Stacie said whilst raising her eyebrows ‘A whole three days of hell’ Chloe added internally. “We are not love birds, we’re just friends” saying that pained Chloe more but it was the truth. She took a deep breath and pulled herself together, she then headed outside the door.

“Good luck!” they all shouted and with that she was gone.

It wasn’t long before Chloe was standing outside Kimmy Jin’s room. Chloe took another deep breath before she finally brought herself to knock on the door. Kimmy Jin answered it was scarily quick, almost like she knew she was there.  She just looked Chloe up and down with a straight expression before she turned her head and called out “Beca. Your girlfriends back.”  Beca responded sharply as she headed towards the door.“I told you she’s not my – oh. You were being serious” Beca slowly came to the door, she awkwardly tucked in her bottom lip as she looked Chloe up and down.

“The way you went on about her. It certainly sounded like she was. Now. I’ll give you some time, but don’t be long. This is my room. But get it sorted. It’s an inconvenience having you here Beca.” and with that Kimmy Jin walked passed Chloe, leaving her standing in the doorway. The two just awkwardly stared at each other for a few seconds or more before Chloe cleared her throat and spoke up “Becs, can I come in?” Chloe asked awkwardly, Beca sighed “Yeah” she then let her in and closed the door behind her.

They both walked into the lounge. The awkward tension was eating away at Chloe so she started speaking immediately “Beca, I’m sorry, I overreacted…” Chloe started “Its cool dude, I’ve already sorted the divorce thing, it wasn’t too hard to do, and well it was a really stupid thing to do” Beca interrupted her “Well that’s a relief,” Chloe said softly. “Relief?” Beca said folding her arms “Wait, let me finish Becs,Its just, I really, really like you okay. Like a lot. I have done for pretty much the past three years, and well, it just hurt, I don’t even know why, but it just hurt. I’d take marrying you very seriously, and well, I’d want the whole lot, and you just, you just don’t get that. You don’t feel the same” her own words brought Chloe was close to tears.

Beca’s eyes widened she wasn’t good at dealing with emotional stuff but she didn’t like seeing Chloe cry “Don’t cry, I mean it Chlo, don’t cry, god, You’re such a weirdo, okay, I might be really awkward and stuff but of course, I feel the same” Chloe’s eyes widened she went to speak but Beca didn’t let her “Drunk me seems to express those feelings better, maybe better than I’d like to admit, drunk me may want to marry you, but hey” she stopped momentarily as she talked in a quieter voice and averted her eyes.

“I’m sure that sober me would like to do that one day too” Beca then grabbed Chloe’s hands this took Chloe by surprise but she was smiling ear to ear, she wouldn’t dare interrupt her now. Beca didn’t often express her feelings. “But of course, I’d want to do things properly, and god this is hard to say. But dude. I like you. a fucking lot okay. And I’m sorry I hurt you, but I only did that, because deep down, I want to be with you, and well, I’m just really bad at expressing that whilst sober” Chloe began crying, but this time it was from happiness. “Ah don’t cry! c'mon! sac up dude”

Chloe squeezed Beca’s hands tightly and looked into her eyes “I’ve waited so long to hear those words, Beca I’ve… I’ve been in love for you for so long” she said as tears fell down her face. Beca slowly wiped away her tears “And I’ve always loved you. Okay, that sounded pretty cringe-worthy but I really mean it. Maybe I should stop talking, so I’m gonna kiss you now.” Beca then pulled Chloe in towards her and they both exchanged a passionate kiss for several minutes as they held each other tightly. Beca broke away but just for a moment “You’re all mine now Chlo”

**The End**

Hopefully, that was okay (:


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"I'm your neighbour and my mom thought you were pretty so she told me to give you this sweater she knitted you for christmas in hopes you would go out with me" Percabeth because that would be awkward as hell

In the seconds between him ringing the doorbell and her opening the front door, Percy wished her porch would open up and swallow him.

He felt ridiculous. This was ridiculous. He couldn’t believe his mom had sent him over here with a hand-knitted sweater. He couldn’t believe he’d let her push him out the door while wearing a matching sweater. God, Annabeth was going to think he was the biggest loser.

He twisted the soft fabric in his hands and tried to remember how easy it had been to talk to Annabeth when they were kids: back when they went to highschool together, when they saw each other every day, when they walked to and from school together. Before they’d gone to opposite sides of the country for college, before they got busy and their daily chats became weekly, monthly, bi-annual, non-existent. Even over the holidays, they’d never both been home at the same time. 

Until now. Three years later.

Annabeth opened the door and Percy’s heart jumped into his throat.

“Percy?” she said, voice bright. 

Her grey eyes went wide with pleasant surprise as she took him in. He felt her gaze travel up and down his body, reading him like a book, and allowed himself a few precious moments to do the same to her.

She looked tanner, her hair even blonder - he’d never thought that could be possible. The corners of her eyes crinkled when she smiled at him. She was wearing makeup, some red lipstick to go with her red dress, and it made her look so much older and so unlike the Annabeth he’d known that Percy’s stomach twisted with regret. She’d changed so much since they’d lost contact: how could they pick up the thread of their friendship when she was practically a stranger now?

But he forced himself to smile back at her. “Hey, Annabeth.”

“Hey,” she said, opening the door a little wider even though she must have been freezing. “It’s been a while.”

“Yeah.” He rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. “Yeah, it has. How was your…”

“Internship?” she filled in for him.

“Yeah, in Greece, right?”

She nodded and folded her arms over her chest, rubbing her biceps to warm them up. “Yeah. It was great, thanks. A really wonderful experience. The architecture was really inspiring and I met some great people.”

Boyfriend, he thought, and almost scowled.

“Oh, that’s awesome. I’m glad.”

“How’s college?” she asked. “Are you still surfing?”

“Yeah, not as much because the workload’s gotten so much heavier, but yeah.”

They lapsed into an awkward silence, and it was only when Annabeth’s eyes dropped to his hands that Percy remembered why he’d come over in the first place.

“Oh, uh, my mom made this… for you…” He held the sweater out to her and she laughed. Just the sound of it made him smile.

“Oh, Sally, as sweet as ever!” Annabeth took the sweater and pressed it against her chest. It was red with little green christmas trees stitched into it. “And I see you’ve got a matching one?”

“Yeah,” Percy tugged on the hem of his blue sweater with white snowflakes. “You know Mom, she gets right into the whole Christmas thing.”

Annabeth’s eyes sparkled. “Of course, how could I forget the Great Pudding Show of 2005?”

“Or the Christmas Tree Hunt of 2008?” he added, laughing.

“Oh, that was a good one! God, we must have looked at hundreds at trees before we found the perfect one.” She smiled fondly down at her sweater and ran the pad of her thumb over one of the knitted trees before putting it on over her dress. “How do I look?”

Stunning. Amazing. Totally out of Percy’s league. 

“Adorable,” he said.

She scrunched her face up and poked her tongue out at him.

Percy’s heart fluttered and he realised he had to get out of there before he said something stupid. “Well, uh, I’ll let you get back to it. Say hi to the family for me.”

Annabeth’s face fell as he turned to go. “Tell Sally thanks for me,” she said.

He nodded and waved over his shoulder. He cursed himself with every step down her front path: for losing contact, for thinking there was anyway they could have rekindled their friendship, let alone turned it into something more. He was frowning down at the ground and so didn’t notice her following until she’d grabbed his arm.

“Percy,” she said, breath forming a small cloud in the air. She pulled him into a tight hug. “Thank you.”

Her sweater was just as soft as his. “I’ve really missed you, Annabeth.”

She brushed her lips against his cheek before pulling back, and Percy’s whole face flushed almost as red as the lipstick mark she’d left. 

“Is it just you and Sally this year?” she asked.

“As always.”

“Would you mind one more? I’d like to thank her for the sweater in person.”

He glanced back at her closed front door. “Won’t your family mind?”

She shrugged and he got the feeling what her family thought wouldn’t have changed Annabeth’s mind anyway. “No, definitely not. The twins are keeping everyone’s attention and I told them I’d probably be going out with friends tonight anyway.”

Percy beamed. “Yeah, alright then. Mom’ll love to see you.”

Annabeth looped her elbow through his and walked with him down his front path, smile brighter than the snow. “Good.”


We deserved fluff tonight guys here ya go


It had been six months since you realized you were into your best friend. Six months, two weeks and 3 days, to be exact. When you thought about it, you were pretty sure you’d always liked her, but you didn’t admit it to yourself until the night she came over to your house. You were hosting a movie night and the entire group came over. Jake and Brooke were probably the happiest they had ever been, Emma was sitting on Kieran’s lap and they were laughing together the whole night. Meanwhile, you, Noah and Audrey had been debating back and forth and passing around the food. Everyone was happy and smiling, and honestly, it was one of the best nights of your life.

               Brooke and Jake left early, Emma and Kieran leaving soon after. It wasn’t unusual for the three of you to be the last ones standing; you were always together anyway.

               “What are you guys doing for your next film?” You sat back in your seat and brought your legs to your chest, smiling at them. Noah got excited as usual, Audrey laughing at his childlike wonder.

               “We’re going to go to some old ghost town a few hours away, there’s supposed to be a haunted motel there and there’s some history that will be great for a new doc.” He smiled at you as Audrey patted his shoulder.

               “There’s a few other places we’re planning on staying, too. I have no idea why we never thought about going to old killer places before now.” Audrey stood up to grab another soda from the fridge. She was wearing her red cropped sweater and black ripped jeans, making it increasingly difficult for you not to stare at her the majority of the night. Your eyes followed her as she sat back down on the couch next to Noah.

               “That sounds exciting.” You rested your chin on your knees. You looked over at Noah who was looking at you questioningly. You gave him a puzzled look before he turned his head back to Audrey.

               “You know what, I think I’m gonna head out,” He stood up and grabbed his bag. Audrey stood up next to him and took her soda back into the kitchen. “Oh, you don’t have to follow me, Auds.”

               “No, it’s cool. I have to be up early, anyway. Thanks for having us over again, Y/N.” She slung her bag over her shoulder and walked over to hug you. Noah was still staring at you.

               “Yeah, no problem. Thanks for coming over. See you soon?” You walked them to the door and smiled as they headed down your driveway. Noah saluted you with his fingers and gave you a weird smile. You laughed at him and shut the door.

               When you laid in bed that night, you found yourself constantly checking your phone for a text from Audrey. Around midnight, you decided to text her just to thank her for coming over again. She sent you a smiley face back, and you felt oddly disappointed.

               That was six months ago and you still found yourself staring at her whenever she was with you. Noah still gave you weird looks when you three were together, and you started stumbling over your words whenever you tried to talk to her. There was no way to get out of it now; you had tried every single argument on yourself to talk yourself out of liking your best friend. It would split the group if something happened; it would ruin your friendship if you didn’t work out; what if it was just one-sided and you got your heartbroken regardless?

               “Y/N. You’re coming over tonight.” Noah stood in front of you in the library and brought you out of your thoughts.

               “Uh…okay? Everything good?” You looked at him with pure confusion.

               “We’re talking tonight. Six work for you?” He was looking straight at you, holding firm in his words.

               “Um, yeah, I guess. See you then?”

               “Good. See you tonight.” He smiled at you lightly and walked away. You had no idea what just happened, but it looked like you had plans that night.

               “What was that about? He looked weird.” Audrey snuck up behind you and sat next to you.

               “I have no idea. Apparently we’re talking tonight. Didn’t have much of a choice but here we are.” You started laughing as she shook her head and smiled.

               “He’s so weird. Hey, you wanna go get some food tonight around five? Emma invited me but I thought you’d be interested, too.”

               “Actually, that’s right before I’m talking with Noah. Thank you, though. Next time?” You started packing up your stuff and started to stand up.

               “That’s weird, that’s when…never mind. Next time.” She looked confused at first but shook her head and smiled at you. “Later.”

               As you headed home, Noah texted you.

               Noah: Don’t forget. Six tonight!

               Me: I’ll be there you weirdo, good lord.

               Noah: You better.

               Me: Hour and a half, Noah. I’ll be there in an hour and a half. Chill.

               You had never seen him this way. He was usually pretty flexible with timing and literally everything else, but you had a feeling if you were late he might actually kill you. You got home and went straight to your room. You messed around with your stuff a little bit, getting a little anxious about what he possibly had to talk to you about that was so important. And why had Audrey looked so confused?

               You decided to try and finish your homework while you waited. Unsurprisingly, you couldn’t focus and you got about three sentences down before you gave up. You racked your brain for anything that Noah had said recently that would give you a clue to what was happening. Everything had been normal; none of this made any sense.

               Noah: Head over now.

               Me: Jesus Christ, Noah. If you’re planning on killing me, telling me where to go and at exactly what time isn’t the way to do it. I expected more from a guy obsessed with serial killers.

               Noah: You’re right to expect more, if that was the plan I would have sent you somewhere creepy and followed none of the slasher rules. Gotta be original. Maybe next time.

               That was much more like the Noah you knew and loved. You smiled to yourself and started to head over to his house. Your stomach was in knots and you didn’t know why. You weren’t used to not knowing things when it came to Noah; you two were close for a reason. You pulled into his driveway and knocked on his door.

               “Hey!” He opened the door shortly after with a huge smile on his face.

               “Hey, you fucking weirdo. Now, what’s so important that I had to be here at exactly six o’clock?” You started walking into his house as he led you up the stairs. You halfway expected there to be something waiting in his room, but it looked like it always did. You shut his door behind you as he sat in front of his computer. You found your normal spot on his bed and shrugged at him. “What’s up, Noah?”

               “We need to talk.”

               “You’ve made that abundantly clear.”

               “How do you feel about Audrey?” He leaned forward in his chair, gauging your reaction.

               “What do you mean? She’s our best friend, Noah.”

               “Okay, yeah, but how do you feel about her?” He stayed still as you remained quiet, looking at him like he was insane. “I think you like her.”

               “What? No, I don’t. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Your heart was racing and you felt your face get warm and probably as red as his computer.

               “I don’t believe you.” He sat back and smirked at you, crossing his arms over his chest.

               “Well that seems to be a you problem. I have no idea where this is coming from.” You stood up and prepared to leave as he blocked your way to the door.

               “Of course you do! You stare at her constantly, you can’t even form normal sentences most of the time, and you’re always the first to hang out with her given the chance.”

               “I’m not allowed to want to hang out with my best friend without being accused of liking them? As for the other stuff…I’m awkward, you know that. I can barely walk without tripping. This is no different.” You shook your head and avoided all eye contact with your friend.

               “Okay, if that’s the case, then you wouldn’t mind me asking her out.” He crossed his arms again, your head snapping up at him.


               “You heard me. If you don’t like her, then you won’t mind me asking her out.” He was testing you. You kept staring at him, trying your best not to back down.

               “You’re bluffing.” You were shuffling your feet now, weighing your options.

               “Willing to risk it?” He had a smug look on his face again. He had your card and he knew it. You ran your hands through your hair and pulled slightly.

               “Fine. Fine! Yeah, I like Audrey. Happy?” You slammed your hands down on your thighs as you tried to walk towards the door again.

               “I knew it!” He had his normal big smile on his face. “Why don’t you tell her that, then?” He cut you off again, making you groan.

               “Why would I do that, Noah?”

               “Because she deserves to know. There’s only two ways it could turn out; you have a 50/50 chance of it going the way you want it to. I vote tell her.” He looked like a kid at Christmas.

               “I didn’t ask for your vote, Noah. The answer is no. It took me this long to even tell you and you had to drag it out of me, what makes you think I’m going to tell the person it’s actually about?”

               “I’m just saying, Y/N, she may surprise you.” You were about to say something when you heard a slight bang on the wall and a faint shit coming from the hallway.

               “Noah…” You thought you were going to throw up. Your eyes were wide and you were frozen.

               “I uh…I may have done something.” He looked just as scared as you did.

               “Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not tell me you did what I think you did. Literally anything but that.” Your voice was barely above a whisper and you shut your eyes. You heard the door open and you couldn’t bring yourself to open them yet.

               “I’m going to, uh…get some water.” You heard his voice fade and you assumed he was going downstairs. You kept your eyes shut with a force you were sure would require the jaws of life to open.

               “I could be dreaming. I could click my heels together and wake up back in my room staring at the stupid English homework and all of this would have been some dream that I used to escape from doing it.” You stopped talking and clicked your heels together. “Nope, okay, not a dream. Maybe if I just wish hard enough-“

               “Sometimes I forget how much you talk when you’re nervous.” Her voice was closer than you expected it to be, causing a shiver to run down your spine.

               “I’ve been told it’s a problem. Although maybe that was a dream too, maybe this whole life has been a dream and I can just crawl back into a hole or something and pretend none of it happened and just get a redo. A redo would be nice. You know what would be nicer? Never coming to Foster’s house. That sounds good.” Your eyes were still closed and you started seeing stars. “I think I just-“

               You were cut off by the feeling of lips on yours. You took a sharp intake of air and felt warm hands on the small of your back. You lifted your hands to the face in front of you and felt her short hair over your fingers.

               “I’d say I’m sorry but I really needed you to shut up.” She smiled at you as you opened your eyes and were faced with Audrey inches away from you. She kept her hand on the side of your neck and licked her lips before biting her bottom lip.

               “You know what, that’s fair. I wasn’t mad.” You started laughing and tried to stop shaking.

               “I don’t know if you gathered this yet, but the feeling is mutual.” She tucked some hair behind your ears and continued smiling.

               “You know, people should just always trust me. If you had done this sooner and actually listened to me this could have happened months ago!” Noah came back into his room and you shot him a look of pure anger. “That would normally scare me but today I was victorious and nothing will bring me down from that.”

               Audrey started laughing and backed away from you.

               “Wait, months? You’ve liked me for months and never said anything?” You looked at the short-haired girl and she glared at Noah.

               “Okay, now I want to kill you.” She said under her breath as he choked on his water before laughing.

nothinginthedark  asked:


* (The event has ended.)

* … We should get back inside.  It’s getting pretty cold out.
* We need to prepare for Halloween, after all.
* ……. Flowey?

* ……….

* … You know I don’t care what you look like, right?  You’re still my best friend, furred or flowered.

* ….. Heh, yeah.  I know, Frisk.

* Thank you.

"Hi love, uh, I got arrested?" Dan Howell Imagine

warnings: language, the feels

Physically stuck in the browsing position, I groan when I hear my phone start ringing. I dig it out of the couch cushions, put it on speaker, and place it on my chest (I’m too lazy to actually hold it).

“Hello?” I say while reading a text post about cats.

“Hey, (Y/N)?” Dan said over the phone.

“Oh hi, love! What’s up?” I said, surprised it was him; it wasn’t his number.

“Um, Can you come pick me up by any chance?” he said, somewhat uneasy. “Sure, where?” I said, taking a sip of my hot chocolate.


I start choking on my drink and I sit up, moving my laptop off to the side and placing a hand on my chest.

“(Y/N)?” he asked cautiously.

“What the fuck?” I said into the phone.

“I know, I know I’ll explain when you get here, just try to get a hold of Phil and come down to the police station,” he said, and I could picture him standing at the phone pinching the bridge of his nose, “and bring some money.”

“Fuck. Okay,” I said, trying to think, “I’ll go by your flat to get Phil and we will scrounge up as much as we can find.” I said, already putting on my shoes. I grab my ATM card and secret stash of cash before driving over to Dan and Phil’s. I double-stepped up the stairs and banged on their door.

“Coming!” Phil opened the door and smiled. “Hey (Y/N)!”

“No time to explain, Dan’s in jail and we need to bail him out! Grab all the money you can find and let’s go!” I yelled in his face.

“Woah what?” Phil said, as I drag him down the stairs.

We run out of the car, and he gives me directions to the police station Dan is at. A policeman escorts us into his office.

“Excuse me? Officer, what actually did he do?” I asked.

“Well, miss, he was arrested on charges of Disrespecting a Police Officer.”

“Disrespecting a Police officer?” Phil said beside me. “Do you mind if we see him?”

“Not at all.” He escorted us to a room with a few cells. In the small cells was an old raggedy man, next a couple of teenagers, and finally our little dork. His head in his hands, Dan sat on a small bed in the corner.

“Dan?” I said softly. He looked up, seeming extremely relieved.

“Oh fucking hell, there you are.” He said, walking over to where we stood.

“What the hell happened?” I asked, and he looked away from us. “I would rather not say.” He said.

“Dan, you have to tell us, or we can’t help you.” I said.

“Okay, so say hypothetically I was walking down the street and I hypothetically happened to trip over a small pebble in the road, and hypothetically I just so happen to spill my coffee all over the hypothetical crotch of a police man…” Dan said trailing off.

Phil and I look at Dan, then to each other, and burst into fits of laughter. I crunched over and held my stomach, as tears sprang to my eyes. I looked to Dan, and in a high pitched voice I laughed, “You spilled coffee over a cop’s junk?!”

Phil bust into more fits of laughter. ”Guys stop!” Dan pleaded.

I wiped tears from my eyes and looked up to him, “Why didn’t you just explain to him it was an accident?”

“He accused me of doing it on purpose and I was too awkward and stunned to explain or argue, I just…” he trailed off.

“Dan why didn’t you use your lawyer skills!” Phil joked.

“I never got my degree!” Dan yelled and we both laughed. We decided to go negotiate with the chief and explain the misunderstanding. Stubbornly, he complied, and let Dan out with a ‘warning’ (whatever that means).

“Bloody hell,” Dan murmured as we exited the police station. I brought my hand to my mouth to cover up my small giggles.

“Shut up, you, come here,” he said and pulled me into a hug. He rested his chin on my head and sighed.  “That was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me.” I smiled into his chest and rubbed his back, trying to make him feel better.

From behind me, I heard Phil chime in, “If you don’t make a video about this, I will.”



silverdagger865  asked:

BACHELOR BOYS EPILOGUE💚💙💚💙*cries and sends a virtual hug to you* The feels.....Oml my heart😂So well written! Following it start to finish made my days, I was so excited every time I got a notification for it!! Great job💙💚💙💚

Thank you!!! Hehe maybe I rushed it a bit…But anyways, thank you again for reading it! *Sends virtual hug back*

Fortune Teller

Requested by Anon <3 For the recorddddd, I read tarot cards so.. yeah lmao this one was fun!


The Shield x Reader

Although you worked backstage in WWE, it was no secret that you knew your way around the “supernatural” world. Everyone knew that by day, you were happy being an interviewer backstage for the company and by night, you held reading sessions in your house and not just any reading session, Tarot card reading sessions. You loved doing it and you loved being able to see more than others. Although many were scared and skeptical of the fact that you read Tarot, others were fascinated. Some of these people, were all three members of the Shield. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. You didn’t speak to them much but you were friendly to each other. When they found out about your “other side” they wanted to know more about it. They started to try to get answers from some of your friends backstage and they weren’t getting anywhere with that, little did they know, you knew they were asking about you and you didn’t care. It was funny to you. You went about your days pretending you didn’t know as they watched and observed you from a distance. You continued to be friendly and act as if nothing were really going on. Finally, one day they couldn’t take it anymore and decided to approach you with their burning questions.
“(Y/N)?” You turned to see all three of the boys approaching you. You smiled and greeted them.
“Hey boys. What’s up? I don’t remember there being a segment with you guys today?” You leaned against the wall and maintained a straight face.
“Ugh, that’s not exactly why we came to you.” Seth started swaying from side to side as he spoke to you and you knew he was beginning to get a little nervous. You stood up straight and crossed your arms smirking at them.
“So what is it then?” The three of them exchanged glances and you wanted to laugh but you didn’t, Seth continued.
“We heard, that you.. read tarot cards. Is it true?” You sighed and leaned back against the wall, staring intently at them.
“Yes, it is true. Why?” Although knowing what they were going to say, you wanted to keep this little game going.
“So are you a good witch or a bad witch?” Dean blurted out. You shot your glance towards him and his chuckles subsided. Roman hit his arm and he looked down, swearing under his breath.
“Depends on who’s asking.” You smiled wide and the three of them looked at you with a little bit of fear spread across their faces. You giggled and looked between the three of them.
“Look, boys. I know you’ve been asking around about me. You could’ve come to me. I don’t bite, and I’m not a witch either.” You emphasized the last part of your sentence and look over at Dean who was watching you. “But, I can read Tarot. So what is it? You guys want me to read you? Is that what your little stalker frenzy is about?” The boys remained quiet for a moment before Roman finally spoke up.
“Yeah we do. Truth is.. we think it’s cool and we just wanna know what’s ahead of us you know?” You nodded slowly and started walking back and forth.
“You guys can stop acting like you’re scared of me. I’m not crazy… but.. if that’s what you want. Then sure, I’ll do it.” You grabbed a piece of paper and a pen that was laying near you and wrote down your address. “If you guys are serious, come to my house. That’s where I hold all of my readings. You can either come tonight or tomorrow. Pick whichever you guys prefer and I’d be more than happy to do it for you!” The guys seemed to have eased their nerves and they were smiling at you.
Seth, Dean and Roman decided that they didn’t want to wait and they decided to go to your house after the show. Luckily, you didn’t have anything written in the show for you and their match was the first of the night so, it wasn’t late. You arrived at your house first and prepared for them. You were just finishing when your doorbell rang.
“You guys made it!” They came into your house one at a time looking around and then back to you.
“Nice house!” Seth smiled and you and you returned it.
“Thanks, bought it myself. Now, let’s get going, reading three people at once may take some time.” You led them downstairs to your basement. You basement walls were a deep maroon and all the furniture was black. In the center of the room, you had a small round table with a black cloth draped over it and the cards sitting directly in the center. You led them to the table and sat across from them. Dean looked around more than the other two did.
“Feels like I walked straight into Hocus Pocus.”
“Oo, another witch joke? Careful Ambrose, you might not like me when this is over.” He grew serious again and sat beside Roman.
“Alright, so basically, how this works is. You each have to think of a question, I’ll shuffle the cards, you think of your questions and I’ll lay them out in front of you. Then, i’ll interpret them. Got it?” They all nodded and watched you. You started to shuffle the cards and looked at Roman.
“You first big guy. Think of your question.” The room went quiet and you continued to shuffle. Roman closed his eyes for a brief moment and looked into yours. He nodded and you stopped shuffling when you felt the time was right. You cut the deck and placed the cards back in your hand. You then drew 3 cards from the deck.
You placed the pile of cards aside and looked at the cards in between you and Roman. You smiled and looked up at him. He looked nervous and waited for an answer.
“King of Cups. You’re a thoughtful genuine man. Very caring. Six of wands, Achievement. and the Magician. You have the power to succeed so use it. You wanted to know where your career was heading? If you made the right decision?” His jaw dropped slightly and he nodded his head. Speechless. “Well, you did make the right decision and you have quite the future ahead of you sweetie. Use what you’ve got, and everything will work in your favor.” He smiled and relaxed in his chair. Dean was next.
“Alright Ambrose, you’re turn. Think of a question.” You gathered the cards and began to shuffle them again. He stared deeply into your eyes and you stopped shuffling when the cards felt right.
“Thought of it? Good.” He squinted at you and smirked. You placed three cards in front of him and set the pile aside. You laughed slightly and looked at him.
“What? Why are you laughing? Tell me what’s happening.” Your laugh grew and you threw your hands up.
“Relax hound. I’m laughing at your question.”
“So what? You read minds now?”
“No, but my cards do.” You smirked and tilted your head and looked back at the cards.
“Knight of swords, Chaotic man. Queen of Swords, the king’s perfect match basically. She’s a no bullshit type. and finally, The Devil.” You stopped and looked at him, he looked like he was going to pass out. You smiled and got up, getting him a bottle of water.
“Relax Ambrose, that card is misinterpreted all the time. No you’re not going to die, the devil card, is known as a sex card as well. Not just manipulation” Roman and Seth looked at Dean and gave him a judgmental expression. Dean just shrugged. “He wanted to know about his sex life.”
“Not true!” You raised your eyebrows and sat back down.
“Oh? So what was your question then huh? Cause if i’m not mistaken, which i rarely am, you wanted to know what kind of girl you were going to marry and fuck for the rest of your life.” Your tone grew serious and Dean just looked at you with a blank stare.
“Okay… I guess you do read minds.” Seth laughed and looked over at Dean.
“Really? That’s what you asked the cards? You’re an idiot.” Dean shot him a glance and so did you.
“Let’s not get feisty Seth. It’s your turn.” He swallowed hard and you gathered your cards and began to shuffle for the last time. “Alright, think.” You shuffled the cards and stopped when you felt necessary. He nodded to you and you placed the cards in front of him gasping slightly at what you were looking at. You looked up at him and back down at the cards. The room was filled with an uncomfortable silence and you set the cards aside. You didn’t look up at the boys, you just stared into the cards. You took a deep breath and started speaking.
“Okay.. umm. Five of swords.. A hidden agenda. Five of wands.. Conflict. and The tower.. Destruction.” You looked up at them and they were all shocked. “Seth, either you or someone very close to you isn’t a very nice person. Your question? You wanted to know what was in store for you by the end of the week?” You looked over at him and he slowly nodded. “Well it’s not good. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but someone is either doing you wrong or you’re doing someone wrong”
“That’s insane! I don’t believe this crap anyways.” He got up and stormed upstairs and out of your house. You looked at Roman and Dean who were still sitting there, shocked.
“You boys needs to watch your backs. Be careful with him.. understand?” They nodded and got up and started to walk upstairs and you followed. They were about to leave your house when Roman took you by surprise and hugged you. You hugged back and he thanked you. You nodded and he walked out the door.
“So… should we like.. tip you or something?” You laughed and so did Dean.
“Your jokes suck, get out of my house.” He laughed and patted your arm before leaving. You weren’t sure what Seth was up too but you didn’t want to be around when you found out, you just knew, he was most likely going to do something unforgivable.

Mama Likes Questions (Jc Caylen)

“Oh look,” Jc says as he points to the baggage carousel. After about fifteen minutes, Jc has finally spotted his luggage. He pulls it off of the belt and pulls out the handle. “Alright, let’s go to the car rentals.” Jc takes your hand in his and you follow.

“I’m nervous Jc,” you admit to him as you walk out of the airport.

He smiles as he keeps looking forward. “I know you are. But it’s fine. I know my family is going to love you.” He squeezes your hand.

You both continue walking until you reach a car rental place across the street from the airport. In just a few minutes, Jc and you are in and out with the keys of your new rental. Jc leads the way to the black Ford Fusion. it looks nice to you, but also very expensive. Jc unlocks the car and the both of you get in.

“Ready?” Jc asks with a smile as he puts the key in the ignition.

“Um… Sure,” you answer without sounding assured.

“You don’t sound so sure. Look, babe, I promise you that there is nothing to be worried about. My mom is a good person. She will love anyone that makes me happy. And (Y/N), you make me really happy. And Josh Felix and Jaylyn are thrilled to see you too.” He keeps his eyes locked on yours.

You take a deep breath in and let it flow out through your mouth. “Okay, that made me feel better. I’m calm now. Let’s just go. I can do this.”

“Thats my girl. Alright.” Then Jc puts the car in reverse and starts gets on the road to his house.


After scanning the town and how nice the houses look with patches of green everywhere, Jc pulls up on the parking lot of a simple but nice house. It’s looks like a very nice neighborhood.

“We’ll, we’re here,” Jc announces. “Let’s go meet the family!” Then Jc basically jumps out of the car and runs over to your side. He manages to open the door before you can even touch the handle. “Let’s go!” Jc’s enthusiasm excites you. You let him pull you out of the car.

He keeps his fingers in between yours as you both start to walk to the door. Up the steps and you are now at the front entrance. Jc is quick to knock a few times. The smile has not faded from his face.

After a few seconds, you see the door handle turning. The door opens and you recognize his mother immediately. A smile brightens up her face a she exclaims, “Justin!” She opens up her arms and Jc goes in for a hug.

“Hi ma,” Jc says in a comforting tone.

“It’s so nice to have you home.”

“It feels nice to be home.” They break apart and his mom’s eyes turn to you. “You must be (Y/N)! It’s finally nice to see you.” Then she opens up her arms again. You can’t help but grin.

You go up to her and hug her. “It’s finally nice to meet you too,” you say.

When she pulls back, she keeps her hands around yours. “Justin, she’s so pretty.”

“Yeah, she’s beautiful,” Jc adds.

You can feel your cheeks getting hot. “Thank you,” you say. “You’re even prettier in person. I’ve only seen you in pictures Ms. Caylen.”

“Please, call me Mama Caylen. Or Mom. Anyways, come in come in! Dinner is almost ready.” She steps to the side and leaves doorway open. Jc takes you hand again and you follow him inside.

As soon as your feet step on the carpet inside, you see two little bodies running down the stairs. It’s Jaylyn and Jo Felix. The come full speed and do not slow down as they hug Jc. They run into so hard that he almost falls over. “Jc! Jc! You’re home!” you hear over and over from the both of them.

“Hey guys!” Jc laughs. “I’ve missed you!”

“We’ve missed you too!” They both say at the same time.

After hugging Jaylyn and Jo Felix, Jc tells them, “Guys, and this is (Y/N).”

Then they both give you a tight hug without hesitation. You a shocked at first, but then you crouch down a little so you can hug them back. “Hi Jaylyn. Hi Jo Felix,” you greet them.

“Okay, let’s move this to the kitchen,” Mama Caylen says as she walks up. “Let’s all sit down so we can eat.” She basically shoos you all into the next room.

You follow Jc to the kitchen. You take a seat next to him. The table is already set up for everyone to eat. In no time, Mama Caylen comes in with bowls and plates of food. When she sets them down on the table, the aroma of the dishes engulfs your nostrils.

“Okay, there’s white enchiladas, rice, and beans. Eat up!” Mama Caylen announces as she takes a seat next to Jaylyn.

Jc is the first one to grab a platter. He begins to put enchiladas on his own plate. He looks at you and notices that you look overwhelmed. “Here, let me serve you.” He pushes a helping of enchiladas onto your plate. Then Jc serves you and himself rice and beans.

Now your plate is full and your stomach is rumbling. You take your fork and cut a small piece. You put it in your mouth and chew. It’s a little hot, but that feeling is quickly followed by the taste of creaminess. “Mmm…” you can’t help but say.

“It’s good, huh?” Jc asks with his mouth full.

You nod your head as you take another bite.

“Thank you,” Jc’s mom says. “Jc loves them too.”

“Yup,” Jc replies. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed your cooking.” Jc and his mom both smile at each other. When you look over to Jaylyn and Jo Felix to see if they have anything to say, you see that their mouths are also stuffed.

“So Justin,” Mama Caylen begins, “How was the trip over here?”

He replies, “It was okay. The plane ride wasn’t too long. How’s it been here?”

Jo Felix finally stops eating to speak up. “Jaylyn and I joined swimming!” Jaylyn nods here head since she is still chewing.

“That’s so cool!” Jc says. “One of these days we are going to go to the pool and see how good you guys actually are.”

Mama Caylen then asks another question. “You know, you and (Y/N) are really good together. When are the babies coming?”

As soon as she says that, Jc almost chokes on his food. He goes for a napkin to wipe his face. You are so surprised as well that you let the fork fall from your hand and it makes a loud clink sound.

Jc then says, “Whoa, mom, calm down. Don’t you think it’s a little too soon to be talking about babies? We haven’t been together for more than a year.”

“I know that Justin, but you’re a grown man. You’r’e only going to get older. You too (Y/N). Time is running out. You both just need to settle down. And besides, I’ve always wanted grand children.”

You are very shocked. You didn’t know this topic would be coming up anytime soon. You don’t know what to say. You don’t really know if you want to have a baby or not. But this just feels uncomfortable to talking about this with Jc’s mom. But then again, it makes you giggle at the way Jc is reacting. You decide to play along.

“Maybe she’s right Jc,” you add.

“What!?” he blurts out. “Babe, my mom is crazy. It’s too soon.”

“But Jc, we aren’t getting any younger. Before we know it we are going to have grey hair on our heads!” You are trying hard to hold in your laughter.

“I can’t believe this. You women are crazy!”

You make eye contact with Jc’s mom, and a smile starts to form on her face. It’s contagious and the both of you break out in laughter. You are looking at Jc’s face and seems confused.

“Oh my God,” he says. “You guys were playing me.”

“You should have seen the look on your face!” you manage to say in between your laughing.

“Ha ha. Very funny.” When you look at him, you know he is trying hard not to laugh.

You and Jc’s mom finally calm down. “Oh how I’ve missed you Justin. It’s nice having you here for a while. And you too (Y/N). Family dinner now seems complete. But anyways…. I was serious about you two having a baby.” She eyeballs the both of you.

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Love Me Like You Do: Chapter 1

Thank you so much to distractedbyjoshifer and catching-dandelions for being my amazing editors!!

I’ve wiped mysweaty palms on my jeans more than one hundred times throughout my walk towhere I’ll be working during my break from college. None of the other businesses in District Twelve were hiring college students for the summer so my last resort was a small bakery, Mellark’s.

I spoke to one of the owners, a man, when I applied for the job. He told me that Mellark’s is a family owned business, and they didn’t hire many outside workers. Luckily for me, the summer was a busy time for them, with summer weddings and such.

And although he was very kind, his wife scowled at me the entire time we spoke. To avoid any further conflict, I plan to keep quiet and smile while she’s around.

As I enter the bakery, I hear the bell above the door ring. I’m expecting to be greeted by the owner, Mr. Mellark, but instead, his gorgeous, blonde, and muscular son greets me.

“Hey! You must be Katniss,” he says with a grin plastered on his face.

“Uh, yeah. That’s me.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Peeta,” he extends his hand for me to shake, and when our skin makes contact I feel the flour that dusts most of his body not protected by clothing. After I pull away, I attempt to brush the flour off with my other hand.

“Sorry!” he says. “It’s inevitable here. Flour is everywhere. You’ll be coated in ten seconds.”

I feel as if my legs are going to give out on me when he smiles.

“It’s…It’s fine,” I mutter, surely sounding like a fool. I don’t understand why I’m this nervous, I’ve only just met him.

“So, I’ve been chosen to train you. I think we’ll start with cheese buns.”

“Cheese buns?” I’ve never heard of them. I was sure that this job would be relatively simple, making cookies and frosting cupcakes and such.

“Yeah, you’ll love them,” he says, smiling from ear to ear.

Peeta retreats to a large cabinet for the ingredients needed to make cheese buns. His eyes frequently flicker in my direction, making me feel extremely self-conscious.

Does my hair look okay? Is there something on my face?

“What?” I snap, finally fed up with his staring.

“What do you mean?” he asks, confusion laced in his voice and etched into his prominent features.

He runs his strong hand through his blonde hair, to push it off of his forehead. Now I’m the one who finds myself staring instead, in awe of his beauty.

Peeta looks as if he could be around my age, but his personality leads me to believe he’s quite older than me. While the mystery has been racking at my brain, I realize I’ve been too busy gawking at him and haven’t responded.

“Uh… You were staring.”

“Sorry, Katniss. I can’t help it though. You’re beautiful.”

An awkward silence fills the entire room, and soon enough, Peeta is apologizing once again. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“No, it’s fine…”

When the silence becomes overwhelming I blurt out, “Well, those cheese buns aren’t going to bake themselves.”

Laughing to himself, Peeta moves to measure all of the ingredients, and pours them into a giant mixer. This is all too complicated, and I’m sure that when I’m left alone to do this, I will fail miserably.

“I’m going to go preheat the ovens, just turn the mixer on until the dough looks evenly incorporated. Okay?” Peeta asks.

“Um, sure.”

It’s just turning the mixer on Katniss, you can’t mess this up. I repeat in my head, attempting to rid myself of the nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I flick the mixer on, and I’m immediately coated with flour, milk, and every other ingredient Peeta had added. I stand there for a few moments after turning the mixer off, squeezing my eyes shut and willing myself to wake up from this wretched nightmare I must be stuck in.

“What the hell is going on?” I hear a woman’s voice yell from behind me.

As I snap my head around and wipe the flour from my eyes, I see the owner’s wife. If looks could kill, I would have instantly died.


“Uh, I’m sorry. I was just…” I’ve lost the ability to form words, and I watch as Peeta reenters the room, his jaw dropping to the floor. Almost immediately, he bursts out into a fit of laughter and I can’t help but join him.

His mother directs her glare in his direction now. “Peeta, this is not funny.”

Peeta hands me a towel to wipe the flour mixture off my face as we continue to laugh.

“Young lady, this is not a good impression on your first day,” she nearly shouts at me, placing her fists angrily onto her hips.

“I’m sorry,” I manage to say through my laughter.

She turns and storms out of the kitchen, and I hear her mutter, “I told him not to hire her,” under her breath.

“Start the mixer off slowly next time. I should have warned you,” Peeta says.

“I’m sorry!” I say as my laughter subsides. “I’m sorry.”

“Katniss, it’s fine. We’ll make another batch. Not a big deal.”

This time, Peeta let’s me measure the ingredients into the large mixer bowl. He leans to look into the bowl, and rests his hand on the small of my back. My body instantly tenses, and I can only hope he doesn’t notice.

Do I want him touching me like that? What makes me nervous is that I honestly don’t know the answer.

Throughout the day, Peeta teaches me everything there is to know about the bakery. We’ve made cheese buns, several kinds of cookies, and now he’s teaching me how to use the cash register and how to greet customers.

I didn’t think this would be my forte, because my face is regularly set in a permanent scowl, but Peeta is making it easy.

His smile is contagious, and I find it’s quite laid-back and relaxing talking to the customers. It’s better than working in the kitchen and constantly being stared at and judged by Peeta’s mother.

I find myself watching Peeta as he works. I can’t tear my eyes away from the muscles in his arms that move slightly when he picks up a ball of dough, or opens the oven doors. The smile that he wears as he greets and serves the customers, and the way he runs his hands through his hair causes me to struggle to catch my breath.

You don’t have a crush on Peeta. You don’t even know Peeta. Don’t be silly.

For the rest of my first day at work my gaze shifts quite often to Peeta, and if I’m not mistaken, his shifts to me as well.


For the next week, I nearly sprint to work. My level of excitement to be around Peeta again worries me, but I immediately push those thoughts out of my head. I don’t have a crush, he’s simply just fun to be around and to talk to.

Yesterday, Peeta was sick, and I was stuck working with one of his older brothers. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.

When I arrive at the bakery, I say a silent prayer that Peeta is feeling better today. I cannot take another day of uncomfortable conversation; I need him to come back to work desperately, or else I may lose my sanity.

As I tie my apron around my back, I feel someone’s arms envelop me from behind, and I know that it’s Peeta from his distinct smell..


“Hey,” I say, trying to seem calm. All the while, on the inside, I’m freaking out.

“Did you miss me yesterday?” he asks, grinning from ear to ear.

“Not at all. You should stay home more often,” I smirk at him and his face breaks out into a smile.

“Liar. You know you missed me.” We both laugh before getting started on baking for the day.

“You look nice today,” he says simply, beginning to knead the dough. “I really like your hair like that.”

My fingers involuntarily run down the length of my braid, and I can’t help the small smile that spreads across my face. “Thanks.”

After the baking is done, we’re on counter duty. The bakery seems to be busy today, which meant Peeta and I didn’t have much time for our usual conversations. I find myself watching him, and admiring the way he smiles and interacts with the customers.

The smile that I’ve become accustomed to is abruptly different now, changing dramatically as a blonde girl walks in. His face seems as if it could break in two, his mouth spreading wider than I’ve ever seen before.

“Delly!” Peeta yells, and then he walks around the counter and wraps his arms around her. His beautiful, strong, muscular arms that I want around me instead.

Just as she plants a kiss on his cheek, my heart sinks.

I had already had a dreadful fear that Peeta had a girlfriend, but I didn’t expect to be this disappointed whenever it was confirmed.

“My shift is actually over,” Peeta says as he releases the girl, Delly, from his grip. “Uh, Katniss, you can go too. My brother will be here any minute to take over anyway.”

“Oh…okay…” I say, almost inaudibly.

“Great job with those cupcakes today, by the way!” he says before he walks back around the counter.

He hangs up his apron and I follow to do the same. I’m stunned when he turns to me, enveloping me into another hug.

“I mean it, Katniss. You did good today.”

“Thanks, Peeta.”

My bliss soon fades, as I see Peeta walk out of the bakery with his arm around Delly.


I’m dreading work more than anything today because now I feel uncomfortable around Peeta. It’s obvious that he has been flirting with me, but I’m angry I let myself develop feelings. They were only very small, and minor feelings; but still feelings nonetheless.

I was finally able to admit it to myself last night. But fortunately, those feelings are gone now.

“Good morning, Katniss!” Peeta greets me, a wide smile crossing his face.

“Hi,” I say without making eye contact as I walk right past him to retrieve an apron.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

“Uh, okay. Let’s get started then.”

Peeta makes an effort to talk to me all day, but I can’t help but be cold with him. I almost feel betrayed, because he flirted with me often, and never once told me about his girlfriend, Delly. I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I just can’t help it.

“Katniss, is something bothering you? You’ve been unusually quiet all day,” Peeta asks while we’re scooping chocolate chip cookie dough onto baking sheets.

Without lifting my eyes off of the cookies I simply reply, “Nope. I’m fine.” Peeta clearly doesn’t believe me.

“Bull shit,” he says.

“No, Peeta. I’m really fine.”

The rest of the day passes by with little communication between Peeta and I. Just as I’m beginning to think I could forget about my crush, and just be civil and be friends with him, I see her walk through the front door again.

“Hey, Delly! I forgot to introduce you yesterday. Katniss, this is Delly,” he says, too cheerful for my liking.

I take my apron off and throw it on the counter. “My shift is over, I’m leaving.”


Later that night I’m lying in my bed, attempting to force all thoughts of Peeta out of my mind. Just as I had begun to think I was successful, my phone vibrates in my hand.

Peeta: Hey, are you sure you’re okay?

Shit, I forgot that I gave him my phone number. I instantly regret that decision right now. I lie there a few moments, trying to decide what I want to say, if I want to say anything at all.

Katniss: Yup.

Peeta: Did I do something to upset you?

Yes, Peeta. Yes you did. You led me on for a week, and then crushed my aspirations of a relationship with you when your girlfriend showed up to work.

Katniss: Nope. Don’t worry about me, Peeta.

But honestly, how could I ever think I actually had feelings for him? I know nothing about him except that he’s a baker. I don’t know his middle name, if he grew up in District 12, if he goes to college, and most importantly, I don’t even know how old the guy is.

Peeta: I can’t help it. I’m worried about you.

Katniss: Don’t be. I’m fine.

Since it’s Friday night and I don’t have to work at the bakery again until Monday, I turn my phone off, throwing it onto my nightstand. Possibly tomorrow I’ll respond to whatever bullshit he sends next. Or maybe not, I haven’t decided.

A brilliant idea flashes into my brain and I sit up with a jolt of energy. I grab my laptop from the bedside table, and I sit impatiently waiting for it to power on. I stare at the screen, and when it finally turns on, my worries overwhelm me.

The butterflies in my stomach begin to flutter around at crazy speeds as I log into my Facebook account. I can’t figure out why I hadn’t thought of this sooner.

As I type PeetaMellark into the search bar, my nerves consume me. What if I won’t like what I find?

When I click on his page, my suspicions are confirmed, and exactly what I predicted; a profile picture with Delly.

I click on the about button, to see the personal information about him.

Relationship Status: Single

That can’t be accurate. I decide to click on the picture of Peeta and Delly, and read what people have commented on it.

Delly Cartwright: Best friends since birth! Love you so much little cousin! Xoxo

What the fuck? I don’t think I’ve ever felt this ignorant in my entire life. I let a spite of jealousy get the better of me, blocking my better judgment.

I reach to grab my phone as fast as my hands will possibly move. When it’s on, I quickly open Peeta’s unread text message.

Peeta: Katniss, I know you aren’t fine. Tell me what I did.

Katniss: I’m sorry, you’re right. But I’m fine now, I promise :)

Peeta: Good. I can’t stand it knowing you’re mad at me.

Katniss: Oh stop lying! :)

Peeta: I’m not lying. I like you, Katniss.

As my brain attempts to register this shock, the phone drops out of my hand. I decide to keep scrolling through his Facebook page because I still need more information about him.

The most shocking, and upsetting, piece of information that I find about him is his age. My jaw nearly hits the floor as I stare at his date of birth, and age.

Age: 25

Peeta is 25 years old, and I’m only 18. I’ve only just graduated high school less than one year ago. He’s far too old for me, and my mother would never approve. Neither would I, if I’m being honest.

Peeta: Lol I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so blunt.

Katniss: I like you too… But nothing can happen between us.

Peeta: Why? I’m confused.

Katniss: Peeta, I’m only 18. I could never date someone 7 years older than me.


Title: Home

Word Count: 2,613

Pairing: Reader x Dean but mostly Sam friendship

Theme Songs: Home by The Piano GuysLife Is A Song by Patrick Park 

**Imagine Sam getting a real home**

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“Dean, Dean! Turn right here, this is Selby Lane,” you said looking up from the map in your lap and consulting the hand written directions you’d scribbled on your last motel’s stationary. 

Dean let out a low whistle as he navigated the Impala through the winding neighborhood streets. “This is a nice area. What’s the address again?”

“We’re looking for 1218,” you replied, folding the map and looking around. Dean was right, it really was nice. The yards were well maintained, many with lush trees or gardens planted along the borders, dotting the green with bursts of color. The houses you passed ranged from moderately sized one story places to the larger sized two stories. It wasn’t cookie cutter, though; each house had its own distinct look to it. You smiled, it felt right.

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Preference: He’s a Cop

Harry: You discreetly watch from across the room as Harry slams the door shut after him, unbuttoning his black uniform. He’s halfway finished when he kicks his shoes off, letting them bounce around on the floor. When he pulls his shirt out from being tucked underneath his pants, his eyes trail upward and he meets your stare. “You alright?” You ask, raising your eyebrows at him. A crooked smirk forms on Harry’s lips as he aggressively tugs his shirt off and tosses it to the ground, revealing his perfectly toned chest. His fingers fumble with the belt around his waist while he slowly crosses the room to you. “Not the best day on the job,” He says, before biting his lip and adding, “But I know you can turn my entire day around.”

Liam: You’re lounging on your couch, with a box of candy and a movie playing in front of you. With your feet resting up on the coffee table, you can’t think of a better way to spend your night alone. Just before you can get too hooked into the winding plot the movie, however, you’re interrupted by the doorbell. A groan leaves your mouth as you unravel yourself and make your way for the door, not overly keen on having any guests. Gripping the doorknob, you freeze in your spot when you swing the door open to be greeted by a very handsome officer. You’re not sure whether you should me amused or frightened. “Um…can I help you?” You hesitantly ask, letting your eyes trail down his trimmed figure. Standing with his hands on his hips, he says, “My name is Officer Liam Payne. I’m investigating an abuse incident that might have occurred next door. Is there anything you can tell me?” You shake your head, mumbling, “Uh, no. I’ve just been watching a movie. I haven’t heard anything. Is everything alright?” He softly smiles and tells you, “Everything’s fine, for now. Would you mind, uh, jotting down your phone number for me?”

Niall: “Touch me again,” You growl, glaring at the girl in front of you. You stand with your hands balled into fists at your sides, ready to defend yourself. “My fucking pleasure,” She barks back at you, before harshly slapping her hand across your face. Before you even have time to tend to the stinging sensation in your face, you step forward and throw your fist across her face. She gasps, ready to come at you again, but not before a pair of police officers break it up. While she’s dragged away by one cop, another has his muscular arm wrapped around you. He pulls you away from the scene, guiding you through the crowd. He backs you up to his car, and it isn’t until now that you get a good look at him. All of your anger floods right out of you as your eyes wander along his figure. He’s breathing heavily as his eyes drop to your lips. “Stay here,” He breathes before disappearing to talk with the other officer. You obediently stand with your back leaning against his car until he returns. “Alright, here’s the deal. I’m not gonna give you a ticket or anything, because you were only defending yourself, right?” You nod, breathing a sigh of relief, “Thank you so much, Officer.” He smirks and slips a piece of paper into your hands. You glance down to see his phone number and name scribbled across it. With a wink, he tells you, “You owe me.”

Louis: You’ve backed yourself in a corner, hugging yourself. You feel cold and afraid as you watch the scene unfold in front of you. You can’t even bring yourself to remember why you came to this party anyway, as you figured something like this would probably happen. You watch a beer bottle crash to the ground, followed by a roar of laughter. Your eyes catch a glimpse of the joint that’s being passed around. You cringe at the foul smell that fills your nose. You can feel yourself getting weaker and weaker as time passes until, almost miraculously, you hear a siren and see the red and blue lights flashing through the windows. Everyone inside scrambles to either hide or run out the back door, and seconds later a loud knock echoes through the house. You watch as an innocent-looking girl pulls the door open, trying her best to appear as if nothing is going on. You finally peel yourself from the corner just as the door opens further and the officer invites himself in. He takes one look around at the messy place, and he knows the girl’s lying. When his eyes land on you, he helps you outside and gives you a ride home, leaving his partner to deal with the situation back at the house. “Call me if you ever need anything,” He tells you, passing you his phone number. “I hate to see nice girls like you in trouble.”

Zayn: “Zayn,” You whisper into your phone, as your back hits the brick wall behind you. Your eyes dart around the dark alley, only lighted slightly by the streetlight on the corner. The pavement beneath you is slick with rain drops. “I don’t know where I am. I tried walking home and I got lost and - I’m scared,” Your panicked voice cracks as tears flood your eyes. “It’s okay, angel. I’m coming to get you right now. Can you find out what street you’re on?” Zayn speaks as he rises to his feet and guides himself through the police station. He’s leaving without permission, but you need him and this is very much an emergency that he feels he is obligated to tend to. “I don’t know,” You cry, “I’m - I’m in the alley by the bar.” Though you’ve barely given him a description, Zayn knows exactly where to find you. He’s able to get you home safely before anything can happen. One of the perks of being married to a cop - you always feel safe with him.