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A small rant about the difference between tos and aos Kirks

First of all, let me say: I get it, I really do. We do not need more womanizing super masculine straight white male heroes, and that aos Kirk is these stereotypes in a way that tos never quite reaches (even being in the 60s as it is)

But beyond that, we have to acknowledge these two individuals grew up very very differently, and in the nature vs. nurture argument this plays a major role in their development

aos kirk was raised by his abusive step father and had an absent mother and dead father, never went to  tarsus IV, and grew up in a world where apparently romulans are known and he gets a hearing instead of a commendation for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru

basically they are different people with different paths; regardless of where they end up the path wasn’t the same, so the individuals aren’t identical 

so those long posts about how aos is ruining kirk? They should really be about the sexism in media good god the sexism is overwhelming, not how star trek at its core is ruined because the stories have created different behavior and character


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So next year at school we have to do an ‘extension study’, and all the options were awful so I just did what most people do and chose the EPQ, which is basically where we write a 5000 word essay on whatever we want.

And yeah so I’m thinking of doing my essay on 'the influence of 20th century science fiction on modern life’ or something along those lines.

Obviously, 100 years of science fiction is quite a lot of ground to cover, so I’ll probably end up focusing mostly on just the one thing…

Star Trek. I am going to write an essay on Star Trek.

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