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Chris Evans x Reader

Request by Anon: “Chris. Evans. smut.” The reader has been in a relationship with Chris for years first friends now his better half and she has to do a sex seen with Bucky Barnes since shes his love interest. Chris freaks out but the reader calms him down. They just aren’t as slick and quite as they think.

A/n: Sorry this got out so late and that it sucks cuz i rushed. It took me hours to write it but I loved writing this though!

Im thinking about doing promps but idk if that what you all want so let me know! Also please request just no ships rn. Thank you and enjoy.- Maybie xx

Genre: Romance, Smut

Rated: Mature

Warning: Swearing, Anxiety, Sex.

Author: Mavelthegotodrug

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Mrs. Evans.

Has a nice ring to it. You always get so happy when someone calls your that. Being Mrs. Evans was amazing but tbqh its a hella of a lot of work. You were apart of The Avengers cast as well and played Bucky Barnes love interest. And you where in some movies with Chris before he become captain so you knew him pretty well. You knew what made him angry or really happy, what made him laugh or cry, and what made him anxious.

It’s a pretty well known fact that he had anxiety. It’s just not well know for what gives him anxiety attacks. One of the many reasons is you, which always broke your heart. If you have to do a sex scene, or a fighting scene. He would always beg you not to do them, but he knew you’d do them anyway. You would always try and make him happy and safe but this was your career.

Acting, singing, modeling. You’re trifecta. Since you were only 28 you still did everything you loved doing. Your were young and daring and were always up for new things. Chris thought that was the best and worst quality about you. Don’t get me wrong it’s fun when your up to go hiking with him, Pratt, and Anna but not so fun to watch you fuck another man.

He knew that at the end of the day it’s up to you. He knew you saw all his movies and all his sex scenes but he’s never seen you in one and wasn’t planing on it until the added in scene of you and Bucky Barnes ‘reconnecting’. Chris thought the scene was unnecessary but you, on the other hand, thought it was a nice touch to the romance and protectiveness behind your character and Sebastian’s.

“Don’t touch me!” He hissed. The words stung and left a bitter musk in the air. You knew he need you but that didn’t mean you were gonna force something he didn’t want. You nodded and put your hands in the air stepping back a little bit showing you were doing what he said.

“Baby, stop acting like this” you pleaded. It was an hour long lunch brake and after it was two fight scenes and the sex scene.

“Like what Y/N?! Upset?! Angry?! Fucking pissed off?!” He yelled throwing his hands up in the air. You jerked back a little bit and his face dropped as well as his hands. You knew he would never hurt you but with boyfriends in the past you could never be to careful.

“No Chris. Anxious. Please sit and breath. At lest let me touch you” you spoke softly. you watched as his chest when up and down quickly. His breaths turning into huffs, His eyes begging to water. You reached out your hand and gently touched his arm making sure he knew you weren’t going to leave his side when hes like this.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you i jus-” you cut him off as you pulled him to you.

“I’m not scared of you, Chris. You’re to good of a man to hurt me” you said starring into his deep blue eyes. That’s the only thing you loved about his eyes when he was sad. If he cried or got flustered his eyes would go a deep blue. It was somewhat calming for you which in the end only helped him calm down.

His head dropped as his hands covered his face. You heard his groans and soft sigh be muffled by his big hands. You brought up your small hands and held on to his. You moved your hands so his came off his face. his eyes were big red and puffy. You watched as his eyes slowly opened and he stared at you. Your hands squeezed his as you moved his strong arms to hug your body. You snaked your arms under his and around his torso, your head rested on his chest as you held him tight. His head rested on yours and you smiled.

“its okay Darling, if its that bad for you to watch i wont do it” you widespread

You watched as his hands moved to his face and he sighed slightly while rubbing his eyes. He looked right at you, grabbed your face, and kissing your forehead.

“Baby, i just want you to remember that your mine” he spoke in a low deep sexy voice while smacking your ass and squeezing it. “That ass is mine.” he said letting go as his hands crawled up your sides up to your breasts. squeezing them gently. “These are mine.” he let go and cupped your face. kissing your neck, jaw, behind your ear, nose, then your lips. “Those are only for me to kiss.” he widespread. his electric blue eyes were filled with lust and you smirked.

“But Seb’s gonna kiss those place too..” you said. you lifted your hand and pocked his nose. he scrunched his face up like a little bunny.

“Well, we both know he can’t fuck you like i do” he spoke a little louder this time, which turned you on the slightest bit. his strong huge arms intertwined together as the crossed over his tight shit that hugged his amazing torso. your eyes flickered up and down talking your boyfriends entire body in mind, his sexy face, and toned body, his height, the way his hands and fingers could make you feel. You shot your eyes back to his and saw his evil little smirk. You smiled and grabbed a bunch of his shirt and started to walk backward slowly to the bedroom. You just watched him as his long arms opened the small door to his trailer bedroom your legs hit the bed and you fell with Chris on top of you and chuckled as you let our a small gasp.

“Wanna show me you can fuck me better?..” you said gently kissing his lips. His rough hands were always so careful and loving against your skin. His hands went under your top and slipped over your head. He flung it across the trailer, he smirked at you as he pushed you further up the bad your legs wrapped around his body he pushed him self on to his knees using my legs to prop himself up. Your hands reached to unbuckle his belt and slip off his jeans and boxers, Chris slightly hit your hand out of the way.

“Its all about you baby girl, you don’t have to do a single thing but lay there and let me make love to you.” he slid with a straight face as his pants and boxers came off along with his shirt. You giggled and traced your finger along his abs then his v-line.

“I can deal with that.. i guess” you laughed. Chris gave the stink eye which soon turned to lust as he examined your figure

“Your fucking gorgeous y/n how did i get so lucky? like damn’ Chris’ hands began wandering down your body, slightly squeezing in some areas. His hands found the top of your jeans and pulled the clothing off, throwing it on the floor carelessly. you arched by back at the feeling of his long fingers ghosting over the fabric of your red lace underwear. you watched as Chris began to smirk his eyes never leaving yours. his slender fingers hocked onto your panties as he pulled them down the soft lace left goosebumps and you shivered. You closed your eyes wincing from the lost connection. His strong hands rested on your hips and his fingers snaked around your waist digging in a little bit. You knew he loves leaving marks on your neck, breasts, hips, and inner thighs but he also knew he cant leave any since you are doing that scene with Seb. You eyes began to flutter open but closed so fast, you let yourself scream out his name as he unexpectedly slammed himself into you.

“Oh my god Chris holy fuck” you gasped as he pounded into you. He moaned in response which sent a sharp tingle down your spine. Right as you felt yourself come undone Chris let go to. Leaving you both a moaning loud mess.

“Wrap it up Y/N, your on in 5!” you heard Downey clear his throat and yell from outside your trailer. Your eyes went big as you covered your mouth staring right at the hysterically laughing Chris. Rolling your eyes you got dressed.

You step out of your trailer and saw everyone sitting in their chairs dying laughing. Mostly Downey who was crying from laughing so hard. 

“Shut up its not funny at lest i get some!”

Seventeen Times 17

Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: ANGST / Fluff / Smut [+18]
Word Count: 26k (Yep, sorry not sorry ;)

A/N: Oh, hi! First of all, this is my first time writing anything here in Tumblr, so I really hope you like it. Also, sorry for any typos but english is not my mother tongue :)

Playlist: Sex - The1975 / Somebody Else - The1975 / The City - The1975 / Robbers - The 1975 / Lover, Where Do You Live? - Highasakite / O - Coldplay / Trouble - Coldplay / Always in My Head - Coldplay / God Don’t Leave Me - Highasakite / Strong - London Grammar

Summary: You loved him Seventeen Times 17.

You remember everything. You remember the day you met him. You remember that 17th of October as if it was yesterday.

It was a very beautiful autumn day, indeed. The trees were full of orange and yellow leaves, the ground below them covered in the lifeless, brown leaves that had fallen from their branches. The sun was shining in the blue sky and there was a cold breeze that made your nose hide behind your grey scarf.

Your black headphones had always been your best friends. Well, them and Tiara, but let’s just say that they didn’t give you any headaches, neither did they brought you any problems.

“Earth calling to Y/N…” you heard the familiar voice of your best friend “Are you even awake?”

You sighed loudly and took your headphones off.

“I wish I wasn’t”

Tiara rolled her eyes but ignored your harsh tone. If you hated something, it was definitely being interrupted while listening to music.

“Anyway, what I was trying to say was that we are going to the skate park this evening. Do you wanna come?” she said.

“Why are you guys going to the skate park? Have you lost something there, Tia? Like your dignity, for example” you laughed, satisfied with your little revenge for being interrupted before.

That 17th of October, you weren’t in a very good mood.

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you ever think chowder and lardo smoke and watch episodes of a korean drama (”boys over flowers is a modern shitshow. i love it.”) or bob ross on netflix in the bathroom. 

maybe, they’re not smoking and painting their nails in the bathroom at three in the morning. maybe they’re out on the reading room, or like driving thirty minutes out of samwell to find an decent boba place–“i mean, for the east coast”. 

maybe chowder picks up journaling again and he asks lardo about what she feels when her parents come into town. 

maybe for lunar new year’s, lardo takes chowder to boston. 

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I Know It’s Late

Kevin Owens/OC: For the writing prompt thing. “I know it’s late, but I just needed to tell you that you’re great.” Set after he won the title. Fluff

“Laura, what??? Is this finally a fic?!” Yes, yes it is. I don’t know how I feel about it, but it finally happened. It’s fluff bc I cannot write smut rn. My brain won’t do it. It’s also super short. It be like that sometimes. But here we are. Fluff with the murderous teddy bear.

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anonymous asked:

u should write abt lexa having a bad day & o helping her

you hadn’t really been that surprised when lexa didn’t respond to your text earlier in the morning—some days she’s kind of terrible with her phone because she just doesn’t want to deal with more language than she has to, and so you show up at her door at exactly 10:00 am, when you’d agreed to meet to go to the smithsonian. you knock and after a few seconds the door swings open and you see lexa look at you and then kind of scramble back to the little space between her bookcase and bed frame. 

‘uh,’ you say, ‘hey?’

lexa clenches her jaw, tips her head back, takes both of her thin, delicate hands in fists and pounds them into her thighs. she’s in running shorts and her legs are red and maybe even a little swollen, you notice, for as much as you can see, because she’s folded herself up. 

you walk calmly but quickly over to her and kneel down, but you know not to touch her. you’re already in over your head, though, because her hands are in fists and you don’t know how long she’s been like this, or why — if there was something that happened, or if this was just a bad day — but clarke is out of town, getting to meet up with raven from university, at this nerd conference that abby had gotten them into, some panel and demonstration about developing surgical robotics, so they’re not going to answer their phones. there’s a metronome ticking away steadily in the background and lexa seems to try to be regulating her breaths or something to a certain count.

they’re hitching, though, and you think she’s trying not to cry, and you chest twists uncomfortably, because this is one of your best friends, usually so impeccably composed, harsh and terrifying and brilliant in class and playing hockey and at academic decathlon and model UN and mathletes, your friend who is always gentle to the other bodies she loves, your friend who is in love, completely, who has big, soft eyes and careful hands. lexa and clarke are a month away from graduation, a month away from lexa finishing at the top of her class, a summer and then they’re going to move to new york and start this big new part of their lives. lexa’s playing hockey and studying math at columbia and clarke gets to study biochemistry and make art at NYU, and you just want them to be happy. and safe.

and, you’re pretty sure right now, lexa’s not.

‘lexa?’ you say, and she swallows and scratches, hard, once, at the skin just above her knees. so, maybe talking isn’t the best thing, but you’re kind of out of your depth. you try to remember what clarke does on days where lexa’s brain is off, after haircuts or one time when snow got into her boot, if her food touches, twice after big hockey games where things were loud and once lexa’s adrenaline and focus from the matches faded, she was overwhelmed. but nothing has been this bad at all, because lexa’s hands are still in fists and she’s starting to knock the back her head — softly, but still — against the wall. 

‘hey,’ you try again, and she knocks it harder and you wince, but you barrel on. ‘can you help me some way know what you need right now?’

lexa takes a few breaths and then opens her eyes to look near yours. more like your nose, but close enough. ‘anya,’ she gets out, roughly, and you nod. you should’ve thought about that but you’re starting to get worried because that seems like it took a lot out of lexa, who starts to struggle out of the polis field hockey hoodie she has on. that’s soft, at least, so you take the opportunity to get your phone out as quickly as possible and start to type out a message to anya. you’d call her but lexa seems extremely unhappy when you talk, so a text is fine.

lexa gets her hoodie off just as you finish your text — hi so lexa’s really REALLY freaking out like a super bad day and clarke is outta town so what should i do?? help pls — and you grimace when you see the skin just blow her tattoo is scratched raw enough to bleed a little. she starts to scratch again and you know you’re supposed to do everything you can before touching her but she’s in one of clarke’s tshirts and barefoot and her hair is messy and long and a little wild right now, so you know it’s not her clothes or a haircut, and you have a big hockey game in two days but nothing has been too intense lately, so it’s not that, and she doesn’t like when you talk, and she’s hurting herself, so you take a deep breath to steel yourself and then scoot forward a little bit to put your hand gently but firmly around her wrist. she jolts and glares at you but then she softens and nods a little bit and curls her hands back into fists but puts them carefully by her sides. 

your phone buzzes in your other hand and you sigh with relief when you see anya has texted you back.

—what’s she like
—my seminar finishes in ten minutes i’ll drive down when i get out
—imma take my bike but thats still like maybe two hours r u good for that time?

you look at lexa who is mouthing something — numbers, you think, but not in english — and respond. 

she hates when i talk & she’s having trouble not scratching or hitting herself
—she put her metronome on btw i didnt even know she had one of those anyway i think shes counting to that
—im cool to stay w her thats fine w me

lexa’s still counting and you’re relieved the speech bubble on anya’s side of the conversation pops up.

—k imma leave now fuck it cognitive linguistics is childs play anyway
—im TAing rn do u think this will get me fired lmao
—whatever imma call u in a minute n put it on speaker she needs to speak in farsi

you nod to yourself and wait for a few seconds before your phone starts ringing, and you do as anya said. her voice is clear and not too loud, and you don’t know farsi but she says something gentle and a little funny, you’re sure, because lexa’s head snaps up and she looks pained but a little smile sneaks its way onto her face. she responds quietly with a few words in farsi, and anya talks for a while. lexa seems to listen without too much issue, even though you think she might start crying soon, and then anya says your name quietly, so you take the phone off speaker and put it to your ear.

lexa’s glaring a little now, which is never a good sign, and anya’s voice is gentle. ‘you can just say yes and no if you don’t want to go out of the room to talk,’ she says.

‘okay,’ you say, and then you both laugh a little. 

‘or okay, i guess,’ she says. ‘anyway,’ she continues, ‘lexa’s pretty fucked up right now, she’s not sure what happened but she didn’t sleep too long last night and she apparently almost fell off her bike yesterday? which i guess “dismantled her balance,” whatever that means.’

you want to laugh but lexa looks pained and is tapping her knuckles against the floor lightly. 

‘so yeah you need to get her onto her bed, preferably away from the floor and the wall so that if she hits stuff at least it’s soft. she’ll probably be fine with that, we talked about it.’

‘ok, yeah,’ you say, and lexa knocks her head back into the wall again.

‘also, you should restart the metronome. doesn’t really matter where, just gives her a new rhythm to focus on.’


‘yeah, and, well,’ anya hesitates for a second and you know you’re not really going to like this next part, ‘if she gets any worse she needs to take her meds. she has a few in the front pocket of her backpack as well as a few in her nightstand, and like, she hates, and she’s going to fight you on it. like, she won’t hit you, but she maybe won’t open her mouth and she’s going to try to hide the pill under her tongue, idiot.’

you hum a little — fear and agreement, probably.

‘it’s a whopping dose of an anti-anxiety so she hates it because it knocks her out for like a day and a half but it’s the only way her brain can reset when she gets like this. she told me she’s worried she’ll still be foggy for your hockey game on monday?’

‘yeah, semifinals.’

‘yeah,’ anya says, ‘so she wants to try to calm down before she takes anything. but give her half an hour, nothing more. she can’t —’ anya takes a deep breath, and she’s remarkably calm through all of this but you know it affects her greatly — ‘she can’t hurt herself, okay?’

you look at lexa, who has now closed her eyes and is clenching her fists so hard her knuckles are white.

‘okay,’ you say. ‘thirty minutes, got it.’

anya sighs. ‘thank you, o. really.’

‘of course.’

‘she’s might say some shit to you but she won’t mean it, just. in advance.’


‘hey, i’m going to get on my bike now but i’ll see you as soon as i can, yeah?’

‘cool,’ you say. ‘ride safe.’

‘not a chance, gorgeous,’ she says, and you laugh once before she disconnects. 

you take a deep breath and then say, ‘lexa, hey, we need to get you onto your bed.’

she kind of looks like your voice is the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, but you think that has more to do with english than it does you personally, so that’s fine. she takes a few moments to compose herself and then she stands and folds back up on her duvet quickly, hugging her knees to her chest and kind of thumping her forehead into them, but only once, and not that hard. 

so that’s good.

you go over to her metronome and restart it, like anya had said to, and lexa smiles at you gently for a second before she curls back up entirely. you think, for a few minutes, that it’s working, that she’s calming, but then all of a sudden lexa’s sitting up and, before you can really do anything from stopping her from your place at the foot of the bed, she’s hitting the wall with her right hand. not a punch, more like a slap, but you crawl over quickly and take both of her wrists in her hands because she’s going to do it again if you don’t. 

‘no,’ she says, and she’s kind of a tiny wisp of a human being but you don’t get to play hockey at a division I ivy without being strong as fuck either, and you’re muscular and athletic and in killer shape but she’s struggling and you can’t hold onto her that well.

‘lexa,’ you say, and you try to sound calm and not as desperate as you are, ‘please, come on.’

she just shakes her head and it’s been twenty-three minutes but she’s getting worse, not anywhere near better, so you wait for a bit for her to stop struggling as much, and you tell her, ‘please do not hit anything again,’ before you hurry to get her backpack from where it’s sitting at the bottom corner of her bookcase. you open the front pocket and, sure enough, there’s a small prescription bottle with five pills in it. they’re kind of huge and you take one out and hold it carefully in your palm and when you turn back to lexa she looks equal parts scared and angry

‘i am not taking that,’ she says, and you feel a little like you’re about to argue with a very ripped four year old. 

‘yeah, you have to,’ you say. ‘anya said.’

‘anya’s not my physician,’ lexa bites back, but with her bruised knuckles and raw wrist and sore-looking thighs, her wild, glassy eyes, it isn’t as mean as it could be.

‘but she knows what to do right now,’ you say, ‘and she’s your big sister and she loves you so she wouldn’t ever suggest something that’d hurt you.’

she looks at you, very intently, for a moment before she shakes her head. ‘no.’


no,’ she says again, a little frantically this time. ‘please no.’

‘hey, it’ll be —’

she’s starting to cry and this is stupidly terrible. ‘please, octavia, no.’

you move closer to her steadily, even when she tries to back up into the corner of her bed and the wall. which essentially traps her from running away, which is convenient at least. 

when you get close enough she gives you a litany of adamant refusals and you’re sad, that her brain is hurting her like this, because normally it’s pretty amazing and she’s so full of love and compassion and she’s also fearsome, formidable. 

‘you gotta,’ you say, and she clenches her jaw shut and you don’t know if you’ve ever felt worse, really, then when you touch her cheek and she turns away from you with tears to try to avoid the capsule you end up having to press against her lips.

‘lexa,’ you say, a little desperate even though you’re trying to stay calm, ‘please.’

she glares at you, hard, says, ‘i hate this,’ very pointedly before resignedly taking the pill into her mouth and swallowing. you hand her water she’d had on her nightstand and she gulps once before coughing. ‘that’s vodka,’ she says, and when you take the cup and sniff, sure enough. 

it makes things a little less terrible, because you can’t help but laugh, and lexa laughs for a second before she glares again. 

‘this was shitty of you,’ she says, flopping onto her side and turning away before curling up tightly again. ‘i’m angry.’

‘i’m sorry, lexa.’ you are, because you’d very much rather have not had to do that.

‘whatever,’ she says. it’s sleepy already, and she sounds a little stoned, which is kind of impressive, because that shit is working fast.

‘i’ll stay until anya gets here,’ you say, and she grunts, which you take as confirmation. 

she falls asleep right after that, and you sigh with relief and a little regret. you don’t bother texting anya, because she’s probably breaking a million and one traffic rules right now on the sickest motorcycle you’ve ever seen to get here as fast as she can, but you shoot a text to clarke to call you but that she shouldn’t worry. you want her to enjoy her time and you kind of, at least now, do have everything under control. 

you look through some of lexa’s books on her shelf and then anya’s there. you let her in and she sighs when she sees her little sister conked out on her bed. ‘shit,’ she says. ‘was she really terrible?’

you find yourself wanting to cry, which you really don’t want to in front of anya, who is, like, cooler now than ever, in her leather racing jacket with her helmet tucked under her arm, perfect hair and makeup and her sharp, pretty face as always. 

you shrug because you don’t entirely trust yourself to talk.

‘i’m sorry, o,’ she says, then tugs you to her in a gruff one-armed hug, which is such an anya gesture it helps you breathe a little better. 

she puts her helmet down on lexa’s desk and drapes her jacket and backpack over the chair before sitting down on lexa’s bed and gently turning lexa a little. she doesn’t stir at all and you raise your brows. ‘that really does knock her out.’

‘oh yeah,’ anya says, ‘it’ll take us like five minutes to wake her up enough to even try to do anything.’

you nod.

‘hey,’ she says, examining lexa’s hands and wrist. ‘she has a first aid kit in her bathroom, can you grab that for me?’


you bring it back after finding it easily, and anya sets about calmly cleaning and bandaging lexa’s wrist and one of her knuckles, then spreads some bruise cream over the rest. 

‘i’m going to order lunch,’ she says, and you nod. ‘she needs to eat and i’m also hungry. you can stay if you want but you don’t need to, if you want a breather or whatever.’

you nod. ‘can i come back in like, half an hour?’

‘of course,’ anya says, then looks at you very seriously. ‘and, o, thank you.’

‘yeah.’ you say, ‘well, i love her.’

anya’s smile is gentle. ‘i know you do. me too, even though she’s a pain in the ass,’ she says, looking pointedly at lexa who doesn’t stir at all.

‘pizza’s cool?’ anya asks.

‘absolutely,’ you say, and then head out with a little wave.


you talk to clarke for a few minutes, leave out the worst parts of this whole thing because you figure lexa’s going to be okay, and clarke doesn’t need to freak out, and once you’re done with that you just go lie down on the grass by the little creek that runs through campus, close your eyes and let the spring quiet, the warmth that edges out the slightly cool breeze, soothe you. after a few minutes, where you might cry a little, but no one sees so whatever, you head back to lexa’s dorm, where anya is working on getting a very sleepy lexa awake. it’s kind of cute and lexa mostly just grumbles and then falls back asleep for a few tries, and anya looks at you with an exasperated and amused smile, before one time finally sticks and lexa musters up enough energy to sit up and wearily take a bite of the piece of pizza anya had cut up for her. you know by now to wait to eat until she’s asleep again, because even on her best days, lexa cannot stand chewing noises.

she eats half the pizza before her head starts to droop and anya takes the plate and fork with a laugh and a kiss to lexa’s forehead, and lexa mumbles something in farsi which makes anya grin.

lexa’s asleep again in what seems like seconds, and you spend the afternoon talking with anya and working on some of your homework. you update clarke a few hours later, and lexa just sleeps. kind of unnervingly still, but anya tells you that it’s par for the course, so you don’t worry.

anya rummages around lexa’s minifridge in the evening and pulls out some beer, offers one to you. they’re IPAs, which lexa loves and you think are kind of terrible, but you take it and sip a bit, because your nerves are still a bit frayed.

‘it was worse when she was little,’ anya says. ‘she split her head open once when she was six, stuff like that.’


‘yeah,’ anya says, then shrugs. ‘she does pretty amazingly though, with all her clubs and teams and friends and a girlfriend, you know? kid’s got a better social life than i do.’

you laugh. ‘she is weirdly popular.’

anya grins. ‘because she’s nice.’

‘she’d be abhorred if she heard you say that.’

‘nice SAT word.’

‘just took it.’

‘did you dethrone my sister?’

‘nah,’ you say, and you both know that would really never happen because lexa was twenty points short of a perfect score, which is just, like, insane. ‘but i did get plenty high enough to think of some really good schools.’

‘that’s awesome,’ anya says, and you know her family is like a pedigree of academics, and you’re the first kid in yours to even get a shot at university, and she’s just sincere. ‘if you ever want some princeton networking, or like, really, any of the ivies, let me know. i’d be happy to.’


‘absolutely,’ she says. 

‘thanks,’ you say, and she nods. you help her set up the air mattress a little later and then head back to sleep in your bed, which you do well, because that was exhausting, all things considered. 


lexa apologizes the next afternoon, when she’s able to stay awake for more than a few minutes at a time. you wave it off — you’ve forgiven her already — and she sighs in relief when you say so. anya smiles and kisses lexa’s forehead and then gives you another gruff hug before flipping both of you off and heading out, and clarke gets in an hour later. she kisses lexa gently and then hugs you tight, and you’ve been reading a lot about queerness and community and found families. 

and, at least for these years, you think maybe — even though they’re weird and dramatic and a teeny bit dysfunctional — you think you’ve found yours.

anonymous asked:

girl, i need some jimin loves jungkook cus lately jimin is not a lot with jungkook and his more with v (i live vmin so much but holy shit there is a lot of vmin lately) and im afraid jikook will be one sided love from jimin and i know im being delulu rn, but im an idiot so help me please

In terms of this, I understand exactly how you might be feeling. But I deplore you to remember that (and I’ve send this before), beyond ships and romance and such, the boys are all close friends to one another, before they are anything else. 

This is something confirmed, can’t really be argued (unless one wishes to say the entirety of BTS’ image thus far is make believe which…is kind of a stretch). Our shipping is just us pulling together little moments and coming up with theories which remain theories.

Seeing all the tension that’s happening within the fandom regarding these “theories” lately is a bit irksome. I’ve been receiving a lot of messages lately about how jikook is missing moments, there’s not enough love etc. etc. And at first I kind of joked about it but then I realized hwo serious some people are being. 

I wasn’t going to bring this up but…there has been depressing rumours going around about Taehyung recently. And I didn’t really reblog anything concerning because I didn’t want to spread the news in case that they were rumours and well…I just didn’t want to think of the possibility. Bad things happen to good people. Nothing we can do about it.

And I truly believe that, in the midst of this, far away from home, Jimin has been the one that’s been providing the most comfort to Taehyung recently, being his shoulder to lean on, and also being one of his closest friends. I think Jimin would have that kind of personality that ought to be comforting in these times. I really think that Jimin did something, or was just there for Taehyung frequently when he needed it. So as a result, the Taehyung has been reciprocating this care and attention because he truly appreciates it. And perhaps has realized that he appreciates Jimin more than ever. 

And if such a thing is true, a theory of an act of kindness, and nothing more, why should we discredit that for something like which ship is sailing the hardest? I think, right now, we should just appreciate the bond that all of them have.

And, even without this rumour….honestly, we shouldn’t really be comparing ships anyway. If you really think about it, it doesn’t make any sense. You shouldn’t want less interaction between anybody. Anything can be interpreted as platonic or romantic depending on who looks at it, and it’s just a matter of opinion. The most “Jikookest” moments can instantly be turned into a “JEALOUS VMIN” moment in the the blink of eye, depending on who looks at it. What should matter isn’t what others see, it’s what you see. And you’ll find you’ll probably enjoy it more that way. 

I’m sorry that I had to use your message to rant my current thoughts, and I probably did nothing to comfort you but…there’s really no need to assume “one-sided love” or “vmin is more real” or anything. And I’ve also said this before but even real couples aren’t going to be clinging to each other every second of every day, so what you see on camera is nothing out of the ordinary :3

I still think that recently we’ve had a lot of good Jikook moments, way more than I would’ve ever expected. I mean, even today Jungkook was getting all worked up over Jimin’s “sexy expressions” again, so daily!jikook is still happening don’t even worry XD (”What is that expression? So sexy…” -actual Jeon Jungkook). Let’s just have fun with it, and not think too much about it :)

Instead of thinking, “They’re totally dating, they should do this and that”, we should take more the mindset of “Oh…how nice it would be if they were dating because they did that and this…” ^^

Shawmila Duet Masterpost #2
  • So we killed camren and then shawmila duet happened and she killed the rest of her ships herself.
  • Sometimes i feel like camila has her own personal manager or something. The way she handles herself with the media and retweets all these hundreds of articles of her in one day. Either she has a personal manager or 5h manager is camilizer as fuck
  • It sucks for camila. She is clearly dying to get away from the group but she is forced to stay till a third album. Honestly after this shawmila song i wish she would leave right now. The girls deserve better, 4th harmony would be better without her.
  • camila gets a solo in a song with shawn mendes meanwhile dinah and lauren dont even get proper solos in their OWN album. Im done.
  • I dont think Theres anything the girls can do at this point to make the media and public acknowledge them. Media talks about camila, epic gives the solos to camila, camila has a duet. Seems like they will never be anything but mila’s shadows.
  • I’m ready for 4th Harmony if Camila is going to be like this to the people who were here from the beginning. Thanks for using us as stepping stones and being backstabber before the 2nd album even dropped. You could have waited until after number 3 (if there would have been one of course) at least. I honestly just feel used and I know it’s dumb but I voted for 5H on the X-Factor every week, not just Camila and it hurts that she’s just jumping ship like this.
  • camilas collab with Shawn is making me rlly angry. I’m not too big of a fan of 5h but if I was, I would be even more mad. she is a part of a GROUP and people in a GROUP don’t just go off with other artists. It should have been the whole group or none at all
  • I feel kind of bad for Camila now that she’s tweeting about IKWYDLS and all of the replies are drags omg.
  • Its like every move camila makes is carefully planned.I cant believe i felt sorry for her and her ‘im sad’ crap she had been giving us for months. Which led to what? Solo publicity and a duet with shawn. I cant believe how blind some of you are.
  • I don’t get why everyone is getting pissed over IKWYDLS. People can release solo things while in a group. The Eagles for example. This isn’t a new concept. Please realize this doesn’t mean 5H is breaking up.
  • Considering last summer’s tour, Shamila should have named the song…I know Who you did last summer. haha! However much you hate the idea of this duet and possibly Camz dating Shawn, he’s still 500x better than Dorito Mahone
  • Honestly I’ve just come to a point where I don’t even care what Camila does anymore. Like I still have love for her but she can do whatever shit she likes. If it don’t involve 5H as a whole (I repeat; 5H not 4H) then I couldn’t really give a crap. Meaning that I won’t be promoting this so called single or even acknowledging it.
  • I’m not going to make excuses for Camila. Groups often have very little control over their management and usually do what their told. If Camila was told to do this then she will. She won’t get a choice.
  • This is bad of me but I hope the general public sees Camila as a traitor. I wish them all the best in their solo careers but the fact that she’s doing something like this and they only have ONE successful single says something about the type of person she is.
  • Camila doing this duet with Shawn is not a form of disrespect to 5H. Camila is a singer songwriter. This is her art, just like Lauren likes to draw and do photography, and like Normani loves to dance. It’s a form of expression. Please stop being so dramatic. Remember, it’s not her causing drama, it’s all the fandom’s negativity that’s causing it.
  • When are Harmos gonna realize how selfish Camila is?
  • I think this duet will ruin 5H. The rest of the girls are gonna start to want to do solo music projects as well, lauren could do it with halsey,or mani could do it becky. Eventually they will stop caring about the group and last one or 2 albums.
  • Maybe the whole Normila “feud” started from the collab thing. I would have been pissed if the girl in my group the world sees as the ‘lead’ decided to do a song duet with another artist.
  • Now I know the reason why N and D were so distant with Mila. I guess when C might have told them that she is doing a duet with shawn they must hv told her that she shouldn’t do so or something and then guessing by how Mila has been nowadays she must have accused D and N of being hypocritical and must have said that if they can do solo projects then why can’t she. Thats probably the reason for all this
  • I hope from the bottom of my soul that Camila flops hard if she goes solo. As an hardcore harmonizer from the beginning, I honestly feel betrayed by her this whole year.
  • why do people even think C is gonna flop if she goes solo? She has so many connections now, they would all promote the hell out of her and even if her voice isnt super strong neither is Taylors or Selenas and they are still incredibly popular.
  • I believe that if the fans would have never had a favorite girl things would have played out differently. Since Camila is the most popular one and management obviously knows that, they are using her popularity for their best interest not necessarily the girls’ best interest. I don’t think they would care much if they were to split up I mean they’ll have more successful artists. So don’t put all the blame Camila and send her hate. NONE of the girls should get hate from their so called fans.
  • Zayn left One Direction on their Asian tour. Fifth Harmony is having Asian Tour negotiation. If the tour will push through, someone from 5H might leave the group too. *cough camila *cough
  • It blows my mind how smart camila is. She is becoming so good at this industry thing, she knows exactly what she is doing with the whole taylor swift attitude and 'im a victim’ attitude. She knew how to play us all(well, the majority anyways.)
  • The signs were all there since a year and a half ago even. Camila changed. She is in it for herself now. It’s a shame, when the band first started I adored her.
  • everything camila has done lately has been super insensitive towards the girls, and now this whole duet thing with shawn is a huge stab in the back to not only the girls but the fandom.
  • if camila doesn’t care anymore, then neither should we. if anything we should be spending our time admiring the girls that do want work hard to make a name for the group instead of for themselves.
  • Anyone know why Camila never travels with the girls anymore? Like the last time she was obviously filming the music video for the duet or something but even last year; all of them travel together without her. Does she not want to be with them or…??
  • Camila has been done with 5h. Look at the self promo of #IKWYDLS , none of the other girls are talking about it. I guess that’s what she got into the competition(X factor) for in the first place, to be a solo artist. Eh. I wish her well, I just hope our girls do just as well without her. I understand her being true to herself & what she wants, but it’s selfish. She’s in a group. #creativedifferences #sorrynotsorry
  • IKWYDLS is getting so much promo all of a sudden i am kind of upset
  • She already has all the solos in the group.I dont understand why she had the need to go and do a duet with shawn.I would have understood if dinah had done it cause she felt undrrappreciated by her record/managment or something. But camila? Camila????
  • Camila couldn’t have chosen a worse time for this or in her case, a better time. The girls are at their highest fame rn and are gaining more popularity WW and esp in the U.S., she is releasing a single that will ride the waves and she’s releasing it with someone who has a top 10 hit and who’s song is number 1 on pop radio. She’s good, but at what cost to her group mates?
  • Its funny to me that none of the girls who barely get solos were the ones to pull this on us.Dinah and Lauren could have had enough of the bs and do a ft. But the lead singer and face of 5H was the one to do so, as if she didnt have enough shine.