anyway sir you are a gem

((Holy shit!!! Thank you for following my dumpster fire!!! I was gonna draw something but then my sharpener broke, but here’s this hopefully funny turn of events after, well, this event))
Top: HOLY SHIT!!!! There’s a dark blog following me!!
Art (my main oc who’s a fucking dork): there’s a What now?!
Top: shit-shit!! Um! Nothing! Don’t you worry your little overpowered head about nothin sweets!
Art: Topaz, what the fuck!!!!! Why do you always attract these things!!
Top: *sarcasm incoming* Oh I don’t know!!! Maybe it’s on the account that your chaotic ass got your ignoramus looking ass stuck with me being your guardian and shit!
Art: …Touché. But I swear I will fight if he tries anything!
Top: ..I hope his mod is nice and if he likes music. I also hope he doesn’t cause more chaos than I can handle.
Art: I’m NOT playing the cello for him!
Top: Art, go sit in your corner or I stg I am kicking you out of this dumpster! Anyway, welcome to the trash of a defective gem guardian good sir!
(( thanks again for following!! And please feel free to ask any questions or hmu! I promise I’m way dorkier than you think!)