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do the fe heroes sprites give me too much power, or do they give me just the right amount of power? you decide. i’ve been planning & working on these for awhile but the blushing overlay that came with the support updates was exactly the finishing touch i needed so here ya go! some fluff for everyone

these do take me quite awhile to make, so please don’t repost without giving me credit, thank you! :)

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Trying to get back into the groove of this doujin. Every time I draw Sesshomaru it’s so stressful cuz it feels like: ‘My God if I don’t draw him absolutely flawless they’ll never forgive me’. Anway, have a preview of one of the newer pages I’ve sketched this week. This one is page 61 (I am only at 68 atm. By my calculations I have about 20 more to sketch)

Also hey look! Flashback to Obon!Kagome from Chapt. 07!

More Headcanons

I headcanon Lance as bi. I also sort of self project the way I grew up and how my family is/was on him too…? Anyways, more langst

-Lance never thought it was weird that he was attracted to both genders until he was 11
-He first told his mom and she told him it was just a phase
-His older siblings laughed and teased him for it, calling him many slurs
-Slowly he grew to hate himself for being attracted to men and started to become more and more homophobic
- When he was 13, he met a boy in the summer who was gay
-He dated said boy in secret while denying who he was all the while
-His younger sister caught him with the boy and told their parents
-Lance never thought he’d ever see his mom so disgusted with him
-At the same time, he never thought his Dad who seemed the least accepting, would accept him and try to help him
-Lance started to realize as he got older that no men wanted to date him because he was bi
-So he thought it’d be easier to pass as hetro, though by now he was no longer homophobic but was trying to help out in LGBT community
-Lance’s older siblings started to become more understanding of the LGBT community and was no longer homophobic
-His mom understood but didn’t except that he was bi. Instead she’d talk about how it was a phase in his life
-He knew deep down that she’s never accept him
-Growing up, Lance was a middle child
-He never really got new clothes, being able to have hand-me-downs from his older siblings
-But his younger siblings got new clothes as by the time he was down with his, they were outdated
-He tries not to think too much about the times he’d get locked out after walking around late
-It wasn’t their fault, they just didn’t notice he was gone
-When his anxiety was starting to get bad, he had to hide it because his family rejected the idea that anyone could have a mental illness in their family
-He learned how to cry silently early in his life, so it was no surprise that no one knew when he was having an anxiety attack
-His self esteem issues started pretty early in his life
-His older siblings, one was a genius and the other was a troublemaker
-Whatever he did was average in his eyes and only his friends congratulated him
-It would never feel as good as it would’ve been coming from his parents
-When he’d get into trouble or hang around a “dangerous” crowd, his parents didn’t seem to care too much
-His “dangerous” crowd was pretty much just his group of friends which consisted of an addict, an alcoholic, a pot head, a kid who came from a rough home and two high school drop outs who dealt with mental illness, and the other poverty
-Some of his friends knew gang members but it wasn’t an issue because they’d never bring them around
-When Lance got an 89% on an exam, they threw him a little party on the beach by a campfire
-They’d all celebrate each other’s success and Lance started to call them family
-Lance’s siblings always forgot he was with them when they’d tell a story, or they’d replace him with a different sibling
-His own mom and dad started to do that as well
-He started to feel like he was replaceable and forgettable
-He started to fall into depression around the time he was 12, though he never realized it was depression until he was 15
-He started self harming when he 11, a little bit after he came out
-At first it was anger, he felt like he deserved to be treated like crap
-It soon turned ugly as he started to notice more and more things he wasn’t good at and traits that were displeasing
-When he was 15-16, his friends noticed the scars he carefully kept hidden and they tried so hard to help him
-Lance learned that he didn’t want their help as it felt more like pity which only fed into his self-loathing
-When Lance was 16, his friend who was an alcoholic died by drowning in his own puke
-Lance didn’t take it well and couldn’t handle it, so he repressed those memories
-He never remembered until he was in his 20’s and woke up sobbing and shaking(it wasn’t pretty, it was horrible and he could shake the imagines out of his mind for weeks)
-When Lance got accepted to the garrison, his friends threw him a party
-At the same time, he never told his family until two days before he was leaving
-They thought it was just a boarding school and didn’t realize how much he worked for it until after he left and they looked into it
-Lance tried to hold back tears after the first month he was at the garrison and he still hadn’t gotten a call from his parents or siblings
-He didn’t hold himself as he thought of his friends and the fire they had
-He didn’t think of how his parents practically jumped around when his older brother got accepted into university
-He didn’t compare himself to everyone he knew and only focus on his bad points
-He didn’t have an anxiety attack that night
-When Lance met Hunk, he felt relived because finally in his life, he met someone who didn’t know his family
-Because finally he had a friend who saw him and didn’t know of or about his family
-And when he met Pidge, he was ecstatic to meet someone who was so smart and chill
-It didn’t hurt him at all when they kept avoiding him though
-It didn’t remind him of being overshadowed when his teachers started to compare him and tell him he was there only by luck
-It didn’t hurt when he was taken as a joke by his self proclaimed rival because it reminded him of his siblings
-No, it didn’t hurt at all when he realized he really didn’t belong with the other paladins
-And it certainly didn’t hurt when his hero got mad at him for making a valid point
-Of course that didn’t make him start to doubt himself more than he already did
-No, Lance never thought of how much he hated himself or how he wasn’t good enough
-Not even about how he missed his family, when he was stuck out in space
-Or his friends, who’d usually try to cheer him up by taking him out to eat or play games all night
-Definitely not about how he wished he was a better person, never really seeing what an amazing person he was but the only what he saw of himself
-No, Lance was fine


@hannibalsketches Thanks for giving me a valid excuse to draw ballerina Pearl and trenchcoat Jasper ♡♡♡

boyf riend headcanons for the soul

-It’s not uncommon at all for Michael to wake up and see Jeremy staring at him. Jeremy always gets super red but Michael grins and thinks it’s the most adorable thing in the world.

-Michael often calls Jeremy his everything. (More sappy nicknames for him include: pup/puppy, marshmallow, and his kasintahan.)

-Jeremy will call Michael his anchor. (Other nicknames include: honey, big guy/hunk, knockout, and Ibig.)

-Michael flirts with Jeremy in languages he cannot understand. Nonetheless, it never fails to fluster him. ((The whole time Michael is actually just telling Jeremy what he wants for lunch in Filipino.))

-One of the things they’re never sure about is who should walk on what side of the sidewalk (aka: the masculine one/man is supposed to walk on the side closest to the road). They end up flipping a coin to see who walks on which side (this happens every date).

-Jeremy is shy about affection all around but Michael is only hesitant at first. Michael is the kind of guy that always wants to be close. (A few examples include: pinkie fingers that are always locked together as they’re walking side by side, Michael always pulling Jeremy close to himself when they sit down, and Jeremy combing his fingers through Michael’s hair whenever they’re alone, which Michael fucking purrs at).

-As said before, they switch on a lot of things. Michael seems to like being the big spoon a majority of the time, but is a sucker for when he is curled up against Jeremy. They often try to make meals for each other, and (although Michael organizes it out a bit more,) at least once a month can’t help in buying the other male a gift.

-Michael is NOT a morning person. Whenever Jeremy sleeps over, he’s usually the first person to wake up. But no matter how deep of sleep Michael is in, the moment he feels Jeremy start to move, he will entangle his arms around him and hold him so tight that struggling is not an option, mumbling persuasively that it isn’t time to get up yet. Jeremy is never a big fan of this at first, but eventually sulks back against Michael and drifts off back to sleep feeling awfully comfy. (Michael falls back asleep with a satisfied smile, which Jeremy has caught before, though pretends not to notice.)

-One of their favorite dates is actually roller skating(?). Half for the skating, a bit for the food, and half for the arcades in the back of the place they go to. Michael tends to show off to Jeremy (and has to help him up from falling a LOT), but after lunch they go into the game room and at least an hour later emerge with handfuls of tickets. Every single time they try and save their tickets for one of the more expensive prizes, but end up spending them on glow in the dark trinkets and cool dice and small plushies. They have the usual diner date while they munch on nachos and snow cones, all the while trying to keep their balance (because every table is full and they are still in their skates).

-Jeremy is really good at calming Michael down when he needs it. He’ll rub his back or wrap an arm around him and pull him close. Michael never fails to lean into his touch and murmur a thanks. (This actually happens a few times a week, as sometimes just the stress of the day wears off on Michael, and he has to take a break to relax and calm down at the end of the day. He can do it alone, but Jeremy insists on being there for him.)

-On one of their dates they somehow ended up doing karaoke. Michael was very giddy and happy and with the help of Jeremy (and vice versa), got up in front of like twenty people and sang with Jeremy’s hand in his. Even though there were lots of distractions and he didn’t know all of the words, Jeremy was taken aback, because holy shit can Michael sing. Because of how excited and elated he was, there was lots of emotion behind Michael’s voice, and oh my god did Jeremy love it. He tried to compliment him afterwards, but he didn’t think Michael took it too seriously, as he simply squeezed his hand and kissed him in response.

(Yo my first actual “work” on this blog aha!! Hope you all enjoy! Feel free to drop off some requests, as requests are open now!! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

nurseydex harry potter au

ok so i don’t know if anyone’s done this yet… probably… but i thought up some nurseydex hogwarts house things and wanted to share

so i thought a lot about dex’s house and my first thought was slytherin due to his ambition and resourcefulness, but then i immediately thought of hufflepuff. hufflepuff value hard work and dedication, both of which dex is not short of, as well as fair play, which dex values greatly. i debated whether or not dex would be placed in hufflepuff because of his quick temper, but the sorting hat considers which house would be best for the student to work on their weaknesses and become better people because of them. being surrounded by other students with lots of patience would definitely improve dex’s temper.

you can bet your ass nursey is from one of those old pureblood families but he isn’t stuck up about it, he’s actually super “chill”. nursey is sorted into ravenclaw, which values knowledge, wit and intelligence. nursey’s extensive knowledge of languages and literature help him into ravenclaw, but other traits such as his creativity, surprising amounts of wisdom and most of all acceptance secure his place.

they meet in a potions class. dex is brilliant at this subject : potions follow a systematic recipe and require a certain amount of inventiveness to work at their best. nursey is pretty awful, so dex begrudgingly offers to help him.

when they start dating the school finds out because of their ties. after a night in the room of requirement the two hurry to breakfast pretending to be simply friends, until dex sits down at the hufflepuff table wearing a ravenclaw tie and nursey does the same with a hufflepuff one. the great hall is in uproar. bets have been going on for weeks. lardo in slytherin collects over £200. dex’s ears are a walking gryffindor advertisement. nursey loves it.



Happy birthday Soonyoung! You’re not going to see this, but I just wanted to say was that, thank you for being born and for being the way that you are. You’re personalty, your dorkiness, and your handsomeness was the reason why I fell in love you! Really, thank you so much! I hope you spend the most happiest day with your members. Again, happy birthday Soonyoung! I love you so freaking much!  ♡

loving you {leaves me hurt}

A/N You should probably listen to Drive by Oh Wonder to clue in even earlier about Logan and Roman’s positions in this fic. Also, I really like this one.

Pairing: background/mentioned moxiety, one-sided royality, one-sided logince

Genre: angst, some hurt/comfort (but mostly angst. even when there’s comforting there’s underlying angst whoops.)

Word Count: 1640

Warnings: putting self in dangerous situations, swearing, crying… ANGST


Roman can’t understand why Logan cares because he thinks he hates him. Logan doesn’t disagree, but he also doesn’t leave. 

Roman blindly grabs a blade from his collection and lets his room fade into a training arena. Opposite him is a straw dummy, held together with strings and rags. With a snap of his fingers, music starts blaring, and he charges at the object.

He swings his sword with no precision and little care, letting his hurt fuel his rage which in turn fuels his strikes, effectively destroying his creation in mere moments. He waves a hand and it resets, and he goes at it again, relishing in the tearing sound the rags make and the clang of the sword against the metal pole holding up the dummy. The jarring pain of his arms whenever this happens gives Roman something tangible to focus on, and he finds himself hitting the pole more. He can’t distinguish whether or not he’s doing it on purpose, but it doesn’t matter, because the dummy is unrecognisable again.

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Here’s another scene from a fic I will never write. For @kristsune, who gave me a little push:

“Will you put that algorithm briefing down? You’ll give yourself a nosebleed.”

Echo snorted. “Staring at a datapad doesn’t give you a nosebleed.” But he took his eyes away from the screen to glance up at Fives, who stood in the doorway with a slight frown on his face.

“You’ve been obsessing over that thing ever since the Captain showed it to us,” Fives continued. “C’mon, take a break.”

“It’s good to be prepared,” Echo murmured, eyes already back on the screen.

Fives sighed and crossed to the bunk in three deliberate strides. He placed his hand over the datapad screen and pushed it down.

“Hey!” Echo tried to wrest the datapad out from under Fives’ hand. Fives only pushed harder, pinning the ‘pad between his hand and Echo’s leg. Fives leaned into it, crowding into Echo’s space on the bunk.

“I said––” Fives thunked something warm against Echo’s chest. Echo brought his free hand up reflexively. His fingers curled around a mug. Fives gazed at him intently, but his voice was gentle. “––take a break.”

Echo let his eyes flutter shut for a moment. A small smile tugged at his mouth. He nodded. “Okay.”

Fives beamed and plopped down on the bunk next to Echo, releasing his hold on the datapad. He put his arm around Echo’s shoulders and pulled himself closer, then reached out and wrapped his other hand around Echo’s on the mug.

“Brought you some caf. Figured you could use something warm.”

The smile tugged at Echo’s mouth again. The caf was warm against his palm, and the heat radiated through his blacks and into his chest. Fives’ fingers meshed with his, pressing the mug more firmly against him.

Echo tossed the datapad to the end of the bunk and brought his free hand up to brush lightly over Fives’ knuckles. “You spoil me.”

Fives began to pull the mug away, his voice teasing. “Well if you don’t want it…”

Echo trapped Fives’ wrist. Fives chuckled softly. “An ARC trooper never turns down caf,” Echo said.

“Oh yeah?” Fives leaned close again, his lips brushing the shell of Echo’s ear. “And what paragraph of the regs is that?”

Echo shook his head lightly. “Unwritten rule. ARC trooper unofficial code of conduct: never turn down caf.” He kept his voice as serious as he could, but the smile tugged wider on his face. He looked down at their hands again, entwined around the mug, and resumed the gentle caress of Fives’ knuckles. “Thank you.”

Fives pressed a kiss to Echo’s temple, then tucked his head into the crook of Echo’s neck. “Always.” His other hand left Echo’s shoulder to scratch lightly through Echo’s hair. “Anything for you.”

Echo leaned back into the touch, a soft sigh escaping his lips. “Now you are spoiling me.”

Fives chuckled richly. “I might have ulterior motives.”

Echo hummed appreciatively, pressing even closer to Fives’ hand as it ran through his hair.

“But first, drink some caf before it gets cold,” Fives continued, ceasing his scratching. “I don’t wanna see this perfectly good cup go to waste.”

Echo pouted, but Fives leaned in to capture his lips with his own. He sucked gently on Echo’s bottom lip for a moment, before pulling away. “Drink some caf, and then you can have dessert, yeah?”

Echo answered the gleam in Fives’ eyes with an impish smile. “Do I get more dessert the more caf I drink?”

“ARC trooper unwritten rule,” Fives replied. “Dessert allowance is directly proportional to caf intake. ‘S why an ARC trooper never turns down caf.”

Echo lifted the mug to his lips, pausing briefly to graze his teeth across Fives’ thumb. “You better go back to the mess hall then,” he said. “I’m gonna need the whole pot.”


Actors AU (Please open image in a new tab if it’s too small!)

I know loads of people have probably done this AU already but I wanted to do a short comic on it too. So basically no one died and they’re all actors in DR3. It’s what actually happened, seriously ;w;