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Jikook Bad, Bad, Bad

They say we’re going to hell
Let’s find a cheap motel
And stay a couple nights
And when our time is done
We’ll go back on the run
Do whatever we like


Uhhh, soo, this kind of just happened. Thanks to my own post, and some prodding from @thebubbledragon and @thebisexualmandalorian

“What the karking hell is that?” Hevy asked.

“Huh?” Anakin followed Hevy’s line of sight, “Oh that, it’s just a monument to honor the people’s dead lost… in battle….” Anakin petered off realized what he had said to the clone. The clone that had lost thousands and thousands of brothers to a war, where no one recognized what their sacrifice was. What the clones gave up to fight this war, what they never even had to begin with.

Hevy made a disgusted face. “Why would anyone do such a thing. Brothers die, and they watch over us. They don’t need some piece of architecture to show appreciation for them. We remember them. That is what they need.”

Anakin turned to Ahsoka, whose face was a picture of shock, sadness, and empathy. They shared a look, and nodded. Something needed to be done. They would talk to Obi-wan later.


The Jedi decided to reveal the monument idea on the Resolute. They could gather the majority of the 501st and 212th together. Ahsoka was holo recording to send to Plo and Aayla afterwards.

After the majority of the clones were gathered around, Anakin force-pulled the fabric off the wall to the sound of silence.

“Uhh, its a nice wall, sirs.” Fives spoke up, “but it’s blank.”

Obi-wan did the small, sad smile he often did when talking with large groups of clones, “Yes, Fives. It’s blank. For now. This area, and ones like it on my, General Plo’s and Secura’s flagships, will be available to you. These are areas that are designated to your fallen brothers. Areas that you may do with as you see fit to honor them. Honor your dead, because, unfortunately, no one else in this galaxy will.”

Echo looked at the room filled with his brothers who were still alive, but grieving for all of those that had died.

“Thank you.” He turned back towards the Jedi, with tears in his eyes, “Thank you.”


Slowly but surely, the walls started to fill up. The large amount of the space was taken up with pieces of armor taken from fallen brothers. It was something tangible, something the vod’e could bring back.

Other items started to filter in over time. Flowers, small stones, feathers, leaves, chunks of masonry. Pieces of flimsi with handwriting on it, and even a few holos made it to the wall.

Soon enough, the more artistic of the clones started to actually add art to it. Important symbols to their brothers, names, portraits.

The clones finally got a monument, they just had to make it themselves.

Regarding Today’s Episode

Regrettably I don’t have time to do a full review like I did for last week’s episode, but I’ll summarize my feelings here really fast before I go to work:

Addressing the elephant in the room, yes, I think Ash should’ve won this. The hype and the writing leading up to this felt like it should’ve indicated a first victory for Ash in a League Conference. If there were an qualms about having Ash proceed beyond the conference in Kalos, they could’ve been averted by the fact that the upcoming Flare Arc is going to DEVASTATE Lumiose City, and perhaps even Kalos (heheh… my RP scenario is actually coming true…).

However, I did not put that much stock into the writers’ ability to retain consistent and sensical writing, thus I was prepared for the actual result. Grant you, I was initially disappointed, but seeing Ash handle it with such grace and sportsmanship really helped to smooth that edge over for me. That and the Flare Arc debut has got me excited as well.

And let’s not forget about the battle itself guys.

Pikachu, given his stellar performance the rest of the battle in the last ep, it wasn’t unexpected his showing in this episode would be quite short. Even given that, Pikachu definitely gave it a good fight right until the knockout punch.

Goodra versus Bisharp was so-so for me, but I wasn’t expecting anything huge given that I knew the focus of this episode would be Ash!Greninja versus Mega Charizard X. Still, there were a few great moments here and there in that battle, though I’m sad that Goodra went out with something of a whimper at the end. Bide tactic won’t get you everywhere, Ash.

The one thing I did love about Goodra’s appearance though, is that it segued to a quick victory for Ash with Greninja over Bisharp thanks to Rain Dance. It was a nice callback to Tierno vs. Sawyer (though I had wished they had given us a shot and a few words from him).

And of course Greninja versus Charizard.

What can I say? This battle was BEAUTIFUL. It was everything I had been hoping for and gave me that feeling in my chest that I hadn’t felt since Electivire vs. Infernape. It was so well animated, so well choreographed, and used moves in ways that made me gasp in awe. Ash Greninja using his ultra shuriken to parry THUNDER PUNCH. That was fucking amazing. And don’t get me started on that final shuriken and blast burn. Incredible…

And the dialogue… for which I NEED subs… seemed very well placed and helped to not just give a break to tense battle, but also to cement the emotion in it.

Even if we didn’t get what we wanted from this battle, Ash versus Alain was a fantastic thing to see, and we should all be proud of Ash for doing so well here to start with. Final 2 is nothing to scoff at. Yes, Ash might’ve deserved this victory, but I’m damn well proud of him and for his conduct afterwards, and you should all be too.

So don’t keep dwelling on your disappointments and haranguing people who believe one way or another. You can feel one way or another, but don’t crucify others who disagree. Take heart that we did better this year than in ALL his previous years, and look forward to what’s to come:

The climax of the entire series, where ALL of our favourites among the Kalos Group are going to shine. Serena is going to fight. Bonnie is going to go after Squishy. Clemont is going to have a fucking nerd showdown with Xerosic, and Ash is going to punch Lysandre in his damn evil face.

And I for one can’t fucking wait.

Dear sweetheart

“Harley, dear why does it smell like smoke? are you smoking?” Sighing, I turned back to my task. Closing my eyes, and hearing the bustling life inside Quinn’s and outside her home. The window provided a good escape for the smoke to wander. Focusing on the sound of engine’s of many passerby below the home, I smelt food. Not the pleasant aroma, but the over-fried odor. Quietly whining I knew that was the moment to make breakfast. Feets shuffle into the bedroom and the feeling of being watched is strong.

“I tried cooking, Babe.”
I heard her say.

“I could smell it”, I spoke “What did you burnt this time?”

“Bread, well it’s toast now. Burnt toast.”
She stated. Yawing, she started walking away from the bedroom.

Mice was a huge problem in our area that Harley and I started keeping them as pets.
Passing by the restroom, I went inside to wash my hands. Harley moved from the sink and sat on the closed toilet seat. She had her hands near the curling iron, using it to make her curls more dramatic.
“These damn rats won’t get off my iron everyday. I just want to burn them to teach them what’s right”
Harley grumbled. focusing on her reflection from afar.
“Just hear how they run if we bump the wall, ruins the moment every time right, (y/n)”
“Yeah, going squeak squeak every time…”
I trailed off, all the while drying my hands with a towel and walking away from her.

“Oh honey it was amazing. His car went faster than, what did he called it? Oh! yes, faster than wild horses! I felt my world spinning and everything passed faster than a roller coaster! It was wonderful!” Harley sighed, smiling to herself. At that moment I knew I was going to lose her. It wasn’t an if, but a when.
“He’s so kind and sweet, I swear! You should meet him. I bet he’ll love you!”
She fawned over him so easily, what did he do to make her into putty. She was never like that with me. I got stones in my stomach when she spoke again.
“I might take up his offer y'know. He’s rough I know that, but I know he has a sweet heart. I seen it! If he offers you a job will you take it?”
Harley questioned me, Eyes wide and a smile gracing her features
“You know i’m not a villain, I don’t have the skills to be one, nor a hero. I’m too plain, Harley”
I answered, truthfully I would have loved to be one, so I could join Harley in her adventures, but I didn’t have any skills close to her. I only write and create, my creations aren’t even diabolical unless you include gardening and failed pinterest ideas.
“That may be true but you could be someone on the inside of those heroes. A spy! that’s a great way to use your ‘civilian’ power”
Quinn giddily said, that smile never left her. She never smiled that large and long for me when we are together.
“Anyways, after that his goons, ha! They made him dinner or bought it, not sure. Their hands looked dirty. Mr. J asked me to join him and being the good gal I am, I joined him. Let me tell you! the dinner rolls were delicious! There was, I think around eight rolls. I might had eaten half or more than him. Gosh now I feel embarrassed!”
She admitted, covering her face with her hands, squealing as well.
“I think I love him, (y/n)”
She spoke with serious laced in her voice, the smile on her face vanished.
My pupils widened in shock.
“But you said you love me since last year. We’re dating Harley! In a relationship right now”
I stated, but came out as a whine.
“Can’t I love two people at the same time, (y/n)!”
Harley exploded, face red and a scowl plastered on her face.
I stayed quite, surprised by her outburst.
“It looks like he gives you more than I can offer, and you talk about him so passionately. I want to know if you still love me”
I whispered, I looked around her, but never at her.
“You know what? I think you’re just jealous. Yes he gives me more than you and I give him my ultimate love, but when i’m away from him you’re my other love, sweetheart”
She coo’s, a faint smile seen on her face.
“So i’m the 'other’ lover? His head is cracked! He lost his sanity Harley!”
“My poor baby! He sure did cracked his skull, but it was an accident and he works perfectly fine! nothing bad is wrong with him!”
“He treats you like shit so far! That dinner and ride was a trick so you could be reeled in and not go away!”
“Does not! You’re just angry I made burned toast! I know we are running out of food and i’m trying to get money for us, but it’s hard out there!”
“And you think it’s easy to make people think less suspicious of where we live! I try my best as well to not let this house grab attention from people!”
“Well at least it’s not that bad trying to earn money with the risk of dying as well!”
“You rob! you don’t earn it!”
“Well now your telling me! You didn’t think much about how the money got to your hands until money was tight! I made you feel royal!”
“I made you feel powerful and gave you love! I still do!”
“I don’t want to talk anymore. I’m going to bed (y/n)”
“Fine Quinn! Go rest for another unsuccessful day! or should it be night now since you’re spending more time with him now!”
Stopping in her tacks, near the door frame she didn’t turn to face me but I felt anger radiate off her.
“Are you accusing me of sleeping with him?”
“Well why not? I don’t know what you do with him, but it seems like i’m the only loyal one in this relationship”
“Goodnight dear”
Harley spat, she started walking and closed the door.
I opened the door and gathered my sleeping clothes, and went to the bathroom to change.
Coming out, I walked to the bed and laid down. After minutes of laying away next to her I moved, so I faced her back. I slowly got closer to her and wrapped my arms around her. She tensed up, but laced my hand with her own, lightly squeezing it every so often. I Had no idea why she did it, comfort, restrained anger, it could be anything.

She left me. Days ago. One night I waited for her, like always, but she never showed up. I finally slept at three o'clock, waiting for her in bed. I tried finding where she was. Asking anyone, whenever someone asked why, I lied and said I was doing a report on her. Most would laugh, but it would die their suspicions off me. I hope.
I got another job to support myself. I worked at a pet shop. Selling pet related things and occasionally animals. I went to the Bank to make an deposit when a loud noise disturbed the inside of the building. Hearing screams made my body shiver and halt my previous task to instead sprint away from the chaos, People were scattering away from the bank. Many fell and laid limp and unmoving. A shot was heard near me and I stopped. Afraid and hopeless. Spotting bleached blonde curls, I was paralyzed from seeing her. She was far from me, but in my way to escape. It seems that she just arrived, she looks proud of the chaos. She notice me and her mouth gaped open. When she moved towards me I ran away. Leaving Harley in the mess, to do what she does. She might had already moved on. She admitted it to me long ago, but the thought of her still loving me, even if it’s faint. Gnaws at my organs. Arriving after work and then the attack, I found myself at home. I came as slow as I could but quickly far away from the bank. Opening my door I heard a crunch and looked down. A note. Someone must of have slid it under the crack of my door.

Dear sweetheart,

 I can’t apologize for leaving you because that’s what I meant to do, but I do apologize for not loving you more. Have this money. I know you had your savings in there so I brought money for you. Hope this is enough, if not. Don’t worry I’ll still bring the bread to you, dear. Hope we see each other. In a calmer setting next time ;)

                                 Harley Q

It was more than I could count.