anyway only a spoiler if you think about it really hard

downpour - (707 x mc/reader)

summary: slightly unconventional playing in the rain.

rating: 10+ (no spoilers, for once, guys)

notes: this is the request that the anon sent me… yesterday? i think i may have deviated a little- i have a hard time picturing playing in the rain due to my locale… anyway, i asked around and some friends were kind enough to help give me ideas to get started so, shout out to them! y’all are great! <3 anyway no one Seven didn’t get a face full of mud like intended, but oh well. i hope you, rainy anon, and the rest of you guys enjoy!

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after seeing that post in the tags about how people are interpreting that one image from the ED (this one)

i couldn’t quite understand why people thought what they were thinking, until i realized that i was seeing this part from a MANGA-fan’s point of view. if you were seeing THIS and had been an ANIME-only fan, it freakin looks like tsukishima is actively ignoring yamaguchi, his best friend

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i love how clary didn’t put how dangerous camille is over protecting the shadow world and the mundanes. like, she knows camille could kill some people but valentine will kill so many more and so clary decides to wake up her mother to stop valentine rather than choosing to keep camille locked up. she knows that camille being awake could be bad for the vampires but valentine winning would kill all the downworlders (whereas camille’s actions really only effect the vampires and mundanes). clary knows that if she doesn’t stop valentine, camille being awake won’t matter because the downworlders will all be killed anyway.

i like seeing clary thinking about the big picture and long term effects of the things she does, it’s such good character development for her and makes her more than a reckless, rash young girl. i hope this is gonna keep going and clary is going to become a leader who makes hard decisions but does the right thing. not what’s right by her friends and family but what’s right by the entire world. her duty as a shadowhunter is not to make sure that simon is on good terms with the vampires who kidnapped him and who he willingly returned to. her duty isn’t to make sure raphael, simon, jace, alec, izzy, ANY of them are happy and safe (though if they are, of course that’s great). her job is to keep humans and the shadow world safe. 

so it doesn’t make sense that when she puts her friends and family first like she tended to do at the beginning of the season (”i’m not interested in your supernatural fight club, i just wanna find my mom”) people were mad that she was being selfish and not thinking of the rest of the world, but now that she’s not doing everything for her family and friends, by freeing camille to wake jocelyn and stop valentine, people act like she needs to be doing more to ensure that a handful of people are safe rather than making sure the entire world is safe. what do y’all even want from the poor girl???????

they were sort of being lighthearted about it – as much as possible, anyway – but jemma taking fitz out after he was discharged must have actually been kind of horrible, when you think about it. the way fitz spoke about it seems to only reaffirm this.

because jemma would have been trying really hard to show him that things are still normal, right?? bc at that stage he wouldn’t have wanted to be treated any differently, he hadn’t sort of come to terms with the fact that he’s different and that’s okay, so she would have been trying to keep things normal. at the same time, she’s probably struggling a lot herself, and she can’t do much for him but maybe she can do this one thing.

she just wanted him to feel human again. 

and then he went and complained about everything and it was just another thing she’s done wrong, another thing she’s failed to give him, and maybe he’d be better off without her anyway. because everything she does, no matter how well-intentioned, seems to hurt.