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“Love is Dead”  ~  Draco x reader

“can you do an imagine when the reader and Draco are in potion class and they are studying Amortentia potion and Draco and reader get paired and when they cant smell anything they freak and start sayings things like “ well if you wouldn’t have drowned yourself in honeysuckle and rain body spray maybe we would be able to smell’ and the other says something similar and the house that they are in realize they ran out of whatever they smell like and stuff (sorry its long i geniunly feel bad)” ~@smallangrygryffindor

HI! So sorry for taking a million years to get to your request! I have been so tired since I got back from Orlando, my sleep schedule is completely turned around (it’s literally 4AM, and I’m still up), and I go back to school on Monday… I’m screwed..

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this, like all of the requests I get, and never apologize for making your request so long! I LOVE long, detailed requests! They are so much easier for my brain to piece everything together! 

Again, I loved writing this so much! It was so fun! I hope you enjoy it as well!😊😘

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Y/n groaned as she rolled out of bed. She always hated getting up early and going to learn something she didn’t intend to use in her future career. Thinking about all of her classes made her head ache. Usually, she’d feel better after breakfast. Today wasn’t going to be one of those days. Missing breakfast had it’s disadvantages.

Her eyes were already drooping by the time she walked into Arithmancy. Somehow, she still managed to keep herself awake by doodling in her notebook. She could get the notes later anyway. 

After class, she headed toward the dungeons for Potions. It was never quite the same since Snape had been promoted to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts, but at least she still had Malfoy.

Draco Malfoy had been her best friend since day one. They’d been assigned to do projects together, she helped him with quidditch, and they even sometimes just made fun of the ‘Golden Trio’ together (just to get a good laugh when they needed it most).

Y/n sat down with Draco and the other Slytherins in her Potions class and immediately laid her head down on the table.

Draco nudged her side. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” he joked, chuckling a bit.

She groggily sat up with a sigh.

“You alright?”

Y/n shrugged. “I’m exhausted.” she breathed. “And, I’m starving.”

He gave her his usual smirk. “Missed breakfast again, huh?”

She nodded, yawning.

Turning around, Draco dug into his bag and pulled out an apple, just to place it on the desk they were sitting at. “Here. This should hold you over until lunch.”

With another yawn, she smiled slightly. “Thank you.”

At last, Professor Slughorn arrived and everyone gathered their material for the day’s lesson.

“Today, class, we’ll be taking a look at Amortentia and its effects. But, do not ingest it. We’ll only be focusing on the scent’s effects.”

As student’s were paired together, the shuffled around the room to find their partners.

“Miss y/l/n, you’ll be paired with Mister Malfoy.”

Both of them gave a very visible high five for two reasons: 1.) they didn’t have to get up, and 2.) they had always worked well together.

Y/n started to feel a little better after eating a bit the apple Draco had given her. She felt more awake as well, which helped a lot when they started brewing their potion.

“So what do you think your’s will smell like?” Draco asked, stirring the liquid around.

“Maybe if you’d wear a little less of that Acqua di Gio cologne I got you last Christmas, I may be able to find out.” she joked.

He gasped sarcastically with a fake look of offense. “Well, the same goes for you.” he carried on. “I mean, I’m surprised you haven’t run out of that Honeysuckle Rain body mist yet. And you’re strawberry lipgloss? How can I even smell that from here?”

They eyed each other for a moment, and without any warning, they burst out laughing as loudly as they possibly could.

“LOVE IS DEAD!” y/n roared.

Draco softened his laugh a bit. “Well, you can’t smell ghosts.”

His comment made y/n laugh even harder, and how it was possible was beyond her knowledge. The whole class was staring at them at this point.

“Sorry, guys…” y/n said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Draco nudged her side again. “Don’t apologize. It was funny!”

Y/n sat in the library that evening, copying down notes from her Arithmancy class earlier that day. She tried to focus on taking them, but something in her mind just didn’t add up.

‘Why couldn’t I smell that Amortentia potion?’ she thought to herself. ‘What does this mean?’

She got up from her seat and headed to the y/h common room, only to realize when she got there, she had run out of her perfume weeks ago. Knowing that the Slytherins had quidditch practice, she ran down to the pitch to watch the remainder of it.

“Hey, y/l/n!” Draco beamed, carrying his broom and the snitch. “Came to watch me, did you?”

She giggled at his cheeky attitude. However, she quickly became more serious. “Actually, I, uhh… needed to talk with you about something important.”

“If it’s about today’s Potions class, I have no idea how you were smelling my cologne.”

Y/n tilted her head a bit as he sat down on the bleachers beside her.

“I ran out of that stuff a couple of weeks ago.” he continued. “I just remembered before practice. I’m pretty sure after a few washes, it would have faded away.”

Biting her lip, y/n looked away from him and down at the green grass.

“Now… what was it you wanted to talk about?”

Her heart started beating faster and faster. “Umm…”

She looked back at him, and noticed things she hadn’t really noticed before: how pretty his smile was, with his perfect, sparkling-white teeth; his bright, grey-blue eyes and how they gleamed in the sunlight; his hair, a bit messy (because of his quidditch practice), but in a good way…

She was brought back to reality by Draco snapping his fingers.


“What? Oh!”

He grew a bit concerned for her. “You haven’t been acting yourself today at all. Are you feeling alright?”

Y/n nodded. “I’m fine. I just… umm… about today’s Potions’ lesson…”

“What about it?”

She took a deep breath before continuing. “I ran out of my perfume, too.”

Draco looked taken aback. “Really?”

She nodded once more. “Yeah… I didn’t realize it until I was copying Arithmancy notes.”

They remained silent for a few moments, looking at the ground below them.

“You know…” Draco murmured, breaking the quietness between them. “I’ve always, sort of, fancied you…”

Her heart fluttered at this. “I should probably come clean, too, I guess…” She sighed. “I didn’t just smell your cologne in that potion.”

“Well what else did you smell?”

She bit her lip before answering. “Apples and a broomstick handle.”

He smirked lightly. “I guess I’m not the only on who feels this way then.”

“I guess not.”

Slowly, Draco slid his hand over hers and stroked her pinky finger with his thumb, intertwining his fingers with hers soon after. Y/n bit her lip once more, looking at their hands. Draco, on the other hand was staring at her. Suddenly, he kissed her cheek.

She giggled softly and turned her head to face him. They inched closer without realizing it, and soon, they were nose to nose.

“What would happen if I just kissed you right now?” Draco whispered, staring at y/n’s lips.

“Why don’t we find out.”

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her closer and placed his lips on hers. All of the tension and stress from the moment prior to this left y/n’s body. It was the most amazing feeling she had ever felt. She draped her arms around his neck and smiled as she kissed the blonde boy back.

They pulled away from on another gently, still gripped in each other’s embrace.

“Who knew that Potions would be the reason we confessed our feelings for each other?”

Y/n shrugged lightly. “Well, I’m glad I took it this year.”

one of the reasons i want a Red Team-centric arc the next season or two (besides of course character development and exploration) is just cause i want to see Grif vehemently deny that it’s their problem

Like its got to do with Sarge or even him directly but he just

“Nope Blue Team problems absolutely Blue Team problems”

and then in the end when they’ve inevitably won and  someone is like “blue team problems huh”

and he’s like yeah duh and we always end up bailing them out anyway

(and maybe that shipper trash part of me also wants something to happen to Simmons and then Grif goes “NOW it’s a red team problem”

(maybe its how they finally get together) )

but yeah anyway long story short I’m red team trash

you know, i actually kept track this time, and turns out this thing took 16 hours total (spanning over four days) to make. i will never recover