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I love that idea!! can I tell u what skam would look like in my country? instead of the Russ bus we save up all three years for a class graduation trip. in one grade we have various classes, bc teachers move around, not students. we hang out a lot in bars and walking around on the street. in parties there are hooking competitions sometimes? to see who can make out w the most ppl in one night. house parties are few and far between but when it happens it's a lil crazy, most of us just go to clubs

the class graduation trip sounds cool! thank u for sharing:_)

so ive been planing on doing a ladyworld animatic but idk how i want the boys’ ship to look and its bugging me

edgeworth assisting at the end of 1-3 is probably one of his best moments actually. like there’s so many factors that clearly fed into it. like. 1. you already broke his record so… that’s over with Goodbye perfection 2. the studio staff is hiding info from him Too so he’s just as blindsided by every development as nick. he has no idea what the hap is fuckening. 3. (cmon you just know he was hesitant to believe the steel samurai could be a killer in the first place.) it all adds up so eventually phoenix has… somehow actually Totally managed to convince edgeworth of his argument. but then nick stalls out and it looks like dee might get off the hook anyways and

edgeworth interrupts, certainly against his own better judgement, because he finds himself unable to let go of Phoenix’s line of logic just yet! can’t leave that end loose, he’s picking at threads and unraveling his own case! and. he can’t even think of anything :P. he putters on a bit uselessly. until he finally thinks of something? but then, he doesn’t stop yet he adds more on top of that even??? and more and now he’s working with phoenix no time to consider. there’s no going back no salvaging this so he’s going all in and riding that momentum for the rest of the case, until he finally nets himself a Second not guilty verdict. good going, prosecutor.

and then Immediately after the trial he crashes and actually thinks about what the fuck he just did finally. and the most reasonable way he can think of to handle this is to tell phoenix to get the fuck out of his school. beautiful???


 the story says heaven’s missing an angel 

  • Hook: this isn't working, Regina you are so useless
  • Regina: shut up, I don't see YOU being able to use dark magic!
  • Hook: well I have a better idea!
  • Regina: your idea sucks!
  • Hook: I'm gonna do it anyway!
  • Regina: oh look it went horribly wrong and you're an idiot!
  • Hook: am not!
  • Regina: are too!
  • Snow: ENOUGH
  • Snow: you and you, stop with the squabbling, right now. We're going to find Emma and we're going to do it like adults, without stupid arguments.
  • Hook: fine
  • Regina: fine
  • Hook *muttering*: you suck
  • Regina *muttering*: no YOU

 the island of princesses and pirates 

for hollie!


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It was your thirtieth birthday, a time of both mourning and celebration. Your friends had organised a little surprise get together and though you were happy so many friends had turned up, you couldn’t help but feel as though the party was missing someone.

You felt silly you knew how dumb it was to allow the lack of one certain persons promise ruin your whole night, and yet Steve Rogers and his obvious absence was all you could think about.

Ten years ago, before Steve became Captain America, when he was just your little friend from Brooklyn, the two of you had made a promise to one another that if the two of you reached thirty and you were still single then you’d marry one another. You didn’t know if Steve had been a serious as you had been when making the deal, you also didn’t know if he’d felt as passionately for you, as you did towards him.

Not that it mattered any more, he was Captain bloody America now, he had ladies lining up to become his wife. He didn’t need you any more.

You were sat in the corner with a bottle of whiskey, drowning your sorrows away, when one of your friends wanders over and pats you on the shoulder. “You’ll never guess who’s come to see you.” She splutters out with wide open eyes. 

Confused, you simply follow her into the lounge area where you overhear a particularly astounding conversation. “Captain America?! Why are you here, if you don’t mind me asking?”

As soon as you came around the corner your eyes connected with Steve’s and you have to do possibly everything to keep your heart in your chest. “I made a promise to a friend.” Without even saying hello to you he walks closer, more confidence in his longer steps. 

It was hard for you to even concentrate on his words, you already thought he was attractive before the serum and it was his personality that hooked you in anyway, but now he looked bigger and the face that he was dressed n his soldier uniform really didn’t help. Before you knew what was happening he was kneeling down in front of you. “Umm, I didn’t have enough time to get a proper ring so I just bought a ring pop, but uh-” he held up the ring towards you, a shy smile lifted at the corner of his lips, “will you marry me?”

You had this big goofy smile on your face as you swiftly nodded your head, “I would be honoured,” you managed to squeak out.

After you said yes he stood up, connecting his lips with yours in a passionate kiss that you know he did feel the same.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

Okay so the two biggest concerns I’ve always had about my appearance ever since I was a little girl were that I was too tall and my nose was too big

I know Amethyst and Garnet are these big steps forward in representation but please know that I’ve warned John to never ever ever take pictures of me in profile because my nose actually makes me that upset, but this weekend I told her to.

There are pictures of me in profile. And I okay-ed them.

It’s really the smallest thing in the world because there are tall white characters literally everywhere but Pearl is an ultra feminine character who is taller than men and has a big nose. She’s really important to Little Isa and I’m so incredibly happy that there was such a positive response to me cosplaying her

//okay I’m done now thank you


Captain Swan Season 2 vs. Season 4