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His Fault // Harry Hook Imagine

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Request: harry hook + 21 “stop looking at me like that, it’s your fault anyway.” 💓💓 thank you!

Prompt: 21 "stop looking at me like that, it’s your fault anyway.” 

Harry Hook x reader

It’s his fault. It’s always his fault. 

Every time you mess up someone’s order at Ursula’s Fish & Chips, bump into other waiters, or drop the dishes from your hands, it’s Harry fucking Hook’s fault.

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gil/uma/harry headcanons

as a bonus d2 countdown post (other one can be found here)

  • harry and uma were friends first bc their parents were friends, so it was kind inevitable
  • (mostly they met when they were, like, five, and uma asked harry why he kept carrying around this big hook and he went into this whole thing about wanting to be a pirate like his dad, and uma loved the way his eyes lit up, and thought being a pirate sounded like fun, so she decided to befriend him and also adopted his dream of being a pirate someday)
  • gil came into the picture a little later on, maybe when they were about twelve or so. i imagine gil didn’t get his father’s name bc maybe he wasn’t as handsome or brawny right away - it’s something he had to grow into. so he probably got picked on for initially being short and kinda lanky. uma and harry found him getting beat up in alleyway, so she screamed at the boys who hurt him until they ran off. gil’s been the third to their trio ever since.
  • harry is trans - born harriet, of course, but his admiration of his father’s pirate captain role also grew into admiration of him just being a man, and harry always felt like a tomboy anyway, so he chopped his hair off, figured out how to make a binder when it became necessary, and demanded to be called “harry”. killian (i don’t watch ouat but this is how i picture hook, okay? and cj looks like emma anyway) didn’t have too much of a reaction, but he will admit he was a bit impressed by his now-son’s courage and determination.
  • if anyone dares to call harry out on the fact that he was born a girl, they’ll have gil and uma chasing after them. and between uma’s sharp words and gil’s muscle, good luck trying to win that fight.
  • as i’ve previously posted, gil is closer to his younger sister than he is with his brothers, so he’s learned how to style hair and apply makeup. this allows him to be quite helpful with uma and harry. gil knows exactly how much eyeliner harry should put on (and how much will just make him look like a raccoon), and he’s there to help uma braid her hair when need be. he also probably helps cut harry’s hair from time to time, since harry trying to do it himself results in everything being uneven.
  • uma doesn’t like being so short compared to the two, but anyone who teases her for it will have gil and harry coming after them.
  • (basically no matter who you try to pick on in these three, the other two will come after you. they are a very protective bunch.)
  • uma and harry started dating officially first. really, it was a new year’s eve they spent together (with their families, of course - gil was off with his), and when midnight rolled around, harry - with a bit of alcohol in his system to give him confidence - kissed her. he was a little worried about it afterwards, but uma just shook her head, saying that she waited a long time for this before kissing him again.
  • (their families totally approve. killian had a bet going with ursula that they would get together. obviously, he won.)
  • following uma and harry officially becoming a couple, gil began to distance himself from them, figuring that he’d become too much of a third wheel anyway and things would be awkward between them. uma and harry corner him one day to ask why he’s been avoiding them, and he admits this. uma says that they’re still a trio, and gil asks aloud how they can be a trio if they’re dating and he’s just a friend. harry explains that they want to date him too, and it takes gil a few moments for that to sink in. uma and harry wait in anticipation of what gil’s response is. he just smiles and says, “cool”.
  • uma and harry’s first kisses with gil aren’t as romantic as uma and harry’s was, but they’re still sweet all the same. it’s once when gil helps braid uma’s hair that she kisses him as a thank you, and he’s surprised at first but kisses her back anyway. (i can totally picture him still sitting and her standing, so he has to lean up to kiss her. she loves being taller than her boys, even if it’s only by a technicality.) harry first kisses gil when the two are playing around, gil having bet harry who could make it to the docks faster. they’re panting and sweaty by the time the race is over. gil’s grinning, teasing harry that he won and the pirate’s son lost. harry only rolls his eyes and tells him to shut up before kissing him.
  • their poly relationship is known amongst their peers, but it’s not really all that judged upon. those who openly question it get lashed out by the three, and others just throw in comments like “i think maleficent’s daughter and her friends were dating each other before they left for auradon” before shrugging the whole thing off.

why do sites with malicious ads force you to disable adblock like “oh we need the revenue!” yeah well i need this computer to not have viruses so either get better ads or kiss my ass 🙃

edgeworth assisting at the end of 1-3 is probably one of his best moments actually. like there’s so many factors that clearly fed into it. like. 1. you already broke his record so… that’s over with Goodbye perfection 2. the studio staff is hiding info from him Too so he’s just as blindsided by every development as nick. he has no idea what the hap is fuckening. 3. (cmon you just know he was hesitant to believe the steel samurai could be a killer in the first place.) it all adds up so eventually phoenix has… somehow actually Totally managed to convince edgeworth of his argument. but then nick stalls out and it looks like dee might get off the hook anyways and

edgeworth interrupts, certainly against his own better judgement, because he finds himself unable to let go of Phoenix’s line of logic just yet! can’t leave that end loose, he’s picking at threads and unraveling his own case! and. he can’t even think of anything :P. he putters on a bit uselessly. until he finally thinks of something? but then, he doesn’t stop yet he adds more on top of that even??? and more and now he’s working with phoenix no time to consider. there’s no going back no salvaging this so he’s going all in and riding that momentum for the rest of the case, until he finally nets himself a Second not guilty verdict. good going, prosecutor.

and then Immediately after the trial he crashes and actually thinks about what the fuck he just did finally. and the most reasonable way he can think of to handle this is to tell phoenix to get the fuck out of his school. beautiful???


if this doesn’t excite you then I have failed as the ryden cult leader


 the story says heaven’s missing an angel 


Captain Swan Season 2 vs. Season 4

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I think u reblogged part 8 (?) of thr tour guide series???? But i cant find it. Or was it part 7??? Im not actually sure but anyway im looking for it hahahahaahahaa got me so hooked up 😻

@stylishmuser hasn’t posted part 8 yet!! what you may have seen was the preview I reblogged. :) part seven is here if that’s what you’re looking for:

AND IT’S AMAZING ISN’T IT?? she’s got me so hooked as well and I feel so fortunate to be able to give it a read before it’s up. honestly her talent knows no bounds. :’)


Hook + Forest in 3.13►Witch Hunt

 the island of princesses and pirates 

for hollie!

Okay so the two biggest concerns I’ve always had about my appearance ever since I was a little girl were that I was too tall and my nose was too big

I know Amethyst and Garnet are these big steps forward in representation but please know that I’ve warned John to never ever ever take pictures of me in profile because my nose actually makes me that upset, but this weekend I told her to.

There are pictures of me in profile. And I okay-ed them.

It’s really the smallest thing in the world because there are tall white characters literally everywhere but Pearl is an ultra feminine character who is taller than men and has a big nose. She’s really important to Little Isa and I’m so incredibly happy that there was such a positive response to me cosplaying her

//okay I’m done now thank you