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Please be kind to those who aren't in your Pokemon GO team.

The teams are supposed to be a fun and friendly competition. But some people get really hateful towards other teams and that is not in the spirit of Pokemon. I’m team Instinct but it stresses me out to see Valors and Mystics picking on each other and I don’t condone Instincts picking on the other teams either. It’s fine to think that one team is the best and it’s also fine to show team pride but please remember that this is a game and don’t go around calling others losers or telling them they’re wrong for not being on your team and especially don’t let yourself get so hateful that you tell someone to kill themselves. Let’s keep the rivalry friendly okay? Anyways I just had to say this because it’s hard for me to scroll through the Pokemon go tag without getting anxious over the team discourse.



Here’s a list of wonderful pieces of writing that I have had the pleasure of being tagged in or have read this past week and one day.

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One Shots/ Imagines:


The purpose of this is to share the love to all the fantastic writers who spend hours, days, weeks and even months on these. Please send them messages telling them how much you loved their work because its amazing. 

I would also like to that each and every one of you for 7k! It means the world to me that y’all follow me and read the stories I post. It wasn’t that long ago that I was terrified of anyone else other than myself, reading my writing. 

Please don’t be shy, I don’t bite. You can tag me in anything and I will read it! All my love. xoxoxox


And six months later, I’ve at long last finished all the venues I need for my writer’s retreat world. :D I never expected it to take this much time, but now that I’ve decorated and play tested every community lot on Serendipity’s Main Street I finally feel happy enough with my progress to show you guys some pictures. I think I’m going to do a small photo tour sort of deal over the next couple of weeks, queuing up screenshots of one build per day. However, some of the bigger lots will likely involve more than one post, while some of the smaller rabbit holes will consist of just one or two images. Anyway, if you don’t want to see, I plan on tagging it all as “Moonlight Falls” and “Serendipity”. And, as always, if it gets obnoxious and you would like me to add another, more specific tag for easier blocking please let me know and I will gladly do so. :)

Hope y’all are having a nice week! <3

The link

Sry i forgot the link, here’s the link to Starbot amino!

Star: Why are there people on this whaaa (I don’t deserve a fanclub what is this i don’t even yall are too nice)

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so... if it's not too much trouble could we get some kandreil? because I am #parched this fandom has let that river run DRY.

um HELL yes. (also side note, @theperfectcourt​ is currently doing kandreil week so uh… u should check us out.)

because you didn’t specify, i did uh… kandreil with pokemon go? enjoy.

  • kevin’s the first to get it
  • he has enough memories of being a child that he remembers watching and enjoying a few episodes
  • and jean mentioned it once, on one of the very few times they ever discussed their childhoods
  • he figures there’s no harm and uses it when he goes for a jog

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New Series!

I’m writing a Castiel X Reader series!!

Originally posted by just-another-stolenrelic

It’s going to be a college AU with TFW and will have a few parts (depending on the feedback I get and how long I feel like I can keep it going). From what I’ve told a few people I think it’ll be something you’ll all like! It is my first attempt at writing a reader insert, so you’ll have to bear with me.

I already have the first chapter written, once I have a second pair of eyes look over it I’ll put it out, so maybe tonight? If not then definitely tomorrow. Anyways let me know if you want to be tagged!

Tagging some people to help spread the word: @chucksangel @teamfreewill-imagine@lovin-ackles​  @deanwinchester-af @lennyways@cardinaleyes @timelordsandhuntersin221b


Or day. Or night. Uuuuuh. 

Anyway! I once again woke up to a bunch of lovely messages and since i dont want to overflow the blog with asks I am going to, once again, answer them all in one post. Kinda like a FaQ of the day! (Im going to tag it faq since i get some reoccurring questions). And I just want to thank you all for being so nice! I really love this fandom community because everyone are so open minded and nonjudgmental. So lets keep it that way! I love you!!

Okay here’s the faq:

“what program/software do I use?” 
I use Pant Tool Sai for essentially every digital drawing. I very rarely use PS essentials but that’s only for warping an image or making sketch dumps. 

“Is it okay if I draw Garnet!Klance/Klarnet?”
Yes!! I don’t own the property of these characters so I really don’t have anything to say about it. I would love if you tagged me so I could see it, though! 

“Is it okay if I draw your OC’s?”
YES. Tag and/or @ me  though!! 

“WHO are your OC’s??”
I never really thought that people would be genuinely interested in my OC’s (even though it’s currently Caleb who is the only one ppl ask about lol) so they are not the most “established” characters and could use some work. Like I don’t even know what ethnicity they are (if that matters), and they don’t have canon last names. They just have a first name, a personality and a face. If anyone would want to I could do some character sheets and put them in the description. 

“You are from Sweden, but where from Sweden specifically?”
I currently live in Linköping. I grew up on a farm outside of Uppsala, which is a few miles north of Stockholm.

That’s it for today! I hope I answered some questions you had! Sorry if i don’t answer your question specifically, but i get so many messages and cant answer them all. Please check this faq before you ask and thank you if you are one of those who like and share my art, I really appreciate it! ✨❤💜💝

yall ive blocked more people who hated on amedot in the tags than I EVER HAD

amedot is so pure and perfect… i love them so much, dont let those low life antis put you down! (antis are all pretty pathetic anyway tbh…. like… go take a walk and get fresh air!! hydrate yourself!!! fuck off!!)

sorry ranted a bit but ya know!

stay safe yall!

Caejose Week: Day 7

(also on AO3)

Title: grandfather stories
Prompt: Growing Old
Rating: G
Summary:  Jotaro loves his grandfathers. He does. But when they’re both stubborn old men who can barely hear a thing yet refuse to wear their hearing aids, things get… difficult.
Word count: ~500

Jotaro loves his grandparents.

Of course he does. His grandmother is the sweetest person he’s ever met. His grandfathers are legends who saved the world. Grandpa Joseph saved the world twice, in fact. When Jotaro was younger, he might have denied it, but Jotaro has always loved and respected them very much.

The thing is.

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I don't usually read fanfic or ship or any of that, but i started reading your ghoul grumps au and I just want more, it's so well written 💕 it's also the art absolutely adorable.


Thats such a huge compliment oh my god?? Like im already p confident about my art but ive only just starting writing like that. And its because of this au!!

I know shipgrumps isnt everybodys cuppa tea yanno? So I understand if people cant get into the au because lets be honest this is polygrumps central. Ive gotten alot of asks like “Im not really keen on shipgrumps but I love your art!” and i totally accept those compliments bc they didnt have to go through the tag but they did so anyway bc my art is cute ye? So hearing you say you like the ENTIRE au (not just the art) despite not really being a shipper means alot to me aaaa

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And your tags about acting like it's not authorized is kinda like Louis & Danielle getting papped. Complaining about wanting to be left alone but still letting them out anyways.

I mean it’s the same thing they used to do when 1D were rehearsing in London. They released pap pics to show the location and all, and then acted like they didn’t trying to cover and close the place. If they didn’t want people to lurk or go to the set or see Harry, they would have avoided the whole thing and they know how to do it efficiently. These pap pics came from inside the set so they let the pap in, let them take pics exclusively of Harry and then they “covered” again the set once the photo op was over which means the whole thing was staged for promo. And if the teaser trailer is due in two days like I am reading, the Harry-centred photos they took in these 2 weeks make a LOT of sense. And even if its due next week as it supposedly is. 

i was tagged by this sweetheart @blushystan so thank you very much :-) ive never done these before so i mean here we go i guess????
A) Age: 18 yay for adulthood
B) Biggest Fear: heights
C) Current Time: 11:45 pm
D) Drink You Last Had: H2O
E) Easiest Person To Talk To: my mom tbh and my best friend
F) Favorite Song: bang my head by david guetta and sia, lush life by zara larsson, one of them by g-eazy, dollhouse by melanie martinez, lukas grahams new album is some A+ shit (i listen to too much music rip)
G) Ghosts, are they real: lmao nah. but aliens? fuck yeah
I) In Love With: food, beefcake bucky, dork seb, any sort of AU give it to me i will read/write it in a fucking heartbeat
J) Jealous Of: people who are naturally confident and those people who just ALWAYS look good like literally no matter what they always look good it’s just so ??????
K) Killed Someone: oh my god never
L) Last Time You Cried: probably over some book
M) Middle Name: christine
N) Number Of Siblings: one
O) One Wish: to be happy and content with my life. like live my life to the fullest and just be happy with where i am, ya know? all that fluffy good shit
P) Person You Last Called: my best friend
Q) Question You Are Always Asked: “why are you always hungry?” “you’re watching that show again?” “another nap? you just took one four hours ago.”
R) Reason To Smile: life man. it’s beautiful
S) Song Last Sang: i just fucking jammed the hell out to some fall out boy and then just soulfully belted out battlefield by jordin sparks so that’s how my monday night is going
T) Time You Woke Up: 6:30 am lmao fuck
U) Underwear Color: purple and gold
V) Vacation Destination: europe or bahamas
W) Worst Habit: i talk way too fast and way too much and i tend to over exaggerate every aspect of my life bc why not
X) X-rays You’ve Had: head, arm, hand, knee, foot, shin, shoulder, hip basically every bone in my body :-)
Y) Your Favorite Food: pizza or pasta i live for carbs
Z) Zodiac Sign: aquarius

and i tag @jarnesbrnes
@captnadorable and @sgtbbvrnes bc you guys seem cool so :)

The Accidental Match Pt.4

Hi guys, so it´s been a really long time since I last posted something and I know I shouldn´t come up with excuses all the time but this time my mental health wasn´t the best and I might have an inflamed shoulder which hurts whenever i try to write so that´s why it took so long to get this chapter done and why it´s so short. Anyway here we go and I hope you enjoy it!

Tagging: @beckawinchester @deansbaekaz2y5 @crystallstaircase @dancingalone21 If you wanna get tagged like these awesome people just let me know!
Warnings: slight angst, crying, moving Idk.

Catch up here

~ A few days later~

I´m sitting on the floor in Jareds room piles of clothing surrounding me and try to fit them all inside of my suitcase but failing miserably. I hear a faint knock on the bedroom door then the door opens, I turn my head so that I´m able to see who it is and there i see Jared holding two empty moving boxes for me to use. He chuckles when he sees me struggling then says. ”It seems as if these might come in hand.” and hands them to me. I sigh in relief  ”Thank you Jared. Would you mind getting me a bottle of water? I´m getting a bit thirsty.” He nods ”Sure, I´ll be right back. You keep on packing.” He says exiting the room and walking to the kitchen. I grabbed one of the t-shirts laying on the floor and put it in the first moving box. Soon Jared was back and handed me the water bottle which I instantly took some big gulps of. ”Wow you really weren´t kidding about being thirsty.” he says chuckling. I wipe some water from my mouth ”Nope. Thanks though.” ”No problem he says and goes out of the room to let me finish packing.

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Obligatory SDCC Post

So okay, the SDCC madness has officially begun, I’ve already gone crazy with a bit of Marvel stuff this morning (DEFENDERS!!! HELL YEAH!!!) – but just a fair warning, SDCC is like my mecca. Everything I love is there… gaming, movies, tv…you name it. I’m going to be reblogging ALL the things. It’s gonna be a shit show around here for a few days. Everything will be tagged “sdcc” should you need to block but I don’t think that will be a problem since we all basically love the same things anyway I’ve found, give or take a few things, LOL. I hope everyone who is there in person has an AMAZING time, please make sure you stay safe and I hope you get to see ALL of your favs!

Let’s have some fun! So many goodies await us, friends!

  • accent challenge

(prelistening info: i’m a vegetarian and i’m from the suburbs of the mentioned city okay cool) i sound like a 4 year old but that’s okay anyways here’s the accent challenge, thanks to @onewingedangeal @ichaichalivinglegacy @marluxiaredux @antidoteforeverything @planitb @penny–polendina @nort-nort @aerialslam @keybaes @duscaesunset 

time to go hide under blankets from this recording thanks guys i never actually thought i’d get 10 /o\ 

Inner Demons - An Original Marvel Fanfiction

Part 5 of my original fanfiction! You can find the other four parts on my Marvel Original Fanfiction Master List. I know I ended it on a cliffhanger again and I’m sorry about that but you’ll get answers in this part. Voting for who Camille will end up with (eventually) has ended and the winner is, Pietro!! Thank you to all of those people who voted. As usual, tags are at the bottom and let me know if you wish to be tagged in future parts. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the fic, let me know what you think! I love you all, have a wonderful day.

Warnings: Slight mentions of abuse, FLUFF

Chapter 1

“I should probably explain.” I said as I walked towards them. Wel,l here we go time to face the demons of my past. I sat in my father’s armchair while the three of them squished themselves on the couch.

“Prinţesă, who was that girl? And why did you slam the door in her face?”

I rubbed my hand across my face and took a deep breath before looking over at them. “That was Jessica. My old best friend” I let out a scoff at that last part, some best friend she was.

“There was a time when she as like a sister to me but then I. Then I almost killed Jake with my powers and she turned on me, hell, the whole town did. Jake told them things, the things that, tat he did to me, he told everyone about my powers and that he only did the things he did because that was the only way I wouldn’t kill him, that it was the only way he could keep me in check. No one, apart from my family, believed me when I told them that he had been doing this since the beginning of our relationship, they all just turned on me, called me a freak and a monster, said that I deserved everything I got. I guess he used his charm on people to make them feel sorry for him. One day I’d had enough, enough of the looks, the comments, all of it just got to me and I got angry, like Hulk angry, I lost control and I almost destroyed the town and almost killed everyone, I hurt people. They ended up chasing me out of town, I was on my own for so long, moving from place to place, motel to motel, until, until Tony fund me and asked me to join The Avengers. I saw an opportunity for a home, for a life, a chance to make a fresh start. I never dreamed that he would come back for me, especially not like that. That’s why I froze on the outskirts of town, all those memories that I’d pushed away came rushing back and I just, I didn’t know what to do.”

I couldn’t explain it any better than that, I felt my chest tightening and it got really hard to breathe and then the tears started flowing down my cheeks. The tears I had been holding in for weeks all came flooding out at once.

I felt someone scoop me into their arms and sit me on their lap as the held me close to their chest. “Shh shh. I’m here prinţesă. I’m right here, I‘ve got you” I could hear the tears in his voice as he spoke to me. The only sound in the room was my sniffling as I cried into Pietro’s chest while he drew patterns on my back with his fingers, I didn’t know how long I had been crying but I knew it was a while. My eyelids started to feel heavy and before long darkness consumed me.

My eyelids fluttered open and I realized that I was still curled up into Pietro’s chest, I heard soft snores coming from his lips as I looked up at his sleeping face. I looked at the clock on the fireplace, 9am. I looked at Pietro again and smiled a little before I carefully removed myself from his arms. I grabbed my jacket and walked out of the house, I needed space, I needed to think and I knew exactly where to go.

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Life With Teenagers Ch. 3

0Summary: Jared and your family spend the day at the Ackles’ house and someone ends up fighting.

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Words: 2,590

A/N: Woah! This chapter is long sorry about that lol Anyways I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Warning: Mild swearing

Tags: @boredoutofmymindwriting @1122230 @fangirl1802 (If you would also like to be tagged in this story or any of my other stories let me know!)

Previous Chapters: Ch.1, Ch.2


The next morning you were taking a shower and Jared was in Isabel’s room helping her get her swimsuit on so that she could go swimming.

“Izzy, do you want to wear your blue swimsuit with the flowers on it or your pink swimsuit with the butterflies?” Jared asked holding up both swimsuits to show her.

“I want to wear a dress daddy.” Isabel said smiling.

“That’s fine sweetheart, but you have to wear a swimsuit under it so you can go swimming.” Jared stated.

“But I want to wear a dress daddy.” Isabel stated.

“You can. Right now I’m asking you what swimsuit you want to wear under your dress.” Jared said and Isabel frowned.

“I don’t wanna wear a swimsuit.” Isabel said crossing her arms.

“You have to wear a swimsuit to swim in baby girl.” Jared said pinching the bridge of his nose getting a little annoyed with Isabel’s attitude.

“I wanna swim in a dress!” Isabel shouted while stomping her foot.”

“Hey young lady don’t get an attitude with me.” Jared said pointing his finger at her. “I told you that you had to swim with a swimsuit.”

“I don’t wanna!” She shouted and sat on her bed angry. Jared had to keep himself from shouting back and sighed thankfully when you walked in.

“What’s all the shouting about?” You asked leaning on the doorway to Isabel’s bedroom.

“I told Izzy that she needs to pick out a swimsuit and she’s arguing with me that she doesn’t want to swim in a swimsuit she wants to swim in a dress.” Jared stated giving you an annoyed look. You wanted to laugh because this is what you dealt with everyday and now he was getting to deal with it.

“She’s 4 baby. You shouldn’t argue with a 4 year old.” You chuckled lightly. “Just grab the swimsuits and we will pack them both up and she can pick when we get ready to swim. If she won’t pick then she just won’t swim. Simple as that.” Jared nodded. He was glad to have you around and is very thankful that you take care of your children every day. “Now Isabel first I need you to apologize to daddy for throwing a fit and acting the way you did to daddy.” Isabel got up from her bed and walked over to Jared with her head down.

“I’m sorry for being mean to you daddy.” Isabel said and Jared bent down to her level.

“It’s okay baby girl.” Jared rubbed her shoulder. “Now show daddy what dress you want to wear.” This made Isabel smile and look up and take Jared over to her closet and pointed to a dress. It had a white top and a pink bottom with butterflies and a pink bow in the middle to divide the bottom and top. Jared helped Isabel get dressed and you loaded your family’s things into the car. Your family arrived at Jensen and Danneel’s around 10:30 that morning. You knocked on the door and Danneel opened the door smiling and greeted everyone.

“Come on in. The twins and Dylan are out back with Jensen.” Danneel said. Isabel and Jacob ran outside and you shook your head.

“Sorry that my kids are not polite.” You said and Danneel laughed.

“I am used to that every day.” You laughed also agreeing with her. You walked in and Jared smiled at Danneel.

“Hey Danneel.” He pulled Danneel in for a hug.

“Hey Jared.” She hugged back smiling. “Good to see you and Jensen brought each other back in one piece.” She said smirking and he chuckled. You, Danneel and Jared joined everyone outside. The twins were running around with Isabel and Dylan and Jacob were jumping in the pool trying to compete to see who made the biggest splash.

“I swear that Dylan is not 20. He acts like he’s Jacob’s age.” Danneel said shaking her head and you giggled. Jensen started chasing the girls and he ended up catching Isabel and she started giggling.

“Uncle Jensen! Put me down!” Isabel shouted trying to wiggle out of his arms.

“Never!” Jensen joked and she giggled. You smirked and walked over to Jensen and Isabel.

“Say cheese!” You said pulling out your phone and they looked up at you. Jensen with a big smile on his face and Jacey as she started to scream for you to help. You took the picture and Isabel continued to wiggle out of his arms and he chuckled and put her down.

“Yay! I’m free!” Isabel yelled and ran to chase the twins. You laughed at Isabel and you felt arms wrap around your waist behind you.

“You and your daughter are so much alike.” Jared chuckled and kissed your forehead.

“She’s your daughter too you know?” Jared stated and you smiled.

“I know but she’s always so hyper. You’re the one who’s always hyper.” He chuckled again. Jared sat down on one of the beach chairs and you sat in between Jared’s legs. Jacob was looking at his phone and he ran over to you and Jared.

“Dad, can Aria come here?” Jared wasn’t sure you were okay with it so he looked down at you and you nodded and he looked back up at Jacob.

“As long as it’s okay with your Uncle Jensen and Aunt Danneel.” Jared nodded smiling and Jacob smiled big and ran over to Jensen and Danneel. You saw Jacob talking to Jensen and Danneel and then saw Jacob walk back over to Dylan typing on his phone excitedly.

“Look’s like your gonna get to meet Aria.” You stated smiling. “She is such a sweet girl. You’re gonna like her.”

“How long have they been dating?” Jared asked curiously.

“7 months.”

“That long and he never told me about her?” Jared asked, his eyes widening.

“Well maybe he was worried about what you would think?” You said nervously.

“Why would he worry about what I think?” Jared asked confused.

“Nevermind.” You looked up when Isabel called you.

“Come swim mommy!” She hollered as she swam around in the pool. You smiled and pulled off your shirt and shorts and jumped in the pool with Isabel. Jared saw Jacob disappear into the house when he walked over to the pool to join you. He was about to jump in when Isabel yelled.

“Aria!” Isabel grinned and Jared turned around to see Jacob holding hands and walking with a girl about his age that looked about 7 months pregnant. Jared turned around to you but you were turned around because you were scared of how he was going to act. Jared tried to get your attention but he heard his son’s name behind him.

“Dad, meet Aria.” Jared turned back around with a fake smile on his face.

“Nice to meet you Aria.” Jared grabbed her hand and shook it.

“Nice to meet you too Mr. Padalecki.” You saw Jared nod and you could tell that he was pretending to smile and then saw him look at you.

“Babe? Can I talk to you and Jacob inside for a minute?” Jared said trying not to get angry in front of everybody.

“Sure.” You turned to Jensen and Danneel. “Mind watching Izzy for a minute?”

“Of course not.” Danneel smiled and Izzy swam over to Danneel. You got out of the pool and walked over to Jared as Jacob was saying something to Aria about being right back. Aria nodded and sat at the edge of the pool. You, Jared, and Jacob walked inside the house and into the living room.

“Listen dad, whatever you are about to say just let me talk, I….” Jacob started to say but Jared interrupted him.

“Are you stupid Jacob?!” Jared said angrily. Jacob raised an eyebrow and you were starting to get angry at your husband calling your son stupid. “She’s pregnant!”

“Dad I know.”

“You know better! How? I thought we had the sex talk Jacob.” Jared stated pointing a finger at him.

“Wait what?” Jacob asked confused.

“I’m not stupid. Your mother said that you and Aria have been dating for 7 months and she looks 7 months pregnant. It’s not hard to put two and two together Jacob.” Jared stated and then raised his voice. “I thought we raised you better than that!”

“It’s not his Jared.” You shouted back at him.

“How the hell is it not his?” Jared asked you confused. “I think I know how making babies works.” It was a little hard not to laugh at his comment. Jacob stormed off upstairs and you lost it.

“Because she’s not 7 months pregnant. She’s 8 months pregnant. That’s how.” Jared’s face started to return back to it’s normal color.


“Yeah oh.” It was your turn to yell and get angry. “Damn it Jared, you just got your son to listen and talk to you yesterday and now you are back to wear you fucking started!” I’m done helping you. Go clean up your own fucking mess.” You stormed off into the kitchen and took a couple of deep breaths to calm down before going outside leaving Jared to deal with his own problems. Jared felt like an idiot for screwing up with his son. He felt like an even bigger idiot for screwing up with you. Jared sighed and walked upstairs. Jared found Jacob in the media room where Jensen had a pool table and tv’s where Jacob and Dylan liked to hang out a lot. Jacob was laying down on the couch on his phone. He was sure that Jacob was probably texting Aria telling her what an ass Jared had been.

“Jacob, can we talk?” Jacob put his phone in his pocket and looked up at the ceiling.

“Why? So you can tell me how stupid I am for getting a girl pregnant which I didn’t even do?!” Jacob said angrily through his teeth.

“I know. Your mother explained that the baby wasn’t yours.” Jared stated sitting down in a chair across from Jacob.

“Which you would’ve known if you would’ve just shut up instead of running your mouth and being a shitty ass father.” Jacob stated and you cringed at his words.

“I deserved that.” Jared said looking down.

“You bet your ass you did. You never let me get a fucking word in!” Jacob shouted.

“I know buddy and I’m sorry.” Jared apologized. “Can you sit up and please look at me? I’m trying to talk to you and that’s kind of hard to do when you are not looking at me.” Jacob hesitated for a second and then sat up to look at Jared. “Now Jacob, I really am sorry. I just got back on your good side yesterday and then I go and do this today. I don’t argue with you that is something a shitty ass father would do. I’m sorry for not letting you get a word in and I’m sorry for saying that you were stupid. I do not believe you are stupid at all Jacob. You are the smartest teenage boy that I know. Hell you are taking summer classes that you never even needed to take in the first place. You are going to Summer School just to get ahead for next year.” Jacob’s eyes widened.

“How did you know that?” Jacob asked.

“Because, you may not think so but I do listen to your mother when she talks about you on the phone. You’re a straight A student.” Jacob was surprise to hear you knew all this. “She told me that all your teachers and your principal likes you. She told me that your principal was okay with you taking summer school. She told me how much she begged you to forget summer school and just be a kid and spend having fun this summer like all normal kids do.” Jacob started to tear up after this.

“I’ve always told your mother that you were not normal.” Jared smirked.

“Yeah you ass of course I’m not! I just got all teary eyed after hearing all this.” Jacob playfully smacked Jared and Jared chuckled.

“That’s because you’re not normal like me. You’re emotional like me.” Jared stated and Jacob rolled his eyes. “Now are we good?” Jared held out his arms for a hug and Jacob was silent for a few seconds but then went in for the hug.

“I guess so.” Jacob said and Jared chuckled. After the hug Jared pulled away and looked at Jacob.

“Now are you sure about dating this girl? Not that I don’t approve because I do, she’s a very sweet and pretty girl.” Jared stated and Jacob smiled and nodded.

“Thank you and yes I’m sure dad.” Jared nodded and looked at him seriously.

“Is that father in the picture?” Jared asked curiously.

“No, he left when she found out she was pregnant.” Jacob stated and Jared nodded.

“Do you believe you love Aria?”

“I’m pretty sure dad.” Jacob said nodding.

“Have you told her?” Jacob nodded. “Has she told you that she loves you?” Jacob nodded again.

“I plan to stay with her when she has the baby.” Jacob stated.

“Are you sure?” Jared asked.

“Yes sir.” Jacob nodded.

“And you know what all that entails? Staying with her no matter what? Even when the baby comes?” Jared asked and Jacob nodded.

“Yes dad.” Jared put a hand on Jacob’s shoulder.

“Alright then. Why don’t you go tell Aria you’ve changed your mind about your dear old dad being an ass.” Jacob laughed and got up to walk out. “Oh could you ask your mom to come back? I want to talk to her.” Jacob nodded and walked out of the room. A few minutes later you appeared still angry. “I know what you are gonna say Y/N but just hear me out.” You crossed your arms and listened. “I’m sorry for not letting Jacob speak and I’m sorry that I called him stupid, it was uncalled for.”

“You’re damn right it was Jared.” You stated and he sighed.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t listen and I was so quick to judge. I talked it over with Jacob and I think he’s forgiven me. Now I just want you to do the same please baby.” Jared walked closer to you wanting to wrap his arms around you. He looked for any hesitation in your eyes but didn’t show any so he wrapped his arms around your waist and you buried your head into his chest.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” You mumbled into his chest.

“Don’t apologize. The way I acted, I deserved it.” He kissed the top of your head. “Now lets get back downstairs and see if Jensen is finished grilling I’m starving.” You couldn’t help but laugh and Jared was glad that he had solved everything for now.


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don't your arms hurt from reaching so hard in your tags every day

Amazing? Tell you, what, babe. I’m going away for the next week to not only be off your (and anyone else’s) back but to GET MY SORE ARMS well-deserved holidays so that they could rest and get ready for MORE ACTION and guess what?? When I’m back, THEY’RE GONNA BE LOCKED AND LOADED to BE REACHING EVEN HIGHER IN MY TAGS EVERY DAY. YOU HEARD ABOUT OBNOXIOUS TAG RANTS? Get ready FOR SUPER OBNOXIOUS TAG RANTS :-))))