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dark reflections (2/?)

BOY ITS BEEN A WHILE HUH!!!! imrryr was kind enough to commission me for some more of this messy leliana/morrigan noir au!!!!


The front stoop light was on when Leliana arrived, her boots still carrying the slick mix of grease and oil that still covered the streets like a film from the recent rain. It was a perfectly plain door, attached to a perfectly miserable little series of rooms for rent in the heart of Lothering, but Leliana still stopped before she reached the top step.

It was as much for her nerves as it was to finish the rest of her cigarette, a stubborn, fragile part of her still screaming for retreat. A ripple of tension ran through the muscles in her shoulders as she tilted her head back and released a stream of smoke, dropping the cigarette and crushing it beneath her heel.

An automobile roared down the street and disappeared around a corner, and Leliana took that as a sign to swallow her hesitations and get moving, her hand drifting to the breast pocket of her blazer for the tools secreted away there.

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interpreting the existence of hetalia personifications

So, @yosb and I were talking about our interpretations of hetalia personifications and it…got way more academic than either of us anticipated so. Hence, this post to sort out and articulate my thoughts because it is incredibly interesting how differently we interpret hetalia personifications based on our own life experiences and background.

Here are the questions to think about in regards to the existence of hetalia personifications:

What do you consider the personification to be the personification of? 
What does this “nation” represent?

There are a variety of answers, but what I commonly find includes: land, people, government, culture, and history─  as well as how much the personification themselves have their own personal identity. These are all important factors to consider, and what’s most interesting to me is that everyone has a very unique interpretation of what percentage of these factors make up personification’s existence.

My personal interpretation is that a personification is based upon IDENTITY

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So I was so excited about getting here on the cruise that I forgot my charger home so… duh. Ok, I hope I can find it in one of the shops here inside or that someone will be really nice to let me use theirs? Anyways, now we are here and I just want to make the best of it. If you are in need of company for any of the fun activities, I am your girl. On lazy times you will find me by the pool, reading, resting, snapchatting... So, the usual.


Such Great Heights // Prologue // Coming before the end of the month

Listening in carefully, Harry tried to make sense of what was being said and what exactly was happening, but it was far too confusing for him and his six-year-old brain. Instead, he glanced around the room to see if there was anyone else he knew — a few older ladies from some of his favourite places, like the bakery and the library, were in his sight, but the second he spotted another young girl around his age and how she was practically bouncing in her seat, she was all that took his focus.

Sorry guys for not being updated this tumblr. Its been years since I last posted here in fanpage. But anyways, I’m back.

Happy Birthday Shinichi/Conan! It’s been 18 years since your first show aired! And still your 17 (Shinichi’s age) or 7 (Conan’s age). What’s your secret for not growing older? HAHAHAHA! My wish for you is just simple, (1) you should back being a teenager (2) more shows to come and (3) you should finally kiss Ran as a Shinichi!!!!

Once again Happy birthday! <3

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