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Season 19 Renewal

As Season 18 went on, and I kept getting disappointed, all I could think was, “do the old writers and the cast also think the quality of the show is declining, or do they think everything is fine?”

Guess we have our answer.

The fact Rick Eid is leaving after just one season tells me that we were right all along. He was a bad fit for this show. Forget the scheduling mess, partly caused by the inability to produce episodes on time. He tried to turn SVU into a generic cop show, which is actually why I think he might be a good fit for Chicago PD. SVU was never generic. It’s an institution, and it was always about the characters, as much as it was about the cases,  as well as teaching the audience some sorely needed lessons.

Season 18 and its Struggles

In Season 18, the show lost track of that message. It’s not enough for Liv to sprout platitudes and give us Hallmark moments every week. A certain sensitivity and nuance is required, if you want to tackle SVU cases. Rick Eid lacked that sensitivity (if some episodes displayed it, it was because of the old SVU writers, in my opinion), and he couldn’t find that nuance. That’s why he effectively rewrote the same episode so many times. Rich white powerful man assaults rich white pretty lady. She is unreliable (or a liar, or a criminal, or it’s somehow her fault), and he is troubled. That’s it. We watched a variation of that, literally 13 times this season (I counted).

The T*rump episode alone perfectly demonstrates why Eid was a bad choice for SVU. The casual way in which Ice-T said it wasn’t one of their best, even though the (then) current showrunner had written it, that said it all. Showing women as liars is not what SVU is about, for me. Nor is it about showing rapists as sympathetic, or troubled figures, or innocent. Both can (and should) be done in moderation, in an individual episode or two, for the sake of a twist (or even realism, sometimes), but not all the time.  

Problem is, Rick Eid clearly didn’t know what else to do. What else to write. He didn’t know how to expand into non-rape cases, he didn’t know how to send the right message (and sometimes he’d even send the wrong message entirely), and (most curious of all) he didn’t know how to properly work the courtroom angle, despite the fact he’s apparently a lawyer, and the trial scenes increased tremendously in screentime. This season, despite its faults, could have given us a strong, take-charge Barba. If nothing else. Instead, he turned Barba into an afterthought who wouldn’t prosecute a single perp unless Liv told him to.

Season 18 and the Characters

This entire season, it felt like neither Rick Eid nor the other new writers ever watched the previous seasons. They totally misused Carisi, Rollins and Barba. They altered long-established portrayals. They changed these characters into generic cardboard cutouts, eliminating everything that made them unique (yet again, that’s another sight Eid might have better luck with Chicago PD). I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve written about this many times, most recently (and extensively) here.

I mean, I remain baffled by that one interview, when Eid kept saying “the Carisi character” and “the Barba character,” like he had never watched his own show and he had zero emotional connection to his “own” characters. Which was obviously true, as it turns out. He never connected to any of them, except maybe Liv.

Season 18 and Liv

Which brings me to this. To me, it’s clear that another showrunner change would have to be okayed by Mariska (if not demanded by her). This season had some very strong Olivia moments, but overall it was not the best for her, in my view. The focus was on Liv, but what she was actually doing, it wasn’t always something I could root for. I didn’t like that feeling.

It’s one thing if she does something that’s supposed to be questionable (like Season 17’s Black Lives Matter episode, and the way she instinctively wanted to stand by her fellow cops at first) or “flawed,” but it’s another thing to have her badgering witnesses and victims alike into testifying, for an entire season. Or telling Barba how to prosecute his own cases. Or thinking she can’t have a personal life and a child at the same time.

That’s not who Liv is, to me. I hope we can find that Liv again. And I’d like to think Mariska agrees. The fact she wanted (or at least she agreed to) a new showrunner despite the fact this season was “all about her” is a good sign. She’s the star, and she’s the reason most people watch, but she is also self-aware, and she must have known how Liv was coming off, at times. She must still want the best for Liv, like we all do, and I’m happy to know that.

Season 18 and Sonny

Lastly, when it comes to Sonny, I just hope we can find the old Sonny too. The one with the personality, and the whole bunch of sisters, and the niece who drools on him. The Sonny who is fantastic undercover, and has great instincts, and uses his affability to nail perps during interrogations, and thinks outside the box to solve a case (actually that last part is still there, even in S18, thank God). The Sonny who is empathetic and hilarious and quirky and interested in medicine and photography and Möbius strips. The Sonny who came into his own, and turned into a confident and experienced and badass detective. The Sonny who has some darkness inside him, but doesn’t let it turn him into yet another violent cop. The Sonny who is real, and has real relationships with his friends and colleagues, and isn’t just “Cop Number 1”, only there to deliver exposition.

Peter deserves better, much like all the actors. It’s a shame to have this great cast, and this rich history, and fail to utilize either of them properly.

In Conclusion

I’ve said it many times. SVU has had terrible seasons before, but it has always bounced back. So I hope we can all just all pretend Season 18 never happened, even though that may not be eas…

Wait, that’s very easy, actually, because literally not a single thing happened in season 18. All the characters are pretty much where they were at the end of S17, except Fin, who is an almost-Sergeant, and has an offscreen twitter-grandchild.

So let’s just start over, huh?


SwissAus Week 2k16 – Day One: Princes

They were supposed to meet to talk politics between their countries, but things took an unexpected turn…

Or. The AU I never knew I wanted?

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Please do the analysis of kaisoo as individuals, don't care about those who will disagree/hate, their opinions won't matter anyway.

Hi anon, thanks for the sweet encouragement. It’s just that I have my own way of looking at things and profiling people. I don’t like to just mention or study traits and picture idols as perfect, I believe flaws are as important, if not more when it comes to analyzing characters/personalities. I’m afraid people would take it as me bashing or hating on Kyungsoo or Jongin. I love those two to bits and that is never going to change but I don’t like to be misunderstood and attacked for being honest/realistic. Some fans tend to forget sometimes that their most loved idols are human, with qualities and faults and I don’t like dealing with these kind of fans.

I might do it still but I can’t promise you for sure.

Here, I will give you a personal super mini short analysis of Jongin. I personally find Jongin the type of person who struggles the most with fitting in with other people. You might not notice that seeing how happy and expressive he is but I do believe that he is a secretive person at heart and he keeps things very close to his chest. He is unique and eccentric. He is not the bold and over-sexualized persona he performs and projects on stage, in fact he is quite the opposite of that all. He is picky about whom he keeps close and that’s understandable because he is a very private person beneath all the professionally required facades he give off.

 He is mature, sharp, clever but very cautious of people within his closed social circle. I believe that he enjoys being on his own, solitude is important to him. it gives the serenity he needs and he is not afraid of being alone. He has a very strong personality and it might cause him to clash with other people at times. There is also that very childlike, open and expressive side to him because he is honest, blunt and can’t fake what he feels but he is definitely the serious resilient type as well. 

In a survival setting, let’s say like a group of people lost on an island, Jongin would be that person who paves his own way of surviving. He will be creative about it and he will always depend on his own self before anyone else. He will adapt and survive and he will work with the group if  he needs to but never actually from within it. He will follow the lead of others if the situation requires it but he will not let anyone rule over him so to speak. He is both social and loner at once. He has a very strong sense of self, of who he is. He is independent and is true to himself.

 In other words, Jongin can’t do social hypocrisy and that’s why he won’t always fit in. People use  hypocrisy to maintain social diplomacy and the benefits that comes with it but Jongin won’t care for that. That’s just the way I view him. *

To me, he is a strong, honest, private and resilient guy. He definitely has a bit of the Alpha male element in him but quite flexible and creative at the same time. I also believe that has has quite the temper if angered and that he can be very stubborn at times. Overall, Jongin enjoys the qualities and the strengths of both, masculinity and femininity. That’s what makes him able to bend and adapt to any situation and to whatever life throws his way. Long story short, he is a very interesting person. 

I will think about doing a longer, more thorough analysis for both boys. I will see if I can do it.

Have a good day anon :)
was war, was wird - Molnija - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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They need to cut the hedge again, Hajime thinks as he’s sitting on the grass in the garden. The voice mentioning it is Oikawa’s, he’s said this same sentence often enough for it to get stuck in Hajime’s mind, to the point where he isn’t even sure whether he believes it himself. If he’s being totally honest, the hedge looks fine to him. A little high, maybe, but nothing that would warrant outrage.

this took literal months to write and I still don’t quite know what it is, which has got to be a new record.



clintasha + harry potter au for @victimsteve 

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I understand why that anon is worried but just because she was wearing pants that doesn't mean they weren't shooting. If the scene isn't a long shot and is only from the waist up, they would allow Lili to wear pants because of the cold. Her bottom half wont be in the shot anyway so it won't matter. I thought the same when I first saw it but I don't think there's anything to be worried about. Madchen looks like she's in character so I think they are filming in that shot.

Thank you for this, Nonnie! To my other Nonnie, I hope this reassures you!!

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I've been going through your politics tag and I want to thank you for making these analyses because I have learned a lot. It's really hard to judge their political views and you have done thorough digging and analysis. As you've said it's hard to infer from their early age and I think hard to infer from friends, family, and colleagues. Circles also change, like Harry with the Azoffs and his posh London friends (?). I haven't scrolled far enough yet but have you done a post for Zayn?

Thanks.  I think you have to be careful about how much you make deductions based on what their friends think.  I think politics would play less a role in the relationships that 1D members form than with many other people.  There is some use in figuring out what the social norms that they operated in are.   I do put a bit of weight on Stan saying what a good Donnie lad should think - because that’s not just stating his own views but referencing norms that I would expect his best friend to broadly agree with.

I have written about Zayn - here’s the post.  It was written a while ago and he’s said various sorts of dumb shit on social media since then. I find the things Zayn has said interesting in two different ways - neither of which have much to do with the post that I’ve written.

The first is just that he says them.  One of the basic premises of this series is that you’re more likely to say something political by accident if you don’t really understand politics.

The second (and related point) is that I think that Zayn has generally said fucked up things because of how he sees himself and the way he had been treated - rather than as a result of how he sees a group he’s not part of.   That doesn’t mean that he can’t do harm to other people, but I do think it’s important to unerstanding the reason he says some of the things he says.

The above imagery is really suiting for what I’m about to say. This is honestly how I feel with tumblr as of right now, I feel like I’m at gunpoint, because if I don’t enjoy a character in a certain way, it’s wrong. If I or anyone has a strange headcannon, it’s wrong. Basically, there’s no right way to enjoy our favorite characters anymore.

Tumblr is hypocritical, you say we should devillainize (woobify) them, then you say we shouldn’t? What’s the truth? I’ve seen people say that it’s perfectly okay to project yourself onto your favorite character too. When does an interpretation become an OC? When do we draw the line? I’ve seen interpretations of characters that are virtually unrecognizable from the source. I get it, you want representation–tumblr is made up of nothing but the under represented.

If it hasn’t been made apparent, I really love Scarecrow. However, I love him for what he is, a fear-mongering, hroo hraa-ing, burlap wearing skinny boy. I’m not here to change him, because I relate to him though his struggles. I went through similar struggles; and while I cannot condone his actions, I adore his character and I love seeing him appreciated for the monster he really is.  I don’t need to project myself onto him, because I am not Scarecrow. I’m…me. It’s the same reason I made my own “Mistress of Fear”, I’m no Becky Albright. It would have been pointless for me to change her character to fit my personality, and it would have ruined her purpose as a character. Becky exists for a damn good reason.

When I made this blog, I made it in the hopes to share my love of Scarecrow to tumblr, but now I feel like if I say the wrong thing, I’m going to be assaulted. That’s particularly why I haven’t been posting a lot of headcannons as of late. For those of you who have sent asks or been worried about my state of mind, I do apologize. I’ve seen too many people get attacked for how they headcannon a character. But, for the person who likes them for what they are, I feel the greatest fear because I am truly going against the current. I’m not “scarecrow trash”, sorry guys. As someone with major depressive disorder, I already insult  myself enough that I don’t need to add trash to the list.

i love the idea of rincewind accidentally becoming a star student athlete

like, a modern au with unseen university as a nerdy high school/college and ridcully’s looking for student athletes and coming up with nothing until someone points and rincewind and tells him “he’s good at running”

and it turns out rincewind is brilliant, and ridcully bullies him into starting a track team/signing up for interschool races

the unseen university team shows up to inter school matches and there’s a collective “shit, not rincewind” from everyone else

he gets interviewed by a college paper and is very confused by the concept of fitness regimes and diets?? he eats potatoes and runs, there isn’t much to it

ridcully dedicates one of their spare rooms to rincewind’s medals and makes a point of bringing the former dean over when he visits and asking incredibly non subtle questions about the failing soccer team

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For white people, few things more sad than losing a friend of color because you say something they think is racist. Maybe you were racist, maybe you weren't but it doesn't matter anyways because they won't talk to you about it. They just tell you to fuck yourself and they block your ass. And seriously, sometimes you didn't say anything racist at all. Just like "I like cats" and they be like "fuck you racist ass piece of shit!" and they're gone and you don't know why.

Hey, do you think maybe your “friends” who aren’t white wouldn’t be so keen to avoid you if you stopped being a weird paranoid racist liar? Just a thought, homie.

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Relax, you don't have to worry if your hair gets ugly when you dye it.. you're ugly anyways, so it won't matter

LOL fuck you because you know what

i dont care what you think, because im happy and i dont care what i look like

the only reason you messaged me this was because you have insecruties about how you look so you feel the need to judge others 

also thanks for going on my blog and stalking my /tagged/me to see what i look like

thats totally not creepy at all :) :)