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Is Maggie a lefty or a righty? ;)

interesting question….

[x] here we can see maggie holding the phone with her left hand, which doesn’t prove anything. this is rlly the only thing i could find with her left hand. hOWEVER

[x] here she uses her right hand to move the drink

[x] here she’s holding the drink in her right hand

[x] here she’s holding the gun in her right hand

[x] and here she does the same thing

[x] and here, she writes with her right hand, basically proving she’s a righty

however,,, there’s absolutely NOTHING in canon proving she’s not ambidextrous

also this was fun to answer bc i got to stare at a bunch of gifs of maggie’s hands and damn does she have nice hands

Oh right, and the cover to volume 9 is a screaming Amon, right. 

Ishida said in Zakki that he wanted Amon to be on the cover to the original TG volume 9, but went with Akira in the end. So he was all, “I’ll find a place for his cover yet”. 

I finally got home from my trip at my distant relatives place, and tomorrow I’m going to go and visit my grandma with a broken heart, because I was stupid enough to romance Solas.

Wtf Bioware…

hgnnhh i took this officially official interest inventory test that’s supposed to help you figure out what to do with your life and. my results say I should stay away from the culinary arts I could have told you that

jesus h christ, is it physically impossible for a dude to just be like “oops, my mistake” when they’re BLATANTLY GODDAMN INCORRECT and you correct them (which I always do politely and probably too gently bc I’m nice, dammit)

like they will totally ignore that they even MADE an error and just….. act like it never happened!!! which can lead to some very confusing conversations and me feeling like I am the one who somehow made a mistake or misunderstood

which I absolutely did not, goddammit

protip: quit it

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Am I supposed to be scared of you or something? Get over yourself, sweetheart. Please! Regardless of what facts you state, your pettiness doesn't change the fact that the women in wrestling are finally all getting the screentime and opportunities they deserve. While people like you are bitter and jealous and petty about it, because you got nothing better to do.

When did I say you were supposed to be scared of me? I told you to drink the tea. I was actually being nice. Anyways, what other girls besides the 4HW have gotten opportunities? Title opportunities? Main event matches? All that shit? Please enlighten me. Plus, people like me are tired of seeing the same girls get opportunity after opportunity while the other girls have to stand and watch in the back. Since you stalk my blog so much, you would know that I actually like the 4HW. And I’m super important if you felt the need to message AGAIN. You don’t have shit to do. And learn what pettiness is because this is nothing compared to what I can be. Now here’s a nice gif for you.

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Love Is Here

read it on AO3 at

by PapiCaleb

Its 4AM on a Monday and I’m writing a soulmate AU for Voltron
anyway, this is just some of the shit I like to do so take it or leave it

Words: 177, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on AO3 at

I tried to make a bday post and fell asleep on my desk and im cold

jfc this idiot is 21…. how….

anyway! It was a really nice day! There were surprises (both welcome and..strange..). my church held a surprise mini-party?? and before we had the cake, my mom shared a little story about this 21 yr old idiot and we ALL jsut started crying omg it was wild but i was so grateful. my (biological) dad also came down to visit which was kind of strange. I won’t get into it but hey. 

The best part was going out with my cousin and brother!! we only went to the mall but my cousin kept sharing all these stories of stupid stuff we would do in our childhood and my stomach hurt from laughing so much oh my ogd. we got burgers (AND OREO SHAKES AAAA THEY WERE SO GOOOOOD!!) and I almost choked on a fry from laughign so hard. 

it was such a nice day and im so thankful  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡


hihihihi I was tagged by @kimtaeheart to post screenshots of my lock screen and home screen! thanks janett! ✨💕

anyway, there’s the loml and my bf!!! 🌹🌹 these photos are so nice….wow I lov them :/

i tag (optional ofc): @chaeyoungs @yeo-chnggu @heejuns @1dean @kimtahyung @fhawn @boymeetsevils @yoongn @4myungsoo @leeshongbins @blocks-b @rosytaes @kthksj


this episode (still “identity crisis”) is so weird, it’s about cia operatives working against each other (with columbo stuck in the middle, investigating the murder of one of them) but it has a million weird little human moments that i kind of love. 

anyway it’s nice of patrick mcgoohan to entertain the fantasy that columbo’s wife exists, and build a power play around it

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A, F, I, L with Derek Hale, Please? ❤

A and I are answered here!

F is answered here!

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

It may seem boring, but Derek’s favorite place to have sex is his loft. His bed is large and comfortable, plenty of space to roll around and get creative. Plus, the place is huge and empty, so the possibilities are seemingly endless. Doing it on his couch? No problem. In the shower? He has plenty of hot water. Kitchen counter? Sure, he barely cooks anyway. Floor? Tons of space. Outside? He has a nice balcony for it. Stairs? Nobody is going to be using them anyway. So, if the question is ever raised, “Your place or mine?” Derek will always answer, “Mine.”

Dawn broke Kenny’s hand while she was giving birth but he took it like a MAN and still kissed her forehead and told her she was doing great despite his pain, and he went to get her her favorite ice cream after Davina was born and smuggled it into the hospital for her. He stayed up with her when she couldn’t sleep and slept on hard seats next to her bed.

Kenny wasn’t able to properly hold Davina for weeks, all he could do was lie back and have Conway or Johanna put her on him because of his hand. But she loved him anyway, Davina was really fussy when it came to being held by anyone else other than Dawn and Kenny, and she knocked out like a light whenever she was held by Dawn.

There were times when Kenny would just be staring at her and she would wake up and just look at him, he knew she couldn’t really see him, but it was a nice feeling when she smiled anyway, or when she would start giggling.

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Theres such a sharp contrast between the tumblr™ response to JJ and Yurio and the Japanese fandom response. It makes me laugh. So much nice fanart and fic on the J side, meanwhile here at tumblr™ its borderline base breaking. Moral crusaders and all that jazz. This is all very deja vu to me. Very voltron sheith 2.0, been there done that. But anyway, hope you have a nice day and the brats in your inbox don't bother you too much. Most are likely literal children if my experience carries over.

I’ve seen almost every japanese artist’s twitter contain Pliroy fanart and it’s glorious; but I guess since ‘western’ fans refuse to acknowledge that there is more than just the…y’know, western fandom, they consider their word law. I just, ugh, it’s ridiculous–but I appreciate you coming by and giving me a kind word, I hope your day is just as nice (or night, if you are in a timezone like mine). I’ll definitely try to keep my head up high and realize that these are teens with their sensitive ~*feels*~ hurt.

( OPEN STARTER FOR @wildstcrs ). 

          “i just don’t think i’m the bring them to meet your parents type,” nate mumbled as he easily took apart the gun to clean it. he was seated in his living area inside his rather luxurious home - all through the work of the mafia. although he hadn’t exactly  told them what he did for a living, the gun would give nothing off - maybe he used it for protection? who knows. “besides,” he breathed finally glancing up, “i have no desire to meet them anyway, so why don’t you go put on something nice and we can go out to dinner ourselves. by ourselves or stay in and watch netflix or some shit. i’m not meeting your parents, princess.” 

first guy i ever slept w was at the party ln n he’s the one that gave me coke/made me have it?? it was bizarre. anyway, he was telling all his friends how nice of a girl i am and how we go way back and how he knew i really cared about him. and then, lmao, he says “her head game is wicked good and her pussy so bomb”. it was… awkward lmaoooo. but i laughed bc well IT TRU SO.