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when u make crafts bc u love Eugenides but then they’re disturbingly relevant to your life


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Hello! If it don't bother you and you have some time for it, would you mind drawing Natsu x Lucy dancing? Or maybe Natsu x Lucy in suit and dress? Whichever you want :D Have a nice day!

I tried to do both but I dont know if it worked out! It’s currently a little after 2am and I;ve been up since 6am so my quality control is a little…something else right now! But yeah thanks for the request! Have a good morning/day/night! I;m sorry for the wait!  

If Endeavor isn’t the abusive pokemon elite four trainer but todoroki is the super peaceful and loving pokemon breeder who loves to raise baby pokemon then what even is the point of a pokemon au 

bonus if both bakugou and midoriya are traveling and rival trainers

ochako wants to be a gym leader for the cash money

iida wants to be a highly skilled researcher (but whos family owns a successful bike shop where midoriya gets his first bike)

midoriya ABSOLUTELY is given a riolu egg by todoroki because endeavor gave it to todoroki to raise but todoroki doesn’t want anything even slightly tainted by the thought of his father so he gave it to midoriya

endeavor is FUCKING PISSED when he finds out but whatev todoroki is traveling with the pipsqueak anyways MAYBE he’ll come around (lmao FAT CHANCE YOU MOTHERFUCKER)

All Might is the Champion, never been defeated but is the amazing inspiration 

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NCT Boyfriend!Series [Boyfriend!Renjun]

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boyfriend!nct series masterlist

  • at first renjun would be kinda shy w you
  • like he didn’t really wanna mess anything up so for the first few months of dating it was kinda awkward
  • by awkward i mean he’d literally be like “ok what now” after asking you out..he’D BE CONFUSED LIKE IT FELT THE SAME AS BEING UR FRIEND
  • so gradually he would start initiating stuff like holding ur hand and cuddling
  • but like w hand holding he’d sometimes just get the urge to grab ur hand but if ur around the dreamies and ur watching movies, he’d prob grab a blanket and ‘pretend’ ur sharing it but use it as an excuse to hold ur hand lol
  • ok so one day he’s at school and u come in late bc u overslept/was sick last night but either way u werent in the mood 
  • and hIS HEAD WOULD SNAP WHEN U SIT DOWN!! he’d be like “omg y/n r u okay??? why didn’t u tell me!! i was worried” 
  • so he would forge a note from ur parents giving u an excuse to skip class and slides it under ur book so u can leave class and when u do he’d come out 3 mins later saying he said he needs the bathroom
  • and then u would vent to him about why u were in a bad mood and he’d feel soOOO bad and he wouldnt know what to do so he would just snake his arms around ur waist and hold u close
  • but bare in mind this is like the first proper/public time he initiated skinship 
  • so u guys were just hugging…in the hallway…for a few mins
  • and he pulls away and is like “i love you so much y/n” and would peck ur lips and you would be like “more than moomin?” with a goofy smile on ur face
  • which was a mistake

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(Also it’s Rune, Noor, Emerson, and Maddock for anyone who doesn’t know their names)((Its a school thing but I’m excited to be diving in))(((dead)))

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My friend and I totally smashed it in a Lip Sync Battle competition tonight!!!
Qualified to go to finals and win the 2,000 dollar prize money and everything - but we are flying home before the finals so we can’t do it (AHwELL)



Car Naps and Feelings (Seth Rollins) - the reader rides along to the next location for the next WWE RAW show with Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins. Things get a little cozy and personal in the car with the reader and Seth, causing some feelings to get exposed. fluff

another seth rollins story for y’all as requested! this is primarily just fluff, with little bits of sexual tension here and there. enjoy

WARNING: language


I just had one of the most grueling matches of my career so far and was looking forward to the 5 hour drive to our next RAW location. I was thrilled to be able to relax and joke around with my friends, but if we’re being completely honest, I was most looking forward to sleeping in the car. 

I gathered my bags and set out on a search for my driving buddies: Finn and Sami. It took me a while, but eventually I heard the cackling laugh that could belong to none other than my little ginger Canadian. I rounded the set of equipment trunks and saw the two losers leaning against the wall, near the exit door. When they saw me, they both raised their hands and called my name. 

“So y'all can talk to me when I get here but you can’t answer my calls?” I crossed my arms and scolded them jokingly. 

Finn pulled out his phone and saw the “3 missed calls” notification. He shrugged his shoulders and glanced up at me sheepishly. “Sorry about that.”

I rolled my eyes and wheeled my gear towards the door. “Well, all is forgiven. Let’s just get in that car and get going.“ 

Sami grabbed my upper arm, stopping me. I furrowed my eyebrows in question. “What? Why aren’t we leaving right now?“ 

Sami looked at me guiltily and mumbled, "Someone else is coming too." 

I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly, so I turned to Finn and said, "Huh?”

“Well you see, the thing is,” he began, “Cesaro rides with Sheamus most of the time nowadays so Seth has been hung out to dry a bit and since me and Sami are both really good friends with him, we offered for him to come with us." 

Both Sami and Finn looked at me pointedly, trying to gauge my reaction. 

Honestly, I knew Seth and had worked with him before, both in NXT and here on RAW, but I didn’t have much of a personal relationship with him. I’ve never been one to turn away new friends, so I didn’t really care. It was sharing the backseat that I most annoyed about. 

"Well pretty boy better hurry it up if he’s trying to catch a ride with us. I’m hungry and tired and he’s wearing my patience. Him and his slow moving ass,” I said. 

Sami’s cheeks turned red and he looked as though he was holding in a laugh. I turned my attention to Finn and he looked the same. I felt a hand on my shoulder and his voice was in my ear faster than I could comprehend. 

“Pretty boy and his ‘slow moving ass’ is here and ready to go. Sorry for keeping you, your majesty,” Seth huskily whispered to me. 

I flinched away and turned to see an obnoxious smirk plastered across his face. The other two boys broke out in laughter and my cheeks heated with my slight embarrassment. "I’ll forgive you,“ I muttered and then added more clearly, "just don’t let it happen again, pretty boy." 

Eventually we all made it to our car with our bags loaded. Finn was driving with Sami in the passenger seat and Seth and I occupied the back. Before we got going too far, I begged Finn to stop somewhere to eat and Seth and Sami jumped to my defense, so we made a quick stop at Arby’s before getting on the highway, en route to Knoxville. 

"So (y/n), I saw your match tonight,” Seth started in between bits of a roast beef sandwich. “That was some pretty badass stuff you were throwing out in the ring. You really gave Sasha a run for her money.”

“Thanks. We really push each other to be our best and most extreme selves." Me and Sasha loved any excuse to kick each other’s asses and we both had a love for nitty gritty, hardcore wrestling like the Attitude Era. It made us both better at our game and that’s why we were on top of the Women’s Division. 

"Ya know," Finn piped up from the front, "if the hardcore title was still around, you would definitely be the holder.” 

I smirked, my ego boosted. That was my favorite belt the WWE had ever had. When I was little, I made my own Hardcore belt and wore it to school everyday.

Seth snorted, "Guess the Women’s championship belt will just have to do for now.” He side eyed me from his seat and gave me a wink. 

My face flushed and Sami caught my gaze from the rear view mirror, giving me a questioning look. "Guess so,“ he said with a smile. 

Small talk ensued from there. Talk of us all missing our homes, our workout routines, cheating on calories, etc. 2 hours into the trip, I began to get sleepy, so I grabbed my small blanket from my go bag and covered myself up. 

"Going to sleep?” Sami asked. 

“Yeah, just a small nap. I really had my ass kicked tonight,” I yawned.

“Sleep tight, ugly." 

I fell asleep relatively quickly to the soft hum of the car moving and the sound of the boys voices. I woke up not much later to the same noises. My neck was surprisingly not stiff from sleeping in the car, but I felt like I was overheating. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the small car to try to establish my surroundings.

It was dark, but I quickly realized that my head was leaned over onto Seth’s shoulder with one of my legs tossed over his. I sat up so quickly I got dizzy and slid myself off of him. 

"Good morning, sleepy.” Seth sounded bemused at the situation, which only added to my utter embarrassment. 

“Hey,” I mumbled. 

Sami turned so he was facing us in the backseat and I regretted making eye contact with him. He had a shit-eating grin plastered across his face and he wiggles his eyebrows at me. “Did you sleep well, dude? You sure looked comfortable." 

There was a small silence before all 3 guys bust out in laughter. I ducked my head and pretended to answer a text from Bayley. "Fuck you, guys." 

Seth playfully hit my arm. ”(y/n), it’s okay. I know I’m irresistible,“ he joked. 

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and continued to pretend as though I was preoccupied. "Yeah, that’s what you are. Irresistible. Not annoying or egotistical or slow as hell. Not at all." 

By this time their laughter had started to die down, but at Finn’s comment, it immediately started up again. "If he really was those things, then you wouldn’t be moaning his name in your sleep and cuddling up to him." 

My head snapped up and a look of horror passed my features. I hadn’t remembered dreaming, much less dreaming about Seth, but I wouldn’t put it past me either. I was definitely a sleep talker. "Are you serious?” I asked. 

Seth threw his arm around me and pulled me in for a side hug. “It’s okay, princess. Really. I’d be moaning your name in my sleep too, if I had the chance to sleep,” and he winked at me again. 

I pushed his arm off of me like I was disgusted with him, even though my chest tightened with excitement at our closeness. He didn’t buy into my attitude though, because he just continued to smirk at me and moved his hand to my knee instead. I slipped out from underneath his grasp and slide back to my side of the backseat, my cheeks still flushed, but this time with more than just embarrassment. 

The car quieted to just normal bickering and talking again so I seized the opportunity to tell Bayley and Sasha about what happened. I furiously typed the message out to our group chat and waited for a response from the girls.

My phone pinged a few minutes later and I opened the message: 

Sasha - “HOLY SHIT! I just wanna say that I called that! I told Bay that you’d be doing Seth by Wrestlemania time.” 

Me - “Wait, why did you think that I’d be doing Seth by Wrestlemania???”

Bayley - “Hahaha!! Because Seth is definitely into your crazy ass. He liiiiiikes you, loser.”

Me - “What???" 

Sasha - "Yeah, I don’t get it either, babe. lol" 

Bayley - "Cesaro told us about Seth’s crush when we went out for drinks after the show in Pittsburg a couple weeks ago.” 

I locked my phone and shoved it roughly into the front pocket of my bag. Seth raised an eyebrow at me, but I just shook my head at him. 

While he was talking to Finn and Sami for the rest of the ride, I watched him from the corner of my eye. He was pretty handsome, but I had always thought that. He had a warm laugh and seemed to be a really big nerd. In all honesty, I had a crush on him. And apparently he had a crush on me. Eventually he caught my eye and I looked away before he could smile at me and make me blush again. 

We finally arrived at our hotel in Knoxville around 1 am. The boys were already heading into the hotel while I was still getting my bags. I lifted the heaving suitcase out of the back of the SUV when I felt a hand on my waist. I spun to come eye to eye with Seth. This time I didn’t have the time or want to pull away from his touch.

He pulled me in close to his chest and brought his lips to my ear. "I really didn’t mind your little nap in the car earlier,“ he whispered. His voice was thick and full of lust. "I could go for another nap like that sometime.” My breath caught in my throat when he bit my earlobe. 

He pulled away and gave me a charming smile, pulling the rest of my bags out of the car for me, “Here you go.”

I thanked him quietly, my head still reeling with what just happened. We walked into the hotel together and checked in to our rooms, discovering we were right across the hall from each other. The ride in the elevator was quiet, thick clouds of sexual tension hanging over us. 

We came to our rooms and I paused, my hand resting on the doorknob. I looked over my shoulder and saw Seth was staring at me. A small smile appeared on my lips and I opened my door, pausing at the threshold. “Goodnight pretty boy,” I said smugly.

“Goodnight, princess. Nap with you later,” he joked. 

 And just like that, we both retired to our rooms for the night. I laid face down on the bed and groaned. Fuck Seth Rollins for being so damn charming and making me fall for him.

I only laid for a while before a knock on my door sounded. I don’t know who or what I expected, but I checked my hair in the bathroom mirror before opening the door. Sasha and Bayley stood in the hall, giving me mischievous and questioning looks. 

Bayley spoke up when they both pushed their way into my room. “Dude, what was all that? We saw you from down the hall and it looked like maybe someone has a little cru-”

“Shut up!” I cut her off. “It’s nothing." 

But that night, I found myself dreaming about Seth and I realized that it was slowly becoming something.

I wanna post this coloring that I spent all day working on but I’m literally about to pass out and I don’t trust my eyes right now on whether they are able to check if it looks good right now so I’ll do one last check through tomorrow and post it up when done.

Also trees are A F U C K I N G P A I N. 


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