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you hang the moon, i’ll hang the stars [draco malfoy]

request: “163? Draco x Gryffindor!reader please?” -anon

word count: ~1200

a/n: i’m like 87% sure this is NOT what you had in mind when you requested this, anon, but all i’m ever given is a line of dialogue so i just take the story where it wants to go, u feel? i feel. regardless, i hope u all enjoy this and i hope i don’t go too overboard with this reader characterization! i do like to make my characters’ personalities show and sometimes it goes a bit overboard but o well! also i feel like draco is a bit ooc here so whoopsies *shrug emoji* he’s a happy lad rn what can i say his gf is a qt who wants to take over the world, who wouldn’t be happy about that?

163: “i’m sick of being USELESS.”

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okay but reminder that jake is gina’s childhood best friend. he is who she grew up with, who she works with. jake has always been there for gina. charles might be her brother but so is jake. and her first thought upon hearing that jake’s been found guilty (and rosa her maybe possible love in the future) is to comfort amy.

academy (the girl meets world superheroes au)

“The world always needs saving. This is where you will learn how to do just that. All of you have the potential to be heroes. Perhaps you were born with your abilities, perhaps you were given them. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the conviction with which you put those abilities to use, and the heart with which you stand for what all heroes – and students of this university – stand for. Honor. Integrity. The greater good. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to The Academy.”

Volume 1 ◈ Dawn

  1. Super
  2. Secret Identity
  3. Personal Assessment
  4. Credible Threat
  5. Lockdown
  6. Origin Story
  7. Sidekick
  8. Hero Complex
  9. Home Base
  10. Surrender

coming soon.

Lullabies, Ashton Irwin

Pairing: Ashton & Y/N

Summary: It’s easier to sleep when Ashton sings to her.

Warnings: Fluff tw

803 words (sorry it’s so short, I’m tired and couldn’t think of anything bc it’s bad)

A/N: This has been a scenario that has been in my head since I joined the 5sos fam so I figured I should finally write it down. Beware, it’s literally all just fluff.

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Tatiana Maslany really is everyone! 


  • I am a casual hockey fan at best
  • I can’t really bake for shit
  • I’m not really invested in vloggers or social media personalities 
  • I’m like, a barely half gay girl
  • I go to a public, state university
  • I have grown up primarily in the midwest and the PNW

So it’d be reasonable to say there wasn’t a lot I could directly identify with from the circumstances of most Check, Please! characters.

But consider: Ford.

Because listen:

I was an assistant stage manager for a musical my freshman year because I love theatre but ultimately just wanted to explore my options.

So I guess what I’m saying is y’all better buckle up, because if you thought I was invested before, well,,


okay so this is kinda out of the blue but me and my family are going on a vacation tomorrow!! it’ll last for uh,, about three weeks i think, and idk if the place we’ll stay in will have wifi, so i queued up some reblogs and art, just in case! 

hopefully i’ll be able to at least use mobile there, but if i wont, then i’ll answer all the asks when im back! and i hope you all have a wonderful month while im gone!! <3

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why do you ship yoonjin its unrealistic

oh buddy.,., ,.,.,pal ,. ,., , dont overthink the “””logic””” of shipping its a shallow distraction from my crippling depression its literally nothing more than a happy way to pass the time while we all wait for the inevitability of death now let me live in peace thinking about two cute boys smooching okay buddy ol’ pal of mine and im really sorry that i have to break this to you karen…,.,just..just sit down this might be a shock to u…,,are you ready cody…,.,.all ships are unrealistic because…hear me out helen,.,..,everything……is fake. okay glad we had that talk bob say hi to the kids for me !

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because of the new official art + your drawing, i've nicknamed terushima as "birdbrain" and i refuse to call him anything else


Alvaro Morata & Paulo Dybala + tumblr pt. 2