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hello!! it’s megan aka mygjhs aka cinnamonsuga. i promised to do a mutual appreciation post when i hit 4k but i’m almost at 5k now and….wow. i honestly cannot believe so many people follow me. thank you from the bottom of my heart! even if i’m not following you, i appreciate you being here with me and screaming about our boys together. 

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what she says: I’m fine

what she means: lee minho is out there bias wrecking me with everything he does and he needs to stop pls how dare he be so perfect how is it even possible how does lee minho exist lee minho is too good for this world and he is destroying my life

things you should know as a kpop fan

ey so ik this has been addressed plenty of times, but im gonna list down a few things anyway bc lots of new kpop fans still don’t know about these things

adding the “eu” to any word

  • when you add the “eu” (e.g. hearteu, snakeu, etc. ) to any word you’re actually mocking the way koreans speak english unintentional or not
  • it’s actually their accents bc it may not be their first language / they’re still learning how to speak it

respecting their personal space

  • by this i mean, pls stop spreading pictures of them around
  • there may be times where “sasaengs” invade their privacy and take pics, etc.
  • what you should do: report and don’t spread anything else around
  • what you shouldn’t do: give the sasaeng validation

learning korean

  • while there’s nothing wrong about learning another language, knowing a few korean words does not mean you’re above other kpop fans
  • also a dont: adding the romanization into non korean sentences
  • if you’re not speaking the whole sentence in korean, there’s really no point in adding a korean word. stick to ur orignal language
  • it does not make you cool at all. if anything it makes you a kboo

old jokes

  • y’know sometimes old jokes are old for a reason. let them die pls
  • & to the bts fandom: jimin has stated he hates the “you got no jams” joke so pls stop
  • also @ the bts fandom: stop calling jin eomma / pretty pink princess. you’re misgendering him ++ don’t call tae an alien. he hates it


  • ok there’s nothing wrong with shipping but?? pls don’t take it so seriously
  • don’t force your ship on others. just bc your otp made eye contact or brushed hands doesn’t mean you should go around saying it’s real or shit
  • here’s a thing: sometimes idols are actually just interacting for fan service. not everything you see may be real
  • you shouldn’t assume their sexualities either. it’s not a really open subject in korea, so they don’t share it often but most of them might be straight after all, or even bi, ace, etc. 

thinking everything revolves around ur bias group

  • when a livestream is on, pls don’t spam ur bias group in the comments. it lags the livestream ++ you’re disrespecting the group that is performing at the moment. just relax, enjoy and be fucking patient
  • i get some of you want to know when your bias group is performing but you can search it online??? it really isn’t that hard to search for so??
  • finding each other in the yt comment section @ armys: we get it. the armys are everywhere you don’t have to point it out every single time
  • also: pls stop bashing on other groups because they beat your bias group in something. ur bias group can’t win every single award all the time
  • stop going around starting fanwars just because you think your bias group is superior to others bc spoiler alert: they’re not!!

defending your bias

  • korea is known for lots of “problematic” stuff, and you shouldn’t excuse their behaviour even if they’re your bias
  • stop defending them when they are in the wrong. they are adults and they know the consequences of their actions
  • don’t baby them
  • don’t try to get involved in the argument. let it pass until everyone calms down

Make Me Choose

  • Anon Asked: Kenny Omega or AJ Styles 


anyway the long hair pics are old. my current style is the short one. tho i need to get it cut again. it’s a ridiculous mess, and i hate it. and hey that’s my dog Benjamin aka Benny. he’s a freakin dork. also i know this is like,,,, an excessive amount of selfies to post but i couldn’t choose ok let me live™

i only look masculine in like one picture & that’s lowkey upsetting but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

((they/them pronouns))

you hang the moon, i’ll hang the stars [draco malfoy]

request: “163? Draco x Gryffindor!reader please?” -anon

word count: ~1200

a/n: i’m like 87% sure this is NOT what you had in mind when you requested this, anon, but all i’m ever given is a line of dialogue so i just take the story where it wants to go, u feel? i feel. regardless, i hope u all enjoy this and i hope i don’t go too overboard with this reader characterization! i do like to make my characters’ personalities show and sometimes it goes a bit overboard but o well! also i feel like draco is a bit ooc here so whoopsies *shrug emoji* he’s a happy lad rn what can i say his gf is a qt who wants to take over the world, who wouldn’t be happy about that?

163: “i’m sick of being USELESS.”

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okay but reminder that jake is gina’s childhood best friend. he is who she grew up with, who she works with. jake has always been there for gina. charles might be her brother but so is jake. and her first thought upon hearing that jake’s been found guilty (and rosa her maybe possible love in the future) is to comfort amy.