anyway i'm trying to make a post about the movie but feelings keep happening!!!!

On one hand, Furihata knows he doesn’t have any reasons to feel insecure. Even though they have a long distance relationship, he talks to Akashi and texts and emails him almost every day, and no one could be more attentive or loving than Akashi. Akashi also makes regular trips to Tokyo when he can, explaining that it is much more logical for him to make the trip because he has better access to travel. (Akashi has never flat out said, “Because I’m richer than you and also I have private jets and chauffeurs,” but it is sometimes heavily implied).

But Furihata feels it’s important that sometimes he is the one who makes the journey to Kyoto, and he’d feel better about the whole thing if he didn’t get the impression that Akashi didn’t quite like it when he was here.

And now, a few of Akashi’s classmates have spotted him, and they’re talking to him, and Furihata wouldn’t say he was jealous, exactly, but these girls are all incredibly pretty and also wearing very fancy clothes with designer handbags and he can’t but follow a certain train of thought along the lines of, “These girls are all way out of my league, which is fine because I have a boyfriend, except these girls all clearly like my boyfriend, and holy crap that probably means my boyfriend is leagues out of my league.”

Trying to convince himself that Akashi can’t be out of his league if they are actually dating doesn’t seem to be working, and he seems to be running in so many circles in his mind that he’s dizzy and distracted.

So he doesn’t notice when he accidentally wanders into traffic until the car almost hits him.


The honking gives him enough time to jump out of the way. He falls on his butt and scrapes his palms and he thinks, “Holy crap I could have died.” He has just enough time to wonder how many near-death experiences one person is reasonably allowed to have during high school before they’re officially deemed too stupid to live before Akashi is there, in front of him, touching him everywhere.

“Furi, Kouki, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, really,” Furihata says, laughing slightly. “Gosh, that was dumb.”

“Ooh, you’re bleeding,” one of the girls’ says sympathetically. “Here, I have a handkerchief—”

Leave,” Seijuurou snarls, glowing bright red. “All of you, get out of here.”

The girls abruptly turn around and leave, in a vaguely zombified manner.

“Seijuurou,” Furihata says, slightly taken aback. Akashi—both versions of Akashi—is usually very careful about when he uses Absolute Order.

“Are you sure you are unharmed?” Seijuurou asks.

“Yes, it was just a scrape,” Furihata says, showing him his hands. His palms are bleeding, but the wound is shallow, it’s not anything worse than what he could have received during basketball practice.

Seijuurou cradles his hands carefully in his, rubbing his thumb along the uninjured side. “We are going home,” he announces.

“What? We still have a movie—”

“We are going back to Tokyo,” he says more firmly, glowing red again for a brief second. And Furihata falls silent, because if Akashi is trying to Order him he must be very rattled. So he lets Akashi wrap an arm around his waist and walks silently alongside him, very confused, and very concerned.


It is only Seijuurou’s complete control over his own body that keeps him from shaking. He is furious with himself and how unforgivably stupid he has been. He has been sloppy and he didn’t think things through, and after all of training from Teiko and Akashi Masaomi he should have known better.

He has come, for better or worse, to depend on the Emperor Eye to warn him of danger. Gold had whole premonitions—he could see a whole mission before it happened and warn of every potential hazard. Seijuurou had only experienced that sense of clarity once, when he knew for certain what would happen to Teiko if they all ran away.

But he does see danger. His foresight has always let him know when a threat to himself or his Generation was imminent. It had let him down only once and he hadn’t thought about it (he hadn’t thought about it! Foolish and lazy and stupid!). When he had been abducted he hadn’t seen it coming and at the time he’d assumed that was because of something Teiko had done as a precaution—like the collars they created that inhibited his abilities.

He is not sure he can ever forgive himself for not making the connection sooner.

Furihata is immune to his abilities. A trait that Akashi has been very thankful about because it means he can never accidentally Order Furihata to do something against his will.

It never occurred to him that it also meant he will never know if Furihata is in danger.


A/N: OK! So! When I had this sudden epiphany how I wanted to combine both of these prompts together (plus some bonus jealous Furihata for the one anon-friend who asked recently) I was super excited about this but then also realized it was probably better if it appeared in the long story I have planned but I’d already written more than half of it and I’m still super excited about it so I’m posting it anyway! But it might also appear again in that longer story I have planned. Sooo, call it a snippet into that story that isn’t written yet. Thank you so much, anon-friends!! 

Mad Sounds

casual arctic monkeys reference after months of not posting any fics, i’ve returned from the depths of hell to give you this depressing fluff fic! i’m sorry, it’s definitely been a while, but after i get out of school i’ll be able to write more often. lookin forward to it ^-^

warning: self harm

i hope you enjoy it :)

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I keep thinking how knowing Even had a crush on Isak the first day he saw him changes the whole dynamic of the story, or at least it does to me.

The first times we see Isak and Even sharing glances (first in the cafeteria, then outside, then at the kosegruppa meeting) I thought Even was this type of guy who looks at you in the coolest way ever just because he feels he is able to get your attention.

When they met in the bathroom and Even did the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen anyone do when they are flirting with someone, I thought he was just being a pain in the ass since he noticed Isak always looking at him and he wanted the attention I guessed he thought he deserved.

And then in the bench… Well, that scene kind of threw my theory out of the window, because Even totally lost his coolness: he was almost shy and nervous. But I guess I was too caught up by his looks and appearance I didn’t really pay attention.

But Even confessing Isak he saw him the very first day at school and that he went to the kosegruppa meeting just to meet Isak made me realize all those times weren’t about Even being cool, they were about Even trying to look cool. It was always about a boy doing embarrassing and not-so-slick things to get the other boy’s attention. When I thought Isak was getting caught by Even staring at him, it was actually Even trying to act laid back when he realized his crush was looking at him. When Even approached Isak on the hallway to ask him if he was going to the Halloween party, it wasn’t him being casual, it was him being hopeful. When Even suggested Isak going to the pool, it wasn’t him recreating his favorite movie scene just to be the coolest guy, it was him planning the whole thing to finally act on his feelings for his crush.

And you know why just a simple scene was able to threw away what I thought was real? Because Skam just doesn’t make seasons from one character’s perspective in order for us to get to really know them, Skam does it to show that not everything is what we think it is: we don’t see life at it is, we see it in our own way. And that’s as beautiful as it is scary, isn’t it?

Things I want to tell the signs ( based on people I know )
  • Aries: happiness and love and lust are infinite. You won't run out of them. Remember the difference between being selfish and putting yourself first for your own good. No one is going to punish you for the latter. Stick to faking it till you made it. I know you'll make it. And it'll all be as real as you are, and it'll be overwhelming.
  • Taurus: you are capable of so much more than you think you are. You are not a supporting role, you are the star in a movie with a happy ending. Life will reward you for being so patient, supportive and kind. I'm sorry you're being underappreciated so often. You deserve the world and more. I wish I could protect you, but I know you're strong enough to save yourself.
  • Gemini: people will judge you before they try to understand. Don't waste your time on those who don't bother to really get to know you, they don't deserve to be around you, anyway. Your reputation is a shield. You can be cruel, you can be cold, but those who accuse you of having stabbed their back don't see the open wounds on yours. You're a book with many pages. Don't let them take the pen from you.
  • Cancer: let go. Let go of the past, let go of your fear, let go of your worries. The burden on your chest is only heavy cause you cling to it. Nothing bad is going to happen if you dare a little more and fear a little less. Forgive and forget. You're going to be okay. Don't hold on to your grudges. Hold on to your hope for a good future. It'll pay off to move on.
  • Leo: barking dogs never bite, roaring lions don't do, either. You're too afraid of coming off weak to put down your grim mask, but it's time for you to realise that vulnerability doesn't make you less of a respectable person. You don't need to be intimidating to be admired, and you don't need to hurt people to leave an impression. Even when you're at a low point, you'll always have someone looking up to you. Why are you so scared of being scared?
  • Virgo: it doesn't have to hurt to be real. It doesn't have to be perfect to be worth it. It doesn't have to be everything to be enough. It doesn't have to be complete to be fullfilling. You don't have to be numb to be safe from negative feelings. It doesn't have to overwhelm you to have a meaning. You don't have to shut down to protect yourself. You don't have to be so cruel to keep people at distance. It's not a game just cause you like to play. You don't always have to be the winner.
  • Libra: to me, you're like the ocean. You come and go, you give and take. You can be dangerous and wild, you can be calm and steady. No matter what, when I'm with you, I feel home. You're a blessing to the people around you. Full of surprises, yet reliable. Daring, yet reasonable. You do not have to choose.You can be all of it and everything you want to be. Having a libra as a friend means having a friend for a lifetime without the boredom of having gotten used to something, because one can impossibly get used to you. Always remember your worth.
  • Scorpio: you're the kind of person people write about. You will be remembered. For what you did and who you are. Trust your guts. Your feelings are valid. You will prove them all wrong, everyone who ever doubted you, and when they'll come to apologise, you will be mature enough to forgive them. I wish I was more like you.
  • Saggitaurus: the last song at a rock show, fireworks in July, the first bite of a good meal after being hungry for so long, that's what you are to me. You're a radiant, powerful person, an achiever, you don't just talk, you act on it. But let me tell you, you'll still succeed even when you lower the pressure you put on yourself. I can promise you that you'll reach your destination even if you slow down cause your feet startet aching a long time ago. Give yourself a rest. You deserve it.
  • Capricorn: when someone says they value you, they mean it. When someone says they want you in their life, they mean it. When someone says you're beautiful, they're right. Learn to trust others. Yes, you can always rely on yourself. Yes, in the end, you only got yourself. But there's plenty of people out there who see your potential and want to help you and be there for you. There's many people out there who enjoy spending time with you. You won't lose yourself if you give a bit yourself to others.
  • Aquarius: how do you do it? What is your secret? You're a mystery to me. We could spend each day of the week together, talk for hours, because talking to you is stimulating, inspiring, refreshing, and you could tell me about yourself, but I'd still feel like I could never possibly know everything about you and get a grip of who you really are. You're a painting in pale colours that has come to life and it's blurry around the edges. But that's exactly what completes you: The lack of edges. The infinity of all the possible answers to the questions I want to ask you.
  • Pisces: don't confuse taking things easy with being too careless. You might end up hurting someone without even wanting to. Don't confuse being wanted with being loved. You deserve more than just their appreciation, so don't settle for less just cause it's easier. Sometimes you have to pull yourself together and face the ugly truth, but if you've made it through the storm, your life will be a beach by sunset and all you've ever dreamed of will come true.

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What do you do when all else fails, and you just want to give up on your work? I'm so tired of pouring my passion out into words, then just flat-out being ignored.

I want to tell you that you just have to keep going, but I don’t think it’s quite that simple, so prepare for a long post. I mean, you should keep going because if this is what your passion is then you shouldn’t let anything or anyone in the world keep you from it. But I know that this advice can seem that stock motivational poster type stuff like “Just Hang On!” because I know that I have days where I think that I’ll never make it as a writer. I’m lucky that this blog has gotten so many followers and you guys are honestly one of the things that gives me that kick in the butt when I get into a slump. The thing is, I think writers and artists of all kind are kind of stuck in this shadow of people who are always telling us that unless you get on the Best Seller list or get your artwork displayed in a gallery or get a part on Broadway then you’re not really an artist.

That’s bullshit.

Writers don’t write because we must be published. A writer writes because we have no other choice but to pour these stories out, even if we’re the only ones who will ever see it. We see things others just pass by, hear the stories in everyday life, and feel feelings we can’t quite describe no matter how long we search for the right word but we try anyway. We write because these experiences are too loud to keep to ourselves. It’s more than a passion, it’s a need.

Writing can feel like such a lonely thing sometimes when you keep creating and no one listens or you seem to be stuck in the same place, never moving forward to your goal. But you have to keep trying. One day, someone will find your work and follow it. Then the next person will show up and so on. I can’t tell you when that will happen because I want to be completely honest but I truly believe that if you keep working and putting your heart into this work then someone out there will listen. Maybe you don’t win a Nobel Prize in Literature or write a book that gets turned into a movie or get your name on the Best Seller list. That’s okay. You are a writer as long as you are putting words on a page.

Just please, please, please don’t give up. If you need someone to care about your talent, I care. I don’t know who you are or what you’ve written but I don’t want any writer or artist or person to give up on what they love, ever, because if you give up then what’s stopping the rest of us? 

Please don’t give up. We all need your voice. I need your voice.

Let Me Tell You About The Silmarillion (pt 2/12)

PREVIOUSLY:  Once upon a time the One God created helper spirits and they worked together to create the planet and then God woke up the Elves and the helper spirits invited them to live on the West side of the planet.  Most of the Elves agreed to go and started building cities and making cool smithing things. The smartest of the Elves made the shiniest rocks ever out of some holy light and Fantasy Lucifer stole them and fucked off to Middle-Earth, which got a whole lot of Elves riled up and stormed after him and a bunch of them in particular were bound by an Oath they swore to get them back at any cost, including a whole lot of murder.  They were not well-liked because of this, but since they were fighting Fantasy Satan, you kind of had to work with them.  Mostly.  But still.  They fucked up a lot of things for a lot of people.

This post grew triple in size when I went back to add in a little more, which will not always be the case, some of these are going to be short and snappy, dammit!, but Elrond was one of the reasons I wanted to do this, so, you know, let me sum up the horror that is Elrond’s life!  And by “sum up”, I mean “just assume I’m crying about it as I type this”.

(p.s. please know none of this is in order other than, “so what Elf do I want to cry about next?” as this is aimed at explaining connections between them rather than telling the story of the Silmarillion in order.  I’m not quite that far down the rabbit hole, dammit.)

So.  Elrond.  The story of Elrond’s life is basically this:  He and his twin brother were born in Middle-Earth, late in the First Age (which was about 6,500 years ago) to parents named Earendil and Elwing.  Now, their mother (Elwing) has posession of a Silmaril because it’s been passed down through her family (long story, but basically her ancestors wrested one of them away from Morgoth and it caused a lot of death and murder, but they kept it because a) they’re literally sacred so people have a hard time parting with them apparently and b) they felt FUCK THE FEANORIANS because of all the murder and death they caused they no longer have a right to them), which is why eventually the Feanorians are going to have to say, “Give it back or we’ll be forced to attack you.” because the Oath allows no less from them.

The Silmaril is holy to these Elves so they won’t give it up and the Feanorians attack the city that bb!Elrond and bb!Elros are living in that their parents are lords of.  They’re descended from royalty on both sides, which is usually probably pretty neat, but I imagine it’s less neat when the Feanorians come calling and you’ve got a giant target on your back.  Elwing (their mother) manages to escape with the Silmaril (if this sounds familiar, SHHHH WE WILL COME BACK TO THAT LATER) but Elrond and Elros were either left behind or probably assumed dead (which was a reasonable assumption because of context) but instead were captured by Maedhros and Maglor (first and second sons of Feanor) and taken away from there and raised by those dirty rotten no good Feanorians.  Eventually, though, Maglor came to love them so dearly and so he set them free.

We know very little about what actually happened during this time, but you’ll pry some headcanons from my cold dead hands.  (Ie, that because Elves VERY FIRMLY LOVE THEIR CHILDREN, look, this is fantasy, certain things can be true across the board like that, so of course Maglor loved them and they loved him and I just imagine that it was tears all the way around when they had to be sent away because People Were Looking For Them, another surprising downside of being royalty!)

We don’t know how long Elrond and Elros stayed with them, it could have been a year or two or twenty or possibly more (probably less than that, though? it’s hard to know because they’re Half-Elven children) or how specifically involved Maedhros or Maglor were in their lives, but given the tragedy of the whole situation, it’s a lot more deliciously ouchy if you go with the idea that Elrond and Elros came to love them in return and were heartbroken at having to struggle with loving the Feanorians and the horrible things they did.  It’s even more deliciously ouchy when you know that we don’t know if Maglor ever actually died, because he just sort of wandered off to walk along the shoreline and he might still be OUT THERE and Elrond has to deal with knowing his foster-father might be out there and can’t find him, wouldn’t even know how to handle bringing him someplace safe because too many Elves would be too angry at Maglor, and yet MAGLOR RAISED AND LOVED HIM???  So, pain all the way around.  That’s Elrond’s life.

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Why Darth Maul has been my favourite character for so long, and probably always will be.

((This is just a really long post about me geeking out on Maul, it’s not that deep or anything I guess. I’m on mobile so I can’t put it under a cut, sorry!))

It sounds silly, I know. He originally had a very brief appearance with next to no lines in the original movie, and is killed off almost instantly, but as a kid I was instantly drawn to the character.

I think I was about 10 or 11 when I first watched Phantom Menace. It was a couple of months after I’d seen the original trilogy, and I don’t think my brother was ever planning on showing me the movies- he’s a bit older than me and a complete original trilogy purist, the prequels can’t even be mentioned in his presence, blah blah blah.
Anyway, my friend kept going on about three other movies, which he had the DVDs for, and offered to lend them to me over the week long holiday I was going on. I had one of those cool portable car film players, and with my set of new Star Wars films to watch, I was more than excited to say the least.

And I watched the movie on the 3 hour journey, and I’m just gonna flat out say it: It was the best film I’d ever seen. I was 10, I wasn’t a fucking film critic, and I didn’t care about any of these things that apparently make the movie so awful. The Queen was incredible, Obi Wan was (still is) WAY better than the original Ben Kenobi, I loved to hate Jar Jar Binks, and the lightsaber battles were better than ever.

And then there was this one character who grabbed my intention immediately. As soon as he popped up on that hologram, he was my favourite thing ever. As soon as I saw he was red and black (little emo me’s favourite colour scheme) he some how became even better. He didn’t need to talk like Vader, he was so much cooler than Palpatine, and then this guy started to fight.

Oooooh boy, could he fight. The Tattooine scrap was pretty cool, but when this “Darth Maul” guy lit up the double bladed lightsaber, I squealed. It was AMAZING. I’d been doing karate for maybe two, three years at this point, and it was something I loved doing, but this guy brought it to a whole new level. He looked so graceful and powerful and deadly at the same time, and I loved it. I couldn’t believe it when he died after such a short time, I think I genuinely cried. But I was pumped for the next movie, and so I looked forward to that instead (still grieving ngl)…

Except for one thing. My friend had lost two of the disks. I had the disk for the Phantom Menace, and it’s bonus disk, but I only had the bonus disks for the other two movies, not the actual films themselves. I Was Pissed™.

So instead I watched literally every bonus feature I could get on that first disk. I watched the info on the makeup, the design, the stunt acting? Anything thing I could possibly find, I watched. Multiple times. I watched the film’s a ton more times too. When I was out walking on the freezing English beach with my parents that holiday, I would grab for any long branch I could find and start using it as a double lightsaber (which is bloody difficult in welly boots). Little old me, obsessed with drawing, also started drawing out any picture I could think of just by using his face on the disk for a tattoo reference. Because his makeup was just the coolest looking thing I’d ever seen. I “borrowed” my mum’s eyeliner to draw them on my face too.

My first attempt at cosplay was Darth Maul. All my school art projects were Darth Maul (I actually still do that now). I would talk about him so much that my friends started referring to him as my boyfriend for god’s sake. I’ve read every book and comic I could get my hands on, and I’m also not gonna lie, a few years later the first fanfic I read was Darth Maul fic, and let me tell you it was a bloody good fic. Still love it. Another thing was that I was 126.84% sure that he wasn’t dead. I had countless ideas all mapped out, but none of them ever came to light, at least not in the main canon.

And then Clone Wars happened. I was never a huge fan of TCW. I liked it, but honestly I didn’t care all too much, and after a few seasons I lost track. I picked up again after my friend made me marathon the show with her (thank you), and I was introduced to Savage Opress. He was instantly a contender for my top ten Star Wars faves. He’s now a solid 2nd place, just behind his brother. He was awesome, and I instantly loved him, but I won’t go into that too much, because you’ve probably all given up on this mindless ramble by now!

Anyway, 2012 comes along, and I end up falling out of my fucking chair with excitement. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. After all my hoping and wishing and praying, Darth Maul would be back. Suddenly, this show was the best thing. I caught up on all storylines relevant to his return, until the day finally came around. I sat impatiently in front of the TV waiting for the episode to air. And I was shocked.
I don’t know what I should’ve expected, but seeing my (slightly concerning idea of a) role model being reduced to what he was genuinely broke my heart. I’m gonna try to keep things brief from here on out because I’ve realised how much I’ve written…
But yeah seeing his return to the force and his relationship with his brother and this whole new, intelligent, calm side to him improved his character to a point I didn’t feel was possible. Especially when it came to the death of Savage, and Talzin. Not out of character at all in my opinion, just a side of him we hadn’t seen before.

Darth Maul, his character and all the work that has gone into him has inspired me to no end. What I refer to as my “realistic” dream, Special Effects Makeup Artist, what I’m actually studying for, was inspired by him, as his makeup and horns and Ian McCaig’s designs and the way it exaggerates his face in the right ways to make him angry really brought me a whole new appreciation for that world of behind the scenes.
My ultimate, but slightly unrealistic dream, would be to do something in the worlds of either stunt acting or wrestling, and I honestly believe my original source of inspiration comes from the way that Maul could fight and move. In fact, it’s a very direct link when it comes to the stunt actor dream. I use to go to karate every week hoping there would be some secret talent scout looking for someone to play a padawan or something. In fact, I still do, so shush.

I could honestly say my appreciation for this character has changed my life, and gotten me through some really tough times, as silly as it sounds.

Besides, meeting my true hero (his actor, Ray Park) last year in March is still the best experience of my whole life. He was such a great guy, such a contrast to his character, and was a literal angel when I asked for a second photo after my phone took a blurry first picture. But again, I’ve rambled enough, and I know nobody is reading this. But whatever, it was fun to get my thoughts out.

Darth Maul is fucking amazing.

Okay but bokuaka superhero/ supervillain au

I’m totally gonna write this but have some headcanons for now?? Kudos to Thea too, it’s really fun discussing those headcanons with you B))

  • Bokuto got his superpowers in a lab accident as a lab assistant, he was told to carry some important stuff with different dangerous substances and dropped that shit, breathed in and touched too much while trying to clean it up himself, result: superpowers, a lost job, and a very freaked out Bokuto
  • Not entirely set on the idea, but I’m thinking of super strength and partial transformation as superpowers. He needs those owl wings
  • Bokuto also jumps from lab to lab as assistant, but never keeps a job for too long. He delivers a local paper that comes out weekly though
  • Kuroo is the only one to know of his secret identity and “helps” Bokuto in his beginning phase as a superhero
  • Bokuto’s outfit is extremely embarrassing, don’t even look at him honestly, he just threw together what looked kinda cool as a superhero outfit (as in, yes, he wears shorts and his goddamn kneepads underneath)
  • His hair is way too obvious, so he wears a beanie over it. A simple beanie. It looks horrible
  • Don’t question the cape, yes, it’s horrible with wings and yes, it already lead to a lot of accidents while flying, but superheros need capes
  • When he was asked about his backstory, new hero Bokuto panicked and flew off, leaving confused reporters and a murmuring crowd back at the scene
  • That night he and Kuroo got a little drunk and used goddamn online generators to make up the “perfect” backstory 
  • Nobody believes this backstory I swear why would you even tell people that your Mum was a fairy and your Dad an alien like who is actually dumb enough to believe that
  • Yet nobody really asks any further maybe it’s a very dangerous reason? or he’s just shy, well probably not, or wants to protect his secret identity, who knows
  • I think we all know what his alias would be, it’s Bokuto “The Owl” Koutarou
  • Where Bokuto is flashy, Akaashi is simple
  • He was born with his powers thanks a mutation during the first pregnancy weeks
  • His mother explored a rather unknown part of the jungle and studied some new plants, breathing in a toxin that didn’t affect her, but her unborn son
  • That and experience made Akaashi a master with his powers (telekinesis and immunity against poisons and toxins), whereas Bokuto is an absolute amateur
  • Akaashi also guards his headquarter, a big hall he rents for very little money, with poison gas
  • Bokuto is stupid enough to follow him there once and is immediately knocked out by the poison, leaving Akaashi to wonder why he’s saving his archenemy with the antidote and a gas mask
  • His outfit is pretty simple too, black/ grey with sometimes his lab coat, only his voice controlled glasses-computer is flashy as it covers almost his complete face and everyone can see the little diagrams and numbers flashing on the screen when he talks with it on
  • His motivation comes from his family as well, his father had a groundbreaking idea to explore outer-space, but was dismissed as the idea was too risky. His father was devastated and totally overworked himself to get rid of the flaws and convince his employers, but they fired him as he “didn’t focus on the important things anymore”. To add to this bad luck he was ridiculed via media as the “madman Akaashi” and even Keiji’s Mum had trouble at her workplace
  • So young Keiji wanted to redeem his father’s reputation and wanted to fulfill his plan at all costs, but nobody took him seriously as the son of “madman Akaashi”
  • Villain Akaashi was born as he had to work on his plan alone
  • He never planned on being some public villain, so he doesn’t have a chosen alias, but Bokuto happened and the media decided to call him “The Scientist”
  • There are days Akaashi questions what he did wrong in his previous life to deserve all this 
  • We all remember Bokuto’s shorts and kneepads, right? Well Akaashi is convinced it’s intentional to distract him during a fight because wow would you look at these toned muscles and that gap hoooly shit that gap??
  • Akaashi is very gay for Bokuto, but also very done with this dork, questioning his life choices
  • Akaashi wonders why he keeps cheering Bokuto up when he gets into his dejected mode during a fight
  • “I’m a terrible superhero why am I even doing this” “…” “You probably think I’m an idiot too” “well” “I should just stop this I’m horrible at this the people deserve better I’m just gonna lock myself away” “Okay listen, you destroyed my machine again. Do you know how long that took to build? Do you have any idea? Yes, you are an idiot, but you stopped me, again, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? You’re good at this now stop pouting like a baby, this is ruining my reputation, honestly, I can’t believe you are my enemy, now could you please stop sulking”
  • probably side Kuroken bc why not
  • Kuroo isn’t quite the sidekick, but he does tag along subtly as a normal pedestrian, encouraging that dork of a superhero during fights and maybe yelling some tips
  • Kenma works at a playstore in the busy part of the city, as in, many appearances of The Owl, and Kuroo uses these fights to go hide in the playstore to flirt with the cute cashier because now every other costumer is gone anyway
  • firefighter Kuroo u feel me
  • Bokuto totally tries to flirt with Akaashi during fights and asks him out to ice cream or movies dates, mostly superhero movies, Akaashi is not impressed
  • Kuroo suffers a lot as Bokuto’s flatmate, all those rants about that hot and cool villain and “why doesn’t he want to go on a date does he hate me?”
  • Bokuto is very gay for his archenemy and Kuroo kinda rolls with it
  • it can’t get worse than discovering Bokuto’s superpowers honestly
  • “Bokuto what the hell I told you to close that door quietly why is the whole frame broken??” “Bro what just happened to your hand what the fuck what is this what’s going on!” “we’re gonna train on this empty parking lot please try to control yours- you know what, forget it, we should throw that lamp post away”
  • Karasuno coffee shop
  • Yaku and Lev are the reporters and whenever The Owl answers their question it’s Lev who asks the final question that makes Bokuto fly away and wonder if he told too much already
  • He still agrees to those unplanned interviews anyway because let’s be honest he’s a sucker for all the attention 
  • Akaashi doesn’t like seeing those interviews on TV the evening after a fight I mean why can’t he just enjoy a normal evening does this idiot have to be everywhere
  • conclusion: save Akaashi, not even the Joker has to deal with this

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts/ feelings/ theories on Paul

Anon, you were the first to request such a thing and since I mentioned this request in a post, I have since had seven others request this Paul write up. I hope it pleases all of you. 

(And by they I mean me)

Oh Paul. I have so many thoughts/feelings on Paul, and obviously I have theories on everything apparently so Paul is no different. This is incredibly long and incredibly rambly so bear with me as I put it under a readmore. (I totally think y’all should actually read it though, at least for the witty comments about how husky Paul’s voice is.)

I find Paul equally frustrating and fascinating.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Remus I have some time to kill (doesn't that sound so violent? Whenever I say that I feel so violent like I'm literally fighting time) anyway could u maybe rec me some good ace fics?

i have,, Many

The Thinker of Tender Thoughts

Louis sits on his hands to stop them from shaking as he adds, ‘and I’m ace.’ If only he had glitter, he thinks. Coming out deserves a bit of sparkle.


It’s real. He can’t keep denying it. Denial has just made things more difficult. Acceptance is the first stage to anything.

Louis sniffles and pulls the sun visor down, flipping it open to reveal the mirror. He stares into his own icy eyes, grimacing at the red rim around the edges.

He tries to say the words, but they still feel too final and condemning.


The sexuality crisis you probably haven’t read.

Ace 2.0

Louis is not the self-doubting, vulnerable boy he was in sixth form anymore. Louis is not the insecure young adult he was in university.


The story of how Louis becomes the first outspoken ace celebrity.

Maybe We’re Fireproof

The classic Harry and Louis love story including fake dating and evil management, with a twist: Harry is asexual.

Always Be There For You

Harry’s hands ball into fists at his sides and he seems to be building up the courage to say it. He takes a deep breath before letting it all out, “I’m asexual.”

Louis blinks. He’s sure he didn’t hear right. Surely, he’s the only one he knows who’s like this. Right?

“I knew this would happen,” Harry looks away and clearly Louis’ taken too long to respond.

Louis manages to shake himself out of it and speak up, “You’re ace?”

Harry nods slowly, unsure if he can meet Louis’ eyes. Louis seems to make that decision though and his palm is cupping Harry’s face to bring their eyes together.

“I’m demisexual,” Louis says to him and with those words a huge flood of relief flows through him because he’s coming out to Harry and Harry’s coming out to him.
Louis discovers his sexuality and romantic orientation later in life and luckily for him, he and Harry understand each other all too well.

these things will change

Louis’s flopped over Harry’s lap, scrolling through his phone, when he gets the message.

It feels a little like something bursts in his chest, because he hadn’t expected this, hadn’t even known he’d wanted it, and now looking at the small “Z” at the top of his screen, he wonders why he couldn’t have got this earlier. Why Zayn wants to ruin him this badly.

or; Louis and Zayn spend New Year’s Eve together, and work some things out.

The “A” in “Normal”

Louis eats chips, argues with his best friend Nick about the validity of various sexualities, and falls for a second crush. Harry tries to spell the word "normal”.

If tomorrow

There’s that one thing about him Louis hasn’t told anyone but Zayn. And now that Zayn is gone, he doesn’t have anyone to talk to about it. He knows he shouldn’t be ashamed and he’s trying hard not to be, but it’s not that easy.

we’ve come a long way

For the rest of the movie Louis barely pays attention. He’s too focused on the words that Harry said. They keep echoing in the back of his mind: There are people who don’t experience sexual attraction. That’s Louis. That’s what he’s got to be. He wants to know more. He wants to meet people who are like him, who know what it feels like and how confused and scared it makes him.

there are two things louis is confused about. the first is his sexuality, or lack there of? he guesses. the second is why all of a sudden he has feelings for his best friend.


Louis had heard them all, from the wings that came out of the hump of that Jewish shoemaker in Italy, to the spirit haunting that dude in Latinoamerica.

Or, the one where Louis has a bit of an invisibility problem, Harry just wants to work at All or Muffin, and nobody is straight.

different colors

“I’m gonna go try and,” Louis considers his options for a moment. He’s seen hundreds of romance movies, knows how this goes. “Movie magic,” he tells Zayn. “I’m gonna try for that.”

His first grand plan involves tossing an exorbitant amount of cash in guitar boy’s open case. Except Louis doesn’t have an exorbitant amount of cash on him. He’s got a couple of quarters in his jeans, and he’s probably going to need those to ride the bus eventually. Plan B involves tossing a rose into the case, maybe with his phone number scrawled on a slip of paper wrapped around it. Louis is also short on flowers, as it is.

In the end, he does what’s probably the best thing possible: he completely fucks it up.

all my favourite conversations

au. louis and zayn are meant to hate each other. they really, really don’t.

and,, the aroace exchange, and my ace fic tag

Cas bringing Dean back from the height of Mark-induced rage with movie quotes. Silly ones from romcoms and things Dean can’t even stand. Dean’s rage cresting and rolling away, wonder reemerging over how Cas is suddenly up on all his pop culture references. Cas telling him he knows him, more than that: they share a language, now. He knows all these things and, you know. Yuck. The spoilers. All the things he never got to enjoy from episode one to one hundred. Never got to veg out on the couch and marathon three seasons in a week with snacks and muttered asides and post-credit freakouts. He’s been deprived of those pleasures, but he still understands the appeal of some of the stories.

Cas telling Dean he has to come back and be himself again because so many of his shows got renewed and so many book series haven’t concluded and there’s gonna be another Godzilla movie, he’s gotta see that on opening night with Cas. He’s just got to.

Where they’ve strapped him down and restrained him as best they can, Dean’s stopped pulling against the chains and he listens to Cas talk about the stories he most enjoys, the characters he can relate to. Whatever seems to hold Dean’s attention. He’s at it night and day, now that neither of them have need of sleep.

When Dean finally unlocks his jaw and speaks to him, though, he only wonders aloud why Cas is doing this, expending what’s left in his batteries talking television and sci-fi flicks with him.

Cas’s mind blanks on the details, the final lines, the things great heroes say to their friends to remind them that they aren’t just sidekicks, but that the both of them are partners and equals and meant for greatness. Even the things great loves say when their soulmate needs to hear it.

It’s not in Cas to do that, anyway. He knows all the quotes, academically. Metatron is the one who had a passion for their repetition. Castiel doesn’t share this mindset.

Ever since the Winchesters showed Castiel how to be himself, he has wanted to only be Cas. And Cas doesn’t frame everything for the camera.

Dean would only want to be himself, too. The Mark is making Dean someone he normally isn’t. Dean would hate that if he had an outside view of the situation.

Now that Cas has a leg up on meeting Dean here, on understanding his interests a bit more, he wants Dean to be himself again so they can share this. Every stupid reality tv show, the leaked spoilers for the next Avengers movie, the next season of Game of Thrones, he wants to see things in IMAX and 3D and IMAX-3D and he would only really enjoy it if he were sitting between Sam woofing down popcorn and Dean muttering jokes after dumb lines.

He doesn’t have an army anymore. They have to get Dean to calm down enough to function as a team or it will just be him and Sam. If they can’t get Gadreel up and around again, it will be just the two of them limping into combat against Metatron without Dean between them where he belongs.

So he can’t think of somebody to quote. Despite all this additional knowledge he doesn’t have a frame of reference for this moment, for loving someone who is not present in themselves. This keeps happening to them. The only true parallels he can find are not media-based, but experience-based.

“When you wake up from this,” Cas chooses his words carefully, “after some of the things you’ve done– you understand, you may not have regrets now, but I know you will when you’re free of this influence.”

And Dean will make some noise about how he’s actually the only one awake, clearly, that he’s doing the job and they’re trying to stop him doing it.

Cas only shakes his head. “I know you. And I’ve been there before. And when you wake up, I’m going to be here to help you remember all the good you’ve done. You’ll be horrified by yourself and your actions haven’t been nearly as much of an overreach as mine. So, I’ll be here to tell you all the good things you’ve done. I know Dean Winchester, and after the fog clears, he’ll feel pain from the pain you inflicted. You’ll feel pain. I’ll be there like you were there for me. So you won’t think of harming yourself.”

Cas actually won’t be around that long.

The stolen grace will burn him out before then. But the thought is nice, the parallel is nice, the words are nice and he likes them. They would bring comfort to Dean if Dean were himself. That’s the story he’ll stick with. That’s a story worth repeating.

Their story.

Exactly this
Fandom: Free!
Ship: Rin/Haru
(this is dedicated to effie who probably feels emotions for rinharu more than anyone else i know on this earth)

It feels like he has no fucking idea what he’s doing.

Rin recognizes that he probably doesn’t have much of a clue what he’s doing, but  it’s not like he’s completely hopeless. Sure, whenever Nagisa teases him about having a big fat crush, it gets annoying, and when Rei starts telling him all the ‘most efficient and logical ways to go about telling someone you like them,’ he gets a little more annoyed, but mostly it’s alright, because they’re his friends and he guesses that’s what their job is.

To annoy the shit out of him.

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Hawaii Five-0 6x11 Kuleana

This episode. It got me so upset. Steve was a complete asshole and everything hurt. He treated this trip like a vacation, ditched Danny for some random girl, got drunk, and didn’t take the therapy seriously at all It made me so sad.

But then there’s this gifset (click it!), and it got me thinking… and thinking some more, and I rewatched the episode a couple of times, and I’ve come out of it with a whole new percpective of Steve and his actions.

To be clear, this is not a way to justify Steve’s behavior, okay? This is me making sense of things by looking at it from Steve’s perspective, and therefore gain more understanding (and peace of mind. My mind.) So not about who’s right, or wrong, but about perspectives. Okay. Glad we cleared that out.

Steve has said it before. All he wants is for Danny to be happy. Steve also has abandonment issues. So, what if he is not able to make Danny feel good anymore, why would Danny stick around then, right? What if he wouldn’t be enough for Danny, just like he wasn’t enough for Catherine? What would Steve be good for if he can’t make Danny enjoy himself (feel good about himself) and have fun in Steve’s company?

So first he tries to get Danny excited about the trip that they’re going on together. From the episode I take it this happened before the plane ride.(To Steve this is suppose to be a brocation, all right? To be enjoyed by the two of them. Together. Bros.)  That fails.

Then he’s really on about how awesome the place is and all the things they can do together. He got it all planned. Danny’s not excited, so another fail.

He even tries to get Danny to go out on a double date. (and I’m getting more and more convinced that the point wasn’t to get it on with Alyssa. No. It was about going on a double date with Danny.) Remember the double date with Catherine and Abby at the movie theatre? How much fun they had, together, on a double date? I think in Steve’s head this was something that Danny would enjoy for sure. Hanging out with some pretty girls (Danny likes girls), talking, laughing, having fun being social. Good times!

Okay, but to do that he needs to get them out of therapy (Danny hates it anyway. Danny has made it clear he never liked this therapy trip to begin with, and he is not enjoying the “therapy” they’re currently doing), and he needs to get to his phone so he can set up their dates. Well, that fails spectacularly.

Not only did Steve not make Danny happy, he made it even worse by messing up Danny’s ankle again! Aaaaand here comes the feelings of guilt and the fear of not being good enough. Run, Steve, run!! And so he does. It’s clear he’s not feeling good just looking at Danny, so of he goes to booze and girls to drown his fears and sads and pretend everything is fine.

Now, we have seen Steve drink before, but we have never seen him drunk. And he is sooo very drunk here. Very out of character from his normal “gotta be in control and on top of things, always” persona. When Steve tries to fix/solve things he gets controlling, when he thinks he’s failed he gives that up.

“The girls were really bummed you couldn’t make it. I didn’t now what to tell them.” He’s voice almost breaks at the end there, and he looks so sad? Why Steven? Why you so sad?

Then Danny brings up how Steve destroyed Danny’s weekend and immediately Steve’s deflecting shield come up. No, this is clearly Dannys fault. Danny and his negative attitude. Whitout that there wouldn’t be a problem. It’s all Danny’s fault (because if it’s not Steve’s fault there’s no reason for Danny to leave him, right?)

“I just brought us out here to have some fun, and reconnect a little bit, and get away from work for a minute, and you just – you just… you’ve been down on this thing from the start!”

Translation: “You didn’t even give me a chance! (You didn’t trust me to fix it so we could enjoy ourselves together by going out, doing stuff, having fun. Together. No therapy, no job, just us.”

Okay, so everything’s a mess, there are huge misunderstandings all over the place, and everything hurts. And Steve’s so very hung over the next day, he’s hardly even present.

But did you see the last scene? When Danny was eating the burger, shared it with Steve (Danny’s so, man, he keeps trying, always), and then started talking about how nice that soap was (that Steve had gotten so excited about in the beginning and Danny thought was stupid?), Steve latched on to that right away. Like, Danny’s enjoying himself? With something I suggested? And he gets all into it.Wow, your skin is super smooth. Amazing! This is great! Right, Danny? You’re feeling good, we’re enjoying yourselves. This is all I wanted.

Steve wants his Danny to be happy (and not leave him), but can’t seem to deal with the emotions (and fears!) attached to it…

I’m still sad, but Steve makes sense to me like this, and that sort of gives me some peace of mind.

If you rewatch, notice in the beginning of the episode how Steve is all controlling (on a mission to fix things/ making sure they’ll have a good time!) and pointing out all the good stuff, and trying to make the best of things even when stuff starts going wrong, and more controlling/I have a plan-follow my lead, and then after he realizes Danny busted his ankle everything changes.

Also if you look at the gifset that originally inspired this post, and see that as the real reason why Steve wanted them to do this (it was about their relationship and reconnecting), notice how that completely changes the reading of the text (episode) and the assumptions one makes based on it.

Ok, since tumblr decided to be a little bitch last night and completely ate up my long long post I decided to write it again because it was about an important subject to me and it was a such an eye opening conversation.

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with a director from England. My friend and I have been helping him with this program that he was brought to implement here, and today he joined us for lunch as he waited for someone else he was supposed to meet later on.

He asked us to recommend some Arab comic artists and he noticed after a while that everyone we recommended either had a western\European style or an Asian\Japanese\Manga style. He told us that that’s not what he’s looking for and that he wants artists with an “Arab” “Style” meaning a style that would immediately make you think of the Arab culture when you see it. Think of the Chinese ink drawings for example. My friend and I exchanged a look and told him that he won’t find that here.

He thought this was odd and asked us if we (Arabs) had any particular art style. I suggested calligraphy art that they were more known to do back in the day but my friend pointed out that that’s not really something you can easily implement in a comic. So then I told him “Well, that’s all we have, it’s either calligraphy or geometry\pattern designs like the ones you’d see in a mosque for example”. He again thought this was odd because… Islam was famous for it’s art or artists or something of the like? I’m not sure who told him that or where he read it but Arabs we never really famous for their “paintings”, maybe for other forms and shapes of art but.. never paitning as there is a long endless argument between Muslim scholars on whether art was ok or if it was forbidden. 

He then asked us when was the Gulf\Middle East first introduced to comics? My friend said the 80s-90s and I said maybe even the 70s because of the English and French colonies in a huge majority of the Arab countries back then. So he said “Ok, so when or where was the first Arabic comic ever made?”

We both didn’t know the answer to that question but my guess was that it was probably in Egypt or maybe in one of the other African-Arab countries because they were closer to Europe compared to the other Gulf countries. 

He looked disappointed and said something like “Usually when something like this happens a "movement” starts. When did this happen here?“ We both told him that it hasn’t even started yet. I sincerely do hope that is starts soon. This confused him and he asked us who would generally read comics in the Arab community/world? My friend told him that no matter what kind of comic it is as long as it’s drawn then adults would assume it’s for children and I added that some of the people who grew up on them continued to like them in their adulthood but not many of those are out there and most of them are either readers or writers and not artists. He asked why this was and if it was a religious issue? We told him yes some people think it’s Haram\forbidden but not all. But even then art is looked down upon in this part of the world. No parent would willingly support their artist child, it’s more of a hobby than anything and even then it’s a "childish” hobby that you should “out grow” sooner or later.

At this point I remembered Muslim Persian and Chinese arts. They were mostly the ones who properly documented how they dressed\what was going on back then but each of one those cultures/countries had more interest in art and had developed their own “styles”. The Islamic component added to it and maybe inspired it a bit but you can’t say that that style and those drawings and paintings were “Arabic”. 

At this point I remember mentioning Arabian Nights, I don’t remember where I was going with that but he didn’t understand me and said “Oh yes, they’ve made all sorts of movies and shows and stories of it” and then we both added that those were all done by westerners and never by actual Arabs.

I, then, remembered the graphic novel “Habibi”. Personally I only first heard of it last year when my friend told me about it and then brought it so I can read it. At the time as I was more at awe with the art that I wasn’t as offended as I should’ve been with the actual content. I loved the art and now that I think about it I feel that if the “movement” he spoke of before ever took place it would’ve produced something similar to that. Probably more colorful but they would’ve definitely used Arabic letters and words and the Islamic geometry in the backgrounds. That was genius and I’m ashamed to think that no one of my people ever thought of doing that.

But anyways, let me explain why the content was offensive. The story if I recall correctly quoted various verses from the Quran, and throughout the chapters he’d tell the other prophets stories (like Noah, Abraham..etc) as they were told in the Quran. Now some of those stories were accurate but some weren’t. Which would’ve been fine if he hadn't quoted the Quran on those specific stories and pages or if maybe he wrote a disclaimer saying how this comic doesn’t stay true to the teachings of Islam and the Quran and that this is merely a work of fiction. But he didn’t, and that’s what I, now, find wrong\offensive. I mean if anyone who has no idea what Islam was about or what our beliefs were they'd immediately assume that everything in that book was the god honest truth about us, but it’s not. And the right thing to do was to be kind enough to mention that for his unknowing readers.

So anyways, I mentioned the comic but he thought I was talking about the french movie Persepolis. He emphasized the word “french” and it made me think that maybe he didn’t know it was directed and created by an Irani artist and that this was another case of misrepresentation by white people, so I told him that it was created by an Irani artist… etc and went back to the comic Habibi. Turns out he never heard of it before so I told him it was written by an American artist and that the story may not be accurate but the art style was beautiful. 

I googled the comic and showed him the image results I got on my tablet so he can have an idea what I was talking about. He started flipping through the images and said he didn’t like it. I assumed he was talking about the 18+ scenes in it and said “Well some (SOME SOME SOME yes I’m talking to you who’s reading this right now SOME) of it happened” so he said “Yes I know but that’s not what I mean, I would’ve been ok with it if you were the one telling me this but I find it offensive when other people talk or write about me, my people, and my experience” I should probably mention now that he was of African decent and he probably had to go through the misrepresentation of African people by white people and others. It was very nice how strongly he felt about it, I mean it wasn’t really his fight, it’s mine and my people’s fight but he felt for us, and that was much appreciated. Anyways, he continued to express how much he disliked the comic and how he found it offensive and after a while I started to feel like I’m being attacked a bit because I was the one who brought it up (I know I wasn’t but that’s what it felt like) I told him that “Yes I know but I only brought this up for the art style more than anything really”.

He said “yes but still this is very offensive” and then gave me back my tablet and asked my friend and I why we never tried to come up with this “Arabic” style. I don’t think either one of us wanted to do one or even wanted consider doing it, it’s not an easy job after all. My friend then explained to him that that’s not easy and that.. etc but I know realize that those were all excuses from me and her to not even try to do this.

I can’t remember if he said anything after this but soon after the person he was supposed to meet came and he left the table to sit with them. But even thou the conversation ended it still ran in my head. I mean he asked us questions we never asked ourselves before. 

As Arabs at some point in time we stopped creating and inventing and instead switched to taking and absorbing everything that was sent to us. We just accept whatever we see on tv. I mean we’re constantly told how we’re “less” than others because we’re not as “evolved” as the rest of the world is, we’re always shamed for being who we are and for sticking with our beliefs. We’re always reminded of how we’re part of the “3rd world countries” even thou they don’t even know that they’re using that term wrong. I’ve always stuck with my principles but I must admit I always felt “less” than other western people. 

We’re constantly misrepresented on tv. I’m sick of watching Indian and Hispanic actors trying and failing to mimic our prayers, I’m sick of hearing them try and fail at pronouncing our letters, I’m sick of them only showing the bad side of Arabs and never the good side, I’m sick of all the teens on tumblr creating hijabi ocs who don’t even act Muslim, they’re like any other oc but with a hijab. Sometimes they’re dressed in skimpy clothing and they’re drinking and shit and it’s very offensive. Just because you read one wikipedia page about Islam doesn’t make you an expert in it. I’m a born Arab and Muslim and I don’t have the guts to deny or confirm certain things in Islam because of how vast it is. You don’t even know how vast it really is. People, scholars, they dedicate their whole lives to learn about all it's rules and laws and… etc, and I don’t have that knowledge to go out and preach people about Islam so how can you? 

I feel like I’ve been talking to white people this whole time but there all of PoC artists who’re doing the same, just because you’re colored doesn’t mean you understand me or my religion, doesn’t mean you can misrepresent me and my identity thinking that since we’re all PoC that it’s ok.

I keep thinking of what our local media is made of. it's basically made of porn signers who steal songs from their western counterparts, bad actors who again steal movie plots from their western counterparts, and bad bad bad unrelatable and unrealistic dramas with poor acting, poor dialog,and an extremely poor misogynistic plot. 

I mean if that’s how we represent ourselves then how can I expect you to know who we are. We’re either shown as heartless terrorists, or as uneducated pieces of shit with loads of money, or as a female-oppressing people.

At this time and age we don’t have any good modern role-models, we don’t have any modern day people who have done or are doing amazing and inspiring stuff, we have no story, no essence, nothing worth writing about. I don’t know when we lost our essence but we need to get that back.

I’m sick of hearing my teacher and the director at the studio I used to intern at complain about how the “officials” in the place are pressuring them to create a show with Arab content in it. I mean I get their point pressuring anyone is never a good thing but I understand their need. I know we need something like that to show the younger generations. Right now we’re just importing Japanese animes and American cartoons instead of creating our own shows and that’s not right. They need to see characters that not only look like them but also act like them. Arab characters that are correctly represented.

I’m sick of hearing them say that they want to create something international and how that will resonate with more people or something of the like. Whenever they say that the first thing I think of is that they’re gonna make another typical American show, they’re gonna create something they know, something they’re familiar with, something they’re comfortable with. I don’t get why they think that our stories would be so unrelatable. I mean it’s not like Stan Lee was thinking of us when he first created Spirderman and the rest of Marvel universe characters. I don’t think the creators in Japan had us in mind when they were creating their own shows for their own people. But we related to them, we loved those characters, we felt for them. And so I don’t get why creating a relatable Arab show is so unthinkable\shameful\hard.. etc 

All human nature is the same. We may dress differently, we may do things differently, we may speak a different language, but in the end we’re all humans. You can’t say that deep down a little Arab girl and a little white girl are different. I think we’re varied more than anything, and we need shows with a bigger variety to reach more people.

Anyways, in the end I feel ashamed that no one’s done this before, that even I was not interested in targeting my own people because I had given up hope, because we’re “less”.

I deeply love that guy for opening my eyes into something I avoided for so long, something I’ve just been ignoring and pretending wasn’t even there.