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Dang it Pia hi anon that asked about wikia. I sent that before I'd finished GT and now I'm ch 9 of COFT and only now has it really truly hit me how much work it would be. Like you bring so many different kinds of mythologies in! And the little backstories that you drop are incredible. Don't get me wrong, I'm still *very* determined to see this wikia through and I'll update you when I have something sizeable to show, but man this is going to be a challenge. I really love mythology though1/2

and I’m Filipino and I’ve never even heard of tigbalan or the aswang before this and it’s so interesting! I’ve read mostly Greek myth and a few myths/fables here and there from other cultures and I never knew where to start with others so reading your series has actually been like, a really educational experience for me? And that’s actually why I want to do this wikia. It’s like my note taking guide you know? And also, your vocabulary! I’m really learning so much. I love it. Thank you.             


Hallo! :D

Okay firstly, like, the Philippines has amazing folklore and it’s so crappy that a lot of folks don’t know that because of the Eurocentrism of folklore in general (even my work is really Eurocentric, but I try and step away from just ‘oh wait another pixie’ every now and then - finding the line between ‘can I use this in a fictional story and be respectful’ and ‘but I don’t want to only write about the world’s Eurocentric fae’ is tricky, and I’m sure I don’t always get it right, but I like to try). So I’m gonna hook you up with some links because omg, man, the most amazing creatures and beings exist in Filipino folklore, which is often a mix of Malay, Christian and Indigenous narratives, depending on where you’re looking.

So here’s a gateway page on mythological creatures (the kinara I love reading about but I’ve never written about them), and here’s another on overall mythology and cosmology, including information about deities. I kind of wish they taught this stuff in schools. Like, I live in Australia, and I would have really enjoyed learning more about local Indigenous lore (that which is sanctioned as being okay for outsiders to learn about, because there’s a lot that’s not, which is completely understandable). Instead, y’know, we get taught way more about Greek myths - or Celtic ‘faeries.’ And that’s all well and good, but the world is a far richer place.

The wikia would be intense, but I’m sure other people would also help and contribute? Hell, depending on where I’m at with writing, even I might, lol.

And there are so many different types of mythology, folklore, cosmology etc. It’s humbling and amazing. I’m so so glad you enjoy that side of things too, omg. So glad. <3 I hope you’re doing well!

She’s the betta half of the two

Hey @ximenib!! I heard that you weren’t doing so well, so….guess who I drew for ya!! :D I hope you feel better soon buddy!

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domestic boyfriends hcs plz

I love my boys and support their domestic lifestyle so certainly anon!

- It started out with them rooming at college just so they didn’t have to be with strangers, but ended up dating and loving the life.

-they both end up getting really good jobs, Jeremy as a tech wizard who designs software and games on the side, while Michael is a dj, music editor and creator. He has a commercial with his audio work in it for shampoo.

-so they have a little apartment together now! It’s not the best but it’s definitely not the worst, they can’t complain. And Michael likes being on the fourth floor because of the porch

-they have the goddamn softest blankets since their bed is close to a rock. They’re working on buying a new one but it has to be perfect.

-they sleep all cuddled up

-Michael takes about two hours to wake up and even then that’s late, so when they have off Jeremy will get up and make Michael breakfast for him to wake up too

-Michael tells pretty much everyone that waking up to the smell of Jeremy’s chocolate chip pancake is the best feeling in the world.

-they’re supposed to split the chores but they never follow their set boundaries. When Michael is too tired to do the dishes Jeremy steps in and does so no problem, or when Michael hears Jeremy had a stressful day he’ll do the laundry for him

-but there’s also a lot of moments where both of them are in a slump and everything just piles up until Jeremy decides to stress clean

- Michael still walks in yelling “honey I’m home!”

- when Jeremy does the dishes Michael comes up and puts soap suds on his nose, and Jeremy usually responds by flicking water at him

-they have a mini fridge full of Mountain Dew red just in case

-Jeremy leaves his boxers everywhere and Michael keeps stumbling on them, they no longer phase him.

-Michael has a pet peeve for handprints and smudges on the windows but Jeremy opens the porch door by dragging his hand along it

-they both have opposing schedules, so they don’t go on dates as much as they’d like.

-they usually spend time with each other winding down, relaxing on the couch and watching movies

- you would not believe how many times Michael has carried Jeremy to bed because the boy fell asleep on the couch

-the SQUIP actually helps with their schedules and life, sometimes even waking Jeremy up to tell Michael his alarm didn’t go off.

- Rich is basically always over, he says he loves “casa de los homosexuales”

- Michael big spoons Jeremy and kisses his neck, then says “no homo”

-they take showers together, usually at night. Jeremy leans against Michael’s back and they just have a comfortable silence.

- they have the god damned greatest game station set up and if you so much as put dust on one of their consoles they will kill.

-seriously like a third of their cash goes to that decked out baby. They have it organized by console, genre, and alphabetized.

-they also have a ton of posters and nerd decals and merch everywhere

-Michael has this giant pacman ghost of pinky that Jeremy won him (by accident) at a carnival once and he loves it half to death

-once they were brushing their teeth when Jeremy inhaled the foamy mint stuff and choked

-they also lay on each other and scroll through their phones if they need down time.

-They have a scrapbook of all their memories and yes it is gay.

-there’s a hole in the wall covered up by a movie poster because Michael once wore his skates inside and crashed.

-when Jeremy is really tired he doesn’t sleep with his shoes on, no he kicks and flings his shoes across the room, it scares Michael.

- Michael wakes up in the middle of the night to panic attacks every now and then, to which Jeremy will rub his back and hold him to calm him down.

-sometimes Michael catches Jeremy talking to himself- or well his SQUIP- and he just sounds so upset that it physically hurts him

-Jeremy has better control over it now so he’s ok. But sometimes he falters yknow?

-random kisses everywhere. Just lean over and kiss your boyf do it.

- “dude you’re so high right now”

“I am not”

“You just asked me if the guy with the biggest dick was named dick and if that’s why we call them dicks.”


I don’t know how things were run around here before, but…
There were a lot less thumbs up asses.

Drawing in the Common Room

Summary: You’re trying to draw but Sirius really wants a kiss.

Word Count: 1,091

Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Requested by My Writer’s Block (ugh)

Sirius’s right hand rests on your hip, fingertips lightly digging into your skin as you hold the sketchbook in front of you. The two of you take up an entire couch in the Gryffindor common room, earning you the glare of more than one other student over the afternoon. Sirius’s cocked eyebrow and innate charm sent them all scurrying away.

Or maybe it was his implied threat of blackmailing them. You don’t really care. They’re gone, leaving the two of you alone in the common room. That’s all that matters.

The open window lets a lazy breeze in, one that leaves light goosebumps on your arms that Sirius chases away with a soft touch, running his hand up and down your arm.

“Have you almost finished?” He asks, letting his hand wander down the side of your thigh.

You bite your lip, squinting at the intricate swirls on the bookcase across the room. “Not yet, love. And quit moving your hand. It was fine where it was.”

“Come on,” He whines, but he moves his hand back onto your hip.

“Just a little bit more.” You say, words slow as you focus on the sketch.

Sirius sighs, head falling onto the pillow he’s clutching with his left hand.

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I hate to ask, but school is kicking my butt and I'm really stressed out, do you have any headcanons with the batfamily being "smart"? Like, doing detective things or something? Please only respond if you want to/feel like it. I don't want to be a bother. Thank you.

Hmmm I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for, but I’ll give it a shot?

  • So Damian didn’t know who his father was until pretty late in the game, BUT I think we can assume that he did hear Ra’s and Talia talk about his dad a few times when he was little. Thing is, they don’t generally use Bruce’s name. They call him “The Detective.”
  • That being the case, I always figured lil Damian ran around thinking “I too will be a detective” and playing at investigation, which would probably boil down to sneaking around in order to overhear as much as possible. For the record, I don’t think he ever dropped that habit.
  • I also think that lil Damian was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, since Holmes is probably the most famous literary detective around. I happen to know that when Tim was fourteen, he was a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society (Detective Comics #618), so I figure they’ve got that bit in common. We are, however, talking about Tim and Damian, so when I say “something in common,” what I mean is “something to compete over.”
  • On top of the expected squabbling about the merits of different media adaptations, odds are they have contests where they both try to observe somebody and deduce as much information as possible. It’s not the kind of thing Bruce would discourage. They are supposed to be cultivating those skills, plus Bruce loves Holmes too. Another thing Bruce enjoys is showing up his children, so it works out well for him. He’s very, very good at that game.
  • So is Dick. Cass is a specific kind of good at it, because of the body language thing. They don’t make their guesses to their subject’s face, so Babs (also a talented player) fact-checks electronically as much as possible. It’s a decent way to pass time on slow patrols. They call it a training game.
my alpha.

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pairing: derek hale x reader

warnings: SMUT, swearing, dirty talk, NSFW GIFS. porn without a plot, basically.

prompt: going into heat while living in the loft with derek being the only available alpha. 

the cold loft was deserted as you laid in the middle of your bed, beads of sweat ran down your sore skin and your breathing was coming out harder than usual. you’d turned down the AC as soon as you’d woken up, the icy air doing very little to calm your raging hot skin. you had lived with derek and issac in the loft for 6 months after being turned by scott and having no where else to go; at first you thought of yourself as an inconvenience yet derek and issac constantly reassured you that you weren’t. al though they had said it many times, you still didn’t bother them with any of your problems and tried to keep to yourself in your room.

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When you think you’ve finally found an asexual character, but then the writers reveal that the character isn’t ace:

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This took me so fucking longggg to draw and colour and wow the amount of shit I did for this but anyway 💕

I love my boy and I’m sososososo proud of him and he deserves lots and lots of happiness (((((((:


F - fluff

S - smut (mature content)

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Christian Yu

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Baekho (Nu’est)

Peniel (BTOB)


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

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Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

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the thing about writing a ship is like y’all realize there are aspects that AREN’T supposed to be realistic, right? this was something i learned way back in the day when i watched how i met your mother and i realized the writers had no clue how to keep barney and robin together and make it interesting and engaging. the thing that worked with barney and robin was the almost-maybe-will they-won’t they aspect of it. once they got together and stayed together, their relationship grew stale and boring. and that’s not to say it couldn’t have been interesting and well done, but the writers, in my opinion, sort of failed in that regard. where they succeeded with marshall and lily, they dropped the ball with barney and robin.

that stupid show is the reason why i’m very conscious of how i write ships and especially how i write slow burn. i don’t want to have all this build-up, chapters and chapters of build-up, only to get the two characters together and have them be constantly together all the time and everything is perfect and then you get bored of their relationship. or maybe bored isn’t the right word for it; it’s more just like you’re accustomed to them being together so it doesn’t feel like a big deal anymore. 

like, when an author only has the ship kiss once every three chapters, then i’m going to cling to those kisses with all i’ve got. i’m going to cherish those kisses and get a tingly feeling inside when i read those kisses. if the characters kissed every paragraph, i’d get used to it pretty quickly and then it wouldn’t feel special anymore. is it more realistic to kiss a lot? probably. is it better storytelling? debatable. 

there is of course a place for these characters fuck all the time!!! fuck for four chapters straight!!!! nothing but sex!!!! but there’s also a place for gentle touches and small gestures and refraining from constantly touching each other. 

is any of what i’m describing “realistic”? probably not. but sometimes you have to sacrifice realism for the sake of good narrative engaging storytelling, and hopefully you do it well enough that the audience suspends their disbelief and forgives you for not writing something 100 percent realistic. 

this is the single most important thing i’ve ever drawn