anyway i'll be quiet now

kajuned  asked:

Reading your tweets on Twitter is fun. It's like you're constantly having an adventure and swinging between explosively happy, very concerned for safety (and sanity) and just hard working in general. I'm really glad you exist. XDD

this is actually a really great explanation of my twitter presence, and thank you

speaking of!!


i’ve been doing a lot of miscellaneous art this summer, and i’ve been posting most of it there. once spn gets back on its regular track, so will i here!! probably sooner just because i can’t hold that in for a ton of time

Anonymous said:

Nortons arms are just just so Beefy you feel? I want him to bench press me tbh

i sent this to him last night

Okay, but

Compared to…

Come on, you know you can see it too!

Bonus: This would be Philinda

all I’m saying is a modern day au where Finn walks in the chippy and plops down and is like ‘right any tune requests?” and pulls out his phone opening up spotify. And Rae is  like, “I got it covered.” and then they bicker over their play lists and don’t realize the others left. 

bonus: when they are driving to the concert Rae keeps plugging the aux chord into her phone and Finn has to keep swatting at her hand until he is like ‘right I’m gonna hold hands with you for the next hour so you’ll stop.” 

and neither mind. lol. 

you look beautiful