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My Life as a Cartoon Network Intern (and how I think you can Intern in Animation too!)

Over this past summer, I was given the amazing opportunity to be a Production Intern at Cartoon Network (I worked on Clarence; woo!)

Every once in a while I get people who either come up to me in person, or who message me on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram etc. and ask me how I got the opportunity, and how they can intern in animation as well. Recently (Over the course of the last week or so) I’ve been asked a bunch, so I decided to create this massive master post in an attempt to get the information out to as many artists (and non-artists) as possible! 

I know a lot of people who feel like getting into the animation industry is completely impossible, (I should know, I felt the exact same way not too long ago) and I also know just how LITTLE references there actually are on finding an internship, and beyond that, the type of experiences that people who gotten the chance to intern have had. I told myself that if I got the internship, I would try to change that, and here we are! (A little late, but I really want to make this as helpful as possible)

If you all could please Reblog this to your followers I would love it! You never know who’s looking and hopefully, I can help people with my experiences! 

So to make it easier for people who don’t have the time to read all of my ramblings, AND for the sake of ease/reference; I’m going to break this post up into different sections: My Internship search My initial excitement/rejections - How I got the internship - My experience as an Intern and How Interning has helped me as an artist

My Internship search: 

Halfway through last year (My Sophomore year of college) I had decided that I would take a leap of faith and apply for some internships. I didn’t expect much of it, but my hopes were high because I thought I had at least a halfway decent portfolio, and my resume had some pretty okay animation experience on it (I’m the head of the only Animation organization on campus) and I’m majoring in animation so I had some 3D experience and 2D experience (which I’ve worked on on my own time, since it’s what I want to do) 

One of my biggest worries was the fact that I go to a state school: Southern Illinois University. The school is great, and I love it there, but I couldn’t afford art school, so I was very worried about how many opportunities there would be for me in Southern Illinois. Especially with the amount of amazing art that I see coming from people who go to schools like CalArs, Sheridan and the like. I was frustrated because I wasn’t there and felt like I would never get the opportunity to work in animation, which has been my dream since I could hold a pencil. Cartoons have changed my life, and they still do; but I was genuinely afraid that because I couldn’t afford a more art-related education, that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to tell stories like I’ve always dreamed. (But I digress) 

As I was saying: I was doing all of your standard (I want/need a job) searches to try to find something in animation: Glassdoor,,; stuff like that. FUN FACT: I’ve read every single Glassdoor review for both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Every Job. All of them.

Some internships are a lot easier to find: Nickelodeon, Disney, Titmouse

While some are WAAAAAY more elusive: Cartoon Network… 

This narrowed my search down from a bunch of animation studios.. to a handful. My candidates were: Nickelodeon, Dreamworks and Titmouse. (All wonderful animation studios!) Now here’s where it gets interesting:

 My initial excitement/Rejections:

I didn’t hear back from any of them! NOT ONE. Which I learned after a very long, VERY stressful waiting period. (At this time it was early to mid April) Now; I knew that I was really too young to be applying for the internships, (I’m young for my grade so I was 19 at the time) And I knew that all of these internships specified that they wanted a Junior or above, but I figured since the year was almost over and I had good grades that MAYBE, they would let me slide. But I had no real experience working in animation, and although my hopes were high, they were also reeeeeeeal low. 

After waiting for the few weeks that I did, and not hearing a peep, I was dejected, frustrated, and I felt like there was no hope for me… Which leads us to…


When it comes to how I actually GOT the job: The answer I want to give you guys is that it was complete luck, and that by a series of random occurrences, somehow I was offered the position…. BUT, that’s only half true. Honestly, I worked really hard on making sure that I had as good a résumé as I possibly could: 

By that, I mean that I’ve worked really hard in school to get good grades/dean’s list/honors program, etc.; and I also started an animation organization on campus. (There’s a major, but there was a huge lack of enthusiasm and community within the program at SIU so I wanted to help to bring other artists and myself closer, and make great art while we’re at it) 

On top of that, I wrote (what I think was) a really good cover letter. But… Even with all three of those things, I don’t know if I would have gotten the position if it wasn’t for the internship coordinator at my school. I go to Southern Illinois University, and she pointed me in the direction of the Cartoon Network internship. (The Turner website isn’t like Nickelodeon, they only post internships when there’s a position to be filled)

LUCKILY for me, the Producer of Clarence (The wonderful Keith Mack) is an alum from SIU, so he connected with the internship coordinator (bless her heart) and I learned exactly when the position opened up. My resume and things got sent straight to him. I got a Skype interview a couple of weeks later, and I got accepted the day of the interview!

So I mean… Looking back, it was half luck, half hard work. 

It’s not like the grades and stuff really matter outside of college; Grades are just arbitrary letters, after all. But, I say that to say that I’ve tried to work hard in college even though I’m not at an art school, and that if you’re focused, it doesn’t really matter WHAT you’re good at; but how hard you work and the type of person you are. You can never go to college but be an amazing artist and an amazing person, and if you meet that ONE right person, or if you’re at that ONE correct place at the correct time; amazing things can happen; and I FIRMLY believe that. 

While I was at CN I was talking to someone (I don’t know if it’s best to call her out by name?..) But anyway she was telling me about how some of the artists are found at CN and she told me that Tumblr, YES TUMBLR. Is a HUUUUUUUUGE factor in the hiring of some people! So if you can… POST POST POST! Putting your art out there is the absolute best way to get seen. You NEVER know who’s looking at your artwork, and this website is an amazing platform for sharing, and learning about art. (And as a shameless plug: The blog Artists-Everyday is actually meant for just that ;) check it ouuuuut)

But moving forward; let’s talk about: 


The interview to be an intern at CN was both really intimidating, and really comfortable at the same time. I love animation pretty much more than anything, so the idea that a single interview could determine whether or not I got a life-changing opportunity was pretty much one of the most daunting things that I could think of. The fact that I was in southern Illinois RIGHT at the time that I would have had to interview really didn’t help either… It was really scary to me, because it meant that I wasn’t going to be able to interview in person. It was a Skype interview, (a group one at that) and it was my first time ever interviewing for a position online. 

Once I got past all of the initial fear, the interview was smooth sailing. They had already seen my resume and cover letter; so we really just spent a lot of time talking about casual things: my favorite animated movie, what my favorite episode of Clarence was, etc. It wasn’t like your usual interview where they ask “why would we hire you” or “what is your greatest weakness” and I really appreciated that. They weren’t robots, they weren’t the ANIMATION GODS like I was imagining in my head – they were actual people, who happen to love animation, and the interview reflected that. 

I learned that I had gotten the position the day that I interviewed, and I’m SO GLAD I didn’t have to wait any more days, because at that point I was on fire on the inside. II don’t know what the hiring process was like for interns on different shows, so don’t take my word for how long it’ll take if you make it this far) 


There is no one word to describe how amazing it is to work at Cartoon Network. A lot of CN stuff is “hush hush” high security, and they don’t allow you to take pictures of the inside of the buildings - So I’m not going to say much, other than: It’s magic. Pure magic. But I will say one thing: Free food. AT ALL TIMES. EVERY DAY. 

Working there is one of the most creatively satisfying things I’ve ever done in my life. The people, the atmosphere… it was all so inspiring. I’ve learned more in those past three months than I have in the last two years, and It’s all because I was surrounded by so many people who are better than me. People, who I might add, are some of the greatest, nicest, and most helpful people I’ve met in a long time. Plus, Cartoon Network really goes out on a limb to take care of their employees. 

I got to sit in on voice actors doing their recordings, I got to see storyboard pitches, I got to see animatics and assets for episodes that were unaired, and it was all being created right in front of me by such PASSIONATE people. 

I EVEN GOT TO MEET TOM KENNY. He remembered my name… 

As a production intern you get to see the logistic side of things: and you really grow to appreciate Production and that side of the industry, because without the production team, there would be no show! Even though I want to be a storyboard artist, I now know more about the industry and Cartoon Network as a whole, and it makes me feel much more connected to the shows that I watch on television.

One of the other biggest things about the program is the fact that I got to take storyboard/character design tests for practice, and I got the chance to pitch a show to the studio, in front of the Clarence Crew and even some really important executives! which was an AMAZING opportunity that I learned a TON from. I got amazing feedback, and I had to push myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself before. Mentally, artistically, and personally. 


It’s possible. Being an intern at an animation studio is possible. Getting a job in animation is possible. Making friends in animation, and actually feeling like you belong to something you’ve dreamed about since you were a child is POSSIBLE. It doesn’t matter where you go to school, it doesn’t matter if you’re afraid, and it doesn’t matter what you look like. People are drawn to people who are genuine; and if you love animation, or production, or storyboarding or character design, and you work hard and try to really open yourself up artistically; you CAN do it. Take it from the 20 year old black guy who loves anime, video games and cartoons. You can do it. 

I don’t know how many people will see this or how helpful it actually is; but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to share this info with your followers, and on top of that if you guys EVER have any questions about my experiences or need me to clarify anything for ANY reason you’re absolutely welcome to contact me! 

I know how many people would love to intern, and I know (from experience) how DREADFUL It is to find conducive information about how the process works and how YOU can get an internship. 

Hope you guys stuck with this post till the end, and like I said if you ever have any more questions, (hell, or if you even want to share YOUR art with me… I’m always open!) 

TL;DR:                  This Gif Sums it Up 


criticaldrive  asked:

Valentine's Day is coming, what would the chocobros do for their S/O? :D

I had to get this typed up today! Happy valentines guys! (If you’ve read this you’re now my valentine, no take backs! Muhahaha, ily!) ❤ Anyway, read on and spend your valentines with your favourite chocobro! (Or if you’re like me, all of them…)


- Hey shall we go check out that dungeon for valentines? Just kidding. Kinda.
- Noctis would give you your card and you’d give him his, but before you can open yours he’d make an excuse to leave the room.
- Little do you know he literally just lingers outside of the door, out of view.
- Anyway, you open your card waiting for him to get back, but something falls out of it.
- A slip of paper lands in your lap, but you pick it up to see it’s a poem.
- Handwritten. In Noctis’ loopy scrawl.
- He’s written you a poem.
- And what’s more, it’s really good.
- About how you met, how much he cares about you, the way he adores how you look and just how you are.
- It’s all sappy and mushy and it’s just everything he wishes he could say to your face without it sounding muddled and a hell of a lot less eloquent.
- And then from the corner of your eye you spot the little bin he has in his room, filled to the brim with crumpled up paper that was extremely similar to yours.
- How long had he spent on it? Getting frustrated and no doubt worked up into an angry defiant ball as he so usually did. But he persevered because he just so badly wanted to tell you exactly how he felt but he sucks at speaking face to face about that kind of stuff.
- You’re emotional just thinking about how much work he had to have put into this one slip of paper.
- “Shit, are you crying?”
- His voice startles you, and you look up to see him walking over to you hurriedly.
- “I’m sorry if it’s not great, I tried.”
- “No silly, it’s… it’s wonderful, thank you.”
- “Oh… oh well, I’m glad you like it.”
- He’d go into bashful mode at your gratitude, which is why he left the room in the first place because he didn’t want to be all awkward for you.
- But his pulse is racing and his heart is singing because holy shit they like it.
- And all those hours he put in didn’t matter, because he’s just happy to know that you know how he really feels, and that you’re happy.


- You’d go over to see Prompto in the morning, but find he doesn’t seem to actually be in his house. He doesn’t answer when you call him. Instead, you find a picture taped to his bedroom door.
- It’s a picture of… the kitchen?
- You head on over to the kitchen holding the photograph, and look exactly where he took the picture to see another photo with a heart shaped chocolate next to it.
- This is a scavenger hunt!
- This picture shows the sofa in the living room area, so you hurry on over to it.
- Just as expected, there’s another photo and yet another heart shaped chocolate.
- So cute.
- This time this was a photo of the table behind you, but in the corner there were words written in the hand you recognised so well.
- ‘Getting warmer!’
- You turn to the table to see yet another photograph and of course, a heart shaped chocolate to accompany it.
- Lifting the photo you recognise that it’s a picture of Prompto’s bedroom. There is more writing on the photo in the same scrawl.
- ‘Nearly there now!’
- You rush to the bedroom, wondering what you might find, and open the door.
- There, right in the middle of the bed is your adorable boyfriend, looking really pleased with himself.
- On his lap is a huge teddy bear – so cliché but so adorable.
- “You found me!” He’s so excited, his blue eyes bright with excitement.
- “I did!” You’d go to join him on the bed, and he hands over the teddy bear to you.
- “Happy valentines! Oh and I also got you this…” His voice trails off a little at the end and you can tell he is suddenly nervous.
- He hands you something in a small brown paper bag. Curious, you slide the object out of the bad and into your palm.
- It’s an adorable photo of the two of you, looking incredibly happy together. The photo itself is in a silver frame, decorated with cutesy hearts.
- “I… I hope it’s alright. It’s my favourite photo.” He’s fiddling with the bed covers, barely able to keep contact cause damn it he’s just so nervous.
- Your heart could burst, this boy is the cutest!
- He beams as you tell him you love it.
- Best valentines ever.


- Gladio would act like normal for the morning.
- He’d give you a card of course, but say he has nothing planned.
- You’d be a bit disappointed, but what can you do?
- He’d even go off to do his usual workout routine. Maybe valentines just wasn’t his thing?
- So you’d go on about your day as normal, until the night fell.
- Suddenly Gladio’s face has lit up, he’s all smiles as he asks you to come outside with him.
- “Wha- but it’s night time?”
- “Come on!” He’d urge so you’d get up to follow him.
- Outside there are… candles? There’s a large candle every so often in the road, and you can see the trail lead off into the distance with a soft glow. You look back at Gladio in bewilderment.
- “You didn’t think I’d forget did you?” He is grinning, folding his arms and looking rather pleased with himself.
- “You did all that?” You gesture incredulously.
- “Well, I only set them out earlier, I enlisted the help of three friends to light them all.” He remembered how much complaining Noctis had done. It’s okay, my lover is worth it.
- Gladio took your hand and you set off walking under the blanket of the night sky, walking past one of the candles every now and then.
- “Here, I also got you this.”
- “Oh, what is it – Gladio.”
- He’s handed you a small survival tool kit.
- “It pays to be prepared. And it will put my mind at ease.” He insisted.
- You roll your eyes at him but you have to stifle a giggle. Typical Gladio.
- Finally you get to the end of the candle lit path, where a lovely bunch of roses are waiting for you.
- Gladio would wrap his warm jacket around you suddenly, taking you into his big strong arms.
- “Did I fool you then?”
- “You certainly did.” You told him, pulling him down for a kiss.
- He pulls away with that cheeky smirk in place, a glint in his eye.
- “What…?” You ask wearily.
- “I always wondered what it would be like to go… al fresco.”
- “Gladio!”
- His laugh is infectious and soon you join in.
- But hey, if you’re down with the idea he definitely is.


- This guy will play to his strength and cook you the most amazing meal you’ve ever had, and that’s saying something since you eat his cooking a lot.
- He’d have it all ready for you by the time you arrive, the table beautifully set and – of course – candle lit.
- He’d spoil you rotten the entire day as well, massages, food and drink, you name it.
- He’d also really love the gift you got him, and chuckle at the very soppy card (which by the way, he’d never get rid of).
- When he hands you his card, you realise he has hand made it. It’s lovely and elegant and so Iggy, but so you at the same time.
- When you finish the meal, he’d come round to your side and offer you his hand to dance with him.
- Even if you protest that you suck, he’ll let you stand on his toes and he’d guide you.
- All he wants is to be close and intimate with you damn it.
- He’d press you against him as you danced, needing to feel you close.
- He’s also really good.
- It would be slow and sensual, you’d be hyper aware of the way his fingertips drifted over your arms, rested at the small of your back, trailed over your jawline with feather light touches…
- “I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this at all… but you are truly beautiful.”
- “You may have mentioned it once or twice.” You’d tease him, to which he’d smile fondly.
- “It never hurts just to be sure.”
- Near the end of the song he’d dip you down in a classic move so smooth with his hands steadying you, your thigh round his hip.
- And he’d give you a little smirk before bending down to kiss you hard.
- When you’re finally up right, you’re giving him such bedroom eyes it unreal.
- You know he understands as his smirk turns into a full blown grin.
- “Shall we?” And with that he’d lead you to the bedroom.

BNHA Light Novel 2 Trans.

Chapter 4, AB Union: A Girls only Gathering, Part 1.


t/n some of the parts refer to stuff that happened in the previous chapter which was basically Mineta trying to peep on the B girls also it was really hard to translate some bits so it may seem really weird especially the ending where it got way toooo philosophical lol but I hope it still makes sense, also another disclaimer, this part is really long too imo D: 

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boyfriend does my makeup! | youtuber AU

yoongi/jimin + yoongi does jimin’s makeup! + rated FC for FLUFFY AND CUTE HAHAHAHAHAHA  + i hope you guys enjoy this! + for my baby @yoonminist ♥♥♥ + THE HEARTS ARE THOSE CUTS IN YOUTUBE VIDEOS HAHAHAHA you know that thing they do where they just cut and like…yeah, i hope you guys don’t get confused since this is mainly dialogue!

[also on my AO3!]

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12x14 watching notes

this show normally never makes me cry except that 1 episode in season 7, but god dammit Berens got me TWICE I’m disowning him

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Ok but third-year team captain picks.

Everybody expects the captaincy to go to Kagami during the last year at Seirin, because he’s pretty much the face of the basketball club at this point. He’s got the presence and the “fuck yeah!!!” enthusiasm that motivates everybody, it seems like a given.

But he’s just so relieved when he’s passed over because seriously, he loves basketball and he’s been sort of getting used to senpai-ing Yagi and the walking attitude problem over there Asahina over the past year, but man he is so not the leadership guy. Or the strategy guy. Or the “herding a bunch of cats” guy.

So yeah. That torch thankfully passes him by and goes straight into the hands  of poor Furi, who looks ready to have a heart attack at the mere idea of being chosen, something is wrong here, surely Hyuuga-senpai was nominating some other Furihata–– *distressed fish noises*

He calms down somewhat when he remembers that vice captaincy is a thing and that it goes to Kuroko. Together they basically form one functional captain unit because Kuroko has the preternatural calm and Furihata exists in the visible light spectrum.

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I’m Something Beautiful With you

Anonymous Requested: Jimin or Jin for 12 please!! “It’s our first Valentine’s Day together and I think you went a little overboard.” Part of my Valentine’s Day prompt series.

Genre: Jimin x Reader

Words: 1822

Originally posted by chimchams

“Be My Valentine.”

That’s what the heart the medium sized bear held that Jimin dropped off at your work. You should’ve known then what you were in for. He’d come in struggling to hold the bear and plopped it down on the counter with a smile so big his eyes seemed to disappear.

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anonymous asked:

14 burrcules? :D thanks!!

It had taken a long time to convince Hercules to open the store.

“I want to, you know I do.” Hercules stared hopelessly at the screen.

Aaron pushed gently into his side, trying to offer some comfort. “I know, honey. You can do it.” He tipped his forehead into Hercules’ shoulder, earning a soft rumble in return.

“I don’t think I can. It’s so hard.” Hercules moaned. Aaron felt his light tremble, pressed this close against him.

Aaron leaned over his boyfriend, avoiding the laptop, and gently placed his hand over Hercules’. “You can. I’m with you every step of the way, alright? It’s going to turn out great, and even if it doesn’t, I’ll still be there.” He nearly breathed a sigh of relief at Hercules’ soft smile. “Besides, you said I make a great model. It would be a shame not to show the world, right?”

Hercules laughed. The sound was beautiful, and Aaron felt himself relax more. They both relaxed, but they weren’t done. With his hand on Hercules’- and Hercules’ hand on the mouse- Aaron slowly pressed down. The left mouse button made a tiny click, deafening in the silence of the room.

“It’s… uploaded.” Hercules breathed, and then breathed again, deeper and calming. “My first clothing item, on my first online store.” He was pale, and sweating; but he was also smiling.

Aaron leaned up and gently tapped their noses together. “I’m proud of you, sweetheart.” Hercules blushed. It was a pet name Aaron saved for special occasions, precisely because it got the reaction that it did. He tilted his head and leaned up just a bit more for a kiss.


“Oh my god, I’ve got my first sale!” Hercules squealed, in a pitch almost too high for Aaron to hear. He held the phone away from his ear for a moment. “It’s the hat with the butterflies!”

“That’s amazing!” Aaron could feel himself light up. The whole work day had been a mess, but a bad day was nothing compared to hearing Hercules so happy. “When was it sold?”

“Ten minutes ago! I can’t wait to get off shift and ship it! And I should work on another, what if the rest sell? Oh my god, it’s only been two days since it launched!”

Aaron could not and would not prevent the deep belly laugh working it’s way out. “Dear, honey, one thing at a time!” The stress and anxiety of the past few days were completely gone. The big “what if no one buys anything at all” was answered. Hercules was selling- actually selling his work. “I’m very proud of you though, you know that?”

From the other side of the phone, Hercules scoffed; but even through the separation, Aaron could feel his pleased smile. “I don’t even know what they’re going to think of it. I’m just way too excited.”

“You’re allowed to be excited.” Aaron tried to push as much of the fondness he felt into his voice.

Hercules hummed, and didn’t say anything for a moment. “Yeah, uh, well, I should be getting back to work, and I know it’s not your lunch break right now.” Another pause. “But thanks. I know you know this, but I couldn’t have sold it without your help. Your support means a lot.”

Aaron’s heart skipped. He’d never get used to Hercules’ sheer honesty, or the way he always tried to make it clear just how much he appreciated emotional support. And speaking of, “If you want, we can celebrate when I’m off work.”

“Yeah,” Hercules’ voice was suddenly weak. “We can do that, yeah. I’ll see you after work, them.” He hung up quickly. Aaron did not bother hiding his smirk as he slid the phone away and turned back to his laptop.

“What the fuck, Burr.” Thomas was peering over, paused in the middle of walking to another office, papers clutched in hand. “Since when do you have a life outside work?”

Aaron laughed, mood too good to be even slightly annoyed by the comment. “None of your business, Thomas.”

Thomas shot an even stranger look, brows furrowed almost comically. Aaron ignored him and got back to work.


“Hey, how’s that store thing going, anyways?” Alexander sloshed his drink as he dropped into the booth. Aaron scooted back to allow him room.

Hercules laughed. “It’s been going great, man! Only a month and I’ve already sold a bunch of scarves, and a couple hats. For once, it’s actually great that work’s cut my hours so badly.”

Laurens made a long, pained noise. “Don’t give me flashbacks about fast food shift work. I’m so glad I’m out of that hellhole of a system.” He took a long pointed swig of his drink.

“The cafe’s treated me well, for the most part,” Hercules shrugged. “It always smells nice and the only people who go there are people who expect to wait for their lattés.”

“Just make sure you never work at Wendy’s.” Lauren’s said, puttng a finger gun to his own head.

“Come on, less work talk, more drink!” Lafayette placed another tray of drinks on the table, wiggling into the other end of the booth. This brought a round of cheers, Hercules whooping especially loud. Aaron snuggled into Hercules’ arm contentedly, reaching for a glass. What was once an intimidating excess of volume was now life and liveliness and comfort. Hercules brought his glass to Aaron’s, and he obliged, clinking them together just because he knew Hercules would giggle at it.

“Oh, and speaking of the store, I think I had an email notification, sometime on the way over.” Hercules rooted for his phone, careful not to jab Aaron, pressed against him.

“A new sale?” Aaron peeked at the phone, but it was tilted just slightly too far to read.

Hercules shook his head. “No, I made those go through another filter. This one’s a review.” His tone was excited, a silly smile working its way up his face. The review system had so far been a godsend for Hercules’ confidence. Aaron was just glad that people were finally beginning to recognize Hercules’ talents.

“So? What’s it say?” Aaron grinned up at his boyfriend. Hercules didn’t respond, suddenly hesitating. His brows crept down and together, lips turning slowly to a frown. Aaron’s grin slipped. “Dear?” Hercules’ phone hand dropped, slipping the phone away.

“It’s just-” Hercules’ voice hitched. He jumped as if not expecting it. Hercules started blinking rapidly. “I’m okay, it’s-” He cut himself off again.

“Herc, what’s wrong?” Alexander smirked. “Get a bad review?” He teased. The smirk melted away when Hercules suddenly burst into tears. “Wait, what the fuck?”

“Alex, shut up!” Aaron hissed. “Get out! He needs space!” From the other side of Hercules, Aaron tried to shoe Alexander off.

“What’s wrong with Hercules?” Lafayette asked, slipping into something almost as bewildered as concerned. Hercules started shaking. Aaron could hear him hyperventilating.

“He’s having a fucking panic attack!” Aaron snapped, “Stop gawking and get some water! And stop everyone from staring!”

Lafayette stumbled off, but he wasn’t Aaron’s concern right now. “Hey, sweetheart, it’s okay.” Aaron whispered, his words not meant for the others. “Can you take big breaths?”

Hercules tipped his head so that his face wasn’t visible, but nodded. “Do you want me to hold your hand?” Aaron ventured. Another nod. Quickly, Aaron clasped them, together in both of his. God, Aaron hoped he was doing this right. He’d only seen Hercules in a panic attack twice before, and he was determined to be useful.

“No one’s looking, okay sweetheart? I sent them away.” Aaron tried to assure, remembering the advice Hercules gave once, of what he personally needed during an attack. Sure enough, Laurens and Lafayette and Alexander were all out of the booth, creating something of a human shield. A glass of water had been slid towards them.

“Are you good with breathing? Do you want help?” Aaron squeezed his hands. Hercules tipped his head up slightly. His eyes were puffy.

“I’m- I’m good.” Hercules pushed out, voice shaking as much as he was. “Can I… h-hug you?”

Aaron answered by climbing into Hercules’ lap and stretching his arms over and around Hercules’ broad shoulders. They stayed like that for a few minutes. Aaron felt his boyfriend’s heart rate slowly go down.

Hercules eventually spoke again. “Sorry,” He started. “It was just a bad review. I shouldn’t have freaked out like that.”

Slowly, carefully, Aaron pecked Hercules on the cheek. “Don’t be sorry, sweetheart. Panic attacks are nothing to be ashamed of. They happen.”

Hercules seemed to melt into the embrace. “I know. I thought I was ready for this, though. Of course I knew this was going to happen eventually.”

Aaron smiled. “You were ready for it, though. It happened, and now you’re feeling a bit more okay, right?”

“I… guess I am.” Hercules returned the smile.

A sharp cough interrupted them. “Uh, sorry for that,” Alexander scratched his head, sheepish. “I didn’t realize you had anxiety.” To his credit, Alexander did look appropriately guilty, eyes averted.

“It’s fine.” Hercules said, always quick to forgive. “You’ve all never seen it, and I’ve never said it. The whole anxiety… thing,” Aaron leaned into Hercules neck and smiled. Hercules may step around the word, but he’d gotten so far since being unable to come to terms with Anxiety. “ It’s the reason I’ve never tried selling my stuff before. But now I’ve got Aaron to help me out.”

Aaron yelped as Hercules’ fist came down on his head in a gentle noogie. “Oh my god! Honey, what the fuck.” He shot a reproachful stare. Hercules burst into laughter. Even with puffy, red rimmed eyes, it was a beautiful sight. “Sweetheart, why?” Aaron whined into Hercules’ ear. He flushed.

Aaron loved his boyfriend.

msbowser  asked:

Senpai, how do I draw as you? (Puts on a cute, innocent face) Please teach me your ways.

I never thought that someone would ask me for this…but okay <3 I’ll write a general message for anybody who reads this~!

My ways consist of:

  • Practicing for 7 years and counting
  • Getting inspired by people

and nothing else

Let me write a proper explanation:


I think that everybody already knows this step, but what is really practicing?

I’ve come to see a lot of people to who I’ve told them to ‘’practice everyday’’, and almost all of them replied ‘’I draw everyday but I’m not getting better’’… and that’s really sad, because you’re doing it wrong.

Practicing everyday and drawing everyday are not the same. Practice has the objective to improve your skills while learning your mistakes, you either get better at drawing or at observation. Drawing is just testing your skills, as if it was a self-exam.

How can you practice? Draw some specific thing a bunch of times on the same canvas, try to draw that thing that you can’t draw. It doesn’t matter how it turns out, you are learning and improving. ‘’But it looks worse the more I keep trying’’ Yes, exactly. Your observation skill is improving, your drawing skill doesn’t necessarily improve everytime you practice.

When your observation improves, then that means that you can recognize what is wrong in your drawing and what is decent good, and when this happens, this is the real time to try improving your drawing skill. You don’t like how the hair looks? Try new random ways to draw it! The face looks too pointy? Try doing more curvy lines!

References are all over the internet too, so I’m sure that it won’t be hard to find the right pose or camera angle that you need! This is also a great way to learn how things work! The more you look at it and study it, the more you learn.

(Also extra tip: If you are from the kind of people who draws hands hiding behind the character let that bad habit go. Yes, I called it bad habit. It means that you’re using the pose as an excuse to not draw hands because you hate drawing/can’t draw them, and that’s exactly where my point in practice is. If you don’t try, of course you won’t get better, so go ahead and draw amalgamates as hands! They will look nice eventually! )

And now, the other point:


Getting inspired by others mostly goes along with your drawing skill improvement. (fyi by ‘’inspired by others’’ I mean the people that you admire or that story that attracted you so much).

When you admire someone, you have 2 ways to use them as an inspirational source: Motivation and learning.

As a motivation, there’s not much to explain. You just feel like if you keep practicing you’ll get to be as good as them, which is good! but here’s the trick: When you are drawing,you have to accept something: You’ll never be as good as the people that you admire so much, but you’ll get to be as good as yourself! (Umm…does this make any sense at all?…anyway I hope that you get the point). You can’t be like someone else, but neither can others be like you!

Why do I mention this? because lots of people say ‘’I’m not as good as this artist’’ ‘’I can’t do this as great as this person does’’… and that’s the wrong way of motivation usage. You have to compare yourself to nobody else but yourself!

‘’But how can I then be as good as them while not doing that?’’ While I have to mention again the practice stuff, this is also when the ‘’learning’’ comes in!

I bet that a lot of you doesn’t have just one inspiration source, and that’s great and helpful! First, take some of that people as an example right now and take a few of their drawings together, and while you are comparing them (both, the same artist’s drawings and different artists’ ones), analyze and study some of these facts:

(there might be some more but I think that these are enough).

In resume, go crazy while improving in art thanks to your inspiration sources! learn and level up!

Let me prove my point:

That one drawing that you once were SO proud of, and you feel kinda attached to it?

BAM! DIFFERENCE! I tried changing angles, details and stuff from that drawing…and it turned out even better than what I once did! And I felt super proud of myself when I did it <3

Look, you don’t even have to redraw a super-cool drawing to compare your old art! Just take any drawing and draw it again in the course of the years…

Like this!!

This also applies to digital art as well! the lineart, the usage of color and blending can be compared too! (okay maybe that stuff can be also compared on traditional art but still).

See? I didn’t even need to finish this drawing to see how much I’ve improved in less than 2 years! (spoilers: actually I do have to finish it).

Do you want to know how I’ve improved in all this time? Because I’ve practiced everyday both, things that I could draw and things that I couldn’t! because they help me to improve and practice! what I could already do? I’m doing it better, and what I couldn’t? now I can, and it’s all thanks to being inspired by awesome people on a daily basis and practicing no matter what!

Nobody can teach you how to surpass yourself but you, because you are the only one who understands their own art and what you want to achieve <3

Choices: Part 2

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I walked back down the hallway that led from the parking lot to where Gorilla had been set up. I stepped through the curtain and walked over to the table where Road Dogg was sitting. He glanced up at me and raised an eyebrow as if asking how it went.

I put the headset on and glanced at the screen where Becky and Natalya were in the middle of having a match without saying a word.

“So?” Road Dogg asked as he looked over at me.

“So what?” I asked as I took my eyes away from the screen for a brief moment to look at him.

“What happened?” He asked.

“I tried to talk some sense into him, but he doesn’t want to listen. He is adamant on talking to Shane. Nothing I say is going to get him back in the arena.” I said.

“You tried to talk to him. If he doesn’t want to listen, that’s his problem. Don’t blame yourself for anything he does tonight. You did everything you could. If he gets himself fired, that’s on him, not you.” Road Dogg said.

“I know it is; I just hate that he’s going to throw away everything he’s worked for in his entire career over this. I know AJ, he’s going to do something he regrets as upset as he is. If he attacks Shane, he could lose his job tonight.” I said.

“I know that. You know that, and AJ knows that deep down too. But he’s blinded by anger. Anger will make a man do crazy things.” Road Dogg said.

I was about to respond when I saw Carmella slide into the ring and attack Natalya on the screen.

“What is going on? She isn’t supposed to be out there!” I said.

“I don’t know. I didn’t even see her and Ellsworth come through here.” Road Dogg said.

“We’ll deal with this later. Can I get eyes on Styles in the parking lot?” I asked.

It felt like I was losing all control of the show. I might not be able to control AJ, but I wasn’t going to let the roster run wild and do whatever they pleased when they pleased. I knew Carmella would have Daniel Bryan to answer to when she came back through the curtain, so I didn’t worry too much about that situation.

I glanced at the screen as the cameraman showed AJ pacing in the parking lot as he continued to wait for Shane McMahon to arrive.

“Does anyone know how far out Shane is? Or if anyone has got a hold of him?” I asked.

“Daniel got a hold of him, but we don’t know how far out he is. He said he would call when he was close.” Someone said into the headset.

“Okay thank you. We’re cutting to commercial in 30 seconds. Get ready to set the ring for Miz TV.” I said.

“10-4.” One of the crew members at ringside said.

After a very hectic Miz TV and a huge Wrestlemania match announcement from Daniel, Road Dogg turned to me.

“Twitter is blowing up over this Styles/Shane story. The fans love it!” He said.

“I just hope he doesn’t lose his job over this,” I said.

“Can we get eyes on Styles again?” Road Dogg asked.

The cameraman cut to AJ who was still waiting for Shane out in the parking lot. Every time I saw him on the screen my stomach dropped. I had a terrible feeling about tonight. 

As the show continued I tried to keep my mind on my job and making sure the show ran smoothly, but I couldn’t help but have the AJ situation going on out in the parking lot in the back of my mind.

“Shane is five minutes out. Do you want me to send Renee and another camera out there?” A voice asked into the microphone.

I glanced over at Road Dogg who looked at me. I didn’t feel like I should make this call because of my involvement personally with AJ. I wanted Road Dogg to make the call.

“It’d make for good TV and good ratings.” He said.

“Go ahead, but please advise them to be careful around AJ. Don’t push him for an interview.” I said.

Tom Phillips and JBL talked on screen while Renee and the cameraman made her way to the parking lot area. Then the guys in the truck switched which camera was on the screen, so all eyes were on Renee and AJ Styles in the parking lot.’

Renee asked what his intentions were in regards to Shane McMahon.

“My intentions? You know Wrestlemania has the ultimate thrill ride as it’s theme, right? Well, I don’t have a match at Wrestlemania, so I’m going to get my thrills…where I can.” He said. He then turned towards the garage door that was opening.

“No. AJ, please don’t do this,” I said to myself.

“Remember, this is all on him.” Road Dogg said without taking his eyes off the screen.

“He’s really going to do this, isn’t he? He’s really going to attack him.” I said.

I watched with my hands over my mouth as AJ blindsided Shane from the side and rammed him into the wall. He then punched him multiple times before shoving him into a door and then throwing him into the side of the car. What he did last was something that I had to see to beleive. He threw Shane’s head into the window of a car. 

I couldn’t believe he was doing this. I couldn’t believe he was throwing away his career. Then he did the unthinkable; he threw Shane’s head through a car window.

I pulled my headset off and threw them on the table in front of me, whether it was in anger or heartbreak I wasn’t sure.

“I have to go talk to him,” I said. And that was all I said before I stood up and made my way towards the parking lot.

I met AJ in the hallway halfway between the locker room and the parking lot. I was fuming. I could feel my blood boiling. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been this angry. AJ knew what was on the line if he attacked Shane. It wasn’t just his job. It was our relationship. And he did it anyway. What does that tell me? Did he not care about me? About our relationship?

“What were you thinking AJ? How could you do that! Do you realize what could happen?” I yelled as I marched up to him.

“Y/n, I told you not to worry about this.” He said as he put his hands up in defense. 

“How am I not supposed to worry about this! You just beat up your boss! The commissioner of the show! How in the hell are you going to defend this?” I yelled.

“Y/n, calm down.” He said.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! I warned you that you were going to lose more than just your job tonight. Well congratulations, you got your revenge on Shane. I hope it was worth it…cause now you’ve lost me.” I said as I took a step back from him.

“Y/n, don’t do this. Let’s just talk about this.” He said.

“There’s nothing to talk about, AJ. I’ve saved you from stuff before, but I can’t save you on this one. You did this to yourself, and now you have to deal with the consequences.” I said.

“Baby, wait-“

“No, AJ. It’s over.” I said.

I turned away from him and started walking away before he could see the first tears start to fall. I wasn’t going to let me see him cry. I couldn’t let him see me cry.

I was almost back to the Gorilla area when Daniel met me.

“Y/n! What-“ he began to say before he saw the tears. “I’m so sorry, Y/n.”

He opened his arms for me, and although I wouldn’t usually hug Daniel, I needed some comfort in that moment. I took a step towards him and wrapped my arms around him. He held me tight for a few minutes, and I could feel that he felt for me through the hug.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the night off. We’ll cover for you, okay?”

“Daniel, I am so sorry-“

“Hey, you don’t have anything to apologize for. This is all on him.” He said.

Daniel walked me to my car in the parking lot. He opened his door for me, and I turned to him before stepping in.

“I’ll take care of this. You try to get some rest, okay?” He said.

“Thanks, Daniel. I’m sorry again for all this mess. I know he won’t apologize, but I will.” I said.

“You don’t have to apologize for him. This is on him.” He said.

I knew I probably shouldn’t. I knew that it was going to be a bad idea, but I couldn’t help but tune into the show. But as the driver drove me to the hotel, I grabbed my phone and turned on the live stream of the show. I saw AJ getting his things from the locker room and a bunch of the guys telling him that he shouldn’t have done it. He didn’t seem to care. He didn’t seem to care about anything.

Then I saw Daniel confront AJ with two security guards behind him.

“What you did to Shane was an act of a coward. I don’t care how valuable you are. I don’t care how good you are in the ring. I have lost all respect for you.” You couldn’t help but feel like Daniel wasn’t just talking about the attack on Shane when he spoke. You almost felt like he was also talking about AJ throwing your relationship in the garbage too.

“You think because you are AJ Styles that you are untouchable, but you are not,” Daniel said.

“Whatcha gonna do Daniel? What you gonna do? You gonna fire me?” AJ tested.

“Damn right I’m gonna fire you,” Daniel said.

I closed the app and then threw the phone down on the seat next to me. I knew it wasn’t my fault. I knew that there wasn’t anything I could’ve done to stop AJ because he already had his mind made up. But I hated that a guy with his kind of talent had just thrown his career down the toilet over something so stupid. He still had three weeks to figure out a match.

AJ and Daniel were throwing around lots of ideas on how to get AJ into a match at Wrestlemania, mainly a feud with Dolph Ziggler.  Although a match against Dolph Ziggler wouldn’t have been AJ’s first pick, it would have been a match nonetheless. 

There was also talk of Finn Balor coming to SmackDown, a deal that Daniel Bryan had been putting a lot of effort into. A match between AJ Styles and Finn Balor certainly would have drawn some attention.

If AJ would’ve just waited another week, all of this could have been avoided, and he would have a match at WrestleMania and his career. Instead, he had lost everything.

Let’s Play! (Yooran One-Shot)

This whole one-shot started from my best friend and I talking about me wearing Markpiler PJ pants in my Saeran cosplay then it turned into a headcanon about how Saeran would like Jack’s Antisepticeye and Mark’s Darkiplier. But anyway, this is like the first fic I’ve ever written and posted and of course it’d be about Yooran.

So basically Yoosung introduces Saeran to his favorite Let’s Players on YouTube.

Also, possible trigger warning for slight descriptions of a very brief mention of suicide during the  Antisepticeye video they watch.  

You can also read this on my AO3

Yoosung jumped onto his bed, plopping down next to Saeran. “Alright!” he said pulling out his phone he held it up for both of them to see it clearly. He clicked the ‘YouTube’ icon which pulled up the white and red screen with tons videos on it. Yoosung excitedly scrolled through a bunch of them.

“So… you’re going to make me watch some random idiots on the internet play video games?” not fully understanding his excitement over the whole thing. He raised an eyebrow as the gamer clicked an icon of a man with bright green hair and his mouth wide open. “I can just watch you play.”

“Noooo, it’s not that same. This guy is funny, and likes to yell a lot.” He explained as they waited for the video to buffer. “His name is Sean, but he goes by Jack.”

“You yell a lot when you play games, too.” He turned to look at Yoosung slightly. “I don’t see wha-“

WHACK! “TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADDIES” Suddenly a loud high-pitched Irish accented voice came from the small device in front of them, causing Saeran to jump a bit earning a giggle from Yoosung. “MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE”

“Fuck he’s loud.”

“I told you.”

He did. But God this guy was annoying. What was he yelling about? There was nothing even happening. Is he always this loud? “I bet his neighbors hate him.” Yoosung laughed again at his comment.

“Just watch Saeran, I promise you’ll like him!”

Saeran let out a sigh trying to focus on the small screen in front of them as the man shouted at some pixelated people. He’d stamp papers and let them go. “Sooo what’s the point of this game? It’s not like the games I’m used to seeing you play.”

“Ah, this is a different kind of game. It’s called Papers, Please and he ha-” He stopped and paused the video turning to Saearan. “He explained in the beginning what it was about….” He pouted his lips a bit realizing that Saeran wasn’t paying attention. “You weren’t listening were you?”

Saean looked away guiltily seeing his face sadden a bit. “He… uh… I was listening. I just wasn’t clear on what was going on.” He lied. Well, it was true he had no idea what was going on because he wasn’t listening.

“Riiiiight.” Eyeing the redhead with doubt. “Well, in the game he plays as an immigration inspector and gets to decide who can and can’t enter the GLORY GREATEST COUNTRY OF ARSTOTZKAN” he shouted at the very end, earning a rather puzzled look from Saeran. “Just waaaaatch” he whined as he started it again.

“Okay, okay.” He huffed watching the green haired man yell and talk to these fictional people; putting on the worst fake Russian accent he’d ever heard. It was cringe worthy.

“WELCOME GLORY GREATEST!” The man shouted.

Oh, so that’s what Yoosung was yelling about it. He was catching on as he watched but still couldn’t shake his annoying voice out of his head, this guy’s pitch was everywhere and nowhere all at once. One minute he’d be ‘Oh hello little old lady~’ to ‘DENIED! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY!’ to be honest Saeran kind of liked it when he yelled at people get the hell out of his line.

As the video went on Yoosung caught Saeran smiling a bit at the things Jack was saying and actually enjoying himself. He couldn’t help but stare at him as he watched the video. He hoped he could watch more videos like this with him. He had another Let’s Player he wanted to show him after this so maybe they could watch both of his favorites together.


Yoosung turned back to the screen and trying to stop the next video from popping up but was too slow so he just paused it, and set the phone in his lap turning to Saeran once again this time with his face animated and joyful. “So! What did you think of Jack?”

Saeran thought for a bit before answering knowing depending on his answer that smile would drop, and he loved seeing his face shine like this. He knew Yoosung loved doing things with him, he was always trying to get him into stuff they could do together. The whole gaming thing didn’t work out too well, it ended up with Saeran breaking one of Saeyoung’s computers and him been “grounded” from touching any computers for the next three months. So he guessed Yoosung thought the next best thing was for them to watch video games together. He opened his mouth finally speaking “He was… loud,” His eyes adverting a bit. “But he was funny, I guess.”

Yoosung’s eyes widen and he wrapped his arms around Saeran knocking him over on the bed. “I knew you’d like him! I told you he was funny!” he rubbed his cheek against the other boy’s causing a groaning noise from Saeran. He tried to push Yoosung off him and his finger accidently hit the phone’s screen unpausing the next video. They both heard the familiar WHACK and the Irish accent. Yoosung sat up off of Saeran holding the phone in his lap. Saeran sat up as well and they stared down at the video.

“And welcome back to carving pumpkins!” His hair was a dark color green in this video. Saeran liked this color better, it wasn’t as annoying. The man held a huge pumpkin and sat in the middle of the room, and the face cam was full screened, unlike last time.

“Ahh… I don’t like this video…”

“Why not?” Saeran adjusted himself crisscrossing his legs getting comfortable again.

“It’s a bit creepy…” his face winced, and he went to click off it when he suddenly felt a hand stopping him.

“I want to watch it,” Saeran said with interest. The fact Yoosung was creeped out by it made him wonder what was so bad about it. His last video wasn’t scary at all he couldn’t see this man being creepy even if he tried. Besides the difference of this video already had him hooked, it didn’t seem like he was playing a game this time.

“Fine. But I’m not watching!” Yoosung closed his eyes and left the phone on his legs as he crossed his arms pouting again. Saeran rolled his eyes at the boy and grabbed the phone off of him to see it better.


The Irish man was his normal happy-go-lucky self so he couldn’t figure out what had Yoosung so defiant that he wouldn’t watch it. In this video it seemed to be Halloween, Saeran only recognized the holiday for all the candy Saeyoung and MC brought home, which he ate most of leaving only the things he didn’t want for them. But he knew Halloween was known for it’s scary themes, not that he found them as such. He continued the video and the man had now finished drawing the face on the pumpkin.

“Ha, that’s bad” rather amused at the stupid black inked face. Then suddenly something happened. It was only a second but he caught it and the man seemed to as well as he got up to go check it out walking off screen. The video changed and the man was on the side of the screen, but he didn’t seem… right. Just as quickly as it happened the video went back to normal and the man returned and started to carry on, as usual, carving the pumpkin and joking around, but the strange happenings continued making Jack stop again. This time when the face popped up it was clearer, it was a darker more evil version of the happy man. Saeran hummed at this, it was getting good now.

Yoosung’s eyes were now open and had been looking over at the video despite his protests of not wanting to watch it. He leaned his head on the other man’s shoulder speaking again, “I really don’t like this part…” hearing the hitch in the boy’s voice Saeran wrapped his arm around him pulling him close to his chest, Yoosung grabbed on Saeran’s sweater burying his face into the fabric. Just then the video glitched again and the green haired man stopped what he was doing as it switched from his dark version to his normal self, he looked like he was in a trance and began to slit his own throat, killing himself.

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming!” He said probably little too enthusiastic at the sudden turn of events. The video changed entirely showing the evil Jack again, he yelled at the camera and the video ended going black. Saeran let out a whistle. “Maybe this dude isn’t so bad after all.”

Yoosung shot up out of Saeran’s embrace “That’s one of his worst videos!”

“He’s not like dead though is he?”

“No… That’s just a special thing he did for Halloween. It’s his dark alter ego called, Antisepticeye.”

“I like it.”

Yoosung just gave him a glare clicking out of Jack’s videos. Going to another page, this time some weird guy with… Saeran narrowed his eyes… a pink mustache? What the fuck?

“We’re going to watch Mark now. He’s super funny, and a great guy! He gives to a lot of charities and stuff.”

“Sounds like a goody two shoes.”

“He’s a nice person! And he’s half Korean!”

“Right, start the next video.”

Yoosung scrolled through all his videos before deciding to go with his most popular one - Five Nights at Freddy’s. It was one of the games that freaked him out, but… he gazed over at Saeran, with his boyfriend by his side, he’d be okay. He felt comforted when he had wrapped his arm around him earlier. He clicked the video and Mark’s booming voice sounded throughout the room.

“Hellooo everybody my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Five Nights at Freddy's”

The man had black hair and wore glasses. His webcam sat up in the corner just like the previous man did. There didn’t seem to be much to this game, the camera could only move side to side and you could close doors, turn on a light, and pull up security cameras, but the dark theme got his attention. “So this one is about… what?”

“Okay, so you play as a security guard at this kid themed restaurant where the animatronic robots come and try to kill you every night, you have to survive all five nights, without being stuffed into a suit or running out of power. It’s one of the scariest games, ever!”

“Uh huuuh.” Not believing him in the slightest, Yoosung’s ‘scary’ and his ‘scary’ had totally different meanings. It was only a bit ago the boy was cowering at a video that was all an act, and now he’s watching a game where evil robots try to kill you? Though as the game went on he quickly realized it as only because he was sitting right next to him that he was okay with watching it. Yoosung’s hand had intertwined with his own in Saeran’s lap.

Things started to pick when the robots started to move, the man started to yell and make weird noises into the mic that made Saeran question this guy’s sanity. It wasn’t even that scary? But the man freaked out at almost every little thing, calling the robots names as his voice cracked like a prepubescent teenager. Suddenly the power meter hit zero and the small room of the game was plunged into darkness causing the man and Yoosung to let out a frightened gasp.

“Haven’t you seen this?”

“Y-Yeah, but that doesn’t make it any less scary.”

Searan smiled at the pink tint on the boy’s face. The man on the screen started to hyperventilate and shout when the flashing eyes of the animatronic bear appeared at the door. Then 6 am came and there was the dinging of a bell. “Oh, hey, he made it through the first night alive.” He was actually surprised because he thought for sure Mark would have died right there. He was a bit disappointed, though, he wanted to see this idiot’s over the top reaction to his death. But the next night started and it seemed to be harder than the first one. Good. He smirked as the man freaked out even more; clearly having more trouble with this night. There was more yelling with over exaggerated talking to characters in the game.

Yoosung had been holding the phone up for the both of them for almost fifteen minutes, and his hand had begun to shake, Saeran noticed this taking the device from him. “Scared?” Saeran moved his right arm up so Yoosung could move around it.

“No! My arm was just getting tired.” He let go of the hand he had been holding and climbed into his boyfriend’s lap. His legs laid across him, and he wrapped his arms around Saean’s neck in an embrace, laying his head on his shoulder.

“Sure.” Saeran switched the phone to his other hand, moving his left arm around the boy so he could hold him he brought the phone closer for them to see. Saeran flashed a smile down at Yoosung though he didn’t see it. While Saeran was distracted by the blond hair on him Yoosung’s grip got tighter then there was an “OH FUCK!” from the man. Saeran turned just in time to see the fox animatronic enter the room emitting a high-pitch shrieking sound followed by screaming from both Yoosung and the Let’s Player. The man on the screen was sobbing trying to catch his breath grabbing his chest like he was having a heart attack. Saeran couldn’t help but laugh. That’s what he was waiting for.

“Saeraaan that wasn’t funny.” Yoosung snapped at him.

“Well, it wasn’t scary.” Saeran snapped back.

“And as always I will see you in the next video! Buh-bye!” The man signed off and the outro music played. Saeran paused the video and rubbed Yoosung’s back.

“How did you like Mark?” Yoosung pulled his head back a bit to see Saeran’s face more clearly.

“Eh, he was over the top. All his reactions didn’t seem real.”

Yoosung frowned, “They are real, and Mark isn’t fake. I’m sure that’s how my reactions would be if I played that game in a dark room by myself.” He shuddered at the thought of doing that.

Saeran tilted his head to the side and thought on that, he could actually see him freaking out arms flailing wildly. He let out a chuckle and agreed with him on that. If he could see Yoosung reacting the same way. Maybe the man hadn’t been faking it, and he’s really bad with horror like Yoosung is.

Saeran scrolled through more of Markiplier’s videos, there were a few that seemed intriguing enough, but nothing that caught his immediate attention. “Hey,” he nudged Yoosung a bit. “Does this Mark guy have an alter ego like the loud Irish man?”

Yoosung spluttered not expecting him to refer to Jack as ‘the loud Irish man’ but also the fact he wanted to watch something similar to Antisepticeye. “Uh… Yeah. He’s called Darkiplier.” He brought his arms around front so he could take the phone typing in the search bar. “I don’t remember what videos he’s in, just that there is that one where he was just sitting in a dark room smiling really creepily…” he clicked on a Darkiplier compilation video someone had made.

So far it wasn’t all that creepy, but it could have been the fact it was just a bunch of scenes split up into one video. Though the very end got his attention and apparently Yoosung’s as well because he gave the phone back to Saeran wrapping his arms around him again whimpering in his ear. He took the phone and ruffled his hair. Darkiplier’s voice got softer and softer and distorted. The video darkened and the heart beating effect got louder it was almost overwhelming until Yoosung couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Ahh! Turn it off! Turn it off!” He cried out and hiding his face behind Saeran’s back.

Saeran touched the screen stopping the video and he turned off the phone. “I think we’ve had enough YouTube for the night” he felt Yoosung’s head nod agreement. Saeran leaned up tossing the phone onto the nightstand next to the bed before bringing a hand to Yoosung’s head. “Hey, look at me.”

He turned to face him, and the hand that was on his head was now at his face. He felt the warmth of Saeran’s hand calming down a bit. His eyes flickered up to meet teal ones. “So… did you at least like them?”

“They’re not so bad. Maybe we could watch more together sometime.”

Yoosung’s face lit up with glee his lips finding the red headed twin’s.

Saeran was surprised at the sudden kiss but it wasn’t unwelcome, he smiled into the kiss returning it before they pulled away. “You’re a dork you know that?”

“Yeah!” he nodded cheerfully. “But I’m yours!”

“You are.”

I really love Jack and Mark, so anything negative Saeran had to say was just his opinions because I love them to death, they are my absolute favorite Let’s Players.

But I hope if you read this you enjoyed it! Feedback is welcome because I’m still learning. Thank you so much! ^^

anonymous asked:

IM ALWAYS A SLUT FOR MM IMAGINE BLOGS lololol anyways... Can I make a request of the rfa meeting their child after mc gave birth? (And for jaehee either they had a donor or both of them meeting the kid they adopted) Thanks in advance!!!

HAHA YEAH IM A SLUT FOR THEM TOO!!! i made this blog to provide my fellow mm imagine lovers with that good shit. i hope this fit your request!

♥ When the doctor called Yoosung in to see you and your child, hE RAN INTO THE OPERATION ROOM SO QUICK.
♥ He’d just see you cradling the little bundle of joy and he’d just stop in the doorway and start crying.
♥ He can’t stop smiling, he wants to hold them so bad but he’d be patient and gentle.
♥ Regardless on how sweaty or tired you were, he’d still say you were glowing and you were so beautiful.
♥ When he got to hold his child for the first time, he would just get so emotional.
“I’m so blessed that I got to experience this all with someone as wonderful as you, MC.”

♥ He’d insist on a homebirth, he didn’t want fans to intrude during the operation.
♥ He’d get a doctor to go to his apartment to assist you with the procedure.
♥ He’d let you hold his hand while you were in labor, he’d keep motivating you and kept a positive attitude.
♥ His heart would melt once he heard the cries of his child.
♥ He’d take a bunch of photos of you resting with your newborn and he’d set it as his lock screen. It was his motivation to work hard from now on.
♥ You, Zen, and the baby would do so much stuff together to make up for the stuff he never got to do with his family in his childhood.
“I hope this baby will grow up to be just as beautiful as me you, MC!”

Jaehee (I made this one adoption):
♥ The day you and Jaehee would finally get to meet your new adopted child would be the best day of her life.
♥ Jumin would finally be nice enough to give her an entire week off to bond with her child.
♥ When they hand Jaehee the lil baby, she closes her eyes and just breathes. She finally, for once, looks at peace and not stressed.
♥ Holding the baby really does ease her nerves and reminds her that all that hard work paid off.
♥ She’d read to the baby all the time, it’s what she loves to do most in her free time. She’s the best mommy ever
“I wonder what they’ll be when they grow up. Whatever it is, I’ll support them no matter what. Unless they don’t like coffee.

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Summary: Post ‘Big Fun’ (and the drinking of the big blue). Heather goes hunting for Veronica after finally getting away from the party with more than one objective

Read on AO3

Heather felt dizzy.

She knew she was still a little bit drunk, and exhausted after a sleepless night full of activity, but it didn’t stop her from walking. She had been walking for a while now.

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Broken (Request)

Hi! I love your writing! I’ve a request, if that’s okay, where Y/N accidentally breaks Harry’s computer, and she tries to hide it in panic. Later he finds it and it leads to a fight, because all his writing/songs/personal things are on it, and the next day, Y/N goes out and buy a new one as an apology. Harry had already forgiven her, and they make up


Your mother had always told you, “No liquids near your computer.”

It was in this particular moment, as you were staring down at the laptop on the desk which was currently covered in water that you wished you had listened to your mother more often.

The worst part was, the computer wasn’t even yours.

You had gone into Harry’s office with the intention of watering some of the plants that he continuously ignored. As you turned around, your hand hit the lamp that was sitting on the desk and, in your effort to save the lamp, the pitcher of water in your hand went flying and landed directly on the keyboard of Harry’s laptop.

You had stood there in horror for a few seconds, silently hoping that you would wake up and have it all be a dream. You cautiously made your way to the chair and sat down in front of the laptop. The screen was black because Harry always turned it off when he left, so there was no way to know if it was still going to work until you pushed the button. Taking a deep breath and squeezing your eyes shut, you pushed the power button and held your breath.


“No. No, no, no, no, please.” You pleaded with the machine. “Please just turn on. I’ll do anything.”

The laptop continued to sit dark in front of you and your heart sank. You knew what was on that computer; Harry’s entire life was on that hard drive. Personal pictures, meeting notes, songs he had written, important contract documents; everything. And now it was gone. And it was your fault.

Between the time you spilled the water and the time that Harry got home that night, you spent all your efforts desperately looking up fixes on the internet. Holding your working laptop on your knees and sitting at the desk in front of his, you tried everything that the internet suggested to fix it. But nothing worked. You couldn’t even get the screen to turn on.

Your only hope was that Harry had somehow backed up all of his stuff somewhere else, and all he would need to do was buy a new computer and load them back on.

When Harry came home that night, he found you sitting on the couch. Internally, your stomach was in knots and your heart was pounding. You felt so bad about what had happened and you knew that he was going to be pissed off, but you had to tell him.

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lavenderek  asked:

i wish you would write a fic where everything i want to happen happens and nothing i don't want to happen happens

nothing about this makes sense but your “derek hale bird collection” is so delightfully random and entertains me every time i see it

An argument could be made that Stiles is to blame for every single one of Derek’s current problems. He did, after all, hold an impromptu - unauthorized - seance in the vet clinic and then forgot to blow out the candles, but the resulting inferno is not actually Derek’s problem. No, Derek’s problems lie with Scott.

And birds.

“Everyone loves puppies and kitties, right?” Scott explains. “They’re easy to find temporary homes for. Birds, though…” he trails off, looking tragic.

According to Deaton, all the near-by clinics and shelters are overfull. Derek suspects he just doesn’t want to call any of his colleagues and say, “My assistant’s dumbass friend burned my clinic down. Have any extra kennel space?” Derek doesn’t blame him.

“Why can’t Stiles take them?” Derek asks. Sighs, really. “Or literally anyone else?”

“Stiles and his dad are taking a few of the dogs and all the rabbits, I’m taking the rest of the dogs, and the cats are being divided up between Allison and Kira. Lydia says she’s allergic to everything, so she’s not taking anything. I swear she had a dog once, though.” He pauses, then shrugs. “I don’t know. You can take it up with her if you want.”

All he asks is, “How many birds are we talking here, exactly?” because apparently he’s gone soft in his old age.

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anonymous asked:

BTS witch au reaction to them preparing a bunch of potions and leaving for a bit to get something. Then their s/o comes home and thinks said potions is tea/cocoa/coffee/juice/etc. and accidentally drinks one of them. The ending and how BTS finds them/reacts when they come home can be up to you ^^ -satan

This was so fun! I hope you like it! <3


He walked away for five minutes to the living room to get the last ingredient to the potion he was working on. He didn’t hear you come out from the bedroom and sneak into the kitchen. You saw a pitcher that looked like it was full of lemonade and poured yourself a cup. It wasn’t uncommon for Jin to make food or drinks randomly so you didn’t think anything of it. It didn’t taste like lemonade and you made a face as you peeked down into the cup. Suddenly hearing you letting out a yell, Jin ran into the kitchen and gasped. “Y/n….” The cup of not lemonade on the floor by your now six year old self’s feet. “Okay… uh… Don’t be mad! I can fix this!” He tried not to call you cute as you crossed your arms and pouted. 

Originally posted by gukmin


“Jagi I have to go out for something. Don’t touch the stuff on the counter.” He’d call from the doorway, peeking back into the living room to make sure you heard him. You grunted and gave him a thumbs up and he was satisfied enough to leave. When you heard the door close you looked up confused and not really hearing what he had said. Yoongi only had to go around the corner and grab the last ingredient to his potion, he was only gone a few minutes. When he came back he found you freaking out. “What’s wrong?!” You spun around and showed him the bunny tail poking out from the top of your shorts. “Yah! I told you not to drink that!”

Originally posted by yoongijae


You were going to be home any minute but he forgot to grab one of the most important ingredient for the potion he was working on. He thought about leaving you a note to not drink the concoction but decided against it. He’d probably be back before you anyway. Oh man was he wrong. You came home before him and helped yourself. He walked into the kitchen and stared at you. You were blue. Literally head to toe blue. He didn’t want to tell you so he was going to work on a antidote and hope you didn’t notice before then.

Originally posted by withbangtan


You were taking a nap so he was okay when he had to leave the apartment to go up to the roof to the shared garden up there. He needed just one thing he forgot to grab beforehand. He left the rest of the mixture in the kitchen. You woke up and shuffled into the other room to find your boyfriend not there. It looked like he was making green tea though. You poured a bit in a cup to try it and frowned. It was gross. You turned to put the cup on the counter only to be face to face with the upper cabinets. You screamed for Hoseok who came running and looked up to see you floating. “JAGI! What are you doing up there!?” 

Originally posted by yoongichii


Jimin had walked away for a few minutes to go down to the local shop to get more supplies, not thinking much of it since you shouldn’t be home for another hour. Wrong, work had sent you home early. You had walked through the door, happily calling out to Jimin to tell him you were home. Not hearing him, you wandered into the kitchen, seeing the potions. “Jagi, did you make these for us?” Obviously he wouldn’t answer and the question, so you shrugged and picked up one of the drinks and took a swig. When he came home he took a few steps back at what he thought was a stranger in his house. “Jimin explain!” You huffed clearly a different gender then you were normally. He stared at you in shock before laughing.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


He came home from running across the street to Jimin’s place for an ingredient he was out of. He was expecting you to be there already but you were nowhere to be found. He called out your name and instead a small dog came running out of the kitchen. “JAGI?! Did you get us a dog?!” The dog barked up at him and and tilted his head. He picked it up and went to find you. Entering the kitchen he saw his unfinished potion on the floor. It then dawned on him and he started laughing. “Jagi you’re a dog now?!” Dog you growled at him but he only thought it was adorable.

Originally posted by eatjin


He came back from Yoongi’s place in a hurry. He had forgotten a critical part of the potion he was working on and Yoongi was the only one to have it on hand. He rushed home because he had left everything out on the counter and knew you’d be getting home soon. When he opened the door you greeted him with an unamused smile on your face. Then two more you’s came out of the kitchen. He paused and laughed at the situation, knowing exactly what you got into. “Should I work on the antidote now or should we have some fun?” You and your clones started hitting him and he laughed.

Originally posted by baebsaes

Dating Namjoon

Here it is finally! 

Originally posted by asdfghobi

-he’s constantly turning things into a rap 

-you’re making a sandwich? new song idea and he’s muttering odd lyrics under his breath next to you 

-one time you left him in charge of your house for a day because you had some errands to run and when you came home half of your things are broken 

-and he’s desperately trying to glue things back together before you get home 

-“Jagi! you’re home! Haha, I don’t really know what happened, it just was like this when I came back from the bathroom”


-he’s the kind of guy to take you out on really classy dates and then slowly inch his hand up your thigh throughout the night 

-but really he just keeps telling you how beautiful you are even if he is unintentionally giving you bedroom eyes 

-literally having to climb up on a stool on a counter to just give him a kiss because he’s a fucking tree 

-goofy Namjoon and his terrible robot dance 

-waking up to Namjoon with his hair all tousled and out of place and a sleepy dimpled smile on his adorable face GODDAMNIT

-naughty snapchats when he’s away on tour

-“okay but for real I miss you so much jagi" 

-he has a bunch of half finished raps all about you

-spending nights in the studio with him because he refuses to leave and secretly needs you to take care of him

-giving him plastic silverware and paper plates because you’re afraid of him breaking your nice plates 

-he snaps the plastic silverware in half a lot 

-you literally go through like three boxes a week 

-really silly and shy Namjoon handing you a bouquet of flowers when he comes back home from tour 

-he does it every time, a different arrangement each time ahhhaaaAHHHHAAahhhh 

-he gives you a lot of jewelry that looks super expensive so you’re afraid to wear it 

-lots and lots of ass slapping 

-needing his assistance with things on the top shelf

-begging him to give you piggyback rides which he ultimately gives into because you’re so precious and small 

-hugs where you get completely swallowed by his giant lanky arms

 -daddy fucking Namjoon 

-getting him to teach you how to say things in other languages 

-he’s constantly saying stupid shit that makes no sense 

-"did you know that a healthy non colorblind eye can distinguish between 500 shades of grey.”

-“Namjoon shut up”

-but sometimes he goes on a long tangent about really cool things and you listen because he’s so adorable when he gets really into it 

-you’re the only muse he needs when he has writers block and is constantly calling you at all hours just because your voice makes it easier to write 

-taking super artistic selfies together that he takes super serious but you find ridiculous and giggle a lot at 

-not a lot of public affection, but when he feels like someone’s paying too much attention to you, he’s all over you

-but in like a suave way 

-but you know what he’s doing

-getting random kisses when you’re talking to him 

-“yah! I was talking!”

-“I know but you just looked so kissable”

-lazy days where you guys just sit next to each other and read books and snuggle 

-the younger boys treat you like a mom 

-he’s willing to try anything 


-you’ve had sex everywhere

-and I mean everywhere 

-the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the hood of your car

-he’s suddenly singing really stupidly and it hurts your ears and scares your cat 

-every time you’re alone or at the dorm he has you sit in his lap 

-he’s constantly telling you how amazing your body looks 


- trying to remind him not to work himself too hard and keep himself healthy

 -neatly stacked notebooks filled with lyrics upon lyrics -mocking his lyrics only to have him give you the no, this isn’t okay please stop face

-“ah oppa, jowa”

-trying not to laugh when he shows up at your house in some ridiculous outfit completely ready for your date

-forehead kisses because kissing your lips means binding down all the way to your level

-he’s constantly got food in his mouth 

-“hang on don’t kissh me I’ve got a sandwichish in my moufh”

-watching him on stage all sexy and stuff only to have him come off and pin you against the nearest private wall

-always trying to make sure you’re proud of him

-shy and fluffy Namjoon smiling so widely when you tell him just how proud you are of him

-lots of hugs where you’re standing in between his legs while he sits down and he’s got his arms around your waist and resting his face against your hip

-while his phone is full of artistic selfies of you two, yours is filled with awful ones

-sometimes you find presents of lingerie around your house

 -and he tries to pretend like he has no idea where they came from

-”But you should wear them anyways. Just to be kind to the gift giver.”

Enjoy! i love me some joonie

Mr & Mrs Smith - Part 7

Dean x Reader

A/N: Thank you to @shortandawkward94 for beta reading this! You’re amazing, girl! @kbrand0 a thank you to you as well for the help this afternoon. You tried, but I failed lol. For the anon who asked about The Winchesters Plus One, I’m working on it right now. I hope to post it soon. Thank you for the patience, I know I’m super slow. 

[Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6]

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any. I did try to put smut in this part, but I can’t write it for the life of me, so I guess implied smut? Yeah, I think that’s it.

Tags: @getyourrocksalt @mrswhozeewhatsis @why-do-you-want-my-user-name @daydreamingintheimpala @sidra-cara @star-gazer178 @takemetoallthisplaces @a-closet-full-of-skeletons @nanie5 @itwasadarkandrainynight @j3w3l-stylez @wickedaphrodisia @fandommaniacx @deanbowlegsackles @hopeymik @helloqueenbstuff @mattmoredick @inthemidnightmoment @superlockreaderinserts @faithfulpanicmoon @birated @thebunkerismyhome @salvataurus-rex @supernaturalsamdeancasimagines @driverpicksthemuusic  (I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Sorry If I did!)

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“Don’t look, but there’s a camera watching us.”

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*Requested* Hi!! I love you imagines, I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is the Salvatore’s little sister and Damon won’t let her see Stefan while he’s a ripper and she’s stubborn and tries to see him any ways and it ends badly and Damon is protecting her and stuff! Thank you☺️

(I hope you @thefaultinourpies​ and everyone enjoys this one. I am sorry for the delay, I am just really busy at the moment. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Word count: 818

Your name: submit What is this?

It happened once again. Stefan flipped his switch. He became this unrecognizable, cruel person he buried so long ago. Your brother Damon had him locked up for the last couple of days in the basement cell and you haven´t had the chance to talk to him. Damon didn´t leave the house once or the entrance to the basement, so it was impossible to sneak by. But you´re not done trying of course..

You´ve been walking down the hallway for hours, always having an excuse if you´re happen to run into Damon. After various attempts of getting into the basement, you hear Damon talking on the phone, so you decide to seize the opportunity and try your luck. You reach for the doorknob, ready to talk to your brother, as a hand stops you from opening the door.

Damon: “Where do you think you´re going?”

Of course nothing goes according to plan.

Y/N: “I need to talk to him, Damon.”

Damon: “Nope. Not going to happen, little sis. You´re not going in there.”

Y/N: “Yes I am!”

Damon: “NO! He is out of his freaking mind right now.”

Y/N: “He´s not. He just flipped his switch. Besides, we are not the sanest bunch anyway.”

Damon: “I know you want to help him, but he will stop at nothing to break free. I am just trying to protect you, Y/N.”

Y/N: “I don´t need any protection if you haven´t noticed.”

You take a breath, realizing that Damon means well, but you have to see Stefan. No matter what.

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all this talk about an eight year old

this seems to be the week for super vague Ace Discourse rumors that it’s hard to track down tbh. but i read back through this one and it seems like a lot of people are reacting to what they heard happened, or what they heard someone else heard happened? and it seems like a lot of people are turning it into a weapon, ofc – “look at what your side did!” “no, look at what YOUR side did!” – and THIS ISN’T A FOOTBALL GAME. 

People who share some of your politics are not quarterbacks or something. They do not represent everyone who shares those politics. Ditto people who have the opposite opinion as you on a specific political issue. 

The only time it makes sense to be like “LOOK WHAT UR SIDE DID” is if the thing someone did is actually part of those politics. 

Like: apparently people on both sides think it’s okay to pressure an eight-year-old to agree with their opinion on The Discourse. And, the majority of people on both sides are upset about at least the OTHER side doing that. So no one can really say anything here about What Your Side Did. 

Anyway I am Done with rumors about rumors so here’s a play-by-play of what happened, with links to each post referenced so you can see for yourself. 

The shortish version is: an adult in a multiple system was posting about the Discourse, while a kid who was also out was asking questions about it, and anons were trying to answer the questions. 

The adult left, and the kid fielded a really rude anon ask that had been sent (apparently in response to the adult’s post, telling him he was homophobic) and was like “what is this why is this happening,” and more people started trying to explain ace discourse. 

Which is all fine, although i gotta say, the anon ask was really rude.  

The problems started when an anon asked the kid directly, “Belle, what’s your sexuality? Are you asexual, gay, straight?” (From what had already been posted it seems pretty clear that people in general knew that Belle is a kid. I mean, we can hold out hope that this person thought they were talking to someone older.)

She said she didn’t know and was confused about what asexual meant, so then she got a bunch of anons trying to be helpful by explaining what it meant to them, or that she didn’t need to know what she was. Some of whom were ok. Two of them, though, imho, jumped the line into talking about it in terms of “whether you get turned on” or “do you like and want sex”. 

(I already posted about how it’s not okay to ask kids what they think about sex. Or pressure them to agree with you about it. 

I’m just gonna add here that it’s also not ok to ask them if they like sex, get turned on, or want sex. Not even rhetorically – as in, not even if you don’t expect an answer and are just introducing a new idea. 

For that matter, don’t ask kids what their sexual orientation is if they’re not already talking this stuff out with you and you don’t know them very personally. That is really, really personal stuff. 

Would you ask a classmate or co-worker if they like sex or get turned on? No, because you don’t even know them. (I don’t think that people who are closely related to a kid should be asking that either, as I already said – I’m just using an analogy that I think applies better to this particular example.))

Then it took another horrifying twist, when an anon said, to a literal eight-year-old child, “saying sex is gross is homophobic. youre nasty af.” 

Another one tried to reassure her but concluded, “But also acting like sex itself is gross does continue to perpetuate homophobia, so please don’t say that. Instead say you are repulsed by it instead.” 

Then somebody doubled down on it with “fuck you and your gross homophobia, stop saying sex is gross and fuck out of the ace discourse tag with that sort of homophobia”. 

Oh yeah, and then there was the one who decided to be ableist on top of it, with “You’re homophobic and this is disgusting that you keep wanting to be treated younger and younger. Just age regress for christs sake” (?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!)

This is where I get mad about all the people going, “inclusionists sexually harassed a little girl.” Because if you say that without going, “and exclusionists who screamed at her that she was nasty and homophobic and swore at a little girl, that’s not okay either,” then you’re weaponizing the kid’s abuse and not actually standing up for her at all. (And especially in a system that specifically states in their BYF that they are emotional abuse survivors.) NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE OKAY. 

(TBH we also don’t know which of these people were inclusionists or exclusionists, or how many of them were the same anons over and over. We’re just making assumptions, on both sides, about what people on the other side would do.)

For a bit it was mainly just a mess of anons assuring her she wasn’t homophobic and being nice to her….

Then it took A THIRD REALLY OBNOXIOUS TWIST, when people started writing in to be incredibly ableist ignorant jerks about them being a multiple system.(Accusing them of “being hungry for attention,” accusing them of “faking it” because they’re “unstable”, telling them how “weak” they are and that they “need help,” like: SERIOUSLY, do these anons not know what stereotypes they are being?? These are literally the top three “Incredibly Boring Rude Things To Say To Systems.” Like if there were a list of Ignorant Things People Can Say To Systems To Show Their Ignorance, it would start with those asks.)  

And in a stunning FOURTH AND FINAL TWIST, when Cecil came back, anons started pressuring him to say that Belle was ace, and telling him it was aphobic for him to “erase her label” that she had never chosen and make her “invisible,” that she was “clearly ace.” 

OMG DON’T DO THIS EITHER. If she were saying “I am ace!” and he were saying “no you’re not you’re just a kid”? Fine. Believe her! Back her up! 

If she’s saying that she’s confused and upset that people keep asking her about this and that she doesn’t understand it yet? Then again, believe her! Back her up, by not pushing her and not accusing people of stuff that isn’t happening!