anyway i thought this looked cute :3

anyway here are some yoongi fic recs 👌🏽❤️


None of this is excessively sexual (what i can remember anyway). These are mostly fics that i thought were really special, cute or well-written.
But, they do all have mature themes so please do look at the warnings (most of them have a lot of content that could be triggering). Some of the fics (like 2 or 3) aren’t finished yet but they do get regularly updated. Some are my faves so they got a “(fave)” at the end. Others i would literally die for and those got a “(FAVE)”. Anyway i spend way too much time making this so enjoy ❤️

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// seokmin for dazed kr.

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can i request a shy tony fic? like the team finding out how freaking shy tony really is after they move in together? basically tony being really shy and self-concious about many everyday things. he's not the talkative, self-confident playboy they thought he was, he is the contrary and it wakes up the instinct to protect and treasure in them.

i’ve snet you a shy tony prompt and now i realize that i forgot to add sensitive to the list. because let’s be honest that boy is really sensitive and emotional.

Natasha actually knows that Tony is shy af because of previous spying on him. She thinks it’s cute but she’ll help him out anyway because she knows he’s sensitive. <3 (Basically she’s a Natasha and Jan (from AvAc) hybrid.) Look out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

Tony heard voices in the kitchen and slowed to a stop outside the doorway. The voices… sounded pleasant enough. And it was his house. And he was Tony Stark. There was no reason not to go in. Except that he was wearing yesterday’s clothes and he was pretty sure he had oil in his hair. Should he go shower first? He should probably go shower first.

He turned and let out a tiny noise of terror when he found Natasha standing behind him. “Eep!”

Natasha raised an eyebrow at him, then looked him up and down. “…You look fine.”

Tony lifted his hand, then stopped halfway to his head, self-conscious. “I don’t—have oil in my hair?”

“You do, but I’m pretty sure they kind of expect you to be a mess.”

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What Got7 Would Get Their S/O for Valentine’s Day


Rather than material things, Mark would take you out for dinner and movie or just some sort of date. V v cute.

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*dirty thoughts*

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HE’D GO FULLLLLLLL OUT. Ya boi’s v v extra, but he believes you deserve the world.

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(S H * T T T T T.)


We all know how f*cking romantic this kid can be. He’d send you flowers and you jewelry. The tradition stuff, but still thoughtful.

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(I’m so soft for this look.)


This sweetheart would get you something v thoughtful and sweet. It probably be some sort of inside joke tbh.

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Seriously this kid could go anyway possible. I feel like there are so many layers to this kid. He could seriously do ANYTHING.

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In the beginning, he’d be really cute and shy with adorable little presents and shit, but later, BTICH YOU IN FOR A RIDE. nasty little human.

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I hope you liked it <3

Sirius Imagine 4

Request: Hy there! Could you do a Sirius imagine where the reader is really close with the Marauders, and they are passing notes in class? Either the reader see it or not, it’s up to you. Maybe some teasing because Pads keeps watching us or something, just thought it would be funny. :) Love your works btw! <3″

omg thanks for the smiley face and the little heart they make me so happy!!! anyways i think this is a super good idea and it sounds so cute and i just love this idea so much ur so smart, i’ve been having serious sirius fever lately (lol) so i absolutely love all the requests!! 


You sat down in class and pulled out fresh parchment, and sat your ink well on the desk. You looked at the two desks in front you you and smiled as you saw Sirius seated next to Remus and James next to Peter, with the little row in between the two pairs. Sirius looked back at you and smiled. You were so lucky to have them as your best friends, even if they did do really stupid shit sometimes. 

“Hey, n/n,” you heard James whisper, “Do you have an extra quill? I forgot mine.”

“That’s literally the third time this week, Prongs! Where are they all going?”

He shrugged, genuinely confused, and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright,” you pulled a quill out of your bag, “But give it back, I’m running low.”

“Thanks, n/n,” he patted your shoulder and winked, making you giggle.

What you didn’t notice was Sirius shoot James a dirty look.

Soon enough, the Muggle Studies professor came in, and the class quite down. You dipped the tip of your quill in ink and began to take notes. 

Sirius felt a tap on his shoulder and saw a folded parchment on his desk. He looked over at James, who nodded towards the note, signaling for him to open it. 

He folded it opened and saw in James’s messy handwriting, ‘Wanna go to the forbidden forest later? there’s this super cool trick i can do with my antlers i just learned. - J’

Sirius scrawled back a quick, ‘yeah, sure- S,’ and looked back at you, getting lost in the way your nose curved, how your hair fell, how- he felt Remus jab his side and looked over at him. Remus grabbed the note from Sirius’s had and wrote something before folding it up and passing it to James. James opened it and giggled silently before writing something back and and passing it over to Remus. Sirius angrily intercepted the note and opened it.

Remus had written, ‘sorry, pads isn’t here at the moment, he’s to busy fucking y/n with his eyes. -R’

James had responded, ‘he’s obviously in love with her, he should just grow a pair and ask her out already. -J’

Sirius took his quill and very quickly wrote, ‘I would, but we all know that she doesn’t like me back. Maybe if one of my ‘deer’ friends didn’t spend so much time “asking her for quills” i would have a shot.-S’

He handed the note to James, who read it and rolled his eyes. He wrote back and passed the note to Sirius again, ‘I don’t think ‘asking for a quill’ really means anything. Besides, I’m already taken, Evans is in love with me. And maybe if you didn’t spend all of your time staring at her from a distance and talked to her you would see that. -J’

‘I DO talk to her!’ Sirius wrote back, ‘I’m her best friend! -S’

‘Just ask her out, for god’s sake!’ Wrote Remus, who had intercepted the note, ‘I’m tired of hearing you gush over her every five seconds and stare at her whenever you’re too scared to talk to-’

The note was ripped out of Sirius’s grasp in the middle of him reading the sentence by a familiar hand… Yours.

The Professor had left the room for a moment while they had been passing the note and the class had begun to talk, and you became curious as to why your three best friends were being so secretive and writing angrily on the parchment. 

“Y/n! Wait! You don’t need to look-”

“No! I want to see what’s so interesting that you can’t pay attention to your best friend!” You responded, smiling a tad while holding the note out of Sirius’s grasp. Sirius was halfway on top of you now, not that you were complaining, and you were leaning over the back of your chair, you head turned so you could read the note while keeping it out of Sirius’s reach.

“Y/n, really! You don’t need to read the-”

“Is this true?” You had a serious look on your face now, the smile gone, and you were holding the note to your chest. 

“W-well, I,” Sirius’s voice faltered, realizing he was still very close to you.

He took a deep breath and sat back a little, which only allowed you to move closer to him.

“I-I… yes.”

You closed the small gap between the two of you and kissed him, within seconds he was kissing back with just as much passion.

You pulled apart and looked at his face, his cheeks red and his face flushed with nervousness and embarrassment. 

“Why didn’t you bloody say something!?” You questioned, smiling.

Sirius grinned, “I thought you would think I was out of your league.”

You rolled your eyes, “Ha ha.” 

He pecked your lips again and whispered, you feeling his breath on your lips, “Maybe I was scared you wouldn’t love me back.”

You gave a small smile, “That could never happen.” 


It came out kinda short, but I really like it :)

ships are open! 

requests are open!

Merry Christmas!! <3

I really messed this up but I thought you might like this anyway. I don’t use watercolours often but I wanted to draw some sweet lapidot moments.


You were right because I absolutely love it! I find it really cute when Peridot and Lapis relax or rest together because it reminds me of how comfortable they are when together. The watercolors also look really great!  Thank you @badkorra for sharing it! <3

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Heyo! I honestly LOVE your shape shifter AU! And I have a bit of an odd headcanon involving the MChanzo ship. Something popped in my mind when I found that only females can have children well I was thinking that later in the future both Mcree and Hanzo will end up adopting another shapeshifter! Like a baby fox or something since they look like dogs but remind me of cats :3 either way this was just a random thought nothing special. Keep up the good work guys! Love from Mexico! ❤️️

Awww that’s surely a sweet headcanon!! ʕ>ᴥ<ʔっ♥
GHGHGHG The fox idea is so cute, it’s really the perfect mix between canines and felines. A gray fox will indeed look like a mix of the two! I mean:

…It is indeed their secret lovechild ahahah

We are really glad that you love our Au, anyway ;w; Thank you for keeping up with all our shattered info, and thank you even more for sharing this utterly cute idea with us!! Lots of love from Italy! 🍕 🍕

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why people are so obsessed with the concept of "jeonlous?" I have stanned over 20 groups, more otp's than i can count and i have never seen a fandom so obsessed with jealousy moments. why would he be jealous of his own band members, when he's likely seen them with jimin/v billions of times anyway. i think if he was as jealous or obessed with someone as ppl like to make him, it would be more worrisome than omg cute!!!!

i mean, honestly, i’m not a huge fan of jeonlous. like it was cute at first, and i thought it was suspicious but now ji/kook fans will legit be like “did you see that? jungkook looked at jimin and jin for 0.3 seconds he’s so mad!! jin back off of his man!” and i can’t stand it. lol. i understand that jealousy is a natural feeling. like i’m jealous of people who have lots of money, i’m jealous of my friend bc she’s travelling around europe right now, i’m jealous of my older brother because he has a stable job, etc, etc. but i think toxic jealousy is disgusting, and that’s what a lot of people make the jeonlous out to be. i agree so much with your last statements, because they are true. i’ve never been in a relationship so idk for sure, but i’m pretty sure you’d eventually grow used to ur s/o being with their friends and stuff so often, especially if you were all in the same group. idk, jealousy is cute when people are like “aha, jungkook looks jealous in a way” when jimin is like you know being super flirty. but when jimin is just sitting next to hoseok or something, and people are like “jimin better stop being like that or else jungkook will get mad” its like ?? what the fuck ?? ur spreading around toxic relationship headcanons ?? leave please ??

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So I know you like stardew valley and I came across this game on steam the other day that you might be interested in. It's called Yonder Chronicles. It's looks like a really awesome game. I just thought I would share since I know sometimes we all have our days where Sims just isn't cutting it or we can't find inspiration. I for one am always looking for cute new games. Anyway! That's all. Take care <3

this is so sweet im happy u thought of me!!! i’ll check it out!! i usually stick to my main games - sims, stardew, animal crossing, harvest moon and that’s it;; it’d be nice to play some other games :’-) take care anon ok!!!! thank u 💓✨

Marco Polo

It’s 3:28 AM and I’ve been awake since 6:30 AM. Anyways strange enough, I came up with this idea while baking brownies. It’s not my best work but thought it was cute and I’ve been needing more Diablo fluff in my life. XO.

“You know what game my brothers and I used to play when we were bored?” You questioned Chato while you laid your head in his lap.

“No, lo hermoso juego?” Chato moved a strand of hair from your face and looked down at you.

“We used to play Marco Polo. Oh wow, it was so fun. Like one time, we went camping with our parents and we were…” Chato was so lost in how this beautiful creature was in his arms, and how your eyes lit up at the memories, how your laugh was like tinkling bells. You had him in such a trance with your beauty, that he didn’t completely register that he didn’t even know what ‘Marco Polo’ was.

“And he fell into the water! Amor, it was so funny and―Chato, baby are you okay?” You asked noticing his perplexed look, sitting yourself in his lap. You placed your hands on his face, forcing his chocolate eyes to connect with yours. He smiled ever so slightly and blushed, allowing you to feel the faint burning sensation to your hands.  

Chato placed his large warm hands on top of yours saying, “Lo siento mi amor. I just don’t know what ‘Marco Polo’ is.” He said sheepishly. You gaped at his sudden comment.

“Well looks I’ll have to teach you.” You stood up reaching for his hands. Chato grumbled but reluctantly got up.

“Babe, en este momento? ¿Estás seguro? Está bien, no tenemos a.” He interlaced your hands and pulled you close to his feverish body. You snuggled deeply into his chest inhaling his firewood scent.

You looked up at him and smiled. “Mi príncipe Diablo…you have to! It’s a necessity to growing up! Look it’s easy. I’m going to close my eyes and say “Marco.” You keep moving around and say “Polo.” And I have to try and tag you. Easy.”

Diablo rolled his eyes and graced your forehead with a kiss before separating himself from your body. He gently closed your eyelids with his fingertips and you felt the heat leave your side. His deep accented voice filled your ears, “Su llamada princesa.”

You smiled and placed your arms out in front of you.



You moved towards his voice.


You heard Chato begin walking. “Polo.”


You waited. But there was no response.

“Marco.” You called again.

Still, no response. You prepared to sneakily open one eye.

“No hermosa. Eso es hacer trampa. Don’t cheat, that’s not fair.” He finally responded. Your smiled enlarged.

“Marco.” You felt an intense heat directly in front of you. Chato wound his arms around your waist, while yours go around his almost burning neck, eyes still closed.

“Polo.” He ghosts against your lips. You smiled opening your eyes. “So beautiful. So so beautiful. Te amo mi princesa.” He gazes lovingly at you.

“I love you too mi príncipe Diablo.” And with that, Chato closed the gap between you two encasing your lips within his own.


what the heck my post didnt queue so i had to make another one okay well ANYWAYS i was tagged to do the bias selfie thing by this angel @chaerismatic !!

fun fact i had to scavenge my camera roll for pics of me and had to take the dog one on the spot bc there were NONE and i had to choose my top 15 fave kihyun selfies yea i am a mess

uhh i tag @ukihyunnie @agustcd @monstafeels @blossomkth @pjmsmile @limechangkyun uhh thts all i can think of rn u dont have to do it if u dont want to!! or u can do it and say i tagged u ;) have a nice day lovelies

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Off topic, but I love how in The Voice Finale video Gwen is trying to be careful when she kisses Blake because of her lipstick and then he pushes into the kiss not caring at all. I'm sure he's used to the lipstick by now anyways, but I just thought it was cute that he wanted a proper kiss from his girl 😍

Ok, I have seen that video at least a thousand times and these are the things I love the most 1) the way she is looking up at him while he’s talking like “yum” 2) the way her hand glides along his chest 3) the way he looks down at her when he can feel her eyes on him 4) the way she tilts her head up for his kiss and 5) what you mentioned, him pressing his lips down on hers. Wow!!


Sweet Father

Summary: Kyungsoo is the best father who will always help his daughter when she is scared.
Member: Kyungsoo x Reader (Sooyeon is your daughter)
Type: Sweet/ fluff/ Parent!Au
Length: 1,056

This is such a cute thought! IDK, I feel like Kyungsoo would be such a great and adorable father and husband. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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“How was your evening?” You asked Kyungsoo as he walked into the bedroom. He smiled at you, looking exhausted but happy at the same time. He dropped his dance bag on the floor near your dresser and started rummaging through the draws to pull out his nightwear. You were already wearing your nightgown, curled up in bed with the covers wrapped around you and a book in your hand. You reached over and grabbed the piece of paper resting on your nightstand. You handed it over to Kyungsoo. “Sooyeon drew this for you.” You said as he took it. He looked down at the picture of the three of you on a mountain near a river and a rainbow high in the sky.

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read(?) right to left

The 5th shokunba one draw challenge themed “magic” yesterday(a lot of the submissions are super cute for this theme).

planning a strip with more than 3 panels is a bad idea for a one hour challenge. I thought i could make it in time with traditional (better than i did with digital but still…slow at drawing…hey it’s inktober anyways lol)

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Don't feel uncomfortable about having a small chest trust me its hard to wear certain clothing even shirts with buttons because they come undone easliy 😂 sometimes i can wear certain cute clothes cause I feel like im attracting unwanted attention. My boyfriend almost kicked some guys ass cause he thought he was "staring" and he isnt tiny he's like 6'3 weighing 276 and the other guy was my height and im around 5'5 😱 thats why we dont go out much 😔

As a girl with a big ass, I feel you. Everyone is staring at it all the time…. although when they look at my boobs they’re like “grow some” anyway I decided against plastic surgery because the outcome is a lot of pain and struggle, so I’ll have to learn to live by it….

Also on my butt, I always wear high waisted skinny jeans and I spend half an hour trying to put my clothes on, ive destroyed so many clothes…. so I can say I feel you on that one