anyway i just really love this scene

Scream Queens 2x02 (immediate) Thoughts!
  • I’m…..,,,,,nervous they are going to make this supernatural. from john stamos’ hand to the actual killer monster’s foot prints….i just have such problems with anything suddenly becoming supernatural like i aint even got the energy to explain but if it happens i’m sure i’ll complain but anyways
  • I’m glad chad is back!!! he’s such dumb, ridiculous character and i love him. and i love the shower scene i was cracking up. also seeing the red devil outfit made me so nostalgic of s1 lmao 
  • i really like how much screen time chanel #5 is getting cause i like her more every scene. 
  • denise hemphill!!!!!! honestly she’s gotta be my fav character from the whole show she cracks me up every line
  • the whole hester scene was, meh. the obvious Silence Of The Lambs set up was ok i guess. i shouldn’t complain because i always say i love how they make fun of horror movies and shit but i dont even consider SOTL to really be a horror movie so maybe that’s why i didn’t like that part that much
  • the ending was fun. well not colton haynes getting murdered cause his character was so sweet but the dramatic zoom in on chanel and her saying we’ve got another serial killer. idk i live for that dramatic shit.
  • there’s like, a lot going on??? idk it just feels like MORE than s1. like that weird ass nurse that’s out to get the chanels, and now dean munsch’s accidental cannibalism as well as chad returning and fighting for chanel. idk it’s just a lot, and i don’t think it’s a bad thing.
  • anyways if you watched hit me up in my ask and share your thoughts! 



rough sketch of THE SCENE


#the fact that he acknowledged the fact that she didn’t ask for it #and he was pretty much the only one to do this #and he told her that the least he could do is keep her company #because he knows it must’ve been hard for her especially now her life is in danger #he didn’t want her to go through it alone #noone loves her as much as he does i swear


FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             Among Us Hide…: “Mess Is Mine” by Vance Joy (x)

I Need Your Love (1965 words) by lululawrence
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, i just did what i swore i’d never do, but it’s a gift for friends, so that’s okay right, anyway, Light Dom/sub, or at least i think it’s light, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Light Bondage, it’s just probably the worst smut you’ve ever read, SO SORRY, Top Harry, Bottom Louis, so if that’s your thing, hope you enjoy this

Louis gets back from his first night publicly clubbing in LA expecting Harry to be asleep.

He isn’t.

This is my gift to all my girls: just-five-normal-lads, littlescumbags, meet-me-poolside-pumpkin, ilove1dalmation, breathing–for-this-moment, 2tiedships, ostricacida, tommosgun, and reminiscingintherain. It all started with a convo about what Louis might be like when he bottoms. I hope it helps cheer everyone up after everything yesterday 😘😘

Um, so, I drew some fanart of “Echotale”! I’ve actually been drawing the scene where G meets Frisk for the first time in Echotale…it’s a work in progress. ^^;

It’s actually really fun drawing with red pencils. And it was interesting trying (emphasis on ‘trying’) to draw in another’s style! 

And tibia honest, I just love drawing Echo!G’s face :3

Echotale by @yoralim

G!Sans by… Um…@borourou? I have no idea if that’s right? Anyways, he’s not mine, that’s for sure. 


“I’ve said this a million times: I was really lucky that I was doing that entire show with Randy because he’s very intelligent, really soulful and we just had some parallel interests.”

Happy New Years Eve, everyone!!!

I hope you all are going to have a fun time bringing in 2016 :) I’ll be away from my computer until tomorrow some time doing just that, so until then, have a sneak peak at what I’m working on! @thelastpilot‘s Miraculous Ladybug fics have been super inspiring (with a crap ton of fuzzy feels) and one of the scenes from ‘Rainy Days’ just really needed to be drawn :) I LOVE the relationship she’s portrayed Between Tom, Sabine, and Adrien!!

Anyways, this is still pretty rough (so criticism is welcome as always!) and hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to fix it up and add full color and a background! Now I have to go start getting ready for a party, so until later, happy day to everyone!!

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(I’m responding to this hours late because holy shit, processing time. A few hours ago, I was just making incoherent whale noises so I hope this is more coherent than that). 

It starts with him holding a tray of souffles. Oliver Queen, peeps, is holding souffles. Two souffles. Ready to come in and surprise Felicity with them, when he sees the visitors in his house.

The first thing that popped in my head after seeing this?

This scene from 1x15, on Oliver’s disastrous date with McKenna. Sneaky writers. Very sneaky. Anyways, what I found really interesting was how they began the promo this year. The 20 second promo last year?  

Exactly how 3x01 began too. But this season, it is evident from the 30 second promo itself that things have changed. The contrast is deliberate and stark. Oliver Queen- master archer;

Expert gunman,

Excellent combatant 

is cooking and carrying souffles for a tiny, blonde midget of a woman who tries to cook for him but can’t. How adorable is that!

But there is more. There are things that were shown in the trailer that become cemented in split seconds of scenes (god bless gifs) from this small promo, things that need to be talked about.  

The second thing, after the souffles, that I noticed was very, very interesting. 

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Cress and Thorne sketch from Chapter 55 in “Cress” (The Lunar Chronicles)

I just love the scene where Cress and Thorne are on the rooftop, where she’s guiding his arms and he’s completely trusting her non-verbal commands and they both won’t go down without a fight. 


Tonight’s episode broke my heart, I know its just a show but someone actually has to deal with this. It’s rough and scary, but it really bothers me how everyone just makes jokes about this scene and calls him “crazy”. Bipolar disorder and crazy are two VERY BIG different things. Don’t know what both is look it up, just don’t label his episodes as him being “crazy” or anyone for that matter. But anyway besides my little rant, this episode left me wanting more as usual. Hate that it’s about to end… 2 more episodes left. It should just be an everyday show, or is it just me who agrees on this? Oh and Jamal and Hakeem have really started taking charge a lot more lately. Love it!


Person of Interest rewatch » 1x18 Identity Crisis
“It’ll be out of your system in a few hours, but you should really drink this so you don’t get dehydrated.”

  • HQ!! Web Radio #14 Snippet

[Ishikawa can’t hide his love for Tsukki. They’re talking about Yamaguchi’s scene with Shimada in the last episode (chapter 70).]

Ishikawa (Kageyama VA): Yeah, it was great. I really loved that scene.

Murase (Hinata VA): Yeah.

Ishikawa: But what I loved the most was “Yamaguchi, you’re too loud.”

Murase: Hahaha.

Ishikawa: Yamaguchi said “Tsukki, let’s eat!” in such high spirits, with heavy things on his mind. But, Tsukki settles it all with a single “Yamaguchi, you’re too loud”. 

Murase: You love Tsukki too much! Hahaha.

Ishikawa: Hahaha. I don’t mind.  

Ishikawa: When I think about how he probably knows everything but acts like always anyway, I just wah. Waaah. Ok, let’s go to the next letter!

Murase: Hahaha.