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Can you tell me about Maedhros and why he's so awesome?

MAEDHROS the most precious Elf in the history of Arda aka my sun and stars. There we go.

To answer your first question – I guess we need a short introduction to tell anything more about him? Maedhros is one of the princes of the Noldor, the eldest son of Fëanor. He was born in Valinor when everything was still harmonic and beautiful. I think all his other names are quite important when you want to present his character so, let me quickly mention them all. His father name, Nelyafinwë, means ‘Finwë the Third’ and by giving his fistborn son this kind of name, Feanor probably wanted to emphasize the fact that he considered his bloodline to be much more relevant than his two half brothers’, Fingolfin and Finarfin. Mother name, Maitimo, which basically means ‘hella hot Well-shaped One’ and finally epessë, Russandol, which lets us know about his fiery red hair inherited from Nerdanel and her family.

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