anyway i hope you all like it anyway ^^

hi guys!!! im here, finally… long day… found out im in driving classes??? yehaw??

anyway i followed everyone on the list on my main blog (kaejose) and im glad to see you all here!! i hope we make good friends and stuff, and ill be getting in the skype group as soon as i… get an inv, or something. or i stop being a skype noob and like. figure out how to do this thing

anyway yes!! hi!! welcome!! love u all!!


you’re just my type what’s a boy to do? oh, i think i’m into you


                                             NYMPHDORAS’ DISNEY PSD PACK

Ok so most of you may know that a few days ago I reached a HUGE MILESTONE, which is actually really insane!! And I wanted to do something for you in order to thank you for being so nice to me, inspiring me to do graphics and such, and just making tumblr a nice place to be a part of. You are all really awesome and words are not even enough to express how thankful I am. Anyway, all of you know I am BIGGEST DISNEY NERD you’ll ever meet and to honor such name I made a psd pack with my favourite disney movies (i actually love all the movies but i couldn’t do a coloring per film!!). Anyway I hope you like them.

01. big hero 6 | brave
02. monsters inc | ratatouille
03. tangled | toy story

It would be really awesome if you like/reblog this post if you download them.  Also, please i ask you politely to not to repost or take bits of them or claim any of my psd’s as your own. You are free to adjust layers as needed but just by the fact you changed bits of it doesn’t mean it’s your coloring. 

                             HOLY CRAP  !Σ( ̄口 ̄;;   

okay so first let me give a  quicksliver   c wat i did there?  shout out to The M Squad a.k.a rdxwson and chaxswalking bc these girls are my main tiny baes and also one to gcblinheir bc in case you HAVEN’T heard it enough already from me. cooper is my best friend. this song is dedicated to you guys !!  ilyisms k ??   ANYWAY                  i have reached +400 followers and i was gonna prepare a speech but meh. just wanted to say thank you to all t bh. i am always say that but like i honestly do mean it. roleplaying here has been such a better experience and i enjoy the presences of everyone here, regardless if i am following you or not.  SERIOUSLY. you guys are just awesome human beings and i hope you continue to stay that way ahhHH. ANYWAY. here’s my list yooooooooo in alphabetical because                  wh oMp.

aboutcontrcl  ▲ acexarcher  ▲ anarchiisms ▲ angeliciism  ▲ annoure  ▲ arrowsbro  ▲ asoldieronce  ▲ avengingwitch  ▲ bartoniisms  ▲ buiiltforspeed  ▲ cap-siicle  ▲ capcble  ▲ carbonarms  ▲ chaosedmagicchovexani  ▲ criminalcoded  ▲ cutlaw  ▲ dangerprcne  ▲ dilseoiri  ▲ dinocyclopedia  ▲ distantsemblance  ▲ donniism  ▲ drspencerrxid  ▲ fastatthemax  ▲ fastcst  ▲ fasterthxntheflash  ▲ firstavcngcr  ▲ freakingquicksilver  ▲ gammamade  ▲ gamoraiism  ▲ heavcnsent  ▲ heysxster  ▲ hxwlett  ▲ iintoned  ▲ iitinerantur  ▲ inhxmancrystal  ▲ ironmanned  ▲ ironmcde  ▲ jdliebgott  ▲ jessikaxr  ▲ lcthal  ▲ lcwlife  ▲ libxrtatis  ▲ lxnartears  ▲ magiicisms  ▲ mentalmanipulaticn  ▲ metamorphamagic  ▲ mindgamcs  ▲ mistressmxleficent  ▲ mystiarc  ▲ notadiick  ▲ notxofuse ▲ ofedenia  ▲ ofeveningstars  ▲ ofironflesh  ▲ ofxrogues  ▲ poenastriga  ▲ poorlittlejoseph  ▲ pythonex  ▲ qvckslver  ▲ raptorlovin  ▲ redwarlock  ▲ rhomru  ▲ scxrletisms  ▲ sesvm  ▲ sheishexed  ▲ shescursed  ▲ shesfiretoo  ▲ shieldwielder  ▲ skvgga  ▲ slavicshadcw  ▲   strxkeisms  ▲ syndiiicate  ▲ telepathiiiic  ▲ templiere  ▲ thatlittlewiitch  ▲ the-littlest-hamada  ▲ theartofheroism  ▲ thxfasttwin  ▲ thxmaximoffs  ▲ ukusvdovy  ▲ un–txmed  ▲ usurxr  ▲ velociisms  ▲ viindico  ▲ wadefuns  ▲   wandaism  ▲ warpsminds  ▲ warpsminds  ▲ wcnteriisms  ▲ xmonstro  ▲ xstrange  ▲

and i do apologize in advance if i missed anyone. my main reason being that i got too excited making this sooo sorry if i missed u friends ;n ; but thank you anyways! you guys are the best !!

anonymous asked:

Even after congratulating everyone of the law being passed about same sex marriages. Do you still follow the words of the Quran, on how Allah SWT frowns upon such attractions of the same gender. I don't mean to bash on you at all!! Please forgive me, if it sounds like I am. It is not my intention to do so. Anyway, I hope Ramadan goes well for you, In'Sha'Allah ๐Ÿ˜Š

Islam says no same sex marriage, so I believe in that. But It also says people have the right to make their own choices and believe what they believe, so I believe in that too.

That’s the thing about Islam, it says you should do this and this, and not do this, but even if someone does, you love and fight for them anyway.

All Across the Field

So I got a prompt a while back from tropdangereuse, and was planning to answer that in 500 words or so, but then I started writing and suddenly I had + 10k on my hands.

(It didn’t turn out quite like that first snippet I gave you, Trope, but I hope you like it anyway :D)

Anyway, you can read it on ao3!

All Across the Field

Sid’s got that look on his face, the one that never bodes well for Zhenya. The one where he ends up doing things he doesn’t want to, but can’t say no, because Sidney asked and Zhenya has always been weak in the face of Sidney’s desires.

It’s why he once ended up stealing the Stanley Cup while it had been in Jordy’s custody; they’d made him believe it had been kidnapped for a good twelve hours before returning it.

(There had been police and NHL officials involved.)

Closed RP with mirajane-midorinome

Her soft lips, her sweet touch. Soft hair and… It all felt just like he thought it would. Elliot didn’t want to pull himself away, but he did manage to eventually. When he did, he stood back up straight, and his hands hesitantly touched his lips. Well, now something should be said but… What?

“That was… Nice…” he mumbled.

( mirajane-midorinome )

anonymous asked:

Hey last night liam read the book that a fan threw at him which was about larry and he called harry and louis do u know anything about it

Hiya Nonnie! I didn’t before, but I know at least a minimum now! At least I do if this is the book you’re talking about…

I’m on mobile so I hope this works. Anyway, it looks like this book is called you and I and is about jointly one direction as a whole in addition to Harry and Louis specifically, but I could be wrong. It is still fairly early here.

Anyway, this is all I know, so if anyone else has further info I would love to have it!

anonymous asked:

Please stop making up labels to pretend to be a marginalized sexuality and try and make this day about you (and not only that, but somehow *especially* about you) when in reality you're likely a person who is unsure of commitment which is, on all accounts, entirely normal, average and usual. You are not a marginalized sexuality or gender.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about?? I don’t think I’ve mentioned akoiromantic at all today?? How am I making this about me??

Any why are you telling me to stop making up labels??? I wasn’t the one who came up with akoiromantic. The term has been around for about a year now, as far as I can tell judging from the reference links on the lith page on the aromantics wiki.

I don’t think it really has anything to do with commitment issues either. I literally just stop feeling romantic feelings towards people if they feel romantic feelings towards me. I get uncomfortable. Idk why you’re trying to tell me it’s not real when here I am, feeling this way, being this thing. Idk why you’re trying to tell me how I’m feeling.

And even if it wasn’t real, even if I was unsure of commitment, why the fuck do you care?? I’m not hurting anyone, so why do you care? Why do you care if I think I found something that I think describes how I’m feeling? How does this bother you? Does it bother you that I’m happy with myself? That I’m comfortable with this label that I think describes how I’m feeling? Who the fuck shat vinegar into your cereal this morning and made you so salty that you decided that I shouldn’t be happy with this label that I found fits me best?

Anyway. I normally just block these kinds of asks, but this one didn’t seem as rude as all the others so I figured it wouldn’t hurt, especially since I didn’t even post about akoi today so idk what ur talking about lol

Wayyyyy over 300!

Hey guys! Hit over 300 followers tonight, well like, actually 315 thanks to isaac-blank and everyone who reblogged that “close to milestone” post xP I never thought anyone would really see it anyway xD!

Just wanted to say thank you guys so much! I know I used to post these all the time but at this point the things I used to think were milestones are so frequent now they’re really not haha! So I’ll shut up a little more~

Also wanted to say hi to all the new followers; I appreciate each and every single one of you, and hope to get to know you guys soon! You are free to message me any time!

But anyway, it’s like 3:10 where I’m at now so no one is probably up xJ In case you see this, thanks for reading this!

Love you guys! <69


eyy so guess who’s making their webcomic a reality 

Anyway, I’m really excited to start this project since I’ve been planning this for nearly 5 years, and right now I’m really confident in my art and story. I hope all of you enjoy this comic as it is probably my biggest pride and joy. Right now tho I only have the prologue and some of chapter 1, but I will update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!!

Anyway, you can read the comic here:, and like I said, I really hope all of you check it out and enjoy it/future updates!!

tod-bowen asked:

[pm] Hey. Uhm, first of all, sorry. You know, about the other day. I had a lot on my mind and I was kinda out of it. [d: Still are, but I'm tryi] Anyway, I hope you're alright. And, well, I kinda have to ask you something. You said you work with lobsters, right? Because I need some lobsters tips. Regular-sized lobsters, I mean, not karkinoids. Well, I guess this one is big, but not /that/ big. Anyway, what's the best way to deal with a lobster? Like, the absolute best, top of the top.

[pm] It’s fine, really! I’m sort of out of it myself, what’s even going on with Everyone’s sort of been rushing around after the earthquake, and the docks collapsing, and the roots killing everyone. Big week. But I can definitely help you deal with a lobster! I’m so good at that!

First off, you want to boil it in a large pot full of salt water. You can usually just add a bit of salt yourself, and it’s not actually a spice, so no trouble there. Once the water comes to a rolling boil, dunk the lobster in headfirst, and then maybe listen to some music for about fifteen minutes to drown out the little scream noises? It should look bright red when it’s done. And do not forget lemon or butter, absolutely do not. They’re essential.

anonymous asked:

how long ha it taken you to get all your followers? ive been stuck on 300 for months! any tips?

i actually loved it when i had 300! most were mutuals and everything was so easy to keep track of, and i was just starting to connect with others who had a mind like mine for the first time! that was 2 years ago, and ive had this blog for 3 years i think, but once you get to 1000 followers everything picks up pretty quick :) i self promoted for like a month then got sick of it and realised i didnt want that sort of attention anyway. so all ive done tbh is be nice to people, talk to people i find interesting and post whatever i want! i dont restrict myself to a main theme so i guess that gets me a larger variety of followers anyway so yeah :) hope that helps x

but tbh the amount of followers you have doesnt mean your blog is any better or worse. lots of my favourites have not many,and thats cool cause their blogs are so cute and personal and idk, 300 was a good number for me :P

peterobaertson asked:

omg i missed ur birthday I'm so sorry!!!!!!!! anyway I hope you had a perfect day and lots of your favorite cake, you deserve it!!! and i hope justin shows up to personally tell you happy birthday or like sends you a message on this website while he's browsing it lmao. anyway happy birthday lovely!!!! ๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆโœจ

You didn’t miss it at all Meghan! There’s a little over 10 hours left of my birthday! Thank you so much! This made me smile! You are so sweet! I listened to “Happy Birthday You” so technically Justin already told me happy birthday lol. Thank you lovely Meghan! ❤️😊

My brain doctor put me on medical leave from work last week, her first choice was inpatient but haha insurance won’t pay for that. Anyway I feel both freer and worse? Like, I don’t have to stuff down panic attacks all day or worry I’ll get written up for taking too many breaks because I’m trying not to cry between calls. But I’m also allowing myself to feel all the panic now. So, I’m now free to happily spend my days panicking. It’s been an extended mixed episode basically.

The whole franky thing

So I came out to my demi (imma use their positions instead of names from now on) in January.

And like then everyone kinda knew? I don’t know if it was from me posting about it on FB (where I Am friends with all my coworkers) or if it was Demi telling people (which I gave him permission to do. I was actually hoping for it so I wouldn’t have to do it)

But anyway my CDP (chef-de-partie) one day was like ‘so are you going to change your name?’

And I was like 'probably not. (Real name) is a unisex name, and I go by ziggi anyway’

CDP: ziggi is a terrible name. You have to get like a manly name … Like franky

Me:franky? No.

CDP: yeah it’ll be great! From now on you’re franky

Me: fine. But you have to use male pronouns then.

CDP: okay

Yeah nope. They continued to call me franky and use 'she/her’ all the time.

And it got to the point where I yelled at them. And like I don’t even know if some of the guys calling me franky knew why it was just so irritating and frustrating to me? Not to mention disrespectful.

And I don’t even know if CDP and Demi get why it bothers me so.

Anyway, they continue to try to find a male name for me (one of them being Sebas, which was actually my sous that came up with … And that is why the title of this blog) and still don’t use proper pronouns. It’s very bothersome

Middle-aged Sad Man Starts Watching Pretty Little Liars Update:  My favorite thing about this show so far is definitely the cut-aways to the bad guy.  It’s a show about 4 teenage girls against a sort of omniscient evil who’s out to destroy their lives as a sort of Old Testament punishment for “keeping secrets.”  Keeping a secret on this show is like what having a healthy curiosity about sex is like in a slasher movie– I really want to get to the point in the show where people are immediately like “Hi, this is my new friend from pottery class, Joan.  This is my–”  “Look, you’re going to find out anyways– I use a webcam to stream video of my dad peeing to an audience of politely delighted German men on the internet”, just all the characters become weirdly open and listing everything creepy about themselves off just because it’s all going to come out anyways eventually- - I hope they’re not saving that for the series finale.  

But the bad guy, whenever they need to show the bad guy operating, they just cut-away to a set of black gloves…?  So it’s basically like watching 4 teenage girls getting constantly outwitted by Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget…?  Or just Teens vs. Teen-hating Batman.  If teens murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents, he would be the evil “A.”, basically.  So far, all of my money is on the brunette’s creep-show younger brother (the show having gone 6 seasons, it’s hard to make theories on account of you figure they’d have exhausted all the obvious suspects like him by now), but if it’s not that kid, my #2 is playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne.

My second favorite thing about this show is definitely that every male character on this show is immediately trying to sex these teenage girls.  They’re all played by 25 year old girls so it’s extremely non-objectionable as you’re watching, but then every once in a while, the thought does occur of like… “is she supposed to be playing a 16 year old girl some 23 year old dude is trying to rub up on while teaching her a golf swing??”  If they cast age-appropriate actresses on this show, they couldn’t call it Pretty Little Liars anymore.  It’d be called Dateline: Suburbs on Fire.  Dateline: An American Crisis.  It’d be a very different show.

My third favorite thing is the show’s use of the word “bitches.”  Who wrote this show– Freddy Krueger?